Creative wall design in the bedroom – Trendy colors and decoration ideas

wall design in bedroom wallpaper beige cream pattern idea french window

We help you with the Wall design in the bedroom – and how you can combine furniture and home accessories tastefully.

Wall design in the bedroom – color combinations

wall design in the bedroom blue white maritime salmon high bed

Unlike the other rooms should the Wall decoration in the bedroom set subtle accents and, above all, calm down. You can achieve this effect with the choice of wall colors and wall decoration. Dark hues swallow the light and make the room look smaller. Bright colors can make the bedroom look sterile. Our tip – tasteful color combinations can make the room look homely. But which colors are basically suitable for this private sector? brown is a color that has a calming effect. Since the color is dark, you can only paint one wall in brown, and decorate with pictures. The remaining walls can be painted in beige. Blue, whether light or dark, can calm down. People who suffer from insomnia or migraine can do it room in dark blue and white paint. orange can look cheerful, and is well suited for energetic natures. White can the room visually enlarge but also be sterile. To avoid this, you can set up the bedroom with dark wood furniture. Yellow and green have an invigorating effect – you can easily paint the whole room in one of these colors.

Wall design in the bedroom – decorating ideas and tricks with colors

wall design in the bedroom laminate idea warm atmosphere modern

If you are the Wall design in the bedroom If you want to refresh, wallpaper will come to your aid. Paint three walls and cover the fourth with wallpaper. Wallpapers may be decorated with patterns – in any case, you prefer to choose small patterns with flowers, plants or other forms from nature. Paintings are the most beautiful Decoration on the walls – Find inspiration at the flea market, or experiment with modern art. Several paintings can set accents and are the only decoration that needs the bedroom. We have selected for you different color combinations and rooms, which can act as inspiration!

Modern wall design with honeycomb pattern

wall design in bedroom geometric design black gold honeycomb

Bedroom wall with plaster in shabby style

wall design in the bedroom plaster design modern rustic shabby brown headboard

Wallpaper as an accent in the bedroom

Bedroom ideas white wallpaper roof pitch

100 ideas for bedroom designs in various furnishing styles

Bedroom with azure walls

azure bed turquoise color bedroom strip four poster bed

Pastel colors – beige and light blue

Pastel colors bedroom two-tone wall design ideas

Brown is especially popular for bedrooms

Colors bedroom brown color chocolate nuance

Mediterräner look in the bedroom

light beige wall bedroom four-poster bed Blue decoration

Stripes on the wall – another brown bedroom

Strip brown white bedroom bed headboard azure bedside table

Green symbolizes nature and is well suited for Feng Shui facilities

Feng Shui bedroom wall green golden accent screen

Two-tone combinations in the bedroom set accents

two colors bedroom beige purple wall paintings

Rosa is a tender, feminine color

pink bedroom wall color bright ceiling painting

Orange is an invigorating color

orange color bedroom wall decoration brown furniture

Neutral white color visually enlarges the bedroom

Bed cabinet white walls modern decor folding bed

light blue bedroom natural stone wall white color picture

purple bedroom decorate ideas with pictures

Bedroom pitched roof blue wall canopy bed golden duvet

Color scheme in the bedroom – 32 ideas for colors

Color scheme in the bedroom orange-coral-wall-color-wood-furniture

The bedroom is the space where you want peace, relaxation and good night sleep, so should the Color scheme in the bedroom calm, relaxed and peaceful. That is why the most popular Colors for bedrooms are light and airy. These colors will transform your bedroom into your personal retreat. Look at the pictures below and choose your favorites!

Color scheme in the bedroom – neutral colors

Color scheme in the bedroom -neutral-cream-beige-white-bed

In the color theory are the neutral colors Gray, white and black. In interior design, neutral colors are gray, beige and all colors mixed with gray. The neutral colors are cool, restrained and form a beautiful backdrop for all types of bedroom furniture. These colors add a touch of elegance and warmth to the room, making them the most popular bedroom colors.

Color scheme in the bedroom – soothing pastel colors

color design-bedroom-purple-white curtains-wood-bed-bedside tables

Pastel colors are warm or cold colors that are lightened with white. The bedroom’s popular pastel colors include lilac, lavender, light yellow, sea green, pink and pale blue. These colors give the bedroom a feminine touch and look great, combined with floral decorations, other light pastel colors and white furniture. These colors have a nice clean look that can work wonders in small bedrooms without much natural light.

Warm wood and earth tones

color design-bedroom-earthy-brown-hangesessel and natural stone floor

Earth tones such as sand yellow, beige and sage green create a feeling of warmth and intimacy in the bedroom. These colors look good with natural wood and brown tones. Just like the neutral colors, these colors are subtle and soothing, but earth tones tend to be associated with a particular hue and furniture should be adapted to that color.

color design-bedroom-stone gray wall-color-wood bed

Below are a few examples of successful color combinations in the bedroom. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create in the room, there are many soothing or intense shades to choose from. Let yourself be inspired!

Black furniture, grape purple accent wall and beige, patterned wallpaper

bedroom-ideas-design-color-purple-black-wallpaper-accent wall beige

The color violet has a strong meditative effect and is often used as a wall paint in the bedroom. It is supposed to promote the mental balance and stands for introspection. It is also claimed that the color has analgesic properties and can promote healthy sleep. In this bedroom, the violet-colored accent wall serves as a splash of color. The black furniture and the light wooden floor emphasize their effect. The striking pattern of the wallpaper on the wall behind the bed brings some variety in the decoration.

Beige – chocolate brown color duo with purple highlights

bedroom-ideas-design-colors-beige-brown-wallpaper-floral-pattern-purple pillows

In contrast to the previous example, this bedroom is more airy. Instead of black is set here on chocolate brown, taupe and beige. The shades of brown can be combined equally well with purple and fuchsia. The wallpaper pattern is also more subtle.

small bedroom in neutral colors

small-bedroom-design-color-white-light gray-holzmoebel-laminate flooring

In this bedroom, gray, white and wood combine to form a harmonious unit, so that the overall picture is particularly relaxing. Reduced design language, natural materials and the sparing use of complicated patterns underline the beautiful ambience.

neutral shades for a relaxed atmosphere

color design-bedroom-ideas-neutral taupe-brown-pattern wallpaper and white-curtains

If you opt for neutral colors and a reserved decoration in the bedroom, you can emphasize these with textiles. A bed with soft, cozy upholstery, a Shaggy carpet, a wallpaper with a satin finish flatters all the senses.

Classic in black and white

color scheme in bedroom-ideas-modern-black-white-wood floor

Black and white is a classic color duo that never goes out of style. Contrasting is hardly possible. Who wants to bring some variety into the game, like to experiment with light and structure. To a black and white decor fits a medium dark wooden floor ideal.

natural wood tones in the bedroom


Light wood tones and warm brown colors immerse the bedroom in a soothing atmosphere. Warm light with a yellowish hue makes the room look especially comfortable.

Nordic flair

color design-bedroom-ideas-beige-blue-wood wardrobe

In this modern small bedroom a deep dark blue and light wood dominate the Nordic atmosphere. The tree motifs on the wall show the connection of the style with nature.

successful color combination – creamy white and red

bedroom-ideas-color-pattern wallpaper Red Flowers cream

Dark wood furniture, soft fabrics and flowery red and purple decorations dominate the decor of this small bedroom. Cremé brings the red flowers to advantage, without the wall design is too colorful.

Fuchsia and brown

bedroom-color combination-idea-brown-fuchsia-vibrant

Pink and brown make a particularly harmonious color combination. An accent wall in Fuchsia, for example, goes well with brown furniture. But you should be sparing with the pink tones, so that the bedroom does not look too girly.

The blue coverlet of shades of brown accentuated

bedrooms-design-modern Color brown-blue wall bedspread

Blue also goes great with brown. Of course, it depends on what color of blue and brown it is, but actually it is this color combination always. However, muted colors are better for the bedroom as screaming signal colors.

light gray for small bedrooms

bedrooms-color-neutral light gray and white small-space

A small bedroom benefits from bright colors and appears more spacious. To make white walls not too sterile and cold, you can put on metal gloss, mirror surfaces and a few splashes of color in muted colors. Home accessories made of silver, stainless steel and glass go well with the minimalist style of living.

bedroom neutral-color-feng-shui-Seeming

If you have decided to use decent colors, you can get some color using flowering houseplants. As an attractive splash of color in the bedroom, orchids and green plants are suitable. Use the shapes and colors of the plants to bring your home to life. By the way, they also improve the air quality and your well-being.


color scheme in the bedroom ideas pink wall paint white bed roof tile

bedroom-ideas-design-modern-beige-brown-indirect-lighting-wall panel

bedroom-color-ideas-brown-accent wall-white-red-moebel-accents

bedroom-colors-brown-navy blue-and-white floral pattern wallpaper

small-bedroom-colors-light-gray-pattern wallpaper-wood bed frame

small-bedroom-colored cream-white-laminate flooring

color scheme in bedroom-ideas-wallpaper-darkgray-gloss-modern-accent-wall

color design-bedroom-ideas-purple-nuanced wallpaper-parkettboden

bedroom-design-brick wall and white-plastered-colorful-bettwaesche

color design-bedroom-ideas-yellow-green-accent wall-black-floor tiles

color scheme in bedroom-ideas-cream-wall-color-solid-wood-bed

color design-bedroom-ideas-brown-black-ecru-combine

bedroom-wall-color light gray parquet floor-degree fish pattern

bedroom-modern-loft-gray-wall color-holztuerrahmen

Bedroom Ideas – 105 images and designs from the architect’s homes

bedroom ideas spacious furnishings modern fitted wardrobe beige accents shelf

The bedroom must be a real feel-good place to recharge your batteries. A place that invites you to dream. In order to create an atmospheric design, you must first observe a few basic rules. We also have 105 for you Bedroom ideas made up of stunning architect-designed homes that would serve as inspirations. Examine exactly what design elements and techniques these acclaimed interior designers have used to mimic them in your individual project. You will definitely find something for you in this large collection.

Bedroom ideas for an atmospheric ambience

bedroom ideas roofing cabinet showcase office area desk lighting shelf

First, you have to choose the ideal color according to your preferences. Bear in mind the fact that the colors have a big impact on our mood. Soothing colors such as cream, white, light blue and lavender are very popular in bedroom design. You can then insert matching accessories in bold colors such as red and yellow and create a harmonious overall picture.

Bedroom ideas from state-of-the-art architect-designed homes

bedroom ideas gray accents carpet bed window front

The bed essentially decides on the overall effect of the bedroom. After finding the perfect design, try different positions and find the best place. The wall behind the bed plays an important role and can be a highlight for the decor. Here are the possibilities very diverse – pattern wallpaper, effective wall paint, wood panels, upholstery, etc.

Bedroom lighting

bedroom ideas bed blue indirect lighting room divider armchair

The right lighting is also essential in bedroom design. Indirect light of different light sources creates a pleasant atmosphere for cuddly hours. Hidden lights in the suspended ceiling, recessed luminaires and LED strips provide a beautiful effect.

the warm look of the wood

bedroom ideas wood wall paneled wardrobe desk leather chair

The use of lots of wood and darker wood in particular creates an exceptionally warm atmosphere. This is suitable for every style of furnishing. The same effect can be achieved with leather accents in brown color.

interesting wall design with white bricks

bedroom ideas modern design wooden floor white brick wall

Wall upholstery in beige and in the ceiling hidden lights

bedroom ideas pictures modern beige ceiling design led afford wall upholstery

Create luxury feeling with marble

bedroom ideas pictures luxury apartments marble wall double bed

lighting effects

bedroom ideas balcony view wood floor dark brown color

Turquoise blue and wood

bedroom turquoise blue wood ceiling design black

effective blue lighting

modern bedroom idea blue led light up dark wood

Accents with yellow

bedroom wood wall covering yellow accents

Polished concrete floor

bedroom wood wall shelves floor polished concrete Deco with pattern wallpaper

modern bedroom wooden floor wall deco wallpaper brown bubble pattern

bedroom light gray black curtains floor lamp

modern bedroom window gray upholstered bed carpet relax chair blue

bedroom feminine flair wood wardrobe mirror laser cut

luxury bedroom carpet wood grain led afford

luxury bedroom golden nuances orchids wall decoration

small bedroom black white wall decor quilted bed headboard

bedroom fireplace room divider wall decor vintage side table

small bedroom ideas pictures mirror wall leaning against panoramic window

bedroom wooden floor taupe wall paint window bench desk

wooden floor bedroom fireplace wall wallpaper wood pattern

bedroom wall decor panels backlit bed

modern bedroom ideas wall decoration deco wallpaper black gold

bedroom vintage solid wood wardrobe beige colors

bedroom carpet taupe color double bed velvety

bedroom carpet ecru brown wall wallpaper table lamps

modern bedroom ideas pictures wood ceiling design tv wall

bedroom suite design beige brown window blinds

bedroom arrangement black white carpet gray wood chest coffee table

bedroom pure white open bathroom connected floor to ceiling windows

bedroom open parquet bed platform tv wall

bedroom bachelor wood floor stone wall photo wallpaper

bedroom maritime flair pure white wood floor glass doors balcony

bedroom furnishings luxury wood wall paneling black accents

bedroom laminate floor double height staircase wall sconces

Bedroom cobalt blue wall accent wood floor -grain

loft bedroom pure white built-in wardrobe

bedroom ideas wall design modern pure white colorful bedspread

bedroom ideas pure white glazed view enjoy

bedroom ideas modern wooden floor concrete planter wall mirror

bedroom ideas modern light beige ethanol fireplace tv built in wall

bedroom pictures modern design parquet floor fish pattern

modern bedroom ideas wooden floor shelves behind bed

bedroom ideas wood floor ceiling design high gloss lacquer

bedroom ideas pictures sky bed wooden floor feminine flair

bedroom modern bright wood wall covering black wall paint

bedroom ideas pictures walnut wood wall floor dark gray

bedroom design wood floor bright colors wallpapers effects

bedroom wooden floor glass sliding white curtains

bedroom light wood fur attic

bedroom chalet light wood wall floor ceiling tiles bathroom

bedroom light wood ceiling wall floor black carpet bedspread

bedroom house sea floor to ceiling glazing

bedroom large hallway bright french windows

bedroom glass walls wood floor pool view

bedroom exotic himmerbett curtains seascape

bedroom carpet dark gray headboard mirror bubbles

bedroom designs loft white wood floor vintage wardrobe

bedroom design rustic wood floor felt rug natural stone wall wood ceiling

bedroom design rustic wood floor ceiling natural stone wall

bedroom design fireplace stove glass window balcony glass sliding doors

bedroom design wood ceiling floor walk-in wardrobe black

bedroom design wood floor white shaggy carpet balcony

bedroom design wood floor sheer white curtains

bedroom loft pure white bathtub black rafters

bedroom cream queen bed outlook wood folding window

bedroom design rustic wall covering attic lights

bedroom chalet quiet fur blanket bathroom glass wall

bedroom design chalet style light wood burgundy accents

bedroom chalet style light wood gray bed

bedroom chalet style real wood larch country house flair

bedroom chalet fur ceiling wood wall paneling

bedroom design chalet solid wood wardrobe wall shelves tv

bedroom chalet design luxury gray black wood paneling

bedroom chalet ideas designs wood paneling purple bedspread

bedroom chalet ideas dark wood wall paneling orange accents

bedroom chalet wood wall ceiling panel queen bed

bedroom chalet wood floor rafters white glossy wardrobe

bedroom chalet genuine wood wardrobes fendi casa bed

bedroom chalet style furnishing rafters fur covers cozy

bedroom chalet pictures design rug bedspread dark wood

bedroom chalet beige wood ceiling panel cozy

bedroom beige colors gas fireplace glass window armchair retro bedroom wall photo wallpaper wood floor photo wall wood floor

bedroom floor to ceiling windows brown beige laminate floor

modern bedroom parquet floor fischgrad narrow window

modern bedroom open bed quilted headboard wall paint effects

modern bedroom solid wood bed headboard carpet animal skin

modern bedroom ideas pictures wooden floor bed upholstered headboard

modern bedroom wood ceiling design recessed panoramic window

modern bedroom wood floor gas fireplace gray

Luxury bedroom black white chandelier

Luxury bedroom wood wall paneling black queen bed

luxury bedroom furnishings sky bed bathroom glass wall mosaic

luxury bedroom ceiling design pattern wood floor

small bedroom wooden floor ceiling bed pull down

small bedroom bed headboard pendant lights industrial look

classic wood bed bear fur dark wall paint

eclectic bedroom colorful carpet floor to ceiling glazing

narrow bedroom ecru pattern curtains sliding doors garden

Purple bedroom design – 28 ideas for lilac color interior

bedroom shape purple wall wallpaper curtain

Invite spring and early summer into your home by using the Frame bedroom , but this time in a new, trendy lilac color , Purple is the perfect color theme if you want an elegant bedroom in soft colors. You can decorate the whole room in purple or just set some elements in lilac color as accents. Purple can be skilfully combined with other colors like green, white or orange.

Paint walls and frame purple bedroom

bedroom design modern-roof-lilac-ceiling-dark-wood

Paint the walls in a delicate lilac color if you are a purple Frame bedroom want. Take care that you hit the right shade that is not too dark. The dark colors could be a bit overwhelming. For more glamor, you can also add patterns with other colors such as gold or silver.

purple Frame bedroom – the bed

bedroom fashion lilac-wall-paint-metal-bed-vintage-black

If you are lilac Frame bedroom want, the bed is a very important element. To the delicate purple color we fit a bed with elegant metal elements. Vintage models or designs in antique style are particularly suitable. If your bedroom should look more modern, choose a simple bed design. Bedding or blanket in purple is also a pretty good addition to the other purple elements in the bedroom.

Lilac bedroom frame – furniture and decoration

bedroom fashion strip bed purple lilac idea salmon throw pillow

If you are a purple Frame bedroom If you want to, you should coordinate all elements not only in color, but also in style. Choose furniture with an elegant and sleek design that matches the delicate lilac color. You do not necessarily have to choose the other decorative elements in purple. Set accents in green, white or other matching colors. Flowers are always the right choice of decoration – preferably lilac.

Purple bedroom wallpaper

bedroom design wallpaper lilac-idea-cream-bed-comfort

The color purple has different effects. Due to the diverse nuances this modern color possesses, it can be fresh, light and dominant. The color is considered mystical and royal at the same time and gives your bedroom an elegant and extravagant flair. The purple tones can also promote mental balance and have a calming effect. The purple color consists of different intensive parts of blue and red, from which the wide color palette arises. Among the fascinating shades of lavender, lilac, and berry shades such as blueberry, cranberry, blackberry and wild berry, you will surely find the nuance that suits your taste and matches the rest of the decor.

Lilac as a decoration in the bedroom

knitted blanket bedroom set up in lilac color

Particularly suitable for the sleeping area is the purple in its pastel-colored design. Would you like to use this color over a large area, for example as a wall paint, the delicate pastel purple is quite well suited. It creates an atmosphere that invites you to relax and feel good. The bright purple makes bedrooms seem brighter without adequate light. If you want to set up a purple bedroom, you create a perfect, harmonious overall picture with light wood furniture and soft purple.

Gorgeous furnished bedroom

wall paneling gold elements bedroom fashion in lilac color

If you want to give the bedroom a romantic touch, you can combine delicate rose tones with warm berry tones. If you would like to provide a summery, fresh flair, you can choose the bed linen in purple or use picture frames in this color. Upholstered furniture, such as a chair, sets great, colorful accents in your retreat. You are also welcome to use textiles in purple. Opaque curtains, bedspreads or pillow cases add a fresh, warm touch to the bedroom. If you are looking for comfort and warmth, you can do wonders with a purple carpet.

Purple bedroom with a simple design

purple wall decor bedroom set up in lilac color

Take advantage of the many different effects of purple by creating combinations for great color games. Let your taste run wild and be experimental. If you want to create an extravagant and chic bedroom, you can achieve that with the unusual color combination of purple and green. This combination is calming and relaxing. For a warm and cozy flair you can combine the colors purple and yellow. In a purple room yellow items look very harmonious and create great contrasts.

Bedroom with vintage elements

vintage elements bedroom fashion in lilac color

The combination of purple and cream looks very romantic, soft and feminine. The cream colors soften the radiance of the purple color. If you have selected Purple as wall paint, cream-colored curtains will gently play around the walls. Exciting contrasts can also be achieved through the combination of purple and black. You can create a great contrast by setting a black armchair from a wall in purple. Immediately the bedroom appears in a new, modern light. You are welcome to combine the purple with more than one color. Make sure that only one color dominates, otherwise the room can quickly become restless. Elegant and attractive is the combination of purple, gray and white. The neutral white enhances the purple color, while the modern gray adds a noble touch to the bedroom.

Delicate nuances in the bedroom

simple interior bedroom frame in lilac color

Purple in its many nuances gets on well with bright colors like red, orange and pink. An extravagant and unusual atmosphere can be achieved by combining purple with colors such as olive green. Bring a powerful mood into the room by combining the purple color with gray, some black and a delicate pink. An undoubtedly bold and unusual color combination, which however requires enough light sources. Let your taste run free and make a unique bedroom to your own taste. As always, anything you like is allowed. A bedroom with an elegant and extravagant touch can be reached in a flash with purple and violet as wall paint, decoration, various accessories or for individual pieces of furniture.

Elegantly furnished bedroom

Retro design bedroom frame in lilac color

Headboard with floral pattern

headboard flower pattern bedroom set up in lilac color

Purple check pattern in the bedroom

check pattern bedroom set up in lilac color

Stripe pattern as an accent

Stool stripe pattern bedroom set up in lilac color

lilac bouquet bedroom set up in lilac color

Delicate wall decoration with flowers

upholstered headboard bedroom set up in lilac color

Bedroom with sloping roof in purple

pitched room bedroom furnished in lilac color

Elegant bedroom with satin pillows

Cover frame bedroom set up in lilac color

Gorgeous crystal chandelier in the bedroom

crystal chandelier bedroom set up in lilac color

Bedroom furnishings in Renaissance style

renaissance style bedroom frame in lilac color

Colorful elements in the purple kids bedroom

colorful deco elements bedroom set up in lilac color

Decorative pillow in lilac color

pillows saten bedroom set up in lilac color

Purple bedroom figures

green accents bedroom set up in lilac color

Purple bedroom design


Bright shades of bedroom set up in lilac color

Fur carpet bedroom frame in lilac color

Modern design of bedrooms – 120 ideas and inspirations

Fashion Modern Bedroom – 50 interior design ideas

50 Bedroom Ideas – Shabby Chic Design

Bedroom Design – 40 ideas for complete furnishings

88 modern bedroom ideas – Stylishly furnished with designer flair

Bedroom Design – 45 ideas for complete decor

bedroom-design-ideas-moebel Dark-colored wood-high-gloss

While most people may enjoy a medium to spacious living space, few are fortunate enough to have a large bedroom. Instead of acting soothing and relaxing, the supposed oasis of peace often looks crowded. With a simple trick this can be avoided – a complete Bedroom design with furniture that fits together, guarantees order. We show you 45 ideas for stylish and practical furnishings.

Bedroom design – the neutral color palette

bedroom-design-ideas-medium-dark holzmoebel-metal handles

Under a complete Bedroom design The combination of bed, bedside tables, dresser and wardrobe is understood. It pays off to select all furniture from a collection – so the interior looks uniform and stylish. It should be paid not only to the furnishing style / modern, minimalist, vintage, eclectic /, but also on the color scheme.

bedroom-design-ideas-two holztoene-light-dark-brown-wall color

The white color furniture makes the room bright and spacious. However, as the white color may be too cold, most beds and bedside tables are finished with natural wood details. So the strict look is relaxed. Also attractive – a bedroom with beige walls and gray furniture. The nuance can vary – ultra-modern anthracite tones, while light gray fits perfectly to classic furnishings. Additional whistle is provided by the material combination – the traditional bed construction has been recently changed – so most modern beds have a wooden frame and an oversized leather headboard. You should use the decoration sparingly – a photo wall or a painting over the bed and two original table lamps can give the interior a cozy look. And even if there is not much free space for home accessories, a stylish duvet can always make the room feel more comfortable.


The only place in your own home is without a doubt the bedroom. For this reason, it is even more important that you turn this retreat into a cozy dreamland, where you feel comfortable, like falling asleep and waking up. The heart of our bedroom is the bed. The bed must be well chosen so that you can recharge your batteries and energy for the day ahead. Which style you choose your bed is of course up to you. It is important that you like both the mattress, as well as the appearance of the bed appeals to you. Would you like a soft upholstered bed, a four-poster bed that convinces with fantastically beautiful, clean lines or maybe a high-sleeper bed? There you should find the necessary rest and a restful sleep.

bedroom furniture-set-completely-matte-white-aubergine-wall color

You can hardly imagine a bed without sheets and pillows. Textiles are in the bedroom design, the elements of the decor that you can not and do not want to do without. They give the room the desired cosiness and warmth. The bedding provides comfort and should be made of a pleasant and soft material, which of course varies according to the season. Your bedroom can often help you to look fresh and fresh. With the right choice of colors and fabric patterns, you can change your dreamland as often as you like in no time at all. The soft pillows from which you can not get enough, not only serve as a mattress for sleeping, but are a part of the bedroom design. With an infinite choice of colors, patterns and textures, you will provide variety and a neat touch of comfort in your sleeping area.

Modern bedroom design – furniture with clear lines

minimalist bedroom design ideas

For undisturbed and deep sleep also opaque curtains contribute. Light, permeable curtains, on the other hand, emphasize the serene atmosphere in the bedroom. Whether made of a delicate or opaque material, they characterize the entire room and are an important design element. Both the curtains and curtains give the space a unique charm and protect against strong sunlight and unwanted views. Choose curtains or curtains that match the color of the rest of the interior and emphasize the desired ambience.

white complete bedside tables dresser mirror

The textiles that create a unanimous image in your sleeping area include the carpets. Carpets in different sizes and colors, made of different materials, which are decorated with different patterns, are not only a warm and soft flooring, but a great and varied decoration element in the bedroom. The pleasantly soft carpet influences the entire room effect and provides comfort and cosiness. If you want to make the bedroom look bigger, you can do it with geometric figures on the carpet, which leak outwards. For example, depending on the placement of the carpet, you can highlight individual pieces of furniture from the rest of the furniture and define separate areas in a large bedroom. Soothing, neutral colors, blue or gray are quite suitable for the bedroom. Pamper yourself when getting up by feeling the soft wool under your feet as you climb out of bed. Lambskin and long-pile carpets are a good choice.

Stylish and elegant bedroom -Set in white, metal details spice up the design

Bedroom design ideas shaggy rug stylishly elegant

A faithful and useful companion of every bed are the beautiful bedside tables. These come in many styles, variants and shapes. When choosing a bedside table, the height of this piece of furniture is of great importance. It must be adapted to that of the bed so that the bedside table is easy to reach. Whether you want a smaller or larger bedside table, with spacious drawers or with small shelves, the small and usually inconspicuous piece of furniture can set great colorful accents in the room. The practical helper keeps alarm clock, book or morning cup of coffee within easy reach and can look very stylish and modern. If you have personal favorites or accessories that you want to put in scene, the bedside table provides the decorative stage for it.

Modern yet homely – wood details and shaggy rug for more coziness

Bedroom set up bed headboard white

Even if the furniture is white, the gray wall and the gray duvet can set accents

set up leather headboard sloping roof

Make sense of the bedroom – dresser under the pitched roof, the bed is in the middle of the room

Bedroom frame bed headboard white beige

Modern and practical – the bedroom with complete furniture from a manufacturer looks neat

set up Shaggy carpet design wall panels

Wood side table bed headboard Shaggy rug

complete wood bed headboard bedside table white

Leather bed headboard dresser bedside table

purple modern wall color design ideas

Bedroom modern completely Italian manufacturer

neutral colors dark blue wall ideas

warm purple nuance duvet white furniture

Leather bed headboard design two side tables

classic pattern bedspread chocolate color bed headboard

Bedroom decorate purple wall color design ideas

Decor bedroom design Buddha image

Bedroom bed white gray color accents

set up beige furniture dresser mirror bed

Bedroom Gestalen photo wallpaper flowers mahogany furniture

Headboard bedside table concrete floor round coffee table

Bedroom set up wood bed headboard

Bedroom accent wall paint laminate floor

design ideas wallpaper geometric pattern white

modern bed headboard leather design bedside tables

Design beige color classic style

light blue wall color modern wooden furniture

Ideas dresser dressing table gray color scheme

set up ideas completely classic style

Furnishing ideas completely white modern

Ideas leather bed headboard design

design ideas modern design

Ideas chocolate color wall white furniture

Design Ideas image section of modern white bed headboard

Ideas Black white bed headboard design stripes

Bedroom design ideas double bed headboard

exotic bedroom wall decoration ideas

Attached you will find the collection of the Spanish brand Dormitoriomoderno ,

Pictures for bedrooms – 37 modern wall designs

Images for bedroom natural white neutral colors

The bedroom should be an oasis of calm – that’s why most opt ​​for neutral colors and simple decor. In this way, eyes and senses are relaxed and a welcoming ambience created. But even convinced purists will find the sleeping area without it decoration kinda boring. An image over the headboard peps up the room and gives the interior a special character. We show you 37 examples for Pictures for bedroom that look both modern and reassuring.

Pictures for bedrooms – modern wall design with nature motifs

Images for bedroom forest motif wooden bed wide headboard

With a picture of nature motives in the bedroom, you can bring a piece of nature into the room. Forests make the space appear visually larger and create an optical illusion. Exotic island and running water have a calming effect on the eyes. The deserts, for example, give the Facility Character and make the sleeping area look warm. More interesting ideas can be found in the photo gallery below.

Images for bedrooms in Feng Shui style

Pictures bedroom wall decoration-modern-sand coast

The Feng Shui style bedroom is decorated and decorated according to specific principles – so you’ll need to pick the right image for it. The decoration in the sleeping area must represent a balanced interplay of colors. They allow a good flow of energy for a peaceful and restful sleep. According to Feng Shui, the “skin colors” are particularly suitable for the bedroom. Choose pictures in neutral but warm colors. Of course you should like these colors and stand in line with the rest of the decor. The pictures for this room should be carefully chosen because the pictures have a strong influence on the energy in the room. The pictures you hang there should show or symbolize what you want in your life. For this reason, avoid lonely or sad motifs. The depicted objects, people and landscapes should best reflect duality – for example, two mountain peaks, two dolphins, etc.

Stylish wall design in the bedroom – with matching Feng Shui mural

Pictures bedroom feng shui set-ideas-modern

For the life energy flow in the room, the shapes and the correct positioning of the image are of great importance. Take a closer look at the direction of movement in your picture. An image dynamic of the image, which is directed upward, stands for success and growth and increases the energy. For example, image dynamics from top left to bottom right has a negative impact and should be avoided for this reason. As a guide to the selection of the image you can serve the five elements, namely earth, water, fire, wood and metal. If you like a picture motif very well, think about the symbolic meaning of the motif. Whether you choose nature or abstract art, your taste and personal well-being are the most important.

Black and white picture for the large bedroom

Pictures bedroom Ideas-black-white-wall design

When choosing the motif, ask yourself what effect your bedroom should have. If you are looking for reassurance and relaxation, various nature motifs and landscapes are quite suitable. For meditation, for example, religious motifs, such as a Buddha, are very suitable. If you like to travel or are a dreamy nature, move the images of the big cities or exotic landscapes to another place far away from your everyday life. Maybe you will find inspiration for the next day in abstract art. The size of the picture should first be adapted to the space available on the walls. Almost every bedroom has a bed, wardrobe, dresser or bedside table. For a harmonious wall design, the images for bedrooms should be based on the furniture there. A larger picture, a picture of several parts or several pictures in different heights, will surely find enough space at the bedroom walls.

Decorate the completely white bedroom with a colorful picture

Pictures bedroom white bed-ship state-leather upholstery

Also, ask yourself what color the furniture and bedding sets have and tune the pictures. Take a look around and think about ways to combine your decoration. The pictures for bedrooms create a modern and tasteful ambience and give it a personal touch. Harmonious, impulsive, romantic or melancholic. With a picture you can influence the whole atmosphere. If it is difficult for you to open your eyes in the morning, perhaps colorful flowers on the wall can give you a fresh start to the day. If you want to give your bedroom a passionate touch, you can choose pictures of couples or portraits of women.

Retro images from the golden era of Hollywood

Pictures bedroom retro style actress facility

A special mood in the bedroom, you can achieve with the help of black and white photographs. These pictures look particularly noble and elegant. Whether you choose portraits, hang impressive architectural shots on the wall, or watch peaceful and dreamy landscapes, the abandonment of color offers unique compositions. Depending on the interior design style in your bedroom, retro pictures with famous actors from Hollywood’s golden era are also a good visual motif that gives the room a special charm. Contemporary stars, such as cult singers, authors, directors or designers, are also a fitting wall decoration, adding an extra nuance to the ambience. But also portraits of unknown men, women and children are charged with a special energy, which is reflected in the room.

Modern bedroom set up – with picture on the wall

Pictures bedroom-white-red accents Feng Shui

Pictures for bedrooms – wall design with several pictures of famous actresses

Images Bedroom Wall design-Hollywood style ideas

Murals in the bedroom with a city

Picture bedroom photo wall design ideas

Hang the matching picture over the bed headboard

Pictures bedroom red-lips-wall gray

Black and white pictures refine the bedroom

Pictures bedroom wall decoration-example-modern

Stylish pictures for bedrooms in modern country style

Images Bedroom Wall-three shared examples

Modern wall design with pictures on the wall

Picture Bedroom Ideas Black and white modern-set

Mural in the bedroom peps up the simple interior

Pictures bedroom black-white-wall design

Naturbild relaxes your eyes and lets you dream of exotic islands

Pictures bedroom Nature Sea Sand examples

Nature picture with horses in the modern bedroom

Pictures bedroom wall decoration Horse Ideas Chesterfield headboard

Mural with horse in the bedroom – animals have calming effect

Pictures for bedroom modern horse wall decor

A ship in the picture for bedroom

Pictures bedroom ideas-modern set-Wall Shelves

Pictures bedroom ideas-modern feng shui style set

Pictures bedroom nature motifs Sky Sea

Pictures bedroom nature motif Exotic Island

Pictures bedroom wall decoration nature motifs Ideas

Pictures bedroom Cloud blue wall decoration

Picture Bedroom Child Wanddeko Ideas purist

Images Bedroom Wall Design Ideas

Pictures bedroom Pop Art inspired ideas-modern

Pictures bedroom ideas cacti-warm-white

Picture Wall Flower painted Feng Shui

Pictures bedroom paintings yellow lighting

Pictures bedroom paintings-Wanddeko example

Pictures bedroom ideas modern-decorating-wall design

Images-bedroom four-by-bed headboard Wandblder

Pictures bedroom wall decoration-black-white-Ideas

Pictures bedroom retro style set up Ideas

Pictures bedroom wall decoration idea forest motif

Pictures bedroom paintings Abstract Art

Design a bedroom with a sloping roof – 23 modern living ideas

Bedroom with sloping ceiling design wall decoration wallpapers

The bedroom is a haven of peace where everyone relaxes after a long day and recharge their batteries for the work week. But what if you have to design a bedroom with a sloping roof? Then there are some golden rules to consider – especially the bed positioning in the room and the wall play a crucial role in restful sleep. With these simple tricks and tips, the task is mastered without much effort!

Bedroom with sloping roof – cozy sleeping area

Bedroom Dachschraege-make-modern ideas Cabinet Spiegeltuer

Designing a modern bedroom in a room with sloping ceilings is no easy task. But with a little creativity, this can be mastered effortlessly. The first step is to position the bed in the room – it’s worth testing in advance to make sure you feel comfortable under the slope, or rather sleep next to the window, or at least a small niche for the design sleeping corner would use. Just place the mattress where the bed must be and lie down.

The second step is the optimal use of space – think about how niches and corners can be meaningfully used – is there perhaps enough space for a wall shelf system, a wardrobe or a desk? Our tip – with good room planning, the room should be empty. So the room looks neat and big.

Design a bedroom with a sloping roof – modern living idea

Bedroom with Dachschraege design modern-space-saving

A modern bedroom with a sloping roof can also look cool – with a low king size bed and small dresser dresser, the room is already full. That’s alright, because there’s no need to have more in the sleeping area either. Then comes the time for imaginative decorations – black-and-white pictures, terrariums and wall tattoos help with this task.

Bedroom with sideboard, which also serves as a support surface for computers

Bedroom Dachschraege-make-modern-storage view

When setting up a bedroom with sloping ceilings, it is important to make the most of the available space. The slant limits the usable living space in any case, but it can also be used. With matching custom-made furniture, you can design the sloping wall as a storage space or set up this area with a desk or wall unit. A sideboard, for example, can serve as a support for the PC or TV, or as a desk.

Make a bedroom with a sloping roof – wall shelves and cozy reading corner directly under the slope

Bedroom Dachschraege-make-modern deco wall

If the slope in the bedroom is too wide, then you can make a separate area underneath. If the space is not enough for the bed, then this area can be set up as a cozy reading area with a bookshelf and comfortable armchairs. Think about a suitable lighting, because the space under the slope is usually too dark.

The right bed positioning in the room is crucial for well-being

Bedroom Dachschraege-make-wall design metal carpet

If you are designing a bedroom with sloping ceilings, you should first select the position for the bed. The rest of the furniture can then be adapted to it. So you can place the bed directly under a skylight and enjoy a clear view of the sky. If you want a nice view, the bed can also be placed opposite a window. However, the decision is entirely subjective and depends on the respective distribution of space and one’s own preferences.

Design a bedroom with a sloping roof – when color comes into play

Bedroom Dachschraege-make Wall paint ideas

The right color choice also plays an essential role when you design the bedroom with a sloping roof. As a rule, light colors and subtle motifs make the rooms appear visually larger, so they are considered a great option for your attic bedroom. Thus, the wall design fades into the background and the accent is placed on the device. However, if you want to put the emphasis on a wall or corner, then darker colors can be used. With a colored wall, the room can be given depth, so that it looks in the end more open and wider.

Built-in wardrobe under the roof

Bedroom Dachschraege-make-modern-white-wardrobe-double bed

To make the bedroom with a sloping roof look bigger, you should leave the room as open as possible. Therefore you should do without bulky furniture and opt for space-saving designs. Low built-in systems and custom-made furniture perfectly match the design of the sloping roof. Thus, you can turn the wall into a wardrobe and leave the floor area free.

Bedroom with photo wall as bed headboard

Bedroom Dachschraege-designed bed headboard family photos

If you design your own bedroom with sloping ceilings, then you can make a photo wall with souvenir photos yourself. A personal wall decoration ensures that you feel really comfortable in your own room. You can design the photo wall directly over the bed, or anywhere else on the sloping wall.

Colorful decorative cushions and bench pep up the white interior

Bedroom Dachschraege-designed bed skylight

If you have opted for light colors for the bedroom in the attic, then you can make the interior more modern by putting some color accents in the room. This works best with pillowcases in bright colors or colorful wall decorations. This gives the room an evocative touch and relaxes the atmosphere.

Design different areas in the bedroom with sloping roof

Bedroom Dachschraege-make-bed ideas-modern

If the bedroom in the attic has enough space, it can be designed in different areas. Of course you can adapt these to your own needs. For those who work at home, the area in the corner is perfect as a home office. Only a desk and a comfortable chair are necessary. If on the other hand you do not have enough space for clothes, you can turn the empty corner into a beautiful dressing room. In this case, it pays to think about a screen or room divider to separate the individual areas from each other.

Design the attic bedroom with skylight

Bedroom Dachschraege Styler wooden wall ideas Bed

Rooms with sloping ceilings are often too dark because there is not enough room for wide windows. In this case, it is recommended to think about a roof window on the sloping roof. Thus, the room is much more open and gets more natural light. Nevertheless, you need a good lighting for the bedroom in the attic. With atmospheric wall lights and table lamps creates a cozy atmosphere.

Bedroom Dachschraege-make-double Ideas

Bedroom Dachschraege Styler wood beams

Bedroom Dachschraege-designed bed headboard wood

Bedroom Dachschraege Styler eclectic ideas

Bedroom Dachschraege-make-ceiling-beam double bed

Bedroom Dachschraege-make-modern deco furnishings

Bedroom Dachschraege-make-TV wardrobe Day bed

Bedroom Dachschraege-make Wall Wallpaper Ideas

Bedroom Dachschraege Styler wooden wall rustic bed

Bedroom Dachschraege Styler Wall Art Ideas

Bedroom Dachschraege-designed bed wall design

Walk-in wardrobe build yourself – 50 bedrooms with storage space for clothes

walk-in wardrobe-yourself-building ideas bedroom arrange

On walk-in closet in the bedroom is the dream of many women – but also the men know the extra space to use meaningful. So finally order in the sleeping area prevail and the annoying wrinkles on the dress are finally eliminated. So, if you have enough space, you can be fascinated by this construction project!

Walk-in wardrobe build yourself – practical variant for medium and large rooms

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-modern-ideas-practice

If the bedroom is big enough, it can be split in two. Some homeowners decide to build an intermediate wall from Ytong. In any case, it is more practical to use a plasterboard construction with sliding doors that optically separate the cabinet. Curtains are also a good option – especially if the room is decorated in shabby chic style. The second step is the lighting , Whether pendant or recessed lights – this is due to your own preferences – in any case, lighting for the walk-in wardrobe is a must. Next, you can think about the distribution of space.

Build walk-in wardrobe yourself – the successful distribution of space is crucial

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-bedroom shower bath

Usually you need space for clothes, shoes and accessories. A successful distribution of space is crucial – so you should devote a lot of time to this task. Only then can it begin with the construction of the shelves and drawers. Manufacturers like Ikea offer a wide selection of aluminum profiles and baskets that you own according to your own wishes can. Optionally, you can also commission a furniture company with the task – it will manufacture the cabinets for you to measure. Attached you will find a photo gallery with various examples of how a walk-in closet in the bedroom can look like.

With showcases and wooden furniture in the French country style

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-white-modern port-bedroom

The easiest way to set up a beautiful wardrobe yourself, if a small room is empty in your apartment. The former nursery or an unused storage room can be converted into an open wardrobe with a simple shelving system. For an open wardrobe also room sections with sloping ceilings are particularly well suited. The free space there often remains unused, whereby valuable storage space is lost. A niche in the room provides suitable space for your dream wardrobe. Especially if the space is limited, the existing niche is a great way to save extra furniture in the small room.

Walnut wooden furniture

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-walnut wood chest of drawers Shoe cabinet glass cabinet

You do not need to forego a practical cabinet just because the bedroom or another room is not big enough. A real highlight and a good example of optimal use of space are the wardrobes, which are located in niches. Depending on the size you can attach shelves and clothes rails and complete the niche with a chic curtain that fits the rest of the interior. Even under a bunk bed can create a cabinet by installing several shelves. If no separate room is available in your apartment, the wardrobe will be integrated into the bedroom. Please note that you must plan an area of ​​at least 2 meters depth and 2.50 meters length for such a cabinet.

Practical and space saving in a corner

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-wall shelves-ground planning

If you have planned a specific space for the cabinet, you can think about its distribution. Get an overview of all your clothes, shoes and accessories for the first time. For example, if you’re more of a braces, you’ll need more shelves in the closet. For clothes and skirt types, the clothes rails are the better solution. Garments that are located at the top or at the back are easier to lose sight of and often fall into oblivion. Meanwhile, there are also mobile clothes rails on the market, which you can place in front of your shelves. Because they can be moved, they also allow access to the things that are on the second row. Sweaters, T-shirts and trousers that you like and wear more often have to be at the front of the pack, so you’ll always have them within reach.

Separate walk-in closet with glass doors from the bedroom

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-Schlafzimmmer-glass doors separate-Ideas

Do not hang the hangers too tight and do not pile the clothes too high. That’s how you keep things organized and can easily reach your clothes. For example, shoes can be stowed away in dust-free boxes or stored on a pole. For small accessories, belts or shawls, boxes are the ideal solution. If you have old cabinets, you can take out their doors and use them for stowage. Just put one cabinet on the wall and the other directly opposite. To separate your wardrobe from the rest of the room, you have several options. As mentioned above, curtain rods with curtains are a great and inexpensive option. Sliding and folding doors are also a practical and attractive way to close the wardrobe dust-free. With Rigips panels that are pulled from the floor to the ceiling, you can segregate a room in the desired size and customize it to your own taste.

Walk-in closet with metal shoe racks

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-ideas-metal shoe rack

If your walk-in wardrobe is windowless, adequate lighting is indispensable. A full-length mirror is of course also essential. For even illumination, bulbs around the mirror can provide. Obtain the best daylight lamps, because the artificial light usually falsifies the colors. Halogen lamps are a good choice because you hardly change the actual color of the clothes. Distribute the light sources inside the cabinet and on the ceiling. A walk-in closet should be so bright that you recognize the colors equally well. If you have enough space you can create the perfect wardrobe with a comfortable bench or pouf. So you can dress yourself, put off the selected clothes for a short time or choose another part.

Furnish the dressing room in a classic style

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-ideas-white glass fronts

Stylish and space-saving

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-room distribution Holzmoebel

In the closet enough space for the shoes must be provided

walk-in wardrobe-own-build lighting-modern ideas

Walk-in wardrobe with chest of drawers in the middle of the room

walk-in wardrobe-yourself-building ideas wood dresser-middle-make

walk-in wardrobe-yourself-building ideas Closet Systems-clothes rails

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-Keller-use idea

walk-in wardrobe-own-build Clothes Women's ideas

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-shoe shelves-modern seating area

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-modern-purist-complete-white

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-clothes rails-ikea-combine

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-glass doors-modern wardrobe

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-bathroom-fitting Ideas

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-compact-red wall mirrors

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-make-saving space

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-practical make-closets-dye

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-make-white-space-saving

walk-in wardrobe-own-build-white cabinet fronts Iden

Wardrobe Ideas walk-in bedroom setup

Wardrobe walk-in self-build plasterboard wall

modern bedroom-frame wardrobe ideas

Folding doors save space

Wardrobe white folding doors drawers wall shelves

Sliding doors can be mounted quickly

Wardrobe-integrate-bedroom wood sliding doors build wall shelves yourself

Practical wardrobe with shelving system made of aluminum profiles

Bedroom beech shelving drawer accessories storage space

The walk-in closet guarantees order

walk-in wardrobes sliding doors white

Clarity in the wardrobe – instead of custom-made furniture, the owners have used a chest of drawers

Wardrobe-hanging drawers clothes storage space

Storage space for shoes and accessories

walk-in closet shelves shoe cabinet sofa

Wardrobe in beige color – with luxurious mahogany cabinets

Mahogany shoes shoes bedroom

Good distribution of space in the wardrobe – shoe shelves, closet for accessories and clothes racks

set up ideas space distribution systems

Self-built construction of metal profiles

Bedroom set up ideas walk-in closet

walk-in wardrobe ideas project

walk-in plasterboard construction sliding metal profiles

Wardrobe family home blue wall garments

Glass sliding modern stylish furniture design

gray color ladder bed women's clothing

Wardrobe Yellow Wall Ladder Shelving System White Shoe Cabinet

Wall walk-in wardrobe wall shelves drawers

Recessed weekend building project green walls

beige color white door space saving ideas storage space

Wardrobe Self Build Ideas Wall Ytong

walk-in wardrobe wall shelves oak

Bedroom walk-in closet large area

30 interior design ideas for bedrooms – make the most of the small space

furnishing ideas for bedroom pedestal bed drawers steps wood panel wall

Ideally, an apartment or a house is extremely spacious and offers sufficient living space. But in fact it often looks completely different – lots of furniture, little space. Everyone certainly knows the problem with the small bedroom, or the one-room apartment – no matter how the furniture is rearranged, somehow it always looks crowded. Only one thing can help here – multifunctional pieces of furniture save space and make the room tidy and inviting. We have 30 for you Furnishing ideas for bedrooms and sleeping areas that you can put into your own home.

Interior design ideas for bedrooms – With these tips you save space and money

furnishing ideas for bedroom four beds high bed ladder day bed

If you do not have your own apartment / house then you may know the problem of moving house. Something that used to fit in the bedroom somehow does not fit inside anymore. A practical solution would be to opt for multifunctional furniture – it’s worth it in a loft bed with built-in bookcases, wardrobe or even Furnishing ideas for bedrooms Investing desk. The design is not only functional, it usually has easy assembly and you can transport the bed in parts. In the picture gallery you will find more with one loft bed ,

Bedroom Decorations – The folding Murphy bed is perfect for the one bedroom apartment

furnishing ideas for bedroom sofa bed carpet white shelf fold-out

The Murphy bed has become an increasingly popular piece of furniture in recent years. The functionality of the foldable bed is undisputed, but also in the area of ​​design scores the piece of furniture. The clear lines of the wall beds make them look more like a wall decoration. Other cool alternative is the extendable sofa / here you should pay particular attention to the quality, because this piece of furniture is used namely day and night and must be extremely resistant.

Bedroom and living room furniture in one

furnishing ideas for bedroom wohwand idea folding bed white modern

In the one-room apartment, where the kitchen, living room and bedroom are in one room, a good Murphy bed can be extremely handy. It combines the functions of bedroom and living room furniture in a compact, space-saving design. In addition to the pull-out bed are usually several shelves with or without closet doors, which have plenty of storage space. However, bedrooms and living rooms share a common area with a foldaway bed and there is no distinction between the two.

Set up a small bedroom

interior design ideas for bedroom nursery design modern ladder

Small bedrooms are often transformed into cozy children’s rooms, because the little ones do not need as much space as the adults. Even with several children, you can practically set up the small bedroom if it has a high ceiling. The beds can be designed in this case in two floors, which are connected by a ladder. This second level in the room can also be set up as a play area if it is too small for whole beds.

Furnishing ideas for bedrooms – sleeping area in a small family home

Furnishing ideas for bedroom pull-out sofa staircase living room sleeping

For a small apartment practical interior design ideas are of central importance. With good planning and suitable furniture, even the small room can be made multifunctional. On the picture you can see an example of a living room furnished with a pull-out bed. After the bed is removed, the room is transformed into a bright bedroom.

Furnishing ideas for bedroom – folding bed

Youth room set up space-saving designer furniture

Multifunctional furniture is extremely practical because it combines different pieces of furniture in one design. The folding bed can not only be combined with a closet, but can also include a folding desk. This space-saving furnishing idea is perfect for a youth or student room.

Furnishing ideas for bedrooms – the moving bed

Bedroom in a design original idea 3D project

Another way to hide the bed in the living room is in the ceiling. With an electric mechanism, the bed can be lowered in the evening and then put back in the ceiling in the morning. The ceiling is then designed so that even during the day, it can not be assumed that there is a bed there.

TV wall or Murphy bed? cozy sleeping area in the living room

space-saving interior design bookcase wall unit

Space-saving furniture is very popular, especially in big cities. There is often only a small living space and can benefit from multifunctional furniture. If the bedroom and living area are to share a room, the folding bed can also be hidden in a wall unit.

Exceptional, but very original Murphy bed

Furniture design bedroom wall shelf system laminate floor

Murphy beds are not always designed with a folding bed. Here’s another functional idea for space-saving design, where the bed can be stowed behind the inside of the cabinet. The bed can be taken off in the evening and then inserted again, just like a drawer.

Apartment – the bedroom is located under the roof

Cottage in the mountains space-saving designer solutions pitched roof gable roof

Penthouses are also characterized by a small living space and therefore require a space-saving facility. Since an attic usually has a high ceiling, the sleeping area can be designed on a second level. So the bed is located directly under the roof. In this case, however, you also need a ladder that leads to the sleeping area.

Modern and space-saving – loft bed with integrated cupboard

Kitchen set up ideas space saving designer ideas loft bed built-in wardrobe

Here you can see an example of a small apartment on two levels. The sleeping area is directly above the kitchen and has a built-in cupboard. Although all living areas in this apartment are in one room, there is a clear demarcation in between.

Furnishing ideas for bedroom above the living room

Bedroom bed super original sliding upwards

In this example, the bedroom and living room are again designed in a room with the sleeping area above the living area. However, in this case, the living room furniture is placed on a lower level so that the bed completely covers it. The different colors for the furniture and the lighting create a completely different atmosphere in both areas, even though they are in the same room.

Bedroom design in the loft apartment

set up ideas loft bed metal frame armchair armchair stool

The interior design ideas for bedroom in an attic are simply endless. If the ceiling is high enough, it is recommended to arrange the sleeping area on a second level to keep the privacy. Be inspired by our other ideas for space-saving bedroom furnishings!

Sofa modern designer furniture ideas wall shelf built-in

Bedside table cool design real wood furniture mattress gray

Furnishing ideas Sleeping area Wardrobe minimalist studio set up

set up four siblings bunk beds storage box

Design sofa Murphy bed small room set up limited living space

Designer furniture white wall shelf system modern stylish

pull-out sofa design gray color natural fabrics upholstery

Ideas small studio high ceiling pink decoration pieces

Wardrobe below wood bed frame washbasin design ideas

cool design bed high above entrance bookshelves system

Staircase ideas incorporated space-saving functional

set up ideas flooring wooden girl pink curtains pattern

Ideas space saving bed closet folding boys

Carpet two beds cupboard desk shelf

Wall design bookshelves desk nursery design

Bedroom with Jacuzzi in 50 beautiful living ideas

Bedroom with Jacuzzi-open-plan-tub-black-bed-wood-paneling-wall-floor-foundation

In ninety percent of all cases, a whirlpool is placed outdoors. But that does not have to be that way. A definite highlight would be one Bedroom with Jacuzzi , Such a facility guarantees romantic moments and special spa experiences in your own home. An interior installation should definitely be planned well, as some problems can arise due to the humidity.

Bedroom with Jacuzzi – On the way to the apartment of your dreams

Bedroom with Jacuzzi-view-round-minipool-glass wall-schraege

A hot tub means beyond dreamlike bubble fun , also a high humidity. If the chosen room is not a wet area, you should take measures in advance to prevent any damage to your body’s moisture and mold. Only good ventilation and heating are not enough to avoid condensation on walls and other surfaces. The best temperature for pleasant water experiences is about 28-30 degrees and a relative humidity of about 60%. If you cool the room at once, damp spots form in the room. You can also see that when you take a bottle out of the fridge. It becomes humid as the moisture of the air is deposited on the surface of the bottle. It is important to avoid this effect. Read on to find out how it works.

Bedroom with Jacuzzi – romance and pure luxury

Bedroom with whirlpool-tub-mosaic-glass-wall-bed-bathroom-open

In general, make sure that the walls, windows and ceiling are as close as possible to the room temperature. This can be achieved by a good thermal insulation with high-quality insulation materials with laminated aluminum vapor barrier. They keep the internal temperature high and insulate the masonry building physics of the interior. partitions should be treated in the same way. This insulation ensures in the long term that no moisture from the outside occurs. Of course, the area should also be sufficiently ventilated after using the hot tub.

Bedroom with whirlpool best placed next to the window with great views

v -travertine-flooring-window-wall-bed-bed-set-tv-tv-wall

So a bedroom with a whirlpool is a complete success. With the right construction measures you can really enjoy the private wellness area in the room. Gather inspiration from our picture gallery and discuss the great idea with a construction expert.

Bedroom with Jacuzzi for a modern and luxurious design

Bedroom with whirlpool -black-white-mirror-design-luxury-center

Our tip: Divide the sleeping area properly into areas

Bedroom with whirlpool -black-white-lighting-room-modern-mansard

Rose petals are always a good idea for romantic moments

Bedroom with whirlpool -round-white-wood-floor-roses-romantic-romance

Make the hot tub the highlight of the room

Bedroom with Jacuzzi -round-bed-black-white-modern-dark-decently-lighting

The open floor plan of the room offers many design possibilities

Bedroom with Jacuzzi -outdoor-bed-open-space-indirect-lighting-canopy

Modern design with wooden tub

Bedroom with whirlpool -modern-tub-gray-gray-bedding-pebbles-open

Place the spa in the middle of the room

Bedroom with whirlpool -modern-design-design-fell-carpet-center-jacuzzi

Colorwise divide the areas

Bedroom with whirlpool-bed-gray-tile-indirect-lighting-bathtub-shower-glass wall

Glass walls and open spaces create a very special, revealing atmosphere

Bedroom with Jacuzzi-sea-view-exotic-travertine-luxury-bed-sleep-beautiful

bedroom-whirlpool tub-tueren-wood-luxury-cabinet-bedded wallpaper

bedroom-whirlpool-luxury-hotel-room-baroque-solid wood


bedroom-whirlpool luxury bed-baroque-bilderrahme Tv-open

bedroom-whirlpool-cushion-exotic-champagne-lighting curtains

bedroom-whirlpool tub-partition-window-romance-idea-luxury

bedroom-whirlpool-jacuzzi-wooden floor-bedroom interior-luxury-hotel

bedroom-whirlpool-poster bed-bathtub-white-integrated shower enclosure-open

bedroom-whirlpool-exotic-wall wall-bed-bed linen-white-lighting-romantic-tree

bedroom-whirlpool-open into one another going-tiles and beige-sand color-lighting

bedroom-whirlpool-terrace-glass doors-terrassentueren sliding-ofefn-summer-vacation

bedroom whirlpool jacuzzi-terrace sliding-range-division-parkettboden


bedroom-whirlpool-jacuzzi-country style-wooden-tub-integrated-ears armchair

bedroom-whirlpool-Jacuzzi-indirect-lighting-led foundation-wood-tub

bedroom-whirlpool-jacuzzi-gray apartment-design-private-discreet lighting-luxury

bedroom-whirlpool-jacuzzi-bricked-eingabeut-corner bed-brick wall and white-bege-tiles

bedroom-whirlpool-hotel-room-carpet-night lamp-jacuzzi-luxury

bedroom-whirlpool-hotel room-carpet-night lamp Bed-Bed linen pillows

bedroom-whirlpool-hotel-room luxury-wood-dark-gold carpet beige

bedroom-whirlpool-hotel-room jacuzzi-bedded-deco cloths-luxury


bedroom-whirlpool-hotel room-foundation-integrated-tiles-bedded-chocolate-cream white-bordo

bedroom-whirlpool-hotel room bed-and-white bedspread-post corner-wet areas

bedroom-whirlpool-hotel room bed-kamniofen-sparkling-strawberry-romance

bedroom-whirlpool-hotel-sink-integrated-carpet-producing-double bed

bedroom-whirlpool-glass brick-wood bed-table lamp-window-carpet

bedroom-whirlpool-tiles-sink-dark coating-double bed-mirror wall


bedroom-whirlpool double bed-nachlampe-terrace-terrassentuer-carpet-schoen

bedroom-whirlpool jacuzzi tub-bed-roses-candles-romance-night lamp pillows

bedroom-whirlpool-bedded-kaminofen-holzwand-luxury-bedspread-gold-champagne-hotel-room romantic

bedroom-whirlpool-bed-pillows-brown-velor-candles-romance-pan-headboard-cushioned mat


bedroom-whirlpool-orange-bedspread-tv-tub-lighting-normal pillow-bettwaesche

bedroom-whirlpool-tub-and-white open-bad-bedded-tv-window

bedroom-whirlpool-white-carpet-blue-yellow walls