Apartment in Scandinavian style – 10 apartments

flat design bright furnishings living area light gray sofa

Design of Render Taxi.

Of the Scandinavian style is increasingly being chosen for the modern interior. And although this style is governed by certain rules, a variety of variants for the implementation are possible, so you can always achieve a certain individuality. On the one hand, the decor can represent the classic Ikea style. This means furniture in white and natural wood color, skilfully combined. But if that is too monotonous for you, if you are the one Design apartment in Scandinavian style, also color accents allowed.

Design apartment – Scandinavian thanks to decorative items

make apartment kitchens-design-idea-light-wood-dining area-dining table

If you would like to have a Scandinavian facility, but do not think much about redesigning it, you will be pleased to know that you are using style and smaller things as well decorations can shape. We have put together a selection of 10 apartments that can serve as inspiration for your apartment if you want to reach a Nordic interior.

Flat design with bright premises

make-apartment-vaulted ceiling and white-living-wall shelf-lowboard

The idea for this attractive apartment comes from Render Taxi. It was later realized by Anna & Eugeni Bach. This living room is undoubtedly a real highlight, which was achieved thanks to various means. On the one hand, the impressive wave-effect ceiling and, on the other, the authentic floor tiles that were discovered and reused during the renovation. Typically Scandinavian is the use of white surfaces, combined with a natural, light wood tone.

Color accents in the apartment

make-apartment-minimalist-kitchen-white-Scandinavian accents-round-coffee table

Design by Duan.

Here’s how to design the apartment by adding color to the Scandinavian interior. Combine them with natural tones such as beige, gray, cream or brown.

Storage space ideas

make-apartment-bedsitting-set-pedestal-sleeping area-living room

Also typical of the Scandinavian style is plenty of storage space. Try to integrate them into the interior with the help of multifunctional furniture when designing your home. Also built-in pieces of furniture are a great way. A great example is the pedestal in this apartment, which forms the sleeping area of ​​the one-room apartment.

Decorations from all over the world

flat-make-atmosphaere-hell-living room-blue-sofa

The decorations for the Scandinavian style do not necessarily have to come from Scandinavia. Here you can see, for example, a mirror by French designer Jacques Adnet. To design the apartment stools were also used by Fabio Bortolani.

Plants in the apartment


Original wall design with newspaper

make-house-wall design-idea-newspaper-paper-regal-heimbuero

Apartment design with Scandinavian kitchen


Retro fridge

make-apartment-red-pattern carpet-marble-kitchen-retro-kuehlschrank

Decoration with cactus

make-apartment-accents-cactus-yellow-flower pot-living room-design

Monochrome apartment

make-apartment-dark gray couch-living room-monochrome metal moebel

Design by Duan.

You can also design the apartment for the Nordic style with less wood. Here you can see the unique effect that arises when only shades of gray and white are used. There are also accents of black metal in the form of side table and coffee table. The latter shows a chessboard of the Bauhaus school.

make-apartment-Grautoene-interior design-chair-comfortable carpet-honeycomb pattern

make-apartment-coffee table-metal-round-modern couch sofa cushion

make-apartment-warm-ambiente-establishment curtains-hell-raumgestaltung

make-apartment-dining table-idea-Eames chairs-white-wood

Eames chairs are more than welcome in the Scandinavian interior. Here they were combined with two wooden chairs, creating an interesting patchwork design. Fittingly, such a design was also chosen for the kitchen back wall. In addition to the design of the apartment color accents were used, including the E27 pendant lights by Mattias Ståhlbom.

make-apartment-wanddeko wallpaper idea-pendant lights-colored-colored

make-apartment-sideboard-dining area-table lamp-gross-mural


Flat design in blue and yellow

flat design accents-colorful-living-room-carpet-geometric-pattern-yellow-blue

Design by Duan.

This apartment looks very sunny. Among other things, the use of the yellow color here and there ensures. The holiday mood is also achieved by the blue color, because it is reminiscent of the sea. In order not to exaggerate with the colors, furniture in neutral colors was again chosen for the design of the apartment. The many plants provide a lively and natural atmosphere.

make-apartment-naturtoene-moebel-color-lamp-side table

make-house-wall design-yellow-attractive-Scandinavian-deco-elements-shelf

make-apartment-blinds-gray-moebel-vintage-flair-color accents

make-apartment-to-install shelf-wood-lamps-design-coffee table

Take a look at the stunning 3 Dots Collective lamps. The models from the Pot-Pourri collection consist partly of concrete and partly of basket design in yellow, blue and green. The multistage side table also has similar colors.

flat design decorations-inspiration-scandinavian-simple-colors

make-apartment-deco-idea-picture frame-Scandinavian-bedroom

flat design white-bedroom-idea-nordic-bed

make-apartment-night cabinet-red sheep bedroom deco-white-nordic

flat design home-office-idea-scandinavian-white-furniture

Flat design with red accents

make-apartment-gray interior decoration-red accents-panoramic image-wanddeko

Design by Duan.

The cozy furniture in this apartment is combined with a barely noticeable glass coffee table. This makes the room look more spacious. You are welcome to combine the Scandinavian style with another. Here, for example, serves a shelf made of metal and wood for apartment design with an industrial accent.

make-flat-glass table-hexagon-puff-green-gray-pastelltoene


make-apartment-hexagon-corridor-tiles-wood-frame mirror

make-apartment-clothes stand-nordic-design-balcony-living room-commode-tv

make-house photo-deco-wall-white-brick-television cupboard-yellow

Design chic and minimalist apartment


Design by Duan.

Minimalist interiors do not have to be cold. Especially not if you care for a Scandinavian flair. Warmth is provided by the many wooden elements that can be found in the floor and in the wooden furniture, as well as the striking, red accent wall in brick look.

make-apartment-brick-wall accent, red and shelf-gross-books-loft-style-nordic

flat design classic-furniture-chair-white-metal-shabby-fur

Flag Halyard Chair by Hans Wegner

make-apartment-concrete brick-wall design-idea-modern-kuecheninsel

make-apartment-unique chairs-kitchen-counter-natural materials


make-apartment-kitchen-lighting-mirror tiles and white-stone-countertop

Colorful apartment design

make-apartment-colorful-device-clinker stone-wall-modern-stool

Design by Koj Design.

It gets really nice colorful in this apartment. This proves that the Scandinavian style apartment design can not be just neutral or with few color accents. In this way, the rooms emit a pleasant energy.

make-apartment-nautical-Nordic-blue accents-light-wood-coffee table pallets sofa

In addition to a coffee table made of unprocessed wood, which, among other things, provides for the Nordic flair, many decorations with nautical theme are used to design the apartment. Incidentally, the wooden chair next to the coffee table below is a design by Eames and therefore a perfect fit for a Scandinavian decor.

make-flat-pattern-colored carpet-sideboard-modern

flat design brick wall dining area blue chair

Black lamp left by designer Paolo Rizzatto.

make-apartment-rustic image-holzstuehle-maritime-decoration

flat design kitchen-light blue-nordic-style

flat design checkerboard-tile-kitchen-blue-white

flat design bedroom wall-color-light blue-yellow-bedspread-dresser-modern

make-flat-pleated-bedroom-stripes-Optic-chair-skanidnavisch-style shelves

Acapulco chair and side table by Thomas Bentzen.

make-apartment-Nordic-style-bedroom-theme-love-heart-murals-dressing table

Flat design bedroom-bird-theme-wardrobe-yellow-accent

make-apartment-wood-device-dark-black-bed-leather living wall


make-apartment-walk-wardrobe-storage space-ideas-wire-Corner

Flat design bathroom geometric tile design patchwork shower




Flat design with accents in light blue

make-apartment-easy-renovate-Scandinavian-design-open living area

Design by Kevin.

Here you can see a nice apartment consisting of an open plan living area with kitchen, a small bedroom and a living room. The blue shade used as an accent in the decor is called Robin Egg. There are also green colors in the form of plants.

Flat design monochrome blue color accents furniture sideboard

Eclectic furniture adds a finishing touch to the interior, and although a black and white theme is not common in the Scandinavian style, we find it just makes it wonderful.

flat design sideboard-light blue-flowers-pink-plants-deco-idea

make-apartment-chair-design-relaxation-living room radiator-gray floor lamp

make-flat-black-moebel-mirror-Scandinavian interior-wood-table


flat design black-white-kitchen-scandinavian-idea

Side tables by the Ukrainian designer Dmitry Kozinenko.

make apartment-style plain-rug-oval-bedded-wood-white-bettwaesche

make-house-modern-bad-Nordic-tiles-wet cell-black-glass wall

Creating a home – A mix of the Bauhaus and Scandinavian styles

make-apartment-leather bench-black-mirror-metal-regal-skadinavisch

Design by ReFL Studio

An industrial Bauhaus design with various color accents was combined here with the popular Nordic style and the result is simply breathtaking. An example of this is the dining table with the different chairs.

make-apartment-decor-white-yellow-black-leather-bench-coffee table-metal

make-apartment-eclectic chairs-bright-kitchen-open design

make-apartment-simple-kitchen-Rueckwand-mosaic tile-gray

Pendant light “Rock” by Foscarini and Diesel.


Classically Scandinavian and modern at the same time

make-house-color-cream corner sofa-parquet-shelf

Design by N-Gon Archviz.

Classic Scandinavian-style furniture is combined in this apartment with various modern details. The interior is bright and has only a few dark accents.

make-apartment-lighting-original-pendant lights-black chair

make-apartment-minimalist Scandinavian dining table-dining chairs-kuecheninsel

Smooth Coco Flip Pendant Lights

make-apartment-light-wood-laminate-Scandinavian-kitchen-contemporary, modern,

Designs by: Render taxi
Koj design
ReFL Studio
N-Gon Archviz

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