10 Do-it-yourself tools and home accessories – basic equipment tips

handyman-tools-accessories-basic equipment-own-making equipment

Every now and then, repairs are made in every household and it is often very costly to hire a craftsman to do so. With a little manual skill, the right handyman tools and accessories, everyone can do many household chores and renovations themselves. It’s even fun if you have the right tool at hand. In addition, in everyday life, a large number of tools completely superfluous and a basic equipment is sufficient. Below you will learn what really belongs to it.

Handyman tools and accessories – basic equipment

Do-it-yourself tools and accessories-basic equipment-tool-case-hammer-scissors

In the hardware store, you are quickly overwhelmed by the large range of products. Drills, screwdrivers, saws, pliers, etc. are offered in several versions, but most of them are designed for a specific task and are certainly not suitable for daily use. Proclaimed bargains are tempting, but usually they show the first defects after a short use. For everyday objects, the quality before the quantity is always preferable, so rather have a first-class home improvement basic equipment, instead of saving a few euros. The conclusion: It pays to invest in functional tools and high-quality accessories.

Do-It-Yourself Tools and Accessories – What exactly is needed in everyday life?

Do-it-yourself tools and accessories-basic equipment-garden ladder-ladder

1. One ladder belongs in every household. Banal, but true, happen many accidents in the house during home improvement works. This includes, among other things, the falling of the ladder. Therefore, you should take into account when buying something and pay attention to the stability of the model. A sturdy, two-sided mountable wooden ladder is perfect for all repairs, if you need to reach something higher lying. If you are standing on a ladder, you certainly do not have a free hand for tools, which is why hooks or storage trays are of great advantage in order to keep other accessories at hand. A model that meets all criteria, for example, offers here at Engelbert Strauss ,

Second tool box – To have tools and utensils on hand and quickly find is a proper storage meaningful. In a tool box with removable small parts insert you put everything under concealed. Depending on your needs, you can choose between different sizes of plastic or metal.

Third hammer – A hammer is needed quickly in the household and therefore necessarily belongs to the home improvement basic equipment. It is classic with a wooden handle that fits optimally in the hand and is firmly connected to the head.

4th screwdriver – An indispensable tool in everyday life is undoubtedly the screwdriver, which is widely known as a screwdriver. This allows screws to be fastened and loosened. It is advisable for the home improvement basic equipment flat and Phillips screwdriver in different sizes (at least small and large) to purchase. In addition, a hex wrench may be useful in vehicle and machine repairs, as well as a voltage tester when working with current to determine the polarity.

Indispensable home improvement tools and accessories – hammer and pliers

Do-it-yourself tools and accessories-basic equipment-hammer-pliers-repairs

5th tongs – A biting or pincer is used to hold and grasp individual workpieces, as well as for pulling out nails.

6th wrench – This can be used to fasten or loosen screw and bolt connections. Especially practical and flexible to work are socket wrenches, which usually occur with suitable inserts included. For hard-to-reach places you also use a ratchet / cart.

7th saw – For sawing different materials, eg. As wood or plastic, is usually a handsaw, which must be supplied with power. For small repairs in the house and garden is usually enough a conventional hand-held saw. Depending on what material needs to be treated, you can also fix different sheets on it.

8th. Cordless screwdriver / drill – Sometimes for housing renovation, sometimes for furniture repair is also a cordless screwdriver or a percussion drill indispensable. The difference between the two devices is the amount of effort required by the particular job. For example, to make holes in the wall to attach a large mirror or curtain rod, a powerful percussion drill is needed. In order to save effort and muscle power when tightening and loosening screws, but also to do a lot of home improvement work in a short time, we recommend a cordless screwdriver with lithium-ion battery.

9. Nails, screws, dowels – A small parts box offers everything in one.

Handyman Tools and Accessories – Ruler and spirit level for proper work

handyman-tools-accessories-basic equipment Inch stock-meter rod-tips

10th Folding rule, metal tape measure and spirit level These are indispensable accessories that ensure correct work when measuring and measuring. A spirit level with about 40-60 cm length already enough for household use, if you want to hang pictures straight.

10 home improvement tools and accessories – the perfect foundation for every home improvement

Do-it-yourself tools and accessories-basic equipment-cordless screwdriver-metalmill-screwdriver

With the tools and accessories listed, everyone will be perfectly equipped and prepared to carry out a variety of home-based activities and repairs. When putting together your own toolbox, you should already buy a lot, but above all, have the bare essentials. A tip: High quality is guaranteed above all by quality labels. If you pay attention to the purchase of tools and not just look at the price, you will have something of your new tool for a long time.

Give the fridge right – tips to keep food fresh for a long time

Properly allocate the fridge. Food-temperature-stay-fresh

Exhausted and packed you come home after a bulk purchase and just want to quickly stash all purchases in the fridge? So that every food is stored optimally, it must find its optimal location. Because in the refrigerator, the same temperatures do not prevail in every compartment. By filling the unit with system, you can not only increase the shelf life of your food, but also find your food faster. We will give you some information today on how to give a fridge properly and tips on how to do it Storage of food ,

Give the fridge right – general information

Properly allocate the fridge tips and food storage

Some foods like it warm and humid, others should be kept dry and cold. Some foods should not be refrigerated because they may lose their taste. Today, we will show you how the food properly adapts to the cold zones.

Give the fridge right – the different levels

Properly admit the fridge to different levels of temperature

The temperature in the fridge is not evenly distributed. There are various cold zones that are different for the storage of food. Most refrigerators work with static refrigeration. This means that there is an evaporator in the upper part, which cools the air. This creates a circulation in which the warm air rises. The temperature difference ranges from 0 to seven degrees Celsius. The coldest is in the lower compartment and on the back wall, which is why meat and dairy products are finding their ideal place here. At the top, prepared food or cakes should be kept.

Upper compartment: The 5 to 8 degree zone

Fridge-right-give-upper-way temperature

In the upper compartment, the temperature is between five and eight degrees Celsius. It is best to have already cooked food, ready-made salads, cakes, sauces such as mustard and mayonnaise, opened preserves, soups and marmalade. Even for leftovers, this refrigerator level is the right place. For raw meat and fish and foods that contain raw eggs, it would be too hot here.

Middle compartment: The 4 to 5 degree zone


Dairy products can be stored in the middle shelf. Cheese, cream, fresh milk, yoghurt and cottage cheese – all are in good hands here. For eggs, you have the choice: either in the refrigerator door or in the middle compartment. Milk remains fresh for longer but in the cooler middle of the refrigerator.

Lower compartment: The 2 to 3 degree zone

Fridge-right-give-lower-fold meat-fish-sausage

The lower compartment has a temperature of 2 to 3 degrees. This is the coldest zone and it contains all perishable food. The low temperatures are ideal for storing fish, meat and sausages.

The vegetable compartments: The 8 to 12 degree zone

Fridge-right-give-vegetable-fruit-wet-8-12-degree fresh

The temperature in the vegetable compartment ranges from eight to twelve degrees Celsius. This environment is ideal for most fruits and vegetables. These include leaf salad, herbs, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, carrots, leeks, radishes, asparagus, root vegetables, mushrooms etc.

Store tropical fruits in the upper compartment

refrigerator-grant-südfrüchte-pineapple-upper-fold sandwich-bag

Be sure to store fruits and vegetables separately. Apples, for example, release the gas ethylene, which can cause other fruits or vegetables to spoil. Others like the avocado, for example, can ripen faster. Exotic fruits like bananas are sensitive to cold and quickly turn brown in the fridge. In the upper compartment at about 8 degrees Celsius but you can safely save large tropical fruits such as pineapple or melon.

Give the fridge right – the zero-degree zone

Correctly allocate the fridge biofresh-zero-temperature-fold

The modern refrigerator also has so-called zero-degree compartments, where food is stored at 0 degrees Celsius. So they stay fresh for longer, crisp and the vitamins are spared. The food also does not dry out. Every refrigerator model calls this compartment different. At Liebherr, for example, the zero-degree zone is referred to as Biofresh and Siemens – VitaFresh.

high or low humidity?

Küchl cabinet-right-give-zero-degree zone-fish-vegetable-fruit

The zero degree zone can be dry or wet. For example, most fruits and vegetables like high humidity. In the zero-degree zone with low humidity include meat, fish, sausage and cheese. Some manufacturers also offer a special tray for fish, ideally stored at minus 2 to 0 degrees.

Grant the refrigerator door properly

Fridge-right-give-fridge door-drinks-glasses

The refrigerator door should also be used optimally. Here prevail similar temperatures as in the upper compartment. Door compartments are particularly suitable for storing drinks, freshly squeezed juices, butter, dressings and sauces of all kinds, such as ketchup and mustard.

Store eggs in the fridge

fridge-give-eggs-store eggs tray egg box

Often there is an extra compartment for the eggs in the fridge. Butter is also in good hands in the upper half of the door. Dressings, tins and sauces will find their place below. At the bottom there is a holder for drinks such as beer, water and juices.

Give the fridge right – what does not belong in the fridge?


Some fruits and vegetables do not need to be stored in the fridge because they lose their aroma or change their taste.

  • Tomatoes lose the aroma
  • Onions are moldy
  • Bananas turn brown quickly
  • Potatoes change their taste
  • Bread is getting dry
  • Honey crystallizes quickly
  • Garlic begins to germinate at high humidity and dries out.
  • Coffee powder is also not in the fridge, because coffee easily absorbs moisture and foreign flavors.

Vegetable oils may also be stored in the middle of the refrigerator door. Nuts in a mason jar can be kept in the fridge for several weeks.

Give practical tips on how to properly store your fridge

Küchl cabinet-right-give-food-well-packed-hygiene

Store all food well packed. Best to use lockable containers, cling film and plastic cans. In any case, ensure sufficient hygiene and pack raw meat so that no meat juice can be transferred to other foods.

Refrigerator shelves stay clean


To keep your fridge clean longer, you can use a decorative foil or mats to line the shelves and compartments. These ensure a hygienic climate and also create a good mood. Choose mats that you can wash occasionally or cheap disposable insoles.

Use Washi Tape


If you keep food in storage boxes in the refrigerator, it would be an advantage if they are transparent. So you can directly see what is in the respective box. Alternatively, you can label the boxes.

Labels made of washi tape

Küchl cabinet-right-give-etiquette-washi-tape

The easiest way to make labels yourself, is the popular Washi Tape. It is very cheap and can be easily removed. In addition, you can also record the expiration date so that you can keep a better overview.

Rectangular containers save space


Did you hear that you want to breed square melons in Japan? Why? They fit better in the refrigerators. The cubic shape is easier to accommodate and saves space. What can you consider when considering which storage box set to buy – round or square?

Refrigerator organizer

Fridge-right-give-trim aids-etagere-fan

So that the order in the refrigerator does not get lost quickly after putting in, you can get yourself various refrigerator organizers. These help you to organize the food better and allow a hygienic climate.

Remove scratches in the ceramic hob and prevent – helpful & quick tips

scratch-vitroceramic-house medium-polish-toothpaste-prevention

Nowadays, many use the practical ones Ceran fields for cooking. Not only are they easier to clean than the classic hobs, they also save energy. But even with regular cleaning and care over time unsightly scratches in the ceramic hob. But you do not have to despair immediately, because this Scratches in the ceramic field can be easily removed in many cases. How exactly, you will find in today’s article.

Scratches in the ceramic field – Common causes

Scratch-vitroceramic glass-polish-ideas-just-household tips

Fine scratches occur during everyday use of the hobs, but also during cleaning. So the field is scratched by pushing the cookware back and forth. Scratches in the ceramic hob by pan or pot are therefore the most common cause. However, as I said, these are fine scratches that you can remove yourself. Sometimes, however, scratches in the ceramic field caused by the sponge, which we use in the cleaning.

Scratches in the ceramic field – how deep are the scratches?

scratches in the ceran field cooktop-ceramic-hob-repair

Whether you really can remove the scratches in the ceramic field, depends mainly on their depth. Fine superficial ceramic field scratches on the ceramic field are no problem. These are also, as already mentioned, in the daily use, no matter how much they take care. However, with some tricks you can eliminate scratches on ceramic hob.

Avoid scratches on the ceramic hob

scratches in the ceramic hob plate-glass-ceramic polishing

Even though it is generally normal that scratches occur in the ceramic field, you can prevent it. For one thing, you avoid putting the cookware unnecessarily across the field. When cleaning, care must be taken to use the right products. Scouring cream on the ceramic hob can, for example, cause scratches, but also special cleaners for the oven are usually not suitable.

Clean the ceramic hob and avoid scratches on the ceramic hob

scratches in the ceranfeld cook-clean-care-tips-toothpaste-scratching

For cleaning, it is best to use a special product for ceramic hobs and paper towels or a soft cotton cloth. In addition, the hob must be cleaned after each use. Otherwise, food leftovers can not only burn in, they can also scratch the field. With a little caution you can avoid scratches in the ceramic hob.

Use Ceranfeldschaber correctly


Branded is removed with a special Ceranfeldschaber. Make sure the blade is inserted correctly. Otherwise, the scraper can cause scratches, which can also be very deep. Scratches in the ceramic hob are avoided if the scraper is used properly. He is pulled over the pollution like a razor blade.

Protection by covers


Even if the hotplates are not in use at the moment, scratches in the ceramic hob can occur in everyday life if you put objects on them or accidentally drop something. To protect the hob from such accidents, special covers can be used, which are also decorative. Keep in mind, however, that these covers can not be placed on the hotplate until it has cooled.

Polish out fine scratches with polish

scratch-vitroceramic-household-cooking island-country style-modern

How to remove scratches in the ceramic field? If you would like to eliminate fine ceramic field scratches, you have two remedies for scratches in the ceramic hob. On the one hand you can try out a polish for Ceran surfaces from the specialist trade and polish off Ceranfeld scratches. This polish is applied with a soft cloth. Distribute them on the scratched areas. The scratches pick up the polish and disappear. Finally, the paste is simply wiped off with another clean cloth.

Remove scratches in the ceramic field with toothpaste

Scratch vitroceramic kitchen-island-mosaic-stone-countertop

Before you reach for polish, you can also try a home remedy for scratches in the ceramic field. Meant is the ordinary toothpaste. This can namely remove very fine glass ceramic scratches, or, laminating. Carefully apply the toothpaste to the scratched areas and rub them. The toothpaste smoothes the edges of the scratches, which makes them less noticeable or even unnoticeable.

Conceal scratches

scratches in the ceramic field cleaning-care-polishing

In both variants, however, you should be aware that the scratches in the ceramic hob are not really removed. Each polish simply smoothes the edges. The result is that the scratches are less noticeable or not noticeable. The light is then no longer broken in the scratches. The funds are therefore more of a way to mend the scratches in the ceramic field.

How do you get scratches from the ceramic hob – deep scratches


However, you can not remove very deep scratches with the above-mentioned means. It is often said that deep cracks in the ceramic field are dangerous, so the purchase of a new hob should be considered. However, that is not necessarily true. Rather, whole cracks are more problematic because overcooked liquids can cause a short circuit if they get through the cracks in the electronics. If the ceramic hob is scratched, this danger does not exist. However, as mentioned, deep scratches can not be removed, resulting in a non-aesthetic appearance.

Ironing without an iron – Helpful tricks for your household & everyday life

ironing without iron household tricks-everyday-simple-housework-last-minute

Ironing is certainly not for everyone. But as unpleasant as it may be for some, sooner or later it is necessary. But what if you do not have an iron on hand at the moment? ” Ironing without iron is impossible “, you may say now. But you are wrong! There are great tricks , with which you can get the laundry nice and smooth even without an iron. We’ve put together some helpful tips on ironing without irons in this article, and with some of them, smoothing is even faster and easier than ironing. Learn how!

How to iron without an iron?

iron without iron tedious-lighten-excite-fold-garment

The different techniques are of course also different effective. Not every fabric works equally well. For this reason, you simply have to try for yourself which way you iron the best without an iron. But once you get the hang of it, you will not even get the idea to use the iron.

Ironing without iron with steam in the shower

ironing without ironing shower-steam-shower-shower-bathroom

The shower is probably the best known trick. The smaller the bathroom, the better. The room should be able to fill with steam as quickly as possible to save time and of course water. So you use steam for ironing without an iron. The only thing you need is a hanger to hang the garment in the shower.

Ironing with steam

ironing without iron shower-steam-idea-easy

Hang the crumpled garment in the shower. Choose a place that is close to the shower head but where the clothes can not get wet. Now let hot water run. Due to the steam and the good old earth gravity, the wrinkles disappear by themselves without you having to help. You can combine this trick to iron without an iron with the daily shower.

Use a hair dryer

ironing without iron wrinkle-removing-blow-dry-damp-clothing

For the next lifehack for ironing without an iron you need a simple hair dryer. Ironing clothes without an iron You can use a hair dryer when things need to be done really fast. Put on the crumpled garment and sprinkle it with a spray bottle. But make sure that the clothes do not get too wet.

Iron laundry with hot air


Now the hair dryer is on the ranks. With its help, you dry the garment again, whereby the wrinkles disappear. Blow dry both from the outside and from the inside. Inside you get the hot air by blowing them in through the sleeves, the neckline or from the bottom. The combination of hot air and moisture helps to iron without ironing.

Tips for ironing without iron – A special spray

iron-without-iron-textile spray-idea-wash-care-drogerie markt

There is a great tool to buy that will make the iron superfluous as well. The so-called “textile wrinkle smoothers” can be found in the drugstore and are sprayed onto the still damp clothing. So if you have a piece of clothing that you know has very wrinkles, you can prevent it by ironing it with a spray like that without an iron.

to iron laundry

iron-without-iron-spray-fold spray-hanger-aid

The damp garment is hung on a hanger. After you have sprayed one, you can pull it in shape with your hands to ensure the best result. With this method of ironing without an iron you can simply dry the garment as usual and on the hanger.

Hot water in the pot


A technique that works on the principle of iron, so with heat, is the variant with a pot. This is a good replacement for the iron you can use if your iron breaks unexpectedly or you just do not have one at hand. Fill a pot with water and boil it up. Lay the garment on the ironing board. It’s also great for ironing a shirt without an iron.

Tips for ironing

iron-without-iron-pot-smooth-clothing-laundry basket-towels

With the pot that has become hot through the water, you then smooth the garment by pushing it over it. It is important that the pot is also nice and clean. Be careful, because you work with hot water! Also do not fill the pot with too much water. The movements could spill out of the pot and burn your hands!

Use a dryer

iron-without-iron-clothes wrinkle smoothing Dryer eiswürfel

Not everybody has a dryer in the house. But if you are lucky, you can also use it to remove wrinkles from clothing. Put the clothes in the dryer. In addition to this, you still need a damp object. This can be ice cubes, but also a wet sock, a damp cloth or similar. Now let the dryer do the work and iron it without an iron.

Get clothes smooth without much effort

iron-hanging without-iron-dryer-moisture-cube-trick

A working time of 15 minutes is sufficient for the dryer for this purpose. Then take the clothes out of the dryer and hang them up with hangers. This will prevent it from wrinkling again. In addition, you must remove the clothes equal to the dryer, otherwise it crumples in the drum.

Iron laundry with straighteners without iron

iron-without-iron-straightener-curler-jean shirt t-shirt

The dry laundry you can possibly get smooth with a flat iron. This way you can, for example, iron a T-shirt. But even if you want to iron a shirt, the straightener can prove to be practical, because its handy size makes it possible to even smooth difficult parts, such as the collar.

Ironing – Tips for straighteners and curling iron

iron-without-iron-trick-straighteners-caution-pants suit-shirt-practical

The fact that you can clamp the textiles in the straightener, you have the opportunity to use the heat directly. The straightener should be cleaned beforehand. Any remnants of hair care products could contaminate the clothes when ironing without the iron. Also, the iron must not be held in one place too long so that the material does not burn. Alternatively it can be painted over the clothing with a curling iron for smoothing.

A damp towel


Place the crumpled garment on a smooth, even surface. This can be an ironing board, the floor or a table. Then put on a damp towel. Then move your hands over the towel to pull the clothes underneath even more smoothly. Then you can remove the towel and let the clothes dry.

Smooth under heavy objects


To speed up the drying process, you can also use a hair dryer. Incidentally, the trick with the towel is also suitable if you use heavy items for ironing without an iron. Put the clothes, for example, under a mattress. However, the result may not be as good as smoothing your clothes with your hands.

Ironing without ironing board

iron-without-iron-ironing board-replacement-table-floor-towels

Now that you’ve got some tips on ironing without an iron, you may also be looking for an alternative for the ironing board. In principle, any flat surface is suitable for this purpose, be it a dining table, the worktop in the kitchen, a desk or even the floor. But since you will work with hot steam and iron or, for example, the variant with pot and water, a protection for the surface must be found.

Protect the pad

iron-without-iron-ironing board-idea-iron towel-shirt-smooth

Otherwise, the heat could damage the table top, parquet or laminate. Again, you can use an everyday household item, an ordinary towel. To iron without an iron, simply place one or more towels between the base (table or floor) and the garment to be ironed. The towels serve as insulation. It also special ironing cloths are offered, which can be used for protection and space-saving than ironing boards.

Remove coffee stains – effortlessly and effectively with these home remedies

remove coffee stains girl-coffee-mug-black-heart-holding-brown-gold-outside-jacket-sweater

For many people, the day begins with a hot, aromatic coffee, which is often drunk in between meals. We enjoy our coffee not only at home but also in the office, in the car or on the road. Sometimes it just happens by a mishap that you spilled the cup and unsightly and sometimes stubborn stains on clothes, carpet or furniture arise. We present home remedies with which you fresh or already dried Remove coffee stains can.

Remove fresh coffee stains from textiles

remove coffee stains kitchen-glass-glass-mug-woman-shirt-coffee-cup-upset

You drink a cup of coffee during your lunch break or a delicious piece of cake in the afternoon and suddenly a coffee stain spreads on your white blouse or new jeans. For fresh coffee stains, you should act as quickly as possible, because the longer the stains remain on the textiles, the harder you are to get off again.

Remove coffee stains with carbonated water

remove coffee stains glass-full-water-carbonated-liquid-drink-clean-dissolve

When you’re at home, dab carbonated water on the stain with some dish soap and wash the soiled garment in the washing machine. Are you in a cafe or restaurant, treat the stain alternatively with a little hand soap and sparkling water. Thanks to the carbonic acid, the process of dissolving the coffee stain is accelerated. Enjoy the hot drink with milk or cream, then wash the textiles at as high a temperature as possible to remove the fat from the fabric.

Use salt or baking soda to remove fresh coffee stains

coffee stains remove cleaning agent-sponge-gloves-sponge-bottle-spirits-alcohol-soda

Fresh coffee stains from cotton or linen clothing and tablecloths can also be completely removed with baking powder or salt. Sprinkle one of both home remedies on the stains until completely covered. Once the liquid is absorbed, you can brush off the salt or baking soda and then washed in the washing machine as usual.

Clean coffee stains with milk

coffee stains remove woman glass full milk liquid blouse white fingernails

You’ve just got your new white pants or shirt dirty with coffee? Although it sounds strange, to remove the stains you can soak your clothes in milk for about 10 minutes and then wash as usual. However, you can only use this home remedy for white textiles.

Household remedy against old coffee stains

coffee stain-removing-sink-wash-water-lukewarm-hands-clothing-spotted-silk-turquoise

If the coffee stains on your clothing or other fabrics made of cotton or linen have already dried, gall soap and glycerin are available for stain removal. For the first time moisten the old coffee stains with lukewarm water, apply the gall soap and rinse it off after a few minutes.

Dry dried stains on clothing with baking soda

coffee stain-removing-edit-rinse-wash-washing machine-detergent-linen-white-woman

If you are missing these two home remedies, you may like to dissolve a dishwasher and put the garment in it for 15 minutes. You can also sprinkle baking soda or soda over the stain and pour warm water over it. Wash the garment under clean water and then in the washing machine.

Delicate, washable fabrics made of wool, silk and felt

coffee stain-removing-silk-garment-green-floral-motive-water-lukewarm-detergent-woman-hands

If your silk tie or your favorite wool sweater have been damaged, dab the resulting spots with lukewarm water and hair shampoo and rinse with cold water. In the case of dried-on stains, you can use a mixture of water and ammonia for felt and wool, and remove old coffee stains on silk with pure alcohol or spirit.

Remove fresh coffee stains from the carpet and upholstered furniture

coffee stain-removing-cup-coffee-black-tipped carpet-floor-liquid suck-wet

It is all the more annoying when the coffee stains on fabrics that can not be cleaned in the washing machine. You stumble and the ugly spots are already on your beige carpet. First lay paper towels on the fresh coffee stains and press on the paper so that as much liquid as possible is sucked out of the fabric. Then carefully pour the sparkling water onto the remaining stains and, using a kitchen crepe, suck it out of the carpet after a short time.

Remove liquid with kitchen paper

pat-liquid woman-hand-dry coffee stain-removing-kitchen paper carpet-soak-

Equally effective is a lye made of lukewarm water with detergent. For non-washable textiles such as sofa covers, car seats or other upholstery-like fabrics, apply the cleaning agent carefully so that the stain does not increase and allow the home remedy to work for about 10 minutes.

Alcohol against coffee stains on the carpet

coffee stain-removing-baumwollle-cloth and white spirit alcohol-carpet-black-spotted-Apply-pat

You are welcome to access pure alcohol for stains on the carpet. It is advisable to test the selected home remedy in an inconspicuous place before treatment to avoid damage. Soak a soft, lint-free cotton cloth with pure alcohol or spirit and dab the stain until it’s gone. It is best to clean the area with clear water.

Remove old stains from carpet, sofa or car seats

coffee stain-removing-glass cleaner carpet-beige-man-spray bottle-plastic sponge cloth-light blue

In addition to the household remedies mentioned above, gall soap, alcohol and alcohol, the colorless glass cleaner has also proven itself in the removal of dried coffee stains. Moisten the soiled area with warm water and spray glass cleaner on it. After a few minutes, you can dab the detergent dry again. You can also use a carpet cleaner with old stains.

Remove coffee stains from light leather

coffee stain-removing-leather-sofa-brown-smooth leather-dirty-clean-cotton cloth-yellow-woman-wall

They are currently under pressure and seem to have their coffee-to-go cup not properly closed and the coffee flows over your leather bag. Or you lie on the sofa, the dog jumps suddenly and the cup tips over. Do not worry, once you have removed the liquid, you can remove fresh coffee stains also made of leather with warm water and detergent or alternatively with a concentrated solution of lukewarm water and salt.

Citric acid with dried stains on leather

coffee stain-removing-leather-brown-furniture-stool-soiled-kitchen crepe-citric lemon juice

If edges are caused by the use of liquid, you can finally treat the surface with a little distilled water and dry well. For already dried stains you can use citric acid on a cotton cloth for dabbing.

Remove stains on paper

coffee stain-removing-coffee mug blue-hot drink black coffee-working face-book-text-printed

Have you borrowed a thrilling book from a good friend, or are you in the process of filling out important documents and the coffee cup is toppling over? Since paper is known to be very absorbent, try to slip kitchen crepes over the stains without pressure.

coffee stain-removing-chalk sticks-red-yellow-blue-green-rub-powder-brush-soak-dirt

With some grated chalk or salt you can try to soak up the remaining coffee from the polluted place. Carefully scrape off the salt or chalk. Even with a soft sponge and lemon juice you can achieve fading old coffee stains.

Clean white wall or wallpaper

coffee stain-removing-shaving cream-heap, white and airy creamy-Apply-finger-hausmittel

If coffee is also sprayed on the white wall or wallpaper, you can work the resulting stains with commercial shaving cream. After drawing the liquid out of the stain with paper, dab the shaving cream onto the coffee stain with a sponge, leave to work for about a quarter of an hour, and then remove.

Remove stains from the wood

coffee stain-removing brush-table-wood-dark natural material-spüllmittel-water-bowl-Towel

If you have poured coffee over an unsealed wooden table, you need to soak up the coffee as quickly as possible and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Rub from the outer edge of the patch towards the spot. A splash of detergent in the cleaning water helps when coffee has been spilled with milk.

Remove coffee stains from joints

coffee stain-removing-joint-tiles-mini-kitchen-wall-mugs-colorful-hung-countertop-wood

If coffee splashes also land on the joints of your kitchen tiles, you can spread a paste of warm water and baking soda or soda on the joints and after a short time rinse with clear water.

Tips and tricks in the household with cling film – 15 practical ideas

Tips and tricks in the household fresh-foil-role-usages

The cling film is a simple yet practical invention that almost every one of us has in the kitchen. However, the plastic wrap can not only in the kitchen, but also everywhere in the household helpful be. It is therefore considered multifunctional and can be used in different situations. In this article we would like to give you some practical Tips and tricks in the household with the cling film that you may not have known yet.

Tips and tricks in the household – keep food fresh longer

Tips and tricks in the household fresh foil-lemon-wrap-fresh-keep

The cling film is usually used to different foods at home to pack so they stay fresh longer. For example, you can store various fruits and vegetables or store food and drinks in the fridge with the foil instead of the lid. When wrapping the cling film sticks to itself and ensures a safe packaging of the food.

Tips and tricks in the household – keep bananas properly

Tips and Tricks in Household Banana-Frischhaltefolie-Stängel-einwickeln

Practical tips and tricks In the household with the cling film there are actually many. Bananas, for example, can keep you fresh for a longer time by wrapping only the stems with cling film and storing the bananas at a not too hot temperature.

Trick with cling film for longer fresh flowers

Tips and tricks in the household flowers-longer-fresh-keep-fresh-foil-damp-cloth

Giving away fresh bouquets is always a good idea for any occasion. To keep the bouquet fresh and fragrant for longer, you can try this trick with moistened kitchen paper and cling film. Simply moisten a piece of kitchen paper with water, wrap the flower stems first with the paper and then with a piece of cling film.

Use the smartphone with dirty hands

Tips and tricks in household plastic wrap-smartphone-protect-cook-bake

The new technologies allow us to download a recipe on your smartphone or tablet. Since you should usually scroll on the display to read the recipe to the end, the phone can be wrapped with cling film and thus protected from dirt and liquids during cooking. The cling film allows normal scrolling and thus a smooth use of the smartphone.

Practical tips and tricks in the household

tips-tricks-household-cup-kept fresh foil-trinkhalm

This practical household trick is most suitable for children and those who often spill glasses with liquids. As a rule, water can be absorbed very quickly with a cloth and does not damage the surfaces. Some fruit juices, on the other hand, can stain and strain your countertop or table.

Tricks with cling film against spilling liquids

tips-tricks-household-cup-on-spill-hedge-kept fresh foil

To protect the surfaces in the kitchen or on the desk, you can wrap the glass or cup with a piece of cling film and pierce it with a drinking straw. This is one of the best tips and tricks in the household with cling film if you are reading a book or working on a laptop.

DIY mini greenhouse in aquarium

tips-tricks-household-empty aquarium-kept fresh foil mini-greenhouse

Using the cling film, you can make a small greenhouse yourself by covering a flowerpot with cling film after watering. A mini greenhouse with several plants can be designed in an aquarium, which is also covered with cling film. Thus, the growth of the plants is promoted because the soil does not dry out in the flower pots.

Tips and tricks in the household – Keep the ink tray clean

tips-tricks-household-color pan-clean-keep-fresh foil hold

The tips and tricks in the household can help with painting at home. For example, instead of always buying a new paint tray, since the last one is soiled with paint and can not be used any further, you can wrap the clean ink tray with cling film. After use, the film is removed and the ink tray looks like new again.

Keep the painting utensils in the right place

tips-tricks-household-farbeimer-paint roller-kept fresh foil-wrap

If you paint a whole room or the whole apartment, usually one day is not enough. Since the paint roller can dry out with the paint in a few hours, usually the next day a new one is bought. Instead, wrap it with cling film so it can be used later.

Wrap the paintbrush in a cling film with paint

tips-tricks-household-paintbrush-kept fresh foil-wrap-take-clean

You can do the same for the paintbrush and paint bucket. Your painting utensils are therefore suitable for multiple use. With these tips and tricks in the household with the cling film you save both money, as well as time to clean the paint roller and paintbrush.

Tips and tricks in the household and for the holidays

tips-tricks-household-dresses suitcase-on-oil stains-protect-kept fresh foil

When traveling, do you always worry that your shampoos and other liquid cosmetics may spill in your suitcase and clothing? With this great trick with the cling film forget about these worries on all future trips.

Secure against spilled cosmetics in your luggage

tips-tricks-household-kept fresh foil hedge against-spill--

In order to secure liquid cosmetic products, only a small part of the cling film is necessary in each case. Remove the bottle cap, cover the bottle neck with the foil, reset the bottle cap and the problem is solved.

Wrap the suitcase yourself with cling film

tips-tricks-vacation-luggage suitcase-yourself-wrap cling film

At each airport there are baggage seal points where your bags are packed and thus additionally protected against possible theft or smuggling. However, you can make this much cheaper yourself by wrapping the case with cling film at home.

Practical tips and tricks in the household during the move

tips-tricks-household-work-ideas-pack-kept fresh foil-salt

The cling film is also helpful in a move, as it can protect your furniture, accessories or kitchen utensils on the way to the new apartment. You can wrap jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets in plastic wrap so they do not get confused. Full salt and pepper shakers can be packaged like the cosmetics and furniture can be protected with cling film from scratches during the move.

Cling film for a marble nail design

tips-tricks-household-marble-brand design-yourself-making kept fresh foil

With cling film you can create a beautiful nail design with marble effect yourself at home. First apply the nail polish in base color and let it dry well. Then apply a second layer of nail polish in a different color and touch with a crumpled ball cling film while the paint is still wet. Let it dry, apply overcoat and done!

Tips and tricks in the household – wrapping frosting in plastic wrap

tips-tricks-household-cupcake-frosting-kept fresh foil-wrap

The cling film may also be helpful in baking and decorating desserts. Thus, for example, the use of a piping bag is much easier. First, you should prepare the glaze and wrap it in a cling film as shown.

Household Tips for filling the piping bag

tips-tricks-household-injection purse smart-fill-kept fresh foil

Next, place the wrapped glaze in the piping bag and cut the end of the foil before decorating. This keeps the piping bag clean and you should only rinse the syringe spouts after use.

Tips and tricks in the household – Three-colored frosting for cupcakes

tips-tricks-household-three-color-frosting-himself-making kept fresh foil

Using this method, you can make a nice, multicolored frosting for cupcakes, pies or cakes. For example, divide the glaze into three and color each part with different food coloring. Then wrap the glazes in plastic wrap and place in the topping bag all at once. This results in a funny, three-colored frosting for different desserts.

Kitchen and household muck: Everyday products and their durability

kitchen and household utensils-household goods-spring cleaning

We are used to products like the milk or others foods Check regularly for their expiry date. But there are many other things in the household that have a sell-by date and even the smart housewife suspects nothing. We would like to give you some tips on kitchen and household and more specifically household goods that should be thrown away over time. This gives the modern housewife extra help in the household.

Kitchen and household – spices

kitchen and household spices-powder-preserved-paprika-curry

Even dried spices are not durable. On the one hand they lose their taste and on the other hand they start to smell. For that reason, you should use kitchen and household and especially the kitchen cabinets every 1 to 3 years muck and throw away old spices. Powdered spices like ground cinnamon, paprika, curry or pepper only last 6 months.

Kitchen and household – flour

kitchen and household flour-food-baking-breading

The same goes for flour. Whoever bakes or breads often will hardly exceed the expiration date. For all others, it is important to know that first-class flour can only be stored for 6 months and higher quality for one year. The latest spring cleaning offers a perfect opportunity to check kitchen and household more closely.

The pillows

kitchen and household pillows-buying-mite-dust-bedrooms

When it comes to killing your kitchen and household, you should also pay attention to the bedroom. For example, the pillows must be replaced with new ones every two to three years. They collect dust and mites that are not good for your health. In addition, pillows lose their shape over time and can cause pain in the neck.

Replace slippers

kitchen and household slippers-mushrooms-wash-change-clothes

Slippers need to be washed as often as possible, as they provide the perfect foundation for mushrooms that can spread on your feet. And even if you wash the slippers regularly, it is advisable to throw them away every six months and buy new ones instead. So do not forget them when you take care of the kitchen and the household.

Tips for things from the wardrobe

kitchen and household wardrobe sneakers wear shoes

Sneakers should in turn be changed every year, especially if you walk with them regularly. Their cushions lose their elasticity, which is not good for the ankle joints. Every 400 to 480 km new shoes are in demand. Also, throw off the bra as soon as it loses its elasticity. If it gets too big or too small or loses its shape, it’s time for a new one.

The bathroom in the household

kitchen domestic bathroom sponge-bath sponge-germ-bacteria mold

Change natural bath sponges every two weeks and other bath sponges at least every six months. The moisture that they store for a long time quickly causes fungi and mold. As an alternative, you can use this tip for the kitchen and household: You can use the sponges longer if you place them in boiling water at intervals for a few minutes. This is how the bacteria die. In spite of this, think about a timely replacement.

The toothbrushes and towels

kitchen-household-zahbürsten-oral hygiene-wear-tips-cleanliness

That the toothbrush should be replaced every three months, is not really a new tip for kitchen and household. But did you know that even after a cold or flu the toothbrush should be thrown away? Otherwise, you risk falling sick again, because the bacteria and viruses live in the brush for a while. In the moist towels, bacteria multiply very well. Even if they are washed regularly, you should throw them away after one to three years.

Hydrogen peroxide as an aid for kitchen and household

Clean kitchen-household-hydrogen peroxide-cleaning-durability-baking soda-

If you’re using hydrogen peroxide for your kitchen and household, it’s useful to know that it turns into ordinary water within two months of opening and is therefore no longer useful. But even when closed, the vial should not be stored for more than a year.

Hairbrushes and perfumes

kitchen-household-hair brush-comb-clean and natural bristles-hygiene-hair

Hair brushes and combs must be cleaned at least once a week and replaced every year. Brushes with natural bristles should even be thrown away every seven to ten months and replaced with new ones. Perfumes and Eau de Parfum in kitchen and household containing essential oils have a shelf life of three years in the closed state and in the open of two years. Eau de Toilette can be stored unopened again for four years. If the bottle is open, throw it away after two years.

Tips for pacifiers and child seat

kitchen-household pacifier-nuckel-baby-latex-germs

To kitchen and household belong also many objects of the children. The latex pacifier should be discarded every 2 to 5 weeks, no matter how many times it has been used. Latex breaks and breaks quickly and germs develop in these cracks. Every six to ten years a new child seat is needed. Like the pillows and sneakers lose their elasticity and no longer provide sufficient protection for the child. For this reason, the child seat should be omitted on second-hand products.


kitchen-household fire extinguisher-check-buy-protection-fire

That the fire extinguisher does not last forever, you are guaranteed aware. But it’s one of those kitchen and household things that you just do not think about, because you (hopefully) never use it. But every 15 years, a new fire extinguisher is needed. Alternatively, you can simply check the old one. And this at the latest when cracks in the hose or other damage can be seen.

Power strips

kitchen-household-sockets extension cable-durability-protection-brand short-circuit

It is particularly important to pay attention to things in the kitchen and household that have to do with electricity. Outlet are among these things. Each outlet has a specific capacity. If this is used up, it can cause damage in the housing, some of which are not visible. That in turn can have dangerous consequences. With electricity is not to be joking! As a precautionary measure, replace power sockets with new ones every one to two years.


kitchen-household-disinfectant soap-spray-cleaner-hygiene

If you use disinfectants to clean the kitchen and household, it will interest you that they start to lose their effectiveness just three months after opening the bottle. Do not make it to use up the products within this period, better throw them away and get new ones.

Mosquito sprays and other mosquito repellents

kitchen-household-mosquito-mosquito spray-summer-protection-pest-insects

At the latest in the summer you will equip your kitchen and household with mosquito sprays. Because the annoying insects can ruin some garden party. When summer is over, you do not have to throw away the funds immediately. They have a very long shelf life, namely 2 years. But then you should get new products again.

Household insurance in case of burglary – You should pay attention to this

home insurance insurance burglar-house-secure

The number of apartment burglaries in Germany has continued to rise. That goes out of the Burglary Report 2016 from the German Insurance Association (GDV). Burglars use the weaknesses of a house or apartment and penetrate entrance , French doors and normal window into the building. In most cases, raw physical violence is used. These facts are a good reason to pre-arrange home contents insurance, which regulates the damage caused by the collapse. In today’s article, we will try to answer some important questions about reimbursement, conditions and claims and give you a few tips.

Is home contents insurance useful at burglary?

burglary-statistics-rise property insurance damage-regulate

Since the year 2010, the number of home burglary thefts has increased significantly from over 120,000 to over 160,000 in 2015. That means over the past five years, the slump has increased by more than 30 percent. Not only the absolute number of burglaries in Germany is increasing, but also the amount of insured losses is increasing. In 2015, household insurers made 530 million euros to their customers. This represents an increase of more than 50 percent compared to the year 2010. Like a Infographic of Statista shows that the average amount of damage last year was 3,250 euros. According to German household insurers jewelry, watches and cash are most often stolen. Small electronic devices, laptops, tablets, televisions and music systems are also attractive for burglars, as they can easily be resold.

Only 18.6 percent of households in the sample had no household insurance at the time of the slump. From this it can be concluded that 81.4% of the households concerned had generally considered it advisable to take out household insurance. No wonder, because who has no household insurance, must buy everything in case of damage. The insurance is therefore worthwhile for anyone who could not replace his movable property in case of damage without financial problems. Especially with an expensive device, this protection makes sense. In detail, good home contents insurance can be very different, so tariff comparison portals on the Internet have established as the most convenient place to go if you want to find a cheap and reliable home insurance. There you can calculate the contribution for his individual insurance and compare household rates. The general insurance cover also applies to the dangers of fire, tap water, storm and hail. One can cover everything that is covered on the pages of the respective insurer read. For most tariffs you can book additional services against bicycle theft, broken glass, elemental damage caused by forces of nature and overvoltage damage caused by lightning.

What is insured and what does home contents insurance pay?

burglary theft-house door-burglar-false-key

The household contents insurance covers the entire household contents. This includes all moving objects that are in the household to the device (for example, furniture, carpets, pictures, curtains, etc.), for use (household appliances, clothing, books), for consumption or installation. Even objects in garages, attics, annexes, basements and on terraces fall under the protection of home contents insurance. As a rule, the household contents are insured at the replacement value, ie the amount that would have to be expended for the replacement in a new condition. As a rule, valuables such as cash and jewelry are insured only up to a certain upper limit. For cash there is an average compensation amount of 1000 – 2000 Euro.

When is there a burglary?

burglary theft-violent-terrace door-black-white

As mentioned earlier, the insurance company only replaces stolen items for robbery or burglary. But what is the difference between simple theft and burglary? A burglary is always when perpetrators penetrate by force into a building or in a room and leave visible traces. If something is stolen without using force, it is a simple theft.

For example, if your wallet, including $ 500 in cash, is stolen in case of burglary, the household contents insurance must replace the stolen cash and the new value of your wallet. But if the thief creeps into the house without violence and signs of burglary, then it is the so-called simple theft and cash is not insured. Burglary with the right key and no traces is just a simple theft. In the case of gross negligence, for example in the case of a break in a tilted window or an unfinished door, the insurance usually does not pay either.

The general insurance protection against burglary applies, for example:

  • If the burglar cuts the mosquito net or damages the front door to gain access to your locked home.
  • If the perpetrator violently penetrated through the balcony door or a window
  • In case of vandalism after burglary, i. Destruction or damage to the insured objects carried out by the perpetrator, etc.

Damage report to a burglary

burglary theft-damage-Household-window

After noticing the break-in, immediately inform the police and at the same time your insurance company. Never start cleanup or change anything on the scene. You still need to make a list of stolen and damaged items. In order to confirm the valuables, purchase receipts and receipts should generally be kept. If you have no more bills, it is a great advantage if photos or videos of the stolen things exist. Some can also be confirmed with banknotes and without original invoices. If you have ordered some of the stolen items online, then you can print out and settle the payment confirmation. If you have to complain about the loss of your money in a burglary, then you should also be able to explain where the money comes from. For example, it would be helpful to provide a bank statement or a sales contract as proof.

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Fruits and vegetables store tips for fresh and long-lasting foods

vegetables store fruit-tips-dry-household-housewife.

Whether for the professional or the hobby chef – nothing is more annoying than throwing away food. There are some tricks with which the fresh foods how to keep fruits and vegetables longer. It depends on how you choose fruit and Store vegetables , For as simple as that sounds, there are many things to keep in mind when it comes to value that food does not spoil so quickly. We would like to introduce you to such tips in this article.

1. Store and wash fruits and vegetables

vegetables storing fruit-washing-harmful-salad-making

One mistake some people make is to wash fruits and vegetables right after they buy them and then store them. The moisture ensures that the fruits spoil faster. Therefore, you should store fruit and vegetables as they have brought it from the store and wash it only before processing or consumption.

2. Store fruits and vegetables in a dry place

vegetables store fruit-fresh-cooking-dry-storage-cellar-pantry

As already mentioned, both the fruit and the vegetables do not get enough moisture. For this reason, you should always find a dry place for the storage of vegetables and fruits, so they stay fresh longer. You may also like to put out newspaper or kitchen paper that can absorb moisture if you store fruit and vegetables.

3. Store avocado vegetables properly

vegetables store fruit-avocado-plastic-bags-fresh-hobby-cook

Do not just lay avocado in the fridge if you want to store and keep these vegetables fresh. Instead, wrap the fruit in a cling bag or wrap it around with it Cling film , Incidentally, you also do the same with avocado tests. Would you like to keep the other avocado half for later? Choose one of these variants.

4. Store the peppers

vegetables store fruit-paprika-temperature-cup-red-orange-green-yellow

If you want to store these delicious vegetables, you should avoid the fridge or other cold places. Paprika is stored at room temperature. You’ll be amazed how long your peppers will stay fresh. However, you should never shop for much more than you will need for a shorter period of time.

5. Store bananas

vegetable-store-fruit-banana-kept fresh foil-tips

In the fridge, bananas last longer than at room temperature. However, the cold stimulates an enzyme, which causes the black coloration of the shell. You can prevent this by packing the bananas in a bag. Outside the fridge, bananas last longer when the stems are wrapped in cling film. More tips to store fruits and vegetables follow.

6. Cucumbers and carrots

vegetable-store-fruit-carrot-cucumber-preserving jar-water and fresh-keeping

Sure it has happened once that you have peeled and cut too many carrots or cucumbers. Simply put in the fridge, the vegetables will dry quickly. Instead, you can store the vegetables by placing them in a jar of water. So they stay fresh until next use.

7. Put potatoes and onion storage


We do not call these two products in vain for nothing. And while potatoes and onions are often stored together, which is wrong. You should use separate containers when storing the vegetables. Also important is again a dry place outside the refrigerator. Potatoes and onions last so long.

8. How best to store vegetables – Dark storage locations

vegetable-store-fruit-onions, red and dry-cool-storage

For onions it is also important to choose a dark place. Incidentally, this also applies to garlic. A sealed cabinet or a closable, air-permeable container are, for example, well suited for this purpose. This prevents the onions and garlic from spilling out. If you choose a dark, dry and cool place to store vegetables, onions and garlic can stay fresh for up to half a year.

More tips for potatoes

vegetable-store-fruit-potatoes-dark lager-durable

Although potatoes can tolerate a slightly lighter color, a darker one is preferable if you store the tubers. The reason is the same as in the above mentioned varieties. Especially avoid direct sunlight. This makes any kind of vegetables spoil very quickly. A good tip is also to put some apples to the potatoes to make them last longer.

9. Keep asparagus properly


Asparagus is one of those vegetables that should not be kept for too long. Nevertheless, you can keep fresh by keeping the asparagus like a bouquet of flowers. Just put it in a glass of water. In the same way you also store fresh broccoli. Unpeeled asparagus can also be wrapped in a damp dishcloth and stowed in the fridge. You can store the peeled vegetables for a shorter time. Put it in a bag and put it in the fridge.

10. Store vegetables – celery

vegetable-store-fruit-aluminum foil-celery-store-tips-fresh-fruits

Celery is a healthy vegetable and is often used for cooking, but also consumed raw. These vegetables are best stored by wrapping in aluminum foil. If you put the celery in the refrigerator, it will last for about two weeks. As an alternative, a cool cellar is recommended, by about 10 degrees prevail. Then wrap the celery in newspaper.

11. Store tomatoes

vegetable-store-fruit-tomato-room-temperature fresh-food

Whether you store the tomatoes in the refrigerator or outside – it is important that the area where the stems were or are still located upwards. The refrigerator should be avoided with these vegetables, because the tomatoes lose their aroma and start to mold faster. This also applies to eggplants. Between 12 and 16 degrees is the perfect temperature range that you should guarantee for storing vegetables.

12. Store fruit – grapes

vegetable-store-fruit-grapes-storage-ideas-plastic bag

Grapes are allowed to turn in the fridge. Before you pack the fruits but best in a cling bag. Also a Tupperdose is suitable. However, it is important that you do not wash the grapes beforehand. While the fruit stays fresh for up to two weeks in the refrigerator, it only keeps outside and at room temperature for four to five days. How you store fruit and vegetables depends, as you can see, on the variety.

13. Storage of berries


Berries are quite sensitive fruits. For this reason, they usually only last one day at room temperature. A cool place and best of all the fridge’s vegetable compartment are better suited than the fruit basket and extend the shelf life to two to five days. If you store fruit and vegetables, it is recommended to store damaged fruits separately. Especially strawberries mold quickly when damaged, which then transmits to the other fruits.

14. Leafy vegetables

vegetable-store-fruit-vegetable-salad leaf-plastic bag-moist kitchen roll-idee

Leafy vegetables are also best left in the fridge. The most successful way to store these vegetables in the refrigerator is to wrap them in damp kitchen paper and then wrap them in a plastic bag. Cling film or a closable container are also suitable. This keeps the leafy vegetables up to five days.

Hide cash and valuables – The best hiding places in the apartment

Valuables hide against burglar theft jewelry

Because of the recent financial crisis and the low interest on savings, more and more Germans spend a large part of their money in cash, and most of them at home. However, almost nobody is complete against a break-in insured and the number of burglaries in Germany has been increasing for several years. However, if you have decided to keep some money and other valuables in the apartment, you should find or design a good or even several hiding places for it. Here are some of the best places in the apartment where you can get cash and Hide valuables can.

Where should you not hide money and valuables

Valuables hide under-mattress-unsafe-hide-cash

If you want to hide your valuables well, you should first consider the situation as a burglar. Thieves do not expect to find your cash just lying on the table. You have certainly thought through all sorts of hiding places and can not be so easily deceived. There are a few well-known hiding places that should definitely be checked out, such as under the mattress, in the dresser in the bedroom or behind the cistern in the bathroom.

Hide valuables – Nursery as a safe hiding place

Valuables hide apartment-children's room-multiple-hide

The nursery is a safer hiding place than, for example, a living room or a bedroom. Most burglars are more likely to find jewelry or money in the bedroom and are less likely to search the nursery. Good hiding places here are in old toys, with which the little ones no longer play or between unworn clothes in the wardrobe. However, the valuables should be hidden so that they can not find the children by accident.

Make furniture with secret compartment yourself and hide valuables

Valuables hide diy hiding drawer plywood panel

A well-known, but difficult to recognize hiding place are the drawers with secret compartment. You can even make a simple secret compartment yourself from a plywood board and install it in any dresser or even kitchen cabinet. If the drawer is filled with other items, you will certainly not notice a well-made secret compartment.

Install incorrect wall sockets with storage space

Valuables hide flats-false-wall-socket-cash-jewelry

Even in the wall, you can hide valuables by making a hole in the wall and covering it with a wrong wall socket. This is a perfect hiding place for small valuables and of course for cash.

Keep valuables in an empty book


Although the hiding place in a book is well known, it can be really handy. For example, if you have several books on the bookshelf, you can do it to your advantage and hide the book of valuables deep between the others. The burglars in most cases do not have much time left and could not open every book.

Hiding behind a mural jewelry and valuables


A simple mural can also be converted into a good hiding place by installing a box on it. The thinner the body, the more unnoticed the hiding place remains. The idea, however, is rather inappropriate for hiding cash, as the burglars could also check the murals.

Hide cash in the flower pot

valuables-hide-house-plant-flower pot-cash Hiding

Maybe everyone knows the trick to hide the key under a flowerpot, but the thieves know it too. This does not mean that you can not use the flower pot as a hiding place. You could bury a small tin or box of valuables or cash in the soil of a flower pot and cover it with the plant. The more flowerpots you have with indoor plants, the harder it is to find the one with the money.

Hide small valuables in hollow candles


Thick, decorative candles are also great for hiding small jewelry or some cash. They should simply hollow out the candle with a knife, hide the valuables and then cover the hole with some paper and tape.

Creative hiding places in the kitchen


The kitchen has several hiding places that are hard to find. Small valuables are hidden here in small sugar bowls deep in the kitchen cupboard, or in secret compartments in the drawers. Some appliances, such as the dishwasher, have an empty compartment that is perfect for hiding important documents and cash.

Hide valuables or cash in the fridge

valuables-hide-apartment-fridge-money-wrong-food can

In the fridge you could also hide cash and some valuables. Old cans or glasses of food can be painted with color realistic and hide money in it. Also a packaging with aluminum foil could smear all traces for valuables.

Hide valuables under the kitchen cabinet

valuables-hide-apartment-kitchen-jewelry Hiding

Behind the baseboards in the kitchen, there is usually also an empty compartment, which is easily to hide valuables such as money and jewelry. This is a safe and creative hiding place because most thieves have not thought of it at all.

Install incorrect PVC tube in the garage and hide valuables

valuables-hide-basement-garage False pvc tube Hiding

If you have a garage or basement, you can install a wrong PVC pipe somewhere and hide your valuables in it. Usually burglars in the pipeline are not looking at all, so you can safely store your valuables in this way.

Hide valuables in the apartment – The laundry room as a hiding place

valuables-hiding-laundry-empty-bottle-wash detergent

The laundry room also offers some good hiding places for valuables. For example, empty bottles of detergent can keep your cash safe, and a secret compartment in the laundry basket or wardrobe can hide even larger items.

Disguise valuables at home as food

valuables-hide-beach-chip dose-key-cash-schmuck

You can also hide valuables in food packaging, but be careful that another family member does not accidentally throw away the packaging. However, this is a very good idea if you want to hide valuables on the beach. Regardless of how well and safe your hiding place appears in the home, you should always reserve that thieves could also look for possible hiding places on the Internet.