Architecture »Wooden house with modern design serves as a retreat in the middle of the forest

Modern wooden house in the forest stairs

This modern one House made of wood was from the architecture studio combine designed and located in Novo Mesto, Slovenia The house spreads over 247.11 sq.m. and was built in 2012.

The modern wooden house – location and exterior design

modern wood house forest design

Despite the modern design, that is House made of wood on a slope in the middle of the forest and gives a sense of relaxation and tranquility. In front of the house is a huge meadow and behind it the forest stretches. No direct path leads to this building which reinforces the feeling of private space even more.

The wooden house was tuned with the landscape features

Modern wood house forest removed

Exactly the natural conditions are the reason that the House made of wood after North west is directed. The house design follows the landscape surface and separates the living and sleeping area in an unobtrusive way.

Spatial planning and interior design

modern wood house forest fireplace

The interior design of the house is characterized by large open spaces. The House made of wood has no corridors and all rooms can be reached from ground level. The roof design has been carefully designed so that the sunshine in the morning can illuminate the entrance, the bathroom and the living room. The facade with wood paneling makes this modern building look natural in this forest landscape.

Modern living room with sliding glass doors

modern wooden house in the forest living room

minimalist kitchen in white

modern wood house forest kitchen

Facade with wood paneling

modern wood house forest exterior

The modern villa at night

Modern wooden house in the forest at night

View from the outside in the evening

modern wood house forest facade

A house with geometric shapes

modern wood house forest kombinat

The architectural plan of the house

modern wood house forest architecture plan

minimalist wooden house on Lake Zurich with a simple interior

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