Compact kitchen by Snaidero – sink, cooking and dining area on the board

Compact kitchen Snaidero wood kitchen living room shelves built-in oven

The design solutions for small apartments are becoming ever more innovative and provide us with clever ideas on how to optimally design our limited space. You can have a modern kitchen without sacrificing functionality and pleasing aesthetics. The Italian kitchen manufacturer Snaidero presents one compact kitchen , which combines everything necessary on a bar. The board kitchen not only offers excellent aesthetic and functional solutions, but is perfectly adapted to the small footprint.

Compact kitchen with counter by Snaidero

Compact kitchen Snaidero board design wood

Developed in collaboration with the architect Pietro Arosio, the kitchen design has a protruding board that unites a sink, a hob and a dining area. The user enjoys a comfortable freedom of movement during the Preparation of meals, while he has all areas at hand.

Compact kitchen by Snaidero suitable for small apartments

Compact kitchen Snaidero cabinet unit shelves wood board

The compact counter is available in two different sizes – 90 cm and 120 cm – and is fully equipped. The small version of the kitchenette is an ideal solution for studios or student apartments, while the larger design is perfect for open-plan kitchens with living rooms. The Snaidero board kitchen presents a functional, compact and modern design that would give you the comfort you want.

Sink, hob and breakfast bar in one

modern eat-in kitchen wood compact small counter hob

high-quality materials

Kitchen Snaidero board countertop wood veneer closet fronts

open kitchen with modern design

Compact kitchen Snaidero board red glossy wood dining counter white

the fascinating combination of red and wood

Compact kitchen Snaidero design protruding board

Built-in oven, shelves and refrigerator

compact kitchen line refrigerated rack shelves built-in oven red wood

make the most of the space

Compact kitchen board Snaidero white wood red studio apartment

Compact kitchen modern design materials wood Snaidero

Compact kitchen Snaidero board small apartment dining bar green high gloss

Compact kitchen design Snaidero sink dining area hob one

small kitchenette Snaidero small kitchen shelves counter

Compact kitchen Snaidero sink hob electric bar counter green

white kitchen snaidero board design built-in appliances handleless

Compact kitchenette Snaidero white corner shaped bar counter

small kitchen line modern design hob snaidero

Compact kitchen Snaidero white open hob cook bar

Modern design kitchens by Scavolini for small and large spaces

small kitchen modern scavolini open living room gray wood

The Italian kitchen manufacturer Scavolini creates modern design kitchens for large and small spaces that are both visually appealing and functional. It does not matter if you are a huge one open kitchen with all the necessary appliances and accessories, or would like to have a small kitchen with breakfast bar and two bar stools, you would find a matching design in the Scavolini catalog.

Modern design kitchens and open space concepts

open kitchen modern wood fronts dining table integrated living room

A trend in the interior is the combination of the living and kitchen area in a room of the apartment. In this way, the chef can chat with his guests while he prepares the food. Another option is a cooking island, which is extended as a counter. That’s a compact one Solution for small rooms where there is no room for a large dining table.

Modern design kitchens for small spaces

Modern small kitchen Scavolini dining area counter khaki

This company has modern design kitchens that can be easily adapted to your needs and preferences. The designs have clean lines and are often equipped with a series of cabinets and open shelves on a wall. The geometric shapes and the combination of only two colors is the secret of modern kitchen furniture.

enough space for cooking and eating

modern open modern design kitchens white light wood kitchen island

High gloss kitchens are becoming increasingly popular

Modern kitchen small spaces beige glossy U-shape dining area

elegant combination of turquoise and black

Design kitchens Scavolini turquoise blue black dining area pendant lights

Living room and kitchen in one

Modern design kitchens Scavolini open living room beige bar counter

Wood cabinet fronts and open shelves

Modern kitchens Scavolini wood fronts drawers shelves dining area

light wood and cream glossy fronts

Modern Design Kitchens Scavolini bright wood high gloss glass top

clear lines and enough storage space

Modern design kitchen Scavolini large spaces white dining area functional

kitchenette units small cooking area dining area scavolini

kitchen modern white beige combination scavolini clear lines

bright kitchen design dining area cream white scavolini

large open kitchen white wood Modern Designs Scavolini

large kitchen dining area three colors wood white blue surfaces

Modern design kitchens scavolini large room wood black island

wood black kitchen industrieler style plants

Modern design kitchen Scavolini large room cooking island

large kitchen scavolini white gray wooden counter open shelves

large kitchen scavolini cooking island wood extractor fan

elegant modern kitchen black high gloss scavolini

Modern kitchen Scavolini white kitchen line black accent bar counter

Modern design kitchens scavolini white grass green accent theke

purple white kitchen small large scavolini rooms

Kitchen equipment by Häcker embodies new living and living concepts

Contemporary Kitchens Furnishings-Wooden Cabinet System-White Upper Cabinets Barstool Design

hackers is a specialist in the field of kitchen production. Häcker fitted kitchens fulfill all requirements for modern kitchen living. In the production of fashionable Kitchen equipment The company strives to ensure the highest possible quality and functionality. Here we offer you an overview of the extensive product range.

Kitchen furnishings create an ambience of pure wellbeing

Kitchen equipment Häcker-Neo red-gloss Venetian blind wall cabinets mechanism

The use of high quality materials in conjunction with contemporary design gives the Kitchen equipment their unique charisma. Häcker wants to constantly improve the kitchen ambience. In addition, a philosophy that is responsible for environmental protection, sustainability , Waste disposal and improvement of environmental performance is of the highest value to the industrial enterprise.

Sustainable concepts of the kitchen facility of Häcker

Modern kitchen equipment to install Hi-tech equipment cooking island

Futuristic-looking Kitchen equipment captivates with illuminated floors and cabinet systems. The refined look is often staged by contrasting colors. Design classics are completed with contemporary highlights. The modern concepts are functional and clear.

Blue wall units correspond with the dining area

Bali kitchen equipment ergonomic cooking island-wood agate design

The spatial planning of Häcker focuses on living conditions and enjoyment. If the Kitchen equipment Configured to your own wishes, fun and joy comes up and the kitchen island becomes your favorite place in your own home. Either the color is muted and simple-elegant, or fresh, bright and eye-catching. Home furniture trends influence the exclusive designs.

The kitchen boasts panel walls in a lively wood look and exclusive built-in fireplace

Home furniture trends Küchen-Häcker Raumplanung Built-in fireplace design

High-gloss fitted kitchens – kitchen lighting for a harmonious look

Kitchen design modern ideas white-brown Metallic effects-energy-efficient system technology

Kitchen modern living concept with stainless steel cooking island

Designer Häcker fitted kitchen white Modules-kitchen furniture dining area Häcker

Aesthetic kitchens made of recyclable materials – furnishing solution in beige-white

Modern kitchen with cooking island white concept hacker wooden cabinets Beige stool

Häcker kitchens impress with their shiny fronts and modern roundings

Kochplatz equipment round edges ergonomically placed kitchen technology modern

Sustainable kitchen products from Häcker – Use of low-emission water-based paint systems

Glossy kitchen black and white room planning floor gloss transparent dining chairs

Cooking place placed in the center of the house

Sustainable kitchen Häcker white gloss Use purple low emission water-based systems

Homely fitted kitchen with easy-care cooking area

Beige kitchen design basalt Gray modern fitted kitchen L-shaped

Ergonomic kitchen technology in a refined look

Ergonomic Kitchen Concepts White Wood Flooring Appliances Pendant Lights Design

Kitchen in high gloss anthracite and white

Futuristic kitchen-black round-edged bar stools minimalist

Modern and energy-efficient plant technology

Gloss kitchen cooking island design Handleless cabinets futuristic curves

Ergonomically placed kitchen appliances

Kitchen in glossy brown made of recyclable materials Sustainable concept

Cozy panel wall with open shelves

Modern Living Living Concept Kitchen Design Exclusive Furniture Design Chandelier

Italian kitchen systems from Valcucine combine style and ergonomics

Ergonomic Cuisine Valcucine-Italian New-Logica System white

Italian kitchens Valcucine is considered worldwide synonym for quality, ergonomics and style. The kitchen systems are a result of detailed planning and a good sense for design. After Valcucine introduced its revolutionary Logica system with the accessory channel in 1996, the tendency today is to integrate complementary kitchen design technologies and features into one product.

Italian cuisine of the highest quality

Ergonomic kitchen design Modern lighting pendant lights glue green wall

Italian kitchens Systems of Valcucine develop the interaction between Human and technology , Improvements are being introduced incessantly. The New Logica system with a depth of 80 cm in the base units and the accessory channel conveys a feeling of coziness and livability. With the help of the outfitted rear wall, the room can be planned and organized in such a way that you can optimally enjoy the preparation of the food.

New Logica – Italian kitchen system by Valcucine

Designer Kitchen Italian Kitchen Island-Modern Equipment Design

The modern accessory channel allows for more clarity. It can be used along the back wall or at the cooking island. In this area can be stowed various useful kitchen accessories. Inside there is enough space for gas and water connections. The sink and hob can thus be positioned flexibly and independently of the connections and adapted to constructional changes.

Modern kitchen with unmistakable style elements

Modern kitchen systems-italian designer kitchen furniture ideas

The accessory channel is made of aluminum or stainless steel. The new equipment element of the New Logica system is also available as island version. It creates a spatial separation of kitchen, dining and living area ,

Ergonomic Italian kitchens allow more order and clarity

Kitchen cooking island accessories channel modern equipment

Ergonomically designed kitchen furniture – e.g. generous removable drawers with quiet and light running – make cooking fun. Kitchen fronts are made of thin laminate panels and are moisture and heat resistant. At its high-quality production aspires Valcucine on functionality, sustainability and durability. The aesthetic appearance is not overlooked.

Cooking island with accessory channel

Kitchen ergonomic-accessory channel-modern design Innovative

Italian kitchens of the new generation

Kitchen cooking island accessory channel New Logica system green

Combine craftsmanship and innovation together to make them shine

KITCHEN FITTING FITTINGS open shelves modern

Future-oriented kitchen systems New Logica

Designer kitchen Modern Italian black kitchen plate Valcucine

New Logica System accessory channel is also available as island version

Valcucine system kitchen interior ideas ideas channel

Qualitative kitchen designs by Studio Becker

Stainless-quality kitchen

Qualitative kitchens This should match three main criteria – an elegant look, perfect manufacture of high quality materials and a label that the manufacturer can easily recognize. The secret behind the success of Studio Becker is exactly this – they have followed the recipe and that can be seen.

Qualitative kitchens by Studio Becker – European tradition and American quality


Nowadays the production process of the Scandinavian studio Becker is determined by the long European tradition and the American quality. The company started out as a small manufacturer, but the skilful execution and interesting designs drew all the looks of American furniture makers to the design studio. The Scandinavian company was transformed into an international company whose name quickly became popular worldwide. Qualitative kitchens are popular thanks to design and manufacturing – that’s what the Studio Becker catalog offers. Many interesting models – modern and classic, innovative and traditional, minimalist or eccentric are available. Most of them are high-tech, which corresponds to modern trends.

Qualitative kitchens with bright and eclectic design

minimalist white kitchen green LED lighting

The hallmark of Studio Becker are the qualitative kitchens with a bright and eclectic design. You have your designs for quality kitchens dedicated to people who like extraordinary furniture. Beautiful, glossy surfaces, sleek and compact form and many original materials are used to make each model look unique. By contrast, the classic part of the collection includes stylish wood configurations with golden decorations, woodcarving and chandeliers.

Modular qualitative kitchens

Modular Kitchen Design

modular quality kitchens from Studio Becker are a real highlight of the collection and offer countless possibilities for spacious area, where many interesting storage options will greatly facilitate the life of the whole family. They are practical and comfortable, and you can even design your dream kitchen, which is not only multifunctional, but also very tastefully configured.

From Abigail

Futuristic white kitchen island

minimalist-white-half-round kitchen island

Elegant classic wood kitchen

elegant-classic-wood kitchen

Fitted oak kitchen

Kitchen-oak panels

Cutlery tableware-quality kitchen

Cutlery tableware quality kitchen

Great kitchen designs and furniture combinations from Russia

round-Kronleuhcter-simple-beige-kitchen designs

Amazing kitchen designs and furniture combinations are waiting for you. A rich and fascinating portfolio and numerous collections are at home in a furniture store. Russian professionals in the field of design and furniture production have come together to come up with a new concept for the modern kitchen. Kitchen furniture, decorations and ideas are presented on your website and in your showrooms in Moscow. The team of Kitchen Interiors from Russia will accompany you step by step in choosing your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Designs – a new furniture store in Russia – mission and main activity

white-minimalist-kitchen island

The Russian team behind the relatively new company in the big world of design and interior focuses on the customers. The company tries all the great ones kitchen designs from Europe and to present a wide range of concepts, ideas and products. Among the world-famous brands they are presenting are Mobalpa, Light, Ewe, Varenna / Polyform, Zeyko, Sachsenkuchen, Intuop / Ewe, Rimadesio, Einholtz, Kff, Duvivier and many others.

Kitchen designs from world famous brands

dark gray-brown walls-wood kitchen

The above furniture manufacturers offer high quality, elegant and innovative kitchen designs at. In cooperation with some furniture manufacturers special portfolios are being developed with great ideas and suggestions. How will present you some interesting suggestions for kitchen furniture. For example, a company specializes in retro-style French kitchen furniture. But they attach great importance to modern and innovative production techniques

Modern or eccentric – kitchen designs for every taste

strong color-kitchen-red

Other kitchen designs Attract attention through eccentric concepts and avant-garde style. Exceptional color combinations and models contrast with elegant chandeliers and gray flooring. For all fans of the traditional wooden kitchen, many models of kitchen furniture are also available for classic interior design.

Elegant kitchens – models and designs

elegant glass chimney Kitchen

Of course, if you are more into something special and inviting, you can opt for an Italian brand, for example. They offer interesting design solutions such as glass furniture – from tables to eccentric decorations. Your German colleagues, on the other hand, value a consistent kitchen and perfect production. From the minimalist kitchen designs and high-tech concepts, from classic and traditional designs to gothic kitchens – in these showrooms of Kitchen Interiors you can find everything.

From Abigail

Modern Stiz bank in the kitchen

Modern Leather Stizbank kitchen glass shelves

Modern large white kitchen with granite floor

Modern-large-white-kitchen-granite floor

Beige brown kitchen bar

beige-brown-kitchen bar

Dark blue elegant classic kitchen

strong color-kitchen-blue

The super cool kitchens by Mobalpa

green-orange-super-cool kitchens

Nowadays, the modern homes are practical, inviting and elegantly furnished, so that the interior exudes a real zest for life and creates a cozy atmosphere. The super cool kitchens by Mobalpa have an advantageous design – are you ready for new inspirations?

Mobalpa – the masters of super cool kitchen interior design ideas

Australia Kitchen Design

If you still have not heard of the French furniture company Mobalpa, you can now take a look at your catalogs and products. The talented designer team behind the brand has done an excellent job of completely transforming the ordinary, even boring kitchen. These super cool kitchens Provide an ambience where the whole family can cook, eat and have fun together. Mobalpa specializes in creating a space of positive emotions without leaving the style in the background.

The super cool kitchen ideas for the whole family

rustic-corner kitchen-classical style

When browsing through a Mobalpa catalog, you will surely be impressed by the glossy surfaces and perfect designs of the modular kitchens. The combination of comfort and cosiness, the luxury elements and the versatile use of kitchen cabinets make life much easier.

Kitchen designs combine comfort and comfort

lighter pink Kitchen Design

And not only that – the cool Mobalpa kitchens are spacious and comfortable. Good organization of the available space and the many possibilities to redesign the individual panels according to the room decorate the super cool kitchens from Mobalpa. Even the corner kitchen is newly designed.

Color schemes and material selection

Modern Kitchen Designs Mobalpa

The super cool kitchens Mobalpa offers many color options that customers can choose from. Gentle nuances are definitely preferred by the designers. The materials used are also different depending on the style – you can opt for a completely white shiny minimalist kitchen, as well as for a rustic wood kitchen. Eclectic decoration, innovative chandeliers and stainless steel furniture compliment the kitchens.

Extraordinary, daring and interesting – the super cool kitchens from Mobalpa

Cozy-Perinne Kitchen blue tablecloth

Mobalpa are a French furniture company that has redesigned the kitchen. It offers a large number of exclusive kitchen interior ideas from high quality materials such as plastic, oak, stainless steel and with a beautiful finish.

From Abigail

White-green Niobe kitchen

white-green-Niobe kitchen

Super cool kitchen-white

super-cool Kitchen white

Practical wooden kitchen interior

practical wood kitchen interiors

Shiny gray kitchen cabinets

shiny-gray kitchen cabinets

minimalist panel kitchen with black bar stools


Interesting pendant light over the kitchen counter

interesting pendant lamp Kitchen Bar

Dark contrasts in the kitchen

Wood kitchen Oak dark contrasts

Elios-modern kitchen

Elios Modern Kitchen dark kitchen counters

High gloss lacquered kitchens by A-Cero – Exciting futuristic design

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero mobalco metrica deisgn

A-Cero is a famous architecture firm from Spain designing amazing houses. The team amazes us every time with designs that stand out through modern lines, colors, shapes and a minimalist, even futurist Mark style. Present now A-Cero High gloss lacquered kitchens that really expresses her traditional minimalism in black and white.

High gloss lacquered kitchens from A-cero

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero metrica mobalco black-white

Metrica is a modern combination of neutral colors and clean shapes, giving the whole an elegant and timeless look. Metrica is sober but with character. The high-quality materials and the interesting lighting effects are fascinating. Metrica is also available in a wide range of oak and cherry wood.

High gloss lacquered kitchens in black and white

metrica kitchen a-cero design mobalco manufacturer

Mobalco began its story as a small carpentry workshop in 1959. Today, Mobalco specializes in the production of modern kitchens. Their philosophy comprises seven principles: careful selection of materials, interesting finishes, passion for design, excellent manufacturing handling, care for transport and packaging, energy efficiency and attention to customers.

LED recessed lights

High gloss kitchen black white underfitted a-cero

Corian® worktop

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero mobalpa black white

elegant lines

High gloss lacquered kitchens a-cero recessed corian countertop

Wave kitchen design by A-Cero

a-cero kitchens design white futuristic modern

Wave kitchen is something that can take your breath away. The modern design and the high quality materials used make it an amazing kitchen that would fit in the interior of a spaceship.

pure white and futuristic

High gloss lacquered kitchen white black tiled mirror

built-in appliances

white futuristic kitchen a-cero built-in appliances

black tile mirror

Wave kitchen pure white matt cabinets a-cero design

recessed lighting

Kitchen design a-cero architects spain pure white recessed lighting

The kitchens in some houses of A-Cero

modern house Somosaguas a-cero kitchen dining area

Apartment in Galicia

Glossy kitchens futuristic design a-cero architects

Concrete House II in Pozuelo de Alorcón

Kitchen a-cero glossy cabinet fronts gray white

Glossy lacquered kitchens a-cero black futuristic lines

High gloss lacquered kitchens a-cero architecture black white

interesting black lines as decoration

designer kitchen black white a-cero style futuristic

Open kitchen with living room – Pro, Contra and 50 ideas

Open kitchen with living room -couch-red-corner-sofa-accent-carpet-gray-kitchen island

A open kitchen with living room already enjoys a quarter of German households and the rest is already dreaming about it. This type of interior is modern, the room looks more spacious, gives you a better overview and makes you feel better. After all, it’s all about well-being, everything else remains a purely technical thing. Despite the superlatives, however, some pros and cons are to be considered.

Open kitchen with living room – make optimal use of space and feel good

Open kitchen with living room-brick wall-dining area-light-wood-upholstered furniture

The pragmatic question of what the odor is when cooking is always critical. Daily cooking, even under the extractor leaves odors after food and spices. When eating you can see the still dirty work surfaces in the kitchen, the dishes and the used tools are lying around. One stands in the dichotomy whether one should immediately take care of the order or push the tidying up to the next morning.

Open kitchen with living room – Two areas in one room

Open kitchen with living room -small-white-high-gloss-modern-chairs-table-glass-plate-light-modern-extravagant

However, there are only a few advantages and this is the aesthetic, visual factor. An open design for living room And kitchen design is more communicative and friendly. You can arrange cooking evenings with friends and chat with them while preparing for the meal. The whole cooking-living area looks particularly generous if the same floor covering is chosen for the entire room.

Industrial design with open kitchen, dining and living area

Open kitchen with living room-white brick wall-white-painted-floor-gray-lights-modern-wooden

A cooking island or a kitchen counter can still visually separate the rooms and will not harm the casual ambience. An open kitchen design saves traffic area and uses it as a living space. The kitchen area is described by about one third of Germans as their favorite room. Therefore, a qualitative institution in this area is particularly important and also the reason that you want to invest more money in it.

Loft apartment in gray tones and colored upholstered furniture

Open-plan kitchen with-living-room-white-modern-color-accents-wall-wall-furniture-lights

An open kitchen design can be chosen for any interior style. Whether you are planning a traditional country kitchen or a modern interior as in this example. The white, minimalist kitchen cabinets are set in an industrial-style concrete-look room with adjoining dining area and a small seating area by a fireplace.

Spacious living room with kitchen and dining table

Open kitchen with living room-white-light-wood-couch-brown-modern-swing-light-chairs-photos

A kitchen island can represent a room divider between the open kitchen area and the rest of the living space. However, in the kitchen equipment an island like to miss. This saves valuable space in some cases. Instead, you can use the area for the dining table or just leave it alone. A dining area also decorates the room in this example and adapts in color to the modern cabinets.

One room, several areas, harmonious atmosphere

Open kitchen with living room -white-cream-white-wood-modern-plastic-chair-modern

In a similar way, this open living space was designed. A support pillar on the wall is used here to visually separate the kitchen and seating area, while the dining area occupies the area in between. The decor is bright and friendly and uses some elements that are typical of the Scandinavian style.

Modern design – kitchen counter in the living room

Open kitchen with living room wall paneling-tv-stool-modern-kitchen counter

Also, colors, respectively, color contrasts are suitable for dividing an open space into areas. The living room design above uses light and dark colors. The dark gray floor adorns the entire room, while dark wood was used for the lounge, and more specifically for the wall unit. The kitchen counter is again made of white marble. To create a connection, marble was also used in the seating area for the fireplace.

Simple in white with colorful accents

Open kitchen with living room -wallgestaltung-colorful-colored-bar-white-wood-modern

In the Mediterranean style

Open kitchen with living room -tuerkis-blue-pillow-table-lamps-Mediterranean

Very modern or simply timeless

Open kitchen with living room -stairs-white-diamond-chair-bretoia-corner-couch-modern

If you like designs and motifs, you will like this example

Open kitchen with living room-carpet-patterned-black-white-brown-ear chairs-upholstery

Very simple in two colors and with angular shapes

Open kitchen with living room -sofas-large-black-carpet-soft-dark gray-glass wall

Put colored accents through pictures and home textiles

Open kitchen with living room-parquet-floor-leather-couch-mosaic-tiles-black-furniture-carpet-red

Proper lighting plays an essential role when two areas should work together

Open kitchen with living room-parquet-corner-sofa-large-leather-beige-terrace-doors-open-yellowish

Simple, modern and functional

open-kitchen-living room-parquet floor-couch-blue-Femster-kuecheninsel-flower-vase

open-kitchen-living room-modern-white-corner sofa-gray-kuh-blackboard-chalk-modern

open-kitchen-living room-modern-chair-couch-kuechentheke carpet-red-beige-brown

open-kitchen-living room-modern-wooden floor-color-accents-kuecheninsel

open-kitchen-living room-modern-flooring-gloss kitchen-corner sofa-turquoise-and-white high gloss

open-kitchen-living room-light-wood ceiling-wooden floor-couch-gray-upholstered-dining table-solid wood

open-kitchen-living room-kuechentheke-brown-gray corner sofa-few-carpet-akzente window wall

open-kitchen-living room-wood-solid wood-black-upholstered red-stool-light-modern

open-kitchen-living room-wood fronts-dark wenge flooring gray-yellow accents

open-kitchen-living room-wooden floor-black gray-turquoise-Soft furniture-dining table

open-kitchen-living room-wooden floor-reddish white-moebel-couch-chair-window wall

open-kitchen-living room-wooden floor-Polstermoebel-chocolate brown-windows-and-white cream white

open-kitchen-living room-wood floor-modern-couch-cream white-floor-dark walls-light

open-kitchen-living room-wooden floor-juteteppich-dark brown-cabinet fronts-haengeleuchten-window

open-kitchen-living room-wooden floor-dining area-couch-black-and-white lighting

open-kitchen-living room-black-wood-couch-dining table-fitted kitchen-wall shelf-small

open-kitchen-living room-black-wooden floor-brown-kuechentheke fan-flowers

open-kitchen-living room-dining table-cooker-sofa-stool-and-white kuechentheke

open-kitchen-living room-dining table-wood-hell-leather couch-glass window-light-black

open-kitchen-living room-dining area-modern-couch-kuecheninsel gas kitchen range

open-kitchen-living room-dining area-kuechentheke-brown matte plain-edged

open-kitchen-living room-eclectic-red-gold-plastic-transparent-white-deco-light-pattern

open-kitchen-living room-dark laminate flooring-black-beige-discreet lighting-promising

open-kitchen-living room - cream white-turquoise-beige mirror-ears-chair cushion

open-kitchen-living room-cream white-black-moebel carpet-couchtish-lighting

open-kitchen-living room-couch-chair-kitchen-tv-few-dining table

open-kitchen-living room-couch-liege-lounge-counter-and-white-brown-making

open-kitchen-living room-couch-gray-white-fur carpet-strip-window

open-kitchen-living room-image-light-designer-couch-gray-chair-black

open-kitchen-living room-beige-dark brown-kuechentheke-wooden floor-lit

open-kitchen-living room-beige-coffee table-hortensienkuechenecke-doorstep


open-kitchen-living room-zebra carpet-couch-kitchen-white-africa-style

open-kitchen-living room-white-black-orient carpet-wooden floor-kitchen-department

open-kitchen-living room-orange-yellow-gray Polstermoebel-vase-flower-colorful-interesting

Modern design and separate open kitchen – ideas for interior design

Modern open plan kitchen modern design and separate-planen-farmhouse-window

A open kitchen living brings advantages and disadvantages. In the so-called house parties the housewife does not have to run back and forth, but the guests stay comfortably in the same living room and can even serve themselves. Of course, the noise insulation is missing because the door between cooking and living area is missing.

Modern open-plan kitchen design and partition – Partitions made of lattice windows

Modern open kitchen design and separate -white-red-gloss

The open kitchen is in recent years an absolute trend become. It brings more liveliness into the house and becomes the immediate, communicative center. Since the partitions are missing, the whole apartment gains a few square meters and also the light can flow through the rooms better. This area of ​​the apartment does not seem cramped like a single kitchen.
To be able to use the space optimally, much has to be considered in advance. In the kitchen, the paths of the various work processes for cooking, rinsing and cooling are the most important. The entire connections for electrical appliances, sink, extractor fan and others are to be planned carefully and on time at a new building. In the old building you should always keep in mind and include them, if you are looking for the right fitted kitchen.

Modern open-plan kitchen design and separate – through increases in the interior

Open plan kitchen modern design and separate -kitchen island-levels

If you like the cooking and living area in the living room Somehow separate, but so that the friendly and relaxed atmosphere is not disturbed, we give you some tips on how to plan and design that modern and practical.

Whole apartment in a room

Open kitchen design modern and separate -one-room

Kitchen niche – clear separation of the areas

Modern open-plan kitchen design and separate - narrow-blue-white

In the smallest apartment feasible

Modern open kitchen design and separate -small-flat-tiny

Simple glazings separate areas without disturbing the flow of light

Modern open kitchen design modern and separate glass sliding doors

Sliding glass doors do not cramp the room

open-living kitchen-modern-design-separate-glass sliding door

Sliding doors in matching colors can be invisible

Open-plan kitchen-cum-living room with modern design and separate-design-sliding-door-white-sand

Rail systems enable clever and stylish solutions

open-living kitchen-modern-design-separate-wooden doors-slide

Partition and kitchen counter in one

open-living kitchen-modern-separate-window-luecke

Glass tiles let the light penetrate and have a noble look

open-living kitchen-design-modern-separate-red glass

Flats – The levels divide the different areas

open-living kitchen-modern-design-plannen-TRENEN-floors-minimalist

Niches and plains can be converted into an open kitchen

open-living kitchen-modern-design-separate-loft stair-stock

Idea from a loft apartment

open-living kitchen-modern-design-separate-loft-character-level

Little square meters divided into levels

open-living kitchen-modern-design-separate-floors apartment-flat

Separation of the rooms through open wall shelves

open-living kitchen-modern-separate-make-regal-ideas

White glass partition and open shelf in one

open-living kitchen-modern-design-separate-glass-wall-shelf

Modern design – kitchen appliances in freestanding partitions

open-kitchen area furnished-make-modern-separate-schank-open

Kitchen from the living room through the Flooring separate

open-living kitchen-modern-separate-make-flooring

Optically separate by colors

open-living kitchen-modern-design-simple-carpet-floor

Separate and place the kitchen in different colors

open-living kitchen-modern-design-separate-cooking island-leather-armchair

Playful porters and counters separate cooking from living area

open-kitchen area furnished-modern-design-separate-party-project

The cut of the apartment can determine the areas

open-living kitchen-modern-design-separate-holyboden-fireplace

The look and shape of the counter or kitchen lines separate the room

open-living kitchen-modern-design-separate-copper-party-kitchen

The modern design allows creative solutions for all areas

open-kitchen area furnished-make-modern-separate-noble-dark oval


make open-wohnkuche-separate-modern-dining-Light-wood-optics

open-wohnkuche-make-separate-modern-black-sliding doors-parquet floors and white chairs

make open-wohnkuche-separate-level-modern-black-pad-dark

make open-wohnkuche-separate-red-modern sliding-glass-and-white sateniert

open plan kitchen dark gray-color-curtains-accent-yellow-parquet-fischgraete

open plan kitchen kitchen island-modern-country-style-stool


open-living kitchen-modern-style-white-design-dining area-partition-bar