Dining room furniture – current design in 80 pictures

Dining room furnishings -world map-geometric-abstract-dining-table-solid wood-plastic-chair-yellow

In the dining room, the family members meet for a chat and a meal. It becomes the gathering point after the working day and there begins the weekend with a shared breakfast. That is why the Dining room furniture especially important for the right living feeling in the house.

Dining room interior with contemporary design

dining-device-modern-contemporary, modern chairs-plastic-eames-yellow-white-wood-color

A trend in recent years is the mix of chairs – From design classics, such as Eames Plastic Chair and Diamond Chair from Bretoia, to no-name antiques and heirlooms, mixed with cheap chairs. The design principle for a stylish composition are the common features of the different seating furniture. The shape, the color or the material can be the same, so that they harmonize better with each other.

Dining room decor in white and wood

Dining room furniture -white-wood-table-chairs-lantern-glass-wall-outlook-sea-statue

In the center of the dining area is the table. It should be equally suitable for everyday use and festive occasions. Shape and size are best suited to this space. Sufficient space for all family members and some friends may not be missing. A dining table for four people should be at least 1 square meter. You have to assume that a person at the table needs an area of ​​about 70 cm wide and 40 cm long. A practical solution for a rather small household, but would like to receive guests, would be a pull-out table. Visually not as dominating in the room are round and oval tables. However, these possible niches and the floor plan of the room are not optimal. But the round shape ensures equal rights on the table because you have the same distance to each person and you feel sociable and the conversation is more pleasant.

Dining Room Decor – Design Classic with Modern

Dining room furniture -white-plastic-chair-eames-eero-saarinen-table-knoll

Which material is best for a dining table top? Of course, the natural materials would be a good choice. Solid wood can be sanded again and again if scratches appear. But it has to be oiled and waxed regularly. In the cheaper version, the veneer, small defects remain permanently. Glass plates are ideal for smaller spaces due to the reflective surface. It should be noted that any greasy fingerprint will be visible and over time, small scratches form due to metal objects such as cutlery or the harness or jewelry.

Classic elements in the modern interior

Dining room furniture -table-oval-glass-chairs-white-leather-wood-floor-dark-chandelier-crystal

The decoration ensures a pleasing appearance. Table runners and blankets, fresh flowers, bowls and vases make the dining area more attractive. A carpet under the table holds the dining area visually together.

A carpet under the dining table defines the place

Dining room furniture-wood-table-bench-chairs-black-chandelier-window-plants

A pendant light over the table brings besides pleasant light during activities at the dining table also a cozy atmosphere in this area with it. As a result, the dining area is better defined, especially in larger rooms. During the daytime, the center of the room is accentuated by a striking decoration, which becomes a light source in the evening. Here are also different variants possible – a single pendant or several smaller with metal or glass bowl.

Hanging lamp above the table for a cozy atmosphere

Dining room furniture-chairs-black-table-wood-absract-image-modern-design-art

Let yourself be inspired by the most beautiful designer ideas worldwide and find a suitable example for the renovation in the dining room.

Dining room decor in Scandinavian style

Dining room furniture -white-dining-table-black-chairs-couch-upholstery-blue-scandinavian-modern-simple

Dining room furniture – same proportions harmonize in the room

Dining room furniture-black-dining-table-wood-wall-picture-white-terrace

Table with angular shape uses niches in the room optimally

Dining room furniture -drink-dining-table-bench-chairs-light-wood-white-parquet-floor-open

Old, new, modern and classic create an interplay in the dining room interior

Dining room furniture -loft-white-wood-floor-dining-chairs-old-plants-windowsill-bulbs

Colored accents bring fresh pep in the room

Dining room set-up-chairs-eamesplastic-upholstered-colorful-wood-open-floor

Simple and angular in black and white combined with round pendant lights

Dining room furniture -modern-black-white-gray-chairs-dining-table-hanging-lights-sphaere

Dining room becomes the center of the house

Dining room furniture -moor-floor-chairs-black-dining-table-wood-hanging

Modern meets classic – Futuristic lamp and simple, elongated dining table

Dining room furniture -white-wood-chairs-wood-table-metal-drapes-duenn-

Wood paneling is repeated in the floor and in the ceiling

Dining room furniture -floor-fell-carpet-sideboard-black-white-darkbrown

Playful, artistic chandelier for a modern flair

Dining room furniture -wood floor-dark-brown-table-solid-wood-chandelier-modern-chairs-black-pictures-square

Light in bold color becomes the highlight in the room

Dining Room Decor-hanging-light-dining-chairs-black-window-wall-gray-sideboard-drinks

Modern in white high gloss

dining-device-wooden floor-white-black-hochglanzkueche-open modern-design

Rustic and modern

dining-device-dining table-solid wood-old dark-chairs-and-white high-gloss chandelier-commode-images

Modern interior design – A mix of materials

dining-device-dining table-long chairs-white-flooring-light gray-kaminofen-modern-wood-traeger

Simple in neutral colors and contrasting accents – African masks as decoration

dining-device-dining table-wood-chairs-regal-mask-africa

Minimalist design related to the practical

dining-device-dining table-solid wood chairs-cantilever-black-skylight-open-kitchen-counter

Dining table and chairs of the same kind of wood

dining-device-dining table-wood-chairs upholstered black-kitchen-white-flooring-gray

Simple with subtle accents and repetitive motifs

dining-device-dining table-wooden plate-metal frame-Suspension lamp-candlestick-wall-bricks

dining-device-white-chairs-plastic-dining table-solid wood-waenddachfenster-glass wall-garden-outlook

dining-device-dining table-dark-wood-chairs wenge-plastic-transparent-black-white-flooring

dining-device-dining table-old-wood chairs and white-different-light-foment-bamboo flooring-kitchen-stainless steel

dining-device-flooring-dining table-shell-pad-gray-Suspension lamp-metal optics

dining-device-dining table and white chairs-modern-design-Suspension lamp-black-flooring-gray-chair-orange

dining-device-dining table-white-mirror-chairs-black Suspension lamp-wood floor

dining-device-wooden floor-dining table-solid wood chairs-plastic-eames-open ceiling-door

dining-device-wood-floor-partition-dining table chairs-traditional haengeleuchten

dining-device-wooden floor-dining table-square-chairs-black braid-spots-Suspension lamp Candles

dining-device-dining table chairs-thonet-terrasenfenster-Trepe-ultramarine

dining-device-room dividers-wood ceiling-wall color green-chairs-gray-white

dining-device-lanhausstil-modern-tiles-kitchen-dining table-wood-chairs-flooring carpet-exploited-look

dining-device-wood-and-white Suspension lamp-table-chairs-kitchen-open terrace-modern

dining-device-modern-solid wood-dining table-shelves-sideboard-chairs upholstered-Suspension lamp

dining-device-wood chairs-plastic-dining table-plate-big-house-forest-window-wall tiling

dining-device-wood-dining table massively-plastic chairs open-fireplace-wooden floor-skylight

dining-device-wood-kaminofen-dining table chairs-villa-bole-granite

dining-device-dining table chairs and black-wood walls-terrace window-granite-wall-leather couch

dining-device-modern-white-glass-dining table chairs-wall shelf-wall covering high-gloss

dining-device-modern black and white high-gloss-chairs chandelier-mirror-surface '

dining-device-white-wood-black-mirror-dining table chairs-eames-wall shelf-playful-Suspension lamp Ball

dining-device-black-white-high gloss dining table chairs-green

dining-device-black-chairs-yellow upholstery carpet beige-chandelier-abstract-living room-plant

dining-device-modern-design-panton-chair-kitchen-open-high-gloss stainless steel kuehlschrank

dining-device-modern movies-dining table-polsterstuehle-light-wall tiling-ironman

dining-device-Suspension lamp-round-ball-dining table-dining counter-kuecheninsel

dining-device-gross-open terrace window-dining table chairs-upholstered-gray floral pattern

dining-device-gray-indirect-lighting-couch-dining table-around chairs-glass wall-window

dining-device-gold wallpaper artworks-table-glass-steel-piano

dining-device-wood-dining table chairs-kitchen-counter-haengeleuchten-stairs

dining-device-dining table-chairs oval-padded-wood-kitchen-haengeleuchten

dining-device-dining table-oval marble top-candlestick-chairs upholstered-colored-wall-squares

dining-device-dining table-solid-rustic stone walls-floor-wood ceiling

dining-device-dining table-wood-chairs kaminofen-center-glass wall-window

dining-device-dining table chairs-light green-terrace window Lookout Light

dining-device-white-dining table chairs-stair-spiral-orange-popping

dining-facility-open-garden-dining table chairs-wood

dining-device-wooden floor-open space-solid wood-dining table-plastic-chair-chandelier-crystal-pool

dining-device-dining table-wood-chairs-and-white open-space-swimming pool-corner sofa

dining-device-couch-gray dining table chairs-white-Suspension lamp-concrete ceiling-glasfenster-

dining-device-mirror-mirror-chairs plastic-transparent-black-white

dining-device-dining table chairs-upholstered-black-chandelier-glass-transparent-modern picture-art

dining-device-wood-plastic-metal-mirror Chairs-transparent-light-modern-design-kaminofen

dining-device-dining table-chairs bertoia-metal-wire-design-contemporary, modern,

Dining room furniture-dining table-solid wood-plastic-chairs-upholstered-window-light-window-open-terrarium

Dining room furniture-concrete-ceiling-dining-table-solid wood-chairs-picture-gruen-glaswaende-curtains

Dining room furniture-dining-table-chairs-beroia-pool-glass-wall

Dining room furniture -terrace-garden-dining-table-chairs-open-glass-walled-wood-floor

Dining room furniture -terrace-view-fireplace-dining-table-chairs-dining-table-hanging-lights-picture-butterflies

Dining room furniture-dining-table-chairs-white-eames-terrace-wood-light-wood-floor-polished-garden

Dining room furniture-dining-table-chairs-view-lights-city-newyork

dining-device-wall color-petrol blue Suspension lamp-floral-dining table-wood chairs and white

dining-device-industrial-design-sitting area-table-steel frame carpet


dining-device-beige-brown-wall design wallpaper polsterstuehle-curtain-spots

dining-device-removable-upholstered chairs-white-dining table-antique wallpaper

Furnishing ideas for sitting area in the kitchen-space-saving and comfortable

sitting area in the kitchen comfort bench chairs tree trunk table round blue wall paint

The Sitting area in the kitchen is not only practical, but also really cozy alternative to dining room , Our interior design ideas will help you to create a sunny corner where the whole family can enjoy the food together, the children can tinker and you can read books or solve cross puzzles.

Sitting area in the kitchen – your new favorite place

sitting area in the kitchen rustic blackboard pizza oven wooden bench brick white

Even if your kitchen is big, it will only benefit from a sitting area. The Sitting area in the kitchen you should set up directly under the window so that the sunlight can be used completely. For more light on the table, you can opt for transparent curtains. The white color for small kitchens is recommended and can be refreshed by light green and light blue accents. Red and black are always included rustic style very much, while yellow fits the Scandinavian interior.

Sitting area in the kitchen – Bright, comfortable and homely

sitting area in the kitchen bright furnishing white gray marble table murals

The Sitting area in the kitchen consists of a corner seat – wood is the material that gives the kitchen a cozy look, and table. Take good care that there is enough room for free movement between the table and the bench. A good option is the table with a round shape that visually opens the corner. The bench should be upholstered with fabric / alternatively it can be leathered. Decoration can come in the form of curtains, colorful pillows or interesting chairs.

Sitting area in the kitchen for the whole family

sitting area in the kitchen modern round dining table stone wallpaper gray sofa

For smaller rooms you can use the Sitting area in the kitchen shape as follows – one Bench with storage space combine with a table with storage space. Above the bench, you can design a photo wall, or even hang your favorite pictures. Flowers at the table are a must and compliment the overall look. On further decoration you can do without. For more comfortable seating, you can put a rug under the table. Despite the sunlight, you need a pendant lamp above the table. We have collected some ideas for you as an incentive. Be creative – the work will pay off!

Warm colours

sitting area in the kitchen eckdesign red orange seat cushion country style

Sitting area with storage space

Seating Area Bin Kitchen yellow pillow

Green bench in the kitchen

green bench kitchen

Green kitchen in a classic style

green-kitchen-classical-style seating area

White-blue color scheme in the kitchen

White-kitchen-cozy sitting area- make blue

Leather beige seat

leathered-beige bench chairs kitchen

Yellow upholstered bench

yellow-padded bench kitchen

Small kitchen with sitting area

small-kitchen-sitting room

White kitchen with bench

white-kitchen-wooden table Stizecke

Cozy country kitchen

Country Kitchen Lanterne Tile sitting area

white-wood seating area table and blue cushion

Photo wall-sitting room-kitchen

rustic kitchen wood floor sitting area

orange sitting area- classic kitchen

Design the dining room in the garden and enjoy your meals outdoors

dining room in the garden wood floor furniture ceiling paint

The summer days are already here and it’s time Dining room in the garden to move. Take a look at these beautiful ideas on how to design an outdoor dining room. How have for you garden furniture selected in all sorts of designs and variations. You can set up the dining area under the covered terrace or in the garden. Take a look at our suggestions and be inspired to set up your own patio area.

Dining room in the garden on the wooden terrace

Dining room in the garden rustic-garden furniture-wood-idea-comfort

For more comfort you can do that Dining room in the garden set up right on the porch. Choose stylish and comfortable garden furniture and make it a cozy one dining area on the terrace. If the porch is not covered, put a parasol to protect you from the hot sun. For more mood you can add beautiful decorative elements, such as throw pillows and flowers. Choose solid chairs with upholstery for added comfort, as well as a solid wooden table.

Mediterranean dining room in the garden

dining room in the garden mediterranean-style-stone-outdoor-kitchen-pergola

If you like that Dining room in the garden If you want to do a bit different, do not let the interior of the house move outside. Create a nice dining area on the covered terrace by buying comfortable rattan garden furniture and using it as dining furniture. Comfortable armchairs with upholstery and a solid wooden table will be fully adequate for the rustic style open plan dining room. On the covered terrace you may enjoy less sun, but you are also protected from the bad weather.

Modern garden dining room

dining room in the garden terrace-pool-table-black-pergola

Classic decor with garden as a view

dining room in the garden metal-romantic-design-outdoor-carpet

Seating area in oriental style

Oriental style ideas for dining room in the garden

Dining room with more color in the garden

colorful seating ideas for dining room garden

Dining room set in the garden with rattan furniture

Rattan armchair wooden table ideas for dining room in the garden

Accents in orange in the patio area

orange color theme ideas for dining room in the garden

Cobalt blue for the outdoor dining room

cobalt blue accents ideas for dining room garden

Colorful panels for privacy

wooden deck dining table ideas for dining room garden

Dining area in the garden with modern design

Modern design ideas for dining room garden

minimalist garden furniture for the terrace

minimalist design ideas for dining room garden

Patio area with modern dining furniture

covered terrace ideas for dining room garden

Romantic ambience for the dining area in the garden

Elegant interior ideas for dining room garden

Round table in a cozy atmosphere

Green fence ideas for dining room garden

Metal garden furniture in vintage style

garden furniture metal ideas for dining room garden

Set up sunscreen yourself

sunscreen fabric blanket ideas for dining room in the garden

romantic ambiente ideas for dining room in the garden

parasol glass ideas for dining in the garden

Innovative swing dining table for more fun while eating

orange-black-innovative dining table

We present you an innovative new design – the swing- dining table promises a lot of fun while eating with family and friends! Remember the summer with this enchanted design.

Modern swing dining table with interesting construction

modern swing-table-interesting construction

The designer of the innovative design – the rocking dining table / in English – Swing Table called / wanted to create a fun interior that not only looks interesting, but also very cozy. He puts a lot of emphasis on the fun and entertainment factor. That’s why Christopher Duffy opted for a large table with a peculiar construction. It not only suits the minimalist and puristic look, but also the Scandinavian style. Eight chairs and a chandelier in origami look hang on a construction above the sturdy table. You feel free, and float in a balloon over the room.

Swing dining table for the modern apartment

white swing-table dining room

The rocking dining table may look like a child’s toy, but you’re wrong – the reinforced stainless steel construction is stable and extremely durable. The wooden table is big enough and can alternatively be used in the conference room. Another practical solution is to install a swing table in the kitchen office. The modern design is available in several colors – natural light wood and white chairs, black table and dining chairs or orange chairs with black construction. The furniture can set accents in the interior and will always remind you of the beautiful time in summer in the garden.

Swing dining table – creative idea

purist furniture swing table

The innovative design of the modern swing dining table practically creates space in the room and redefines the volume. It is for those who feel young and who want to have fun with friends, colleagues and family. The model is created for creative natures and with great attention to detail, creating a consistent scheme. In any case, you have to have enough space and a stable floor that will withstand the construction.

Black Swing Table by Christopher Duffy

black swing-table Christopher Duffy

minimalist decor for dining room

minimalist purist interior dining room

105 Living ideas for dining room – design, table decoration and dining area in the garden

living room for dining room luxurioes classic large dining table sideboard

We have already presented suitable living ideas for the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. In the article today we add the section with 105 Living ideas for dining room added. For large and small rooms, as part of the kitchen or as an independent room, in a classic or modern style, rustic, eclectic or vintage – the 105 furnishing ideas offer something for everyone. Let yourself be inspired!

Article overview:

1. Classic design

2. Country style furnishings

3. Modern decor ideas

4th kitchen with dining area

5. Table decoration


living room for dining room bright furnishing curtain ceiling design chic

The classic Wohnideen for dining room can be recognized by several characteristics. First of all – the material selection – definitely wood. The dining table and chairs have many ornaments. The dining room is decorated with Persian carpet. The chandelier in the royal style decorates the room. Decorated with flowers.

Dark dining room furniture

home decor for dining room classic furnishing dark wood cupboard

Dining room buffet, matching the chairs

living room for dining room parquet carpet buffet dark wood furniture

Dining room in French country style

living room for dining room classic french white furniture shabby

Furniture in the royal style

Living ideas for dining royal

Floral pattern and mirror as decoration

Dining table classic mirror carpet living room ideas for dining room

Classic interior with vintage elements

Living ideas dining room birds deco blue classic

Dining room with mirror

Living ideas dining room classic solid wood table mirror

Library in the dining room

Dining room green vintage wallpaper furniture chandelier

Classic dining group

Living ideas dining room classic wood dining table chairs

Vintage decor idea

vintage decor ideas dining room wallpaper furniture chandelier

Shabby Chic design

Shabby Chic Home Decor Dining Room Blue White Purple

Small but nice – dining area in green

Design dining room dining space small green classic

Blue leather chairs

Dining room neutral colors blue leather chairs

Library in the dining room

Dining room royal dining furniture library designer ideas

Small but comfortable dining area

Living ideas Dining room glass table Photo wall white leather furniture

Classic elegance – dining room with glamorous chandelier

Dining place ideas classic crystal chandelier design

Chairs with original upholstery

Dining room colors yellow gray plushes

Crystal chandelier

Dining room interior glass chandelier

Blue wall paint and maritime decoration

Dining room set up blue wall white

Large dining room with fireplace and mural painting

Wall decoration ideas dining room flowers classic furniture

Maritime table decoration

Dining room decoration ideas maritime

Retro design idea

Dining room wood sofa set fireplace blue wall color

Eclectic mix – retro and modern

Living ideas dining room retro decor blue chairs wall deco wood dining table

Green accents

Dining room yellow chairs design wood rattan chinese porcelain

glamorous dining room yellow gilded chandelier


rustic decor Idea living ideas for dining room

The rustic ones Living ideas for dining room combine atmospheric wood furniture in the Country-style , Rustic dining table is usually combined with bench. Often the designers offer eclectic concepts that show a mix of modern and classic design. So it’s no wonder that untreated wood furniture is combined with high-gloss chandeliers.

Cool idea for a small room

Living ideas rustic dining table roof pitch

Design sunny dining room

Living ideas Country style dining room rustic

Rustic dining table

rustic wood dining table furnishings black

Kitchen with dining area in country style

Living ideas Country style kitchen dining table bench table cross legs

Rustic dining room with lanterns

Living ideas Country style bench wood furniture metal

Large dining area with bench

Living ideas Country style dining table wood chairs upholstered seat

Bench with post

Living ideas Country-style dining area bench wind chandelier

Natural stone wall as an accent

Living ideas natural stone wall light dining table rustic

Original furnishings mix of styles

Dining group rustic green chairs lighting

Bench made of wood

Home decor Dining room wall design card bench


Living ideas classic dining room design white

Vintage and rustic

Home decor eclectic mix of styles wood beams vintage dining room furniture

Scandinavian style

Stripes white yellow wall decor dining room

Upholstered furniture in country style

Country style deco ideas upholstered furniture lamp

Dining room with glass wall

Home decor rustic modern dining room

Small dining group

small seating wood plastic dining table

Green accents

Living ideas cool green upholstered chairs graffiti wall decor wooden table

Original colored pendant lights

Living ideas dining room bench design


Home Decor Dining Acrylic Chairs Wall Stickers Stripes Rug

How can you differentiate Living ideas for dining room different from each other? Under modern These days, we understand an eclectic mix of styles and decoration. Essentially dining table and chairs with clean lines and simple shapes are considered to be modern. Wood and metal are used a lot in the design, as well as plastic. Oversized pendant lights set accents and create an atmospheric ambience. Three color schemes define the modern dining room – Scandinavian, minimalist and puristic. The Scandinavian color scheme is dominated by blue and yellow, minimalist designs are mostly black, and puristic features are white.

Dining room with WOW effect

Furnishing ideas modern dining room green glass table floor decking

Small dining area with acrylic chairs

Home decor white dining room picture wall acrylic chairs

Fireplace in the dining room

Dining room design Dining table Mahogany fireplace Shaggy rug

minimalist decor idea

Living room plaster wall metal table white chairs

Yellow accents

Living ideas dining room wall decoration yellow mosaic chairs

minimalist dining room with wall decoration

Dining room small minimalist dining space black

Effective lighting

Dining room lighting design pendant lamp modern

Industrial chic – brick wall and metal stairs

Living ideas industrial style metal staircase dining room

Small dining area

Dining set wood furniture paper pendant lamp wood flooring

Tiles recycle brick wall

Interior design wall covering dining room

Neutral color scheme

white dining room interior idea beige chairs wood dining table

Blue wall color

Scandinavian dining room design idea plaster wall

Asian-style dining room

small dining room set up wood

White minimalist decor

Design ideas minimalist modern white

Ceiling lights for the dining room

Dining room wall decoration red mosaic tiles

Puristic decor idea

Living ideas for dining room round table wood pendant lamp metal

Dark flooring

Living ideas modern dining room black leather chairs design

Puristic design

Dining room design white wood shelves chairs

black and white

Design ideas minimalist white modern

Bright dining area

Dining room roof windows ideas design modern leather chairs

Dining table with decoration

Dining room lighting ideas laminate floor modern white

Beautiful dining table

Dining table wood dining room set up kitchen

Paper pendant light solid wood dining table cross legs


Living ideas kitchen dining table blue green table decoration

Space saving and convenient is to organize a dining area in the kitchen. Often, a large living area will be designed that combines the kitchen, dining room and living room into one. The dining room is mostly limited to a cooking island with bar stools and dining area.

Blue cooking island with rattan chairs

Dining area kitchen cooking island set up rattan chairs wooden floor

Large kitchen and dining room in one

modern kitchen dining place acrylic chairs brick wall

Country-style kitchen

Kitchen country style dining place barstools natural stone

Black and white color scheme

Kitchen dining table black white minimalist

Red kitchen with dining area

red kitchen high gloss fronts

Practical device

Kitchen island white high gloss black leather

High gloss fronts kitchen with dining area

modern kitchen dining table bar stool wood floor

Lighting above the cooking island

small modern kitchen dining area underfloor glass kitchen back wall

Neutral colors

small cooking island wood dining furniture

Blue and white colors – minimalist kitchen with dining area

Living ideas blue white kitchen minimalist

White kitchen with practical furnishings

Corner kitchen white dining table chairs


purple table top white ceiling garden design ideas

In summer, the sunny garden invites for outdoor breaks. What is better than setting up an outdoor kitchen or at least one seating area on the terrace – so the whole family can enjoy the nice weather. Even for barbecues, the outdoor dining area is very suitable – so do not hesitate!

Outdoor kitchen with dining area

Dining table around white chairs garden terrace

Roof terrace with dining area

Roof terrace Furnishings Privacy screen dining area wooden floorboards

Garden Party

vintage garden decor design

Allotment with dining area

Allotment garden terrace seating

Rattan furniture in the garden

Garden Furniture Seating Design Rattan Furniture Upholstery

Dining place in country style

Small patio wood furniture design

Garden table made of wooden pallets

Garden terrace table build yourself

minimalist patio area

Garden privacy screen dining area minimalist terrace concrete floor

Wood benches and large table for garden parties

cozy dining area garden shape stone tiles


Dining table decoration flowers plate design

Even the most beautiful dining room can be complimented by matching table decoration. We offer you some simple but very effective ideas with floral arrangements, napkins and colorful tablecloths. Let yourself be inspired!

Vintage table top with purple napkins

vintage table top ideas purple napkins spring flowers porcelain utensils

Purple table decoration for family celebration

Spring table decoration Ideas make yourself purple

Fresh flowers at the table

Spring table top ideas flowers purple

Spring flowers as table decoration

Fresh flowers table pink napkin deco idea

Delicious sweets for garden party

Garden Party Food Sweets Serve Green Accents

Floral arrangements with summer flowers

Summer Floral Arrangements Ideas Table Decoration Garden Party

Table decoration in country style

Country style table top garden table wood napkins stripes

Dining table with square shape and simple table decoration

Table top ideas dining room neutral gray beige color

Dining room colors glass wall decor wooden chairs

100 living ideas for the kitchen and the different kitchen styles

100 living ideas for bathrooms – furnishing styles, colors and deco

100 ideas for bedroom designs in various furnishing styles

100 living ideas for living rooms – furnishing styles, colors and trends

Garden Design – 100 pictures, beautiful garden ideas and styles

100 living ideas for children’s rooms with colorful colors for girls and boys

100 ideas for Home Office – promote creativity through the ambience

Italian interior design ideas – royal dining and bedroom furniture

Elegant Photo Wall Bedroom

GIMO is a world renowned Italian furniture producer, with its handmade dining room and Bedroom furniture has earned worldwide recognition. Their designs are very popular not only in Italy, but also in Western Europe, North America and many other parts of the world. The company represents both the unique Italian style and creativity, as well as first-class quality.

Italian dining room and bedroom furniture in the royal style

koniglicher-style dining room

GIMO is undoubtedly one of the best examples of a mix between tradition and modernity. His rich, royal dining room and Bedroom furniture Many young designers in the world fascinate and inspire. But why is it that GIMO is so special? The answer to this question starts with another question – what is GIMO? It is not a company, distributor or seller – it is indeed a consortium made up of many different independent furniture companies. Every furniture producer has his own unique style and has brought excellent collections to the market.

Qualitative bedroom furniture by GIMO

classic bedroom design chandelier

The group of 16 companies contributes to the rich design palette of dining and dining rooms Bedroom furniture at, by GIMO is offered. They are located mostly in the area near Florence and Pisa, and have composed for innovative ideas and creative solutions. As a result, something truly unique has been created – really high quality Italian noble furniture. Thanks to GIMO, all 16 Italian companies have managed to conquer the international market and to further popularize Italian furniture and decoration with their beautiful creations.

Elegant classic designs

classic setup Idea koniglicher style

The strength of the consortium lies in the talent of the designers, who are always looking for new ideas and inspirations. GIMO has become a symbol of the best Italian furniture. Behind the name hides long-standing tradition and furniture. Let these fabulous designs inspire you and also combine classic furniture with a modern twist in your interior.

White dressing table bedroom

white-bedroom dressing table

Modern walk-in closet bedroom

modern-walk-in closet bedroom glass door

Big white bookshelf

great-white-bookcase-living room

White bedroom with elegant bedside table

Modern-white bedroom nightstand

Yellow accents in the living room

yellow accents Parlor reading corner

Modern office furniture leather chair

Modern-office-Einrchtung leather chair

Modern living area with blue wall

Blue Wall Living Room

100 ideas for bedroom designs in various furnishing styles

Grange – the master of cabinets for the perfect room design

interesting dining table-rose-colored-Tsichdecke

Stylish cabinets for the perfect room design offer the professional interior consultants from the French company Grange. They are known for their elegant wood furniture and cheerful designs. We present you some elegant and tasteful designs that will surely inspire you.

Grange – for the elegant room design

sky blue-color-furniture-living room

Founded more than a century ago, this French furniture manufacturer has, over time, perfected its cabinets and wooden furniture. The traditional production of wooden cabinets has been modernized through innovative production techniques, without compromising on the high quality and appearance of the furniture. The perfect room design is practical, but at the same time luxurious, comfortable, but compact, and necessarily paired with the right furniture, according to Grange’s designers.

Grange – classic furniture with an innovative twist for the perfect room design

interesting dining table-rose-colored-Tsichdecke

At the heart of Grange’s activity are, of course, wooden furniture, where a large collection of different durable and beautiful designs is on offer. The perfect room design includes interior ideas that skilfully combine artistic furniture and color schemes. And indeed – when you look around at Grange, at least several interior designs catch the eye and you can hardly decide for one. The furniture company keeps its interest in all news and is always open to suggestions.

The perfect room design – color schemes

directoire-bedroom beige-brown

Interesting fabrics and elegant colors in different combinations attract attention. Charming pink color, light blue or orange-brown – the decision is in your hands. The wooden furniture combines the characteristic features of classic furniture with rustic elements and comfortable soft upholstery.

The collections of Grange – the choice of the editor

Pompadur cabinet collection-Grange

We just fell in love with the 1904 collection – the elegant elements in the retro style, the elegant pale wood color of the furniture and the decoration – ceramics attract everyone’s attention. The Pompadur collection is proof that modern furniture can produce classic furniture.

Unforgettable designs and color schemes define the collections of Grange ,


Purple living room

purple living room sofa low coffee table

Sky blue wallpaper and sofa

sky blue wallpaper sofa living room carpet

Elegant open cupboard bookshelf

Elegant-open cabinet bookcase

Bedroom Ermitage yellow bench

Bedroom Ermitage-yellow bench

Brown-orange color scheme in the cabinet

brown-orange color scheme Cabinet

Modern Dining Ideas 2012 – Say No to Boredom

Modern Dining Room ideas pastel shades

Are you a fan of modern furniture? Do you want to design your dining room with the latest fashion trends? Nothing easier than that! Here are some great tips for the latest and greatest modern dining room ideas 2012 , It is a fact that life is becoming increasingly dynamic. The environment in which we live also changes accordingly. It is no longer enough to just place a table and chairs. Already other things are needed. For example, a new attitude to home decor, in full compliance with our new way of thinking and living. So, let us focus your attention on the most important pieces of furniture in the dining room. What does a perfect dining area need?

Modern dining room ideas – white interior and red furniture


Above all, the dining room must have a comfortable table. Of course, the size of the table depends on the size of the room. A great way to achieve a balance in the dining room is to select a table to which other pieces of furniture can be placed. He plays the role of center. You can choose a round or rectangular dining table. Both options work well. If you are a fan of art then you can bet on something else to arouse strong visual interest. There are amazing and unique dining table models. Shapes, colors and materials can be manifold.

Modern dining ideas – green leather chairs and beautiful wall decor

Modern-dining-ideas-green leather chairs-beautiful-wanddeko

Another not unimportant part of the dining room furniture is the chairs. This year’s preferences are for bright colors and bold designs. When choosing the chairs for dining, combine with the table. There are other options as well. For example, the color of the table to be different from that of the chairs. It is very modern thinking, and it will certainly bring a great variety in your home.

neutral color scheme, geometric patterns and pink accents

neutral-color scheme-pattern-pink accents

Finally, pay attention to the accessories. They are also essential. It comes to lighting, the colors in the room, carpets and so on. Modern dining room ideas 2012 ask for bright colors and unusual textures. Try something different, it’s always a good solution. What do you have to lose? Probably just boredom.

light blue shades and kitchen bench

Modern-dining-ideas-light blue-shades-kitchen bench

red dining table white leather chairs

Modern Dining Room Ideas Red-dining table and white leather chairs

unusual chairs



green color scheme

Modern-dining-ideas-green color scheme-green leather chairs

Modern-dining-ideas-pendelleuchte Mural

Modern-dining-ideas-plastic chairs

Modern dining room ideas natural stone wall

Modern-dining-ideas-rock-wall-wood table

Modern-dining-ideas-sea blue-light-korale-chandelier

Modern-dining-ideas-dining table-glass top and white-chairs

Modern-dining-ideas-dark blue-chairs-wood dining table

Beautiful dining room interior design ideas for the perfect hosts

Beautiful dining room interior design ideas for the perfect hosts

red-white-black-dining-Interior Ideas

The dining room is a space where you can entertain guests and enjoy a dinner with the family. So that your family and guests always feel good, the dining room interior should be inviting, comfortable and cozy. Our selection of interesting Dining room interior design ideas will introduce you to elegant and straightforward dining room designs.

Dining room interior design ideas – elegant and cozy

Acrylic dining chairs-vintage design

The good food is only part of it, albeit a very important part of the successful party. But even the tastiest food can not compensate for the uncomfortable atmosphere. Our Dining room interior design ideas will create a warm, welcoming ambience where you can chat with your guests in peace. Color and lighting play a big role in the mood. As long as the dining room looks harmonious, you can choose any color. But do not forget that different colors create different moods. Red is a warm and intimate color, purple – seductive and enigmatic, green is soothing and blue symbolizes serenity. The effect of colors on people has been proven, so choose carefully.

Comfortable and stylish dining room interior design ideas

Wooden dining table leather chairs and dining room

Dining Room Picture Wanddeko

Our Dining room interior design ideas are an exciting combination of furnishing and lighting. A chandelier or several pendant lights over the table are an absolute must, while wall lighting can contribute to a romantic atmosphere. If your dining room is rather small, keep it to a minimum – set the course with interesting colors and chairs.

From Jaz

Glass table in the modern dining room

Glass table dining room glass pendant light

White dining room with red wall

Dining-red wall and white chairs

Dining room with freestanding fireplace

Dining-Scandinavian-set fireplace

Upholstered dining room chairs

comfortable dining room chairs upholstery

Rustic dining room design

rustic dining room design wooden table Metal Chandelier

Vintage chairs and blue color scheme in the dining room

blue-wall-dining-vintage chairs

Black chairs as an accent in the dining room

black chairs crystal chandelier dining room

Red dining room for intense and welcoming atmosphere

red-furniture-strong-atmosphere-dining room

Passionate and fiery, warm and inviting, red will bring any dining room to life. As a dramatic red interior design becomes a modern red dining room create a strong, atmospheric background for evening parties and family celebrations. For a romantic dinner for two a red dining room the perfect backdrop. Depending on the size of the room and the style chosen the red dining room record on many forms.

Red dining room with black marble floor tiles

red-dining room-black-marble-floor tiles

Disguise Your red dining room fancy! For an extremely opulent appearance, use heavy theatrical curtains of rich fabrics that create a palatial ambience. Red fabrics look gorgeous, golden drapes equally luxurious, and a touch of silver or gray will look sophisticated, with a little restraint. For a more understated and modern look, shiny red shades balance the black and white furniture in a simple geometric red dining room design scheme. In comparison, think how stylish a Mondrian painting would look.

Red dining room – red chandelier and deco elements


If a total red dining room Too extreme for them, this rich, moody color can only be applied to accent walls and decorative elements, e.g. Fabrics, lights and decorative objects are introduced. This is probably the most appropriate way to go a red dining room Insert topic in a smaller environment.

Red dining table, white chairs and black floor

red-dining table and white-chairs-black-floor

Of course, to create a softer atmosphere in the dining room in red, it is possible to choose colors that are less saturated. Red with a bluish hue is quieter and will give the environment a rich cozy ambience. Earthy reds, such as terracotta, introduce a relaxed Mediterranean charm. These subtler shades will use pleasant warmth without appearing too bright. Due to this psychological phenomenon, the red color is the best choice for a dining room that is located on the north side because it will create an illusion of warmth in a naturally cool room.

white dining table and striped red accent wall

dining-white-dining table-striped red-accent wall

Red color is fabulous for a space that is associated with entertainment and enjoyment of the beautiful things in life. That’s why it’s the perfect color choice for the modern dining room.

from Jaz

Dining room with red stools and white walls


Terracotta color – dining room design idea

terracotta color-dining room-design-ideas

red chairs in the dining room – design idea

red-chairs-dining room-design-ideas

red accents in the dining room

red-accents-dining room

red-dining room-furniture red-sofa-accent-white-dining

red-accent wall-dining room

snow-white interior design and red pieces of furniture

snow-white-interior-design-red-furniture pieces

ultra luxurious red dining room

ultra-luxurious Red-dining

red disguised chairs – accent in the dining room

red-chairs-accent-dining room.

red acrylic chairs and red carpet in the dining room

red-acrylic chairs-red-carpet-dining room

red-kitchen cabinets-white-dining-furniture