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Hidden in a small alley in Paris, this beautiful example of e in modern apartment distinguishes itself outstandingly among its traditional neighbors. The architects Aude Borromee Architecte leveled the existing old house and began to build up and then back up. Her vision was to construct a house that focuses on height and transparency. This chic apartment turns out to be a glittering gem in this quiet town. The design of the apartment combines aesthetics with functionality and integrates indoor and outdoor by the views.

Facade of e in a vertical, modern apartment in Paris

Aude Borromean Architecte-modern apartment

The front facade is completely transparent, being made of glass and stone in a fine metal frame. The fineness of this arrangement contrasts with the brick and plaster on the other side. The house rises to 10 impressive levels to maximize the limited space. A big part of this exciting modern apartment has been prefabricated, providing you with minimal on-site work and a much faster construction time.

Parisian chic – exterior design of a modern apartment

exterior-design-Parisian-chic apartment

The same composition is evident in the interior of the modern apartment All architectural forms, fittings and equipment are organized in the same way. The focus is on a simple but elegant linear network of abstract geometric shapes and shapes. It is the variations on this subject that add vitality to the interior design. The same simple system adds unity between all areas for example the pattern of the staircase matches the safety bars on the windows.

remarkable levels of modern architecture


As you might expect, the apartment is flooded with natural light and airy quality enhanced by the emphasis on white interior design scheme. On the lower levels, shapes and shapes were highlighted by a rich burgundy lacquer, for definition the modern apartment , The upper levels are similar, but this time enhanced with a bluish green hue. The urban chic ambience of this modern apartment Also looks industrial, exposed with metallic straps and rivets. The use of polished concrete and brushed steel structures enhances this connection.

glazed facade and climbing plant in Paris

glazed facade-vertical-flat-paris

Outside, a simple climbing plant was encouraged to grow along the facade’s metalwork to incorporate the beautiful, modern architecture of the apartment with more historical ambience. This apartment needs now inhabited, loved and brought to life.

from Jaz

Designed by Aude Borromee Architecte

abstract geometric shapes in the interior design

abstract geometric shapes interiors

linear Kitchen pastel green


geometrical forms fittings


Aude Borromean Architecte-architecture plan

Aude-Borromean Architecte-vertical-architecture

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