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The child’s birthday is usually the most important event of the year. The children look forward to this day with impatience and dream of a fun celebration full of games and fun with their friends. So the task of the parents is the party to plan well and to take care of everything necessary. In this article we help with some ideas and tips for Children’s birthday with slogan that serve as inspiration for the little ones’ next birthday party.

Kids Birthday with Motto – Football Party

Kids birthday with slogan football party-boys-table-decoration

Football enjoys great popularity among the children. Although this sport is predominantly played by boys, there are also football fans among the girls, and most children still play ball in elementary school. So that you have a good one Children’s birthday with slogan Plan football, there are a few things to consider. A suitable table decoration is a must for everyone theme party That’s why you need a matching tablecloth, napkins, party crockery and cutlery to match the theme.

Kids Birthday Motto Football – ideas for decoration and games

Kids birthday party themed-party-balloons-cup-number-one

In the Decoration for the birthday party you should first get the basics – balloons, party hats and birthday banners. If the birthday child has a favorite team, you can give him as a costume sportswear from the team. For the games there are no limits – it depends only on the wishes of the children. However, if you have a garden, you can organize a small football tournament and get a cup for the winners.

Ideas for food at soccer kids birthday

Kids birthday with themed boys soccer celebration cupcakes

For the food, you can make small sandwiches and bowls of fresh vegetables to keep a balance between delicious and healthy diet. As dessert You can also have fruit and cupcakes at the same time cake serve. The sweets can also be decorated with football motifs to be in harmony with the theme.

Birthday party themed ballerina – a party for girls

Children's birthday with slogan ballerina-tutu-chairs-deco-table-decoration

Many little girls want to become ballerinas when they are big. That’s why you can give your little daughter a nice birthday party with the motto “Ballerina”. Pink tablecloths, chairs with tutus, and pink satin bows are just a small part of the decorating ideas for a girlish ballerina party.

Idea for Invitation – Ballerina Birthday Party

kids birthday-themed-ballerina-invitation-idee

Every children’s birthday starts with the invitation cards. For a celebration with a motto, of course, they should agree with the topic. Choose an invitation with matching designs and colors, but first ask the birthday boy – his approval is very important.

Decorate the room appropriately and leave the dance floor free

kids birthday-themed-ballerina-party-room-decorating-pink

For the ballerina party you should get enough space to dance. In good weather, the whole party can take place in the garden or on the terrace. A nice idea for decoration that we have presented is to decorate the table with pink tulle so that it looks like a big tutu. The rest of the decoration should also be pink, white or beige – so you certainly stay on topic. Another nice idea is to supply Tutus for all girls so that they all feel like real ballerinas.

Sweets for the ballerina kids birthday with slogan

kids birthday-themed-girl-party-ballerina-cake Candies

For food, you can prepare sweet finger food and decorate it accordingly – muffins, cake pops, pastries and the like are suitable here. There are just as many variations on the cake and you can either do it yourself if time permits or just order it.

Children’s birthday with motto circus – deco ideas

kids birthday-themed-circus-tischdeko-eating-drinking-bunt

Is your child a fan of carnivals and circuses? If so, then this motto is perfect for his birthday and at the same time for girls and boys. Such a party requires a colorful decoration – balloons, confetti and pennant chains fit perfectly. The food should look just as appetizing and remind of a circus. Cotton candy, fresh popcorn, baked apples and hot dogs are only a part of the possibilities.

Circus child birthday disguise

kids birthday-themed circus-Fillet-clown-red-nose

With regard to the Costumes We recommend a classic disguise as a clown for the birthday child – you need a colorful wig, red nose and a suitable costume. For children’s entertainment, you can hire a real clown or wizard to play with the kids and keep them entertained.

Matching invitation card for a circus birthday party

kids birthday-themed-circus-party-invitation-big top

There are also more than one variant for the invitation cards. We presented an invitation with a circus tent, but cards with clowns, balloons or circus animals are just as nice. Do not forget to write a creative text to complete the invitation card.

Kids birthday with themed animals

kids birthday-themed-animals-party-deco-ideas

Children love animals, that’s why we present the idea for a children’s birthday party with the slogan Tierparty. Table decorations such as party dishes, cutlery, cups, napkins and party hats with animal motifs for children can be found in every party shop. A tablecloth can be decorated or painted like a farm with applications. At the birthday party different games can be played or the children can be told interesting facts for the animals.

Costumes of animals for theme birthday

kids birthday-themed-ideas-animals-farm Fillet

The best disguise for such a children’s birthday are animal costumes, in which the children always look lovely. At the market there is a wide selection – costumes of pets, wild animals and farm animals. Another variant would be to get different animal masks for the little guests or make up the faces of the children.

Healthy food for children’s birthday

kids birthday-themed-eating-animals-fruit-vegetable-healthy-snacks

Healthy snacks can be prepared for a children’s birthday with themed animals quickly with fruit and vegetables. Be creative and you can create interesting food that the kids will certainly enjoy.

Kids birthday with slogan – Lego policeman

kids birthday-themed-lego-cop-deco-büffet

This idea for birthday party motto is mainly for boys. The motives with police and criminals from Lego give many opportunities for games for the little ones.

Decoration for a Lego birthday

kids birthday-themed-lego-police-party-tischdeko-garland-ballons

The Lego child birthday needs geometric Lego figures as decoration and possibly a Lego pennant chain. Square plates and small Lego gifts are only a part of the variations for table decoration. Since the theme is policemen and criminals, the children can be divided into two groups and play a fun game.

Funny photos at Policeman Motto Kids Birthday

kids birthday-themed-lego-party-props Photos of record

With matching party props, you can take beautiful photos that leave happy memories for the birthday boy and his guests.

Children’s birthday with the motto “Me – Simply Despicable”

kids birthday-themed-minions-party hats-fun games

The animation “Me – Simply Despicable” is very popular among children, so our last idea for children’s birthday is associated with it’s motto. Of course we speak for a Minions Party!

Minions Kids Birthday

kids birthday-themed-ideas-minions-party-cladding-invitation-eat

As with the other theme parties, it is also advisable to get suitable decoration for the table and room. Correspondingly decorated food and cake Talk for a real themed birthday and costumes of glasses with Minions for all guests are certainly pleased.

Children’s Birthday Games – Crafting Minions

tinker kids birthday-themed-minions-party-game-

An example of children’s entertainment at the Minions Party is making DIY minions with the kids. The necessary materials are empty rolls of toilet paper, blue, yellow and black craft paper, shaky eyes for crafting, glue and black felt-tip pens. The finished Minion figures can bring any child home as a gift.

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