Fancy wall tiles for bath – “Crocotiles” with relief

Wall tiles for bathroom relief settecento orange brown

If you are looking for a way, your individuality with the help of your Decor in the bathroom You can express with the Crocotiles ceramic tiles of Settecento do not fail. The classic version of the Wall tiles for bathroom – the CrocoClassic – has a beautiful metallic sheen that is rich enough Colors of the ceramic tiles emphasized.

green wall tiles for bath

Wall tiles for bath black and relief green crocodile skin

Opulent shades of gray, brown and black give the Wall tiles for bathroom from Settecento one exclusive look , Or if you prefer a playful touch, the modern bathroom tiles are available in fresh, bright colors. Orange, Green, Purple, Blue and White are the beautiful fresh colors for those who want to keep up with the latest trends.

Wall tiles for bathroom in purple and white

Bathroom relief tile purple white crocodile skin

If you have the fierce visual effect of Wall tiles for bathroom With crocodile skin patterns to balance with something muted, there are also light and dark ceramic tiles that can complement the overall look. Bring the natural world to your home in a totally unexpected way by choosing the croco Wall tiles for bath by Settecento choose.

white wall tiles behind the sink

Wall tiles bathroom relief crocotiles behind sink

brown version

Wall tiles bath - relief tile by settecento

black tile edge on the white wall

Wall tiles bath relief edge black

black and white bathroom

Wall tiles bathroom relief settecento black

Crocodile skin pattern in black

Wall tiles bath relief crocodile skin pattern black

Holiday in the bathroom: tips for a Mediterranean ambience

mediterranean bath modern-white-gray-turquoise-accessories

A Mediterranean flair in the bathroom evokes vacation feelings and invites to relaxing hours. After all, what could be better than enjoying a touch of luxury in your own wellness area after a hard day? This dream can come true, because with the right interior, every bathroom can be turned into an oasis of tranquility.

Simple shapes and high quality materials

mediterranean bath modern-furnishing-turquoise-accessories

This style of decor reminds like no other on the lifestyle around the Mediterranean: The Mediterranean look ensures in the bathroom for summer mood. Simple forms and clear lines are in the foreground of the Mediterranean decor. Whether washbasin, mirror cabinet or bathroom cabinet – the perfect basis for this is, for example, high-quality and functional design furniture at this provider can order. There is a wide range of individual and modern bathroom furniture made from exclusive materials.

Bathroom furniture is also given an elegant look by its high-gloss surfaces, which are made in a day-long process of painting, sanding and polishing. The trend is currently the combination of white glossy lacquers with a wood look; Accessories such as soap dispenser or towel rail made of stainless steel and the harmonious overall picture is perfect. Designer furniture certainly costs its price, but thanks to its high quality, it still looks like new even after years and does not lose its luster.

Color scheme after Roman model

Mediterranean-bad-tile-red-mosaic-wall design

In ancient Rome, thermal baths were not just a place for body care but above all an oasis of peace and relaxation. Even then, the color design played an important role. In the Mediterranean style, the rich blue of the Mediterranean and warm terracotta tones are the most popular colors for the decor. Terracotta is the name for unglazed clay, which was used in ancient times for the production of tiles and vessels.

Mediterranean-bad-tiles-glass mosaic shimmers-sun

Tiles made of natural stone or mosaic tiles are ideal for the floor and wall design and create an authentic Mediterranean ambience. The spatula technique is also a popular way to give the walls a Mediterranean flair. Colored accents put towels, toothbrush cups and plants. What to consider when choosing plants is in this post ,

Mediterranean-bathroom accessories-deco-worm houses

Another feature of the Mediterranean: furniture and accessories made of rattan, marble and artfully forged iron. Wicker shelves spread a light atmosphere. Together with lovingly selected deco items, which may be treasures from the last holiday, they provide a Roman lifestyle in the bathroom.

Let this image inspire you for your Mediterranean bath!


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55 charming bathroom ideas – give the bathroom furniture and deco whistle

Bathroom minimalist yellow color bathroom furniture

combinable Bathroom furniture and decoration give the room individuality and create a cozy atmosphere. But sometimes choosing the right furniture set can be a big challenge. We offer you useful tips and inspiring ideas to turn your bathroom into an oasis of well-being.

Decorate wall decoration, bathroom furniture and decoration

Bathroom wood vanity sink bench

The bathroom is much smaller compared to the other rooms in the house – so a well thought-out design is particularly important. Otherwise you risk a crowded room instead of a swimming oasis. The first step is quite simple – create a sketch of the room. Numerous bathroom planners can help you with this – you just have to spend the dimensions of the bathroom and mark the position of the windows and door. Our tip – if possible, take a photo of the bathroom – this will save you a lot of time later in the shop.

The Bathroom furniture should not only look stylish, but also convince through functionality. The more family members use the bathroom, the more storage space is needed. For example, singles can opt for a vanity unit without a cupboard – a towel holder is completely sufficient in this case. Large families, on the other hand, often need an additional tall cupboard for the bathroom utensils in addition to the lower cabinet. A mirror cabinet can be particularly useful in small bathrooms.

The matching bathroom furniture transforms the bathroom into a wellness oasis

Decor glass shower wall candles bathtub

The style of the furniture plays an important role in the bathroom design – it must be coordinated with the wall design, so that ultimately creates a uniform concept. The golden rule applies – better simply than too much. Monochrome bathroom tiles can be original Bathroom furniture be refreshed and vice versa – a bathroom in bold colors can be complimented by stylish bathroom furniture sets.

Design ideas for the different styles:

Tiles granite marble mosaic tiles lighting precious

Classic elegance – the classic Bathroom furniture bring romantic touch from the past. Precious material combinations between marble washbasin and cabinet made of solid wood. Characteristic of the colonial style is the dresser in the bathroom. Richly ornamented mirrors and tiles with floral patterns compliment the look. For a modern wellness oasis, you can combine ceramic washbasins with stainless steel fittings. Eclectic are combinations between several styles – for example, minimalist bathroom furniture sets and chandeliers in the royal style. A puristic washstand makes the mosaic tiles stand out better.

Modern bathroom design

bright bathroom decor ideas river stones white bathroom furniture

How a modern bathroom should look like can only be determined by looking at current trends. As you know, trends often change, so bath equipment must be first and foremost your personal taste. Those who take the upcoming changes in the trend and keep the bathroom furniture as simple as possible can enjoy an elegant, chic and attractive decor and atmosphere. For the furniture, the focus is on simple, elegant and practical furniture.

Floor tiles two sink bath

For example, you can create a modern and luxurious room effect with bathroom furniture in bright colors and with geometric designs. The materials that are often used in modern bathrooms are glass, metal, chrome, wood and natural stone. Decorative elements, such as bowls, storage baskets, stylish mirrors and pictures make your bath even more comfortable. A direct or indirect lighting that emphasizes the individual, elegant elements completes the overall picture of the modern bathroom.

Stone tiles two washbasin vanity unit bath

If you find clean lines and rather simple hues appealing, you can set up the bathroom in a minimalist style. Minimalist bathrooms impress with their simplicity and reduced design. The minimalist bathrooms spray a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. The bathroom furniture in this style of furnishing are usually slim and straightforward and have no jewelry details. The simple bathroom furniture is rather reduced to its function. Typical of this style are angular bathtubs and sinks with narrow edges.

beautiful wall design ideas wood furniture

Reduce the bathroom furniture to the essentials and create enough storage space, so you can keep in order permanently. Think about what you value and what you need in the bathroom. A free floor is very important for the minimalist bathroom. Bring some pieces of furniture to the wall, making the room neat and spacious. In terms of color, the simple colors are the right choice. A bath in pure white looks discreet and natural. If you would like to have a little more color, white and beige or gray shades can make great combinations.

Furniture washbasin mirror cabinet brown

Very popular among the bathroom furnishings is the maritime style, with which you bring the unique, beautiful Uralubsfeeling home. Regarding the decoration in the bathroom your imagination knows no bounds. You can decorate the room with everything that reminds you of sea, sun, sand and shells. A successful color combination, which creates the Mediterranean feeling, are the elements in blue and white. You can also create the unique atmosphere with natural colors. Red and the warm terracotta color are also among the classic maritime colors. If you prefer softer colors for an airy atmosphere, you may also like to use pastel shades in the design of the bathroom. The material from which the bathroom furniture is made also refers to the sea. The maritime furniture style is primarily wood. White bathroom furniture radiates lightness and elegance. When deco you may also like to use driftwood, pebbles and linen.

Tile white gray classic elegant

If you long for comfort, warmth and harmony in the bathroom, you may be able to set up your country-style bathroom. The warmth and cosiness that every house in the country possesses is transferred to the bathroom with the right furnishings. Most of the bathrooms in the country house style are spacious, but of course that does not mean that this style is not appropriate for a small bathroom. A large bathroom simply brings several design options with it. The choice of furniture is accordingly larger. A freestanding bath, as well as a rustic washbasin are ideally integrated into the country house style.

High gloss brown tiles parquet flooring

Vintage wood furniture and metal bathroom cabinets add dynamism and give your bathroom an unmistakable character. Nude tones and pastel tones are ideal colors for this style. Light wood furniture can also be combined with shades of orange and red, completing the country-style look. When decorating, you can take elements from other styles and use them to your own imagination. It is important that the objects in the whole work harmoniously.

Examples photos red accents blackboard color

brown beige chandelier interesting color

Graffiti walls tiles red accents

Mosaic tiles sink cabinet narrow room

Ideas tall unit wood two sinks orchid red vase

Tile bathroom furniture design yellow natural wood

stylish design furniture shower marble floor wood

stylish ideas brown tiles modern look

Shelves system beautiful idea wood

Small granite tiles gray wood floor shower cabin

Shower cabin long mirror vanity unit ceramic

Mirror tiles wall design idea washstand glass

white glass shower cabin modern tap

Ideas wooden cabinet color tiles

Lighting bead color wall washbasin original

Wall color furniture design mirror lighting

Marble tile base cabinet plain beige

modern furniture cabinets narrow beige brown bathroom

Chalkboard color beautiful design kids bath

Wooden cabinet black wall long mirror

original design beautiful ideas colorful

Wall tiles glass wall vanity unit white bathroom furniture

Tile color modern design freestanding Badewanna

Bathroom furniture design ideas cabinets wallpapers


Cladding stone wall vanity wood furniture

Bathroom furniture decor designs

Stair beams white walls laminate floor

Ideas rustic bathtub window

Vanity mirror large window

Wood furniture vanity unit

Vanity unit wood modern furniture window sloping roof


Ceiling glass shower stall bath stone clad

Bathtub marble tiles wooden wardrobe shower cubicle

Bath Dresser Wood Deco Ideas Mosaic Tiles

Wall tiles sink purist white

small bathroom wallpaper sink white tiles

Vanity top marble top wood base cabinet red ceiling

Stone tiles beautiful decoration Greek motifs

Vanity unit two sinks round tub eclectic-style furniture


blue vanity stone wooden legs beautiful bathroom furniture


Bookshelf white tiles orange shower curtain

eclectic decor modern furniture design

rustic bathroom bath integrated Led lighting stylish

stylish cabinet modern deco idea

Wall stickers sink floral pattern colorful

Bathroom without tiles – ideas for tile-free wall design

Bathroom without tiles gray-wall-paint-wood-effect-bathroom-bathroom furniture

The tiling The bathroom is a classic, but not the only way to make your bathroom beautiful and modern. We have put together for you some alternatives to tiles in the bathroom and ideas for modern wall design. The Bathroom without tiles can have an equally homely ambience.

Bathroom without tiles – colored glass panels

bathroom-without-tiles-glass-wall panels, red and wooden floor

In the first place in the bathroom design is today the pleasant, comfortable atmosphere in the bathroom. The properties of the floor and wall coverings, such as durability, water resistance and ease of cleaning, come directly after aesthetics. The material used should therefore not change over time, be resistant to water and moisture and easy to clean. Therefore, you should opt for such an alternative to tiles in the bathroom, which fulfills these characteristics.

Glass is a popular material that has a high durability and is considered completely water resistant. So you can replace traditional ceramic tiles with a glittering glass panel in the bathroom. With a wide range of vivid colors provided, you can transform the back wall into a real eye-catcher. These stunning decorative glass panels are both thermally and water resistant, so they can also be used near bathtubs and showers. In terms of longevity and hygiene, glass for the bathroom is at the forefront. The surface is easy to clean, but it gets dirty just as quickly.

Bathroom without tiles – waterproof wood wall covering

Bathroom without tiles wood wallcovering-white-bathroom furniture-indirect-lighting

The wood on the inner walls absorbs the moisture and according to experience reports no condensation occurs. They also prevent mold, as some wood types even have an antibacterial effect, such as pine. Wood is considered one of the most popular materials for the walls and the floor for the cozy ambience in the bathroom. It has a calming effect and gives warmth and well-being in the room. That’s why wood-effect tiles are becoming increasingly popular. However, real wood as a floor covering in the bathroom needs further treatment, such as oiling or varnishing.

Natural stone wall in the bathroom without tiles

bathroom-without-tiles-natusteinwand-wood-washbasin-mirror-behind lighting

If you have decided on a bathroom without tiles on the wall, then you can also reach for the stone. The natural stone can be particularly durable and true to color in the bathroom, especially if it is laid correctly. The natural stone wall creates a special rural atmosphere and invites you to linger. As for the aesthetics of natural stone in the bathroom, the material has no disadvantages. However, the rough surface of the stones is much more difficult to clean than, for example, smooth surfaces. Therefore, natural stone walls are often smoothed to facilitate the cleaning process. Some kinds of stone must be impregnated just as well, because splash water can damage these. A natural stone wall in the bathroom is thus better suited as an accent in the room and not as a complete wall covering.

Wallpaper and paint in the tile-free bathroom


Special bath paints with sealing undercoat treatment are resistant to water and water vapor. They are also enriched with additives against mold and bacteria, so they can better protect the walls in the wet area. With various structure plasters, interesting effects can be conjured up on the wall, which sometimes even look better than the modern tiles. If you have selected plastered walls for your bathroom without tiles, you should make sure that they always dry well. From an aesthetic point of view, plastered walls are a great alternative to wall tiles and they offer a wide range of colors for wall design.

bathroom without tiles glaspaneele matt glass worktop

If you want a playful wall design for the bathroom without tiles, then you are right with wallpapers. So you can set beautiful highlights in the bathroom and make the area as a real eye-catcher. However, when selecting the wallpaper, make sure that not every wallpaper is suitable for the walls in the bathroom. As an area with high humidity and always wet walls, the bathroom needs a wall covering that is resistant to all these influences. Therefore, suitable for bathrooms only those wallpapers that are specially made for wet rooms. They have a very special coating that absorbs moisture only to a limited extent. In this way, the walls remain dry and it can form no mold. The wallpapers for wet rooms are also still washable, which facilitates their cleaning significantly. Matching styles that are well-suited for the walls in the bathroom without tiles are vinyl, non-woven and fiberglass wallpapers.

Inspirations for wall design in the bathroom without tiles

zen bathroom without tiles natural stone wall glass shower cabin wood vanity

By and large, there are many design options for a bathroom without tiles, each of which provides a good alternative to the wall and floor covering that is usually used. Whether you opt for natural stone, glass, wood, a wallpaper or a plaster depends on your own ideas for the bathroom. You should consider the aesthetics as well as the technical characteristics of the chosen material. In the following we would like to introduce you to further design ideas and furnishing options for the bathroom without tiles. Take a look at the picture gallery and be inspired to design or renovate your own bathroom.

Wooden accent wall in the bathroom

bathroom without tiles wood wall panel bathtub glass shower

Stone wall for a bathroom in a rustic style

bathroom without tiles natural stone wall villa style ambiente

Romantic floral wallpaper in the bathroom

bathroom without tiles floral wallpaper bathtub wall paneling

Wood wall panels

bathroom wall design wood wall panels marble contrast

Glass panels with tree motifs

bathroom without tiles wall glass panel decorative wood floor

Panoramic window in the bathroom

Bathroom without wall tiles glass wall Panoramic window bathtub

Tiles in the shower area but wood as an accent

bathroom without tiles wall wood panels beige shower area

Washbasin and wall panels made of wood

bathroom without tiles stone look wall paneling wood

Exposed concrete in the bathroom

bathroom design without tiles sight concrete wall wood bathroom furniture bathtub

Natural stone wall in the bathroom

bathroom without tiles natural stone wall wood sink

bathroom without tiles natural stone palm trees gravel zen ambiente

Wood wall panels in the bathroom

bathroom alternative to tile wood wall covering zen garden sliding doors

vertical wooden slats in the shower area

bathroom design without tiles wood wall panels glass shower cabin

Glass panels in wood look

bathroom without tiles glass wall panels wood look dark

bathroom without tiles glaspaneele wood look glass shower cabin

bathroom tile free wall panels glass wood cabinet

alternative to tile corner shower cabin wallpaper french style

bathroom design without tiles wall panels wallpaper flowers pink

32 modern bathroom ideas – Lay tiles in wood look

Tiles in wood look wall-to-floor mirror cabinet led strip

Whether you actually have a cabin in the woods or just enjoy the rustic style, wood would give the bathroom a certain appeal. With the right choice of fixtures, wall designs and accessories, you can have a natural-looking bathroom, but with all the modern amenities. Count to the modern bathroom ideas Tiles in wood look, which match the attractive look of the wood and the characteristics of the ceramic tiles. They are very practical in a wet area like the bathroom and are easy to care for.

Tiles in wood look are a great idea for a bath

Tiles in wood look wall-round-wall-mirror-wood-frame

Of the Flooring made of wood can bring warmth and comfort to a room, with many different types of wood and shades. But for those who can not afford hardwood floors, in the bathroom, wood-effect tiles are the ideal choice because they also have the benefits of ceramic floors.

Tiles in wood look – Ideas for the modern bathroom

tiles-wood Optic-floor-bath Fillet

The ceramic tiles that look like wood , the grain and color of a number of wood species can imitate. This ranges from light woods such as maple and oak to dark woods such as walnut and mahogany. These tiles usually come in different shapes and sizes. Many have the square shape of the standard tiles, but there are also those in a longer, thinner shape that mimic the appearance of a wooden plank, creating an even more realistic look. The grout used for the Tiles in wood look should also be matched with the color of the tiles.

Combine wood tiles with white 3D wall panels

tiles-wood-floor optics 3d wall panels and white-wall

Wood-like ceramic tiles offer an edge over real hardwood, and tiles can provide the style of a wooden floor in any room in a home. With real wood flooring in the bathroom or in the kitchen, concerns may arise about the possibility of moisture and water damage. However, this does not affect tiles, so they offer a more versatile way, with a wider range of uses.

Benefits of wood-effect tiles in the bathroom

tiles-wood Optic-flooring-white-wall tiles-walk-glass shower

The bathroom tiles in wood look offer many advantages. On the one hand, they look like real wood tiles and give the bathroom the popular rustic look. On the other hand, they are much cheaper than real wood. Wood-effect bathroom tiles continue to have all the required properties for wall and floor covering in a wet room. They are extremely robust and resistant to water and moisture. Finally, the wood-like bathroom tiles have a noble look and make every bathroom look very natural and elegant.

Wooden tiles paired with green vanity

bathroom ideas-tiles-wood optics-green-basin-rectangular

Now we would like to present you some beautiful and modern bathroom ideas with tiles in wood look, which you can use as inspiration when designing or renovating your own bathroom. For example, wood tiles can be wonderfully combined with upbeat color accents. So, if you pick a funny color for the vanity or bathroom cabinet, you can give the room a playful touch. Green as a color offers a great combination of wood look and can freshen up any bathroom.

imitate different types of wood

bathroom ideas-tiles-wood-optic light-color-indirect-lighting-white-moebel-sanitaerobjekte

One of the most popular features of wood effect tiles is that they can mimic almost any type of wood. Whether you prefer dark or light wood, you will surely find a suitable variant for your taste. For a harmonious bathroom design, you can select the same wall and floor tiles. These combine beautifully with plain-colored bathroom furniture and sanitary objects and contribute to a minimalist bathroom design.

Wall shelves in the same wood tone

bathroom ideas-tiles-wood-optic shelves-led-strip-ceiling downlights

With decorative bathroom tiles in wood look, you can only put playful accents in the bathroom, instead of the entire room with it. A good example can be found in the picture. Here the wooden tiles decorate the area with the washbasin and vanity unit. They are completed by some wooden wall shelves above the toilet for a complete look.

Mirror wall for a small bathroom

bathroom ideas-tiles-wood-optics mirror wall-sink-wall-armature

Wall and floor tiles with a fine wood look are a great option for both small and large bathrooms. A small bathroom with wood-like tiles can make you look bigger by creating a mirrored wall. It reflects the whole bathroom and so it seems to be almost twice as big. The wooden tiles add to the magnifying effect and radiate warmth and coziness in the room.

Combine wood with black for a dramatic effect

bathroom tile in wood effect wall floor black tile wood vanity

Wood can be combined beautifully with dark colors and creates a high-quality, but somewhat dramatic effect in the room. If you have decided for bathroom furniture made of wood, then you can adjust their look to the bathroom tiles. This is how to set up a really elegant bathroom.

look authentic and inviting

bathroom ideas-tiles-wood Optic-warm-wood tone-shower

Tiles for the bathroom in wood look at first glance do not differ from the real wood. The only thing she can reveal are the joints. And only if they are designed in an unsuitable color. Otherwise you can determine the wood look of the real material only when touched. Thus, good wood tiles are particularly authentic and really inviting in the bathroom.

white sanitary objects and pink accents

bathroom ideas tile in wood-optic-white-bathtub-dekokies-pink-accents

The floor tiles in wood look can turn any bathroom into a wellness oasis. They have the same characteristics as conventional tiles, such as robustness and thermal conductivity. However, they provide a very special style in the bathroom, which more and more people nowadays want for their own home.

Design white bathroom with wall and floor tiles in wood look

modern-bathroom-glass-shower-walk-in-tiles in wood-look-mtt-gray

It’s no wonder that white as a color harmonizes beautifully with a light wood look. This combination is at the heart of the popular Scandinavian style and is just as suitable for any room in the home. Even in the bathroom you can achieve a feel-good atmosphere with this color combination and make the room really stylish. Beautiful addition to offer different plants for the bathroom, which give the room a natural touch.

Combine tiles with different patterns in the bathroom

bathroom ideas tile in wood look bathtub-tuscany-tile-pattern-gray-wall-tiles

If you want to put a playful accent in your own bathroom, then you can combine the wood tiles with patterned wall tiles. Especially suitable for this are patterns that are designed in a similar color and decorated with nature motifs.

bathroom ideas tile in wood-optic-recoverable-shower-glass-partition-skylight

bathroom ideas-tiles-wood optics ground-duche-glass wall-wall niche-led strip-white-wall-mosaic

bathroom ideas-wall tiles-wood Optic-gray-tile-marble-optics

bad-walk-in-shower-floor-wall-tiles-wood optics

little-bad-tub-floor-wall-tiles-wood Optic-round-sink

little-bad-design-tiles-wood-Optic-cream white

little-bad-idea design-tiles-wood Optic-bath-sliding doors

small-bad-ideas-Flisen-wood look-walk-shower-glass sliding-frameless

little-bad-modern floor tiles-wood Optic-gray-wall color and black-sanitarobjekte

modern-bad-bath-led strip-floor tiles-wood Optic-orange-basin cabinet

modern-bad-idea-floor tiles-wood Optic-cream-glazed-wall tiles

modern-bad-walk-in-shower-glass wall-wall tiles stone-Optic-floor tiles-wood optics

modern-little-bad-tub-wall-floor-tiles-wood Optic-green-lighting

little-bad-white-wall tiles floor tiles-wood-optics

bad-dachschraege-tiles-wood Optic-ceramic-sanitarobjekte

bad-device-green-wall tiles-wood cladding

bathroom ideas-floor tiles-wood Optic-white-wall tiles

Choose the best bathroom color – 50 examples

best color for bathroom -black-white-sideboard-mirror-image-klo-holzboden

The color is an important point on the way to Dream apartment, because the human perceives the spaces through it. Choosing the right color should be a balance between personal taste and architectural features. The best color for bathroom This is the one that brings in freshness and pep and at the same time harmonizes with the rest of the apartment.

The best color for bathroom – white, black, gray

best color for bathroom -white-marble-window-chandelier-crystal-freestanding-bathtub

The neutral colors of white, black and gray and the combination in between, are considered timeless and modern and can be the suitable solution for large and medium small bathrooms be. Contrasts set accents and make the room look more luxurious. Combinations with natural stones such as granite or marble are particularly popular for spacious areas. White stands for cleanliness and innocence. It is a beautiful neutral base for more decorations with colors and accents. A sleek white bathroom, well-appointed and well-appointed, is an excellent example of minimalist interior design.

The best color for bathroom – blue, turquoise, green

best color for bathroom - wood-floor-dog-white-closets-cupboard-double vanity

The cool tones of blue, turquoise and green are fresh and give a calm, relaxed mood. After white, it is the second most popular color for the bathroom design. The blue-green nuances are unconsciously associated with water and sky and contribute to a Mediterranean ambience. In combination with white, the areas are particularly fresh and invigorating.

The best color for bathrooms – earth tones and sand colors

best color for bathroom-brown-natural-vanity-mirror-stylish-shower-tub

Brown and sand colors can be the best color for bathrooms if you like the warmth of natural materials. They are reminiscent of earth and nature and look particularly appealing when the tiles resemble limestone or wood. Modern and simple wooden undertables fit wonderfully in a brown or beige bathroom.

The best color for bathrooms – Colorful or with colorful accents

best color for bathroom-color-accent-washstand-double-sink-red-mirror-wall-lighting

Colored accents and colorful accessories liven up a more restrained room. If you’re not planning a great renovation, then grab a wall paint in rich color or a decoration with textiles or plants. The best details are shown on a white background. Most important is that you coordinate the design of each room with the overall picture of the apartment.

Represent geometric shapes through two-tone tiles


Wall and ceiling paneling made of wood – Natural colors in the bathroom

Best-color-bathroom-brown wall tiling-ceiling-wood-mozambique-floor-mirror-double sinks

Natural stone look with a modern look

Best-color-bathroom-brown rock-Optic-shower-shower tray-flat-rain shower

Bathroom with walls and ceiling in wood clad

Best-color-bathroom-brown-wood-wall tiling-light-Suspension lamp-white

Natural stone look and reflective surfaces

Best-color-bathroom-brown-gold-washbasin-sink-geometric-designer double sinks

Bath in dark brown and as an accent a modern picture

Best-color-bathroom-brown-dark brown-picture-photo-bathtub-built-double sink-mirror

Indirect lighting in the bathroom


Modern bathroom with colored cabinets

Best-color-bathroom-color-accents-yellow-white-bathtub-wall unit-deco

White bathroom with high gloss colored cabinets


Monochrome bathroom with freestanding bath

Best color for bathroom -black-white-hexagonal-tile-freestanding-bathtub-shower-curtain-dots

Antique details match classic color combinations

best color for bathroom -black-white-rustic-bathtub-freestanding-door-antique-gray

Experiment with contrasting colors and surfaces

Best-color-bathroom-black-white-luxury-chandelier-crystal-baroque style

Patterns and colors should not conflict

best color for bathroom -black-white-gray-tile-patterned-washing machine

Playful tiles need subtle furniture

best color for bathroom -black-white-antique-carpet-tile-pattern-vanity-mirror-wall

Shapes and accents should communicate with each other

best color for bathroom-gray-white-hexagonal-tile-modern-armature-bathtub-freestanding

Set accents with the arrangement of the tiles

best color for bathroom-gray-black-white-chess-pattern-armature-gilded-window-plant

best color for bathroom -silk-floor-vanity-wood-double-sink-bathtub-window

Blue, turquoise and green

Best-color-bathroom-turquoise-white-loo shower enclosure-double-basin

Best-color-bathroom-turquoise-wash under table-mirror-square-glass door

Best-color-bathroom-turquoise-wood-cabinet under-sink-bathtub-mirror

Best-color-bathroom-mirror-round-sink-console-tiles-square shower enclosure


Best-color-bathroom-sink-mozaiksteine-console-white-mirror-glass wall-window

Best-color-bathroom-green-white-sink-mirror-loo-wipes armature

Best-color-bathroom-green-white-flooring-wooden floor-wall color-bathtub-tiles

Best-color-bathroom-detached-tub-washbasin-window Tiles


Best-color-bathroom-baby blue and white towels-armature

Brown, beige, sand colors


Best-color-bathroom-sink-brown brick wall-loo-indirect-lighting-mirror-

Best-color-bathroom-brown-wallpaper-bath-detached-baroque style gold-luxury-antique

Best-color-bathroom-brown-natural stone-wood-windows-bathtub-white-flower-vase

Best-color-bathroom-brown-natural stone-bathtub-built-glass shower enclosure

Colorful and colorful ideas



Best-color-bathroom-color-accents-white-red-mirror-pattern - sink

Best-color-bathroom-color-accents-wash under cabinet-pink-sink-mirror-orange runner

Best-color-bathroom-color-accents-wash under cabinet-koralfarbe-mirror-wallpaper-pattern


Best-color-bathroom-color-accents-photo wallpaper-bath-detached Candlestick chandelier

Best-color-bathroom-color-accents-shower curtain-flower pattern-antique-bath-detached-wood floor

Best-color-bathroom-color-akzenete-orange-white-wooden floor shower enclosure

Best-color-bathroom-fabre-accents-and-white wallpaper-pattern-voegel-loo

Best-color-bathroom-bathtub-red-white-green-palm-pattern-mint green-wall color

Ground level shower in 55 attractive modern bathrooms

Walk-in shower bathroom tile-wood-stone-look-glass-wall

A walk-in shower is not only then a practical solution for one barrier-free bathroom when it comes to small children and the elderly. From an aesthetic point of view, the room is also more spacious and modern, easier to walk on and clean.

Ground-level shower with discreet drainage system

Walk-in shower bathroom-natural-stone-wall-tile-wood-look

Today you can also install a walk-in shower in an old building. A variant would be to install a prefabricated floor slab of rigid foam with slope. It is tiled after assembly. Specialist retailers also offer extra narrow shower trays made of acrylic or steel. They are completed right at the drain and tiling are unnecessary. It should be noted that contemporary designers in the design of shower trays next to white and other colors.

Ground-level shower for modern bathroom design

walk-in-shower-bathroom-frosted glass-partition-black-white

The elegant and modern variants for drainage systems for the ground floor shower are not that numerous. A floor drain sounds old-fashioned, but instead of the classic round waste cover, new-generation shower solutions are available. The round shape is still present, but this time elegant and discreetly designed, without lid and with a slope to the central outlet.

Shower tray of the new generation

Walk-in shower -dowel-square-white-extra-flat-gray-flowers

If you just want to trough the bathroom, you can have a special gutter installed in the floor, which serves as a drain. The slope should be as good as possible to the side and the recessed gutter is covered as desired with decorative steel. The result is a very discreet, narrow slot on the side, which is mostly height and side adjustable.

Drainage system with recessed gutter

Ground-level shower-gutter-construction-installation-installation-tile-flooring

The latest trend in bathroom design is wall drainage. He is a very elegant and minimalist alternative to the classic process. It ensures a rapid drainage behind a subtle panel in the lower area on the wall.

walk-in-shower-bathroom-naturtoene-white-wood-stone gray

walk-in-shower-bathroom-black-mosaic tiles-led ceiling lighting

Modern designed bathroom

Ground-level shower-marble-fishgrain-arrangement-colorful-wall-design-hidden-drain

Modern drainage systems for custom-made shower cubicles

walk-in-shower-marble-black-white-loo shower enclosure-lighting-glass wall-glass door-modern-classic

Spacious bathroom with shower cubicle and free-standing bathtub

Walk-in shower -modern-mosaic-tile-bathtub-white-freestanding-shower-tub-double-vanity-wood-panel

Built-in gutters are particularly suitable for bathrooms with special tile pattern very well

Floor-level shower-pattern-structure-tile-gray-black-yellow-glass-partition-wall-armature

Drainage channels are practical and easy to clean

Single storey shower-niche-seating-light blue tile-bricks-arrangement-armature

Stylish and sophisticated solution for the old building – Mount and tile the floor slab with a slope

Walk-in shower-bathtub-freestanding-shower-tubinne-armatur-glastueren-flower-vase-window

A freestanding bath floor-level shower

Walk-in shower-bathtub-freestanding-white-wall-stone-gray-vanity-mirror-wall-ladder

Modern bathroom with walk-in shower

Ground-level shower-anthracite-wood-floor-rain-shower-shower-room-glass-bathroom-modern

Spacious bathroom with shower and large window

Single storey shower-bath-window-large-beige-natural-stone-tile-shelf-shower

Simple, modern design of the bathroom with double sink

Walk-in shower -double washbasin-black-white-cream-white-mirror-bathtub-shower-glassdoor

New, narrow shower tray

Ground-floor shower -shower cabin-vanity-vanity-white-high gloss-modern-simple-bathroom

Walk-in shower-marble-roof-glazing-skylight-washbasin-opposite

Walk-in shower -shower-shower-gray-wash-console-white-toilet-glass-wall

Walk-in shower -black-white-mosaic-tile-armature-modern-minimalist

Walk-in shower-shower-tub-shower-drain-beige-brown-glass-armatir-bathroom

walk-in-shower-shower tray-white-wall-gray-armature-flowers-modern rectangular

walk-in-shower-gray wooden floor-stool shower enclosure-detached-brisk shower-modern design

walk-in-shower-gray-white-bench-walled glass-brick-mozambique-armature-loo

walk-in-shower-large-bathroom-dark brown wenge light gray-armature-shower-basin


walk-in-shower-light gray-dark gray shower enclosure-armature-glass door-hydromassage

walk-in-shower-brown-beige-partition-armature-loo-window-open bathroom

walk-in-shower-tiles-gray-blue-sink-mirror cabinet-armature-partition glass-

walk-in-shower-gray-dark brown-and-white-tile-honeycomb structure shower enclosure-modern-design

walk-in-shower-wooden floor-area-wet bench-basin-mirror cabinet-modern curtains and white

walk-in-shower-marble-tiles-anrodnung-wabestriktur-herringbone arrangement-glass doors-brisk shower-armature

walk-in-shower-marble-gray-white-armature-bench-bricked-skylight-glass door

walk-in-shower-marble-pattern-black-white-floor shower enclosure-glass door-bench-armature

walk-in-shower-black-white-window-duschkabinne-glass wall-washbasin-mirror cabinet-modern-mirror-tiles-Stuktur


walk-in-shower-white-cream white-armature-loo-small-spacious-window

walk-in-shower-washbasin-mirror wall-classical lighting-gray-dark brown


walk-in-shower-tiles-kalsteine-glass-armature-beige-cream white-trough

walk-in-shower-tiles-beige-armature-glass-modern-simple, minimalist

walk-in-shower-anthracite gray glass shower enclosure-armature-lighting-

walk-in-shower-beige-dark brown-armature-mozambique-partition

walk-in-shower-dark brown mosaic tiles-flooring-beige-bench-bricked-African-glass-basin-wood


walk-in-shower-black wooden floor shower enclosure-modern-design-glass door


walk-in-shower-and-white mosaic bench-walled rain shower

walk-in-shower shower enclosure-beige-green-image-palms-lighting

walk-in-shower shower enclosure-tiles-fries-of mosaic-cream white-armature-bench-glatueren

walk-in-shower-marble-white-light gray-bathroom-glazed shower enclosure

Double vanity with countertop basin – 50 modern sets

Double washbasin with essay basin -sets-duravit-square-rounded-console-drawer-mirror-wall-mirror-cabinet-woman

In the family bathroom or simply in a bathroom used by more than one person, a double washroom is more than desirable. On Double vanity with essay basin is a practical solution that saves a lot of space while providing functionality.

Double vanity with counter top – oval, rectangular or rounded

Double washbasin with essay basin -sets-oval-console-bath-bathtub-bidet-shower enclosure-blue-blue

In the bathroom, aesthetics, quality and functionality meet, and a sustainable design with a guaranteed long life is expected. The surfaces should be easy to clean and hard-wearing. Materials like ceramics , Glass or granite are most commonly used for sinks. On the other hand, base cabinets and vanity units are mainly made of wood, granite or high-gloss materials. A wide variety of product variants are available in the trade, which optimally meet the most diverse needs.

Double washbasin with essay basin – aesthetics, quality and functionality in one

Double vanity with counter top -sets-square-white-faucet-wood-base-cabinet-metal-feet-industrial-design

For washbasins and in particular for double washbasins, it is important that they are geometrically generously shaped, as the washbasin is mounted thereon. The set should work well together, not look blocky and easy to clean. A double vanity with counter basin looks very modern and leaves several options for the design of the wash area open. Antique, small cupboards or chests of drawers are also suitable as base units for the bathroom, if they are previously thermally treated sustainably.

Double vanity with essay basin offers more space and leaves the floor free

Double washbasin with essay basin -sets-duravit-weiss-konsole-mirrors-mirror-wall-bathroom

With a double washbasin with essay basin, it becomes possible to use real wood surfaces in the wet area. The request for more coziness and natural materials leads to solutions with base units made of solid wood or wood veneer. The basin is simply placed on the plate. The floor remains free, which makes the furniture easier to care for, while the remaining surface of the washbasin provides additional storage. Such combinations are particularly suitable for bathrooms and rooms with a complicated floor plan with many niches and corners.

With base unit in white

Double vanity with essay basin -sets-duravit-white-cabinet-dresser-bathroom-plain

Of course, even with the double vanity with essay basin several forms are possible. If the bathroom is in close proximity to the living space, the experts recommend sinks and consoles with rounded corners and oval shapes. Basically, the width of a double washbasin is 120 cm. But this can also be wider. The depth is variable: 50-52 cm in a normal to generous bathroom and for smaller, narrower rooms about 40 cm.

Double vanity with Walnut wood panel by Duravit

Double washbasin with essay basin -sets-duravit-square-rounded-wood-plate-armature-white-plain

Practical and square with a beautiful base made of real wood by Duravit

Double washbasin with essay basin -sets-duravit-square-base cabinet-wood-dark-armature-white

Double vanity with counter top -sets-duravit-square-armature-plate-wood-dark-mirror

Simple design – double sink by Duravit

Double washbasin with essay basin -sets-duravit-larger-plate-wood-light-undercounter-roll-plain

White washbasin with black print by Roca, model Urban Barcelona

Double washbasin with essay basin -sets-roca-model-urban-barcelona-rectangle-rounded-black-white

Black and white bathroom with wooden cabinet

Double washbasin with essay basin -sets-white-square-rounded-wood-wash-cabinet-black-mirror

Simple and timeless – marble sink and vanity top combined with bathroom cabinet made of solid wood

Double vanity with countertop -sets-square-marble-plate-base-cabinet-wood-solid wood-mirror-two

Stylishly designed set with rectangular sink and tap with faucet

Double washbasin with essay basin -sets-square-white-base-cabinet-wood-dark-plate-black-mirror

Bathroom with wall cladding made of real stone

Double vanity with countertop basin -sets-sink-flat-white-stone-tile-cabinet-brown

Oval shapes can also be combined well with square ones

Double washbasin with essay basin -sets-duravit-oval-base cabinet-wood-look-brown-green-accents

A normal cabinet as a washstand for two

Double vanity with counter top --sets-square-rounded-white-wood-cupboard-door-metal-handles

Double washbasin with essay basin -sets-square-rounded-white-wood-cabinet-mirror-wallcovering-wood-gray

Double sink with fittings for two and ornaments

Double vanity with countertop -sets-square-all-sink-white-ornaments-wood-plate-

Double washbasin with essay basin -sets-rectangle-oval-plain-white-wood-plate-mirror

Double washbasin with essay basin -sets-square-rounded-oval-white-lighting-cabinet

Double washbasin with essay basin -sets-square-rounded-oval-white-cabinet-armature-mirror-toilet

Double washbasin with essay basin -sets-square-rounded-plate-glass-cabinet-white-high-gloss-mirror-shower

Double vanity with countertop -sets-rectangle-rounded-oval-black-tile-wood-lid-red-tile-white

double basin-tank tower-sets-square-white-wenge-unertisch-gray-wall-tiles

double basin-tank tower-sets-black swimming pool-wall-ceiling-cladding-stone-

double basin-tank tower-sets-stone-symmetry-bath-detached-image-brown-white

double basin-tank tower-sets-black oval-wall tiling-limestone-marble-plate

double basin-tank tower-sets-some-white-ceramic-bad-under-cabinet bordo

double basin-tank tower-sets-some-white-bad-under cabinet dark brown-mirror-Pelipal

double basin-tank tower-sets-around-retro-black-white-bath detached

double basin-tank tower-sets-round-oval-white-stones-little-tiles-green

double basin-tank tower-sets-some-white-bad-anthracite gray-under cabinet-white high-gloss

double basin-tank tower-sets-around-plate-granite-colorful-classic-bad-under-cabinet solid wood

double basin-tank tower-sets-roca-oval-wood-walnut-and-white ceramics

double basin-tank tower-sets-oval-white-bad-under-cabinet black-faucet-wall

double basin-tank tower-sets-oval-plate-granite anthracite-under-cabinet wood maple-mirror

double basin-tank tower-sets-oval stone-limestone-marble-plate-sized black-and-white mirror cabinet

double basin-tank tower-sets-oval-cream-white-marble-wall mirror-orchid

double basin-tank tower-sets-console-wood-granite-plate-armature-detached

double basin-tank tower-sets-oval-bad-under-cabinet wenge-glass-plate-faucet-mirror-wall-khaki

double basin-tank tower-sets-wood-Products Designer holzstamm-bath rustic

double basin-tank tower-sets-wood-wash plate-solid wood-armature

double basin-tank tower-sets-round-black-bad-white-with-black-deco cabinet

double basin-tank tower-sets-round-black under cabinet-wood-mirror-circuit-armature

double basin-tank tower-sets-granite-black-round-oval-wood-under-cabinet teak-wall-green

double basin-tank tower-sets-granite-black-round-oval-armature-wood slats-bad-under cabinet

double basin-tank tower-sets-granite-black-anthracite-wood-under-cabinet sliding doors-bad-white

double basin-tank tower-sets-granite-oval-round-under-cabinet wood rustic bamboo flooring

double basin-tank tower-sets-around-granite-rough-stone-Optic-walnut-bad-commode-yellow-wall

double basin tank tower-sets-glass-transparent-plate-granite base cabinet-wood maple

double basin-tank tower-sets-glass-oval-blue-modern-plate and white-bad-armature-mirror

double basin-tank tower-sets-glass oval-dark-plate-granite-gray-under-cabinet cabinet-wood massif

double basin-tank tower-sets-glass-square-red-background-modern-under cabinet

Modern bathroom design – tile for small bathroom

modern bathroom design-tile-small-bathroom-gray-white-window-plain

For the modern bathroom design There are some tricks and tips that can visually increase a smaller bathroom. It’s about optimizing the space as much as possible so that no space is lost. Some ideas can be without modification or achieve great effort. Above all, you have to plan well in advance and put some money into the renovation of the bathroom.

Modern bathroom design – tile for small bathroom

modern bathroom design -tile-small-bathroom-bamboo-floor-bathtub

The natural light is an important prerequisite, so that the bathroom appears nicely spacious. Remove all this from the window, which limits the natural lighting and darkens the room unnecessarily. Reflective surfaces such as mirrors or shiny tiles with a shimmer effect reflect the light and are also easy to clean. Glass doors of the shower cubicle and generous mirrored walls or cabinet doors with mirrors deceive the eye and the exact idea of ​​where the beginning and the end of the room are.

Modern bathroom design – a spacious little bathroom

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-gold-mirror-silver mosaic

The modern bathroom design is characterized by bright colors that visually stretch the room. Bright and natural pastel colors visually enlarge the bathroom. It is best to paint the walls in white or tone on tone with the basic color of the tiles. Smaller, white rooms, which are poor in light, only look gray and do not look pleasant. Bring more cosiness and a sense of life in the interior design by integrating some green. Small plants, towels or a bath mat in pistachio green are well suited.

Mirrored walls and shelves in the niches optimize the small space

modern bathroom design -tiles-small-bathroom-cabinet-shelves-concrete-gray

The tiles do not necessarily have to be monochrome. Vertical lines in a different color or lagged details stretch the bathroom visually. Avoid the sharp contrasts and pay attention to the right direction. Rather longer and narrower spaces require finer and elongated details and patterns. For square bathrooms or those that have girders, niches and more than just the typical four corners, the patterns should be avoided. Instead, optically separate the floor from the walls with tiles of a darker color, such as gray. Take advantage of every niche and place in it a small cabinet or open shelves.

Sliding glass doors make for a dry and spacious bathroom

modern bathroom design -tile-small-bathroom-glass-sliding-door-light-white

Place the pattern next to the light source

modern bathroom design tile small bathroom mosaic blue gray window light

Reflective surfaces and tiles deceive the eye and visually enlarge the bathroom

modern bathroom design -tiles-small-bathroom-mirror-puzzled-glass-surfaces

Look for smaller and smaller bathroom accessories

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-beige-sink-narrow-white

Shades of gray for the floor and clear, simple bathroom furniture

modern bathroom design -tiles-small-bathroom-gray-small-white

Choose natural colors for your bathroom

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-hollow space-optimize-Badewane

Plants bring life into any room

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-coffee-tulip-color-plant

Colored details such as towels and bath rugs refresh the white bathroom

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-green-plain-white-straight-lines

Well combined contrasts can also work in the small bathroom

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-pattern-mirror-black-reflective

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-sliding-door-and-white scwarz

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-plain-mirror-glass-komode

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-hatch-shower-glass-bright

modern bathroom design tiles-small-bathroom-black-white-optics

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-mirror-green-mosaic

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-batulpe-beige-sand-color-glass

modern bathroom design -tiles-small-bathroom-white-washing-machine-glass-doors

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-cherish hold-retro look

modern-bathroom design-tiles-small-bad-closets-and-white curtain

modern bathroom design -tiles-small-bathroom-mirror-in-mirrors-vouchers

modern bathroom design -tiles-small-bathroom-black-yellow-mullioned window

Bath Towel Holder and Towel Rack Design models for a feel-good bath

Modern Bathroom Freestanding Tub Light Design Towel Rack Wall Marble Home Accessory

Are you looking for interesting alternatives to ordinary bathroom furniture and accessories? A contemporary bath towel or Towel rail design will captivate the eyes of your guests for a long time. There are a large selection of models and designs on the market that are made of different materials – metal, wood, brass, stainless steel. However, these must be coordinated with the existing facility.

Towel rack design in the best quality

Shower System Glass Wall Divider Mounted Towel Rail Stainless Steel Armature Design

With a bath towel holder for the bathroom, you always have your towels at hand. Simple metal models are trendy and ideally complement the minimalist interior design style. The Towel rail Design from Increation creates modern metallic effects. The combined version with towel warmer convinces with high quality aesthetics and functionality. For a feel-good bathroom, only the right home accessories are missing – room flowers, soap dishes, wall lights ,

Modern towel holder shines in metallic sheen

Bathroom Design Features Mosaic Tile Towel Warmer Holder Bar

Dark mosaic tiles form a beautiful background for the implementation of metallic bath elements. A white round tub stands in stylish contrast to it.

The high quality stainless steel fitting is complemented by a metal towel warmer ideally

Towel warmer rod metal shine bath towel ideas

Sustainable solution for your home

Bath Design Ideas Asian Style Wood Ladder Bath Towel Wellbeing Bath

Wooden ladders work well as a towel rail and a single deco accent in the bathroom and stand for more sustainability. This unique bathroom interior is a design of Custom Made, inspired by the Asian style.

Creative realization of a wooden ladder in the bathroom

height ladder implementation bathroom towel rail design rod rustic

Exceptional for a bathroom items are beautiful accents namely there. The rustic look of the wooden ladder of Smith and Vansant conveys comfort and creates enough vertical space.

Towel hanger with limited space of Peter Balm

Bath towel tange Towel hooks Hanger-toilet paper rolls Stand design ideas

Bath towel stand in a noble design

Hotel bathroom bathtub design freestanding towel rail stand

The shapely bath towel holder design fits perfectly with the freestanding ceramic bathtub. The noble look of the room is completed by the parquet floor.

Bathroom furniture with mounted towel rails from Rachel Reider

Furniture bathroom cabinets-mounted towel rail-deco sofa upholstered

Bath Towel Holder and Towel Bar for DIY – Ideas from Martha Stewart

Bathroom decor towel holder design rope rope-to-make yourself

Towel rack for the bathroom – 17 unusual and creative ideas