Lamp design with great effect – Acryll pendant lamp

modern lamp acrylic material

We present you a modern idea for lighting that will certainly refresh your interior. The creative designer Joanas Loenborg has presented a series of feminine and original pendant lights.

Design lamps from Copenhagen – Arcyll pendant lamp

Wooden pendant light danish designer

The lamp is called pin and was inspired by nature. The interpretation of Jonas Loeborg creates exciting play of light and shadow in the interior and serves as a decoration for any interior. The Lamps design is offered in two variants – made entirely of acrylic or wood. The shape of the lamps resembles a cone and is available in two sizes. The size lamp consists of 272 parts bound together. The 65cm high and 45cm wide light can set accents in every room. The designer has experimented with materials and plans a wide range of colors so that everyone can find what they are looking for.

Lamps Design – game of light and shadow

modern lamp lighting below view

The studio in Denmark likes to experiment with colors, materials and is always looking for new ways to design a decorative lamp. The white color is perfect for minimalist decor, while the translucent pendant can be hung in many interiors – from purist, to Scandinavian, to eclectic. The Lamps design creates accents and can be combined with colorful furniture or walls.

Designer wooden lamp for the modern interior

modern pendant light wood Danish interior

Acrylic pendant light – modern lighting

modern original lamp design

Wooden hanging lamp in the living room

Wooden pendant light modern interior design

Acrylic pendant lamp in Scandinavian style

Suspension lamp acrylic body details

Modern suspension lamp made of acrylic for your interior

modern pendant light design idea elements

Acrylic lamp with glass surface in the living room -vintage decor

Acrylic lamp modern design Denmark

Chic lamp with metal construction and Arcyl body

Lamps design detail

Lamp design – inspired by nature

transparent pendant pine jaw

White color and over 250 individual parts give the lamp a unique look

white pendant light design

Vintage Interior – Lighting Ideas from Designer Studio in Copenhagen

modern lamps design idea Acryll

White pendant light – perfect for puristic interior

Pendant light tenon design

Exclusive handcrafted designer lights in wrought iron

Lamp wrought iron Emporio San Firenze design

The elegant brand Emporio San Firenze is one of the most exclusive designer brands for high quality lights and lamps from Italy. Here is an overview of the most interesting ones Designer lights from the collections Contemporaneo, Classico, Corallo.

Designer lights provide a comfortable living environment

Wall sconce Firenze Florentine-Renaissance mediate

The collections of Firenze are at the border between pure art and commercial production. Innovative and classic at the same time, they simply leave nothing to be desired. The Desiger lights are inspired by nature forms and objects and rather resemble light sculptures. If you want to add a unique art object to your living space and thus make a positive impression, you could rely on the effect of the attractive Corallo wall light.

The designer lamps by Firenze convey timeless elegance

Classic lamp wrought iron design

The company presents a variety of high-quality lighting collections, as well as furniture collections made of wrought iron and has built up over the years through its exclusive designs a great popularity in the international area. The Designer lights from Firenze are a symbol of harmony and style. The talented designer has also realized several projects for hotel design.

Modern lighting design from Italy

Lamps Natuispiriert-Design shell

Emporio San Firenze has offered a unique design concept. His style is very different from other Italian designers. Its high quality and elegant Designer lights captivate by elegant forms and the use of high-quality materials. Emporio remains faithful to his first love – wrought iron, yet he experiments with it crystal , Glass, bronze, zinc, brass and still trying to explore the limits of design.

Lamps design – handcrafted from wrought iron or brass

Modern Lamp Design Italy Firenze

Iron forging is a traditional craftsmanship that conveys a fiorentine renaissance. Since its foundation in 1939, the company has specialized in this craftsmanship. The exclusive Designer lights Took care of any private or public space restaurants, hotels , Foyers, etc.

Floor lamp Italian design Firenze

Floor lamp Firenze design ideas hallway design

Light Design Firenze Italy

Modern lamp design floor lamp design

Corallo collection

Wrought iron lighting floor lamp Corallo Design

Corallo designer wall sconce

Corallo Series Designer Light-Modern Interior

Wall sconce San Firenze Design Corallo Italy

Wall sconce design firenze shell inspiration

Wall lamp Corallo collection San Firenze

Table lamps Corallo collection design

Candlestick design ideas Corallo

LED bulb as accent lighting – create a pleasant room atmosphere

Pendant light yellow green design ideas bar decorating ideas

The LED light bulb has successfully prevailed in recent times. We show you a design from the USA – designed by the talented artists of the design studio KAWS, this accent lighting is versatile.

The new LED light bulb by KAWS lights up in green, purple and red

green red purple accent lighting effective scene set bar

The design studio KAWS has recently launched a creative collaboration with The Standard Hotel in Los Angeles LED light bulb designed. The goal – to present a modern alternative to traditional accent lighting for nightclubs, hotels and bars. The limited edition of 1000 sets has been sold out in a few days. But why is the great attraction of incandescent lamps? They are very simple – their simple construction is inspired by the first light bulbs by Thomas Edison. A small detail / the XX shape / gives the lamps a modern touch. The bulbs are offered in three color options – purple, green and red.

The LED light bulb as accent lighting – so relax the room atmosphere

Bulbs purple red cafe decor yellow stripe blanket

The accent lighting, when used correctly, can relax the atmosphere and create a party atmosphere. It has been scientifically proven that the green color relaxes the senses, the purple color promotes creativity and the red color has a warming effect. The combination of these three colors is often found in interiors in bars, nightclubs and restaurants. So, if you’re planning a party in your home or garden, you can buy multiple colored LED light bulbs and hang them over the table or buffet. For optimal effect, combine two-maximum three colors.

LED light bulb in red color has a warming effect

orange color Led lighting accentuating light table lamp

Modern lighting – new concept from the USA

Deko Cafe set up original lighting ideas

These bulbs are a limited edition

LED light bulbs strip ceilings design bar counter

They are made in the colors red, purple and green

purple light bulb modern design accent lighting table lamp colored

And are a practical alternative to ordinary accent lighting

green LED light bulb modern lighting bar nightclubs bars original creative

They are perfect for bars and restaurants

Green LED Lighting Incandescent Bar Decorating Decorate Ideas

And also for a garden party in summer

red light bulb pendant light modern design lighting retro style

They are made by KAWS

blue light bulb led accent lighting modern creative design ideas USA

Lighting in the living room for a perfect ambience choose

living room modern furnishing light lamps effect interior

The Lighting in the living room It is very important, because it determines the mood that radiates the room and this should be just right there chosen. Finally, you spend in the living room most of the day, people gather there with family and friends. The lighting in the living room can choose in different ways. And that’s exactly what this article is about.

Lighting in the living room with pendant lights in red and orange

lighting romantic lamps yellow red atmosphere outlook

For one thing, you have the option of one indirect Lighting in the living room. For this purpose, the light sources behind a wall, furniture such as cabinets or shelves or attach to the ceiling and thus achieve interesting light and shadow effects. The latter is also possible by the use of interesting structured luminous bodies. The filaments can also be great, sculpture-like accents represent and notice not only by their light but also by their shape in the room. How wonderful the lighting lighting in the living room can be, you can now look at it.

Lighting in the living room – Indirect light on the ceiling

living room lighting indirect light ceiling living room carpet colorful chandelier

Lighting with effects on the ceiling

lighting in living room lamps ceiling indirect idea

Indirect lighting on ceiling and wall combine

lighting white ceiling living room design furnishing chair red

Living room lighting in blue for the ceiling

lighting blue yellow ceiling seating area couch mirror

Indirect lighting on a ceiling with a wave

lighting interior ceiling waves tiles white cow motif modern

Lighting on ceiling, wall and through a ceiling light

lighting chandelier living room elegant gray sofa ceiling indirect

Indirect lighting in the living room on the wall

lighting in the living room blue wall furniture abstract

Indirect lighting above and below the wall with fireplace

lighting fire wall stool white white parquet

Lightning wall niche in the living room

lighting wall lamps yellow sofa carpet parquet

Lighting in living room ceiling wall effect tile white

lighting shelf idea indirect seating area living room idea

Lighting in the living room with original lighting fixtures

Lighting in living room floor lamps form original design paper

living room lighting sculpture wall floor lamp brick coffee table

living room seating area lighting balls stone wall carpet sofa white

living lowboard lamp balls design modern parquet black

lighting modern design floor lamp romantic atmosphere

Living room lighting effect shade ball lamp couch carpet

living room ceiling light glass light idea modern design

living room light lamps ceiling living wall yellow white couch

living room floor lamp lowboard ceiling lamp brown furnishing

living room vintage lighting chandelier candles fireplace light blue

lighting in living room wall panel indirectly light showcase television

Lighting in living room floor lamp couch ceiling light tiles

6 tips for optimal lighting in the bedroom

Lighting in the bedroom-pendant lights-reading-lights-wall-vanity-direct-light

Light plays a central role in the design of a bedroom. Dark rooms are great for sleeping, but too little light is not enough to do everyday activities like reading and dressing. The lighting in the bedroom must therefore not only be atmospheric, but also functional. We’ve come up with 6 useful tips from lighting professionals that could help turn your bedroom into a living-room oasis.

1. Lighting in the bedroom – Note the size of the room

lighting-bedroom-wardrobe-ceiling spotlight

Before buying bedroom lights you first have to determine the room size, light outlets and furniture position. The location and destination of the light sources are then adjusted to this information.

2. Lighting in the bedroom – The right height for the light

Lighting in the bedroom ceiling-sconces-even-light

First, you need a ceiling light that distributes the light evenly throughout the room. For high ceilings, pendant and pendant lights are a good idea. But if they hang too low, only a limited area will be illuminated. On the other hand, luminaires mounted directly on the ceiling ensure optimum illumination.

3. Functional lighting is important

lighting-bedroom-desk-table lamp bed-reading light

Lamps in the bedroom should provide brightness where good visibility is required. Make sure that certain activities require appropriate lighting. Work area and reading corner in the bedroom should be lit with bright and direct light, while seats and bed need an intimate, dimmable light.

4. Reading in bed

lighting-bedroom-wall light-flexible-arm-read-bedded

If you like to read in bed in the evening before falling asleep, you need a bright, precisely aligned luminaire. Too low illumination can damage your eyes while bright light reduces sleep quality. Wall lights with flexible arms, which can be individually adapted, are therefore among the absolute favorites in the modern bedroom. They take no place on the bedside table and donate an ideal light exactly where you need it. So the bed neighbor is not disturbed. Wall lights left and right of the bed also create a harmonious frame and dispense with annoying cables. On For example, you will find a comprehensive range of wall sconces for every taste.

5. Light in the cabinet

Lighting in the bedroom-wardrobe-inside-outside

So that your clothes do not disappear in the dark wardrobe, you need a suitable cabinet lighting inside or outside. For many wardrobes today, the light goes on automatically when the doors are opened. A good alternative to integrated cabinet lighting are built-in spots or spotlights, which are mounted at a distance of about 50 to 70 centimeters from the ceiling in front of the wardrobe.

6. Diffused lighting for atmospheric ambience

lighting-bedroom-indirect-light-led strip-behind-bedded-black-light

Indirect and dimmable light in the bedroom ensures a relaxed feel-good climate. By lighting with dimmer function and LED strips on the wall or ceiling you can create different lighting moods.

Lighting in the bedroom – checklist

To make sure you have the right lighting in your bedroom, ask yourself the following questions.

1. Can I see well enough in the room to get dressed?
2. Is the wardrobe well lit?
3. Are there any reading lights left and right of the bed?
4. Does the general lighting illuminate the whole room?
5. Do I have enough light to determine the colors of the clothes in my drawers?
6. Do I have power sockets in suitable locations in my bedroom?
7. Can I illuminate dark corners with mobile lights?

Mission is fulfilled if you answered yes to all questions.

lighting-bedroom-indirect-led strip lights-wall-pendant lights-desk light

Ceiling lamp by Swarovski – shiny jewelry for your home!

modern ceiling lamp Swarovski

We present you chic 7 designs for chic Ceiling lamp by Swarovski – The world-famous company offers not only jewelry, but also trendy home accessories.

Modern and colored ceiling lamp by Swarovski

modern lighting Swarovski

The Ceiling lamp by Swarovski is decorated with many colorful crystals. A built-in light casts light on a construction decorated with Swarovski stones. Thanks to the interesting shapes and different stone colors, beautiful light effects are created. This lighting is perfect for clubs, restaurants and hotels. Anyway, this strange lamp is also suitable for your own home – and it can be set as an accent. Currently a wide collection of chandeliers, pendant lights, crystal lighting Systems and ceiling lights with crystals on the market. The trendy colors like purple, blue and beige are combined with delicate pink color. The lighting creates a noble ambience that exudes pure luxury. Compact and modern – it can serve as a decoration or underline the decoration. The colored lighting can be combined with white leather furniture for maximum effect. The trends in lamps and lights clearly show that over time they look more and more skultpural and decorative – and these lamps are no exception.

Ceiling lamp by Swarovski – the collection

Swarovski crystals ceiling lighting

The world famous company Swarovski has also become popular in recent years with its elegant and innovative decorations and home accessories. They offer different items, which are made with much attention to the details. From picture frames, through small decorative figures, to the lighting. Of course, the multicolor designs are a matter of taste – but the talented ones designer have managed to present even plain monochrome models. Their goal – that every house shines like a jewelry. Among other things, they offer modern, complete facilities that are customer-oriented and can only be produced on special request. The crystals and lighting serve as decoration in boutique shops, spa centers and hotels.

Colorful purple Swarovski lighting

shiny lighting colors

Multicolored rhinestones as an accent lighting

chic wall lighting

Swarovski ceiling lights remind the jewelry

Light effects Swarovski stones

Ceiling light – detail

chic ceiling lamp Swarovski stones

Solar lights in the garden: environmentally friendly lighting with WOW factor

Solar lights in the garden Flowerbed garden path-decorating

The secluded garden or the cozy balcony in summer to a green oasis of well-being, which relaxes the senses. In order to enjoy the outdoor area not only during the day, but also in the evening, a sophisticated lighting concept is an absolute must. This often poses a big challenge to the hobby gardener – because it should Functionality and style in one combine. As a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to ordinary light sources, the solar lights have prevailed in the garden in recent years – they create a special atmosphere, effectively set garden bed and co. in scene while saving electricity.

Solar lights in the garden – functional and energy-efficient lighting for outdoor use

Solar lights in the garden. Luminaire rod metal

Solar lamps have a simple design – by means of a solar cell built into the lamp solar energy is gained during the day and then stored in a battery. A twilight switch signals the lamp at sunset and it automatically starts to emit the energy stored in the battery as light. In addition, a motion detector can optionally be mounted similar to ordinary lighting, so that the solar lights in the garden only switch on when needed.

What must be considered when buying solar lights for outdoor use?

Solar Lights Garden discreet decoration element

The advantages of a solar lighting can be seen immediately – on the one hand this saves electricity, on the other hand, the lighting fixtures can be mounted anywhere in the garden, even where there is no power connection. But in order for the final result to really fit the expectations, you must pay close attention to the purchase. First of all, a garden sketch should be created, whereupon all places where direct and indirect lighting is needed are marked accordingly. Garden path, pond, the outside staircase and the garden fence / wall should always be well lit for safety reasons. In this case, it pays to invest in LED lights, they save energy and have a light duration of up to 20 hours. The light intensity also plays an important role, so that the number of necessary lamps can be calculated. The warm white light color protects the eyes and creates a cozy atmosphere. But if accents are set in the garden /, for example, flower beds or rockery lit /, then solar lights with light changes can provide a happy mood.

Solar lights in the garden create a cozy atmosphere

Solar Lights Garden big-Japanese-style

Nowadays a wide selection is going on Solar deco lights offered so that everyone can find the right design. Currently, four models are particularly relevant – the light rods / plug-in lamps, the flares or luminous stones, the small, almost floor-level solar lights and the suspended luminaires.

The light sticks / the plug-in lights can surround the terrace, the garden pond or the rock garden and thus effectively stage the scene – the attractive lighting adds a decorative touch to the garden design during the day and provides stylish lighting effects in the evening.

Solar Lights Garden flower-decorating-ideas

The flares offer three versions for installation – they can be placed on a spit or on a holding plate, or placed on water surface – for example, the pool or the garden pond. The low solar lights offer a discreet and space-saving design variant for the balcony or flowerbed. The suspended luminaires successfully replace the string of lights above the dining table or outdoor bench. No matter which version you choose, solar lights create a romantic atmosphere and set charming accents in the outdoor area.

Solar Lights Garden Ideas-energy-efficient design

Garden lanterns with candles for a cozy atmosphere

Garden lanterns with candles -wood-lounge-white-outside-sky-bed-pillows

Summer time means pleasant evenings in the garden or on the balcony. For parties or just to retire after a hard day’s work, a cozy atmosphere is always in vogue. Tealights and Garden lanterns with candles bring warm light outside after sunset and make for a romantic the atmosphere , They set atmospheric light accents in the garden and are a popular decorative element in the outdoor, but also indoors.

Garden lanterns with candles for a cozy atmosphere

Garden lanterns with candles -metal-large-brick-wall-outside-rose-leaves-romantic

Candle lanterns are mainly used in summer. Even during the Christmas season, they often decorate the front gardens, verandas or entrance areas. Of course there is a fire hazard in the dry seasons. Therefore do not leave burning candles without supervision. Alternatively, be in the trade LED Candles and lanterns are offered which, while not producing the same pleasant and warm light, are safer.
There is a wide selection of lanterns and with a bit of manual skill and imagination, you can even make your own. From preservation jars, wire and beautiful gorgeous lace, maybe even colors or some decorative sand wonderful gas lamps can be made in country style.

Garden lanterns with candles for a romantic or party atmosphere

Garden lanterns with candles-party-dinner-romantic-conservatory-glass-hanging-tree

In the hardware store and on the Internet, different shape and size garden lanterns are available with candles. The housing is usually made of wood or metal, with openings in the upper area, so that the heat and smoke can escape. The stainless steel cover prevents the ingress of water in rain or humid weather. Adorable and very playful variants are similar to Moroccan oil lamps and create an oriental ambience. The walls are made of glass, are often painted, engraved and decorated with details. Beautiful handmade ceramic candle lanterns with filigree perforations enchant the room with their play of light. The lanterns can be hung or set up and are just as suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Garden lanterns with candles suitable for outdoor and indoor use

Garden lanterns with candles -ceramic-komode-home-home-turquoise-white-blue-wall-modern

Candle lanterns with stainless steel cover and filigree ornaments

Garden lanterns with candles -metal-ornaments-hexagonal-paper-lantern-romantic-flower-vase

Each room looks more lively and cozy with decorations and accessories, and the same goes for the garden, balcony or terrace. Ultimately, it remains a matter of taste, by which means one creates the desired ambience. However, the garden lanterns with candles remain permanently sought after, as they give the outdoor area a charming atmosphere.

Antique and valuable pieces

Garden lanterns with candles -jugendstil-tuerme-three-glass-lattice-windows-beautiful-old

Simple lanterns with metal housing in the front yard

Garden lanterns with candles -metal-large-front-garden-patio-quadrangular-palm-outside-white

Filigree, oriental candle lanterns with metal case

garden lanterns Candles-metal Moroccan-ornaments-glass-hang up-beautifully patina

Candle lanterns alstolles design element for the garden party

Garden lanterns with candles-evening-party-wedding-deco-white-metal-spring-summer

Large lanterns are great for the side door area

garden lanterns Candles-wood-wind hahn-window-metal cover

Models in different sizes

Garden lanterns with candles-outside-metal-black-glass-plants-beautiful-lights

Garden lanterns can be placed on the ground or hung up

garden lanterns Candles-garden landscape lounge-wood chair-tree-hang up-rush-cozy

Beautiful candle lanterns made of glass spheres with rope mesh

garden lanterns-candles-glass-ball-rope-braid-hang up sphere-beautiful-wood

Adorable glass candle lantern in blue

garden lanterns-candles-glass-blue rope-small-plant-deco-wood table

Candle lanterns made of thick glass and rope

Garden lanterns with candles-glass-rope-hanging-country-house-outside-inside

Lantern with metal housing and sprouts

garden lanterns-candles-glass-terrarium-succulent-hexagonal

Simple square candle lantern made of glass

garden lanterns-candles-glass-square-three-teaspoon-mirror-ground

Braided candle lanterns

garden lanterns Candles-wooden-braid-light-sand-glass-cozy

garden lanterns Candles-wooden-braid-ratan-hang up-rope-teelicht-

garden lanterns Candles-wooden-gross-human-gummistiefel-green-forest-hike

garden lanterns Candles-wood-metal-gross-plaster-brown front yard

Garden lanterns with candles -wood-very-large-square-stand-up-rope-barrel-decoration

garden lantern candle-wood table-wedding celebration Deco rustic-pointed-flower

garden lanterns Candles-wooden-different-groesse-hang up-stand-glass-door

garden lanterns Candles-wooden-square-rustic-teaspoon-stones-deco-vintage

garden lanterns Candles-wood-white-flower-vase-turquoise-gray paving

garden lanterns Candles-ceramic-gestel-ornaments-stand-fuesse

garden lanterns Candles-ceramic-green-hang up-little-bit-gap-beautiful-colored-enamelled

garden lanterns Candles-ceramic-lichtspiel-beautifully-night-lights-points-maerchenhaft

garden lanterns Candles-ceramic-tuerkies-beautiful-delicate handwork-white-eimailliert

garden lanterns Candles-ceramic-turquoise-eimailiert-hang up gaps and white

garden lanterns Candles-ceramic-white-stand-hang up-floral-flowers-filigree-schoen

porcelain floral-yourself-make garden lanterns Candles-ceramic-white-

garden lanterns Candles-preservation sheen-beans-hang up-fence-no-cover

garden lanterns Candles-preservative-sheen decorative stones-tealigh-hang up-wired

garden lanterns Candles-glass-pattern-odd-wired-hang up-tree-outside

garden lanterns Candles-conservation glass-night-lights-beautiful-wired-filigree

garden lanterns Candles-conservation glass-paint-filigree-fine wire-mirror-beautiful-wire

garden lanterns Candles-conservation glass-ornaments-evening-wired-hang up-tree

garden lanterns Candles-kuerbis-moss-wilpflanzen-helloween-deco-metal

garden lantern candles metal ornaments-filigree hexagonal outer table-rust

garden lanterns Candles-metal patina-france-antique-two candles

garden lanterns Candles-metal-white-hang up-glass-door-filgran-oriental-ornament

garden lanterns Candles and white-metal-hang up-chair-garden party-wedding celebration

garden lanterns Candles-wiener-glass-colorful-oil lamp-beautiful-metalgehaeuse

garden lanterns Candles-wired-white-plants-ivy-busche-wildflowers

garden lanterns Candles-bottles-hang up-inside-interesting-no-ground-transparent

garden lantern candle-Bottle Wine green-teelichrter-outside-Suspensor

Stylish lamp with knitted lampshade – Warm in winter

table lamps dressed doimo decor knitted lampshade

Winter is almost here and it is already time to make it warm and comfortable at home. If you want to create a pleasant atmosphere in the home, then you have to select the matching home accessories. This sexy Lamp with knitted lampshade would be one of those elements that look really beautiful wintery. The lampshade by Miss Wool, as the designer lamp is called, is inspired by a woman’s hat or a modern sweater. If you see the elegant lines of the lamps, you would understand why she is named for a little Miss.

Sexy lamp with knitted lampshade – Miss Wool

miss wool lamp with knitted lampshade winter warmly dressed

This charming Lamp with knitted lampshade is a new design from the collections of Doimo Decor. The company always offers products that arouse beautiful emotions and introduce interesting details. The Miss Wool Lamps series is part of the 4 Seasons Collection by Doimo Decor. Each Mini Series includes products that represent each of the four seasons. Knitwear is especially popular in winter, so the designers have also put the lamp on. The cover of the lampshade is made of wool and has a charming little bow. The selected beige color is also very pleasant for the eyes.

Lamp with knitted lampshade – two versions

table lamps stylish design MissWool Doimo Deco italy

The lamp is offered in two versions – floor and table lamp. The “wool sweater” of the lamp you can always take off and wash. If you are looking for decorative objects that would create a cozy winter ambience, then be sure that Miss Wool has that certain beauty and warmth.

floor lamps miss wool collection doimo decor beige bow

floor lamp knitted umbrella doimo decor wool cover

miss wool living room cozy lamp with knitted lampshade

lamp with knitted lampshade table lamp version doimo decor beige

LED Bulbs Lamp by Buster + Punch with a rustic look

led light bulbs lamp broken steel socket design

The effect of the design of a lamp should by no means be underestimated. The optics play just as important a role as the light itself. For this reason, the lamp should always be chosen according to the interior design style. If you have furnished your apartment rustically, you will find this interesting LED light bulb lamp like. This is a design by Buster + Punch. The lamp has, as you can imagine, the shape of a light bulb. In its center is again a glow stick resin that gives the environment a pleasant light. At the same time, the lamp also casts a ray of light directly downwards, making it perfect as a reading lamp or to illuminate the dining table at dinner.

LED Bulbs Lamp – Socket in Black, Silver and Copper

led light bulb lamp glass color socket

In addition to the modern LED bulbs lamp is also offered a version that underlines the rustic style of the lamp in addition. This is made of solid steel and gives the entire lamp one industrial look , You can choose between four colors in the version. These are black, copper, gold and silver. Then there is an elegant cable in black matt. In the following you can look at the individual variants and convince yourself of their unique effect.

LED Bulbs Lamp – The black frosted transition between socket and cable

steel frame gray bulb glass color lighting

Maybe the bulb lamp even arouses the desire in you, especially for you to remodel your apartment suitable. How would these cool lights look over the dining table? Or on the wall in the hall? The possibilities are limitless.

Lamp with light stick made of resin

glow stick bulb socket black steel resin

A light bulb socket in gold

socket gold steel look industrial led light bulbs lamp

Hang the LED lights in groups

Industrial design energy saving LED resin material steel gold

LED lamps in a row

lamps design bulbs look set colored frames

The lamps as LED pendant lights concentrate the light

lighting interior idea led bulbs lamp industrial

The LED light bulb has an industrial look

light stick resin led light bulb design industrial deco

The LED light bulb as wall light

pendant light led bulb wall cable matt black

Spice up your rustic style with the Bulb Lamp

bulb buster punch lamps design rustic

The items of led bulbs lamp

led light bulb lamp items design idea electrics

A design by Buster + Punch.