Wohntrends 2014- the white living room wall creates a modern ambience

modern wall unit white color photos decorative pieces carpet

The white wall unit is also in 2014 in vogue. The minimalist color and the glossy surfaces create a modern ambience. The simple design of the handleless cabinets and the clean lines of the shelves radiate timeless elegance.

The white living wall – successful combination of distinctive sense of style and unconditional modernity

Bookcases cabinets storage system mirror door

The white wall unit has established itself successfully over the years as a timeless trend of living. Also in 2014, it enjoys increasing popularity. The functional piece of furniture combines minimalist elegance with precise functionality. The manufacturers offer more and more often the opportunity to design the living room according to their own needs. This makes it easy to combine wall shelves, drawers and cupboard systems. The areas for video and sound systems are traditionally the focal point of the living room wall. Above the TV, the wall shelves are hung while compact cabinets are screwed to the wall on the left and right. Integrated colored LED lights put the design perfectly in scene.

The white living room wall is also very much in trend in 2014

Cabinets handleless original deco elements leather sofa

So that the living room is not too cold and sterile, the designers combine the white wall unit more and more often with wooden cabinets. The warm wood color integrates perfectly into the modern home design and gives the room a cozy look. Pictures, photos and small statues on the shelves add a personal touch. Stylish also see two-tone wall units off – the red color is a minimalist classic. But also grass green or even pink can be set as accents. As an inspiration, we have included the collections of two renowned Italian manufacturers. Cucine Lube is a popular kitchen manufacturer that has recently expanded its multi-facetted wall-to-wall product range. TUMIDEI is an Italian company that was popularized for their stylish and space saving furniture.

The collection of Tumidei

Bookshelves TV cabinet Living room set up

Everyone can design their living room wall themselves

Wall unit shelves photos living room set up

Wood gives the design a cozy look

Wall unit white high gloss look Wohntrends 2014

TV wall in Scandinavian style

decorate living trend 2014 integrated LED lighting

Stylish combination of white bookshelves and wooden TV cabinet

Drawers wood elements photos books storage space

High gloss fronts and handleless cupboard doors in a minimalist style

Wall unit white purple wallpaper beanbag living room

The TV is hidden behind sliding door

white wall light floor lamp pink carpet

High gloss and matt surfaces create a charming contrast

Wall unit high gloss TV cabinet wooden shelves

The collection of Cucine Lube

white gray integrated lighting LED lights

plan to set up modern design high gloss

Stylish design Ideas Photos Handleless Cabinets

modern wall unit kitchen built-in lighting television cabinet

Glossy surface bookshelves drawers table lamp

Vases Books Audrey Hepburn Living Trends 2014

Timeless living room living ideas – cool realistic 3d visualizations

Visualized by: Visual Studio

Luxury Apartment Interior Design Ceiling Design Visual Studio 3d Project Realistic Visualization

Since a living room is used for a wide variety of activities, it leaves a huge space for creative experimentation and creativity. Depending on the room situation, comfortable seating areas, cozy reading corners, a home office area or playground for children and adults can be set up. Not infrequently, the living room reflects the character of its inhabitants. Here’s how you can get an overview of the great ones 3d visualizations of timeless Living room living ideas, Created by experienced visualizers from all over the world.

3d-visualized living room living ideas

visualized by: Anole Arc

Furnishing apartment French-style 3d visualization-Anhle Arc

With the help of graphic ideas designers can be from classic to futuristic Living room living ideas realize. Visual Studio (on the first picture) offers a classic open-plan space concept. The furniture is reminiscent of the design of the 80s, but the entire ambience is particularly chic and fully in the spirit of the times. The modern outfit is completed by skilful lighting design and ceiling panel design. The design by Anhle Arc Design (in the second picture) deals with the topic of effective use of space.

Classic living room concept

3d realistic visualization design loft studio glass wall leather sofa Paolo Longoni visualized by: Paolo Longoni

Gray walls, room-high glazing, low coffee table in neutral color, soft textiles and carpets on hardwood floor are the perfect conditions for a cozy interior.

Facebook inspired interior design

Facebook Logo Room Interior Design theme Andrej Šenveter visualized by: Andrej Šenveter

Here is a furnishing concept offered, so the family can gather. The family was supposed to be a big Facebook fan.

Modern loft apartment reflects the sunlight

City apartment 3d furniture design pouf wall decoration Angelo Fernandes

visualized by: Angelo Fernandes

Classic corner sofa and wall design with graphics

Chic and cozy living room-living ideas 3d NW interior design studio

visualized by: NW-interior

Clear lines

Small Apartment Room Decorator Relief Wall Decoration Ideas Maria-Yangolenko 3d visualized by: Maria Yangolenko

Relaxed atmosphere in the Scandinavian style

Loft apartment White design 3d visualization-Realistic rendering jay3design

visualized by: jay3design

Cozy settlement decorated with works of art

Home design-Asian-style floor-to-ceiling coffee table Andrey Sokruta-Interior floor lamp visualized by: Andrey Sokruta Interior Design

A place for entertaining in front of the indoor fireplace

Penthouse flat minimalism interior design modern indoor fireplace glazing-3d ando-studio visualized by: Ando Studio

Swarz-White games

Majid Kiyanfar Ultra Modern Interior Design 3d Pendant Lamp Chair Design visualized by: Majid Kiyanfar

The chandelier – a noble note in the interior

3d living room classic beige sofa set chandelier Roma Romanov visualized by: Roma Romanov

Living room ideas for men

Male decorating living room furniture design 3d creation Vic Nguyen visualized by: Vic Nguyen

Light flooded apartment with cozy accents

Cozy living room furniture cowhide rug Arcasso pendant light wood floor visualized by: Arcasso

Interior design in pop art style

Yury Rybak-Interior Design Bauhaus Furniture Retro Chic Beam Wall Shelves visualized by: Yury Rybak

Day bed design ideas for cozy reading area in the house or garden

Leather daybed small rustic coffee table tree trunk

Enjoy a nice break with a nice book, coffee and cake in your house or garden. We give you an overview of that Daybed design , the materials and incidentally give you some stylish decoration ideas.

Day bed design for the living room

Design idea to set up cozy living room

You have already looked for one Daybed design decided – now only the question remains which position looks good in the living room or on the terrace. Classic furnishings put the daybed next to the window or in the middle of the room, inseparable from the sitting area. Classic day bed design is very easy to recognize – the shape of the daybed is oval, the material – definitely dark wood. Modern facilities, on the other hand, place the day bed next to a wall and combine it with a coffee table. Metal, leather or wood with a rustic look are preferred by the designers as materials. A picture or wall tattoo on the wall behind the day bed compliments the overall look.

Day bed designs for the garden

Furniture lounge bed sky deco day bed design

The Daybed design for the garden / still lounge bed called / should be comfortable and comfortable. Lounge bed with sky creates the illusion that you are still sitting in the living room – while protecting you from the sun, wind and insects. Place the lounge bed next to the pool or set up a corner in the garden to relax in. The garden furniture should be able to defy bad weather and need regular care. Rattan furniture in the garden is particularly popular – they are made of plastic, but the color and texture has a great appeal. They weigh little and can be pushed easily. Wooden furniture in the garden should be oiled at least once a season – they weigh significantly more and take up more space in winter. Folding day beds save space and are a great alternative for those with limited storage space.

Pink color scheme

Living room folding bed design coffee table brass picture day bed design

Blue and yellow look happy

Colors yellow blue Wall Decal Daybed Stool

Day bed with simple design

Day bed color scheme pink wall red chest of drawers

Neutral colors have a calming effect

Designer trend daybed coffee table glass neutral colors

Day bed made of leather and metal

Leather metal daybed natural stone wall wood

State of the art minimalist day bed

Daybed orange design natural stone wall design idea

Coffee table and leather couch

Carpet Black Daybed Photo Wall Glass Daybed Design

Metal construction for the living room

Seating daybed metal living room shape ideas

Decorative cushions refresh the design

Mediterranean style decorative cushion yellow pink coffee table rustic

living room Facility in Feng Shui

Feng Shui style wood day bed beautiful hanging light plays of light

Foldable daybed design

Wooden rustic frame upholstery brown beige

Rattan furniture in the garden

Garden lounge bed rattan green color pool

Four-poster bed in the garden

Sea sun wooden frame lantern sky terrace

Relaxing at the pool

Furniture day bed shell wind chimes sky torch

Living room and kitchen in one room – 25 modern design ideas

Living room and kitchen in a -raum-gray-white-black-urban

The houses and apartments with open floor plan have no walls between the rooms, therefore Living room and kitchen in a room planned. We have some tips and ideas for you how to integrate the kitchen into the living room. You need to use the kitchen appliances and cooking area in the kitchen, while the living area is attractive and cozy. Visual borders, attractive kitchen cabinets and built-in appliances allow a seamless transition between the two spaces, creating a modern living room-kitchen combination.

Living room and kitchen in one – Common color palette

Living room and kitchen in an apple-green-white color palette

When the living room and kitchen are in one room, they give you a feeling of spaciousness, but you have to set up the whole area without losing any of their individual personality. This can be done by using appropriate ones color combinations , Furniture and other decorative accessories can be achieved. The two areas are both pulled together, but still visually separated.

Living room and kitchen in one room, but visually separated

Living room-kitchen-in-a-light-gray-white-dining area-separated

Separate the two rooms optically by selecting two different wall colors. Paint the kitchen in one color and the living area in a contrasting color. This gives each room its own look. If you choose a common color scheme for both rooms, you can bring them together using the accessories and accents. For example, if you paint the kitchen Sherbet Orange and the living room light pink, the accessories in the kitchen can be pink and in the living room – orange.

Living room-kitchen-in-a-white-wood-peninsula-barhocker

Living room-kitchen-in-a-creme-turquoise-light gray

Copper pendant lights and black leather furniture

living room with kitchen open metal pendant lights leather furniture black

warm wood elements

living room kitchen in an open living areas wooden floor wood kitchen

Wall Mural Tile mirror

Living room and kitchen in a natural-colored upholstered sofa gray wood

High gloss white kitchenette and wooden ceiling

living room kitchen together golden pendant lights white kitchenette

Shades of gray and wooden floor

living room kitchen in a wooden floor black gray stairs

suspended ceiling with recessed lighting

living room kitchen eclectic suspended ceiling recessed lighting

Wooden floor and white-black wall decoration

Living room and kitchen in a dining room open wood floor

Bachelor apartment in orange and black

living room kitchen wall unit bachelor orange black

the fresh color combination

living room with kitchen white grass green black living room furniture

High gloss white throughout the living area

living room kitchen together white high gloss kitchen back wall marble

Luxury marble floor

living room kitchen together marble floor black white house bar

warm earth tones in the living room

Living room and kitchen in a wooden furniture brown beige colors

minimalist living room with kitchen

living room kitchen in a white glossy minimalist Living room kitchen in a pure white high gloss green accents

living room with kitchen gray metal surfaces Scandinavian

living room kitchen in an oval dining table with bench wood relax armchair living room and kitchen in a wooden mats gray upholstery white

living room kitchen in a glass coffee table dining area wood floor

living room and kitchen in a dark white sofa orange stool

living room kitchen in a white floor tile beige brown

living room and kitchen in a visually separated grass green brown

100 ideas for kitchen with cooking island in different furnishing styles

Attractive wall design in the living room – wall in stone look

wall design in living room bright stone parquet pedestal red sofa

Bricks would bring warmth and serenity to your living room if you use them as decoration. The stones have a natural charm and connect with the earth and nature. A attractive stone wall is a nice idea for Wall decoration in the living room that would completely change your living area.

Modern wall design in the living room – half stone, half color

wall design in living room accent wall stone brown wall paint white sofa

We have some interesting examples of this attractive one Wall decoration in the living room that look stunning and also very original. It is true that the stone walls could create a cold environment, but you can customize them a bit to create a warm and homey atmosphere. For example, the flagstones may surround a fireplace or built-in shelving system with picture frames or books. A single one stone wall as an accent is enough to enhance an interior, but to create the desired atmosphere, you can also use other deco items with stone look.

Wall design in the living room – floor to ceiling windows and stone wall

wall design in the living room stone living wall black wooden logs couch beige

To make your own stone wall, you do not need to demolish an existing wall. Instead, dress up an interior wall with stone panels. They can resemble high class masonry without altering the structural characteristics of the original wall. The stones are available in many different shapes, colors and sizes to give you a tailor made design for your home.

Gray stone as a wall covering in the living room

wall design in living room modern interior gray black couch lowboard

Narrow stone for wall design

wall design in living room vintage noble carpet stone wall mirror

Stone fireplace cladding in gray

living stone cladding fireplace gray wood floor

natural stone look

stone wall fireplace stove glass beige living room furniture

Stone panels and hovering shelves accented by lights wall design living room stone floating shelves lights

Glazed porch

wall design in living room stonewall black green furniture

Stone wall and floor

wall design in the living room stone rustic shaggy carpet

Fireplace cladding and recessed lighting

wall design living room stone panels shelves lights

Wall decoration in stone look

wall design living room stone look gray floating shelves

Maritime flair

wall design in living room stone mediterranean fireplace white

Combination wood and stone

wall design living room stone fireplace wood panel

dark gray stone wall

wall design in living room stone wooden furniture design white

rustic flair

wall design in living room stone wood ceiling fireplace wall design living room natural stone metal slumps

living stone wall gray glass window purple armchair

wall design living room brick optics industrial chic

wall design in the living room stone look fireplace glass walls brown

stone wall living room natural stone wooden floor recessed lighting

Living room stone fireplace floor to ceiling windows

wall design in living room stone gray zebra black white

wall design living room stone paneling fireplace

wall design living room stone black white design

Another 100 ideas for living room
Living room design in the trendy color orchid-purple

38 Ideas for White Living Room – Living Ideas with Purity and Elegance

white living room leather chairs high gloss floor carpet plant

On white living room is the right choice if you want to bring peace and light into the house. The purest color is white, often associated with innocence, kindness, and perfection. On white living room It looks like a blank canvas, a clean palette that represents peace and clarity. White can be integrated into the furniture, home accessories and wall design.

White living room with white home accessories

white living room interior carpet dining table elegant window shelf

Bright walls painted with colors like mint green or light blue are a great backdrop for one white living room with white furniture and accessories. A vase with a metallic sheen full of fresh flowers is the perfect centerpiece for a white coffee table. It is inexpensive and makes the room look fresh. Use white candles and crystal chandeliers to accentuate the purity of the white color. A glass bowl with white floating candles would also be a nice idea. Silver and light pillows are beautiful accent colors on a white sofa or armchair. White bookshelves with bright books and white vases of flowers will be yours white living room nice complement.

White living room with white furniture and indirect lighting

white living room couch kitchen modern minimalist wood accent

The choice of white furniture for their white living room is perhaps the boldest step. To avoid a lackluster call in the predominantly white living room, insert monochrome pillows on the white couch or armchair. Choose a plain rug to accentuate the radiant white color of the furniture. LED lights are a great way, because your white light harmonizes with the white theme. Hang white pendant lights in a corner in different lengths for a similar soft sheen. For the central light source, hang a white chandelier for ultimate white splendor.

White living room idea with green accents

white living room furnishing green accent chair modern tiles high gloss

Instead of white, use light shades of gray

white living room furniture floor lamp cushion black accent parquet light gray

bright white and beautiful ceiling design

Ideas-black-white-living-cover design

115 home ideas for luxurious living room furniture by Roche Bobois

Living room with sloping roof

Ideas-white living room-roof slant-decorative-accessories

Fresh ideas for small living room design

Minimalism in the living room

Ideas-minimalism-white-living room-

silver home accessories


Spacious living room with dining area and kitchen

gray backdrop


beige carpet

Ideas-white-living-beige carpet

white wall with wooden elements

Ideas-white-living-room-wood-accents-living wall

bright parquet

Ideas-white-living-wood parquet-great-glass window

Clarity and light


Living room furniture – design ideas

white furniture and black brick wall

Ideas-white-living-black-brick wall

cream color


Minimalism and light

minimalism Ideas-white-living-GIESSEGI

Modern white living room design ideas

tropical freshness


gray wall paint


High gloss flooring


Living room furnished in Victorian style

black accents

Ideas-white-living-two black-accents

red decorative pillows

Ideas-white-living-glass elements and red pillows

bright wood flooring


modern corner sofa

Ideas-white-living-room-modern-corner sofa

royal armchair with feathers


Chinese style

Ideas-white-living-room-furniture design

open living areas

Ideas-white-living-open-residential use

exclusive light installations

Ideas-exclusive-white-living-room-light installations

Living room color ideas – yellow accents

Design ideas


white quilted furniture

Ideas-white-living-purity Elegance

suspended ceiling and fireplace


brown carpet and curtain


Living room design

Ideas-white living room-and-living-glass window wall

colored accents

Ideas-white Living room Decorative-color-accents

brown accents and living room wall

Ideas-white-living-room-wood-living wall

Ideas-white-living-room-white-living wall


Ideas-white-living-paper lamps-flowers

34 white living room living ideas for modern house

Interior design ideas for living room: designer furniture as eye-catcher

Store firewood – 50 ideas for storage space in the living room and in the garden

Firewood store living-Scandinavian-style

Whether it’s a fire bowl in the garden, a Swedish stove in the kitchen, or a natural stone-clad fireplace, the fire is warm and cozy during the fall and winter months ambiance , You can really enjoy it only when the firewood is dry and within reach. Who wants to store his firewood, has several options – a wire basket, a firewood or a wooden shelf are quite well suited for this. We show you 50 stylish ideas for storage space in the living room and in the garden.

Store firewood – fireplace with wood compartment in the living room

Firewood Store Living Room Indoor Firewood Faux Fur

The easiest way to store the firewood in a specially designed wood compartment next to the fireplace. Depending on the size of the room and the space available, it can also be found under the fireplace are located. Special shelves offer the possibility to store the stacked firewood in a stylish and clear way. Thus, the natural material becomes the accent in the living room. In addition, it is always within reach and can dry out in the warm room. And dry wood does not mold. It is a rule of thumb – always provide an air gap. Alternatively, the wood can be stored in a wire basket, but basically offers less storage space than wall shelving systems and wooden compartments.

Store firewood and stack properly

Firewood-store Parlor wooden shelf Massic-modern

If you diligently pile your firewood in the spring, you will notice that it dries out completely by winter. The tree trunks are usually split into triangular pieces. Otherwise, the bark can slow down the process. Then the wood is stacked – important is that nothing stops the air circulation. This means – always provide a clearance of at least 8 centimeters between wall and wood, never store wood in drawers or cover with air-impermeable materials. If you want to keep your firewood outdoors, the space under the canopy is very suitable for it. Stack the wood on an airy surface and avoid direct contact with the ground. The storage area should be rain-protected and dry. Never cover the wood stack with a cover foil as the wood can not dry. The correct storage and the type of wood decide whether the wood smokes when burning, stinks or crackles. For optimum calorific value, firewood must be air-dry and have a maximum residual moisture content of 18%.

Store firewood in specially designed concrete wooden shelves

Firewood-store Parlor Shaggy Carpet rustic

Large quantities of wood are usually stored in the basement or in the garden. If you need a small amount of wood or want to present the firewood in style, you can store it in the living room. In this case you not only always have sufficient amount of wood within reach, but the room ambience is immediately influenced. The stacked firewood creates a rustic, natural flair and brings comfort to your living room. There are many ways to store the firewood in the living room and thereby visually enhance the room. The storage baskets, for example, are available in different versions. You can choose the models according to taste and style of furnishing. Some of them provide a traditional flair, others convince with a modern design or lush decorations.

Store firewood – Living room in modern country style with fireplace and two concrete compartments

Firewood-store-concrete Traders-building ideas

In the trade you get rattan baskets, baskets made of textile as well as modern felt and wooden wings. The textile baskets can also be easily pushed back and forth without damaging the flooring. These can also be used to store firelighters and other aids. Another way to store the firewood is to use the wood carts, which are attractive and practical at the same time. They can be adjusted as desired.

Store firewood – Fireplace serves as a room divider in the spacious living area

Firewood-store fireplace room divider shelf-brick

Also very handy are the stacking aids that are easy to assemble. In addition, it can be easily dismantled and stowed away to save space. These storage systems consist of two L-shaped metal tubes that are connected together. The storage aids enable safe and stable stacking of firewood. You can also build a similar wooden shelf yourself with a little manual skill. For the construction you can use water pipes, which set great decorative accents in the room. The mix of materials ensures a great effect and brings a rustic charm with it.

Living room with stacked firewood next to the fireplace

Firewood-store-where ideas storage-firewood rack-mounted

The firewood can also be stored in special, suitable niches. A vertical storage directly next to the fireplace is very space-saving and makes the walls look livelier. The firewood is not in the way and you can accommodate larger amounts of wood. If you have such a niche in your living room, you can take full advantage of the often unused space. If you have selected the material wood for your living room furnishings, you can also store the firewood horizontally next to the fireplace. In combination with a warm parquet floor and other wood elements, a firewood shelf blends into the entire interior design quite well.

Country-style living room with wall shelves and wood shelf next to the corner fireplace

Firewood-store-concrete fireplace modern-country style living room

If you’re looking for a minimalist and contemporary space in the living area, a simple, freestanding fireplace with an integrated niche for wood storage is the right choice for you. Depending on the room conditions, you can also store the firewood behind the fireplace. The firewood you always have at hand and the fireplace is in the foreground. The result is a modern and attractive home design. If you do not have a niche in the living room, you can use ordinary cabinet furniture. There, the wood can be stacked very well.

Firewood warehouse – modern living room with fireplace wood shelves

Firewood-store-creative-living room fireplace-with-Traders

If you use a metal cupboard, the great mix of materials will add warmth and elegance. Would you like to use the firewood rather decorative in the room, an old leather bag for storing firewood is also very good. A single decoration for your living area are small bundles of wood tied together with leather belts. You can also store firewood directly on the wall. There are special round shelves that present the wood in an original way.

Firewood-store-fireplace-concrete colorful living room

Firewood-store-firewood-Storage Space Living

Firewood-store bathroom fireplace wood-plaster wall


Firewood-store Idea suspended-ceiling wooden floor

Firewood-store-concrete partition construction-Scandinavian

Firewood-store radio protective Ideas Parlor make

Firewood-store-inside-natural stone wall cladding-modern-country style

Firewood-store fireplace wood stappeln-saving space

Firewood-store Tile bench-floor storage space inside

Firewood-store gypsum wall-living room-decorating ideas

Firewood-store fireplace room divider detached living room

Firewood-store fireplace wood trade-white-modern-set

Firewood-store Fireplace Traders Parlor modern

Firewood-store Fireplace Traders TV-plaster wall

Firewood-store fireplace wood tray natural stone leather armchairs living room

Firewood-store shelf-floor indoor-modern Scandinavian

Pizza oven wood storage Kitchen design

Firewood-store fireplace wall cladding-Kilim-exotic

Firewood-store Fireplace brick-built chimney

Firewood-store Metal Traders living room

Firewood-store metal decorative fireplace sandstone slabs

Firewood-store metal tray next to fireplace-modern-design

Firewood-store-modern-design idea-house forest

Firewood-store-by-Fireplace-Living Ideas

Firewood-store-sweden oven-wood shelving storage


Firewood-store-under-fireplace-dry-d appelt Ideas

Firewood-store-white-Schranktueren-granite tiles

Firewood-store apartment-burning stoves wood button wall shelf

Firewood-store Parlor country-style stone building-fire

Firewood-store Parlor Mediterranean Ideas

Firewood-store Parlor Scandinavian design

Firewood-store-living room-dry-under-bench

Firewood-store-living room-living ideas-sofa-Dark Blue

Also in the garden you can store stacked firewood

Firewood-store conservatory terrace fireplace wood shelf


Firewood-store-outside-store-outdoor kitchen

Firewood-Store-out niche-store-dry-d appelt

Firewood store outside dry-under staircase

Firewood-store-Wanddeko-out garden bench concrete

The Moroccan style – 38 oriental living spaces with an exotic touch

the moroccan style living room idea yellow blue red romantic

In the changeable history of the North African nation of Morocco, different cultures, civilizations and religions have played important roles and left their mark on them. From the native Berbers to the Arabs and from the Romans and Spaniards, over many centuries the country welcomed many other visitors to its territory. It’s no wonder that Moroccan culture is so rich in many different nuances. Their architecture is rich, vibrant and inspired by very different sources. The Moroccan style Decorating embodies elements of many other cultures. Especially the Moroccan living spaces That’s why they look exciting, exuberant and very mystical.

The Moroccan style of textures and colors

The Moroccan Style Corner Sofa Olive Stone Tile Mirror

Filled with bright, magnetic colors, intricate geometric patterns, plush carpets, lanterns, lights and comfortable ottomans, the Moroccan style inspires you, courageous and extravagant even at your institution and decoration deal with it. Here is a collection of some amazing living spaces that showcase the timeless Moroccan spirit in different ways and show the world today. Enjoy this exciting picture gallery!

The Moroccan style with its modern interpretations

the moroccan style dining room interior red furniture carpet oriental arch

The Moroccan style For the classic living room, it seems like an undiminished celebration of life, with its bright colors and rich textures galore. But we will talk about it a little later. Most homeowners just want a touch of Moroccan charm in their rooms. At the same time they want to preserve the elegant, fresh, contemporary character of the house. This can be achieved by using the bright color accents that stand out in the living room wonderful against the cool, neutral background to advantage. Of course, there are many ways to add them to the ambience. Beautiful throw and floor cushions, ornate curtains, classic Moroccan carpets and cozy decoration in bright red, yellow and blue tones can be seen everywhere and these bold Moroccan elements conquer the scene!

Geometric patterns and garish accents

the moroccan style orange wall paint dark red couch oriental pattern

The use of intriguing geometric patterns and garish accents represents a popular current trend oriental Rooms are elegant and modern, and at the same time typically Moroccan! Large mirrors and sparkling surfaces can also accentuate this appeal without seeming out of place. In fact, we see the classic Hollywood Regency style and Moroccan style go hand in hand in a glamorous living room! Is not that surprising?

Colorful and classic!

the moroccan style romantic fireplace ornaments armchair ottoman

Do you want to deviate from the European style and bring an exotic touch to your interior? Then welcome the classic Moroccan style in the interior design! The first thing you need to do is select the background color for your living area. That’s the big difference between incorporating Moroccan elements into a modern interior and deciding on a specific Moroccan theme. The neutral background in white or cream is simply not good enough! Warm yellow and burnt oranges are often the preferred color choice. For those who want to have a “Mediterranean flair” in their Moroccan living rooms, Aqua, Turquoise or Teal are an appropriate alternative for this.

Luxury at home

Modern facility-Moroccan style

Do not hesitate to fill the room with luxurious decor in contrasting colors and heavy patterns if you want to achieve an authentic Moroccan look. Curtains inspired by life in the Middle East desert, such as natural greenery, arches and keyhole windows, and other elements of classic Middle Eastern architecture give the Moroccan living room an ornate appeal.

Lights, patterns and plush textures

classic style upholstered sofa decorating ideas

When decorating in the Moroccan style, you should rather forego side tables and other additional tables. Beautifully carved wood decorations, colored findings from the local flea market with an oriental flair and great stools are more likely to have their place in this ambience. And while you pay attention to decoration, textiles and colors, you should not forget the role of lights. Because these play a very important role in achieving the true Moroccan mood. Actually, lights, such as Moroccan-style lanterns, are just the detail most associated with this culture. If you see such a lamp, then you also determine the whole room as really Moroccan!

Pure light

Wooden table solid wood classic setup-African-Arab style

The extraordinary and inimitable Moroccan lights fulfill a dual function in the living space, they are brilliant sculptural additions, even if they are not turned on. Combine them with the other well-recognized features of vintage style, with Moroccan carpets, for example, and half of your work would already be done! Inspiring, inviting and sometimes simply majestic, the Moroccan living rooms are an expressive oasis of color and creativity.

Clean touch with Arabian flair

Living room with fireplace window with-rounded-Arab forms

Lucy Interior Design

Do you want to implement the oriental style in your modern living room, then you should work with colors. The oriental world of colors is rich in intense colors, which have great significance in the interior. These include above all yellow, red, orange, green and azure blue. It may be possible to combine the modern and Moroccan styles in the decor, but only if the right colors are used. Even if the walls and the ceiling are white, you can use the furnishing elements in the corresponding colors to give the living area an oriental flair.

Fairytale house

Living-door two-stories-typical-Moroccan

The Moroccan style gives every room a touch of exoticism. With rich colors, beautiful textiles and wooden furnishing elements, your apartment looks like a palace from “1001 Nights”. For a completely authentic look, each element plays an important role – from the wall design to the small stool in the living area. The ornaments of furniture and windows play an important role here and should definitely be part of the furnishings. Popular motifs are flowers, tendrils and, above all, motifs borrowed from nature.

Oriental modern

Vintage style with glass table and upholstered furniture

More and more interior designers are trying to implement the oriental interior design style in modern interior design. It creates a kind of style mix that speaks for a fancy interior design. Elements that are commonly used in such a facility are oriental carpets and pendant lights. They have a specific design and therefore point immediately to the Orient.

Basic elements for an oriental decor

Curtains-with-oriental figures-furnishing-home

Jason Dallas design

Like every style of living, the oriental and Moroccan styles have certain elements that are fundamental to them. These are mainly objects that are used in the decoration. The deco-basics for this interior style include comfortable floor cushions and poufs in the typical for the style colors, hanging lamps with fancy design, as well as various vessels of silver, copper and brass. Wooden screens are another popular decoration idea that can simultaneously serve as a room divider in a larger space.

Cozy sitting area with floor cushions

Tea and coffee corner-round Seat Cushion on carpet

KuDa Photography

If you want to furnish your apartment in the oriental style, then you can design a separate seating area. There is definitely a carpet with several floor cushions, as well as a low table in the middle. The area can be separated from the rest of the apartment with canopies made of organza. Continue to create a suitable lighting that conjures a warm light in this area. With such an oasis of calm and relaxation in your own home, you do not have to worry about stress.

Living room with Arabic flair

stylish shapes and spaces-Arab style

The Souq Lighting

In order to invite the Orient into your own four walls, you do not necessarily have to set up the whole room in Moroccan or Arabic style. Instead, from time to time, you can place different elements of the style in the room that only give an oriental flair. Whether a carpet, a beautiful chandelier made of glass or a sofa with a Moroccan pattern decide for yourself.

Wall color green for the living room in oriental style

Seat Crate with pillows and carpets-green window frames

Elad Gonen

The Moroccan style is characterized by vibrant colors and beautiful patterns. If you want to give your living room a touch of Moroccan flair, then you can opt for such a wall paint. Since the interior design style has a lot to do with nature, green is perfect for the walls and furnishings. Combine with bright yellow and orange to create a harmonious ambience.

Colorful decor in the style of the Orient

Round-sitting area-with-cushion and pillow-Arab-Art

ibrahim radwan

With a successful combination of different colors and patterns for the interior, you can invite the popular oriental style to your own home. The easiest way is with the appropriate textiles. The Moroccan style uses a lot of silk, organza, cotton as well as brocade. Upholstered furniture and beautiful curtains are therefore a must for a real oriental flair. Use as many colors as possible, which are well coordinated with each other. Gather inspiration for the Moroccan style from our picture gallery.

Red color colorful device-Classic and still full

Becky Harris

Retro Style Leather Sofa with metal chairs

Urso designs

Rattan Seat Cushion Oriental Carpet Curtains

Laura U

Pendant lamp-lantern-Moroccan Style colorful carpet

Duet Design Group

modern facility Fireplace with natural stone

Tom Stringer Design Partners

oriental carpet with pillows Colorful Plush

House & Homes Palm Springs Home Staging

Modern equipment-with-leather furniture Turquoise color

Tami Smight Interiors

High-ceiling-airy wooden floor

Cat wooden floor sofa with cushions

Rebecca Mitchell Interiors & Boutique

Arab-forms and figures Parlor in Turquoise

Moroccan Bazaar Interior designers

Fabulous facility squab-high-ceiling-oriental

Gordon Stone Design

House with veranda-living room with fireplace


Classic-wall decoration-cushion sofa with wooden table

Sunny K. Merry

Handwoven carpet cream white furniture with fireplace

Gordon Stone Design

Moroccan-style equipment Furniture living rooms

Colorful Cushion Leather Furniture Modern Outfit

Sarah Kidder design

Blue carpet with asymmetric-figures

Janet Paik

Trees-as Deco classic white furniture with metal tables

from Wisteria

Mirror on-the-Wall Art-upholstered sofa

Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Wanddeko-southern-style wooden tables

Classic Mosaic Moroccan facility

Sailboats Look at Coast Harbor porch-Moroccan style

30 decor suggestions for living room with dining area

Decoration examples Parlor dining-maritime blue-curtains

It is often difficult to decorate different purposes. Each area should be clearly defined and visually appealing. Otherwise, your home might seem chaotic and not uniform. To decorate a small living room with dining area as two separate rooms, but with common elements such as colors, fabrics and patterns, would be the ideal solution. Today we give you a few tips and Decor suggestions for living room with dining area in perfect harmony. Let yourself be inspired!

Decor suggestions for living room and dinette in perfect harmony

Dekovorschäge-living-dining-table-solid wood

Swipe all walls in one color , Decide on a color that is suitable for both areas. If the open plan living area is small, choose a neutral color such as pastel yellow or sage green. Lay rugs on the floor. Arrange them so that they visually define the living space as two separate areas. Place a rug under the dining room table and another under the coffee table. Both must have a similar pattern. In this way a smooth transition is guaranteed and both areas appear to be visually connected. You can also create a common line with lamps.

Decor suggestions for living room with dining area

Decoration examples Parlor dining pictures Wall

Use the same fabrics in the living and dining areas, such as the upholstery of the couch and the dining chairs, or for the cushions and chair covers. Use these elements as a splash of orange or red. Hang a pendant over the dining table. Place your living room furniture around the coffee table to define the seating area. Basically, the living area is the optical guide, as it occupies a larger part of the room. The dining area has to fit in with the style, but should in a way stand out visually from the rest of the room.

Decor suggestions for living room with dining area – Modern art as a decoration on the wall in the living area

Decoration examples Parlor dining Modern Art Wall

Although the design of a separate dining room or living room is freer and easier than with an integrated dining area, there are also many decor suggestions for living rooms with dining areas that can be easily converted. Just think about how the room should look and feel, so that you are completely satisfied with the final result. Ultimately, it depends on the personal preferences of how a room is decorated and decorated. Through the wall design you can achieve a special room feeling and set decorative accents. If you want to visually distinguish both areas, you can use different wall colors in each one. On the other hand, if you want to give the room a uniform look, you have to choose a color or similar shades. If the living area or the dining area is more effective, you can visually differentiate the wall surface of one of the areas from the rest.

small-living-dining area-black-white-wallpaper-floral-motive

With a particular wall paint or wallpaper that harmonize with the rest of the room, you can achieve the desired ambience easily. In the picture above, the dining area is decorated in light pastel and cream colors. The simple and straightforward furniture, and the dynamic wall design in the living area create a successful contrast, which provides more energy in the room. The dark wallpaper with gorgeous ornaments in cream color are reflected throughout the room, creating a uniform picture. The dark brown can also be found in the throw pillows and in part of the chairs. The color choice should be based primarily on your personal taste and color perception. The spatial conditions and the incidence of light are also to be considered in the color choice.

Decor suggestions for the small living room – carpet as an accent

Decoration examples Parlor dining rattan chair-carpet strips

Basically, lighter colors make a dark room feel more comfortable and inviting. The color wall design depends on the desired effect. If you want to decorate and refresh the living room with dining area, you must always keep in mind the atmosphere you want to create and how best to harmonize the individual areas. The right wall color in the dining area is just as important as in any other room in your home. There you also spend a long time with family or friends. The color orange, for example, is very well suited for this area, because this color promotes a warm and sociable atmosphere. If a sunny and happy mood is to enter the room, the bright yellow is a good choice. The walls in this color are a real eye-catcher and set great colorful accents that bring a fresh touch in the living room and in the dining area.

Cream wall paint and fuchsia accents

deco suggestions for living-dining-area-cream-beige-fuchsia-white-dining-tables

Probably the most uncomplicated way of decorating the apartment are the murals. Images significantly influence the mood in the room and give the interior an individual touch. Even a single picture on the wall can do a lot. Take a look at the living room in the picture above. The living room has been decorated in warm cream, brown and beige. For a modern space feeling here Lila and Fuchsia was used. Purple, violet and the other shades of this color palette combine with light wood furniture to create a modern and captivating contrast. The vivid color was used in this room on different levels, which separated the living area in an original way from the rest of the room. On the wooden floor you will see a soft, comfortable pouf. Throw pillows in a lighter shade set great accents on the bright sofa. The picture on the wall picks up the color of the rest of the decoration. With all these colored decorative elements, a unique optical partition is created.

Gray upholstered furniture and red decorations

Decorations for living-dining-area-gray-furniture-red-accents-both-areas

Muted colors for a modern look

dekovorschlage-living room-dining area-gray-sofa-wall color-solid wood dining table and black chairs

Purple and silver nuances in both areas

Decorations for living room dining area-purple-upholstery-sofa-wallpaper-floral-white-kitchenette-dining-room-furniture

deco suggestions for living room dining area-black-accent-wall-gray-sofa-blue-cushion-pendant-lights

White, slate gray and black

dekovorschlage-living room-dining area, white and cream-white-moebel-gray-accents

Airy and harmonious

deco suggestions for living room dining area white-leather-sofas-wood-dining-table-wall-shelves

White and brown in the living area

small-living-dining area-brown-upholstered sofa-wood-esszimmermoebel-kitchenette

Cozy, open living area

small-living-dining area-kitchen-open Designer Find-gray sofa

Essthecke behind the sofa

small-living-dining area-kitchen-red-light-gray-modern

small-living-dining area-landhausstul-white-ecru-moebel

small-living-dining area-a partition wall-wall-neutral-color-holztoene-open-live

small-living-dining area-slate-gray-upholstered sofas and white-kitchenette-black-chairs-light-coffee table

small-living-dining area-chocolate brown wall-color-cream-sofa-white-shelves

small-living-dining area-black-white-wood-innentuere

living-dining-open beige-brown furniture glossy blue-oberschraenke

living room-dining area-open corner sofa-Rueckwand-eating bar

living room-dining area-open-green-carpet-real wood-dining table-white-wohnzimmermoebel

living room-dining area-open-fireplace-visual-border

living room-kitchen-dining area-open-live-neutral-colors-modern-device

living room-kitchen-dining area-white-gray-open-living room

Decorations for living-dining-kitchen-living-room-wall-wood-white

Decorations for living room dining area-black-kitchen-line-green-accents-gray-sofa-white-coffee table

small-living-dining area-beige-brown-africa-wanddeko-lighting-ideas

100 ideas for living rooms – give the furniture a splash of freshness

living room-design-modern

The living room is the heart of every apartment. Cozy and inviting it should work – a relaxation area where all family members can relax and have fun together. That’s why it’s practical to have furniture in neutral To dye to combine. Colorful home accessories enrich the interior with a splash of color. We give you 70 inspiring Ideas for living room Decor how to create a modern ambience.

Ideas for living room in natural colors

living room-color-device-ideas

More and more interior designers offer Ideas for living room in earth tones. The natural colors have a great attraction – they relax the senses and spread a happy mood. Cleverly set color accents refresh the room atmosphere. Especially important for a successful color mix is ​​the pre-planning. It is best to paint small and dark rooms in light tones such as sand color, beige or gray and furnish the room with furniture in bright colors. Green, blue and yellow give the room a kick of freshness. A wooden wall can also be perfectly integrated into the modern home – your guests will be captivated by the attractive grain. Larger living room can with furniture be divided into bright colors in several areas – a shelving system will showcase the favorite books and at the same time visually separate the sitting area from the dining area. Above all, creativity is in demand here – the walls can decorated with pictures, posters or family photos become.

Ideas for the living room – skilfully combine home accessories


It is important, above all, to match the home accessories stylistically to the furniture. The modern, minimalist interior can be complimented by a vase of clean lines in accent color. A carpet with stripes in yellow, white and blue will give the Scandinavian institution the right idea. Exotic golden statues will emphasize the imposing colonial-style furniture. And those who would like to spice up the room, first look around in their own household, because often there are long forgotten colorful decoration pieces found.

Modern living room with color accents in blue

Ideas-living room-blue-carpet-modern-furniture

Setting colored accents in the living room does not necessarily mean that big changes have to be made. For a colorful kick, you can not only create an attractive wall design and new, colorful or patterned pieces of furniture. Even with small home accessories such as various Dekofiguren, attractive picture frames, modern vases or unusual bowls on the coffee table, you can bring a tidy touch of freshness in the room. Without having to re-furnish the entire living room, you can create a new touch with colored textiles. You can set colorful accents with opaque curtains, colorful throw pillows, cuddly blankets or with a fluffy carpet.

Living room with attractive carpet as an eye-catcher

Ideas-living room-blue carpet curtains colors

The color you choose depends on your personal taste first and foremost. Not to be underestimated is of course the spatial effect that you want to achieve. Colors are known to affect our environment and our senses. For this reason, you must carefully choose the right color and create a very personal atmosphere to feel good. This applies equally to both the large-scale wall design as well as the color design with decorations and small accessories. Each color has its own characteristics and its own effect, which also characterizes the room climate and our mood. For example, the blue color brings harmony and dreaminess into the room. If you want to relax after a stressful day and free yourself from the burden of the day, blue is the right choice for you. With color accents in purple you also ensure peace and serenity.

Chairs and coffee tables color coordinated

Ideas Parlor Koenig Blue Color armchairs

If you want to add a touch of freshness and cosiness, you can do so with green splashes of color. The green color enhances the enjoyment of socializing and makes the room look neater. Green also promotes your self-confidence and creativity. This color provides freshness and eliminates fatigue. Orange splashes of color can be used in a living room with insufficient light source. Your living area will be lit up immediately. However, you should not exaggerate with the color orange, otherwise the room seems tighter. With this color you create a carefree and pleasant environment.

Wine red and Camel – sexy color duo

Ideas Living Room Camel Sofa Round rug-red

If you want to feel a strong energy in the living area, with the color red is quite right. Use red in moderation and recharge your batteries for the day. The invigorating color exudes powerful impulses and ensures a true freshness kick. If you want to fill the living room with good mood and warmth, you are welcome to use yellow. The bright color dispels the sluggishness and boredom of your living room and lets it shine in a whole new light. Just like the green, yellow promotes creativity. If you have placed your workspace in the living room, you can benefit from the strong color effect.

Berry red color for the wall in the living room

Ideas Living Berry Nuance-wall carpet colorful

Great ideas for living room furnishings can also be achieved with different color combinations. It is important that you match the furniture, accessories and the wall color in your living room. It’s best to limit yourself to three colors that add color accents. A harmonious overall picture is created when you combine different tones from one color family. Otherwise, everything is actually allowed, what you like. Create great color combinations according to your own feelings and create a unique feeling in the living room. If you want to add a lively touch to the cosiness in the living area, you can combine walls and furniture in coffee brown with bold colors, for example.

Orange carpet as an eye-catcher in the gray living room

Ideas Parlor orange-modern-design idea

If you have decided on a simple sofa, you can set new colorful accents with cuddly, patterned blankets and comfortable, colorful throw pillows. A colorful carpet can also contribute to the desired atmosphere. Small accessories, such as candles, vases and bowls can also be the colorful focus in the living room. Without doubt the candles are among the great and simple ideas for living room design. They are great mood-makers and look great in groups of different colors or in a tone-on-tone composition.

Orange stool and side table in the gray living room

Ideas Parlor orange stool-neutral-color design

Eclectic decor with Kilim as eye-catcher

Ideas Parlor eclectic set-modern

Yellow wall in the living room makes for a happy mood

Framing Ideas Living Room Yellow Wall-modern

Pastel colors in the modern living room

Ideas-living room-yellow-pink-chair modern

Petrol blue carpet creates a modern touch in the living area

Ideas Parlor blue green carpet-black-sofa

Decorate living room in retro style – set accents with blue chair

Ideas Parlor blue chair-red-pillows-carpet strips

Idea Living room Art Wall Art Ideas

Framing ideas Parlor modern-colorful

Variegated-make ideas Parlor modern colors

Ideas Parlor petrol blue-wall carpet colorful

Ideas-living-red-chairs sofa

Ideas Parlor snow-white sofa modular-ice-blue-Throw

Ideas Parlor beanbag-purple-green-living environment

Ideas Parlor turquoise sofa ideas

Ideas Parlor turquoise wall shelving ideas-modern

Ideas Parlor vintage purple chair

Ideas Parlor burgundy-chair grasgruen-chairs

Ideas Parlor Wohnideen-red-furniture

living room-color-device

living room-interior-design

modern white sofa upholstery color accents neutral colors Shaggy rug

orange dark brown classic design ideas carpet ideas for living room

Living ideas wood pallets furniture sofa armchair laminate floor

Ideas for living room decor – red armchair as an accent

Pictures Sofa Set Fireplace freestanding wall unit dark wood color

Living room with sloping roof – the white walls make it look more spacious

Set up home style fireplace wood sloping ceiling cushion ideas for living room

Eclectic mix of styles – Colonial furniture as an accent

gray color pictures wall green curtains modern coffee table

Successful color combination – neutral tones characterize the interior

Parquetry blankets design wood leather sofa green armchair ideas for living room

Small living room set up

Wood wall tv dark color sofa throw pillows

Minimalist living room in white and gray

Living room design ideas modern trendy

Design white sofa metal staircase home theater

Design shelving modern furniture suspended ceiling

set up gray sofa white wall unit high gloss glazed wall

Living room luxury interior picture wall neutral colors

gray color wooden stool armchair modern furniture ideas for living room

Lighting gray wall paint pictures modern decor

Upholstered sofa chairs armchair orange color accents modern

gray color laminate floor stone wall TV Throw Pillow

Natural stone stove wood beam deco checkered throw pillows

Living room living ideas beige sofa design armchair coffee table

neutral wall color coffee table glass wall blinds ideas for living room

Living Room Ideas Images Wood Coffee Table White Walls Throw Pillows

Owl image sofa design ideas flooring white

Wooden floor deck chair coffee table lighting leather furniture

Brick wall green upholstery carpet coffee table pendant light

fashion plant pots leather chairs wooden ceiling pendant lamp

white wall unit bookcase ceiling lights flooring

Chandelier beige round carpet coffee table white color

gray carpet light gray upholstered furniture skylight

Corner sofa design furnishings retro style leather chair furniture

Interior modern furniture design ideas picture colorful

Fireplace partition wall pendant light green chairs dining table

Corner sofa small apartment eclectic decor ideas

yellow TV cabinet bookcase leather armchair Kilim

System carpet stripe deco pillow pattern sofa design

Scandinavian style wood floor strip carpet furniture

Furnishing beautiful views ideas furniture modern

Decor white flooring Shabby Chic furniture picture wall

Ideas colorful decoration pictures yellow pillow lantern

orange chairs wood table modern decor ideas

Living room set up TV cabinet sofa beige

black sofa red leather stool coffee table wood

red sofa dresser green spacious living room set up

Corner sofa flooring tiles wood effect white walls

Fairy lights dining table windows spacious living room

Chandelier plush carpet corner sofa gray ceiling

Kilim gray carpet cooking island bookshelf

Furniture armchair striped pattern fireplace corner sofa wooden shelf books

Leather furniture gray carpet wall shelf space saving ideas

Furniture design images parquets oak wood

Ceiling furniture design lighting concrete floor

Sofa industrial chic laminate floor covering

Wall shelf glossy furniture coffee table carpet

Stool white wall shelf system modern living room living ideas

Wooden table white furniture picture country style living room

Upholstered sofa orange wall natural colors materials

Living ideas maritime decoration picture cushion sofa

Wall design colorful upholstery gray color

Deco ideas photos wooden table tree trunk sofa

LED green dresser blue chairs upholstered images

Living room sofa semicircular pendant lamp wood

Living ideas gray color stylish furniture design

Ideas pendant lamp white color leather furniture

Flat Living Room Ideas Furniture Brick Wall White

Architectural houses Interior design Leather chairs Chandelier white sofa

set up blue bamboo wood furniture fireplace ideas

Living room home ideas pictures colorful design deco

Colors wine red armchair wooden wall design ideas

Pictures Wall Deco Cushion Airplane Models

Living room wall design ideas decorating wooden furniture

Wall shelf system coffee table floor tiles

living room design ideas-color-device