Japanese hi-tech toilet with jet of water from Toto

Neorest LE Toto Designer Toilet Automatic

We present you an ulta modern Hi-tech toilet with water jet and simple design from Japan. The Neorest SE & LE are innovative multifunctional hi-tech products from Toto. Both projects embody the designers’ idea of ​​elgent modern bathroom design.

Hi-tech toilet with contemporary design

Bathroom Design Shower Cabin Japan Toilet Design Toto

These Hi-tech toilet is fully equipped. Both designs each have an integrated water jet. Both are luxurious and innovative additions to the well-known Neorest area and to any contemporary bathroom.

Hi-tech toilet with additional features

TOTO Neorest-SE luxury toilet design

For the Japanese company Toto, practically everything can be fulfilled – from the sensor for automatic opening and closing of the toilet lid to automatic water flushing. The additional function a la bidet has already become the brand of the company. Did you know that the new Neorest Hi-tech toilets also have a self-cleaning function. Smart CeFiONtect glazing and a tornado flush make this self-regulating Hygiene possible ,

Water jet options

You can choose between different washes – oscillatory wash or gentle wash, or if you prefer, use this feature for air drying. Of course, the toilet seats are always kept warm for more comfort even on the cool morning. Neorest SE is well suited for both classic and contemporary bathroom decor. Neorest LE offers the same hi-tech possibilities, but differs in a curvy, flowing design and fits any kind of bathroom design , Warning! The pools Hi-tech toilet will seriously increase and update your standard of living!

Multifunctional toilet design

Toilet Sensor Hi-Tech Toilet Design Toto

Neorest SE design – classic and simple

Toilet White Neorest-Japan Toto

Hi-tech innovations for the toilet

Hi Tech Toilet Design Toto Ideas

Design guest WC – 16 nice ideas for a small bathroom

Guest WC design wall lamp-modern-bathroom fitting-shower-room-window

Do you invite guests frequently and would you like to take care of your well-being? Then you should take care of everything – delicious food, cozy bedroom and of course a separate guest bathroom. The bathroom should be comfortable and contain all necessary bathroom furniture. In this article, we will give you some ideas on how beautiful you are Design guest toilet can impress to your acquaintances.

Modern guest WC design in a minimalist style

Guest WC design design-idea-elegant-small-bathroom-gray-white

The guest bathrooms are in most cases small rooms needed for visits by friends and relatives to ensure their comfort. It is advisable to have such a bath in your apartment or house, so that there are no inconveniences. Our first idea is for a modern interior that is minimalist and includes only the bare necessities. The toilet bowl is hanging, the washbasin is marble and both contrast with the dark walls and cupboards. Next is in the guests WC a radiator, which is a good decision for the winter.

Design a guest toilet – a simple design

Guest toilet design toilet bowl-corner-large-window-vanity-unit

The bathroom for guests should not necessarily be a large room. Here are chosen in particular small areas that are completely enough for the purpose. Designs with toilets or sinks mounted on a corner are very popular because they look good and save space at the same time. The vanity unit is still a useful addition to this compact toilet.

Elegant bathroom for guests with wooden shelves and vanity

Guest WC design light-bathroom-shelves-bathtub-wood-vanity

If you have a bit more space for the guest bathroom, you can opt for a bathtub instead of a shower stall. Furthermore, light-flooded bathrooms combine nicely with wooden elements, such as shelves or a vanity.

Compact guest toilet under the stairs

Guest WC design small-bathroom-stairs-combination-toilet-basin-vanity

This idea for guest WC is an “all in one” combination. Toilet bowl, vanity unit with drawer and single-lever mixer have a common composition. There is also a mirror cabinet directly on it, which can be interpreted as part of it. Nevertheless, the whole toilet is under the stairs – a really space-saving and compact design.

Modern bathroom with mirrored wall and wall panels

guest bathroom-design-deco-wall panels mirror-wall-pillar basin

The guest bathroom shown here is narrow again, but has a mirrored wall behind the column washbasin, which visually enlarges the space.

Small rustic guest toilet design

guest bathroom-design-small-rustic wooden floor-toilet seat-wood-pattern carpet

For a holiday home you can design the guest toilet in a rural style. A wooden floor, toilet seat made of wood and tiles with pattern certainly create a beautiful effect and provide a special ambience.

Guest toilet with wall murals with double door

guest toilet Styler narrow-bad-wall wallpaper Tiles Pendant-toilet tank

This guest toilet is again under a staircase, but has a hanging toilet bowl and a mini sink. The wallpapers with floral motifs combine beautifully with the white-tiled walls and the dark parquet. The design is really space saving, as it uses an existing space.

Brown tones for the colored guest bathroom

guest toilet-make-windows-little-room-decoration-browns-round-mirror

A color design of the toilet for visitors is still an interesting idea. You can choose a wall color and customize the bathroom furniture.

Guest toilet with shower and straps tiles

guest bathroom-design-modern-design-deco-mosaic-strappy-tiles-shower

A shower is the right decision for a narrow guest WC. Interesting tiles can beautify the bathroom and are a decent decoration for it.

Corner sink – a space-saving idea for a small guest bathroom

guest toilet Styler Eckwaschbecken-small-bathroom-faucet-metal

A mini corner sink is a fitting idea for the smallest guest toilets. As a further facility you need only a towel rack and possibly even a bathroom mirror.

Design guest WC – a 3D visualization

guest bathroom-design-small-bathroom-shower enclosure murals-floor plan 3d visualization

For your relief, you can find a free bathroom planner online and create a 3D visualization yourself. This will give you a better idea of ​​what your guest bathroom would look like.

Toilet for visitors with pattern tiles

guest bathroom-design-pattern-floor tiles-wood-basin sink-tower

Patchwork tiles are a modern addition to the bathroom and there are numerous variations for colors and motifs. The round counter top washbasin also looks nice and can be combined with all sorts of washbasins.

Small guest bathroom with decoration

guest bathroom-design-window-blinds-basin-drawer-candles-deco

Decoration is very popular if you want to design a nice guest toilet. We present the idea to use vases with dried flowers or candles for a pleasant atmosphere.

Shabby Chic decorate the guest bathroom

guest bathroom-design-shabby-chic-basin-under-cabinet wall wallpaper-chandelier

This guest bathroom is furnished with a vanity unit in shabby chic style. The look is completed by the large chandelier and the floral wallpaper and carpet.

Guest bathroom in black and white

guest bathroom-design-white-interior-glass door shower enclosure-simple

A guest toilet can also look simple. A classic décor with black and white is ideal for this bath. For a cheeky look, you can put colored bathroom accessories such as towels or soap holders in the guest bathroom.

Classic bathroom furniture and plumbing equipment by Devon Devon

original bathroom design ideas

We present you several ideas from the renowned Italian brand Devon Devon for classic bathroom furniture and plumbing installations. The original pieces of furniture combine functionality and aesthetics and are perfect for fans of elegant bathroom design in classic style.

Classic bathroom furniture – trends for 2013

noble bathroom design ideas

The classic bathroom furniture from Devon Devon are characterized by thoughtful details – everything in the modern bathroom is set up in harmony. The mirror on the wall is the only decoration that these beautiful pieces of furniture need. The sconces bring a romantic touch from the past. The best thing about the concept is that you do not have to have a lot of room – as the example above shows. The combinations of high-quality ceramics and iron taps are very popular. Retro-style toilets with a high-mounted cistern are currently back in. The seat is made of solid wood – the natural materials are corresponding to the classic style. The colors of the bathroom furniture are white, and can therefore be combined with interesting lids, wall paint and chandeliers.

Classic bathroom furniture – colors and collections

classic golden bathroom design

The great variety of designs and colors that is presented in the new collection, assists and convinces completely. Classic bathroom furniture with a modern twist – that’s how you can get that Trends for 2013 best describe. Golden, purple and red accents compliment the overall look. Chic and elegant, they carry English names like Westminster, Oxford or Cambridge – a clear sign of the designer’s inspiration. The company presented combinations of shower cubicles, glass walls, bathtubs and furniture. Their concepts point to the tendency that bathrooms are furnished with comfortable seating. So it is almost natural that a cozy sofa or armchair in contrasting colors in the bathroom.

Luxury and elegance – classic bathroom furniture and plumbing

luxurious bathroom furniture designer pieces

Classic black and white combination in the bathroom

classic black and white bathroom design ideas

Beige-brown color scheme

classic bathroom design ideas

Interesting color combinations – red walls

classic luxurious bathroom design

Neutral colors and classic lighting

Trends bathroom design Devon Devon

Classic on toilet with high cistern

retro Schick toilets design high suspended cistern

Sink – Design for 2013

Sink design idea classic style

Sink from the latest collection

classic washbasin Devon Devon

Bathroom furniture – furniture

Devon Devon Collection 2013 Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture – console

classic bathroom furniture bathtub Devon

Living Environmentally Friendly – Straw urinal helps with composting

original idea plant festival outdoor sky

An innovative eco-friendly design provides an alternative to the chemical toilet and can be particularly useful at festivals and outdoor events. The Urinal made of straw and plastic from the French brand Faltazi helps with composting.

Straw urinal offers environmentally friendly alternative to the chemical toilet

Create original eco-friendly design

All love music festivals – but always the same problem occurs – the toilet is busy. This is where the French from Faltazi come to the rescue – they tied a plastic urinal with belts to a straw ball. A small tube is inserted deep into the ball and directs the liquid into the ball inside. There begins a chemical reaction between the nitrogen that releases the liquid and the carbon of the straw ball. After 6 to 12 months, a compost pile is created that can be used for planting next year. The Urinal made of straw It has several advantages over traditional chemical toilets – it reduces water consumption, lowers the cost of transporting and operating sanitary facilities, and can be installed quickly on site.

Straw urinal helps with composting

Urinal stainless steel plastic straw idea environmentally friendly

The Urinal made of straw is offered in two variants. The first is made of plastic and will be delivered flat. On site you can then fold the plastic urinals and mount them on the straw balls. The second model will be delivered ready. These urinals are made of stainless steel and can easily defy bad weather. After the event is over, the urinals can be transported to the nearest compost facility and used by local farmers in six months. There is even the opportunity to plant the straw ball and use it as decoration at the festival next year.

From the straw ball to the compost heap

Urinal plastic modern environmentally friendly composting cool idea

Urinal made of stainless steel

replaces chemical toilet Fesitvals free

This eco-friendly alternative is especially good for festivals and outdoor events

Festival free eco-friendly idea design

Composting protects the environment

Sketch straw urinal environmentally friendly useful

Funnel eco-friendly idea white color

self-folding instructions collector straw ball

Bathroom Faucets by Hansgrohe – Axor Stark V is perfection made of glass

Glass Stainless Steel Plastic Faucet Design Ideas

The Bathroom fittings by Hansgrohe have long been for her innovative design paired with functionality known. But Axor Stark V raises the bathroom to a new prestige level. Anyone who appreciates the exclusive and the special will surely be enthusiastic about the idea – a glass faucet attachment.

Bathroom fittings by Hansgrohe with an appealing design

Water feature movement minimalist design creative

The Bathroom fittings by Hansgrohe are a successful mix of functionality and distinctive sense of style. The Axor design perfectly maintains the balance between tradition and modernity and is yet another proof that the minimalist basic principles can be used successfully in every area of ​​the interior. Each bathroom gains timeless charm with the glass bathroom tap. The clear lines can not let go of the eyes. If you are one bathroom If you want elegance that radiates elegance and instinct for style, then Axor is for you.

Bathroom fittings by Hansgrohe – functional and aesthetic

Glass modern stylish renowned manufacturer bathroom furniture

minimalist perfection of glass

Glass of stylish stainless steel track water movement

Precision manufacturing – bathroom fittings of the highest quality

minimalist design watch water movement

Clear lines of the bathroom fittings according to the minimalist principles

Stainless steel glass details faucet modern stylish design

Bathroom fittings made of glass and stainless steel

Stainless steel glass bronze detail perfect manufacturing design

Bathroom faucet and sink with original shape Ceramic sink square modern clear lines

Public toilet fits perfectly into the landscape

Design ideas USA steel plates disabled people

A public toilet blends seamlessly into the landscape of the park in Austin. The beautiful nature and the Colorado River are favored by numerous racers and cyclists. The toilet is the first toilet in a park for more than 30 years – the project was funded by a foundation and designed and executed by Miro Rivera Architects.

Public toilet with a sculptural look

Architecture public building toilet steel plates processing traces

The public toilet fascinated with a sculptural look and is an excellent example of modern architecture. The construction consists of 49 steel plates – the height and width of the panels vary greatly. The slightly tortuous structure makes the building look natural. The plates are offset from each other – this allows sufficient air circulation and light into the toilet. The door and the roof, also made of steel, add the overall concept. The metal, with visible traces of processing creates a visual link to the landscape.

Public toilet in the park in Austin, Texas, USA

modern toilet USA steel plates door processing traces

The public toilet is also accessible to disabled people and equipped with everything necessary. Urinal, sink and toilet are also made of steel. Outside, a bench, a shower and a drinking fountain were mounted. The building requires almost no maintenance and is extremely easy to maintain – there is no need for artificial light or additional ventilation – the steel sanitary area is extremely durable and can easily withstand bad weather.

The architects of Miro Rivera has long since become known for its modern residential buildings. The toilet in the City Park in Austin is still a definite proof that functionality and style go hand in hand.

The modern toilet fascinates with a sculptural look

Toilet Park Public river original eco-friendly concept

Of the plumbing is made of steel

Natzurlicht Steel plates Sanitary concrete floor

49 steel plates were needed for the project

Toilet saves electricity. Water modern sustainable architecture USA

Light comes through the roof – so no additional lighting is needed

Toilet Texas Austin Roof Sheet Beautiful Ecofriendly Architecture

Public toilet or modern sculpture?

modern project new toilet park public design ideas

The blueprint – original concept, perfect execution

modern architecture toilet park blueprint construction

The sanitary area was planned in details

Plumbing public toilet water instruction toilet plan