30 decor suggestions for living room with dining area

Decoration examples Parlor dining-maritime blue-curtains

It is often difficult to decorate different purposes. Each area should be clearly defined and visually appealing. Otherwise, your home might seem chaotic and not uniform. To decorate a small living room with dining area as two separate rooms, but with common elements such as colors, fabrics and patterns, would be the ideal solution. Today we give you a few tips and Decor suggestions for living room with dining area in perfect harmony. Let yourself be inspired!

Decor suggestions for living room and dinette in perfect harmony

Dekovorschäge-living-dining-table-solid wood

Swipe all walls in one color , Decide on a color that is suitable for both areas. If the open plan living area is small, choose a neutral color such as pastel yellow or sage green. Lay rugs on the floor. Arrange them so that they visually define the living space as two separate areas. Place a rug under the dining room table and another under the coffee table. Both must have a similar pattern. In this way a smooth transition is guaranteed and both areas appear to be visually connected. You can also create a common line with lamps.

Decor suggestions for living room with dining area

Decoration examples Parlor dining pictures Wall

Use the same fabrics in the living and dining areas, such as the upholstery of the couch and the dining chairs, or for the cushions and chair covers. Use these elements as a splash of orange or red. Hang a pendant over the dining table. Place your living room furniture around the coffee table to define the seating area. Basically, the living area is the optical guide, as it occupies a larger part of the room. The dining area has to fit in with the style, but should in a way stand out visually from the rest of the room.

Decor suggestions for living room with dining area – Modern art as a decoration on the wall in the living area

Decoration examples Parlor dining Modern Art Wall

Although the design of a separate dining room or living room is freer and easier than with an integrated dining area, there are also many decor suggestions for living rooms with dining areas that can be easily converted. Just think about how the room should look and feel, so that you are completely satisfied with the final result. Ultimately, it depends on the personal preferences of how a room is decorated and decorated. Through the wall design you can achieve a special room feeling and set decorative accents. If you want to visually distinguish both areas, you can use different wall colors in each one. On the other hand, if you want to give the room a uniform look, you have to choose a color or similar shades. If the living area or the dining area is more effective, you can visually differentiate the wall surface of one of the areas from the rest.

small-living-dining area-black-white-wallpaper-floral-motive

With a particular wall paint or wallpaper that harmonize with the rest of the room, you can achieve the desired ambience easily. In the picture above, the dining area is decorated in light pastel and cream colors. The simple and straightforward furniture, and the dynamic wall design in the living area create a successful contrast, which provides more energy in the room. The dark wallpaper with gorgeous ornaments in cream color are reflected throughout the room, creating a uniform picture. The dark brown can also be found in the throw pillows and in part of the chairs. The color choice should be based primarily on your personal taste and color perception. The spatial conditions and the incidence of light are also to be considered in the color choice.

Decor suggestions for the small living room – carpet as an accent

Decoration examples Parlor dining rattan chair-carpet strips

Basically, lighter colors make a dark room feel more comfortable and inviting. The color wall design depends on the desired effect. If you want to decorate and refresh the living room with dining area, you must always keep in mind the atmosphere you want to create and how best to harmonize the individual areas. The right wall color in the dining area is just as important as in any other room in your home. There you also spend a long time with family or friends. The color orange, for example, is very well suited for this area, because this color promotes a warm and sociable atmosphere. If a sunny and happy mood is to enter the room, the bright yellow is a good choice. The walls in this color are a real eye-catcher and set great colorful accents that bring a fresh touch in the living room and in the dining area.

Cream wall paint and fuchsia accents

deco suggestions for living-dining-area-cream-beige-fuchsia-white-dining-tables

Probably the most uncomplicated way of decorating the apartment are the murals. Images significantly influence the mood in the room and give the interior an individual touch. Even a single picture on the wall can do a lot. Take a look at the living room in the picture above. The living room has been decorated in warm cream, brown and beige. For a modern space feeling here Lila and Fuchsia was used. Purple, violet and the other shades of this color palette combine with light wood furniture to create a modern and captivating contrast. The vivid color was used in this room on different levels, which separated the living area in an original way from the rest of the room. On the wooden floor you will see a soft, comfortable pouf. Throw pillows in a lighter shade set great accents on the bright sofa. The picture on the wall picks up the color of the rest of the decoration. With all these colored decorative elements, a unique optical partition is created.

Gray upholstered furniture and red decorations

Decorations for living-dining-area-gray-furniture-red-accents-both-areas

Muted colors for a modern look

dekovorschlage-living room-dining area-gray-sofa-wall color-solid wood dining table and black chairs

Purple and silver nuances in both areas

Decorations for living room dining area-purple-upholstery-sofa-wallpaper-floral-white-kitchenette-dining-room-furniture

deco suggestions for living room dining area-black-accent-wall-gray-sofa-blue-cushion-pendant-lights

White, slate gray and black

dekovorschlage-living room-dining area, white and cream-white-moebel-gray-accents

Airy and harmonious

deco suggestions for living room dining area white-leather-sofas-wood-dining-table-wall-shelves

White and brown in the living area

small-living-dining area-brown-upholstered sofa-wood-esszimmermoebel-kitchenette

Cozy, open living area

small-living-dining area-kitchen-open Designer Find-gray sofa

Essthecke behind the sofa

small-living-dining area-kitchen-red-light-gray-modern

small-living-dining area-landhausstul-white-ecru-moebel

small-living-dining area-a partition wall-wall-neutral-color-holztoene-open-live

small-living-dining area-slate-gray-upholstered sofas and white-kitchenette-black-chairs-light-coffee table

small-living-dining area-chocolate brown wall-color-cream-sofa-white-shelves

small-living-dining area-black-white-wood-innentuere

living-dining-open beige-brown furniture glossy blue-oberschraenke

living room-dining area-open corner sofa-Rueckwand-eating bar

living room-dining area-open-green-carpet-real wood-dining table-white-wohnzimmermoebel

living room-dining area-open-fireplace-visual-border

living room-kitchen-dining area-open-live-neutral-colors-modern-device

living room-kitchen-dining area-white-gray-open-living room

Decorations for living-dining-kitchen-living-room-wall-wood-white

Decorations for living room dining area-black-kitchen-line-green-accents-gray-sofa-white-coffee table

small-living-dining area-beige-brown-africa-wanddeko-lighting-ideas

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