25 home decor Ideas – living room in Scandinavian style

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We offer you 25 Home decor ideas for living rooms in Scandinavian style – let yourself be inspired!

Home decorating ideas for living room furniture

Living room colorful decorative cushion pink orange white linen fabric upholstery three seater sofa

The furnishing principles of the Scandinavian living style are very simple – the interior should be practical and the Home decor ideas should work naturally. The walls are painted in white – the perfect background for the colorful furniture. The wooden floor creates a modern and at the same time homely ambience and creates a visual connection between the individual rooms. The furniture is mainly made of natural materials such as wood. The absolute highlight in the living room is the wall shelf system where the favorite books and various decoration pieces are arranged. the wall shelf There is usually a two-seater sofa with linen upholstery. Decorated with cushions with faux fur and leather covers and colorful drawings. A carpet with blue and white stripes gives the interior the finishing touch.

Home Decor Ideas for Scandinavian Living Room – Color Design

Upholstery sofa wall decor Ideas colorful books

The color scheme of the Scandinavian living style consists mainly of three shades – white characterizes the interior and is present in each room while blue and yellow are set as accents in the room. Natural shades such as brown and beige complete the color palette and contribute to a homely and inviting atmosphere.

The Scandinavian style of living was developed especially for small apartments – the goal is clear – even on limited living space it is possible to create a cozy and at the same time modern ambience. One of the basic principles of furnishing style is order – no wonder that many practical and space-saving shelving systems are exactly invented by the northern neighbors.

Colorful decorative cushions set color accents in the interior

Colorful Throw Pillow Ideas Sofa Spice Up

Neutral color palette in the living room – beige and gray

Flat upholstered sofa Wooden table Dining table oak

Home decor ideas – scandinavian interior in bright blue

light blue plank floor beige white walls pendant lamp

Living room with furniture made of natural materials

Wooden table leather chair upholstered sofa faux fur

Space-saving ideas on limited living space

Living room living room small apartment Scandinavian style of living

Neutral color palette makes the room visually more comfortable and spacious

Wooden chairs gray sofa coffee table glass table fitted kitchen

Carpet with white and blue stripes creates a homely atmosphere

scandinavian style carpet stripe sofa coffee table dining space frame

Original wall decoration next to the comfortable seating area

Flat home decor rustic wooden furniture Ideas coffee table stool

Wall shelf serves as a room divider

Double wall shelf system cabinet room divider

Wooden door wooden floor wooden table pendant lamp living room Wohnideen

Ideas Scandinavian style wall shelf books neutral colors

Floorboards white kitchen cabinets wallpaper pattern two armchairs gray color shaggy rug

Wooden table wall shelf system concrete floor white door

spacious living room sofa dresser dining area carpet mustard yellow

Home decor Scandinavian style dining place white modern artwork walls

Kitchen gray upholstered sofa chairs fur wooden table

Colors sofa gray black table white kitchen ideas design

Home decor ideas living room wall shelf room divider

Ideas Bedroom White Kitchen Cabinets Wooden Table Sofa Set Blue Throw Pillow

Leather sofa round glass table dining wall shelf system retro style TV cabinet

Pattern kitchen built-in glass kitchen back wall

Home decor cool ideas penthouse dark laminate floor white walls sloping roof

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