Tiles in wood look – high quality Italian design

tile wood sand optic interior modern warm shades design

The Tiles in wood look enjoy greater popularity. You can refresh any modern decor with their warm colors. They also have a number of advantages: easy care, hygienic surfaces in the rooms and are not damaged by the burden of heavy furniture. The Italian manufacturer Emil Ceramica has produced new ceramic tiles in wood look. We present you his latest collection – Millelegni.

Tiles in wood look – modern solution for the floor covering

tile wood sand optic modern interior design natural look interior

The latest collection of ceramic tiles from Emil Ceramica includes four species of wood from different regions of the world: Italy, Canada, Scotland and Japan and delights with simple look and neutral colors. It combines the natural look of wood with the texture of ripples. The Tiles in wood look fit every interior. You can with different decorating styles be combined. The company offers its customers a rich selection of colors and color combinations. The creativity is staged by a tasteful execution.

Tiles in wood look – great idea for the modern interior design

trendy furnishing tiles sand optics chic interior design

The Tiles in wood look can bring a natural touch to the living room, the hall, the dining room, etc. The tiles in sand look look perfect as part of an exotic interiors out. The Italian collection Millelegni is characterized by interesting models. The high-quality tiles in Holzopzik are increasingly used as a substitute for parquet and laminate. Her fine design fascinates with elegance and natural look.

Tiles in wood look imitate parquet floor

tile wood look interior design trendy natural look interior

Tiles in sand look – natural look with ripples in the bedroom

tile wood optic design interior trendy natural look chic

Lay light wooden floors in the living room

emil ceramica ceramic tiles wood look trendy design interior

Roof and floor with glass insert properties and advantages at a glance

walkable glass glass pedestal interior design floor with glass insert pendant lights

Townhouse Cessange, L uxembourg of Metaform

What would be only the contemporary architecture without the glass insert! Glass walls, glass floors and roof glazing are practical and stylish additions to the architectural appearance of a building. Glass gives every room exclusive lightness and transparency. The trademark of nightclubs, museums, panorama towers and concert halls is increasingly used in private homes. Glass gives the living and office space a deeper impression of space. What properties, advantages and disadvantages has a roof and Floor with glass insert , we tell you in this article.

Floor with glass insert gives a feeling of lightness

Glass floor glass roof advantages applications - interior design concept

Glass bottom of Glass Master

Experience the space three-dimensionally with a roof or Floor with glass insert ! Glass elements come in different designs. They are generally divided into 2 groups – laminated floors (laminated with covering or reflecting foil) and glass tile elements. Both options guarantee you a deeper spatial effect. Glass processing has been modernized in recent years. Glass plates are sandblasted and the colors for colored glass vary widely. The thickness of the bottom glass plates is calculated according to load and intended use. Individual light and color relationships are achieved through the use of colored glass. Slip-resistant coatings and excellent impact resistance are guaranteed. You can choose between transparent, translucent or matt glass. Likewise, the gluing the glass plate with a desired motif is possible.

Glass ensures individuality

Glass floor glazed roof slope walkable glass pane interior design Cetatuia Loft, Brasov, Romania by Ion Popusoi + Bogdan Preda

In architecture and interior design, laminated safety glass is used for roof glazing. It is offered in different configurations. VSG usually consists of two or more glass panes and an intermediate layer of PVB film. In special cases, plastic discs are used. When manufactured in an autoclave, the glass and foil merge under heat and high pressure to form a stable unit. If glass ceilings are effectively lit, the result is a artful architectural ensemble !

Insert glass shelves and glass ceiling – a step for more transparency

glass panel corridor design glass use railing roof openings glazing
Silk Hill House in Lafayette Hill from Metcalfe Architecture & Design

Glass floor tiles usually come with rectangular contours. They make the room appear larger and more spacious and look very decorative. The installation of glass plates and tiles is relatively simple – it just needs a hole to be cut at the desired location of the floor. Then the frame is adjusted with the glass plate. However, the use of a glass floor depends on the specific room situation. Glass can be used excellently as an element of the stairs. Glass stairs provides a high level of security and blend in perfectly with each modern buildings or institution. A glass floor can be a bit slippery when wet. Tiles are in contrast relatively non-slip. New non-slip surfaces are ideal for floors and stairs and create a great visual effect.

Walk-in transparent level with breathtaking panoramic views

Exotic building Panorama window Glass pane floor Roof glazing walk-in laminated safety glass

Justin Bieber’s new home, Mills studio

Glass bottom plates are popular for their excellent anti-slip and scratch-resistant properties. But they also have a high resistance to static and dynamic loads. Matte glass shelves provide the privacy you want and add a dramatic touch to the decor. If you want to set an accent that would captivate everyone, choose a filigree home accessory made of pure glass or colored glass – a floor vase, for example. In the market different acrylic furniture can be found, which has the futuristic look of the roof and Floor with glass insert stress.

Glass floor and ceiling

Walk-in glass tiles ideas living design modern non-slip-stable antibacterial

Of the Floor with glass insert Visually open the space and bring nature into it. This intensifies the communication between inside and outside. Another advantage is the fact that glass shelves can be recycled up to 100%.

Glass floors are considered practical, functional, unusual and very decorative

Double bottom made of glass non-slip resistant load roof-modern design-laminated glass pane insert The Lemperle Residence, California ,null, Jonathan Segal

Opaque glass creates privacy, pure glass can dazzle your eyes

Balcony ideas floor decking matte glass-transparency lightness modern appearance Project of Lucid Glass Studio

The glass bottom – waterproof, easy to clean and with antibacterial effect

Flooring ideas walk-in glass tiles allows -light transmission Glass bottom of Glass Master

Non-slippery surfaces are to be preferred

Advantages of glass Large-area use of transparent bottom Lay glass panels

Walk-in glass with depth effect, complemented by warm wood tones

Floating recyclable glass corridor design matt glass non-slip surface

Modern bathroom interior – ornamental glass panel with integrated light

Laminated glass floor-bathroom exquisite bathtub chandelier-integrated Led

Structural glass construction panel

Walk-in glass design living room light and glass ceiling architectural ideas Rue Vignon project of Michael Herrman

Sandblasted glass plates

Sandblasted glass panel balcony flooring Ideas Modern Aesthetics

Floor and roof glazing

outdoor kitchen terrace glass-bottomed glass railing canopy-wood recessed lighting

Accessible laminated safety glass – Apartment in Luxembourg from Metaform

Matt-glass surface treatment non-slip floor covering idea furnishing tendencies

Double floor made of glass in country house ambience

Wood gazebo-freestanding fireplace ethanol floor with glass insert lightness design ideas

Glass in combination with light has unique aesthetic qualities – Beck Within Interiors

Matt glass floor embellishments neon lighting-integrated

Glass tiles with texture

Matt Glass Floor Panel Furnishing Ideas Modern Apartment

Transparent stairs with glass steps House in Venice by Ehrlich

Built-in fireplace laminated glass intermediate layer glass stairs step-glass tile elements wall

Floor with Glaseinsazt – pebbles as a decorative glass Master

walkable transparent level texture stones decoration living room flooring ideas

Anti-slip float glass plate

Structural glass panel insert elements raised floor highlight

Glass floor allows daylight into the house

Living concept open-modern glass insert roof floor laminated safety glass

Glass insert allows light transmission from the bottom of MOOARC

Trends Design Transparent Floor-with-Glass-Modern Architecture Solutions

Tiles in wood look – robustness with homely character

Every successful furnishing concept begins with the ceiling, wall and floor design. And while wall paint and wall cladding can later be effortlessly and inexpensively modified, choosing a flooring is more of a long-term investment. Wood creates a cozy atmosphere, but the material is sensitive to water, needs regular care and is rather unfavorable for room acoustics. Ceramics are extremely durable but can be cold and sterile. The tiles in wood look are an alternative that has successfully prevailed in recent years – they combine the robustness and longevity of the ceramic with the homely character of the wood and offer the perfect solution for those who are looking for easy-care surface, while at the same time not wanting to give up the natural charm of the floor or parquet floor. Through modern manufacturing processes can be many colors, grains and structures realize, so that everyone can find the right design.

Tiles in wood look – easy-care alternative to floor boards

The Tiles in wood look are made of special robust ceramic and then provided with a wood-effect glaze thanks to modern manufacturing techniques. The surface is confusingly similar to natural material, but at the same time offers the numerous advantages of ceramic tiles. It is UV-resistant, non-slip, and can easily defy the sun and frost – the flooring is therefore ideally suited for heavily used rooms such as the hallway and living area, as well as for wet rooms and even for outdoor use. For example, tiles can be used to create a seamless transition between the living room, the kitchen and the terrace.

The ceramic tiles also offer an easy-to-clean alternative to the traditional plank floor – they do not swell, do not need to be treated with oils and can be cleaned with steam cleaners / completely without chemicals. The tiles are offered in different dimensions, based on the dimensions of the wooden floorboards – this allows different laying techniques.

Ceramic tiles in wood look – what must be considered when laying?

Similar to ordinary ceramic tiles, the first thing to do is to keep the floor straight and clean. Only then the laying method is determined – it is important, above all, that the grain of the individual tiles is coordinated so that the flooring really resembles a wooden floor. The type of installation depends on whether the tiles are laid with or without joints. Basically, the rule – spacious rooms with large-sized tiles, and small rooms – laying with small tiles jointless applies. Light woods make the room appear larger, dark woods set accents and automatically attract attention.

The tiles in wood look offer many uses

The ceramic tiles in wood look are not only easy-care and resistant, they can be effectively staged in any room and offer many uses.

In the hallway, the warm wood color creates a welcoming ambience that welcomes guests and family members. At the same time, the scratch-resistant surface proves to be particularly useful when the residents have pets.

Tile wood look-seamless-thread idea

In the living area of ​​a new building, the tiles in plank look create a visual connection between kitchen, dining area and living room. In the cabinet with a fireplace in an old building, the tiles laid in the classic herringbone pattern add the finishing touches to the interior.

In the bathroom, the wood-effect tiles stand out with their attractive grain and can set exciting contrasts to the natural stone washbasin. Especially fashionable right now are the Feng Shui designs, where natural materials create a relaxed atmosphere.

Marble floor at home – 25 examples of stylish interiors

Marble floor at home -white-livingroom-dining-table-corner-sofa-open-modern-architecture-interior

The marble floor has long been a symbol of luxury and elegance. This noble material has not remained in the past or can only be used in public buildings such as museums and offices. Of the Marble floor at home looks timeless and modern and guarantees longevity and high resilience. This luxurious Flooring is available in white, gray, black and beige nuances.

Marble floor at home for bathroom, kitchen and living area

Marble floor home-living room-white-beige-brown-couch-white-gloss-mirrored-surface-luxury

Other than granite are Marble floor tiles easy to work with and last as long. They are characterized by the unmistakable beauty and quality of natural stone out. However, marble is very sensitive to acids. A sealing of the plates counteracts this and lets them shine beautifully for a long time. Harder bumps with heavy and edged objects does not tolerate such a floor. Should it nevertheless come to such an accident, you only have to replace the damaged plate.

Marble floor at home for a stylish, classy interior

Marble floor at home -white-livingroom-corner-sofa-leather-lamp-modern-design

Laying a marble floor at home is a practical solution. For impurities you just have to wipe it over and the dirt is gone. Especially the marble is used in wet areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen, but also in the living room, dining room and bedroom. It looks very stylish if the same flooring is laid in all rooms. Nevertheless, a marble floor can also be beautifully combined with real parquet flooring. Different types and sizes of tiles are available in the trade. Even for wall coverings and for decorative use enough models are available.

Marble floor in the living area

Marble floor home-living room-luxury-wallcovering-corner-sofa-wall-shelf

Beautiful stylish combination – marble floor with wooden wall paneling

Marble floor at home -bedroom-white-brown-wood-couch-table-fireplace-television

Tastefully furnished living room

marble floor-to-home-house-rustic-modern-beige-cream white-flooring-couch-fur

Pure luxury – dining and living room with black, glossy marble floor

Marble floor at home-dining room-modern-glaz-light-design-picture-artwork

Indirect lighting enhances the pattern of the marble slabs even better

Marble floor at home-dining-table-chairs-flooring-indirect-lighting

Beautiful shiny seal of marble floor

marble floor-to-home-dining-table-chairs-gloss black-pattern-black-luxury

Marble floor at home for a refined interior

marble floor-to-home-neo-modern-black-white-indirect-lighting-dining table chairs

Marble is easy to work with and is characterized by beautiful grains

marble floor-to-home-living-beige-baroque-pattern-center-room-liege-window

Modern combination on the floor and on the walls – marble with wood

marble floor-to-home-living room-modern-style-gray-black-chandelier

Top View – Classic chess pattern and an ultra modern couch

marble floor-to-home-look-up-chess-pattern-couch-design-form organic-leather-modern

marble floor-to-home-corridor-black-white-Suspension lamp-high-ceiling-pattern wallpaper photos

marble floor-to-home-modern-villa-entrance-corridor-lounge-stair-white-gray-decorative-fireplace

marble floor-to-home-modern-kitchen-white-gray-black minimalist kuecheninsel

marble floor-to-home-kitchen-modern-black-white-panton-chair minimalist-design

marble floor-to-home-kitchen-counter-stool-woman-wood-beige-brown-gloss

marble floor-to-home-bedroom-gross-hell-window-bedded-wall-headboard

marble floor-to-home-black-white-ga-rough-modern-classic-wall shelf-mirror curtains

marble floor-to-home-living room-elegant-luxury-black-dark brown-couch-sculpture-dog

marble floor-to-home-bathroom-bathtub-washbasin-double sink-white-gray-armature

marble floor-to-home-bathroom-washbasin-white-loo-shower enclosure glass-door

marble floor-to-home-bad-black-white-classic-loo-basin-vase-tulips

marble floor-to-home-bathroom-white-black-modern-figure-arrangement-mirror-sink

30 tiles bathroom ideas in the Mediterranean style

tile bathroom ideas original shape bathtub rustic side table mediterranean

The Mediterranean style is very popular in the interior design of apartments and villas, but not only. He brings Gemütlichkleit and a particularly unique flair in the house. The most beautiful motifs and ornaments are most often achieved by floor coverings or wall designs in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Amazing Tile bathroom ideas in the Mediterranean style are also applicable to the modern design and to be found.

Tile bathroom ideas in mediterranean style

tile bathroom ideas shower accent wall mediterranean brown nuances

Before the renovation and selection of materials, it is important to get a pretty accurate picture of what furniture in the bathroom should be and especially where. Taking into account these factors and the water connections, one can also consider the decorations and motifs. Much is possible, it should only be placed correctly. Mosaics or playful floor tiles are best combined with a more restrained design of the remaining surfaces.

Mediterranean tiles in patchwork pattern

tile bathroom ideas gray nuances patchwork rustic washbasin mediterranean

Friezes with magnificent ornaments or geometric motifs can visually separate a two- or multi-colored design of the bathroom in a very pleasant way. Of course, not the whole room should be tiled from top to bottom. There is a wide variety of wall paints commercially available that have been specially developed for wet areas. This allows you to unfold your imaginative tiles bathroom ideas and make the room stylish at the same time.

Terracotta tiles with or without colored glaze

tiles bathroom ideas dark stone optics mediterranean sink

There are different types of tiles that create a Mediterranean look. These include larger models especially in terracotta Colors and earthy tones, decorative tiles and profiles with ornaments and natural stone tiles with a Mediterranean look. Many tiles look like decorative objects and works of art. Several of them are still made by hand, enamelled and glazed. This is a fine artisan work whose tradition is still regarded as a worthy profession in the Mediterranean countries.

Brown stone tiles

tile bathroom ideas terracotta brown color wall paint cream mediterranean style

Glazed and not glazed tiles

Tile Bathroom Ideas-production-glazur-eiseile-blue-white-flowers-terracotta-color

Imaginative tile bathroom ideas can be found in the picture gallery

Tile bathroom ideas -mediterranean-bathtub-freestanding-black-armchair-picture-modern-design

Combine mosaics and magnificent motifs from Mediterranean culture with simple furnishings

Tile bathroom ideas -mediterranean-mosaic-black-white-rom-fugur-sculpture-modern-floor-black

Bathroom with retro flair – double sinks and floor tiles with playful ornaments

Tile bathroom ideas -mediterranean-large-as-black-white-fries-edge-green-bathtub-window-shower-shower tray

Modern and classic with a Mediterranean flair in black and white

Tile Bathroom Ideas -mediterranean-tub-black-white-attic-shower-shower-cabin-window

Like a Roman bath – friezes with a typical pattern and half wall and ceiling painted in blue

Tile bathroom ideas -white-dark-blue-retro-armature-ceramic-mirror-cabinet

Retro bathtub with feet in plain white and floor tiles in turquoise with a playful pattern

Tile Bathroom Ideas-bathtub-white-retro-vintage-floor-turquoise-motif-armature

Interesting bathroom design – Freestanding bath tub, turquoise tiles on the wall and wooden floor

Tile Bathroom Ideas -mediterranean-bathtub-freestanding-wood-floor-wall-turquoise-fuge-white-window

Tiles with ornaments do not have to cover the whole area

Tile bathroom ideas -mediterranean-babyblue-white-loo-bathtub-chair-pattern-floor-wall

Classic with geometric shapes in bright colors

Tile bathroom ideas -mediterranean-white-cabinet-bef-green-earth-mirror-shower-retro-vintage

Tile bathroom ideas -mediterranean-blue-turquoise-floor-white-bathtub-window-patio-window-armature

tiles-bathroom-Mediterranean-marble-floor-mosaic-ocher color-bathtub-white-window-under-cabinet solid wood

tiles-bathroom-Mediterranean-beige-sand color-bathtub-modern-white-mosaic-armature-mirror-shelf

tiles-bathroom-Mediterranean-beige limestone-floor-boulders-chop-octopus-oktapus

tiles-bathroom-Mediterranean-bathtub-cream white-pattern-armature



Tile bathroom ideas -blue-turquoise-wood-base-cabinet-vanity-ceramic


tiles-bathroom-Mediterranean-black-white-gray herringbone arrangement


tiles-Mediterranean-pattern-ornaments-floor-white-fine handmade blue-details

tiles-Mediterranean-ideas-pattern-motif-light green-red-white-light yellow-flower-modull



Decorative mosaic Tiles of Dune design ideas for every area

decorative mosaic tile dune purple wall design ametista

Dune is one of the leading companies producing a wide range of decorative tiles. Its decorative Mosaic tiles Ceramics, glass, marble and travertine stone would fascinate you. Dune has earned its reputation through differentiation in design, quality and service. The Dune brand is recognized worldwide as the leading brand for decorative tiles recognized, which constantly sets higher standards. Their goal is to meet or exceed customer expectations. Today we have put together 28 designs that are suitable for every living area.

Mosaic tiles of ceramic, glass and stone

Travertine mosaic tiles dune bathroom madras

Dune was founded in 1993 in San Juan de Moró (Castellón), Spain. This particular ceramic Wall and floor tiles decorate walls in the bathroom, living room, in the kitchen, but also in bars, hotels and other public areas. The mosaic tiles have been transformed into an amazing decorative element.

Bathroom mosaic tiles with interesting designs

bathroom mosaic tiles dune AGATA pebbles optics

Dune has a clear international vision right from the start that can be adapted to local requirements thanks to a commercial network of 11 offices around the world: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Spain, France, Mexico, Portugal, UK, USA and Florida California, USA. More than 8,000 customers including recognized interior designers trust Dune.

Colorful accent in the bathroom

bathroom mosaic tile purple orange glass BERNICE wood vanity

interesting patterns and soft colors in the bathroom

bathroom tile ceramic mosaic beige tape SOLIMAN

Accent wall in the living room

wall decoration decorative tile dune marble

decorative stone mosaic

TARTESIA stone mosaic tile light blue wall design

shiny mosaic in black

black glass tile squares wall design matrix

Mother-of ceramic tiles

NACAR NATURAL ceramic tile bathroom gloss mother of pearl

silver glass shards

decorative mosaic tiles dune silver draco shards

decorative elements in the bar

decorative tile dune black gold bar CLEOPATRA

decorative mosaic tiles dune shiny shards FUTUROSCOPE

decorative mosaic tile dune ABSOLUT ceramic

mosaic tile silver wall floor design KRYPTON

mosaic tile kitchen back wall colorful dune ANDY

mosaic tiles glass dune brown beige wall floor TRESOR

mosaic tiles dune gold kitchen ASTON ceramics

ceramic mosaic tile orange cream circle dune PLANETS

ceramic tiles decorative pattern gold brown BRUSSELS

glass mosaic shards red wall TRENCADIS CIELO

black tiles antique motifs HAMMAM

glass mosaic tile gold wall dune brunei

glass mosaic tile bathtub white CAYMAN NACAR

decorative wall tiles dune different patterns TIFFANY black

decorative mosaic tiles dune travertine gold ALEXANDRIA

decorative mosaic dune square wall AMAZONIA NATURA wood decorative mosaic tiles dune gold black wall floor ARLEQUINO

bathroom tile back wall design patchwork pattern TIFFANY MARFIL

Parquet floor in the living room – characterful and versatile flooring

Parquet floor living room-bright-ideas-Setting Tips

Whether plank flooring, herringbone or ship’s floor – the parquet floor in the living room gives character, creates a homely ambience with its attractive appearance and blends harmoniously into every style of furnishing. Of the representative flooring is therefore particularly well suited for use in living areas – exactly where the family likes to stay and where guests are received.

Parquet floor in the living room – what must be considered when buying?

Parquet floor living room-light oak-sofa-and-white

The robust parquet floor enjoys great popularity thanks to its longevity. For the investment to be worthwhile and really worth it, several criteria play a role in the purchase.
1. The type of wood – the hardness of the species determines the suitable place of use. Hardwood species include doussie, ash, beech, merbau, robinia and wenge. They are ideal for use in busy areas such as living areas and corridors and are a great choice for families with small children or pets.
2. The surface treatment – depending on the processing, the wood can be provided with a finishing. Stylish parquet floors on meister.com come for example in different versions. When limed wood, a lime paste is applied, with brushed wood surface creates a charming relief, with thermal treatment – an attractive reddish color nuance. In addition, the surface can be naturally oiled, treated with UV oil or varnished. A parquet treated with natural oil is breathable and can regulate the humidity in the living room. Regular care in this case is crucial for the longevity of the natural material. UV oil protects the wood from the strong sun rays and discoloration. Lacquered parquet floors are considered extremely hard-wearing.
Third Lay parquet floor – In principle, the laying method determines the effort – a click system is considered the most effortless variant, in the assembly tongue and groove should have some craftsmanship experience. When buying should also be thought about moisture protection / for example by PE film / and impact sound insulation.

Parquet floor in the living room – bright, reddish or dark color?

Parquet floor living room Ideas-plank floor-laying carpet

Light wood species such as ash or oak make the room appear visually larger – which is why they are particularly popular in the Scandinavian countries. The fine, even structure of the light woods form the perfect backdrop for creative decor in cheerful sunny colors.
Reddish wood species with fine grains / beech / refine the living room and give the colonial style the final touches. They are ideally suited for rooms with a north orientation.
Dark-colored parquet floor / smoked oak, for example, gives the living room a glamorous look and makes you dream of the luxurious facilities of Great Gatsby. Together with comfortable leather furniture in warm shades and noble home accessories in gold look forms the dark brown Flooring the perfect ensemble.

Parquet floor in the living room – dining area and adjoining kitchen

Parquet floor living room-dining-kitchen fireplace

Parquet flooring in the living room gives the decor a homely look

Parquet floor living room-dining fireplace

Dark parquet flooring in the living room as an accent

Parquet floor living room-dark-color-dining-Beech

Oak wood flooring in the modern living area

Parquet floor living room-kitchen-design Accent hot

Stylish living room with rustic furniture

Parquet floor living room-Kilim-fireplace-stone

Natural stone floor and walls for a modern house in a real cave

natural stone floor kitchen design-white-minimalist-side table-ceiling-stone

Everyone knows that people lived in caves in earlier times. But with the evolution, humanity began at some point, houses of wood, then of brick and now also out concrete Building and living in caves has been a thing of the past for ages. But could you still imagine living in a cave? If you are frowning, then the house design from this article is guaranteed to convince you. “Cave House” is exactly that: a house in a cave and it will turn your ideas 180 degrees. The design of UMMO Estudio, through real cave walls and partly from a modern one Natural stone floor is very impressive and inviting!

Concrete and natural stone floor in the house

natural stone floor living room furniture white sofa bed cushion

Natural stones are not just used to shape some of the floors. Also the walls in the bathroom were designed with this material. The natural stone in the bathroom looks chic and traditional and gives the room a certain rustic touch. The large panels also made a beautiful natural stone mosaic, which can also be found on the terrace. There will be the Natural stone floor combined with metal furniture. The rest of the house in turn has a gray concrete floor, which provides, among other things for a modern flair.

Natural stone floor and natural walls

natural stone floor cave-flooring-concrete-carpet-colorful-sofa

For the decor, the color white and wood furniture were chosen, which adapt to the natural cave walls wonderful. The natural stone floor adapts to these colors, while concrete represents a slight contrast. All in all, however, creates a harmonious interior, which is characterized by open spaces. So you get from everywhere a view of the impressive natural stone floor and the natural stone ceiling.

Cozy seating area in a cave

natural stone floor sofa-bench-cushion-wooden-table-stool

Open kitchen

natural stone floor dining area-tv-furniture-wood-material-original-ceiling

House on different levels

natural stone floor living area-cubicle-studio-bright

Open bedroom with four-poster bed

Natural stone floor bedroom-bedside-checkered-drapery-lighting

Small workspace

natural stone floor bedroom-desk-wood-rustic-modern-chair

Wood furniture for the decor

natural stone-ground organic-desk-workspace-luxury set-nature

Rustic and modern accents in interaction

natural stone-ground-wood furniture-idea-wardrobe-mirror-table-white-walls

Natural stone tiles for wall and floor in the bathroom

natural stone-ground-bathroom-toilet-bidet-wall design

Natural stone sink

natural stone-floor-sink-marble-window-aluminum

Natural stone patio slabs

natural stone-ground-terrace-metal furniture-wrought iron-comfort-summer

Natural stone terrace

natural stone-ground-terrace-design-idea-modern-natural-materials

Natural cave ceiling

natural stone-ground-stone-mountain-ceiling-natural-look-cave-live

White facade

natural stone-floor-house-design-original-architecture-cave-terrace

House with natural stone floor and modern design

natural stone-ground-stair railing and white-metal-gravel garden path

Simple garden

natural stone-ground-spain-house-cave-original-minimalist design

Displaced living areas

natural stone-ground-outdoor rasenfläche-white-facade-Mediterranean-exotic

Outdoor lighting for “Cave House”

natural stone-ground-outdoor area-lighting-input-planting-exotic garden path

The floor plan

natural stone-ground-ground plan space-open-living space-underground

House with natural stone floor in side view

natural stone floor-side view plan-cave-house Ummo-estudio

Design of UMMO Estudio ,

Sustainable wood wall and floor tiles by Mafi – Fresco collection

Hard-wood planks Modern flooring-Mafi Fresco series ecological

We present you the Fresco collection from the Austrian manufacturer Mafi. This sustainable and exclusive Wall and floor coverings combine high quality and sustainability in a modern first-class design. Wood is one of the most popular materials because of its unique properties. In the Fresco collection, wood is artistically staged in a new way. Its perfect beauty is combined with a functional design.

Sustainable wall and floor coverings – a unique experience for the feet

Design floor-high quality wood wallcovering ideas-Fresco made in Austria

The innovative production technology, developed by Mafi especially for Wall and floor coverings, combines the advantages of a special feel with the functionality and design freedom of contemporary floor systems. It is achieved to develop and preserve the positive properties of the wood.

Modern wall and floor coverings with 3d structure

Floor wall covering Vulcano wood Thermally-treated interior design

The hardwood gives just the modern interior the right dose Country house charm , The beech has many manifestations. Its characterful surface exudes balance and warmth. Hardwoods and Vulcano woods are mainly used in Mafi rubbers. The Vulcano woods are thermally treated in a high drying process. So they get a darker and warm color without chemical additives and provide a sustainable alternative to tropical timber The oils used for surface finishing are based entirely on natural raw materials.

High quality wood flooring – suitable for use outdoors

Outdoor floor ideas decking wood environmentally friendly sustainable mafi design

The Austrian company mafi specializes in woodworking and strives for the integration of wood in the living space of man. Mafo produces traditional and innovative natural wood floors with decades of know-how and a fine sense of design. A trademark for the company meanwhile are the extremely large dimensions of the wooden floorboards – up to 5 meters long and 30cm wide.

Naturally oiled surface

Wall covering modern wood design sustainable fresco Duna-treated with oil

Mafi offers private solutions for the highest demands with ecological responsibility

Wood flooring floor warm tone traditional-modern wavy white-simple sofa

Completely paint-free floors

Surface oil treated mafi fresco rombo natural flooring ideas

Artistic wavy floor coverings with vials and single dot branches

Wooden floor covering ideas textures 3d structure coverings wooden floorboards surface-treated

Surface treatment with specially developed oils

Home Furnishings Wall Flooring wood maximum quality ecological responsibility mafi

Striking 3d structure of the rubbers

Floor wall coverings ecologically perfect-lacquer-free floors living room furniture

Subtle wood nuances

Wooden floor covering wavy pattern Hell-Mafi sustainable ecological solution

Ecological wall and floor coverings

Wooden floor covering modern surface finishing oils specially

Dark coloring in warm shades of brown

Wood shades rich in wood tones through complex thermo-treatment-dark floor

Wood coloring texture design dark thermal treatment

Wood and wall covering sustainably curled stairs wooden staircase metal railing

Solution floor ideas modern paneling-wooden planks-lasting fresco

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Floor in wood optics modern staged – beach house in Malibu

beach house-modern-architecture-glass facade and white-malibu california

A beach house in Malibu, California was designed as a quiet retreat by Jamie Bush & Co. The entire interior is in gentle sand nuances designed and the Floor in wood look with modern accents. White dominates, as well as light beige tones, which set the light and harmonious living environment in the right place.

Floor in wood look – gentle sand nuances in the modern beach house

ground-wood Optic-modern-living-juteteppich-couch-bay window

Natural materials such as wood and marble appear noble and stylish. Selected and compiled in a color palette, inspired by the natural landscape on the ocean coast, a coherent, harmonious overall picture is achieved. Accents are set by modern furniture that matches the living concept but at the same time stands out.

Wood effect floor – Variations of sand colors

Floor in wood look-modern-marble-panoramic-window-sand-light-bright

In the living room merge into one another marble and modern wood look. The two natural materials are selected in sandy shades with clearly visible white grains and thus matched. Large windows offer beautiful views of the ocean and invite you to linger. Probably just this breathtaking view has inspired the designer to design the interior so.

Wooden floorboards on the terrace with beautiful sea views

ground-wood Optic-modern-terrace-garden table-solid-marble-chair

The design of the outdoor area uses the same materials – wood and marble. Wooden floors and white marble exposed to the weather change their look authentic and create a cozy effect. This is also tracked in the interior of the house and designed in conjunction with the sea landscape.

Bright rooms – modern white interior with wood-effect floor and tree trunk dining table

Floor in wood look -modern-dining table-solid wood-tree trunk-white

In the living room dear place takes a dining table made of solid tree trunk and in the kitchen – kitchen island made of marble slabs with attractive, contrasting grains. On the cabinet fronts and modern wooden floor, the same white ‘traces’ can be seen, although already staged somewhat refined. White walls and furniture complement the harmonious overall appearance and sought quiet atmosphere.

Modern floor in wood look and kitchen island made of marble

ground-wood Optic-modern marble-sand color-kitchen-island-stool

Gentle sand colors in the bedroom

ground-wood Optic-modern-bedroom-bay window Seascape-beach house

Floor in wood look – modern designs suitable for every area

ground-wood Optic-modern-bedroom-sand color-bright-white

Bright bedroom with wood-effect floor

ground-wood Optic-modern-bedroom-white-sand color-bedside

Attractive appearance of wood-effect floor – different laying pattern optional

ground-wood Optic-modern marble-hell-stair-glass railing

Modern wall paneling and wooden floor with white grain

ground-wood Optic-modern-staircase-design-glass railing-batten

Modern bathroom design in wood look – modern and rustic at the same time

ground-wood Optic-modern-bathroom-rustic-glass wall-wood floor

Bathroom with vanity in modern wood look

ground-wood Optic-modern-bathroom-washbasin-mirror-driftwood

* a project of Jamie book & Co.