Fashion »20 elegant and chic outfit inspirations for fall

Outfit inspirations for the fall checkered blazer knee high boots fuchsia bag

Of the autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons. Now we will play with darker shades and warm fabrics. Even the simplest garments can look elegant and chic when combined. We have some of the most beautiful for you Outfit inspirations for fall created by fashion designers and bloggers from all over the world. They deal with the latest To dye and trends and the results are quite outstanding and inspiring. Check out these elegant and stylish outfit ideas and inspirations and go shopping!

Trendy outfit inspirations for fall

Outfit inspirations for fall black leather pants clutch brick red blazer


Fall outfit inspirations for club and office

outfit-inspirations-autumn-black-leather pants jacket-metal gloss


Beige and cream tones for autumn

outfit-inspirations-autumn-cream-hose-eyed-shirt-beige pullover-lace shoes


Mustard yellow cardigan

outfit-inspirations-autumn mustard yellow-cardigan-pearl necklaces


simple but elegant autumn outfit

outfit-inspirations-autumn-black-cardigan-rolled up-jans-boots


yellow accessories



Autumn outfit with retro flair



dark turquoise fit N flair dress



Light gray and Cognac combine



autumn outfit-emerald green-shell-peplum-black-leather jacket


autumn outfit-black-white-on-head-to-foot


autumn outfit-black-dress-collar-sleeves-snake skin accents


autumn outfit-sheer-transparent-shirt-black-pants


autumn outfit Plaid-rock-teelange-black-white-red-shoulder bag


autumn outfit checkered jacket-black-white-skinny-jeans


autumn outfit beige-knitted-tunic-pointed edge


autumn outfit-night-black-leather pants-cream blouse-wide-sleeves-pailetten-high-heels


em-ivory-lane autumn outfit-black-gray


Parisian-chic combine-autumn outfit-black-gray-


Fashion »This is how men combine the business casual outfit

business casual mens outfit stripe pullover blazer jeans

In the profession you should be dressed correctly: suit and shirt are a must for men in many industries. In contrast, modern dress codes require a little less formality and are interpreted differently from company to company. As a representative of the company, you should follow these dress codes and externally adapt to the corporate culture. Whether you are invited to a job interview or to an event, you should always inform yourself about the prescribed dress code. Business Casual, for example, is casual office wear that can be worn in everyday business, at informal events and in internal meetings. A certain elegance is still expected. And since this dress code leaves a lot of freedom and room for interpretation, we have put together a few tips for you so that you can make the business casual outfit perfect.

Business Casual Vs. Smart Casual

business casual mens outfit button down shirt chino pants sweater

Business Casual and Smart Casual make a balancing act between sportiness and elegance and are carried in young, dynamic companies. There is little difference between the dress codes “Smart Casual” and “Business Casual”. Both commute between serious and casual and are stricter than casual. Casual in English means something like: “casual”, “comfortable” and “casual”, Smart stands for “elegant” and “chic”. Accordingly, it is for a casual business outfit, but a minimum of quality and chic reflects. If the clothing note is Business, the clothes expected to be worn in the office are expected. Both dress codes are chosen for visits without an official meeting, informal meetings or interview. A clear business relationship should definitely be clear.

Shirt and Blazer at Business Casual

business casual mens outfit shirt blazer-without-tie

“No jeans, no tie” is the motto at Business Casual. Specifically, this means you do not have to appear in washed-out jeans, but you can leave the tie off. The best is loose, elegant clothing. However, some companies allow well-kept office jeans in dark colors. These can be combined well with a smart jacket. The main thing is, the individual parts of the outfit fit together and look tasteful and well-kept.

Today there are various business outfits with which one is well dressed even without a jacket. At Business Casual the outerwear made of shirt and pullover, cardigan or even tank top is a great alternative. A V-neck or O-neck jumper can be paired with a classic, light long-sleeved shirt. If the collar looks out over the pullover, then you too can Tie to it combine. Currently, the narrow variants are again very trendy and go well with the V-neck ,

A light shirt in subtle stripe or check patterns, which set a colorful accent, also goes well with the dark sweater. This combination is particularly harmonious if the shirt has a pattern in a specific color that repeats that of your pullover. It is only important to note that the pants should be plain.

Business Casual Jeans

business casual mens outfit shirt-light blue-chino-pants-beige

Suited for the business casual outfit are suit, flannel and cord pants. Are Chinos Business Casual? Yes, khakis are ideal for informal occasions and so versatile that they combine well with jackets. If you want to stay on the safe side, gray chinos are a good choice.

Straight-cut denim jeans without exaggerated details have been allowed at Smart Casual in recent years. Just remember that your look should be casual but still professional. Be sure to avoid pockets, rivets, tears and loose cuts such as loose and baggy fit.

Shirt in the pants or not? That depends on the styling and fit of the shirt. White business shirts are generally wider and cut longer and are not intended for carrying over the pants. But if the shirt is sporty-elegant or loose cut, it may then be worn outside. If it should look formal and chic, then a figure-hugging shirt comes in the pants. Above all, it looks more casual if the shirt is not in his pants.

Business casual shoes

business casual outfit-men-shoes-shirt-cloth-pants-combination

The shoes in Business Casual are usually closed, the socks color coordinated. Dark leather lace-up shoes are preferred, but men are welcome to wear an elegant sneaker or loafer. Singer Justin Timberlake, for example, often combines casual sneakers with a noble suit. Respected men like actors Robert Downey Jr. Orlando Bloom, Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio have also chosen this casual and elegant combination from time to time for their red carpet appearance. The fact is, the sneaker models are so versatile today that they can be perfectly combined with an elegant outerwear such as jackets. On Uebervart Frankfurt – Shoes & Sneakers For example, there are sporty and elegant models with a guaranteed coolness factor. What always makes a smart suit is classic adidas or Nike white sneakers.

Examples of successful business casual outfits

business casual-outfit-cardigan-check-shirt-beige-trousers

Finally, we would like to introduce you to a few combinations that are perfect for the business casual dress code. The more creative the profession, the greater the scope.

Smart and Business Casual Combinations:

  • Button down shirt, cotton trousers, loafers or Wingtip shoes made of leather
  • Slim button-down plaid shirt, chinos and slip-on leather shoes
  • Jacket, shirt instead of shirt and pants without tie
  • V-neck sweater, round-neck T-shirt or under-sweater shirt, straight jeans, classic leather boots to lace up
  • sporty-elegant blazer, form-fitting shirt, dark jeans (without tears), suede lace-up shoes
  • Jacket, turtleneck sweater, dark jeans and sneakers
  • Tweed jacket, solid color sweater with round neck, gray chinos, sneakers

Fashion »Club Of Gents designs elegant fashion for the modern gentleman

business-look suit-modern-man-caro pattern

It’s not that complicated to be a gentleman in our modern world. The modern gentleman has taste, best manners and dresses elegantly. He has at least a suit in his wardrobe and can be his Tie tie yourself , He always looks confident and competent. Studies show that clothing can influence one’s own behavior and self-perception. And the fashion of CG – Club of Gents is ideal for a representative appearance with a confident edge. Whether for business, leisure or for special occasions – leaves with CG the modern gentleman a lasting impression.

evening-outfit-elegant-shirt and dark blue suit

Fresh and sophisticated, CG – Club Of Gents is a fashion brand with a love of the modern suit. The label offers a successful combination of traditional tailoring, masculine cuts and fabrics with contemporary details and offers suits, jackets and other upscale items of clothing that should not be missing from the wardrobe of the fashion-conscious man. With a view to current fashion trends, the fashion brand’s goal is to develop stylish collections with a recognizable aesthetic that is full of dynamism and zest for life yet has a timeless appeal.

fashion modern-gentleman suit-slim-fit vest

The focus is on suits, which are characterized by a classic elegance, but with a contemporary twist. They are like a breath of fresh air in the world of men’s fashion. The Suits from Club Of Gents are equipped with a variety of luxurious details. Elaborate seams, flap pockets, extravagant pocket squares, chic elbow patches etc. are refreshingly lively. The different fits – Slim Fit, Extra Slim Fit, Modern Fit and Tailored Fit – are based on the different needs and figure types.

smart-casual look-pants-shirts-modern

In addition to well-tailored suits, the fashion label convinces with a variety of garments and accessories in always trendy looks. From fashionable knitwear to chic pants and luxurious coats – the style – conscious, modern man will find everything he needs for his active and stylish lifestyle at CG – Club at Gents. Various shades of blue, gray and black emphasize vibrant designs and flower prints.

smart-casual outfit-sakkos-jeans-tie

CG – Club of Gents is part of the company Création Gross GmbH & Co. KG, which was founded in 1925 in Bavaria. To this day it is a family business. In honor of the original brand and with the initials of the company – Carl Gross (CG) – the new fashion label was launched in 2011 as CG – Club of Gents on the market.

At Club of Gents, style and premium quality go hand in hand. The brand works with renowned weavers and relies on high-quality fabrics such as pure wool, cotton, cashmere, viscose, silk and linen for their collections. Special dyeing techniques, unique 3D structures and buttons made of different materials give the garments the finishing touch and give them even more character. Look at their collections and see for yourself.

smart-casual Blue-sacrament-white-shirt-pocket handkerchief-sporty elegance

Beauty »Get white teeth – Which variants are suitable for success?

white teeth get beauty-tips-remedy-dentist

Everyone dreams of snow-white teeth. For as much as we care for our teeth, a discoloration caused by various foods from our everyday lives can not be stopped. Fortunately, there are several variations that can lighten your teeth. The tips that we would like to introduce to you in this article will explain to you how you are doing get white teeth can. From variants for white teeth with home remedies All the way to the dentist different options are listed.

Get white teeth without bleaching

white teeth get discoloration-prevention-tips-healthy-teeth

Before you get to the extreme bleaching or consult your dentist, you can try it with simple home remedies to get white teeth. This saves you a lot of money and can lead to slight discoloration of the teeth to success. Also with various articles from the drugstore you can be helped quickly. Give it a try with these white teeth tips. But keep in mind that a difference is usually not apparent after the first measure.

Get white teeth with baking soda

white teeth get baking powder teeth cleaning idea

You may have heard that baking soda is great if you want to get white teeth. The advantage is that this product is usually already present in the household and also very cheap. An alternative is also Backnatron. Since the effect is minimal, at least initially, you should not risk overdoing it. Once a week is enough. Otherwise, the baking soda could harm your teeth, which is not the goal of lightening. To get whiter teeth with baking soda, moisten the toothbrush first. These then dip into the baking powder so that all bristles are covered. Now brush your teeth for 2 minutes. Finally, rinse your mouth with clear water. If you are uncomfortable with the taste of the baking powder, you can also use mouthwash for this purpose.

How does the baking soda help?


The reason that you should not do the treatment too often is that the baking soda abrades the upper layer of the teeth, damaging the tooth in too short distances. By grinding the teeth, they become whiter after brushing, which usually does not last for long. Only an upper layer of the discolored tooth is removed, but the tooth itself is not lightened. After a few weeks your teeth will look like before. The surface, so the enamel becomes rougher. This, in turn, makes the teeth more susceptible to further discoloration, as they stick better to the rough ground. So if you want to get permanent white teeth, this variant is not perfect. Especially if you have a braces, this variant of the tips to avoid white teeth is to avoid. Baking soda can loosen the glue and remain under the braces. This is difficult or impossible for you to get away from there.

How do I get teeth whitened with lemon juice and salt

white-zaehne-get-lemon juice acid HARMFUL

The teeth whiter you get alternatively to the baking powder also with salt. The rules and also the dangers to the health of the teeth are the same here as with the baking powder. So you do not have to torment yourself with the salty taste, you can also mix the salt with the toothpaste. You can also get white teeth if you use lemon juice, but not in combination with the toothpaste. Keep in mind that the citric acid attacks the enamel. For this reason, this variant should be avoided if possible. If you still want to get white teeth by using lemon juice, repeat the procedure as rarely as possible. In both variants to whiten teeth, we recommend brushing the teeth as usual. This will remove any leftovers from the lemon juice, or from the salt.

A rinse with oil

Get-white-zaehne-oelspuelung-coconut oil-protection-enamel

Oil can form a protective film in the mouth, and more precisely on the teeth, which prevents discoloration by binding bacteria. Gwyneth Paltrow is supposed to use this trick. So that the whole thing does not taste quite as unpleasant, coconut oil can be used. The oil must be kept in the mouth for at least 15 minutes so that it can be pulled through the teeth and absorbed. Then just spit it out without rinsing.

Natural foods for white teeth

Clean white-zaehne get-foods-apple-zaehne--

Many people who want to get white teeth also use other foods. The apple should look very good here. While it is true that it removes the plaque and some of the bacteria on the teeth, a lightening effect can not be confirmed. Since apples are healthy, it is a good idea to regularly use them regularly to clean your teeth. But do not forget that it contains acids and sugars. As a substitute for brushing your teeth, the apple is not suitable. Strawberries whiten teeth is a myth as well. If the fruit is rubbed over the teeth, it should allegedly make the teeth whiter. But even this fruit contains natural acids, which on the contrary even attack the tooth.
It is similar with turmeric. The powder is to banish discoloration, but even that is not proven. The opinions here are divided into two. If you still want to try it, mix some powder with water and you will get a toothpaste. Use an old toothbrush as the bristles will discolour with the spice.

Get whiter teeth with products from the drugstore

white-zaehne get-Strip-bleaching-idea-to-home

Equally cost-effective, but more effective, is to use certain items from the drugstore if you want to get white teeth. These include the so-called whitening strips, as well as pens and ultrasonic toothbrushes. The strips are used twice daily and remain on the teeth for half an hour each. A success can already be seen after a few applications. With this technique, you can enjoy bright white teeth for a full six months. Equally effective are the bleaching pens. It is a gel that is applied to the teeth with a brush. The exposure time is only one minute. Some wrap the teeth additionally with aluminum foil. The ultrasonic toothbrush does not have a direct lightening effect, but rather deep cleansing. In stock Cracks in the teeth collect dirt that makes the teeth look discolored. However, the toothbrush has the ability to remove even such particles. This reveals the natural whiteness of your teeth. So it is a good addition to other remedies if you want to get white teeth. By the way, you should not use the whitening products on open tooth necks. So before you even do something against the discoloration of your teeth, a consultation with your dentist is recommended.

White teeth get to the dentist


Teeth bleaching at the dentist is the most expensive, but also the most effective option. The whitening costs amount to between 500 and 1000 euros. At the dentist, first select the right shade of tooth whitening. The gel the dentist then applies to whiten your teeth contains hydrogen peroxide. This remedy permanently brightens the teeth by allowing them to penetrate inside the teeth, releasing oxygen radicals responsible for the discoloration. Side effects are sometimes noticeable, but these are extremely mild and present for a short period. And indeed, in the treatment of the teeth water is withdrawn. This releases the canaliculi present in the tooth, which makes the teeth more sensitive to hot and cold foods and other stimuli. During this time you should definitely refrain from coloring foods such as coffee, red wine or blueberries. However, this sensitivity passes after a short time, as soon as water is stored in the teeth again. In order to avoid re-staining, regular cleaning of the teeth by the dentist is recommended. Nich only get white teeth, respectively, keep by. Also caries is prevented in this way. In some cases, the costs can be covered at least in part by the health insurance. However, you should inquire about it in advance.

Use toothed rack

white-zaehne-get-rail-gel bleaching-idea-dental technicians-tip

A dental splint is used at home, but made by the dental technician on behalf of the dentist. Apply to the splint a gel, which should then act overnight, following the instructions of the dentist. The rail costs between 200 and 300 euros. In addition, the gel must also be purchased. Alternatively, rails are offered in the trade. In order to adapt these to your dentition, they are made flexible. Again, we recommend that you consult with your dentist in advance.

Hair and hairstyles »What to do about hair loss – A mask that will help you a lot

What Heals Against Hair Loss Masking Vitamin E Oil

What to do about hair loss ?! You may be surprised, even many with you. It is the season of hair loss. It’s time to take care of it. The hair treatments are not enough. You would also have to apply homemade hair masks. Once a week. Here is a method that shows you what to do against hair loss ,

1 teaspoon sesame oil
½ teaspoon almond oil
½ tsp castor oil
2 ampoules of decapentol
2 ampoules of vitamin E

What to do about hair loss? – Great hair mask

What to do against hair loss mask yourself

Application :
Warm the ingredients in a bowl, wet the hair through a steam bath. Wear the mask from roots to tip of the hair. Wait an hour and wash out with shampoo.

what to do against hair loss mask yourself methods

Hair and hairstyles »Make hair mask yourself: home remedies for hair loss

Hair Mask itself-make recipes and tips

Over the years, many know the problem: the hair on the head are getting thinner or less and less. If suddenly strengthened hair loss It can also be very difficult – especially for women. If many hairs fall out while combing, then you must react immediately. In the following article we deal with the topic ” Make hair mask yourself “And although against hair loss and would like to give you a few tips and recipes give them how you can make them yourself in no time.

Make yourself hair mask with increased hair loss

Hair Mask itself-make-causes-hair loss

Why is there hair loss?

The causes of hair loss can be very different. In males, this may be hereditary or caused by hormonal imbalances (for example, thyroid hyperfunction or hypofunction). In women, the hair loss can come as a result of hormonal conversion (menopause) or chemical treatments of the hair (dyeing, perm).

Hair loss occurs in some diseases such as diabetes, or as a side effect of medication for blood pressure, in chemotherapy to treat fungal infections, alcohol abuse or stress (the so-called. Psychogenic alopecia). But there is also hair loss due to a disturbed mineral balance in the body. Make sure you have enough iron, as lack of iron is one of the most common causes of hair loss.

How to get the hair growth back in motion?

Hair Mask itself-make-up-hair loss-recipes

You do not always have to spend a lot of money on hair treatments and beauty products to do something good for your hair. Nature, too, with medicinal herbs can help you. The benefits are obvious – you know what’s in it and you can tailor it to your individual needs. However, the hair cure with home remedies is not a miracle cure, which is guaranteed to regrow fancy hair, but it can at least stimulate the new growth.

For stronger and persistent hair loss, you should consult a doctor.

Make hair mask yourself – made in no time

Hair Mask itself-are-in-time at-rinse

Making a hair cure yourself is not that difficult and it’s also a lot of fun. Here are our suggestions:

Recipe 1: Walnut leaves deco

Hair Mask itself-make recipes and walnut leaves decoction

The walnut leaves deco strengthens the hair and stimulates its growth.

The first home remedy that addresses the common problem of hair loss is walnut leaves decoction. The following ingredients can be used:
– 2 hands full of walnut leaves, 1/2 liter of water.

Cut walnut leaves into small pieces, pour water into a saucepan, add the walnut leaves, then leave overnight. Simmer for 3 min the next day, then filter out the leaves. When washing hair, combine one half of the Absud with a shampoo, then use the other half as the last rinse.

Make recipe 2 for hair mask itself: oil mixture

Ole-mixture-rosemary oil Recipe the hair growth-promoting

Natural oils help promote hair growth and keep hair healthy. You need the following ingredients:
– 1 tsp jojoba oil, 15 drops of rosemary oil, 10 drops of cedarwood oil;
– 60 ml aloe vera gel

Mix the 3 oils together and add the aloe vera, stir well. Put the mixture in a well-sealable bottle. Massage your scalp every night with this hair growth mixture (about 1 tbsp of it)

The 3 oils are then mixed well in a small bowl, added to the aloe vera and stirred well. Pour the hair growth mixture into a well-sealable bottle. Every evening with a 1 tbsp of the mixture massage your scalp.

Homemade hair cure with beer against hair selection: Recipe 3

Hair Mask itself-make-beer-conditioner-effective

Beer is an old and well-known remedy for hair care. Wash your hair with beer at least once a week.

You need: 1 cup of beer

Distribute on the washed hair, leave for a short time, then wash with shampoo. Another 1/2 cup of beer in the hair massage in and do not rinse it out.

Recipe 4 – parsley mask

Hair Mask himself-making Parsley herb mix-massage

You need a handful of parsley.

Mince the parsley, place in a bowl, cover with boiling water and leave overnight. The next day, put the parsley in a saucepan, fill with 900 ml of water, simmer for about 20 min. Covered in a light heat. Then strain the herbal mixture and pour the cooled hair condition over the washed hair. Massage into hair and do not wash.

Make hair mask yourself: Recipe 5 with castor oil

Hair Mask himself-making recipe with castor oil stimulates hair growth-

Rub the scalp twice a week with the castor oil, wrap the head with cling film and wrap a towel over it. Leave it on overnight and rinse well in the morning with lukewarm water.

For stress-related hair loss, aroma oils can also help – e.g. Lavender, thyme and cedar oil. You need to massage your scalp with one of the oils every day. A mix of lemon juice and olive oil is also suitable as a scalp rub.

So, have fun trying it out!

Here are a few tips on hair care for hair loss

Hair Mask himself-making hair loss-prevention

– Often massage your scalp, which stimulates the blood circulation and thus promotes the growth of hair.
– Change cold and hot water showers – this stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp positively.
– Eat less animal fats, low sugar and sweet foods
– Do not eat foods made from white flour
– Avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, black tea and strong carbonated water
– Do not smoke
– Stress can also trigger hair loss. So try to avoid stress.

Hair Mask himself-making tips for hair care for hair loss

Hair and hairstyles »Stop hair loss! Causes, therapy and the most common questions

Hair loss stop-Men Ideas Tips

hair loss is for many men as well as women an absolute horror scenario. While men often begin to look for bald spots or receding hairline as early as the beginning of the 20th century, the diagnosis for women is usually surprising and sudden. But regardless of whether man or woman, who suffers from hair loss, often has follow-up problems of a mental nature, for example, depression or inferiority. Therefore, patients often spend a lot of money on advertised “miracle drugs” or undergo painful surgeries. But which methods bring any improvement and what is the optimal treatment option for you? What are the causes of your hair loss and what are your chances of success with the therapy? Here are the ten most common questions about hair loss stop:

Stop hair loss – What causes hair loss?

Hair loss stop mid-men tips

The most common diagnoses of hair loss are: hereditary or hormonal. But most of the time numerous influences are neglected and thus an efficient therapy is impossible. The causes of hair loss can be very diverse in both men and women. Frequently several factors play together. Possible causes are for example:
Mental stress caused by stress, grief, worry, depression, etc.
– thyroid problems
– hormonal imbalances (including pregnancy, menopause or birth control pills)
– Heavy metal or Toxinbelastungen from paints, adhesives, paints, solvents or similar
– Taking medication (chemotherapeutics, beta-blockers, thyroid medication, etc.)
– Irradiations
– poisons from dental fillings (mercury, palladium or similar)
– Chemically contaminated hair care and styling products
– One-sided diets
and much more.

Stop Hair Loss – Does Menopause Always Lead To Hair Loss?

Hair loss stop-that-help-contrast

Women are particularly likely to suffer from hair loss during menopause. The cause lies in the conversion of the hormone balance. Similarly, when taking or discontinuing birth control pills or after pregnancy. Due to the particularly long duration of menopause, hair loss is usually more significant here. But whether and how much hair loss during menopause occurs depends to a large extent on the physical characteristics of every woman. thanks homeopathic or even hormonal remedies, the hair loss during the menopause can now be treated very well or even prevented. The fear of the loss of hair during menopause is therefore today usually unfounded. A timely visit to the doctor can provide information.

Stop hair loss – Can taking hormones help?

Hair loss stop Women Tips Tricks

Depending on what the cause of the hair loss is, many women resort to consultation with a doctor about hormonal preparations. Finally, the hormones are a major factor in hair growth: The female hormones, ie the estrogens, promote hair growth, while the male testosterone inhibits it. Therefore, taking testosterone hemogrants or estrogen capsules in women is a potential measure, provided they are prescribed after visiting a doctor. Men, on the other hand, often have no way of accessing hormone preparations or birth control pills so easily. They are therefore often prescribed the so-called “finasteride” against hair loss. However, lifelong use may have side effects explained on the Health Center website, and after discontinuing the treatment the hair loss could be even worse / depending on each individual case. It is therefore often a permanent, if not lifelong decision for or against the hormone intake. With regard to hormonal therapies, everyone should therefore consult the doctor – he can best assess whether one is necessary or not.

Stop Hair Loss – How Does Nutrition Affect Hair Loss?

Hair loss stop-male-female menopause

In fact, a wrong diet can be the reason for hair loss. Every tenth woman suffers from iron deficiency. Almost as many are deficient in protein, mainly due to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Also, a malnutrition, for example, by bulimia or especially one-sided diets can deprive the hair of the necessary minerals. In addition, the scientists are now speculating about the influence of the acid-base balance on the hair. A too acidic diet can therefore also lead to hair loss. For example, there is a list of which foods are acidic and which basic are digested ,

Stop Hair Loss – What Treatments of Hair Loss Are There?

Hair loss stop-Men-50 years it

There is no standard therapy for hair loss. Finally, the root cause must always be set, and according to point one, it can consist of many different factors, often in combination. With circular hair loss, a cortisone-containing solution can sometimes help, with diffuse hair loss usually the diet is changed or the patient can undergo a hair transplant. Capsules with cystine and B vitamins have often led to therapeutic success. The better the diagnosis, the more targeted and faster the treatment can be. Close cooperation with the specialist is therefore absolutely necessary.

Stop Hair Loss – Can Over The Counter Pharmacy Help?

Hair loss-stopping tricks tips Cause Men

Advertisements promote many different ways of stopping or reversing hair loss. Their effectiveness is usually not proven. However, there are also funds that have been proven to be successful against hair loss. But only if a specific diagnosis is established. Again, it is therefore advisable to go to the doctor before using in any case.

Stop Hair Loss – What Ways Does the Doctor Help?

Hair loss stop therapy middle-Men

By hair, skin or blood samples, the doctor can clarify where the hair loss comes from, whether, for example, a thyroid problem or iron deficiency. In addition, a hormone level can be created. The more accurate the diagnosis, the better the specialist can adapt the therapy to the patient. Often this is a therapy, e.g. the treatment method of Hå, which includes a diet change, the intake of additives, special shampoos and much more. combined together.

Stop hair loss – What happens during a transplant?

Hair loss stop long-hair women care

Ever since Jürgen Klopp’s hair transplantation, this alternative has been socially known and largely accepted as a treatment for hair loss. However, it should only be used if no other therapy has helped. After all, it is an invasive procedure, ie an operation, with the associated risks. In the procedure, not only the hair itself, but especially the associated follicles are transplanted from the dense to the bald spots. So should be able to regrow new hair later. However, if you wait too long, you may not have enough “donor hair”. The right time for hair transplantation is therefore a matter of consideration. The donor follicle and the skin are usually taken from the back of the head and locally anesthetized. The skin strip is finally divided into small parts with five hairs and punched through holes in the scalp, where later the hair should grow. After about three months you can see the first new hair here.

Stop Hair Loss – How Expensive is the Surgery?

Hair loss stop ideas Women curly hair

Depending on the scope of the procedure, the costs vary. On average, a hair transplant is at a proud 2000 euros. With cheap special offers caution is necessary. Unfortunately, dubious providers are also on the market from time to time.

Stop hair loss – What are the chances of success and what are the risks?

Hair loss stop-Women's Therapy Tips

Despite the high price, there is no guarantee of success. So sooner or later the bald head could return. In addition, the surgery produces open wounds that could potentially cause infection or scarring. For the risks, however, everyone can get detailed advice from the doctor.

The article is intended to give the readers only an idea of ​​the different variants for hair loss therapies. But we strongly recommend in every single case to get advice from the doctor – only he can appropriate therapy included / if necessary / prescribe medication!

Stop hair loss – it is possible!

Hair loss stop therapies Women against funds

Nailart Design »Winter and Christmas Nails – 25 designs for re-styling

Nail art Christmas Theme-ideas-Christmassy Nail Design-red-green

In December brings the pre-Christmas time with soothing warmth, relaxation and cosiness. Already at the beginning of Advent, the inner child awakens in every adult. Then a little ritual can be done: in addition to the apartment, the fingernails are also beautifully designed with corresponding motifs. Are you looking for suitable ideas that will get you in the mood for Christmas? Then have a look at the winter and Christmas nails designs selected here. You will wake the first Christmas feelings and stimulate your imagination.

Kids colorful winter and christmas nails

Manicure motives Christmas glitter-silver paint light chain-Tannenbaum

Access traditional Christmas motifs such as golden angels, snowmen, and Santa Claus hats for great fingernails for Christmas. Elk antlers, gingerbread men, flourishes, bells and other ornamental ornaments are more extravagant. You can also paint a whole winter landscape with snow-covered trees and houses on the nails. This works best with airbrush with acrylic paints. If you want to beautify your natural nails, this is achieved with different effect paints, some glitter, thin brushes and rhinestones. If you are not talented artistically, you can just get ready-made Christmas nail tattoos, Sticker or buy stamping designs. These can be applied quickly and with little effort. There are no limits to your creativity. Enjoy the most comfortable time of the year!

Nail design inspired by the spirit of the Christmas season

xmas-beautiful-nail-art-selbermachen-design-fir ​​tree ornaments-glittery

Warm shades like red, brown, bordeaux, gold convey pre-Christmas cosiness. A matching gradient, glitter powder or rhinestones make the manicure look very noble.

Pretty winter and christmas nails

Manicure motives-to-Christmas Christmas tree with star glitter effect

A fir-tree design for Christmas is immediately noticeable and looks very nice. The motif can be drawn on all nails or only on the ring finger as an accent. First, paint your nails in a base color of your choice. A subtle nude tone would be very nice. Let the primer dry for at least half an hour. Now you should do the outline of the fir-tree. You can use striping tapes or cut-to-size tape. Glue a triangle in the middle of the fingernail. With a few stripes zigzagging over it also creates a particularly interesting effect. Now paint the area in the middle with the green nail polish. While the paint is still wet, peel off the strips in the opposite order. In the end, a layer of topcoat and finished!

Noble Christmas French

Manicure Glitter French Winter Christmas design nail-art-glitter-blue and silver ornaments

Snowflakes are also a very popular motif for the winter manicure. If you want to draw a snowflake with your free hand, you should draw lines as straight as possible. The most well-known instructions are: 3 dashes are crossed on top of each other and then at the ends each smaller dashes. Alternatively, you can make a dab of nail polish and then draw the lines with a toothpick.

winter nails-snow stars-stamping bluer-base coat-gold-glitter

Frosty design with nail stickers

Snowflake Nail Art-dark nail polish glitter-stamping with texture

If you do not have a steady hand to paint on your fingernails or just do not have the patience, you can use vinyls. With them you can quickly get beautiful motives. The sticker is simply stuck on the nail. Then the nail polish is painted on a sponge and dabbed on the vinyl. Especially with filigree patterns, the sponge dabbing technique is perfect. You must remove the vinyl immediately after dabbing, so before the paint is dry.

Winter and Christmas nails with snowflakes

Manicure motives Christmas Winter Snow Star Snow Maiden-nail art stickers

complicated Christmas design with stamping technique

christmas Brand design-winter-white-stamping gold

The stamping technique is also perfect for beginners and is a great way to get complicated and filigree patterns on the nails. It is also good for use with very short nails. But for this technique you need special utensils: a stamp, a scraper and a template with Christmas motifs. You decide on the colors yourself. The combination of white and red looks especially nice and classic at Christmas. By the way, you do not have to use nail polish that has been specially awarded as a stamping varnish. The important thing is that he covers well.

Winter Christmas nail art fashionable vintage-knit-sweater-Optic-red-white

First varnish your fingernails with the red nail polish and let it dry well. Apply the nail polish to the stamper on the template. Now take the scraper and drag over the subject to remove the excess paint. All punched out boxes on the template should be filled with color. Now the stamp is used. Press firmly on the subject and transfer it to the fingernail. When stamping, make a slight rolling movement to keep the subject completely on the finger. Remove the excess nail polish with a nail-correction pen or with a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover.

sweet penguin on the ring finger

Penguin Santa Hat Nail Design jewelry colorful-swab-glitter-base coat

Use the dotting tool to make colorful dots on the nails. With it, the balls can be conjured up on the Christmas tree in no time. So also the eyes succeed of motives like cute penguins, reindeer and snowmen. A few rhinestones can round off the nail design perfectly!

Christmas tree with glitter decoration balls

idee-Christmas-fingernails Fir Trees Glitter Silver White-base coat

Snowflakes over gradient in light blue

Glitter course-white-blue-nail-art-design-idea-schneeflöckchen-rhinestone-ornament

French manicure with 3D jewelry for Christmas

ideas-pretty-fingernails-on-Christmas-French-manicure-green-points 3d jewelery

Reindeer on the nail tips

Winter Christmas nails reindeer-with Airbrush drawn-in-the-nail tip

Winter colors and motifs

Christmas Fingernails Santa Claus Winter landscape diy ideas

French manicure – a more striking variation

French Manicure to-make-yourself Christmas hats-diy-nailart-sticker

DIY winter and christmas nails

Winter and Christmas nails-to-nachstylen-ice flower snowflakes-red-white

An eye-catcher is also a candy cane design

Christmas Nails Winter Nails photos-striped candy cane-optic-green-red

Prime the nails in white and decorate with red stripes

great-fingernails-on-Christmas-red-white-striped candy canes-optic

Ombre Nail Art from red to green

beautiful manicure motifs Christmas Glitter course-green-red-schneeflöckchen

Golden shimmer nail polish with rhinestones

Christmas nails-yourself-make-nail-art-glittering-brand jewelry

Nail art with Christmas motives

nail-art-design-ice flower snowflakes Penguins Motif blue-base coat

Snowman and winter landscape

Winter and Christmas nails design Snowman winter landscape Glitter

Christmas nail design with glitter particles

Winter Christmas nails designs-fir tree with Star Stamping

Manicure motifs for the Christmas season

fingernails-Christmas-decorating-ideas-glitter nail polish fir-motif

Nailart designs »Themes for Christmas winter nails – 27 of the most beautiful pictures

Christmas winter nails nail design motifs white silver glitter paint

Every woman wants to be beautiful and glamorous for the Silverster celebration – from the head to the feet or as always up to the nail tips. That’s why we have some great ideas for Christmas Winter nails that could give you a nice, festive mood throughout the winter. With a steady hand, the right one Nail polish colors and a little bit of creativity can conjure real artwork on your nails.

Christmas winter nails in blue

winter brand-design-blue-silver-stars-motive

The dominant colors of Christmas nails are blue, white, red and green. These are then usually brought to advantage with gold and silver accents. Do not forget the trendy one Ombre effect in which the manicure get a nice color gradient. It is often used as a background for nail design with snowflakes. And of course the matt lacquer variants in combination with high-gloss nail polish. Motives like deer, snowflakes, Christmas trees , Santa Claus and others are welcome on the nails. If you can not draw complicated motifs, then try the nail stickers with winter theme. Make your nails shine by applying nail polish with glitter particles at the end.

Christmas winter nails with ombre effect

Christmas winter nails snowflake-glitterstones-ombre-base

The easiest way to get the Ombre design is to use a sponge to paint. Namely, paint the nails as usual with a white nail polish. Once this has dried, pick up a sponge and drip a few drops of blue varnish on it. Now dab the paint on the nail tips. Then you can decorate with rhinestones and snowflakes. Finally apply a transparent topcoat.

white and black snowflakes on golden background

Christmas winter nails medium-length nail-golden-background-black-white-snowflakes

It’s especially easy to get a nice nail design if you use finished stickers. Apply a golden or silver nail polish or use any other color that suits winter or Christmas. Then stick the stickers on the fingernails. To keep them beautiful, do not forget the top varnish!

subtle winter nails in blue and silver

winter brand-design-dark blue-nail polish silver-glitter

The two-tone half moon manicure has been a hit since last year! It is the modern alternative to the French manicure. Whoever can, of course, makes the design with a free hand and a thin brush. But that can be pretty difficult. Remedy here the hole reinforcing rings.


For the half-moon manicure with winter flair you need a base coat, a top coat, two nail polishes in silver and dark blue and hole reinforcement rings. First apply the undercoat and let it dry. Then apply the silver nail polish. Now stick one hole reinforcement ring half to the painted nails. Paint the rest of the nails with the dark blue nail polish and let it dry again. The second nail polish must always be more opaque than the first. Once the nail polish has dried completely, the hole reinforcement rings can be removed. In the end, a coat of overcoat and done!

snowy hills on the nails

winter brand-design-blue-white-Snowmen-night

One tool that can be used quite differently in nail design is the dotting tool. This can decorate the nails with polka dots, make little flowers or draw eyes. The dotting tool usually has different sized ends, so you can make smaller and larger dots. So you can conjure a whole snowy landscape with snowmen and snowflakes on the nails.

winter brand-design-snowman-Christmas trees-motive

As an alternative to the dotting tool, however, you can use pretty much anything, depending on the size you want. For example, hairpins, toothpicks and the eraser of a pencil are super handy for super big points.

winter brand-design-snowman-face-mohren-nose

For the figure of a snowman on the fingernail you have to paint with white nail polish three different sized dots on top of each other. Then the eyes and buttons are painted with black. Do not forget the orange nose. If your nails are too short, you can simply display the face of the snowman on the entire fingernail area.

Christmas tree with a difference

christmas-brand-design-stickers-glitter particles

Fir trees on the fingernails are a great motive for your next nail design. A small dose of glitter is always part of Christmas. With a few tricks everyone can easily imitate this. You only need nail polish in two different colors, tape and some glitter nail polish or rhinestones.

a small fir tree

Christmas winter nails design motif fir tree

Apply the light nail polish and let it dry well. Stick the outlines of the Christmas tree with the strips of tape and paint in the field with a covering color. Beginners may also simply picture the Christmas tree as a triangle. You will recognize what it should be, the golden rhinestone on top.

Christmas nail-yourself-making christmas tree-instructions

Look for a good contrast between the two nail polish tones. Once the second layer of nail polish has dried, apply the glitter nail polish. If all layers are dry, you can remove the tape.

Noble and glamorous

winter brand-design-white-snowflakes-glitter paint

Paint your nails with a monochrome nail polish and let it dry well. Then you can apply a glitter nail polish from the nail tip to about half of the nail. Use either the brush of nail polish, or a small sponge. The nail polish is painted on the sponge and then dabbed on the nail. Excess glitter can be removed with a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover.

Santa hat

Christmas nail-motive wallpaper snowman-muetze

The Santa hat is another great idea for a winter nail design. There are several ways to display the Santas cap on the fingernails. That’s the easiest of them.

First apply a nail polish in Nude as a primer and let it dry. Then, using the adhesive tape technique or with your free hand, paint a triangle with red nail polish. Then add the bobble to the cap and the white border, let it dry and you’re done with the Santa manicure!

Ombre gradient as a background

winter brand-design-blue-white-ombre-effect-snowflakes

French manicure with winter flair Christmas winter nails self-make-idea snowflakes

festive red winter nails

christmas-winter brand-red-white-snowflakes

Christmas nail-motive-santa-red-white-glittering paint

Christmas nail-motive-santa-muetze Idea

Christmas nail-short-french-black abstract Christmas Tree

Christmas nail-idea-weihnachtsbaumkugeln-white-background

Christmas nail-design-red-white-christbaum-points


winter brand-design-brief-brand Dark Background

winter brand-design-black-nail polish and white-snowflakes-glittering particles

snowflakes winter brand-design-snowman-white-blue-

winter brand-design-snowman-snow-huegel

Christmas nail-design-brief Brand Red-baubles

Fashion »Boho Chic Fashion in White for the Late Summer – 61 inspirations

Boho Chic Fashion White Outfits Ethnic Top Blouse Women

The summer passes slowly and the early autumn getting closer. The days are still warm and sunny. Only in the evening you would need something to coat. Nevertheless, it is not too late for Boho Chic Fashion and if your color is white, then we have prepared something suitable for you. Just read on and take a look at the specially selected pictures in the picture gallery below. Surely you will find something appealing there for you!

Boho chic fashion in white with fringes in every shape

Boho Chic Fashion White-fringe-pocket-cardigan-street-style-modern

Boho chic Fashion just does not work without fringes. In every possible variant becomes one accessory or make a difference in your outfit. A clutch or a fancy bag made of velor or leather with many fringes are perfect. Ankle boots and sandals with or without a heel with beautiful fringes will give your look a certain hippie charm. It is important to keep the other parts of the clothing a bit simpler. So the overall picture comes over particularly stylishly.

Boho chic fashion in white with the right accessories for an individual look

Boho Chic Fashion -White-accessories-pattern-motif-motif-jewelry

The accessories play an important role in boho fashion and should not be missed. Jeans and a white T-shirt can transform you into an impressive Bohemian outfit with several long chains, rings or a beautifully embroidered belt. Ethno motifs and floral patterns are a perfect match for the casual look you seek. Experiment and assemble pieces of jewelery that have a similar shape, pattern or color. Just follow one rule: a simple outfit and effective jewelry or vice versa – subtle accessories and a more interesting clothing.

Casual jeans, knitwear and lace for boho chic fashion in white for the late summer

Boho Chic Fashion-white-lace-fringe-knit-jeans-simple

A harmonious and at the same time not at all impersonal effect can be created with the boho fashion in white, if you combine different structures of fabrics. Another option would be filigree lace parts, which in themselves are a masterpiece. These are mainly made by hand and made very precisely. That’s why they usually cost a little more, but they never go out of fashion.

Boho fashion with elegant maxi dresses in white lace

Boho Chic Fashion White Lace Maxi Dress Ornaments Romantic Transparent

Colored, varied accessories and jewelry

Boho Chic Fashion accessories-dress-bag-color-brown-colorful

Multiple rings and bracelets for the right look

Boho-Chic Fashion White fray jewelry jewelry kimono-rings Bracelets

High heels with fringes in brownish tones go perfectly with white boho fashion

Boho-Chic Fashion White fray-high-heels sandals-sales-hose-denim shorts

Styling for the early autumn with kimono or leather jacket

Boho-Chic Fashion White leather jacket-black kimono-shorts-accessories-capsule

White pants with a wide leg

Boho-Chic Fashion White white-long-leg-bag-accessories-hippy-top

Chic outfit with casual white dress and overknee boots

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-accessories-over-knee boots-fedora-hat

Fancy jumper, short skirt and overknee boots in black velor – street style and boho fashion

Boho-Chic Fashion White pullover-fray over knee-boots-black-street-style look

Tops, tunics and blouses in flowing fabrics for boho chic fashion in white

Boho-Chic Fashion white blouse-shell-rock-ancleboots sunglasses

Youthful look with short pleated skirt in brown imitation leather and ankle boots

Boho-Chic Fashion white blouse-rock-brown ankle-boots Teen

Off shoulder tops and dresses are particularly timely

Boho-Chic Fashion white blouse-topless-jeans-pocket-ankle-boots-black-fringed

Longer parts made of lace with a transparent effect are perfect for the end of the summer

Boho-Chic Fashion white pants-shell-pointed-transparent-effect-roman sandals

Boho chic fashion for the slightly cooler season with kimono

Boho-Chic Fashion white fedora-Ankle-oots Leoprint-kimonoexotisch decorations

Casual street style look in a sporty version

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans tunka-sneakers-street-style-modern

Boho fashion with kimonos and parts in white

Boho-Chic Fashion white kimono-fray-beach-look pattern-summer

Boho-Chic Fashion White lace knitting-fedora-ankle-boots-dog

Boho-Chic Fashion white kimono-black zigzag-angkle-boots-sunglasses-Accessories

Boho-Chic Fashion white kimono-fray-jeans-black

Boho-Chic Fashion White coat-cream white-jeans-pants-blouse sandals

Boho Chic Fashion with Ankle or Cowboy Boots

Boho-Chic Fashion white kimono-kunterbunt-pocket-cowboy-boots-blue feather

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-ankle-boots-cowboy hat and black-bag

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-dog-headband-sunglasses-mirror-bag Strip

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-boots-brown-ornaments-flowing-material

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-tunic-ankle-boots-brown bicycle basket

Tunic or blouse in flowing fabric with jeans for stylish boho outfit

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans topless sandals leather-brown lace headband

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans-tunic-blouse-top-brown-wedge-heel-shoes-velor

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans torn-fray-boot-lace bodice

Boho-Chic Fashion white tunic jeans tulle-sandals-ethno-pearl-colored

Maxi dresses made of flowing white fabric or decorated with lace and embroidery

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-maxi-pattern sandals brown leather sunglasses

Boho-Chic Fashion white dress sleeves-long-flowing-material-roman-sandlaen

Boho-Chic Fashion white maxi-dress-jeans-jacket-pointed-pearl accessories

Boho-Chic Fashion White maxi-rock-net-jacket-sacrament-color-pattern

Boho-Chic Fashion White everyday-look lace fringe-Accessories

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-rock-parka-jacket-lassiger-look modern

Combine Roman sandals with maxi dress in white

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-fringed sandals-pocket-mirrored-glasses-embroidered

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-lace transparent-effect-roman sandals Hat

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-lace transparent-effect-boots-roman sandals-pocket-flower pattern

Boho-Chic Fashion White kleod-roman sandals-sales-black flowing-material-clutch-bag

Boho fashion in white and leather or velor jacket for early autumn

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-maxi-leather jacket-black-hat-bag-guertel

Boho-Chic Fashion white maxi-dress-velor jacket-fedora-hat-black

Boho-Chic Fashion White velor jacket-brown-rock-patterned-paisley-chain

Boho-Chic Fashion White fray-schorts-cropped jacket-pocket-sunglasses-black

Boho-Chic Fashion white black-leather-pants-Jaske-Accessories

Boho fashion with white jumpsuit

Boho-Chic Fashion white jumpsuit comfortable outfit-great-practically-strauss-hopping

Boho-Chic Fashion white jumpsuit lace keel heel shoes sandals-hair-styling

Boho-Chic Fashion white jumpsuit lace transparent-effect-keel Heel shoes-bag

Boho-Chic Fashion Accessories White-pants-blouse-laessig-street-style look

Boho-Chic Fashion white shorts-pattern-ankle-boots-cowboy hat-bag

Boho-Chic Fashion Accessories White-pocket-ankle-boots-chain-pattern

Boho-Chic Fashion white pants-top-headband-colorful-pattern-headband-sunglasses-large

Boho-Chic Fashion White fray-ankle-bott-velor-brown hat-black

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans-tunic-blouse-blue-embroidered-pocket-ethno

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-tunic-topless-Accesssoires decorations

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-blue-accessories-mirrored sunglasses-embroidered

Boho-Chic Fashion white maxi-dress-lace romantsich-long

Boho-Chic Fashion white lace long-sleeve short-dress-romantic

Boho-Chic Fashion white lace transparent dress-ankle-boots-beach