10 Buddhist Symbols and Their Meaning – Ideas for Your Next Tattoo

Buddhist symbols meaning-tattoo-back-sak-yant

Buddhism originated in the 4th or 6th century BC. Siddharta Gautama, whose teachings on Nirvana and enlightenment in India spread at that time, was his founder. To illustrate his wisdom, he used many symbols who still touch many people with their truth today. Since Buddhist symbols carry a strong meaning in themselves, they are perfect as a motive for a tattoo. In this article you will find a small selection of interesting symbols in Buddhism that can give you happiness, protection and spirituality.

Buddhist symbols: Sri Yantra

Buddhist-symbols-important-man Sri Yantra Tattoo Mandala

Sri Yantra belongs to Sacred Geometry and is the diagram of the Indian goddess of happiness, beauty and love Lakshmi, also called Shri. Yantra is therefore a geometric figure with a special effect. Shri Yantra is the Yantra of all Yantras and is intended to balance energies and thus create peace. It consists of nine large intertwined triangles. This results in a total of 43 smaller triangles representing the entire universe and the creation. The triangles are surrounded by two lotus flowers, with eight and sixteen petals. The whole is closed in a square that resembles a four-door temple.

Buddhist Symbols: What does Sak Yant Hah Taew mean?


Sak means “tattooing”, Yant stands for “Yantra”. It is said that the symbols have a magical power and have been tattooed by monks for centuries. This sacral form of tattooing is especially common in Southeast Asia, so many people tattoo such a tattoo during a trip to Thailand. There are different variants of the Sak Yant tattoos, which are characterized by very different geometric shapes.

Among the best known Sak Yant motifs are Hah Taew, Gao Yord and Paed Tidt. For example, Angelina Jolie wears a Hah Taew tattoo on her left shoulder blade. The five lines represent magical spells that protect the wearer from evil and bring him happiness, health and success.

The Seven Chakras


The chakra system originated in India many years ago. Chakra means “Rad” in Sanskrit. Each chakra is an energy center that turns like a wheel. If the speed is too high, this chakra is too open. If the wheel turns too slowly or not at all, it means that this chakra is closed. For good health need all chakras work harmoniously and in harmony with each other. This ensures a balanced and happy life.

Buddhist-symbols-significant-seven-chakras tattoo

Hamsa’s hand

Buddhist-symbols-significant-hamsa-hand rip-wrist

This symbol is very popular in many cultures and religions. Judaism refers to the hand of Miriam, the sister of Moses. In Islam, she is known as the hand of Fatima, named after Muhammad’s daughter. In Buddhism and Hinduism, the hand stands with five fingers for five of the seven chakras. It looks like a hand with open palm, but is represented with two thumbs. The Hamsa hand is intended to protect against any damage or danger and often occurs in combination with the “evil eye”. However, in order to be able to provide optimal protection and bring luck, the fingers should point downwards.

Lotus flower as a symbol of purity

Buddhist-symbols-significant-lotus namaste tattoo

The lotus flower is one of the oldest symbols and has many meanings. It grows in muddy waters, but its flowers are unaffected by the impurity. They swim on the water surface and impress with their extraordinary beauty. The lotus flower in Buddhism symbolizes the purity of the heart and the power of psychological resistance. The symbol stands for rebirth, new beginnings and the way to Nirvana.

Ganesha – The god with the elephant head

Buddhist-symbols-significant-ganesha elephant tattoo

Ganesha is a Hindu god of fortune, but is also worshiped in Buddhism. He is presented as gracious, kind, smart and humorous. One addresses oneself to Ganesha, if one needs luck, success and good luck at the beginning of a new enterprise. He is still known as the “Overcomer of Obstacles” and “Destroyer of Evil.” His big elephant head means intelligence, his curved trunk is strong and sensitive at the same time. He can differentiate between good and evil.

God Shiva – Destroyer, but also Erneurer


God Shiva is the father of Ganesha and one of the three main gods in Hinduism. Shiva has many qualities and many meanings are attributed to it. He is pure consciousness out of which comes his energy (Shakti) and creates the world. But Shiva also has a destructive but positive aspect. Something is ended so that something new can emerge. It dissolves old habits and thus creates room for a new beginning. That’s why he is God of transformation and change.

Buddhist-symbols-significant-trishula-shiva trident

Trishula is Schiva’s weapon. He destroys the physical and spiritual world and the world of the ancestors. The trident still symbolizes the three main gods of Hinduism – Brahma as Creator, Shiva as Destroyer and Vishnu as Sustainer. The tips of the trident are associated with the three forces of Shiva’s will, knowledge and energy, as well as the future, present and past.



If you like decent subjects, this symbol is just right. Unalome is a Hindu symbol representing the journey to enlightenment. The path begins in the middle of a spiral, then up and down until it becomes a straight line. Then one is awakening the enlightenment. Life is full of twists, but chaos can eventually become harmony.


Unalome is often combined with a lotus flower and the Om symbol in a tattoo design. The filigree lines are entwined as flower stems very elegant and look very noble. Unalome is perfect as a small tattoo on the back towards the neck or on the wrist.

Om symbol


The sacred Aum or Om symbol represents the vibrations of the universe and all states of human consciousness. It is often sung at the beginning and end of the yoga lesson and is widely used during meditation. The concept behind Om is this: Everything in the Universe started with a vibration, it became a sound, and that sound is Om. The symbol looks like the number 30 and allows many associations: the three gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the three levels of heaven, earth and underworld etc.

Combination of Unaloms and Om


The aum sign also symbolizes the different states of life. A is the awake state. U stands between A and M and is our dream state, ie between conscious and unconscious. The M stands for deep sleep, our unconsciousness. These are things that are not yet revealed.

30 tattoo sayings and symbols in Hindi and Sanskrit and their meaning


Sanskrit is the sacred language of Hindus – a language of liberation and a culture of understanding. But many terms are also common in yoga classes today. If you already know the soul of the language and are in the spell of Sanskrit and old writings feel drawn, then you can show this love with a tattoo. We have put together for you some of the most beautiful tattoo sayings in Sanskrit and Hindi. These mysterious symbols can serve as inspiration for your next tattoo.

The difference between Hindi and Sanskrit

Sanskrit is an ancient language, thousands of years old, and is considered the ancestor of the Indo-Iranian language group. Language scholars say that Sanskrit is at least 3,500 years old, probably much older. Many religious writings of Hindus and Buddhists were originally written in Sanskrit. That is why it is interpreted as a very spiritual language.

Hindi, Urdu and many other Indian languages ​​have developed on the basis of Sanskrit. Hindi is spoken in almost all of India today and is like the modern dialect of Sanskrit.

Tattoo Sayings in Sanskrit – The writing on Katy’s upper arm


Anuugacchati Pravaha (अनूगाच्चाती प्रवाह) stands on the inside of the right upper arm of singer Katy Perry. This is Sanskrit and means “Go with the flow”. In German, the saying can be translated as “swimming with the stream” or “get carried away”. Her ex-husband Russell Brand wears the same tattoo in exactly the same body area.

Abhay – “fearless”


Actress and singer Brittany Snow tattooed the word “Abhay” (अभय) on her right ankle. This is Hindi and stands for “brave” or “fearless”. Abhay is also a Hindu boy name, meaning “the fearless”.

Maa – “mother”


This tattoo shows a great design with calligraphic lettering. The symbol represents the word “Maa”, which means “mother” in Hindi. The motive is not so big and is perfect as a tattoo on the wrist.

Sankalpa – “Will, Intention”

tattoo claims Sanskrit-sankalpa-upper-arm inside

Sankalpa (सङ्कल्प) is a Sanskrit word and has many different meanings that can vary depending on the context. Sankalpa is originally thought, but also means will, desire, purpose, intention. It stands for the steps one must take in order to develop one’s full potential. With a clear Sankalpa you can achieve everything.

Ahimsa – “Do not hurt”


Ahimsa (अहिंसा) literally means “non-violating” and refers to the concept of non-violence in dealing with others – in thoughts, words and deeds. That is the love for all beings, no matter whether human or animal.

Shanti – “peace”

tattoo-claims-Sanskrit-shanti peace-neck

Shanti (शान्ति) stands for peace. In Buddhist and Hindu traditions, the word is sung three times in a row. Therefore, you can also have the symbol thrice thrice – for peace in your body, mind and soul.

Atman and Prana – “soul” and “life energy”


Atman (आत्मन्) refers to the individual self, the soul. Prana (प्राणा) is the term for “life energy” and can be combined with the word “Ayama”. So it’s about the control of the life energy. In the yoga class pranayama is used for breathing techniques and breathing exercises. This controls the breath and activates the life energy.

Tattoo sayings with special messages


The following picture collages show words in Hindi, Sanskrit and Urdu that are difficult to translate in just one word. But they have a beautiful sense, which can be perfectly integrated in a tattoo. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, but is also spoken in much of India. Raabta (राब्ता), for example, is on Urdu and means soulmate. In Hindi it corresponds to the word “Rishta”. While Hindi is written with Devanagari characters and from left to right, Urdu is based on Persian characters and is written right to left.


Intezaar (इंतज़ार) stands for “anticipation” or “waiting”. Indriya (इन्द्रिय) is in Sanskrit and means “organ of sense”. The indriyas include the five perceptual abilities: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, tasting. Gagan-chumbi (गगनचुम्बी) literally means “sky-kissing”.

Self-love belongs to “being happy”


The text on the picture on the right means “And learn to love yourself”. This can be in German as “learn to love yourself”. Everyone has to develop their own self-love because it is an essential part of a happy and fulfilling life. Self-love should not be confused with selfishness and narcissism. It rather stands for “I know my personal qualities, my strengths and weaknesses. And I realize that nobody can be perfect. ”

Hare Krishna Rama Mahamantra in Hindi

tattoo-claims-hindi-Hare Krishna

The Mahamantra (महामन्त्र in Sanskrit) is considered the great mantra that should help to joy and love. It calls God in its three forms: “Hare”, “Krishna” and “Rama” हरे कृष्ण मंत्र. These words are charged with great energy, and those who think of God Krishna can be blessed with unlimited happiness.

Sayings of Mahatma Gandhi in Hindi


In Hinduism, a high value is placed on non-violence and Mahatma Gandhi is still the model for non-violent action. If all people in the world live by this mantra, the earth would be a happy planet. Above and below you can see two of Gandhi’s most famous Hindi quotes. In German, they are translated as “We ourselves must be the change we want to see in the world” and “happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do is in harmony.”


Longer tattoo sayings or interlaced sentences are very suitable for body parts such as the back, ribs, collarbone, chest and upper arm. It looks especially nice when a long tattoo runs down the spine. As a good alternative for small tattoos, however, offer individual words such as luck, fate, karma, trust, etc.


Tattoo sayings of Buddha


Did you know that Buddha is actually a Sanskrit word meaning “awakening”? Buddha is not a name or a noun, but an adjective. The term for a person who comes to the true knowledge and is enlightened with it. Historically, however, one speaks of the man named Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, who lived in Nepal and is considered the founder of Buddhism. From his teaching come many wisdom that is still alive today and inspires every new generation.

heart tattoo-claims-hindi-buddha-off-sky-

Tattoo fonts for a nice tattoo design – tips and cool ideas

Tattoo font wrist calligraphic fonts

Have yourself a nice one Tattoo with saying decided, then choosing the right font plays an important role. The selected font can either round off the design nicely, or make it completely unreadable. That’s why in today’s article we have put together some tips and examples for the best tattoo fonts that are suitable for a nice tattoo. Be inspired by the ideas you have chosen and find the right font for your own tattoo!

Choosing the Right Tattoo Font – Tips

tattoo fonts-typewriter-fonts-tattoo-design

The variety of pretty tattoo fonts is particularly large, so often the decision for the right font is difficult. However, since a tattoo remains eternal in most cases, at least if it is not eventually removed with a laser, one should not be arbitrary in choosing. It is worth thinking about the exact design before tattooing in order not to regret it after a while. Even if you have chosen the perfect slogan or the coolest life motto, you should now combine the selected lettering with a matching font.

tattoo fonts-name-writing-idea-forearm

If you choose the font for your tattoo with word, quote or quote, there are some important things to keep in mind. Firstly, you should opt for a readable font so that the tattoo does not lose its informative value. This is especially true in cases where the tattoo consists only of the selected logo and contains no other elements. Here, fonts are suitable both with printed letters, as well as cursive scripts and the selection is usually a matter of taste.

tattoo fonts-Font-symbols-blackwork

But when it comes to tattoo designs with longer sayings or quotes, then you should be careful in the selection. Especially with multi-line tattoos the selected font should have less flourishes, because otherwise the individual words are sometimes unreadable. It is also recommended lettering with thin letters, so that the design gets an elegant, simple look.

tattoo fonts-original-fonts-symbols

If you have opted for a tattoo design with slogan, you should consider the overall concept of your tattoo in advance. How much space should the design take on the chosen body? How big should the letters be? Will the tattoo be supplemented with other symbols, or rather simply kept? The answers to all these questions ultimately determine the font for the tattoo. The tattoo artist can also help with the selection and give you tips and advice for the best typeface. Some tattoo artists even develop original fonts, which you can also consider. These sometimes consist of different symbols, as in the example above and look really creative and beautiful on the skin.

Popular tattoo fonts and fonts

tattoo fonts-designs-finger-demanding

There is no doubt that more than one font is suitable for every tattoo design. That is why choosing one’s own taste plays a decisive role. However, those who have no eye for aesthetics, can rather be in the hands of a trusted tattoo artist. By and large, there are some tattoo fonts that occur more frequently and are considered popular variants for beautiful tattoos with sayings.

tattoo fonts-typewriter-tattoos-wrist

Typewriter typewriter is considered a great idea for the font for many tattoos. Although this font is written in block letters, it is provided with small inaccuracies, just like the old typewriters. In the end, the typewriter font tattoo is completely legible and gets a touch of vintage flair. This font works well for words as well as longer sayings and quotes.

tattoo fonts-black work-fonts-designs

If you like the Blackwork tattoos very much, you can get a word, a number or an initial on a black background. These tattoos are not that common and are therefore a beautiful idea for original tattoo design. Suitable fonts include blackout and impact labels. As good as any body site is suitable, with smaller tattoos are recommended.

tattoo fonts-old-english-Font-scapula

Tattoos are particularly popular with celebrities and Hollywood stars and almost every singer or actor has at least one tattoo on their skin. These can also serve as inspiration for your own design. The American actress and model Megan Fox has a beautiful saying as a tattoo on her shoulder blade, which is engraved in an elegant font. The Old English font is reminiscent of the old children’s books and looks really elegant on the skin.

tattoo fonts-italic fonts-ideas

If it’s a short tattoo spell or just a word, italic fonts are just fine. With their beautifully curved letters such writings give a romantic flair and look elegant and decorative on the skin. The script is therefore better for women tattoos that are engraved on various parts of the body, such as wrist, collarbone or shoulder blade.

tattoo fonts-wrist-own-handwriting

If you have a nice handwriting yourself, then you can write your tattoo in your own handwriting. Alternatively, you can ask your sweetheart, mother, or best friend to write the appropriate word or quote on a sheet of paper and then stick their handwriting on the skin. This makes the tattoo definitely more personal and gets a very special meaning.

tattoo fonts-own-Font-original-design

Some, however, intentionally opt for a hard-to-read tattoo font, so that the pierced spell is not understood immediately. In this way, the tattoo design is more or less concealed, as well as with words and sayings in different languages.

tattoo fonts-forearm-word-tattoo

If you would like to finish the design of your tattoo before visiting the tattoo studio, then you can also create different tattoo fonts yourself. This can help the so-called font generator. Different tattoo font generators can be found everywhere on the internet. There you can enter the desired text for the tattoo and try different fonts until you find the right one. The finished tattoo design can then be downloaded free of charge and provided to the tattoo artist as a template.

Arabic tattoo fonts

tattoo fonts Arabic-writing-forearm-man

So that your tattoo can not be read by anyone, you can opt for an exotic font and language. Therefore, tattoos with sayings in Sanskrit, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese are especially popular. In addition, fonts such as the Arabic font look particularly elegant and provide a beautiful tattoo design. Even famous ladies like Victoria Beckham and Selena Gomez have stung a saying with exotic writing on the skin.

tattoo fonts Arabic-writing-tattoo-back

Neo Traditional Tattoo as a modern interpretation of timeless style

neo traditional tattoo wiking-back-man-colorful

Tattoos are not just a fad, for some they are a very special confession on some skin. There are almost infinitely many templates and motifs that become more and more beautiful, more detailed, more elaborate and extravagant over time. Even the tattoo artist unfolds your imagination more and more, creating new ones again and again Tattoo directions and style arise. Below we will introduce you to the modern style Neo Traditional Tattoo make known and present great motives for inspiration.

What is Neo Traditional Tattoo?

poor-woman-gray-black-blue butterflies

Neo Traditional Tattoo is a style of tattooing that represents a modern and successful blend of other tattoo styles. Neo Traditional is a kind of realistic with clear influences from the Old and New School. To give you an idea of ​​what the new style of tattooing is, we will briefly introduce you to the other three styles that make up the Neo Traditional Tattoo.

Fascinating intertwining of styles – the old school tattoo style

black-gray-yellow-woman-moon-neo-traditional tattoo

The tattoo style Oldschool, also known as Traditional, is one of the ten main directions that includes the 1920 to 1960 modern sailor tattoo motifs. The typical motifs are anchors, sailing ships, cannon and sailors. Among the sailors, the maori and tribal motifs that brought with them from the Asian countries were very topical. The motifs, which were initially influenced by the passage of the equator, lighthouse and sailing ships, were increasingly geared to the wishes and desires of the sailors.

one-upper arm tattoo neo-elefante

Motifs such as Palm Island, a heart with flame or dagger, or cross came to enrich the style. From this time are also the motives Schwalbe with a love letter, roses, hands, tiger and panterhead, as well as the pin-up girls. All of these motifs are rather minimalist in simple structures. The old school tattoo style is characterized by thick, striking, black outline lines and strong filling colors such as blue, red or green. Characteristic of the traditional are also rough color transitions

Newschool tattoo style

woman-lion head-striking-upper arm-neo

The style Newschool is a continuation of the Oldschool and is seen as a modern Oldschool. The difference between the two styles of tattoo is the way in which the tattoo motifs are depicted. They look modern, detailed and expressive. This style uses the same tattooing method as the old school tattoos. The pictures are even more colorful and new color gradients and shades are introduced.

Realistic tattoos


Of all styles, Realistic is certainly the supreme discipline. Realistic tattoos look and feel similar to reality and impress with their richness of detail. Portraits, nature motifs and many other subjects are often tattooed in this style. The pictures can either be displayed monochrome in black and gray or presented as lifelike and colorful pictures.

neo-hand grenade-modern-zitronenscheibe Leaves

Through the intertwining of these tattoo directions, the Neo Traditional Tattoo is a modern adaptation of the classic and timeless style. Virtually all motifs can be used and presented in a “traditional” modern way thanks to the unique imagery. The neo traditional tattoo is constantly evolving as more and more tattoo silences affect the art scene. Even if the motifs remain the same, they will look differently interpreted due to the ways they are developed.

The motifs in the Neo Traditional and their meaning

neo-traditional tattoo-woman-smoking-upper arm

As far as the symbolism of the pictures is concerned, it is no longer so important to know the meaning of the selected motif. The symbolic meaning of course remains more essential to its wearer, but the accent is nowadays on the execution of which colors and patterns. You can have any image and symbol as a Neo Traditional Tattoo, provided you can make friends with the distinctive outlines and detailed images achieved through color and space. The tattoos in this style have a strong texture and shades. The images are anything but blurry and the message they convey is clear.

The compass motif

compass-rose-red lettering Rope

One of the most famous motifs in the Neo Traditional Tattoo is the compass. Originally, this tattoo motif is a classic old school tattoo, which can be expanded in various ways and qualified as Neo Traditional. One way to do this is to paint a detailed and colorful flower in the background. The compass tattoo symbolizes purposeful action and the right way, or the right direction. On the other hand, the compass can stand for hope and protection. The compass should always remind its wearer where he actually came from and where his path leads.

The portrait in neo traditional tattoo style

upper arm-woman-butterfly-colorful

In the Neo Traditional culture, the portrait of the latest trend , The portrait tattoos are difficult to implement and are certainly among the most difficult tattoos ever. For this reason it is important to choose a qualified and really talented artist, so that you also get a perfect result. If you want to immortalize a person you love on your skin, the Portrait Tattoo is a good choice.

Varied floral motifs


Although people are increasingly embellishing their bodies with flower motifs, a single colored rose is a popular neo traditional tattoo. It simply stands out among the countless varieties of flowers and is presented in this style much larger, more detailed and colorful. The rose is the most engraved tattoo flower motif and is absolutely timeless and full of meaning, which is actually no stranger. as a sign of love, affection and worship, the rose is a recurrent motif of the lovers. The beautiful flower not only stands for love and beauty, the thorns of the rose symbolize the dark side of life.

The motif mermaid

back tattoo-smoke-animals-man-neo-traditional

The mermaids have always been fascinated by their whole being. They are a great tattoo motif, drawn by artist hands, looks very beautiful. If you want to give the mermaid Neo Traditional Touch, make the mythical creature look like a modern woman and use a lot of color in tattooing. The Mermaid Tattoo is a vintage marime symbol that was originally considered a male tattoo. Over time, it also represents femininity and can be seen more in women. The mermaid is happy to be linked to other symbols. This motif symbolizes emotion, intuition, freedom and independence.

The hourglass

tiger head-upper-arm-man-color-texture

Another popular motif in neo traditional tattoos is the hourglass. It has a deeply symbolic value and its meaning may vary depending on the personality and the wearer of the perception. In general, the hourglass stands for balance, time and transience of life. This motif can be a source of inspiration so that we can get the most out of every day and appreciate the time.

Indian symbols

neo-traditional tattoo-motive-indian-upper arm-color

The Indians symbol are an important part of the culture. The Native American motifs are often used in the Neo Traditional Tattoo and made into a fabulous neo symbol by adding more details. In order for the many details of an Indian tattoo to really come into its own, the tattoo should not support a certain size. The Indian portraits are among the most impressive tattoos that can be stung on the skin. As a motif, Indians symbolize the urge for freedom, inner strength, valor and attachment to nature.

Body parts for Neo Traditional Tattoos – arms

modern fairy-house-girl-fox-natural

The tattoos in this style need enough space to make them look attractive and even the smallest detail can unfold its splendor. One of the best places on the body where the Neo Traditional Tattoo really works is the arms. They have always been one of the preferred places to tattoo. The arms offer enough space for medium and large pictures. Even the shape of the arms allows the detailed presentation of the motifs.



If you would like to have a colorful and large tattoo sting or you have opted for a lavish neo traditional motif, the back offers more than enough space for body art. In addition, the back is one of the least painful places when tattooing.


man-breast tattoo neo mandala Leaves

The breast tattoos also look very attractive and are the right place to sting if you want to see your neo traditional tattoo panting in the mirror. Whether you only want to have the pictures on one side of the chest or on the collarbone, the tattoos just look great there.

Full body tattoo

neo-colored-man Full body dragon-eye

The whole body tattoos are now a widespread phenomenon. Neo Traditional Tattoos on the whole body are a new trend and look very stylish. Of course, more time is needed for such large body ornaments, but the final result is all the more fascinating.


leg tattoo thigh-abstract-colorful-neo-traditional

Getting a tattoo on your leg is painful, but if you put up with the pain, you’ll be rewarded with excellent neo-drawings. Whether you get a thigh, lower leg or ankle joint depends on your personal preference.

What makes the Neo Traditional Tattoo unique?

teapot-flower-woman-upper arm-bunt

The Neo Traditional Tattoo is undoubtedly a very attractive type of body jewelry. But what makes it unique is the fact that tattoos in this style are absolutely trendy. The bold outlines, rich colors and the fact that only a few tattoo styles match this perfect detailing makes these tattoos unique and enchanting. So, if you are looking for something modern that still has the traditional characteristics of American tattoos, this is probably the style for you.

Tattoo Ideas for Men – Geometric Designs as a Lifestyle Trend

forearm tattoo-ideas-for-men-the-omniscient-eye-Kamil-Czapiga

Tattoos are no longer for individualists, outsiders or people who express their affiliation to particular groups and cultures. Tattoos are already mainstream. Especially popular choice of motif currently are graphic representations, clearly outlined geometric Motives and mandalas , As a tattoo motif, they have established themselves in recent years, especially among the young generation and quickly find imitators among young tattoo artists. Anyone who feels strongly attracted to geometric shapes can use the following images as a source of inspiration. They show geometric Tattoo Ideas for Men, the style is pretty nice minimalist and graphic is, mostly black or sometimes black and white and just achieved by its simplicity a very special effect.

Tattoo Ideas for Men – Symmetry & Geometry

fox-tattoo-design-stylized-sacred-geometry symbol

Geometric tattoos have become so versatile these days that the tattoos are already a new playful art form. Some Tattoo Designs consist only of individual lines, other impressive motifs consist largely of points that act as a homogeneous whole. Triangles, squares, rectangles, circles suddenly appear in the form of jewelry under the skin. Particularly popular are clearly outlined animal motifs and sacred geometry symbols. Behind these should hide the secret knowledge that allows us to gain complete control over our lives. These are e.g. the golden rectangle, the Fibonacci spiral or the Golden Spiral, the Metatron’s cube, the basic circle, octahedron, icosahedron, etc. Abstract motifs such as pixel graphics or screen-printed designs are also enjoying increasing popularity.

Abstract works of art with contours

modern tattoo-ideas-for-men-amrtattoo-sacred geometry symbols

Of the trend to abstract geometric tattoos gives you great creative freedom to let yourself engrave a completely individual motif. According to a study straight strokes, circles, lines and points show more permanent than verzänkelte details that blur first by the aging of the skin. However, it takes a lot of skill and practice to sting the long, thin lines straight on the Haur. Geometric figures also make a nice contrast to soft shapes or the trendy watercolor style.

Geometrically influenced tattoos look very chic and beautiful

wolf-tattoo-design-geometric render-modern-forearm-design

A modern full sleeve design

tattoo ideas-for-men-grid-floral-geometric-chaim machlev

The geometric tattoos DotsToLines by the Berlin artist Chaim Machlev

Forearm Tattoo Mandala

modern tattoo-ideas-for-men-mandalas-forearm-chaim machlev

Clear forms seem like a homogeneous whole

grid-tattoo-motive-star-geometric-pattern-chaim machlev

Geometric tattoo design

geometric-arm-tattoo-ideas-for-men-Chaim Machlev

Geometric line pattern

Forearm inside tattoo ideas-for-men-geometric-figure-chaim machlev

Surreal & Geometric elements in tattoos

tattoo ideas-for-men-linker-arm-forearm-inside-geometric

Minimalist tattoo ideas for men

tattoo ideas-for-men-women-linear representation underarm inside

Forearm tattoo with some color

design-motive-tattoo-ideas-for-men-colorful-linear render

tattoo ideas-for-men - sleeve arm-forearm-color-marco-galdo

Tattoo Designs by Marco Galdo

forearm tattoo-ideas-for-men-geometric-floral-marco-galdo

tattoo ideas-for-men-sleeve geometry-figures-michael-bennett-style

Tattoo art of Michael Benett

back-tattoo-ideas-for-men - Topics Mandala michael bennett

tattoo ideas-for-men-upper arm-geometric-3d-michael-bennett



tattoo arm-sleeve design-motive-for-men-arm-linear render

tattoo ideas-floral mandala men-armtattoo-stylish-templates

tattoo ideas-for-men-optical-illusion-kenji-alucky

tattoo ideas-for-men-sleeve forearm-geometric-motive

tattoo ideas-for-men-stylized fish underarm leg motif

forearm tattoo-ideas-for-men-designs-swastikas

Tattoo ideas for men 3d-shape-kamil-czapiga

Tattoo Idea Men-upper arm-hexagon-shape

Tattoo Idea Men-forearm-hexagon-cubes-stars

Tattoo Idea Men-forearm-inside-lines-faceted

Tattoo Idea Men-elbow-hexagon-shape

35 ideas for tattoo fonts, sayings and fonts

Tattoo font ideas-decorative-calligraphic-foot-speech

A script tattoo can consist of a single word or several sentences. It could be a name, a passage from your favorite book or a quote from a movie. No matter if the tattoo expresses your attitude to life or how a homage to a loved one is intended, the font and the place of the tattoo are as important as the tattoo itself. Consider the fact that the more complicated the font, the more space the tattoo will take on the skin. Take the time to get a few Tattoo writings and fonts in advance.

Calligraphic tattoo font

Tattoo typefaces-shoulder-blade-bird-combined

Calligraphy fonts are very popular for tattoos with slogans, because they flow together beautifully and are characterized by very elegant details. But these tattoo designs need the hand of an experienced artist. The tattoo font can only contain simple black lines or be spiced up with shadows and colors. Keep in mind that some calligraphy fonts are more extravagant than others and longer passages are hard to read.

Graffiti tattoo fonts

Tattoo font -graffiti font-arm

Graffiti fonts are a modern version of calligraphy because the letters flow into each other to create a beautiful image. However, some graffiti fonts are more difficult to read because it is almost a fancy written language. The picture also hides a variety of elements. You can choose a black and white or colorful design.

Personalized tattoo fonts

tattoo fonts-wrist personalized

The easiest way to make sure your tattoo font is unique and as personal as possible is to design the font yourself. If you want to make the name of a family member or lover think about using your own handwriting. He should write his name on a piece of paper and then give the tattooist the note. Also, remember that you or your loved ones need to write the words dozens of times before the picture lends itself to a lifetime tattoo.

tattoo fonts-personalized-flower-design

Only if you are completely satisfied with the design and the font, then you can get it tattooed. It would be even better if you draw a small picture in addition to the word, name or saying. This can be a simple symbol like a heart or a flower that enhances the entire design. For an even more beautiful effect, this picture can also be tattooed with colored ink.

Cool ideas for tattoo fonts

tattoo fonts-schörkel-word-wrist

The Fonts for tattoos are numerous and therefore the decision for the appropriate font is sometimes difficult. Whether you get a name, a life motto, or an inspirational quote, the font is central. Thus, the statement can either successfully staged, or completely unreadable.

tattoo fonts-capital letter-upper arm-inside

With a print, the tattoo can not go wrong, because the letters are always easy to read. However, block letters are especially suitable for minimalist tattoos with no more than five words. If the chosen spell is a little bit longer, he will definitely look better with a different font.

tattoo fonts-heartbeat-design-butterfly

Logos can be beautifully integrated into curved lines and tendrils. For example, in a heartbeat tattoo, the name of the child or lover can be written as part of the overall design. Alternatively, the words for creative design can completely replace the ECG line. In combination with a colored motif, a tattoo immediately becomes an eye-catcher.

tattoo fonts-chinese-back

If you want to keep the meaning of your tattoo secret, then you can opt for a spell in another language. Chinese and Japanese writings have long been used for secret tattoos because the people of Europe who know these languages ​​are not too much. Arabic and lettering in Hindi are equally popular and have a beautiful look.

tattoo-writing tips Long-demanding

If you have opted for a multi-line spell as a tattoo, then you should choose a font that has less frills. The letters should also not be too narrow and too bold. Thin letters in a simple handwriting are perfect for long sayings and life mottos.

Tattoo sayings on various body parts

tattoo fonts-ideas-claims-forearm

There is no right place for a nice tattoo with spell. The possibilities are different and depend on the design, the length and size of the quote. For sayings that are no longer than one line, the forearm is perfect as a body spot. A tattoo along the elbow bone looks extremely elegant and is not as painful as, for example, on the inside of the arm. Fitting tattoo fonts are handwritings that are not much verznkelt.

tattoo fonts-design-spring-Dotwork

If you’re not sure about the tattoo saying, then you can get inspiration from books, movies or even famous songs. As an example, look at the tattoo on top of which the title of a Beatles song is written. To make the tattoo more eye-catching, the artist has rounded off the design with a feather and some dotwork.

tattoo fonts-word-bird-clavicle

Tattoo fonts can be perfectly complemented by small icons. The symbol can refer to the word or the spell, or simply visually finish the design. It is important that the picture is not much larger than the lettering, otherwise it will be a highlight. You really just want to complement the font and not replace it with another motif.

tattoo fonts-little-finger-ring wedding ring

A rather uncommon, but recently very popular body spot for the tattoo fonts are the fingers. The ring finger is often tattooed with a word or symbol that serves as an alternative to wedding rings. One can have the name of the beloved, the wedding date or a pledge engraved in one word.

In the following, let yourself be inspired by our ideas and examples of tattoo fonts, sayings and popular quotes, and find the best tattoo design for you.

“Wild hearts can not be tamed”

Tattoo fonts creative-saying-wild-heart-forearm

“Life it seems a struggle between what we see and what we do. Well I’m not going to change my ways to please you or appease you ”

Tattoo font-ideas-band-roses-combined-saying-rib-woman

Love and Cupid fonts on the wrist

tattoo fonts-wrist-feather-fingerprint-combination

Mother Daughter Tattoo “Do right, fear nothing”

tattoo fonts-spruche-foot-mother-daughter

“I’ll find a way to see you again”

Tattoo font-spell-shoulder-blade-woman

tattoo fonts-women-book-open-side-demanding

tattoo fonts-woman-scapula-handwriting

tattoo fonts-combination-hibiscus-flower-death

tattoo fonts-calligraphic-scapula-dandelion-bird

tattoo fonts-calligraphic-upper arm-inside-friends-man

tattoo fonts-calligraphic-foot-side

tattoo fonts-decorative-scapula-woman

Tattoo font idea-sign-infinity-asterisk

tattoo fonts-demanding-behind-ear woman

Tattoo font -hand-handwriting-a-word

tattoo fonts-wrist-woman-easy

Tattoo scripture-woman-spanking-scabbard

tattoo fonts-female Shoulder above-breast

tattoo fonts-woman-shoulder-handwriting

tattoo fonts-woman-rip-demanding-life question

tattoo fonts-spruche-forearm-woman

Top 30 tattoo fonts for effective tattoo saying!

The Blackwork Tattoo for a simple yet impressive design

blackwork tattoo arm-crow-raven-optical-illusion-geometric

Who is looking for the perfect Tattoo Design is usually open to different types of tattoo, from which then the most appealing is chosen. At least it does not hurt to worry about the different ones Tattoo styles to discover new variants that you knew nothing about and that could turn out to be perfect. Today’s article is about the so-called Blackwork Tattoo. What this is all about and for which body parts it is best chosen, we would like to explain in this article. There are also some interesting designs that can be your inspiration if you choose this type of tattoo.

Blackwork tattoo meaning

blackwork tattoo black and white organic retro motif

As the name suggests, this type is a design made entirely of black ink. Even shades of gray color are avoided. The result is a high-contrast motif that is particularly effective.

blackwork tattoo forest tree nature silhouette shadow

In principle, this color choice can be compared to the traditional tribals designed by the different tribes. Of course, the Blackwork Tattoo can not only be used for tribals. There are many different motives and variations to choose from and also your own designs are allowed. It’s just a matter of using no other shades and shades other than black and the natural skin color to represent each motif.

Suitable and popular motifs for the Blackwork Tattoo

blackwork-tattoo-popular-motive-sleeve armtattoo Breast-black

The Blackwork Tattoo can be put together from a variety of designs and patterns. But there are certain species that are particularly well-suited and therefore the most popular. We have put these together with some explanations in the following list. Of course, this orientation does not prevent you from coming up with your own designs and discussing them with your tattoo artist.

Mandala Tattoo


Mandalas and their similar dream catcher are simply wonderful as a motivational idea for the tattoo with blackwork design. For them, it’s not about creating colorful eye-catchers, but highlighting their interesting and individual patterns. This works best in black and white, of course.

Dotwork tattoo


Even with this type you can already guess by the name of what a design it is. Namely, patterns and even entire images are made of many tiny dots, which undoubtedly looks very attractive, modern and abstract. It is a very elaborate Blackwork tattoo, so with more time for the jump-off must be expected. But patience will undoubtedly be rewarded.


By using the dots you can even create shades, without any gray color and without breaking the rule for blackwork, which only requires black ink. The more points are created in one place, the darker this area becomes and vice versa. Are possible interesting Ombré motifs and that for any tattoo.

Geometric tattoos

blackwork-tattoo-geometric triangles-circles-points-shading

The tattoo with graphically designed patterns and motifs is also very much in vogue and is increasingly the first choice when it comes to finding and stinging a unique tattoo. Geometric figures such as triangles, circles, squares, rectangles or simple lines are used and can also be combined with a more subtle organic motif. The minimalist tattoos look very attractive in black. Colorful colors would distract from the simplicity and prevent the actual goal.

Blackwork tattoo stripes


Simple yet effective are stripes. While they have a certain meaning in some cultures and also take them into our society, some can also come up with an individual meaning. So the pattern generally means protection against enemies and diseases. The latter is specifically limited to diseases such as migraine and abdominal pain in India. The well-known singer Rea Garvey has such a motif of three stripes. These are but deviating from the cultural meanings simply symbolize his little family, so him, his wife and his daughter. So everyone can come up with something for themselves.

blackwork-tattoo-stripes-forearm-shadow-points-tattoo artist-excitation

Usually, the stripes for the Blackwork Tattoo are rather wide, but may vary. And in other ways too, they can be represented differently. Thus, as in the example above, the bar-like design can turn into notes and symbolize a certain passion or dissolve into dots and combine the strip with a dotwork tattoo. The variants are very diverse despite the simple and minimalist style.

The tribal

blackwork-tattoo-tribal-men-shoulder-upper arm-arrow-traditional symbols

We already mentioned the Tribal as a variant. Different styles from different trunks belong to this category. Including that maori -Tattoo. The different patterns do not just have an aesthetic function. Each symbol has a specific meaning, so that depending on the tattoo size whole meaningful and individual works of art can be created. Tribals are always designed in black and thus a typical Blackwork tattoo.

Proverbs and logos


Of course, lettering is as good as always engraved with black ink. This is simply because the individual letters and thus the message itself can be better used. Another factor that influences this is, of course, the font. You can also influence the style of the design with the font. Use block letters for more minimalist and more modern lettering or ornate ones for a more romantic look.

Other pictures and motifs


However, these motifs are not necessarily to choose and not the only variants that are suitable. Also normal other tattoos such as those with animals or portraits are possible. It is only important to note that if there are no shades, 3D effects can not be achieved.

For which body parts is the Blackwork tattoo suitable?


Again, there are no limits to the imagination. From large motifs for the back, chest or thigh, over the Blackwork tattoo forearm or sleeves for the arm in general, to smaller tattoo ideas for ankle, wrist, neck or even ears, the taste knows no bounds.


You can look at various Blackwork tattoo templates on the Internet and use them as an inspiration or example for your tattoo artist. On the whole, the use of only one color is relatively time-saving and cheaper. Of course, this is also dependent on the size of the tattoo. In any case, you will get a special eye-catcher, which is an interesting change compared to the more common colorful tattoos or those with shades.

Henna Tattoo – origin and popular motifs for various parts of the body

Henna tattoo hand-finger pattern

Tattoos are a beautiful body art, with which you can decorate the skin individually. However, a tattoo is usually very painful and can have a high price depending on size and design. So who are for one permanent tattoo do not trust, can also opt for a temporary variant. The so-called henna tattoo is applied to the skin with an organic paste of water and henna powder and no needle or ink is used. Since such a tattoo is not stung under the skin, but simply painted on it, it goes away completely after a while. Furthermore, the price for tattooing with henna is much lower and you can also tattoo yourself at home. Find out more about the origins of henna tattoos, as well as the most popular patterns and motifs for various body parts in the following.

What is a henna tattoo and where does the henna color come from?

henna tattoo-hand tradition-wedding

The ornate body painting with henna is originally from India and is called Mehndi. In many countries, such as India, Turkey, Morocco and Egypt, brides receive a beautiful painting with henna on their hands and feet. The ritual is performed the night before the wedding together with friends and relatives and is called Henna Night.

henna tattoo make-let-hand

The henna color to the body painting comes from the leaves of the henna, which are first dried in the shade and then ground. In this way, the powder is created, which, mixed with warm water, gives the color for the henna tattoo. The resulting paste can be applied directly to the skin, whereby it penetrates into the skin and colors the first layers of skin. It has a green color, but the resulting tattoos are brown.

henna tattoo flower-making can

Apart from tattoos, henna is known for its calming effects. It is a popular ingredient for hair conditioner, hair color and skin ointment. Pure henna can not cause allergic reactions. However, henna products are also available on the market, which consist of chemical mixtures and can trigger an allergic reaction. This is the case, for example, with black or blue henna. Note that the natural product is always brown or red and all other variations are unsuitable for painting the skin. That’s why we advise attention when choosing products, especially if you have a henna tattoo do it Yourself want.

henna tattoo-as-long-holds-color

And how long does a henna tattoo last? In contrast to classic tattoos, which last forever, this body art remains on your skin for only a short period of about one to a maximum of three weeks. Then the motifs fade and disappear completely after a little more time. If you want to keep the design on the skin longer, then the tattoos can be repainted. So they have a greater durability.

The most popular henna tattoo motifs and their meaning

henna tattoo forearm-flower-moon

Henna tattoos are particularly popular, because they do not stay forever and their design can be changed according to the wishes of the wearer. The designs for such a tattoo usually consist of many different patterns and motifs, which together create an elegant overall picture. For painting often a tattoo template or template is used, which facilitates the painting of the numerous symbols. Below we summarize the most popular motifs and their meaning.


henna tattoo-motive-flower-shoulder

Flowers are one of the most common motifs for the henna tattoo, because they stand for the new beginning. That is why they have great symbolic significance, especially in the traditional tattoo. Furthermore, the flower symbolizes love, happiness and life fulfillment. Leaves and tendrils stand for devotion in the relationship and are thus perfect for the newly married bride.

henna tattoo flower-lotus flower-pattern-back

Lotus flowers are considered the most popular flower species for a henna tattoo. They stand for purity, femininity and sensuality and look very elegant on the skin. Other popular flowers for the temporary tattoo are water lilies, sunflowers and, of course, roses. They fit every part of the body, with the hands and feet most often chosen.


henna tattoo-motive-back-phoenix

Another common design is the bird tattoo. The most popular bird species for body painting are peacocks, phoenixes, swallows, hummingbirds and swans. The birds as a whole symbolize freedom, whereby each bird species has a different meaning in itself. The peacock as a tattoo motif, for example, stands for impressive beauty and is often painted with extended feathers along the hands and whole arms. The swan, on the other hand, symbolizes success, whereby the parrot stands for love.

Paisley pattern

henna tattoo pattern-paisley-meaning

The paisley or paisley pattern is one of the most common designs for a Mehndi tattoo. It is particularly attractive and at the same time easy to do. The popular pattern works well for any body area and symbolizes happiness and fertility.

moon and stars

henna tattoo-motive-moon-sun-stars

Celestial bodies such as sun, moon, stars and planets offer a beautiful variant of the henna tattoo. A full moon or a crescent Moon combine wonderfully with some stars and look particularly beautiful and elegant. With a few points and flourishes, the design can be perfectly rounded off.

Suitable body parts for the henna tattoo

henna tattoo-hand innenflächer-pattern

Originally, Mehndi body art was mainly applied to the hands and feet of future brides. Today, however, a whole trend has developed for body painting with natural henna paste, which fits to various body parts. Nevertheless, the hands and arms remain one of the most popular places that the women decorate while on vacation or even themselves.

henna tattoo-foot-ankle-pattern-summer

The painting of the feet has also not lost in importance and is still common today. It offers a wonderful idea for the summer if you want to show your legs. Another reason why the hands and feet are the most common body parts for a Mehndi tattoo is the fact that the color becomes much darker at these spots. This is due to the thicker skin on the soles of the feet, fingers and palms. As the Hennaton stains several layers of skin, becomes much darker and lasts longer.

henna tattoo-baby belly-pregnancy photo

Although the henna tattoo on the hand and foot could look almost black to some, the coloring on all other parts of the body is lighter and mostly brown or red. Nevertheless, henna tattoos are just as popular for the upper arm, forearm, back, shoulder and wrist. Pregnant women can also get a tattoo of henna on the baby’s belly, which is perfect for baby belly photos. Before you paint with a beautiful design, you should test in advance, if you tolerate the natural product. Otherwise it can lead to allergic reactions.

Male henna tattoos

henna tattoo upper arm-male-pattern maori

Although the Mehndi art of body painting seems rather feminine, men can also make a beautiful design. Even in many cultures, the groom gets a painting before the wedding. With henna, however, modern designs can also be painted on the skin, such as the popular Polynesian Maori tattoos.

20 inspirational tattoo templates and their meaning

Tattoo template-clock-drawing-black-white

No matter if it’s about the first tattoo or you already have some, to find the right motive is usually not so easy. It is always recommended that the tattoo be personalized. Even if you can not draw well, you should already have a certain idea about the desired motive. This will be the respective tattoo artist orientate and can create a unique tattoo. Depending on the desired tattoo style you will find inspiring ideas everywhere. Probably the most popular source for tattoo templates is the Internet. In this post you can find out more about the most popular tattoo styles and 20 of the most popular tattoo motifs, as well as helpful information about them.

You can have a tattoo made for a number of reasons: as elaborate body jewelry or to remember special events in life. Each tattoo is individual and reveals something about its wearer. Therefore, not only the presentation of the selected tattoo motif is particularly important, but also its symbolism for each person. When choosing a suitable tattoo motif, you should first decide on a tattoo style and then also inform about the meaning behind it.

Choose Motive for Tattoo – Styles, Inspirational Tattoo Templates and Their Meaning

Tattoo templates motifs meaning

Due to the many different tattoo styles you have an incredible amount of creative freedom. This way, entire life stories can be imaged on the skin. But if you plan on doing more than just a tattoo, you have to consider whether the motifs would fit together or not. Ultimately, every wearer gives his tattoo its personal meaning. In addition, the selected motif must fit the body, because not everything that looks good on paper, also appears so well on the body. Under the skin are muscles and bones that make a subject look different to a flat surface. Another important point is that the body does not always stay as it is now. Pregnancy or simply getting old change the skin and can leave visible traces. On the other hand, scarring is often scarred and thus nicely covered. But this is a difficult affair and not every tattoo artist dares to tattoo a scarred skin.

One can first determine a body area and then choose a suitable motif or perhaps you already have some ideas and desired motives in mind, which can be adapted to the respective body site. However, it is advisable to get an overview of the most popular tattoo styles before you decide on a specific motive. The different tattoo styles offer different design options and can also be mixed beautifully, so that ultimately creates a unique tattoo.

A short overview of the most popular tattoo styles

Tattoo templates - sea-inspired motifs

old school Also called American tradition is related to the idea for the tattoos of the sailors. Thick contours, colorful colors and two-dimensional, decorative, relatively simple motifs mostly of swallows, stars, women, anchors and roses act as an ode to traditional body art.

New School or Neo Traditional follows the techniques of traditional tattoo art and achieves a more realistic depiction through more color and shades, but still looks very decorative.

Trash polka combines photo-realistic illustrations with geometric shapes and is usually designed in black and gray. Through use of color, usually in red or orange, accents are set.

Tattoo templates - skulls and roses

With Blackwork In fact, almost everything is labeled with black ink on the skin. This includes the high-contrast tribal motifs.

at Dotwork it is worked with black or colored ink in spot form on the skin. It is said that this method is less painful. Often, this technique achieves beautiful, smooth shades and gradients.

tattoo templates-Dotwork-owl-geometrically

geometric tattoos are currently very popular and especially popular with the so-called hipsters. Geometric forms such as circles, triangles and others are extremely diverse and have a specific meaning in many cultures.

sketch Work or even sketchy and watercolor are especially artistic tattoo representations that look spontaneous and unfinished. It usually lacks clear contours and it is worked with speckled colors and strokes.

realistic tattoos are really something for aesthetics. The motifs, usually a whole picture, are engraved picture-perfect and convince with a realistic effect. Excellent painting knowledge and experience are important prerequisites for a successful tattoo.

20 inspirational tattoo templates and their meaning

Tattoo templates -totenkopf-mote-black-white

When choosing a tattoo motif, but also a tattoo artist, who will realize it on the skin, is generally: Who wants to be beautiful forever, must research and have a good eye for aesthetics. Since a tattoo adorns the body forever, it is definitely worthwhile to learn more about the most famous tattoo motifs. Many of them can also be combined very well.

Skull Tattoo Templates

Tattoo templates -totenkopf-mexican-roses

The skull motif is an absolute classic and stands mostly for religious beliefs and for the transience of life. However, the meaning of a skull tattoo does not have to be as negative as one would expect at first glance. Some have a skull stung for completing a difficult chapter in their lives. Skulls can also be real symbols of luck that should give their wearer strength. On the other hand, often a skull tattoo illustrates the affiliation to a certain milieu. The motif is very popular with both men and women.

tattoo templates-Mexican-skull-woman

Mexican skull or skull is associated above all with one of the most well-known festivals in honor of the dead in Mexico: the Dìa de los Muertos, the day of the dead. Splendor of color and flowers decorate the skulls and it’s more than just design. For Mexican skull tattoo can be incorporated additional elements and their meanings, for example:

Flowers – life
Cobwebs – death
Diamond Cycle of Life and Legacy
Candles – memories
Cross – protection

Rose / flower

tattoo templates-old-school-rose

Flower motifs are multi-faceted as a tattoo and can mean a lot. Mostly they are favored by ladies and express the bond with nature, playfulness and creativity. The flower can also stand for youth and beauty.
The rose is one of the best known and most popular tattoo motifs and symbolizes the love in today’s use. Mostly it occurs in combination with a key, lock or clock.


tattoo templates Swallow-oldschool

The swallow is a popular motif among sailors and symbolizes freedom, as well as the solid land, the home. Often two swallows are portrayed, which represent the love and kinship significantly.


tattoo templates-heart-nut

A heart tattoo is a classic and very popular motif and is usually very classic for love. With a name, the tattoo reminds of a certain person.

Key / lock

tattoo templates-lock-key-heart

The key was considered a symbol of power in the past. Today he has an individual meaning for everyone. For example, it can be seen as a key to the heart and worn by one partner, while the other carries the matching castle motif as a tattoo.

Star tattoo templates

tattoo templates-star-motive-idea

Stars often have an individual or decorative meaning. Mostly stars can be used as a symbol for beloved people and the motifs are often provided with their names.


tattoo templates-spring watch-time

A watch usually comes in combination with another motif such as flower or angel and stands for immortality. But a watch can also show a precise time that should be reminiscent of a particular event and has a great significance for the wearer.

Feather, wings

tattoo templates-wing-angel-spring

Feather and wings symbolize lightness and reveal about their wearer that he wants to live freely and carefree. In addition, he can use it to express his creativity.

dream catcher

tattoo templates - traumfänger Mandala

A dream catcher catches the bad dreams and keeps them away from the sleeper. As a tattoo, the subject should also fulfill a protective function. It also embodies the sense of the carrier for the spiritual.

Minimalist tattoo templates

tattoo templates minimalist-wanderer

Hipsters and young people who are at the beginning of their professional life often opt for minimalist tattoo templates and opt for muted body parts. Mostly executed in black ink, the minimalist symbols have a very personal meaning.

Pin up girls tattoo templates

tattoo templates-pinupgirl

Pretty girls decorated American advertising posters, magazines and packaging after World War II. Most of them are beautiful drawings of real people, others symbolize the perfect woman. Pin up girls stand for the beauty and femininity of the woman, are therefore preferred as a tattoo motif mostly by men.

Decorative tattoo motifs


The bow, infinity signs and other symbols are usually stung small and above all have a decorative effect. They serve as a delicate body jewelry and are particularly popular with the ladies.

Animal tattoo templates and their meaning

tattoo templates-animals-snake

Animal motifs are usually presented realistically. They have an individual meaning to the wearer and serve more or less as a totem tattoo. For example, the snake is a symbol of temptation in the Bible, but as a tattoo, it can protect its wearer from danger.

tattoo templates-claims-spring

A tattoo in today’s life has the meaning that its wearer assigns to it. A conventionally defined meaning, however, does not have any symbol. Nevertheless, tattoo templates and motifs have a background and a social context in which they have emerged and are undergoing a new development. For example, today jail tattoos are also preferred by hipsters.

Tattoo on the wrist – 40 cool ideas for women and men

Wrist Tattoo Pen side-color Women

A tattoo on the wrist is discreet and attracts attention at the same time. If you have decided to, then let yourself be inspired by the 40 ideas for Motive – Birds, Bracelets, Feathers and Stars – Inspire. And even more – we have 20 cool tattoo im photos Henna style , Numerous interesting designs, both for women and men!

Tattoo on the wrist – birds symbolize the free flight of fantasy

Wrist tattoo bird motifs Women Spatz

You are an extremely creative nature? Birds on the wrist symbolize the free flight of the imagination – so are perfect motives for creative natures and artists.

Tattoo on the wrist – flowers for romantic natures

Wrist Tattoo Flower Women Ideas Pictures

Romantic natures love flowers – but this year stylized versions are totally in. As in the photo above – the rose consists of several geometric figures. The look is very well suited for traditional motifs – it can lend even the simplest tattoo motif extra flair.

Tattoos on the wrist for men

Wrist Tattoo Pictures Men-goat-examples

Men also love tattoos on the wrist – but they draw animals and Maori tattoos. A cool tattoo on top – a goat on a red background – looks masculine and is at the same time an extraordinary motive.

Tattoo on the wrist – hearts motifs and patterns

Wrist Tattoo Heart Pictures motifs Ideas Women

Hearts are popular motifs – nowadays they are also stylized presented.

Tattoo on the wrist – motifs with hearts

Wrist Tattoo Heart Maori men's ideas images

Or just a cool Maori style heart – not only does it look cool, it can be added later, and so the tattoo can be expanded.

Tattoo on the wrist – cool concept with bows

Wrist tattoo ideas images Bangle loop

Somehow super original see two tattoos on both wrists. While on the right the ribbon symbolizes youth, the right loop represents age, experience, and wisdom.

Tattoo on the wrist – bird flight

Wrist tattoo ideas images Women Birds

Do not be fooled by the photo – in fact, this wrist tattoo is quite small and does not catch on at first glance. But looking closer, a nice picture turns out to be.

Tattoo on the wrist – cool fonts

Wrist tattoo ideas fonts-simple-subtle motifs

A cool font on the wrist? Combine the beautiful message with a small picture – this is how the tattoo looks more original.

Tattoo on the wrist – compass shows you the right way

Wrist Tattoo Ideas Compass images examples Women

Do you sometimes feel lost and alone? Do not worry, everyone has and will feel that way. Even the most successful model of all time – Gisele Bündchen. Her recipe – she tattooed a compass. That should help her find the right way out of a difficult situation.

Dragonfly on the wrist – nature motifs are more popular than ever in 2015!

Wrist Tattoo Ideas Women Images motifs Dragonfly

Sun and Moon – tattoo on the wrist in the oriantalischen style

Wrist Tattoo Ideas Women Moon Sun Star

Inspired by Maori art – wrist tattoo

Wrist tattoo ideas Maori Women's tender

Tattoo writings – “Happy”

Wrist tattoo ideas fonts Finger Tattoos images

Tattoos for men – tattoo your bike on your wrist

Wrist tattoo motifs Men Bicycle Ideas examples

Small tattoos are discreet and easy to hide

Wrist tattoo motifs Birds-colorful-small-women

Tattoos with meaning – the writing means: Enjoy!

Wrist tattoo Font Enjoy Life Pictures

Futuristic tattoos with 3D optics – mountains on the wrist

Wrist Tattoos Mountains Men Idea modern

Skull on the Wrist of a Man – Tattoo Ideas

Wrist tattoo skull images examples-men

This tattoo symbolizes freedom, creativity and imagination

Wrist Tattoo Birds Cage Ideas

Henna tattoos with floral motifs

Tattoo Wrist ideas images examples Women

Tattoo on the wrist in henna style

Tattoo Wrist ideas images Women henna style

Phoenix tattoo on the hand

Tattoo Wrist ideas-man dragon images examples

Henna tattoo with spiral shape

Tattoo Wrist chain henna images examples

Henna Tattoo – Bracelet Tattoos have become very popular in recent years

Tattoo Wrist schwart-Maori Pictures Ideas woman

Tattoos for men with skulls and flowers

Tattoo Wrist skull Examples templates Ideas

Female motifs for hand and wrist

Tattoo Wrist Tribal Women Ideas Pictures

Tattoo for women with geometric motifs

Tattoo Wrist tribal motifs Women forearm tattoos

Tattoo on the wrist and on the fingers

Tattoo Wrist Bracelet Ideas henna women

Tattoo on the wrist – oriental exotic motifs

Tattoo Wrist examples images Idea Henna

Hand tattooed with exotic motifs

Tattoo Wrist images henna examples Ideas

Hand decorated with henna tattoo

Tattoo Wrist images henna motifs Ideas examples

Tattoo with flowers on the wrist

Tattoo Wrist Flower Designs Pictures Ideas

Beautiful female hands with compass and flower tattoos

Tattoo Wrist brown henna motifs Ideas

Floral motifs painted with henna

Tattoo Wrist Women's Henna chain Pictures Ideas

Cool ideas for women

Tattoo Wrist henna motifs Bracelet Ideas

Tattoo with tribal motifs for the wrist

Tattoo Wrist Ideas examples Flower tribal motifs

Henna Tattoo – you can also make removable tattoos yourself

Tattoo Wrist Ideas examples henna women

Henna Tattoo Idea – Tattoo the bracelet

Tattoo Wrist ideas-examples-inspiring henna woman's hand