37 Houseplant Decoration Ideas – Creative Containers and Arrangements

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The classic way to decorate our home with plants is to arrange them individually or in groups somewhere and to create a small green area. But it would be much more interesting to create individual and modern houseplant arrangements. Most of them are decorative all year round, while others only bloom in a specific season, such as cyclamen and poinsettia. Interesting decoration can also be created with bromeliads and epiphytes. And grown from plants in a nutrient solution or hydroponic. Some perennial Flowers in pots planted, such as tulips, hyacinths, chrysanthemums, gerberas are also very suitable, because they will add color and freshness to the interior. A quick and effective decoration idea is to arrange temporary floral arrangements of cut flowers. These 37 Ideas for indoor plants decoration will show you how you can creatively beautify your home with plants.

Houseplant Decoration Ideas – Where and How to Arrange?

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How to arrange plants
If you want to use single plants, then it is better to choose those with an interesting silhouette. The plants may be arranged in a composition of three or five. If the arrangement contains more than five plants, it is recommended to hide the pots and pots. The arrangement of the same plants in the same container in a straight line is very impressive, especially in the modern apartments.

Houseplant decoration – color and texture in the living room

Indoor Plants Decoration Coffee Table Terrarium Plants Shabby Sofa Rug

If you decorate with a larger group of plants, it would be better to hide the pots with specially selected or purpose-built decorative panels. The planters can also be made of concrete, natural stone or brick and integrated in a decorative way in the room.

Cut flowers on the table

houseplant-decor bowls lilies accent dining table kitchen mint green

The green walls and room dividers from plants are very much in vogue. This is very popular for modern houses and apartments, where the floor plan is usually open. Flowers, swimming in the water, are always beautiful. They are suitable for decorating interiors for a festive event or when we need to quickly come up with something spectacular.

Indoor plants in the bathroom

houseplant-decor bathroom tub candles green romance rattan chair

Even in the bathroom, you can distribute plants and thus provide a cozy atmosphere. Find out the best which plants like the high humidity. A popular flower for this room is the orchid. The best places for plants in the bathroom are a cupboard, side table or the bathtub.

Plants in the living area

Indoor Plants Deco walk-in wardrobe glass wall white gravel metal pot

Most bromeliads are epiphytes that grow in their natural habitat on branches of trees and rocks by attaching themselves with special roots. Epiphytes provide moisture and nutrients through their leaves directly from the atmosphere. Most bromeliads are beautiful, spectacular plants with bright eye-catching colors. Since they require little or no soil, they are very suitable for unusual arrangements. For example, they can be hooked from the ceiling or hung on a wall. Another interesting option is to be mounted on a branch or tree, which resembles their natural environment.

build special containers for the plants

modern apartment plant corridor wood box room divider staircase bookshelf

The modern methods of growing plants in hydroponic culture or nutrient solution offer many opportunities for creative Houseplants Deco , In a hydroponic culture, there are enough nutrients, carbon dioxide from the air and water, and dissolved salts. In this technology, the plants are planted in a substrate, such as sand or granular plastic, and then the nutrient solutions are added. The plants grown in a nutrient solution are much lighter and can be hung anywhere. They are also planted in transparent containers so that their root system is visible.

greening a wall with plants

Houseplant decoration bathroom vertical garden bathtub white

plant selection
When choosing the plants for the interior, it should be noted that the room temperature should not fall below 12 to 15 degrees. In addition to low temperatures, plants can not tolerate large temperature fluctuations. Do not leave the house plants on window sills or over a radiator. Most plants prefer well-lit places without direct sunlight. The flowering houseplants as well as those with colorful leaves need more light. In addition, the effect of a houseplant arrangement can be improved by appropriate lighting. For kitchens and bathrooms, where temperatures and humidity are very variable, you need to select plants that tolerate these conditions.

Section in the ground for the plants

plant decoration modern house gravel white glass wall palm trees

The choice of a bucket
Depending on individual preferences, you can choose either modern metal and plastic containers or rustic ceramic pots. The plant granules allow glass vessels.

With the exception of watering and changing the nutrient solution, the plants in hydroponics need no special care. One only has to be careful not to exceed the recommended concentration of the solution. The irrigation of the plants planted in soil, should be determined proportionally to the temperature in the room. When it’s cold – pour less when warm – more often. The dry surface of the earth is not a criterion that the plant needs watering. So you have to dig to a depth of 5-7 cm in the pot and check the current soil moisture before you water the plant.

If you have chosen the best plants for your home, you should now bring them to their best advantage. That’s why we’ve collected a lot of beautiful houseplant deco ideas in the photo spread that they can use as inspiration.

Room divider embellished with plants

plant room divider container vertical idea deco modern

Many modern interiors are designed with an open plan living concept and include more than one area. That’s why room dividers are often used, which optically divide up these large living spaces. Would you like to make a beautiful houseplant decoration for such a room itself, then you can plant the room divider and make a beautiful vertical garden in the interior. This refreshes the space in a natural way and the room divider immediately becomes an eye-catcher.

Mediterranean feeling through trees in pots

stairs decoration trees pot idea mediterranean ambiente

A beautiful tree thrives not only in the garden, but also in a suitable pot. With proper care, you can enhance your living space with an elegant tree and at the same time create a Mediterranean flair. However, not every tree thrives so well in a pot. For this, container plants are best. You can achieve a beautiful houseplant decoration with trees for example with Japanese maple, book, corkscrew hazel or willow. It is important to choose a suitable pot and to water the tree regularly, fertilize and if necessary – repot.

Plants in the modern facility

indoor plants deco living room ideas edge water feature

Even a modern furnished apartment can benefit from a fresh houseplant decoration. With a bit of green in the interior, you feel a bit closer to nature and remember boundless meadows and green forests. With the modern interior design house plants are not to be neglected at all, because they refresh the interior and create a feel-good climate. Especially with a monochrome device, beautiful color accents can be set with green plants.

Decorative grasses add interesting texture

Indoor plants living room grass room divider open

Artificial ornamental grasses are evergreen, remain eternally fresh and require no care at all. This can still set successful accents and conjure up a beautiful houseplant decoration. The decorative grass is perfect for tubs, vases and even interesting raised beds for indoor use. Visually, artificial grasses are difficult to differentiate from real plants and therefore achieve just as good an effect.

symmetrical arrangement on the shelf

Indoor Plants Decoration Residential wall idea mini pots shelves

Small planters do not need as much care as the larger ones and are therefore preferred by many working women in houseplant decoration. With a few planted pots on the wall shelf, the atmosphere can be refreshed as well, if they are well arranged. A symmetrical arrangement always looks nice and works best with equally sized plants.

Plants in different areas

Indoor Plants - Deco kitchen living room settee wooden living room arrangement

When choosing the plants for the houseplant decoration, there is no correct variety or number. If you care about indoor plants, you can even design a whole indoor garden with tubs and pots. Alternatively, you can put the pots in different areas in the apartment, so that the green can be found throughout the interior.

Set accents in the room

Houseplant deco living area of ​​painted color tulips vases

Whether in the living area, bedroom or in the hallway, the houseplant deco provides wonderful accents in the interior. You green plants and trees fit very well in a bright interior and immediately become a beautiful eye-catcher. On wood furniture, the green leaves can be brought to bear well, because they harmonize with the natural look of the wood.

green walls in trend

Indoor plants decoration wall green vertical idea billiard table

Green walls are currently very much in fashion and take the houseplant decoration to the next level. This new kind of vertical greening is becoming more and more important and is becoming increasingly common in the interior design of designer apartments. A green wall can serve both as a room divider and as a wall decoration, turning any room into a green oasis.

vertical planting in the bathroom

Indoor Plants Decoration wall bathroom spa ambiente bathtub

Would you like to bring the houseplant decoration in the bathroom, then a vertical garden is perfect for both small and larger bathrooms. The plants in the bathroom invite you to linger and create a pleasant atmosphere. The vertical planting is considered to be particularly space-saving and therefore fits perfectly even to very small bathrooms. Especially in bathrooms with bathtubs, where you usually spend a little more time, the ambience can be positively influenced with a bit of green.

Indoor Plants Deco vertical gardens ferns wooden box leather sofa

Indoor plants deco vertical container idea staircase window

Houseplant decoration small living room underfloor plants plant wall decoration

House plants herbal ideas kitchen metal container drawers wood fronts

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plants decorating dining room divider cut flowers vase

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Houseplant decoration terrarium ball arrangement garland staircase

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