Make an Envelope in Different Sizes & Shapes – 12 DIY Ideas

envelope crafting ideas-instruction-shapes-diy-colorful-gift

Surely everyone is happy about a real letter, which was nicely packed in a pretty envelope. But envelopes are not just for letters. Also cards, photos, money and other things can be given away in it. And even better is this kind of packaging if she is also homemade. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to fold an envelope yourself. To prove it to you, we have put together some great instructions that you can use to make an envelope in different shapes and sizes. Find the perfect model for your purpose!

Small envelope tinker in the form of a flower

Envelope tinker-flower-print-template-cut-out-strip

You can fold this original envelope by using any type of paper. This can be simple craft paper, but also cardboard or wrapping paper. If you follow the link at the end of the article, you will find a template for making an envelope using this form. Depending on what kind of paper you want to use for the envelope, you can print the template on plain paper, cut it out and then transfer it to the envelope material or print directly onto the paper. The dashed lines show where to fold.

Envelope tinker shapes-interesting-template-printing

Even with geometric shapes you get original envelopes. Thus, even from a circular shape, a visually appealing envelope can be created. Its size was determined by the diameter of the circle, so that in principle you have no limits. Also for this you will find a template at the end. But even without a template, the idea is made quickly: draw a circle of any size with a compass, and use it to draw an equilateral triangle with rulers whose tips are at the edge of the circle. The sides of the triangle are the fold lines.

Envelope tinker triangle-circle-flower-rectangle-square

An irregular and abstract shape is also very attractive and can be considered if you want to package a particular gift in an interesting way. Simply fold the paper back where the dashed line dictates and the model is ready. Really original, right?

Letter envelopes fold out of circles

Envelope tinker circles-cut-paste-easy-tinkeranleitung

Cut out several equally sized circles of solid paper and you can fold such an interesting envelope. The individual circles overlap each other, but are folded once in the middle before gluing together. This fold line also serves as a guide to where the circles should overlap. In principle, the lines form a square. First, just put the circles together. Then fix it with some glue. The other halves of the circular shapes serve to close. Again, use glue or, better yet, a pretty ribbon that will tie you into a bow.

Make an envelope with a heart

briefumschlag-tinker-classical square-heart-stick-deco-colorful-handicraft paper

You start with a square piece of paper of any color for this envelope. The corners are folded inwards and should overlap a bit in the center of the square. The crease becomes particularly straight when you use a ruler. Now you can fill the envelope as you like. It is easily sealed with paper hearts that stick to the middle where the corners overlap. These are best obtained with a punch or with a homemade template. Of course, you can choose a different theme according to the occasion.

How do you make an envelope from a heart shape?

briefumschlag-craft-heart shape-romantic-friends-related-packaging-gift

An interesting heart envelope is also this one. Here, the envelope itself has a heart shape. If you want to make this envelope, you need a template. To do this, fold a piece of paper in the middle. Along the fold draw half a heart and cut it out. If you unfold it now, you will get a steady heart. Now use this template to transfer the heart to colored paper to make the envelope yourself. You can also use the stencil technique for the selected paper, provided it is not too tight to fold.

Then fold the heart again as shown in the instructions. Only when opening the gift recipient learns what interesting shape the pretty packaging actually has.

Crafting idea without glue


No less impressive is this idea, with which you can make an envelope. Would you like to make an envelope yourself without glue? Then this variant is perfect. He has a classic square shape. The special thing is the closure. And this is not just the upper tab glued to the envelope itself. Instead, the side corners are hooked into each other, forming a small heart in this way. To do this, print the following template, which you can also use as a template, and then cut it out.

briefumschlag-tinker-template-heart-hook-Simply-yourself-make original

The dashed lines are here again the areas where is folded. Fold the top first and the bottom corner inwards. Then simply fold the left corner to the right and the right to the left. The half heart shapes, which are provided with the left and right corner, get incisions, which you then simply hook into each other. And already the envelope well sealed.

Make a rectangular envelope


The interesting thing about this example is also the way the envelope is closed. And with the help of rivets knobs made of paper are tinkered, which are then tied together with colorful string. Use a firmer paper when tinkering with this envelope and cut out the shape shown. The tab for closing and the area of ​​the envelope underneath are then provided with the rivets. Instead of paper circles, you can also choose other shapes that you then attach with the rivets.

The flap with which you close the envelope does not necessarily have to be straight. You may like to create a wavy edge or a vintage style reminiscent of lace. He can also be designed with various decorative elements such as rhinestones, washi-tape, fabrics or stickers pretty. In principle, you can let your imagination run wild here.


Also, you can create something pretty with the string that you use for tying. This does not necessarily just have to be wrapped around the “buttons” (by the way, you can also sew real buttons on the cover instead of the rivets). You can design a cross pattern or other shapes. Just experiment.

Make an envelope – instructions for rectangular paper

briefumschlag-tinker-rectangular-blue pattern-diy idea

If you want to make an envelope of A4 size or another rectangular shape, this idea is a great way to use the paper without cutting. The four pages are simply interesting folded, as shown in the instructions. This envelope is a wonderful way to give away greeting cards or money, and present a stylish packaging instead of the ordinary and boring white envelope.

Make envelopes by redesigning

briefumschlag-tinker-craft idea-tie-office-gift-promotion

You do not necessarily have to start from scratch if you want to make an original envelope. Instead, you can also use a finished one that is easily redesigned to your liking. That’s how these unique tie-up envelopes were made. The envelopes that you have prepared are first sealed as usual. Then cut one of the short sides.

The same side is then cut slightly on the side of the envelope where the shutter is not on. Now flip the two tabs diagonally down to imitate the collar of a shirt. Finally, cut out of colored paper just a tie and stick it under the homemade collar. If you make an envelope for a card or other content that does not slip out so easily, you can easily make a model that will not be locked.

Original Origami – make an envelope out of paper

briefumschlag-craft-origami-video-manual-folding instruction

Origami folding instructions for different animals There are so many and maybe you have already tried some of them. But also other figures are possible with Japanese art and including such unique and pretty to look at origami envelopes. Glue is not necessary for these instructions. Everything is folded easily. How exactly can you look in the following video tutorial.

Idea of ​​leather

briefumschlag-tinker-monetary gift-wrap-idea-Card

Other materials besides paper can be used if you want to make an envelope. In addition to felt and even sponge rubber is especially leather very well. Faux leather is just as well suited and is available in different colors and even with patterns and motifs, so that quickly something suitable is found.


In addition to the leather or fabric you also need a rivet that is suitable for the thickness of the leather. A finished envelope is used again as a template. Unfold this and place it on the back of the leather. Draw the outline and then cut out the shape. Then fold the corners (except the top) back together, but this time with the leather. Put them together with the rivet and provide the upper corner with a hole. This hole is then placed on the rivet to close the envelope.

Template for flower envelope here ,
Template for envelope from a circle here ,
Template for abstract folding idea here ,

Crafting with snail shells – decorations and funny ideas for children

craft with snail shells candle-easy-idea-instructions

You’re welcome nowadays Tinkered natural materials , And no wonder, the materials are quick and easy to find during a walk and free of charge. Both large and small have fun at craft afternoons, so today we would like to introduce some craft ideas that you can imitate. This time, these are ideas with and out of snail shells. But what can you do with empty snail shells, are you sure to ask yourself now? You will be amazed what beautiful decorations and great characters with things from nature like this are possible. If you also want to make some snail shells, then plan a long walk, collect empty snail shells and pick one or more of the following crafting tutorials to make a creative crafting afternoon. Have fun!

tinkering with snail shells crafting-worm-colorful-colors-children

Just to collect the houses is not enough. They also have to be prepared. This refers to a good cleaning. Finally, to make the tinkered look good, the snail shells must look nice and clean. You can use simple dishwashing detergent for this. Stubborn dirt can be removed with a little vinegar very well. For brushing, an old toothbrush is very good, with which you can get to all impure areas of the rough surface. Be careful and do not apply too much pressure to keep the snail shell from breaking. Finally, give them a little time to dry and you’re ready to go. You can also polish the houses to give them a particularly interesting look.

Crafting with snail shells – Small candles

tinker-snail-houses-diy-candles-itself-making craft ideas Decoration

Small candles you can easily make out of snail shells. Either you get wax that is sold to pour candles by yourself, or you use the wax and wick of a simple tealight. To do this, carefully remove the hard wax from the aluminum shell. Then you can remove the wick from below and place it in the dry snail shell. Now you have to heat the wax. In the still liquid then pour it into the little house where you put the wick. Let the wax cool down and harden. In the meantime, you can make some more snail house candles. So that the finished DIY candles can stand upright better, you can place them in a bowl full of decorative sand or decorative gravel.

Original flowerpots

tinker-snail-houses-succulent-plant-flower pot-ast-original

Whether you use the houses of the land snails or sea snails or even shells to craft with empty snail shells, it makes absolutely no difference. If you still have sea snail shells from your last holiday, you can of course also use them. These flowerpots are made especially fast and easy. It is also a great idea to teach your children how to take care of something, in this case small plants. Thus, you can paint the houses in advance child-friendly and colorful and then plant them, so they fit better into the nursery.

tinker with snail shells flowerpot-mini-luftpflanzen-tillandsien

So if you want to make this pretty deco with snail shells, then just fill the natural containers with a little earth. The most suitable plant species are undoubtedly the succulents. And since there are so many different of them, the result is an interesting and diverse indoor garden. Put small plant pieces in the ground. Quickly they form roots in the damp soil and then require very little care, which makes these plants so useful for children. The tiny pots can then be put back in sand, gravel or on a branch. If you wish, you can pre-hole the future pots and hang them up later. But then at least three holes are needed so that the shell can hang upright.

tinker-snail-houses-plant-hanging-wall decoration-tillandsias

As an alternative to succulents, it is also possible to use aerial plants, the so-called tillandsias. These even do not even need earth and can simply be put into the houses. Inform yourself about the right care when buying the plants, because they absorb the necessary nutrients and moisture through the air. In any case, you will get unique eye-catchers when you make these ideas with snail shells.

Make door wreath yourself

tinker-snail-houses-door wreath-wanddeko-polystyrene-beach-theme

If you have collected a large number of snail shells for crafting, you can also implement a slightly larger project. This refers to a wreath with which you can decorate a door, a window or the wall. You need a polystyrene ring. Alternatively, a simple ring of cardboard can be cut out. This ring is then stuck with snail shells. They can all point in one direction, or you can turn each house in a different direction. For gluing hot glue is very good. The wreath looks especially attractive if you use such polished for crafting with snail shells.

Crafts with children – A cute snail

tinker-snail-houses-craft idea-child-driftwood-wobbly eyes

Would you like to make something cute and funny for and with the children with things from nature, this snail would be a funny idea. It is best to use driftwood. Of course, if you do not have such, you can also take a common branch from which you can best remove the bark. The snail shell is glued to the wooden body. Simple wiggle eyes make the snail look especially funny and are simply glued to the branch. In a spontaneous craft afternoon, if there may be no Wackelaugen, the eyes can also be painted easily.


Instead of a wooden body, such a one can also be made of plasticine or, even better, made of handicraft clay, if you make with snail shells. Especially in bright colors funny snails are created, which can later be used by the children for games. Children like to tinker with such materials, so you will have great fun already during the production. And here you can use small snail shells and thus make smaller snails themselves or choose larger variants. And for all projects, including these snails, you can also paint the snail shells as you like and, if you like, design them with patterns.

Crafting with natural material – 29 great craft ideas for children and adults

crafting with natural material chestnut-lacquered-white-glitter-green-yellow-decoration-branch

Crafting with natural material is undoubtedly a favorite activity for young and old, which makes everyone happy. Nature offers natural materials in every season, with which you can realize creative craft projects. In this article we present interesting and creative craft ideas with walnuts, acorns and chestnuts, where children of kindergarten age can actively participate.

Crafting with natural material – endless design options

crafting with natural material walnut-needles-yarn-rolls-blue-snail-hand

Walnut shells or whole walnuts are a great natural material from which to make tiny and sweet objects. Gently crack the walnuts so that both halves remain undamaged and can be used. With the help of a knife, the walnuts can be halved easily.

Crafting with natural material – original gift idea

crafting with natural material walnut shells-gift-gold-lacquer-gift-wrap-glass

If you would like to surprise an important person for you with an extraordinary gift, perhaps this great packaging would be the right one for you. In the walnut you can hide a dear message or a small piece of jewelry. Presented in such a loving and creative way, the recipient will undoubtedly feel very special.

Walnut shell as a mini gift box

crafting with natural material yarn-walnut-shell-hot-glue-embassy-glitter-gold

Decorate the shells with gold lacquer or any other color and apply a loop to the inside of the bowl with the hot glue. Put the little gift in and glue the two halves together in two places.

Tinker with natural material for Easter

tinker with natural material easter-bunny-felt-nest-deco-walnut-shell-yarn

With natural materials you can also create charming decoration for Easter. The halves of the walnut shell can be padded with cotton wool or felt to create a warm nest for the rabbit. The cute bunny is also formed from the fluffy material. With this beautiful arrangement for Easter you will surely create a festive atmosphere.

Tinker with natural material in spring

tinker-natural material-bird nest-nuts-year-walnut shells-halves-deco-spring-pearl

Cute bird’s nest are a great idea for decoration in your garden. The tiny birds can be created from many different nuts. Almond, peanut or acorn birds sit in the middle of the net and bring spring mood with them. With moss you can fill the nest and attach natural paper or thread for hanging.

Spring decoration tinker with natural material

tinker-natural material-walnut-year-color-yellow-material-bird-wing-deco-spring

If you want to make an attractive and original decoration for your home, you can also make a bird out of whole nuts. After removing the nut, paint the bowl with color of your choice and paint small eyes. Made of fabric or paper you can attach glittering feather and beak. The little bird can also decorate your houseplants and welcome spring.

Owls make with natural materials

tinker-natural material-deco-owl and white felt-color, white and walnut year-fir

An owl is also a great, animal decoration motif. The natural shape of the walnut allows the owl to emerge without cracking the shell. All you have to do is pick the color and glue felt wings and ears to make the owl face.

Shape bee out of walnut

tinker-natural material-walnut-year-owl-bee-wing-stripes-yellow-black-cloth

You can create a bee as well. With the typical yellow-black coloring and sparkling wings made of foil, the bee brings a touch of spring to your apartment. The little head can be made of cotton wool or foam.

Crafting with natural materials for children – ladybugs made of walnut halves

tinker-natural material-ladybug-color-red-black-steady eye-paper-walnut shells

Another great crafting idea is to turn the halves of the walnuts into sweet ladybirds. Here, too, you can have your children join in and, depending on the age, have them created by yourself. Paint the halves, attach the wobbly eyes and the paper feelers, and the little creatures are done.

Design turtles

tinker-natural materials-tortoise-shells walnut-halves-carton-eyes-painted

Walnut shells can be transformed into mice, turtles and spiders as fast as lightning. The turtle gets a body of clay cardboard and the spider feet from pipe cleaners. The nutshell mouse gets a tail and whiskers from a wool thread and felt or paper are glued to the ears.

Make decorative flower baskets from walnuts

tinker-natural material-walnut shells-spring-deco-flower-basket-grind-deco

With these beautiful little baskets that you can make at home, you will summer bring to your table and create a charming and extraordinary mini table decoration that will draw everyone’s attention. With a little flair, thin, colorful bows and small flower petals, these miniature artworks will delight the eye.

Crafting with natural materials with children – boats made of walnut halves

tinker-natural material-boot-wax-cloth-toothpick-hand-walnut shell

Walnut shells can also turn into small boats. Glue or a small ball of putty printed in the middle of the shell will hold the mast. Match or toothpick are used for the mast and for the boat also has a sail, attach thick paper or cloth to it.

Tinker small pram made of walnuts

tinker-natural material-stroller-mini-buttons-handle-wired-walnut shells-ceiling white

Take a look at this cute pram. If you want to surprise your child with a homemade gift, you are on the right track with the mini-cart. Incidentally, this car is a creative gift for expectant or new parents.

Tiny doll weighing

tinker-natural material dolls weigh-cotton-doll-walnut halves-fabric-felt

Half of the walnut shell is laid out with cotton wool and with a small pompom you can tinker the baby’s head. A wooden bead is also excellent. The wheels are made of buttons and a piece of felt gives the tiny blanket. In the same way you can also create mini doll weighing.

Simple crafting idea for toddlers

tinker-natural material-walnut-year-colored red-felt-strawberry green strawberry-hay

Are you looking for a simple craft idea for a rainy Sunday? Then maybe you can make strawberries out of walnuts. The children can color the bowl in bright red and cut and attach the felt strawberry green. The strawberry seeds can be painted with black paint.

Make pincushion from walnut halves

tinker-natural material yarn-walnut shells-wool-soup company-needles-pincushion-color

Walnut halves can also be used to create useful items. A small handy helper would be a pincushion, for example, so you always have a needle handy without having to search for it. The small pillow can either be made from a pompom or made of fabric and cotton.

Decorative bowl made of walnut halves

tinker-natural material-shell-bowl-color-painted-pistachio shell walnut-shells

On a nicely set table, a beautiful shell of walnut halves or pistachio shells will give the table decoration that certain something. For this great project you need except the bowls, a paint or varnish and a hot glue gun. Glue the bowls alternately with the open side up and down, so that the bowl can also stand straight. Of course, if your chosen natural material is the pistachio shells, you will need to spend a little more time and patience.

Autumn tinkering with natural material – deco with chestnuts

tinker-natural materials-books-chestnut-dish-cloth napkin-name tag-color, white and glittering powder

Natural materials are available to us every season. The chestnuts are a great and versatile, autumnal crafting material. Take a look at this beautiful table decoration. These are chestnuts, which are colored in white and made to shine with silver and green glitter powder.

Tinker with natural material with children in autumn

tinker-natural material-ant-branches-thin-chestnut-acorn-tier sensor

With chestnuts and acorns you can make several figures from the animal world, where children can join in and are guaranteed to have a lot of fun. An ant, for example, can make two chestnuts, thin branches and an acorn for the head.

Giraffe or sheep made of chestnuts and acorns

tinker-natural material-chestnut-acorns-cotton-streichhölzer-giraffe-sheep-animals

Chestnuts and acorns can also be transformed into cute giraffes or sheep. All you need for these cute animal figures are wooden skewers, matches or toothpicks and some cotton wool. The giraffes can brighten you up with lighter spots and glue the sheep small balls of cotton wool for the coat.

Making cute owls with kids

tinker-natural material-chestnut-walnut-steady eye-felt-owl-stump candle-deco-teller

Small and sweet owls can not only be made from walnuts. Chestnuts and the caps of the acorns are a great crafting material for this. With the caps, in which you stick Wigg eyes, you can imitate the typical, big eyes of the owl.

Chestnuts made of chestnuts

tinker-natural material-birds-feather-colorful-chestnut-pistachio-shells-pompom-steady eye-felt

With colorful feathers, pompoms for the head, some felting material and empty pistachio shells, even small chestnut birds are made fast. If you want, you can color the pistachio shells from the inside and let the homemade little birds sing. Missing the spring, these cute birds will create a great spring mood.

Caterpillar and hedgehogs tinker with natural material

tinker-natural material-caterpillar-hedgehog-chestnut-toothpick-wckelaugen-animals

If you have collected chestnuts during an autumn walk, you can also make a small caterpillar or cute hedgehog. You can use such a quick decoration to decorate the windowsill with smiling animal figures and delight your children.

Create imaginative figures with natural materials

tinker-natural material-kind-punch-chestnut-acorns-toothpick-tier

Let your kids get creative and develop your own fantasy characters. There are really no limits to the imagination with the natural craft materials and the results are simply unique.

Dragonfly tinker with maple seeds

tinker-natural material-dragonfly maple seed-tree-glittery powder-natural-eye-resin-adhesive material

Do you know the maple seeds floating in the air? Maple seeds are also a nice craft material from which you can make beautiful, little dragonflies. First coat the maple seeds with adhesive tape, then tuen glitter powder on it and finished are the shimmering wings of the dragonfly. With a thin branch and two craft beads you have created a great creature.

Crafting with natural materials for adults

tinker-natural material-napkin ring-acorns-silver-gold-cloth napkin-cutlery-teller-tap-glasses

Not only children enjoy using natural materials to create different creatures. Made of natural materials, you can make a variety of decorative objects that represent great elements in the table decoration and give the decoration a natural touch.

Crafting with natural materials – napkin ring made of acorns

tinker-natural material-acorns-napkin ring-thread-thread-gold-silver-band elastic

This beautiful napkin ring can be copied from acorns. You need to pierce the individual acorns, color them in the desired color and thread an elastic band into the perforated acorns. This wonderful napkin ring looks very chic and noble in gold and silver and will fascinate your guests.

Cocktail stirrer with acorns

tinker-natural material-stirrer-cocktail-acorns-wood spit-tool-mint-ice-cube-tap-glasses

Another great crafting idea with acorns are these beautiful stirrers for cocktails. In a cocktail glass, they look great and fit perfectly with a rustic table decoration. For this creative idea you really only need to punch the acorns and put them on wooden skewers.

Decoration material for a nice autumn feeling

tinker-natural material-acorns-glittering-gold-red-deco-glittering powder

Acorns colored in different colors are a beautiful vase and table decoration. So that you can use them for a long time and do not mold them, it is advisable to heat the acorns in the oven so that the vermin are eliminated. Acrylic colors are best for dyeing and glitter makes the little nuts look very noble.

Animals Tinker with Egg Boxes – 25 Cute DIY Ideas for Kids

tinkering with egg boxes penguins-idea-easy-paint

Are you looking for some inspiration to tinker with your kids? Then just use empty egg cartons ! These handy containers are great for tinkering with a variety of projects. But what can you do with egg cartons? We have already put together some great ideas on this topic. But today we dedicate our article to wildlife. Because we found different animals that are great for Basteln with egg boxes and anything but difficult. Sit down with the kids right away and start making things!

Basteln mit Eierschachteln – Instructions for penguins

tinkering with egg boxes idea-black-and-white-penguin-cutting-sticking

We start our article with a manual for crafting egg cartons. These are the penguins from the cover picture. You need the tapered parts of the egg boxes, which you simply paint black and white, as is typical for penguins. Beak and feet make extra and also from the box. Add a small sting to the penguin’s face to put the beak in there and glue the feet tight.

Basteln with egg boxes – Varied ideas from egg cartons

tinkering with egg boxes wal-light blue-easy-mug-paper

You can also make cute whales with egg carton and create a small, arctic landscape together with the penguin. For tinkering with egg cartons, use one of the many beakers that normally contain the eggs. You will also need crafting paper, wobbly eyes and pipe cleaners to make the small whale.

What can you do with egg cartons?

tinkering with boxes of eggs instructions-glue-paper-making-yourself-animals

For tinkering with egg boards you first stab a hole in the cup. Put four pieces of pipe cleaner into it and bend them nicely so that they imitate water jets. From the paper you make the tail and the fins again. The fins are glued to the side with crafted egg cartons, while the tail sticking side is inside.

Make insects

tinker with egg boxes ladybug idea red black dots felt ball

In spring and summer, insects are also suitable for handicraft afternoons. Finally, they are then in abundance. Ladybugs are just a variant. Below, we also have an example of a honey bee. For the ladybug, put a mug, a felt ball, pipe cleaner, Wiggle eyes and acrylic paints ready for painting and you can get started with the Beetle to tinker with egg boxes.

Cute ladybugs

tinkering with egg boxes materials-edding-pipe-cleaner-legs-insect-spring

To make the ladybug with egg boxes, first paint the cups in red and paint the dots with an edding. Then glue the felt ball as a head to the cup. Between ball and cup the feelers come out and finally you stick your eyes tight. If you want, you can also use plush wire to make legs for the ladybug.

Turtles with buttons

tinker-egg nest-craft ideas-turtle-felt-buttons-animals-bommel

Even small turtles you can tinker with egg cartons. Instead of using felt like the whale paper here. The shell of the turtle can have any color and be decorated with buttons. For tinkering with egg boxes, you can either use a felt ball or a pompom again for the head. You decide that yourself.

Animals are tinkering with children

tinker-egg nest-fox-selbermachen-turtle-variant-child-diy

Another variant for a larger turtle can be seen here. Instead of a mug, just use four, which you can then paint as you like. The body is made of paper. Just as cute is the fox. To craft this with egg boxes, you will need the long items of the box again. One is for the body and another is like a fox’s head.

Crafts with egg carton for children

tinker-egg nest-froschkönig-frog-crown-paper-tongue-fly

A funny idea is undoubtedly this frog, which you can transform with the help of a crown in the Froschkönig from the fairy tale. The frog consists of two cups, which are put together with adhesive strips on the back, so that a cavity is formed, which represents the mouth. From craft paper or cardboard you then tinker still a tongue, eyes and the crown. You can also use the idea of ​​tinkering with egg cartons as a small box.

Jellyfish made of pearls

tinker-egg nest-simple-jellyfish-pearl make-colored-colored

A cup is enough to tinker with egg boxes completely. Insert a hole through which you thread the tentacles that you make from colorful beads. In this way, you can hang the jellyfish and look at their full glory. These figures look especially nice when they are displayed in groups.

Crafts with toddlers and egg carton

tinker-egg nest-seafood-turtle-wal-octopus-paper-children

Here you can see another variant for the turtle and the whale for tinkering with egg cartons. The octopus, whose tentacles are not only made of paper, but also of pipe cleaners, is very original. In general, you can combine any materials for the eggs from egg cartons. Make a beautiful underwater world with these animals!

Cool craft ideas for animals

tinker-egg nest-ideas-cows-elephant-tortoise beetle

If you have made several animals, you can put together a whole farm or a zoo, with which your child can play later. Of course, your child should actively participate in tinkering with egg cartons or even produce the animals himself. Interesting are the elephants above, which consist of cups and the pointed parts of the boxes.

Make colorful caterpillars

tinker-egg nest-crawler-points-yellow-purple-egg-carton-idee

For caterpillars, just use a whole row of cups. These you put upside down and then paint them in any colors. Paint points like this or make each mug in a different color for a colorful caterpillar. To craft with egg boxes can be with a little Fantastie so much!

Tinker chickens

tinker-egg nest Chickens-tinker-egg-carton-paint-eggs-easter basket

Also suitable for Easter is this idea, with which you can show off the Easter eggs wonderfully. Use the whole box to make egg carton boxes and turn them into a fun chicken coop as shown. You are also welcome to design individual eggcups by cutting out the cups together with the long element and decorating them with felt.

Spider tinker with egg carton

tinker-egg nest-spider-yourself-making idea-kids-halloween

Very simple is this spider made. For crafting with egg boxes, simply paint the mug in black and then make the spider legs out of black pipe cleaners. You can also use these cute spiders on Halloween to decorate the house. They can be set up, but also hang up.

Fun with the kids

tinker-egg nest-kids-play-dragon-camel-dinosaur-whistle washer

You can use a small egg box to make a kite with egg cartons. The box then represents the mouth, which is provided with a tongue. You also make your eyes out of egg boxes and more precisely two cups and the rest of paper or felt. The dinosaurs and the camel are made fast and easy too.

Crafting with egg carton – Crocodile from whole boxes

tinker-egg nest-crocodile-snail-easy-grasshopper-grille

From whole egg cartons you can also make funny crocodiles with egg boxes. How exactly, see above in the picture. Worth a crafting afternoon, but it is also the cute snails from each cup and the grasshopper, you tinker like the caterpillar and then provided with the spring legs. Just let your children choose the animals to be tinkered with.

Hedgehogs for adults and older children

tinker-egg nest-idea-hedgehog-craft project-manual-silver

Somewhat more elaborate, but all the more beautiful is this hedgehog to tinker with egg boxes. First roughly shape the body. For this you can use paper or whatever else you have at hand. Shape a triangle. The tip serves as a nose and is covered with a piece of egg carton. For the needle dress you need more elements in sheet form from the box. After you have stuck everything, you can spray the hedgehog with any colors.

Funny ideas for every age

tinker-egg nest-bee-spring-fish-crab-cancer penguin

Here you can see the bee we mentioned earlier. Similar to the spider, you also make a crab. This only needs two scissors. The fish you make from two cups, as well as the frog. Foam rubber was used for the fins. To make penguins with egg boxes you have here again a variant.

Crafting with egg cartons for Christmas

tinker-egg nest-christmas-reindeer-bobble-nose-rudolph-paper-antler

If you want to make something with egg carton for Christmas, then this reindeer is a great idea. Of course, the easiest way to get the red nose is to use a bobble or felt ball. Whether you use paper, felt or sponge rubber for the ears and antlers, you decide for yourself. The egg carton animals are a great way to reuse smaller remnants. So if you have materials left over from other projects, you can certainly use them when making animals with egg boxes.

4 creative craft instructions for autumn and other ideas

Handicrafts for autumn-children-creative-yellow-fall-leaves-girl-paint-brush

In autumn beautiful colors can be found in nature. Autumn leaves and fruit fallen from the trees offer a variety natural materials that can be used in foolproof and exciting projects. creative Bastelanleitungen for autumn show step by step how small children can do delightful little things themselves with the help of more experienced hands. In this article you will find 4 simple instructions and a few more inspirations on this topic!

Crafting with children – Creative craft manuals for fall

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-Herbstblaetter-creative-ideas

For the first of our four craft instructions for fall, you need small Autumn leaves, Pods and nutshells. It turns into cute insects, which can be beautifully painted and decorated with nail polish. The best are the dry fruits and leaves of the maple. Fix the blades to create a symmetrical shape using the best heat sealant. When the little butterflies and beetles are done and the nail polish is completely dried, stick them on small wooden sticks. So you can put the colored insects in flower tubs or anywhere else.

Easy-to-do handicrafts for autumn – Colored insects

craft instructions-autumn-child-insect-tinker-funny-eye-purple-pink-points

Further craft instructions for autumn can be found in the picture gallery. Learn how to make a funny chestnut caterpillar, paint autumn leaves creatively with crayons, and turn an egg box into beautiful mushrooms. Do not forget to have fun and to make your child happy!

Make fun colorful insects with pods, autumn leaves and nutshells with children

craft instructions-autumn-child-insect-tinker-violet-pink-funny-creative-ideas

Creative ideas for children

craft instructions-autumn-child-insect-tinker-walnut shells-beetle

Make funny insects – Useful materials

craft instructions-autumn-child-insect-tinker-Herbstblaetter-nail polish materials

Paint autumn leaves and pods with nail polish

craft instructions-autumn-child-insect-tinker-color-imaginatively-paint-funny

Fix with hot glue on sticks

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-insects-butterflies-rod sycamore

Funny insects landed on chopsticks

craft instructions-autumn-child-insect-tinker-color-purple-funny-glossy

Creative ideas for crafting with children

craft instructions-autumn-child-insect-tinker-butterflies-rod funny-creative

Funny insects in bright colors

craft instructions-autumn-child-insect-tinker-butterflies-red-violet-colored-eyes

Bastelanleitungen for autumn – caterpillar of chestnuts

craft instructions-autumn-child-craft caterpillar-chestnut-funny-wobbly eyes

Pierce the chestnuts with a wine bottle opener

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-chestnut-caterpillar-weinflaschenoeffner-drill-hole creatively

Thread the string through the holes of the chestnuts

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-chestnut-caterpillar-shearing-threading Creative Idea

Creating something beautiful with the help of creative crafting ideas

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-chestnut-caterpillar-garland-jacket-toddler-idee

Sweet mushrooms from egg carton

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-mushroom-egg-carton-scissors-cut

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-mushroom-egg-carton-mebalen-red

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-mushroom-egg-carton-red-points-wobbly eyes

Create colored autumn leaves with colored pencils

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-paint-paper-herbstblatt-crayons-color

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker Paint herbstbaeltter-crayons-impressions-color

More creative ideas

craft instructions-autumn-child-hedgehog-chestnut-Herbstblaetter-hagebutten-wood-ideas

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-knead-snail-chestnut-colored-funny

craft instructions-autumn-child-tinker-Herbstblaetter-garland-rope-painted yellow-orange

tinker-autumn-child-tap-pipe cleaners-spider-wobbly eyes


tinker-autumn-child-deer-natural materials-walnut-tap-branches-berries

tinker-autumn-child-tree bark-owl-acorns-Hat-eye

craft instructions-autumn-child-windlich-Herbstblaetter-candle-glass dose

Baby Mobile making paper yourself – ideas and instructions

baby mobile tinker paper-stars-yellow-gray-gender-neutral

You can turn baby mobiles into just about anything. The materials that are the easiest to handle are paper, wood and felt. We show you how to enter Make baby mobile yourself can and indeed with the cheapest material of the already mentioned – the paper , When building up, you should pay attention to the compensation points, especially if you use an odd number of hanging objects.

Baby mobile making tinker with origami cranes

Baby Mobile make your own paper-origami-crane-colored-white-varnished-branch

When using paper or cardboard for a mobile , you have more freedom for mistakes due to the low price of the materials. You can draw and cut your own shapes or find and print a template with popular motifs online. These objects can be flat or glued to one another three-dimensional effect to reach. Punch holes in the top of the objects to hang them with string, yarn, thick wire or transparent nylon thread. A metal or plastic ring in the desired size, wooden sticks in X-shape or a branch are perfect as a basis for your mobile.

Make baby mobile yourself – instructions

Baby Mobile make paper-instruction-white-cranes yourself

The crane is one of the basic forms that masters an origami fan. In Japan, cranes are folded as good luck charms, so this motif is particularly suitable for a baby mobile.

Required materials


Materials: a large branch, origami paper in colors of your choice, spray paint in gold, needle and gold thread, scissors.
Manual: Sprinkle the branch with the gold paint spray. Fold cranes from origami paper. Below you will find a detailed step-by-step video tutorial on getting the desired origami figure. Use a needle and gold thread to hang the cranes on the branch at different heights.

Mobile with origami cranes

Make baby mobile yourself -paper-instructions-cranes-gold-varnished-branch

A mobile is a beautiful baby toy, great sleep aid and valuable reassurance when the tears flow. The babies are fascinated by the colorful figures and threads that arouse your curiosity. The great colors and the flowing movement of the figures not only calm the children, but invite them to reach for the figures. A self-made mobile can be designed individually and of course as a beautiful reminder of this unique period of life be lifted. When choosing the pendant your imagination knows no bounds. The ideas of what you can attach to a mobile are almost endless. Paper balloons, cut-out figures made of construction paper, cute animal figurines like Schaffe, owls or butterflies are made very easy. You can attach the homemade mobile over the changing table or cot and conjure a wide smile on the face of your favorite.

In the first few weeks of life, babies do not yet distinguish between colors and like plain, two-tone patterns especially like. You are welcome to make a cute mobile with sheep, the relaxed dangling from the ceiling and prepare your little darling joy. For the sweet flock of sheep, you must first cut out some circles of solid white paper. Then cut a wave-like edge with scissors. Make a small hole so you can attach and hang the sheep later. If you want to make the sheep with legs, you can make another two holes on the opposite side and thread and knot a piece of yarn. Then cut the head of the animal with your ears out of black or brown cardboard. If you want, you can paint the face, or even cut out eyes and muzzle from paper. Now all you have to do is attach the thread or wire and hang up the cute piece.

Clip different origami shapes


You can also make many other cute animals that will impress your baby when awake and bring it to sleep when the child is tired. You can easily record birds, fish, giraffes, butterflies or elephants on paper, create stencils and apply them to the colored paper as often as you like and cut them out. On the Internet you will find ready-made templates that can also help you. If you want to create a colorful swarm of enchanting butterflies, you can easily create the delicate, flying beauty with a simple folding technique. If you want to make a butterfly mobile yourself, you need two squares of paper in different colors. Fold the paper pieces in a zigzag and connect both parts in the middle with a little craft wire to each other. The ends of the craft wire can bend you to feelers. Make sure the mobile is hanging high enough and can not be touched by the baby. For the upper part of the body, fold the paper diagonally so that beautiful wings emerge. You can also create beautiful 3D butterflies from firmer paper. Cut out 3 butterflies and put them on top of each other. Just tie a yarn in the middle and fold each butterfly up slightly. This creates the great 3D effect.

Beautiful motives for a happy child

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper-clouds-air balloon-sun-voegel

For your little baby, you can also make a great cloud mobile yourself. Thick, white clouds, little stars and colorful balloons guarantee exciting moments and a great view in any weather. Draw a cloud on white paper, cut it out, and use it as a template to cut out the remaining clouds. Take three cloud pieces for a cloud and bend them in the middle. For the three-dimensional cloud, you must then glue the clouds together on the kinked strip. Make a hole in the cloud with a needle, thread the nylon thread and knot it. Design the stars, the sun and the paper balloons in bold colors. Finally attach them at different heights.

Pinwheels wind up

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper-windraedchen-handicraft paper

Use a willow wreath for the mobile

baby-mobile-yourself-tinker-Paper bird-red check pattern pastures wreath

Birdies in yellow, gray and black

baby-mobile-yourself-tinker-Paper bird-yellow-gray-white

Asterisks in yellow and gray

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper-stars, yellow and light gray

Blues for a boy

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper-stars-dark blue-light blue-white

Modern in black and white


Butterflies for girls


Folding origami diamonds

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper origami-diamond-black-white

White and cream for a gender neutral baby room

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper-butterflies-white-gender neutral

Orange, gray and africa animals

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper-orange-blue-africa animals-motive

Cranes Mobile over the cot


Colorful 3D hot air balloons

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper-air balloon 3d clouds


baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper airplanes, yellow and gray


baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper-blautoene cream-voegel-motive

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper 3d flowers-butterflies-pink-gray-white

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper 3d flowers-pink-blue-butterflies-girl

mobile self craft solar system planets idea stars paper diy

mobile tinker stars paper colorful idea

make mobile yourself dots ombre blue green orange

mobile tinker butterflies blue pink paper nursery

mobile self craft baby room decoration moon stars sky

Make your own decoration – 30 creative and original ideas

Deco itself make vases einweckglaeser color pastel flowers

The recycling is an important part of our efforts to look after the earth and live in harmony on it. However, this need not necessarily be limited to the community, municipal authority or waste disposal companies. There are creative and great ways you can use your old items to your advantage and a pretty one Make the decoration yourself can.

Make decoration yourself – 2. balls of paper

deco itself make balls hangs fabric wrap idea

Every year, when it’s time for the spring cleaning, most of us sort out their old items and just throw them away. Of course, waste is sometimes nothing but trash, but we often do not realize that many of the things we throw away can be turned into something useful, which we would probably spend money on over time anyway. For example, if you have an old ladder that is no longer suitable for climbing on top of it, you can use it instead for an infinite number of other things and make it one Make the decoration yourself , And if they are still not good for anything, you can certainly at least a pretty Make the decoration yourself , Haroshi . Edouard Martinet . Jane Perkins and Mr. Finch are just a few of many creative artists who have managed to create impressive works of art by using old things.

Make your own decoration – 3. Candlesticks made of wine glasses

deco itself make candlesticks wine glass balls colorful

Candles always bring coziness into the room and ensure a pleasant, warm and romantic atmosphere. You can turn a candlestick out of unusable wine or champagne glasses in no time. You can decorate a chic candlestick especially for different occasions. If, for example, you would like to bring home a festive, Christmas-like atmosphere, you can design a great winter decoration with small Christmas balls. You practically need to fill the wine glass with fir tree deco beads and place it face down on the table. Now you just have to put the candle on the stand and enjoy the warm candlelight.

4th wall decorate with old bottle as a vase

deco self make bottle wooden board vintage rustic branches blossom wall decoration

Of course, there are no limits to the imagination when decorating the glass candlestick. Many decorations can be made using a coaster on which you stick the glass. Glue the desired decoration on the coaster. Small flowers, rhinestones, ladybugs or butterflies, as well as any other, any Streudeko are suitable for this simple craft project. You can simply put the rhinestones and pearls in the wine glass. Then apply hot glue to the edge of the glass and glue the saucer to it. Turn the glass over and place it on the coaster. If you want, you can decorate the homemade candle holder from the outside to your liking. With the napkin technique you can also decorate the wine glass and make for a great look. Depending on the selected colors and patterns, you can, for example, design a floral candlestick or decorate it with abstract or geometric figures.

5. Make a wreath out of clothespins yourself

deco itself make wreath christmas cling red green white

With clothespins many great craft ideas can be realized. With them you can, for example, design a beautiful door wreath that looks particularly creative and inviting. This creative masterpiece is sure to attract the looks of your friends and acquaintances. Door wreaths are not just a Christmas decoration, but can be pretty jewelry for spring. Would you like strong color or do you prefer the pastel colors to be more appealing? For the colored design of the door wreath you can stick the clothespins with Washitape of your choice. Of course, you can also spray paint, paint or decorate with glitter. Cut out of cardboard a circle of the desired size and wrap it with a satin ribbon or paper yarn. Finally, you only need to arrange the clothespins and attach a loop to hang.

6. Lanterns make from mason jars and tip

vintage decoration mason jars lace yarn diy

If you have empty jam jars at home, you can easily turn them into great tealight holders. Wash the glasses and remove the labels. Get a piece of wide lace ribbon and glue it around the glass. In no time you have created a romantic tealight holder that brings a touch of shabby chic in your apartment. If you want a colored candle holder, you can spray the glass with colored paint in the desired color. Through the top of the warm candlelight is beautiful and creates a moody atmosphere. A great way to reuse old glasses, right?

Make the decoration yourself – 7. Decorate the wall with colorful plates

dish wall decor fireplace living room colorful

If you are looking for a fancy and attractive idea for wall design, you can try this great alternative of classic wall decor with pictures, namely the bare walls adorn with wall plates. Old dishes actually disappear pretty quickly behind the closet doors and are then rarely used again or hardly. A deco with wall plates is a real eye-catcher, because you artificially stage everyday objects and give them new properties. Maybe you have a colorful collection of plates with different motives in the cellar or in the attic. Of course, it does not always have to be a large collection of dishes. Sometimes just one or two plates are enough to create a real gem on the wall. Depending on the color and motif, you can significantly influence the room ambience. The arrangement of the plates determines in a sense the spatial effect. Arrange the plates irregularly, the room seems much looser. If you want to provide a cheerful and cozy warmth in the room, colorful plates with floral motifs create the desired look. Combine wall plates in different colors, shapes and sizes and assemble your individual wall decoration.

Make the decoration yourself – 8. An old ladder as a bookshelf

wall shelf books decoration original rustic diy

Quick and easy

diy shelf books ladder wall rustic

9. A bicycle as a support for the washbasin

The bathroom itself is made of bicycle washbasin bathroom

10. Chairs as a shelf or closet

wardrobe chairs hanger wall white furniture

Hang the coat hooks on the chairs

wardrobe clothes chairs white wall hanging

11. Old cables for designing Bob Marley

Cable Bob Marley Deco Hook DIY

12. Make old CD’s for a mosaic dish as decoration yourself

mosaic plate cd pieces shine effective diy

Cut in the CD

cd mosaic dish dish decorate effectively

Break into pieces

deco itself make cd pieces mosaic

Arrange and glue CD pieces

dish decorate bowl mosaic cd shimmer

13. Plastic spoon for a lamp

make lamp yourself plastic spoon diy

You need plastic bottles and spoons

deco itself make plastic spoon bottle

Stick the spoons

plastic lamp diy spoon bottle sticking

14. An old piano as a bookshelf

shelf books piano piano wall decoration original

15. Make a stool out of an old tire as a decoration yourself

stool rope chic modern furniture decorate

Stool itself make rope drill lock plate

deco itself make mature locking plate drill

rope wrap stool tire diy decoration

16. Old graters as lamps

rasp lamp kitchen decoration make yourself original

17. Tennis rackets as a mirror

mirror tennis racket wall decor yourself

18. Make old bicycle parts for a chandelier as a decoration yourself

Lamp Bicycle Parts Cogs DIY Decoration

lamp purple light bike parts decoration effectful

19. An old garden rake as a wine glass holder

Rare wine glasses hanging pumpkin decorative kitchen decoration

20. An old ladder as a shelf

shelf ladder books vases furnishing chair

21. Old skateboards as guitars

skateboard guitar making music deco

22. Metal spoons as a lampshade

make lamp spoon silver decoration yourself

23. Old chairs as cup holders for the dog

chairs food bowl dog making wood decoration itself

24. A lamp made of drums

lamp drum drums original diy decoration

25. An old boat as a hanging bed

bed vintage hanging rope net original

26. A shelf from an old violin cello

creative deco shelf guitar cello candle holder

27. Vintage funnel as a candle holder

candle holder funnel vintage tray decoration diy

28. Forks as coat hooks

coat hook fork deco itself make vintage

29. A vintage suitcase as a chair

chair furniture suitcase pillow upholstery decoration

case itself make chair vintage furniture

legs chair furniture diy wood build

30. An old piano for a waterfall in the garden

piano vintage flowerpot waterfall flowers fountain

Fragrance bags themselves make for a pleasant aromatherapy

sachets make diy health wardrobe shoes yourself

If you like it, if your home smells of pleasant aromas, you can also use wonderfully natural scents instead of the chemical variants. Especially practical and fast are the small scented bags as an alternative to potpourri with which you can bring every area of ​​the apartment to the fragrance, including the wardrobe or even the shoes. If the fragrance in your home is not enough for you, put some small bags in your car as well. But how do you make scented bags and with what do you fill scented bags? You will find out in our article today. You can easily do that Make fragrance bags yourself !

Making scented bags yourself – What kind of bag?

sachets make bags-tinker-dried-herbs

What type of bag or bag you use is basically irrelevant. It is important that the substance you use is permeable to air, so that the scent can easily escape and the herbs can breathe. Otherwise, if it’s damp, the filling may start to mold. If you make the fragrance bag yourself, you can use both ready-made pouches for sewing, as well as sewing oneself. Sewing is very simple in this case and can also be mastered by beginners.

Making and filling fragrance bags yourself

Duftsäckchen make yourself textile-tinkering-lavender-mix

For filling and fragrance bags themselves make a variety of fragrant herbs and flowers are suitable. Lavender is especially popular for filling scented bags. For fragrance bags with lavender, but also for all other herbs, the filling must be dried well in advance. The fragrance mixture for fragrance bags can be individually designed, depending on what you like or what benefits the scent bag should bring you. If you are wondering how many grams of lavender are needed for a scent sachet, you should know that there is no rule for it. It depends on the fragrance you want and the size of the bag.

Make fragrance bags yourself – ideas

fragrant sacs-yourself-make-rosewood-manual-easy

Rosen fragrance bag with rose petals is another variant. If you would like to make herbal pouches yourself, you can use those that have a calming or even healing effect. Therefore, they are often put to bed (for example, under the pillow). We have a short list of some herbs and a description of what they are used for.

anise helps against nightmares, but should be used sparingly in the fragrance bag
– The marigold guarantees a peaceful and peaceful sleep
Catnip It is also used to improve sleep and is especially good for children and babies
– The Leaf tips of cedar banish the bad dreams when you use them to make scented bags yourself
chamomile flowers relax and improve sleep at the same time
hop have a healing effect and also ensure a peaceful sleep
jasmine flowers are dried and cause especially in women romantic dreams
lavender flowers reduce stress, calm and relax. Therefore, whole pillows are often filled with lavender
– The lemon balm Known for reducing anxiety and helping with insomnia, eliminating headaches and reducing stress
– Of the mugwort has a protective effect
– The mullein protects against nightmares
rose petals Add to the dreams loving and peaceful thoughts
rosemary banishes bad dreams, but should be used sparingly as it has a very strong scent

Stuffing with crystals

scented sachets make yellow-rose-aroma-therapy

To even improve the effect of the herbs, you can also combine them with crystals, if you make fragrance bags yourself. Very much like quartz is used. It is also suitable for amethyst, rose quartz or lepidolite. It’s best to create a mix that helps with various negative emotions and sleep with the bag. However, if it’s just a source of pleasant fragrance, you can also distribute the pillows and sachets to other areas.

How do I make fragrance bags?

fragrant sacs-yourself-make-linen-sew-easy-rustic

You can design fragrance bags made of linen, if you want to achieve a somewhat rustic flair. Linen is also very easy to work with. With this example you can make your first lavender sachets yourself. First, get the fabric, any herbs or petals, scissors, needle and thread or sewing machine.

Sew scented bags yourself

fragrant sacs-yourself-making materials-square-textile-scissors

For a small bag you need two pieces of the chosen fabric (in this case linen). You can choose the shape yourself. The fragrance bag can be either rectangular, round or even heart-shaped. For the latter we have a guide below. Cut the pieces of fabric according to the number of bags you want to make, so you have everything ready right away. Then you can make the fragrance bags yourself.

How do I sew scented bags?

fragrant sacs-yourself-make-burlap-material-lavendelblueten filling

Lay two pieces of linen together and start sewing the edges together. You can do that by hand or with a sewing machine to cope faster. When you do this step yourself, do not forget to leave an opening to fill the sachet with the scent mixture. Once you have done this, close this opening and the scent bag is ready.

Use tissue handkerchiefs

fragrant sacs-yourself-make-lavender-dried-diy-sew

You are welcome to make the scented bags yourself by using materials you already have at home. Cloth handkerchiefs are, for example, very well suited. If you sew both pieces of fabric together (in this case handkerchiefs), you can fasten them with pins and secure them, so that you do not slip during sewing.

Dried herbs for fragrance bags

fragrant sacs-yourself-making trockene.kräuter-handkerchief-material

Proceed again as with the linen sack. With handkerchiefs, you can do larger scent bags yourself and save the step of trimming the pieces. Therefore, you can also design a larger mix. You can also combine herbs with dried flowers for fragrance bags.

DIY fragrance bags in heart shape

fragrant sacs-do it yourself-heart-shape-sewing-

If you would like to make a symphatic fragrance bag that has the shape of a heart, just follow this guide. You can use cloth scraps and design such a patchwork design. Put together as many pieces as you like to find the perfect composition. If you are satisfied with it, sew the fabrics together. Then place a second piece of fabric under it, which is to form the back.

Create stencil

fragrant sacs-yourself-making cutting-sewing-template-heart-gexchenk

To make the heart even, it is best to prepare a template before making the scent sachet yourself. Use solid paper or cardboard and draw the heart on the fabric. Along this line sew both fabrics together. Again, do not forget the opening through which you fill the bag and then close it. The excess fabric is simply cut off with scissors.

Crafting instructions for fragrance bags

fragrant sacs-yourself-making pyramid-tinker-anhaenger

Very original are also these bags in pyramid shape. Also, they are made easier than it may seem. Fragrance bags are a gift for any occasion and need only be customized. If, for example, you would like to make scented bags yourself at Christmas, add cinnamon and dried orange peel to the fragrance bag. The fragrance bags for Christmas should provide with your aroma for Christmas mood.

Suitable material

fragrant sacs-yourself-making material diy craft-guide-christmas

Depending on the occasion, of course, the substance should be chosen. Both colors and motifs provide the right mood. If you have found something suitable, cut it into such a rectangular shape. Then take a string, make a loop at one end and place it in the middle of the piece of fabric. This is the first step to make the fragrance bag itself. In this way you will receive fragrance bags in the form of pendants

Fold fabric

fragrant sacs-yourself-make-natural materials-anfaenger-craft idea Sewing Machine

Then fold the rectangle in the middle to make a square. The string is now on one of the sides. The motifs that are supposed to decorate the outside are inside for the time being. The fabric is later turned inside out. As a precaution, you can secure the edges with pins again before the next step. Next is sewn.

Tinker for a nice home

fragrant sacs-yourself-make-square-hem-sewing-deco

Sew the edges together. Leave one side open for filling. Then you can also prepare your scent mixture. A great recipe for fragrance bags is a mix of lavender, eucalyptus, lemon balm, peppermint and chamomile. But you do not have to use all scents. To enhance the fragrance, you can also add a few drops of lavender, geranium and lemon essential oil if you are making the fragrance sachet yourself.

finish hem

fragrant sacs-copy itself-make-bolts-ironingboard-manual-

Before filling the bag, pick up an iron and fold in the edges as shown. Since fabric does not fold easily, the heat of the iron will help you wonderfully. As you can see, you only need household utensils if you make the fragrance bag yourself. Gladly your children can help you with crafting. The sewing and ironing but you should take over.

Form the bag

fragrant sacs-yourself-make wrinkle tips CONTAINERS

Now the fragrance bag is formed. The open side is stitched together in the opposite direction of the opposite side. Start sewing again. Now, the time has arrived when you leave the small opening for filling free. Roll over the pyramid and fill it with the fragrance mix. A great tool is also a funnel. Put this in the opening.

Finish the pyramid

fragrant sacs-yourself-make-bag-diy-scented-fill-lavender

If you have filled the bag with enough herbs or petals, all you have to do is close the hole. While you were previously able to use the sewing machine, this step must be done by hand. You are welcome to incorporate Velcro to open the bag again if necessary and to refill with a fresh scent mixture.

Personalized perfume bag make yourself

fragrant sacs-yourself-making pyramid-form-love-pay

If the fragrance bag is a gift or made for a specific occasion, you can personalize it by embroidering it. With a piece of wool thread, you can incorporate any words and logos and thus give the recipient a special pleasure. Let your imagination run free when you make scented bags yourself.

If you want to be surrounded by your favorite fragrances, you can quickly and easily make fragrance bags yourself, even without any fabric and sewing. In your home, you are sure to have coffee filters in stock. What do you think about using coffee filters to spray pleasant scents? First cut the filter off the top and the overhanging fold if you find it annoying. Now you can choose the scent direction and mix different herbs and spices. The possibilities of variation are almost infinite. Thyme, rose petals, lemon or lavender, be adventurous and create your own individual fragrance. Then add equal parts of herbs and baking soda to the coffee filter and tie with a gift ribbon.

Do you love the delicate, wonderful scent of lilac? Then you can make the fragrance mixture yourself and conjure a unique room or wardrobe fragrance, so you just longer have some of the refreshing fragrance. Pick different varieties of lilac and remove the flowers from the stem. Then place it on a cloth to dry on the windowsill. In the time until the lilac blossoms dry, you can tinker the fragrance bags. It is up to you to make a fabric bag, sew a fine organza bag or maybe crochet one. The crocheted fragrance bags let the scent through pretty well and look great. Crochet two pieces of the same size, which you then sew together. Alternatively, you can make an oblong piece. Just flip it over and sew it to the sides. For attaching you can use a gift ribbon or drawstring. If the lilac has already dried, you can fill and tie the bags. For the fragrance bags made of fabric you can grind the flowers in a mortar.

Depending on the season, you can create different herbal mixtures that suit a specific occasion. In winter you can make fragrance bags with a nice Christmas fragrance as a small gift and spoil your loved one. For the winter scent mixture you need, for example, dried, small-sliced ​​apple slices, cinnamon, dried cranberries, nutmeg in several pieces minced, allspice and cloves. Mix all ingredients well together and fill the little bags with them.

If you have opted for a white or transparent organza bag, you can also color the herbal and flower mixture to taste and preferences. If you like the red and pink nuances, you can use flowers of hydrangeas, pink lavender, fuchsias or rosebuds. You get a yellow scent mixture, for example, lady’s mantle, yellow gladioli and marigold flowers. A blue or purple mix results from lavender, hydrangea and larkspur. For a green mix, you can use peppermint, sage and rosemary. White flowers have, for example, the white roses, the margarites and the wild carrot. If you choose flowers and leaves that do not have an intense fragrance, you can intensify the fragrance with a few drops of a fragrance oil. You can choose the essential oils to your taste. Very pleasant smell lavender, geranium, roses, cedar or pine needle. To fix the fragrance you can take violet root powder from the pharmacy.

If you like the unmistakable scent of roses, you can prepare a mixture of dried rose petals, lavender flowers, rosemary needles, shredded bay leaves, nutmeg, cinnamon and ground iris root for fixation. Mix the dried ingredients in a sealable container and add 2-3 drops of rose oil. Close the container and allow the mixture to pass well. Shake the jar occasionally.

Would you like to make fragrance bags yourself, which contribute to the relaxation, the lavender flowers, orange blossom, lemon balm, chamomile flowers, fennel flowers and hops flowers are quite well suited. If you would like a room fragrance in your study that increases your ability to concentrate, you can make a fragrance bag with peppermint, lavender, thyme, basil, lemon balm, rosemary and lemon verbena.

Creative drawing techniques for painting with children – 28 original ideas

Painting with children fingerprint-sign-art-bird-tree-branch

Painting and drawing are among the most popular pursuits for the big and the big small children , So that Painting with children even more fun and encourages the creativity of the little ones, you can try some original painting and drawing techniques. Many beautiful and creative ideas can be found in this article!

Painting with children – The frottage drawing technique

Painting with children creative-drawing-techniques-frottage-herbstlaub

Frottage is an old printing technique that is also popular among children. To do this, place an object with a textured surface under a sheet of paper and then paint the sheet with pastels, colored pencils or a blunt pencil. So the surface structure is transferred to the sheet and thus drawn a beautiful picture.

Creative painting with children – dots pattern

Painting with children polka dot technique cotton swabs

Dabbing is a popular technique that is also suitable for painting various pictures and objects. With simple cotton swabs that everyone has at home and gouache or acrylic paints, children can use certain items or even entire ones draw pictures ,

“Dot-painting” – the art of the Aborigines in Australia


In Papunya, a small aboriginal settlement in Australia, this form of point painting was created in 1972. The young schoolteacher Geoffrey Bardon asked the Aborigines to present their stories of the dreamtime on canvas. Aboriginal art became known worldwide as a new art style and was called Papunya Tula.


The dot painting is perfect for elementary school art lessons and for elementary school children in general. This simple technique has a fascinating effect and can also be modernized. You do not have to be a painting talent either. Particularly suitable are motifs associated with Australia, for example kangaroos, lizards and snakes. In this way, children can learn more about the distant land through games.

Printing with bubble wrap


Hardly anyone who takes the bubble wrap in their hands can resist breaking their air bubbles with their fingers. But the bubble wrap is a nice material that is great for crafting. Particularly popular is the bubble wrap, which creates a lot of random structures.


With bubble wrap, kids can paint a beautiful underwater picture. First, the blue background is made. Then the silhouettes of two fish with orange acrylic paint. A piece of bubble wrap is then cut to the shape and size of the fish. Now with a brush and acrylic paint on the bubble wrap. Then turn over the bubble wrap, place it on top of the fish and press gently. With the same method, white bubbles can be made in the water. To give the picture the finishing touch, children should still paint the details on the fish and some seaweed.

Drawing technique for children with sponge

Painting with children creative-ideas-drawing-technique-sponges-color

For a creative painting with children, you can use different tools instead of the usual brush. With a sponge and gouache colors your children can paint beautiful landscapes, bouquets and any animals. You can also cut the sponge in smaller pieces in a specific shape and use it as a stamp use.

Paint with paint stains

Painting with children creative ideas color scrap paper

Simple color stains can be transformed into real works of art with this drawing technique. Give your child a sheet of paper, paint and a brush. It should now paint several blots on the paper and then fold the sheet while the ink is still wet. Finally unfold the sheet and find out what the picture looks like.

Painting with children – hand and foot prints

paint-with-children-handprint-footprint-painting technique

A very popular drawing technique that is really fun is painting with hand and foot prints. There are special finger paints that allow children to paint creative images with their fingers, feet and hands. Painting with finger paints is not only funny, it also has a positive effect on the children and their imagination.

Paint creative pictures with finger paints


The drawing technique is simple – the child should simply plunge his foot, hand or finger into the finger paint and then make an impression on a sheet of paper. Then you can put together a favorite animal or beautiful landscape from the impression.

Painting with children – drawing technique with fingerprints

paint-with-children-finger-creative-sign technology Snowmen

The special finger paints are suitable for both large and very small children, as they contain no harmful substances. If you use special finger paints instead of acrylics to paint with children, you can not worry about your child’s hand accidentally landing in his mouth.

Fists for painting with children

paint-with-children-autumn pumpkins Paint fists-glittery

When the little ones paint with their hands, not only the fingers and palm can be used. With fists you can also conjure up creative pictures. For example, the imprint of the fist is perfect for painting pumpkins or seahorses.

Painting techniques for children in autumn

paint-with-children-autumn-painting techniques-autumn leaves-color

Imprints are always a good idea when painting with children. If you prefer to keep your hands clean, you can consider drawing methods with different items. With autumn leaves and matching colors, the children can paint colorful autumnal pictures.

Fruits and vegetables for painting

paint-with-children-sign-techniques creative-fruit-punch

Another creative drawing technique for painting with children would be to use existing fruits and vegetables. For example, if your child wants to paint an apple or pear, you can cut the fruit in half, dip it in color, and make an accurate impression.

Make stamps from fruits and vegetables yourself

make with-children-fruit-vegetable-stamp-yourself Paint

You can make stamps for your children from various fruits and vegetables in any shape. Then use the stamps when painting with children and create creative pictures. If a specific shape is required for the stamp, it is best to use a rough potato.

Make pluster paint for painting with children


With this drawing technique you can paint beautiful pictures with a structured surface with children. For this, a pluster color is made from a tablespoon of flour, a tablespoon of salt, water and various food colors. When the picture is ready, it can be placed in the microwave for 10-30 seconds to color.

Painting and crafts with children

paint-tinker with-children-motive-cut-stick-

The next drawing technique is a combination of painting and crafting. First of all, sheets of paper of any color are painted and cut out of stencils. Then stick the stencils on a separate sheet and create a creative picture with the children.

Making marble paper with children – The Ebru painting technique

paint-with-children-ebru-painting-sign technology-marble paper

This painting technique is called ebru and images are painted on water or in this case milk and then transferred to a sheet of paper. Further, this oil paints and solvents are necessary, as well as a vessel that is large enough for the sheet of paper.

Paint with soap bubbles

Soap bubbles are fascinating. It’s always great fun when the bubbles float through the air and eventually burst. With soap bubbles you can also paint and conjure up the best works of art! When painting with soap bubbles children also learn what they can do with different uses of their breath power. Carefully blowing results in a different result.


You need: Soap bubble mixture (made up of dish soap, water, sugar and glycerin), food colors or watercolors, a baking sheet, a glass, a straw and white paper.

* If you are worried that infants may come into contact with dish soap, you can use milk instead. The milk bubbles are heavier in weight than soap bubbles, but are equally suitable for abstract motives.

Mix the soap bubble mixture with a few drops of food coloring in a glass. Put the glass in the middle of the baking tray. Carefully blow in with the straw. While doing so, a lot of soap bubbles climb out of the glass and spread out on the sheet. Then set the glass aside. Take a piece of white paper and put it gently on the soap bubbles. Then just let the artwork dry.

Drawing and painting with children – scratch pictures

paint-with-children-scratch wallpaper drawing-children-sign technology

Scratch pictures are a creative occupation for young and old. To make a scratch picture yourself, you should paint a piece of cardboard with colorful oil pastels. Then cover the sketch with a mixture of black gouache paint and soap. If the paint is dry, you can scratch any pictures and motifs on the cardboard with toothpicks or wooden skewers.

Drawing technique with cardboard

paint-with-children-carton-cardboard-strip-character technology

If you are looking for another alternative to the traditional brush, you can use small strips of cardboard. So children can easily draw vertical and horizontal lines for houses and other buildings.

Use a brush instead of a brush for painting


When painting with children, all kitchen utensils and tools are a possible alternative to the brush. The rule is: the more unusual, the better. With the dish brush, for example, you can paint beautiful landscapes with autumn leaves or green leaves.

Beautiful drawing technique – the cracked paper


This drawing technique achieves an interesting cracked effect. First paint a whole picture with oil pastels and crumple it up. Then smooth the sheet again and paint it with dark paint. Finally, rinse the drawing with water and allow to dry.

Painting with children – cling film for a marble effect

paint-with-children-sign technology-kept fresh foil-marble-effect

Cling film can also be used to create creative effects on painted pictures. When the colors are still wet, the picture is covered with plastic wrap. Now you should a little pinch the cling film to create a great marble effect.

paint-children-kitchen paper roll cling film

The cling film can also be wrapped around an empty kitchen roll paper, brush the film with acrylic paint and then roll over the paper. With yarn, bubble film and other materials, very different looks are created! Let the kids experiment!

paint-child yarn-kitchen paper roll

Stamp printing with Klorolle for the little ones

paint-children-klopapier-kitchen-paper role-circle pattern-heart

To print circles, pick the bottom edge of the empty rag roller. Put some paint on a paper plate and dip the toilet paper roll into it. Now print the paper with the stamps at will. If the Klorolle kinked from one side, creates a heart stamp.

Watercolor and salt for beautiful effects

paint-with-children-aqarell-sign technology-salt-effect

If you sprinkle some salt on a still damp picture with watercolor, the salt is saturated in the colors and acquired a grained effect. The illustrated drawing techniques for painting with children are fun, stimulate their imagination and encourage creativity.


Fairy make from any materials – ideas for children & adults

fairy tale fairy-wool-felt-purple-dress-wings

Fairies fascinate children, in the form of figures but also by adults like to decorate the apartment and even the garden used. A great example of this are the romantic ones Mini-gardens and Feentüren , If you would like to delight your little ones on one or more afternoons, you can pick up on this theme and use it to craft different variations for fairies, using a variety of different materials. We have put together some interesting ideas and instructions on how to make a fairy in the following lines. Have fun during your leisure time!

Fairy make cork and cloth

fairy tinker-cork-wool-fabric-dress-wing-band

  • cork
  • Fabric for the dress
  • transparent fabric for the wings (wide gift ribbon)
  • Wool
  • Glue
  • black felt-tip pen

fairy tinker cork-easy-kids-project-wool-thread-fairy-wool

Let’s start with a very simple idea that even children can easily implement. You need a cork that you paint white. A small rectangular piece of fabric, which should be slightly wider than the circumference of the cork, is then wrapped around the cork and glued. Decorate the transition from fabric to cork with a ribbon. For the hair cut some pieces of wool. These are then tied in the middle with a piece of string and can be glued to the cork. From the wide gift ribbon you then form loops for the wings and stick them on the back. Only two points are missing for the eyes and you’re done!

Felt fairies make woody figures as a basis


  • wooden figures
  • watercolors
  • felt
  • scissors
  • Glue
  • Glittering stones and other decorations as desired


If you want to make such a felt fairy, you can use wooden figures as a basis. Of course this makes the work a lot easier. The figures can be ordered for example on Ebay, but can also be found in your craft shop. With the colors you color the wooden body. Leave the head in natural wood color. Let them dry and prepare the clothes made of felt. How the coat should be cut, see above in the picture. Of course you can also try other variants.


Finally, you still need the wreath for the head, which is also made of felt. The length should correspond to the circumference of the sphere. This is glued to the ball so that the teeth protrude upwards and resembles a crown. Now you can design the cape with other decorations and also paint a face if you want. Already the little ones can play with the finished figures.

Fairy tinker – idea with wooden spoon


These witty fairies consist of a wooden spoon, which is transformed into a fairy with felt and paper or fabric. Also, some stains are needed to paint the face as you make the fairy. In principle, you can let your imagination run wild here. The children can make paper fairy clothes by recording, cutting and then sticking them on the spoon. Of course, scraps of fabric can also be used for this purpose.

Fairy tales from fairytale wool


You can felze fairies by using the so-called fairy-tale wool. In the beginning you will find the technique a little bit complicated, but once you get the hang of it, you will have made many fairy-tales in an instant. You can make a fairy tale fairy wool with a variety of colors. You are welcome to let your imagination run wild. Below is a video tutorial that can help you get started as a beginner.

Fairies for children and adults made of natural materials

fairy-tinker-wood disc-pinecone-purple-rainbow-inspiration Leaves-wood bead

Especially cute we find this idea, for which you simply use wood and pine cones, if you want to make such a fairy yourself. A wooden bead and a pine cone are designed in any color. Acrylic paint is well suited for this. The pin can also be painted with spray paint. The pin is then glued to a wooden disc, on the pine cones comes again the wooden bead that you have already equipped with hair and face.

fairy-tinker-natural materials-autumn-leaves-acorn-pinecone

You can create wings in different ways. You can use artificial leaves in the desired color or you can collect real small leaves in autumn or in another season, dry them and color them if necessary. Some of the materials may be replaced by others. Acorns, for example, are wonderfully suitable because they even have a hat.

Craft fairy mobile


For a mobile with “flying” fairies you need a wooden ring on which you can hang the fairy figures and, of course, fairies. The latter are best recorded on cardboard, painted and cut out and then provided with cord for hanging. The wings are best made extra, so you can fold them later to get a 3D effect. Instead of cardboard, another material such as felt, stronger fabric or even sponge rubber may be used. You get a nice decoration that you can use for the nursery.

Make flower fairies yourself

fairy-tinker-bedroom decorating-fairy-blumenfee-vintage

  • wood Beads
  • different artificial flowers
  • wire
  • To dye
  • scissors
  • hot glue

fairy-tinker-artificial-flower-materials-instructions-craft idea-adult-child

Of the artificial flowers you need the individual petals if you want to make this kind of fairy. They put them together at will to get a fairy dress. Detailed instructions in pictures can be found at the end of our article. When winding and tinkering with the wire, a lot must be considered, so that all the individual elements are well held together. Thanks to the wire, you can hang the finished flower fairies anywhere in the room.

Instructions for flower fairies here ,