Contour and highlight the face: instructions and professional tips

Face contour highlighten guide professional tips

Have you ever admired blessed women with high cheekbones or well-proportioned faces? Have you ever thought wistfully about how “unhappy” you are because your face is not so perfect? Off with it! You can be yours in less than 10-15 minutes Contour and highlight your face , Shading and modeling of the face is one Make up- Technique that emphasizes or obscures facial contours through light and shadow. With this method one strives for beauty through illusion. Painters use light and dark colors to create the illusion of valleys and hills in a painting, while star make-up artists would tell you that the skillful light-shadow play can conjure up the ups and downs, distance and form in the face. Use this trick and you can look like a movie star every day. Even Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie do it!

Contour Face and Highlight – Nifty Light Shadow Game

make-up-guide-profi-make-up artist-face-contour

We spoke with the world-renowned professional make-up artist Danielle Dinkova. She has spent more than 15 years working on professional and art make-up for film, stage and festive occasions. In close collaboration with fashion magazines and television channels such as FashionTV, Glamor, Eva, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Btv and Ntv, the renowned make-up artist designs creative, new looks. The make-up artist has revealed the secret techniques and tricks of the pros exclusively for us. In just 10 steps you can change your face perfectly contour Make your nose narrower or make your cheekbones look taller. Of essential importance are the perfectly shaped eyebrows. We are not just talking about the tendency for exotic and dense eyebrows, but for the right frame for your eyes. In the following article, we will show you how to choose the best eyebrow shape for you and give some tips on how to make up close-fitting or wide-eyed eyes.

DEAVITA: Please explain to our readers which products are best for contouring and highlighting the face for a flawless look.

Danielle Dinkova: I prefer to work with creamy make-up products because of their high pigment density. I work with the products of Make-up Studio Professional Make-up. I can always dilute the product with a base and make it easier, but if I want to cover, for example, dark circles, skin pigmentation from the sun or freckles, then the liquid product would be useless.

For best results, I’ll explain in steps which parties need to be lightened and which ones need to be darkened to give the face the right shape and volume.

Contour face and highlight in 10 easy steps

Step 1: Brighten and fade the area around the eyes

contour the face and highlight light cream-concealer-eyes

Apply Cream Concealer PH10944 / 1 or PH0645 / 1 with Concealer Brush S2025 or Corrector Brush PH0845

First, cleanse and hydrate face well. Apply light cream concealer in the area around the eyes, nostrils, corners of the mouth and on the forehead, chin and cheekbones.

Face contour and highlight eye-zone forehead


Step 2: Model your face and nose

face-contour-dark cream-concealer-cheekbones

Apply Cream Concealer PH10944 / 4 or PH0645 / 4 with Concealer Brush S2025 or Corrector Brush PH0845

DEAVITA: Please tell us the secret of how we can make a nose look narrow or large cheeks and chin look smaller. How can we make perfect make-up at home?

Danielle Dinkova: This is the most important element of make-up! The perfect symmetry can only be reached in a few steps. I will introduce you to the process with pictures. Draw a line from the tip of the ear to the corner of the mouth with a dark concealer. The location of this line depends on the face shape. If your face is round, you need to pull that line higher. For a long face shape it should be parallel to the lower jaw. To visually reduce the size and narrow the nose, darken the parties on the sides of the nose and the nostrils.

contour face and highlight highlighting-darker-cream-concealer-line-pulling

face contour and highlight highlighting-darker-lighter-concealer


contour your face and highlight your eyes-eyebrow darkening


face-contour-manual-dark-concealer-nose side-wandgenknochen

Step 3: Model the neck


Apply Cream Concealer PH10944 / 4 or PH0645 / 1 with Concealer Brush S2025 or Corrector Brush PH0845

Apply the dark concealer along the lower jaw and chin. In this way, a double chin can be laminated.

contour the face and highlight the instructions

contour face and highlight darker-lighter-concealer-use

Step 4: Blend everything together

face-contour-highlighten-primer-blind-make-up sponge

Fond de Teint Face it Apply PH0668 with Foundation Brush S2007 or PH0845

Apply a basic tone of the complexion to blend all the products well.

Step 5: Polish and fix the primer

DEAVITA: Danielle, tell our readers, how can we reduce the unwanted glow of oily skin?

Danielle Dinkova: For a perfect-looking skin and a long-lasting effect, we need to fix the primer with translucent powder (Mineral Extra Fine) to prevent sebum collection and reduce unwanted shine. In this way, the accumulation of Fond de Teints is prevented in Nasolabial- and eye wrinkles. The primer will last the whole day.

Contour face and highlight highlight-de-complexion-blush

contour the face and highlight the highlighten-brush-blend

Apply powder PH5701 / 1 with make-up brush PH3000 or make-up sponge PH10030

translucent-powder-extra-fine-makeup studio-professional-make-up

Step 6: How to make perfect eyebrows?

perfect-eyebrow shape-spiral-recipient hood

DEAVITA: According to the latest beauty trend from Hollywood, eyebrows can be as natural as possible and thick again, but still emphasized. What else do we need to know about it?

Danielle Dinkova: The eyebrows are the frame for the eyes, so it’s crucial how they fit on your face. That’s why I’m going to show you how to create the perfect proportions yourself.

perfect-eyebrow shaping eyebrow-powder-brush

perfect-eyebrow form-fill in Brushes

Eyebrow powder PH0617 / B or D with brush S2021 and PH1163Z

Comb brow and remove any excess pigments with a spiral brush. Apply eyebrow powder to precisely defined and dense eyebrows with a slightly tapered brush. If you do not have eyebrow powder, this effect can also be achieved with a waterproof eyebrow pencil. You have to be sure that he will not smudge himself during the day.

perfect-eyebrow shapes-starting-high-end point-eyebrows

For perfectly shaped eyebrows, follow the instructions below:

1. The brow should begin where the imaginary line ends from the nostril to the inner corner of the eye.

– if the eyes are far apart, that is, if the distance between them is more than one eye, the eyebrows must be close to the line described above.
– When the eyes are close together, it is better to increase the distance between the eyebrows.

2. To achieve perfect symmetry and visually enlarge the eye for a cateye look, we need to draw a line from the nostril through the middle of the pupil. There is the highest point of the eyebrow.

3. Determine the end point of the eyebrows as you draw a line from the nostril to the outer corner of the eye.

Tip: For slanted eyes (sad look look), it is recommended to shorten the line between the end and peak of the eyebrow extremely.

Step 7: Emphasizing cheekbones


Apply Highlighter Mousse PH10904 / 1 with PH3000 brush

DEAVITA: Is there an alternative to surgical procedures that can produce the cheekbones?

Danielle Dinkova: This is a very important moment to contour the face. The face is not a flat canvas, but a landscape with ups and downs. There are parties that are highlighted and those that need to be concealed in order to achieve perfection. To get the maximum effect of Contour the face It is important to emphasize the cheekbones with highlighters.

highlighter-make-up tips-v-form cheekbones-betonen4

Apply the highlighter in a V-line – from the outer brow end to the cheekbone. Please look at the picture.

Step 8: Apply blush

Stylistically, it’s extremely important to be in touch with the blush, lipstick, and nail polish just as you combine your accessories with your outfit. Handbag, belt, scarf and others. The rouge should be applied on the zone already contoured with the dark concealer. (See steps 2 and 7)


Rouge refill PH0611

Step 9: Apply the eyeshadow



Mascara Base PH0617 and black mascara PH10703

DEAVITA: How can lashes work thicker and longer?

Danielle Dinkova: To add more volume to the eyelashes, first apply Mascara Base on the upper and lower eyelashes. Usually the base is white, but do not worry, because in about 2 minutes it will be completely translucent. Now you can apply the mascara. You can choose between dark brown, anthracite, waterproof or 3D depending on your mood.


eyelashes-dense act-be-fooled-

Step 10: Apply lipstick

lip gloss with-two-end-nude-color-gloss

With nude-toned lip gloss, define the lip shape and apply transparent shine in the middle of the lower lip to make the mouth look fuller.

danielle-Dinkova-profi-make-up artist-instructions-tips

Danielle Dinkova has worked on numerous international film and television projects in London, Paris, Moscow, Athens and Sofia. She is the distributor of Make-up Studio Professional Make-up.

All make-up products are available at

make-up tips-face-contour-manual

A luxurious 24K gold bike – The Beverly Hills Edition

mountain bike gold 24k sapphires

If you have a million dollars in the bank and are ready to invest in the ultimate bike, then this is it Bicycle made of 24K gold maybe just the thing for you. This tailor made bike was created in collaboration between The House of Solid Gold and Dan Bull , a modern bicycle tire pioneer and founder of Iditabike. The Beverly Hills Edition is as generous as a bike is possible, with each part of the frame covered in pure 24K gold. The luxurious bike is a true eye catcher!

Bicycle made of 24K gold and sapphires THSG bike gold 24k iditabike special edition

It took 750 hours to complete the whole procedure. But only 13 pieces of this bike are made for eager buyers. Except for the shiny parts gold it has a “THSG” logo in 600 black diamonds and 500 golden sapphires bordered. The black diamonds make a total of 6.0 carats and the sapphires 4.5. The saddle is made of finest crocodile leather and chocolate brown stingray leather covers the luxurious water bottle. Much of the revenue for the impressive Bicycle made of 24K gold are to be given to the charitable organization “The Way to Happiness”.

24K Gold Bicycle – The saddle is made of crocodile leather

leather crocodile gold bicycle 24k saddle

crocodile bottle bottle water bicycle gold carat 24

The water bottle is decorated by stingray leather

logo thsg gold karat one million

The THSG logo is made of diamonds and sapphires

luxury bike thsg gold beverly hills edition

The golden gears for the gears of the bicycle

gold brake spoke bike luxury 24

Even the spokes are covered with gold

Bicycle spokes gold gear circuit special edition

The production took 750 hours

Bicycle made of 24K gold logo thsg

The THSG logo in small format

bike from 24k gold million mountain

The Beverly Hills Edition represents pure luxury

Trend hairstyles 2015 – How do we style our hair in a contemporary way?

Trendy hairstyles 2015 top of page dutt updo elegant ladies

For several years now, the world’s leading hair stylists have tended to be more creative and more detailive about making their character recognizable. Some hairstyle trends will continue next year, but unfortunately we have to say goodbye to others. But not forever. Because retro styling and retro elements strongly characterize the trend hairstyles of 2015. You can find 17 trendy looks for restyling in the picture gallery below!

Trend hairstyles 2015: Style the side parting

trend hairstyles 2015 side crest bob asymmetric short hair

Long hair are now tied to a ponytail at the nape and finished with a side vertex. On one side you can pin your hair invisibly with a hair clip. To properly style the trend hairstyles, you can also help with hair gel or a similar styling product.

Trend hairstyles 2015: Long hair with bangs

trend hairstyles 2015 long hair bangs waves ladies styling

In the trend hairstyles of 2015, the voluminous step cut with a pony is back. Of the pony is cut compact and provides structure. This hairstyle is now much loved because of its naturalness. The light waves make the look very elegant and feminine.

trend hairstyles 2015 copper red hair color long side parting

Trend color 2015 – copper-red hair

In addition to copper-red hair, caramel and honey tones, as well as ash blond, underline the natural fall of hair and set great accents. The neatly cut pony lets the over-long copper-red hair look very fresh.

short hair hairstyles-asymmetric-cut-white-blond pixie cut

Trendy Short Hairstyle-Asymmetric Pixie-Cut

On asymmetric Short hairstyle with sophisticated levels is one of the trend hairstyles 2015. This hairstyle is really very practical and so varied: short games at the back of the head and longer games on the top and on the sides allow for different styling! Another styling variant is the pixie cut with a false bangs styled over the forehead.

women-hairstyles-page crest pony retro updo-2015

Country Girl Style

Contry-vintage inspired hairstyles with a center parting, twisted on the front strands or braids look cute and are easy nachzustylen.

Vintage Hair styling retro Flechtzöpfe trend hairstyles 2015

Fashionable hairstyles-2015-bobbed hair short hairstyles-classic-cuts-discreet

Classic cuts – bob head

For the savages among us: the bob head celebrates a revival in 2015!

hair great-curly-hair sections pony-to-rear retro-trend hairstyles 2015


The hair roller returns to the trend hairstyles 2015! As a special eye-catcher, individual strands of ponyparty are placed over the head to the back. So you get even with long hair more fullness and structure in the hairstyle.

Ideas trend hairstyles Nachstylen-Quiff-quiff-blond-2015

Fashionable hairstyles-2015-light-waves-classic-Bobfrisur-with-gradient-colored-neck

Bob hairstyle with gradient

A bobby with a pony is really just about every woman – and at the 2015 trend hairstyles, the stylists put back on this haircut, which is stepped below the top hair. Very subtle comes the barely noticeable color in a Bobfrisur therefore.

ombre-long-hair-pink-tip hair color trend 2014-2015

Pinkish tips in the hair

Pink and purple lace in the hair or a colored hairline are still a welcome hair color trend that adds variety to the look. Many designers used dyed longhair hairstyles of the models – optionally with bangs and in light waves – during their fashion weeks. But above all: uncomplicated and also very natural.

Trend Hairstyles 2015 Long Hair with pony-step cut-Voluminous

waves voluminous hair-step-cut trend hairstyles 2015

hair coppery-red-trend-2015 long hair hairstyle-with-pony

Side parting-styling trend hairstyles-2015-long-hair-wet-look-slicked

Trendy hairstyles 2015 long hair step cut pony brown color

55 Living room Ideas – Modernity meets the classic

Living Room Ideas wood floor black corner sofa beige carpet pendant lamps

Today we meet in a living room and cordially invite you pair Living room ideas To welcome design tips and general suggestions. The modern meets the classic, so it is when you look at our 45 pictures of the living room. The heart of this room is the couch and around it are the decor, armchairs and chairs; the coffee table that completes the interior and is the cause of many happy moments with drinks and food on it and in front of the television. Just come in!

Living room ideas are limitless

living room-ideas-dark-wood floor-break stones-kaminofen

The ideas for the living room are plentiful and are turned into a place with the architect’s hand, where you feel comfortable with friends or family. The focus today is on loft apartments, penthouse apartments and houses located on both sides of the Pacific Ocean and in between. It’s an effective and gorgeous way to combine classic architecture with rural flair, for example upholstered chairs design renaissance or with quilted pattern from the 60s with state-of-the-art elements like LED lighting, built-in fireplaces in room divider or pretext, as well as sloping ceilings with asymmetrical and symmetrical windows. Gray shades, natural stone and wood cover walls and ceilings, the living room transforms into a sweeping system on levels that often introduces a seamless transition to the kitchen or dining room. The Living room ideas are a bunch with open borders and possibilities of execution.

Living room abstract art ideas

living room-ideas-black-wall color-moebel-parkettboden

The modern living room design often uses abstract accents. Shelving and hanging system of pipes, tricks on the wall or a certain implied culture type as throw pillows on the carpet in the form of stones, signal colors and faces of people looking through the corner of an eye in the living room, are just a few examples. They are also a bit eccentric and require a great deal of understanding to accommodate them, but they are present in the luxurious class of décor on the part of the owner. Something upscale but also classic design and especially modern Living room ideas for fine tastes.

living room-ideas-parkettboden-gruenes-modular sofa-concrete ceiling

living room-ideas-white sofas and dark gray carpet brown pillows

two-level living room abstract art piece bookshelves

Two levels in the living room provide airiness

Living-on-two-level upholstery Abstract Art

Sisal carpet corresponds with wood in the room

Lemon yellow-furniture-decor-blue carpet chandelier

Japanese architects put emphasis on signal colors

Condo-Apartment-St Petersburg-white-built shelves and walls

Living room with activities showcase-with-shelves-and-lighting

high-ceiling glass wall-spotlight-Staircase-dining-living room area

Pendant light-vintage look red-carpet-with-upholstered furniture-wood cabinets

Renaissance furniture Modern Art Kamin-lowered-Zimmerdeckemit wood rods

Living Area-wood floor wood elements

Wall cladding tiles and wood oriental carpet

Of-house design studio with sliding wall framed in glass

From house design studio living room male touch

symmetrical walls and window-delta wooden floors and white furniture

Spanish-art design carpet with patterns

black curtain with wrinkle-living-in-dark shades

slanted-ceiling-and-wall-furniture-corner-of-wood-retro sofa

Raw wood wooden floor wooden elements-an-der-ceiling-round input

Retro Style Studio living room rug cotton

Rattan furniture-with-wood-white-walls-brown carpet

open kitchen-living room-wooden floor-sunken bar-bar counter

natural wood with padding living room design

Nature Landscape-sea-upholstered furniture-for-chairs-fireplace-in excuse


modern penthouse in Heidelberg

Malibu house-white-furniture-wood table-woven carpet kitchen counter

Luxury living room fireplace wood floor space divider dining-white-rectangular sofa

luxurious amenities Parlor wooden area with column decor shelves LED lighting

Divan Blue geposltert-brown carpet

Leather furniture-stitched-to-rivet elements

Classic Fireplace rattan side table Raptor in frame

Fire-in-the-wall as a room divider wooden floor paneling-ceiling

Japanese-style gray shades

Dog-out sofa cozy-modern atmosphere Tricks-to-the-wall

Wood Wandverkelidung wood floor Stehampe upholstered arm chair

Wood and stone as interior design living room

Wooden floor lining lowered-ceiling

Glossy Wall Ldersofa-Wanddeko

Light-space rectangular modules areas standard lamps

abstract art tube-than-shelves and hangers-green carpet and concrete wall

House-rural-style wooden floor raw materials

Wing Piano Wall from natural stone-quilted chairs sofa

Window ceiling-floor-fireplace-as-pretext

Decorative tree trunk window-an-der-ceiling-symmetrical landscape view

Buddha Bust Art carpet from fur-with-Throw-with-stone shape

Brick wall Colorful furniture-retro-rustic with flair

Modern living room design – 44 living ideas, pictures, deco and furniture

Sauna Grotto with sculptural design for pure relaxation


The architect team PARTISANS designed the Sauna Grotto on Sans Souci Island in the Georgian Bay of Ontario in Canada. The photos are courtesy of Jonathan Friedman and PARTISANS. Just dive into this oasis purely!

Sauna Grotto in harmony with nature

a-exceptional view

The blue waters of Lake Huron in the northern part of Toronto are the best possible dream location for an experience and relaxation. The sensual nature and serene landscape reminds again how untouched and in complete harmony the world can be separated from the people. When the architects team of PARTISANS Having met with the client in this village to discuss the designs and thoughts, it became clear to everyone that the sauna Grotto to be a new challenge. It was planned a freestanding construction, which should not only be consistent and mature as nature itself, but also respected the natural landscape and yet unique.

Sauna Grotto as a natural cave

great landscape-for-viewing-and-enjoy

Sauna Grotto is located on a prehistoric rock layer of the Sans Souci Island. Sufficient research inspired a natural cave to represent and dress in form. Because everyone knows that the caves are natural or artificially shaped caves that are trapped somewhere deep in the currents and are waiting for the new explorers in peace.

An extraordinary landscape even fascinates National Geographic

Sauna Sunset Bay

Materials have been carefully using the most advanced technology -Leica 3D Laser reader with CNC – Computer control manufactured

curved design of-the-Sauna

The concept of the Sauna Grotto includes a solid and simple exterior architecture, while dynamic and airy vaults dominate the interior


Wood as a material is the mediating substance, which has been completed with 3-D technology

the sauna-with-the-round windows

At the time of completion and construction, a new understanding of the properties of this material has been obtained

exceptional-sauna with wood interior

The result was the optical illusion of a carved interior with the selection of cedar panels with parallel graining

Entrance door with timber cladding

As a freestanding sauna, Grotto uses two high-tech radiators with maximum efficiency and regulation. There are plenty of vents and fans, thanks to which the whole construction can “breathe” in every season and the wood rot and mildew formation are evaded. The remaining systems are based on air circulation. Of course, an additional insulation surrounds the sauna exterior walls so that they do not extremely cool or warm up. Cedar wood was chosen among all other types of interior wood for its aroma, color, local availability and quality. The openings were produced on-site in Ontario using triple glazing for greater energy efficiency and durability. Additional energy-saving layer of aluminum between the inner wood panels and the outer walls forms a natural convection air gathering. This allows for the same expansion and shrinkage of the wood at all times. The places behind the wood panels form convection currents such as ventilation pores which have been carved everywhere. In this way, the sauna Grotto sees as a sculptural construction and as an example of the highest precision in architecture.

the interior design of-the-Sauna

Bay of Ontario-Canada sauna

House in Mexico – A tropical design by CDM Arquitectos

house night lighting oudoor pool infinity sea

Mexico is a destination everyone dreams of. Now imagine that you have your own house where you can spend your vacation time. We want you one House in Mexico imagine. It defies luxury, without losing its cozy ambience. The house is located in Michoacán, a bay of the Pacific Ocean and just 20 meters above sea level.

House in Mexico – Many tropical plants

house in mexico tree garden roof lianas

The entire house in Mexico is surrounded by tropical plants on the outside. Going to the terrace will make you look a long way Infinity pools , as well as overwhelmed by the breathtaking view of the sea. Great effects are also provided by the Outdoor Lighting Not only the pool but also some trees and the house in a special way.
The house in Mexico and more specifically the living area includes a comfortable sitting area, as well as a dining area. But also in the open air and with a roof you can make yourself comfortable at any time, because as you know, bad weather in Mexico is a rarity.
The bedroom, which is located in the house in Mexico, is just as romantic. It consists of a combination of dark wood and white textiles, which among other things make a four-poster bed. From the bedroom you can enter a balcony, on which a sun lounger ready to relax before or after sleeping and from which opens up an even better view.
What the house has to offer in Mexico, you can look in the following gallery.

House in Mexico – living and dining room

house in mexico terrace pool flowers living area

Bedroom in the house in Mexico with balcony

house in mexico bedroom bed canopy white fabric

House in Mexico – Bedroom with four-poster bed

bedroom design mexico house bedside balcony stool

Balcony of mexican house with deckchair

balcony design tropical wood mexican lounge chair

Luxurious bathroom in the house in Mexico

Bathroom design console sink mirror carpet

Terrace of the house with a tropical feeling

outdoor roof straw terrace canopy seating sofa

Outdoor bar for party evenings

outdoor bar terrace tropical holiday house design

Living room of the house in Mexico made of fine wood

living room house design wood television set dining table

living room dining room garden plants tropical lighting

terrace roofing comfort holiday outdoor area sofa table

house in mexico straw roof flowers garden

pool design long infinity view mountain loungers

lighting night trees effective indirect pool design ocean

house in mexico mountains holiday plants

house in mexico mountains forest tropical design

A design of CDM Arquitectos ,

Cozy living – combining light wood and white

cozy living bright-wood-white-shelf-wall-living-room-kitchen

“Alfred Street Residence” is a single storey Victorian home in Prahran, Victoria, Australia, recently renamed Studio Four was rebuilt. A nice example, what live modern and comfortable is. The project started with the modification the ground floor and the construction of a new floor. The realized design offers more flexibility and allows each room to adapt to the dynamics of family life.

Modern and cozy living

Victorian-house-rebuilding-inside-decorative-vaulted stucco

With strategic redesign, each room on the ground floor was clearly demarcated by function by inserting new structures both horizontally and vertically. With small changes in ceilings and floor levels and the introduction of new expansion elements and planned openings, each room is clearly defined.

Cozy living – white and light wood

kitchen-open living-room high-bookshelf

Through a series of big ones Sliding glass doors Interiors have been connected to the outside area, maximizing the amount of natural light and fresh air in the house. While the kitchen has access to one Terrace with outdoor dining area another courtyard offers a green backdrop to the living room.

Living room furniture made of light wood

cozy living room-fireplace-wood-access-terrace

Upon arrival at the house, it is difficult to gain a view of the surrounding city street scene. This design strategy allows the ground floor spaces to interact with the landscape while maintaining privacy from adjacent homes. Inside the house there is a restrained range of materials that combines white and light wood. This provides a neutral background for the colorful collection of art, books and family items.

white kitchen and open shelves kitchenette and white-fronts-open-shelves-dining table chairs Light-wood

white kitchen unit and light wood furniture

kitchen-dining area-light-wood-white-combine

White and light wood

kitchen-white-kitchenette-dining area-moebel-light-wood

View from the kitchen to the living room

kitchen-light-wood-white-open living room

Floor-to-ceiling windows provide a green backdrop in the bathroom

bathroom-mirror-to-ceiling glass-fronts-view-garden

white painted tree trunk side tables in the bedroom

bedrooms and white wall-color and blue-coverlet

Floor plan ground floor

Alfred Street Residence Victorian-house-rebuilding-ground floor

first floor floor plan

Alfred Street Residence Victorian-house-floor plan

sketch Alfred Street Residence Victorian-house-rebuilding-sketch

Photos from: Shannon McGrath

Villa on the beach on Bali island in Indonesia

Palm trees swimming pool

A breathtakingly beautiful villa on the beach on the Bali island in Indonesia fascinates with its luxurious but also traditional flair. The tropical warm island attracts thousands of tourists every year and fascinates them with exoticism in the Indian Ocean. In keeping with its location, a villa is located 150 meters from the beach in Cemagi , private beach houses and villas on the south-western side of Bali are for rent. Let’s take a look.

Villa on the beach – a paradise on earth

Input-natural stone-wall doors

This luxurious Villa on the beach in Cemagi has five bedrooms and five bathrooms with traditional and modern furnishings. As soon as you enter the entrance hall, you will pass through massive wooden gates that have been artistically designed and you will meet nature with the stony wall and the touch of the little stream with its small drainage lines that welcome us. Brick walls with suspended plants make us feel good. The visitor can rest from the long journey on the huge divan couches and large and soft armchairs. This villa fascinates with its large area not only indoors but also outside. Covered porch is available with a large table and dark wood chairs and will make you enjoy dinner in the evening with your friends, partner or family. Freshly mowed lawn and a swimming pool gives you the opportunity to experience your private happiness and joy. Exotic landscape with palm trees symbolize the tropics. It is a paradise on earth and pure experience for fine tastes.

Villa on the beach with five bedrooms

View to Ocean Bedroom

Sleeping in five bedrooms like a king! Who does not want that ?! Take your loved one and spend a wonderful time in Bali in Indonesia , The luxurious villa on the beach retains the traditional and classic design of the rooms, but adds modern elements reminding of the fact that you will not forget it here. Sleep on soft, large double beds, sip coffee and enjoy your book in the afternoon on solid rattan furniture, or surrounded by cushions on the sofa, and before bed, the ocean will captivate you with its majestic power.

Distributed romantic corners to sit and enjoy

Veranda-mt-garden furniture-for-seats

Watch the sunset around the fireplace

Garden House in Bali-in-Cemagi

A beautiful landscape around the villa

Prospect Ocean and beach-

Sunbathe and relax in the garden of the villa

In Garden Swimming Pool Bali house

Five bedrooms with traditional furnishings

Sofa with coffee table-gray-ground second-floor Bedroom-with-sink Hall-with-lying area and-armchair

Bamboo in the garden – DIY privacy screen for the patio

bamboo in the garden balcony design white flower box lounge stone

Bamboo not only cuts a fine figure on the balcony – the hedge plant can also be planted around the terrace as a privacy screen. Fast growing and opaque, the winter hardy Giant grass is a real eye-catcher and can successfully replace the garden fence. We take a look at the advantages and the disadvantages and show you some projects for Bamboo in the garden for do-it-yourself.

Bamboo in the garden – The hedge plant provides perfect privacy

bamboo in the garden diy vision protection idea plankton terrace

bamboo is an exotic plant of the Poaceae family / sweet grasses / and comes from Asia. There are more than 1400 species of bamboo, but really hardy and therefore suitable for the German garden are only 3-4 species. The so-called flat tube bamboo is the most widespread – it grows fast and can provide the necessary privacy for your own garden in less than 3 years. Since the plant propagates not only with seeds but also with foothills, one should in any case be thoroughly advised in advance. A Rhizomsperre Can prevent the rapid spread of the foothills in their own and in the garden of the neighbors – but this results in additional costs. That’s why inexperienced gardeners often abstain from it and have to struggle with the plant after a few years.

Bamboo in the garden – garden fence made of bamboo canes

bamboo in the garden terrace sight protection wall-to-wall dining table paving stone

A garden fence made of bamboo can be built by practically anyone. Being extremely durable, they are perfect for outdoor use. A practical construction manual can be found in the video below.

And if bamboo pipes are left over, you can make an exotic Asian style garden fountain yourself. You can find some examples in the photo gallery below. Let yourself be inspired!

Sliced ​​bamboo in front of a wall

bamboo in the garden low wall lawn buesche design

Pretty bamboo arrangement

bamboo in the garden idea stoecke greeting seat privacy

Bamboo in the garden – opaque privacy in just a few years

Bamboo Garden screening Zen atmosphere hedge plants

Garden fence made of bamboo canes – the DIY project is pretty simple

Bamboo in the Garden Fence Elements Tying DIY Projects

Bamboo grows fast and spreads quickly

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Some bamboo species form foothills

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So that the plant does not spread without control a Rhizomsperre must be set

Bamboo Garden Kübepflanze-privacy-DIY project

Even if the high wall shields the garden, the bamboo hedge is appropriate

Bamboo Garden privacy concrete wall, white and plant ideas

Especially in densely populated neighborhoods, the planting of bamboo is risky – the plant can spread quickly

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With a bamboo fence, the problem can be avoided

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Modern landscaping and architecture in harmony

Modern landscaping terraced-framing-glass-facade

This hotel has an incredible location – one and a half hours from Paris and about two hours from London. The turquoise sea, paradisiacal beaches, breathtaking bays against a magnificent backdrop of rugged mountains. Corsica’s wild beauty would enchant everyone. Harmonious in this incomparable nature Casablanca is embedded. A few kilometers from Porto Vecchio, the hotel sits on two acres, terraced gardens surrounded by shady yews and pines. Modern landscaping meets sophisticated architecture and is invited by large glass fronts in the interiors.

Modern landscaping with maritime flair

Modern landscaping garden-mediterranean-flair

Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, the hotel’s light-flooded lobby offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape the blue Mediterranean Sea, the azure blue sky, the white houses of Porto Vecchio, the green native flora, the golden private beach, the bright blue infinity pool and in the evening – spectacular sunsets over the bay. The 5-star hotel has 34 fine luxury rooms and 3 suites in a villa with a private swimming pool.

Modern landscaping reflecting the beauty of Corsica

Modern landscaping wood facade garden

The concept is completely in harmony with nature. The best that Corsica has to offer is integrated with the Hotel Design. Wood, stone and light are the key elements. The landmark of the hotel, a mythical salamander, can be seen on carpets and pictures in the hallways throughout the hotel.

Modern landscaping entrance floor lamp wood facade

The focus in landscaping is on the wild hills overlooking the sea, which has been transformed into a dream garden for Casadelmar. In perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape, the garden contains the most aromatic and spectacular plant species of the Mediterranean, including Tuscan cypress, Japanese pine, olive and orange trees, Corsican myrtle and oleander.

Architect: Jean-François Bodin
Location: Porto-Vecchio, France
Year 2013


modern-landscaping-terraced lawn-flat-palms

seated burst-free-inside-outside modern-device-hotel-

Modern landscaping terrace-seating-white-sofas-look-see

modern-landscaping-sitting area-freiein-corner sofas-side table

modern-landscaping-pool-terrace-sun are Lookout

Modern landscaping pool area sun loungers

Modern landscaping pool area infinity design


modern-landscaping-infinity-pool-view-see umbrellas


modern-landscaping-hotel-wood-wall cladding-balcony

modern-BEDROOM-hotel-wood-room dividers purple-deco

modern-device-wall flat-concrete-optic sliding door

modern-device-stair area-decorative-wall flat-concrete-optics

modern decorating hotel-decorative-wall-panel-concrete-look


floor plan-plan-architecture-Casadelmar-hotel-jean-fran-ois - min grundriss-plan-Casadelmar-hotel-jean-fran-ois-bodin-min floor plan-plan-Casadelmar-hotel-min