25 stylish ideas for brick wall cladding in modern interiors

brick wall covering gray shabby style modern gray parquet loft

The Brick wall cladding gives your interior a rustic and natural touch. The exposed brick Wall is one of the most popular wall design options when it comes to original and creative designer solutions. Although this wallcovering may look particularly attractive, you should first consider a few drawbacks and problem areas.

The brick wall cladding and related problems

brick wall cladding red living room interior staircase coffee table large

Before you go for a Brick wall cladding decided, you should first inform yourself which problem can arise from it. The biggest disadvantage of the brick wall decorations May be the slight erosion. The humidity is the biggest enemy of the brick. If the interior is wet, cracks in the wall can easily break and small pieces of the wall will break off. Therefore, consider carefully whether your environment and the air at home are suitable for a brick wall design.

Brick wall cladding in the interior – problems and solutions

brick wall panel kitchen white wood dining table orchid beam

As already mentioned, the humidity for the Brick wall cladding especially harmful in the interior. But that does not mean that there is no solution to the problem. The best way to get the bricks is to paint them. This could be a good solution if you have opted for a colorful interior anyway. Clean the Brick walls by using only water and soap. Ultimately, your own decision is whether you will occupy your interior with brick walls. Estimate well the pros and cons, as well as the conditions at home and then make your decision.

Black brick wall cladding

brick wallcovering black idea kitchen wood white living room furniture

Brick in the bedroom

brick wallcovering white design bedroom modern carpet colorful

Spacious living room with corner sofa and high windows

Corner sofa white ideas for brick wall design

Natural brick wall in the living room

Dining room rustic ideas for brick wall design

Industrial-style living room with brick wall

Industrial design ideas for brick wall design

Cozy to sit by the fireplace

fireplace armchair ideas for brick wall design

Brick wall design in the dining room interior

wall shelf white ideas for brick wall cladding

Modern kitchen in beige nuances

kitchen beige ideas for brick wall design

Plastic chairs for the dining room

plastic chairs ideas for brick wall paneling

Pink bricks for the interior

Corridor stairs ideas for brick wall design

Brick wall for the rustic kitchen

kitchen island wood ideas for brick wall design

Modern kitchen interior with brick wall

countertop kitchen ideas for brick wall design

Ideas for brick wall design in the bedroom

bedroom world map ideas for brick wall covering

Use wood and bricks in the bedroom interior

bedroom columns ideas for brick wall covering

Bedroom decor with red accents

red accents ideas for brick wall cladding

Use Christmas lights as a wall decoration

Lights decoration ideas for brick wall design

Modern bathroom with brick wall and glass door

bathroom glass door ideas for brick wall design

minimalist interior in white

white interior ideas for brick wall paneling

Colored brick wall

blue wall ideas for brick wall design

living room ceiling ideas for brick wall paneling

modern furnishing ideas for brick wall paneling

colorful interior ideas for brick wall design

Modern wallcovering with geometric patterns from Kutahya

Wall panel with geometric patterns blue

Forget the paint as decoration for your walls and choose something exciting like that modern wall covering from Kutahya with their unique geometric patterns. The mobile one wall Puzzle tiles will certainly look special and original in your home and amaze guests. These modern wall covering can be designed in many different variations to create unique geometric template to represent for your home. Especially suitable is the idea to use the wall tiles as a trim for the interior walls. In this case, choose a color that is similar to the color of the wall and you will get an unobtrusive but stylish wall decoration.

Modern wallcovering in black with geometric motifs

modern wall covering with geometric patterns black

Modern wallcovering with puzzle pattern by Kutahya

wall covering with geometric patterns kutahya

Wall tiles in dark red with geometric pattern

wall paneling with geometric patterns dark red

Pattern from the movable puzzle collection of Kutahya

modern wall paneling with geometric patterns white

Design collection of wallpapers with patterns by Marcel Wanders

alice collection designer wallpaper pattern ideas trendy effective

The wallpapers are an effective design tool for the walls, but you can also use them as decorative elements. Dutch designer Marcel Wanders presented his latest collection of eight Wallpapers with patterns for the renowned brand Graham & Brown. The designs carry female or male names: Suzanne, Alice, Grace, Kelly, Audrey, Isabella, Stella and Henry.

Effective ideas for wall design – Design wallpapers with patterns

stella kelly grace combination trendy collection danish wallpaper pattern

The Wallpapers with patterns present a diverse color palette of nuances: from vibrant orange and vibrant red to rich gold and chocolate tones. The whole collection is dynamic and inspiring. The first model of the collection – Grace is characterized by a fine design of Marcel Wanders with neutral color scheme. The matted background contrasts with the gloss of the metallic accents. She can be combined very well with Kelly. Alice is an opulent one floral wallpaper with a similar pattern to Grace, which was designed with great attention to detail. The metallic shine of Susanne impresses with its luxurious and extravagant look.

The modern wallpaper with patterns by Marcel Wanders

stella grace stencils wallpaper pattern design effective modern contrast

Stella is inspired by ancient art, while Isabella has Celtic motifs in combination introducing trendy shapes. Audrey has patterns similar to those of Isabella. Henry is the only design with male names in the collection , It stands out on a matte background with clear and fine accent shapes. The Wallpapers with patterns are simply charming and look gorgeous in every living room as an extra decoration.

Wall design with Suzanne

suzanne wallpaper pattern stencils design modern interior wall design

Fine design of modern wallpaper by Marcel Wanders

suzanne wallpaper pattern templates design collection modern danish

Stella expresses elegance and aesthetics

stella collection trendy design danish wall design wallpaper pattern

Alice in chocolate tones

alice wallpaper pattern stencils wall design trendy design danish

A look at the wide range of vinyl wallpaper by Inkiostro Bianco

rustic dining table dining wall design wallpaper vintage effect napoleon

Vinyl wallpaper have long been a star in the wallpaper world. But they are not just visually attractive. Their practical advantages are obvious: they are easy to install and remove, impress with their long service life, dimensional stability during installation, flexibility and washability. If they are additionally reinforced with glass fibers, they are practically unbreakable. In order to adapt to the modern lifestyle and to meet its demanding needs, the Italian wallpaper manufacturer Inkiostro Bianco – a creative ideas laboratory – has taken a close look at the traditional wallcovering concept with wallpapers, roofing and reinterpreting them. In the exclusive collections of the company, which hover on the border between art and design, the corporate philosophy is reflected.

Vinyl wallpapers by Inkiostro Bianco stand for contemporary wall art

innovative vinyl wallpaper-used in wet rooms wallpaper collection

Inkiostro Bianco is dedicated to the production of large format graphics with decorative character. The team of creative designers and artists transforms every simple wall into a true work of art. The Vinyl wallpaper are produced from certified materials and have an excellent quality. They consist of a base layer of TNT ( Nonwoven) and a plastic coating that is non-absorbent and odorless, washable with water and saddle soap, lightfast, resistant and fireproof.

Vinyl wallpapers offer a wide range of uses in interior design

wallpaper ideas for nursery-vinyl magic village-fanciful pictures

The Vinyl wallpaper from Inkiostro Bianco represent a synthesis between old and modern, a bridge between the tradition of the past and the challenges of the present. From the mix of digital arts and classical painting techniques arise designs that reflect the dynamic spirit, as well as the passion of the company for new ideas. Everything is thought through to the last detail – the wallpaper for children’s rooms play an important role in stimulating the children’s imagination. Non-toxic adhesives give you the opportunity to provide the children with a healthy and safe environment.

Designer wallpapers offer advantageous comfort

Wall design high quality Italian wallpaper stave vinyl concrete look

Vinyl wallpaper you will find in Inkiostro Bianco in a great variety. They serve every taste with high quality standards – from classic to modern. Monochromatic or colorful, plain or extravagant , the designs are suitable for both classic and modern rooms. You have the choice between textured vinyl wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper with a smooth, silky gloss or embossed surface. Strong and bright colors, exclusive patterns and designs and three-dimensional objects fascinate the eye.

Floral wallpapers – discreet and romantic

modern bathroom shower cabin ideas wall design vinyl wallpapers

Background pictures from many different topics

farb designer vinyl wallpaper nursery inkiostro bianco

Vintage wallpaper impresses with retro charms

bedroom loft set up turning with vinyl wallpaper floral motifs-grassy-strips

Innovative wallpapers with strong personality

pop art decoration vinyl wallpaper with glass fiber reinforced innovative materials

Every wallpaper is a true highlight in the interior

floral motifs crazy flowers-wall vinyl wallpaper living room sofa bed

Vinyl wallpaper reinforced with glass fibers

ideas for wallcovering wallpaper vinyl glass fiber reinforced natzumi collection

Pop art – lush and shrill

pop art interior design bedroom decoration large format graphics vinyl wallpaper

Figurative forms with high aesthetic value

wall nursery design fantasy stimulating colors combine

Vintage effects characterize the elegant vinyl wallpapers

Wood effect modern design vinyl wallpaper inkiostro-bianco

Wallpaper designs leave much room for creativity

separating element clad with vinyl wallpaper inkiostro bianco-capital

Geometric and abstract shapes

Modern pattern wall art wallpaper non-woven vinyl coating

Ideas - funny wallpapers kids room wall decoration - youth room

Vintage wallpapers from vynil tnt coating design ideas wall art

Cactus blow vinyl wallpaper collection wall washable with water

modern wall art wallpaper photographic realistic effect inkiostro bianco

bathroom ideas wall clad with wallpaper flamingos pattern vinyl

Wall decoration vinyl wallpaper with glass fiber reinforced design

wall design with vinyl wallpaper fireproof washable with soapy water

modern wall design vintage wallpaper collection vinyl tnt coated

Modern wall design ideas wallpaper vinyl for kitchen dining room abstract objects

vinyl wallpaper italian design wall decor vintage look plastered wall

58 Wall Design Ideas and Trends – How to bring your walls to life?

wall design ideas black floral living wall high gloss white orange

If you attach great importance to design in your own home, you must be informed about the latest trends in wall design. Wall design is a trend that is slowly becoming established in Germany. Interior designers regard the wall as a design template and resort to modern wallpaper and large-scale pictures as stylistic devices. Dare to give your walls individuality. We have collected a lot of inspiration for you here. Perhaps you will find exactly these among the varied wall design ideas, which are designed entirely according to your ideas.

Wall design ideas with Chinese character

wall design ideas patterns chinese black ladder closet lanterns red

Thanks to modern development, today new high quality Murals presented with a large assortment of colors, patterns and patterns. A common question is paper or fleece? In the paper wallpapers you will find in the trade different variants with a washable vinyl coating. The type of material in the wallpaper, which sets the tone in recent seasons, but is nonwoven. Non-woven wallpapers can be applied dry from the roll to the wall and are particularly practical.

Modern wall design ideas that shape your individuality

wall design ideas wallpaper design dots 3d effect mirror side table modern

The wallpaper is perceived as a mural. The latest trends include a variety of patterns and colors. The surface structure and the Play with the perception is today the alpha and omega for a successful wall design. Three-dimensional structures and braids, in combination with glitter particles, produce different lighting effects. In this way, you can bring out your individuality with a wallpaper and create a unique wall design yourself.

Design walls with color

wall design ideas geometric motif colorful contrast dice bedroom

Boring wallpaper and bright white walls in the living room are a thing of the past. The wall colors azure, papaya, peach are now in demand for wall design. Simple walls are out, while contrasts and bold color combinations are becoming a trend. In addition, metal colors such as gold, bronze, silver and copper are a strong theme that conjure up beautiful accents on the walls.

Plaster walls

wall design ideas plaster idea cream brown accent wall armchair stool light blue

The plaster protects the walls from external influences and gives them a decorative touch. Depending on the desired structure and type of attachment, you can choose between classic and decorative plasters. Plastered surfaces can be refreshed with special paint and made particularly striking.

Wall design ideas – light as a design element

Lighting effects apartment penthouse hallway design marble floor

If you want to successfully stage your walls, then you need a suitable lighting. Light is one of the most important design elements in the home, and thus it is possible to set atmospheric accents in the interior. With LED lamps, amazing lighting effects can be conjured up on the wall, making the wall design an absolute eye-catcher in the room.

Relief surface structure

Living room armchair with footrest wall design ideas natural stone look

With different structures in the wall design, you can furnish the interior modern and make a visual highlight in the room. Stone walls, for example, have become a trend in the design of the living room and create a natural ambience. With a beautiful lighting, you can emphasize the stone wall, so that it attracts attention. For more comfort in the living room, the stone wall can be designed above the fireplace.

Trends in fashionable wallpapers

Wall decoration with color golden yellow bedroom panoramic pane

Many wall design ideas can be implemented with a simple wallpaper, but still have a particularly high-quality interior. The wallpapers are mainly used for an accent wall. However, they should be coordinated with the whole interior of the room and provide a harmonious overall picture. For a fine wall design, you can opt for a wallpaper in gold and give the room a stylish touch.

Patterns characterize the latest wall design

Eclectic art wall design ideas pattern colorful design

The trendy wall design ideas are characterized by different patterns and colors that create an eclectic look in the room. Geometric lines and patterns are particularly popular and can be designed with different means. On the one hand, you can opt for a matching wallpaper that quickly decorates the wall with patterns. On the other hand, with wall panels not only beautiful color effects can be achieved, but also create atmospheric light reflections and various structures in the room.

Decorative plasters for a unique wall design

Interior walls plaster wall ideas wall design with color yellow curtains

Decorative plasters offer a suitable idea for every taste and guarantee a feel-good climate in your own four walls. The walls can be plastered with almost any color and at the same time decorated with a decorative effect. The techniques for structuring the surface are just as varied. Decorative plasters can also be easily applied with a paint roller or trowel and even require no experienced painter. That is why they offer a good alternative to painting or wallpaper.

Concrete and wood in combination

House with concrete walls rough effect glass high ceiling sofa

Concrete is a versatile material that has found its application in modern interior design. Wall design Ideas made of concrete or with concrete look enjoy an ever increasing popularity in modern apartments and can be combined beautifully with different furnishing styles. Their neutral color and noble appearance are perfect for the design of the living room.

Nice structure

Exterior wall design house Katarina wood paneling facade

However, since the material sometimes seems too cold, it is recommended to combine concrete with warm colors in the interior. Wood offers a beautiful combination possibility for the concrete walls and harmonises perfectly with its rough appearance. With structured wood panels, a beautiful wall design can be achieved both indoors and outdoors.

Individual eye-catcher for the walls

modern trends flat-colored accents-set pink coffee table

The wall design ideas refer not only to the color and material for the wall design, but also to a beautiful wall decoration. The elegant wall decor includes murals with elegant picture frames, wall decorations made of different materials and decorative wall tattoos, which bring any motives on the wall. The chosen mural or decoration can therefore be adapted in color to the existing wall design, or as a color accent in the room design.

Wall radiates romance

Wall design pictures Arrange maritime motifs-color combinations

Apartments with high ceilings offer a great variety of wall design ideas. If there is no other decoration in the room, then you can make a whole wall with pictures and conjure a fancy decoration. Choose those pictures that match the interior and create a feeling of well-being.

Retro motifs

Wall design ideas living room trends Concrete rough optics world map

If you want to give your living room a vintage flair, you can opt for a wallpaper with retro motifs. A beautiful example of such a wall design offers this wallpaper with vintage world map and outdated wood look. It fits perfectly in the interior and sets a great contrast to the black interior.

Large-scale wall art

Wall design in kitchen with cooking island-Shiny surface loft cloud

Graphic pattern

interior walls hanging pictures-portrait abstract art

Marble surface with gloss finish

Marble wall effect high gloss floor living ideas modern trends

Abstract art

Abstract art decoration wall design ideas table glass top NS house

Romantic floral leaves designs

Living room furniture wall decoration large format design image

Non-woven wallpapers with effects

Wall design bedroom wallpaper pattern proposals non-woven wallpaper

Glaze the interior walls with pigments

Armchair with footrest-red wall photographs-attach atelier design

Retro stripes in bold colors

design with wood old wood effect living room wall design

Textured wallpaper

Wall design ideas modern gray wallpaper surface texture

Wall design ideas with wood

Minimalist wood-accented dining room-White chairs

Rustic wood creates the interior Matt-gloss contrasts

Wall design suggestions rustic columns interior design contrasts

Wall covering ideas – wood paneling

Wall design ideas modern wood paneled wall decorations art

Effect with glaze

Floor wall pendant lamp white table paneling-Modern wood-type bamboo

wall design ideas hieroglyphic carved in the wall brick gray

Living room picture wall floor rustic decoration

kitchen loft house design partitions original design

Ideas interior design decorating ideas Lechtmittel wall decoration

Wall effect brick design ideas wall design

Indoor pool wall design integrate with wood lighting

modern home decorating ceiling wall paneling with wood panel loft apartment

Wall plaster decorative plaster design interior walls sofa floor lamp

Flat wall decor design ideas wall art paintings

Ideas wall decoration with neon colors Portrait painting apartment set up

Loft apartment high ceiling-design ideas Wall brick wall

Kitchen island design Idea design sight concrete wall Penthouse-in-Mokotow

Wall design ideas modern set up wood paneling-Open living

Glass white contrast rustic wood corridor wall design ideas wall design

Decoration for the house wall light staging wood paneling

Design kitchen fronts gloss surface mirror surface wall brick wall

Ideas Wall Decoration 3d Wallpaper Floor Lamp Leather Sofa Rug

Decorations wall mirror Round white wall design ideas

Living room with sloping roof design-minimalist decor

Artistic design wall adornment renovated apartment berlin

recessed kitchen framing lights wood paneling wall design ideas

Eclectic art wall design ideas pattern colorful design

Bathroom sink-glass partition wall-wall design wood grain

Office design office chairs black leather wall wood paneling

brick wall design interior wall design ideas wood optic tiles floor

Pine fitted kitchen-handle kitchen cabinets

High gloss lacquer kitchen recessed light cooking island white glass wall

Wall design Structures Wall design design ideas

Dining furniture Seating area bench Wooden chairs Pine wood Heinz-Julen-Loft

Industrial chic bathroom custom wall design tile wall mirror

Lighting railing staircase wall decoration design large image

Wooden wallcovering for indoors – 50 modern ideas

Wall cladding made of wood for interior wall panels offset-optics-offset-puzzle

The Wall cladding made of wood is not a thing of the past. On the contrary, it has become especially modern in recent years. The warm look that comes close to nature and the cosiness radiating from the wood are qualities that make it extremely popular as a material, if you are looking for high-quality furnishings and equipment for the home. We would like to prove that with some ideas that we have put together in the following gallery.

Wooden wallcovering for indoor use – Timelessly modern

Wooden wallcovering for interior-living-room-modern-carpet-paintings-artwork-corner-couch-shelf-books-glass-coffee-tables

The wall cladding made of wood for indoors is an easy-care solution for wall design. The walls need only be wiped off occasionally with a damp cloth. Wood is also quite good for rooms with a higher level of moisture, like that bathroom or kitchens. But then a special treatment of the material is needed to withstand the moisture. It preserves a protective layer of varnish, which prevents the moisture from penetrating into the interior of the wood.

Interior wood paneling – 50 modern ideas

Wooden wallcovering for indoor-living-room-fireplace-open-colorful-terrace-window

When looking for the right kind of wood you should seek advice from experts. In this case, too, the rule applies – dark colors optically reduce the space, whereas lighter ones give the impression of being in a larger one. The walls can not only be with you solid wood but also with old wood, split wood, wooden discs or other pieces of wood. It depends on what structure you want to achieve and whether the whole wall should be covered. Of course, panels made of solid wood are recommended if a uniform and regular appearance is desired.

Wood is easy to work on – dying, painting and renewing

wall covering-wood-interior-living room-modern-blue-turquoise-wallpaper-pattern-prints

Consoles have recently found their way through, or a design in which only some parts of the interior are clad in wood. It will be one optical separation and sometimes two different levels are combined by such a panel. In addition, wooden walls serve as sound insulation. In conference or music rooms usually a special acoustic wall paneling made of wood is installed.

Wall cladding made of wood as sound insulation in conference rooms

wall covering-wood-interior-company-buero-take-interior-work-atmosphaere

The different types of wood, whether native or tropical, differ greatly in their color and grain. A thermal pre-treatment is required to make the wood resistant to moisture and mildew. Nevertheless, splash drops must be washed off in good time so that no unsightly stains appear on the surface. The right care is therefore important even after good pre-treatment.

Interior wood paneling – 50 modern ideas

Wallcovering wood indoor living room TV-TV-style mixing sofa-fireplace open shelves

You have the choice between the most diverse types of wood. Entire panels can be used or, as in this example, wooden slats with which different patterns can be created. Adjust the wood color to suit your decor or create a contrast between the decor and the wall.

Modern, classic or a style mix

Wallcovering wood indoor living room window image Art couch-chair coffee table

The cladding can be particularly effective when used to create an accent wall. So it stands out from the rest and uniform walls and can optically separate a certain area in the room from the rest. This design idea is gladly used for seating areas where the wood is the backdrop to the sofa or can be used instead of or in combination with a wall unit.

Cladding for a wall unit

wall covering-wood-interior-tvwand-tv-fireplace-open stone-wood floor

An example of the already mentioned wall unit can be seen here. Especially if you make the furniture yourself, you can use the same type of wood to cover the wall behind the furniture, making the wall a practical part of the living room furniture and creating the perfect background.

Colors, textures and patterns have to be combined very attentively

Wallcovering wood indoor living room couch-chair bedside lamp-table kerzenleuchter

Adjust the design to your interior design style. For example, while plywood panels go very well with retro style, planks and strips can complement the modern style. Waste wood in certain colors creates a rustic flair, but can also be used for the shabby style, depending on the color.

Maritime flair

wall covering-wood-interior-Mediterranean-ratan-couch-white curtains

Just as you can paint the walls in any color, you can also paint the wood as you like and use a specific color theme for the room. A great example can be seen at the top of the picture, for which a turquoise-like shade was used to achieve a maritime design. This wood is complemented with maritime decorations and furniture, as well as wall colors in a similar shade for the rest of the rooms.

Wooden panels for all walls

Wooden wall paneling for interior -furnace-wood-paneling-couch-armchair-staircase-modern-gray-brown

The paneling of all walls of a room does not have to look old-fashioned and depressing. But on the contrary! Square or rectangular and plain panels even create a modern atmosphere that makes a room look and feel inviting. Light wood colors are again to be preferred here, as a dark color in the entire room as already mentioned would not have a particularly positive effect.

Wood pieces for wall cladding of wood

Wallcovering-wood interior bedroom wall behind bed holziegel-holzbloecke

We have already mentioned that wooden discs are well suited to cover the walls. But it does not necessarily have to be round pieces of wood that adorn the wall. Also square or rectangular pieces are perfect and create a design that attracts everyone’s attention. The fact that the pieces can not all be identical in color and pattern, also creates a subtle yet pleasant play of colors that provides variety in any room. For example, how about decorating the wall behind your bed in this way? Even bare walls in the hall seem so much more lively and comfortable.

wall covering-wood-interior-sitting area-African-corner-dining table-dining area

Highlight a sitting area or other dining area in the kitchen. With a built-in bench in a wall niche, the wood can also protect the wall from dirt that might be created over time by leaning on it. And we have already mentioned that the wood surface can be cleaned quickly and easily. If the kitchen has a contrasting color compared to the floor, you can add the floor color to the wall.

Classic wall cladding made of solid wood and a fireplace open in the wall

Wallcovering wood indoor living room-noble-chic-solid furniture image-representative

Interior wall cladding as a transition between times or styles

wall covering-wood-interior-living room-blue-brown-black-turquoise-star-lecuhten curtains-image

wall covering-wood-interior-white-symmetry-gray-beige-alt-modern mix

Wallcovering wood inside-modern-landahus viktorian-style light furniture differently-mixed-state

Wooden wall paneling for interior-chalk-table-chairs-table-chandeliers-cream-white

Wallcovering wood inside coffee-white-wood boards artworks pillows baskets

wall covering-wood-interior-dark solid wood-wood panels-abstract-gemaelde-image

wall covering-wood-interior-chair-gray-regal-metal-steel-stehlampe

wall covering-wood-interior-white-black-console-table-alt-modern mix

wall covering-wood-interior-white-holbretter-metal staender-sheen-used-look

wall covering-wood-interior-lounge-chair-foot wood stool-orchid pillows

wall covering-wood-inside-blue-couch-and-white pillow-orange-commode-tv

wall covering-wood-interior-bedroom-white-bed-Ikea-style black-mix

wall covering-wood-interior-bedroom-tvwand-ottoman-window-schalosinewe

wall covering-wood-interior-bedroom loft-concrete wall-simple-modern-black-white

wall covering-wood-interior-bedroom-wood wall bed pillows tv-bettwaesche

Wallcovering wood inside bedroom overhead cupboard sliding doors Cushion modern-white

Wallcovering wood inside bedroom wooden slats image-gross BEDDING Nachttischlampe

Wallcovering-wood interior bedroom bathroom partition-optical overhead kuvertur

wall covering-wood-interior-bedroom-television-gray-blue-bettwaesche sliding-house

Wallcovering wood inside Kitchen white-metal stools-industrial design Suspension lamp

Wallcovering wood inside Kitchen console blanket Fridge-symmetrical wooden fronts

Wallcovering wood panels inside-square-offset-structure-gap sitzflaeche

wall covering-wood-interior-modern 60-walnut-wall shelf-darbeitszimmer

Interior wood paneling -workroom-wallpaper-flower-fine-desk-shelves

Wallcovering wood inside cabinets-bookshelf artwork painting window chandelier

wall covering-wood-interior-bathroom-white-black-washbasin-mirror-modern-building-loo

wall covering-wood-interior-bathroom-and-white old-modern-vintage-marble-china-mirror

wall covering-wood-interior-bathroom-laundry area-washing machine-dryer-white-gray-loo

wall covering-wood-interior-bathroom-modern-small-apartment-red ceiling-panel-chalk

wall covering-wood-interior-bathroom-halbedelstein-loo-white

Wallcovering wood inside Bathroom freestanding bathtub-Wenge and white marble fireplace open

wall covering-wood-interior sliding-white-wooden wall-darts

wall covering-wood-interior-partition-door glazing-vitrage

Wall design with colors – ideas in gold and fine gold nuances

Wall design with colors gold-luxury-bathroom-black-white-freestanding-bathtub

At a Wall design with colors The golden painting of the living room walls is rather extravagant. Bright gold is perceived as lush, classic and noble and provides for luxurious cosiness. With the color and its discreet or shiny shades you can create your own personal home feeling. Here are some inspirations that you can use for your interiors!

Wall design with color ideas for luxurious wall colors

Wall decoration with colors ideas-gold-marble-couch-white-lamp-arco

The wall design in your own home has a great effect on moods and feelings. To make you feel good, you should choose those colors that put you in a positive mood. The tone world of color gold can vary. In the specialized trade you can calmly be advised in the choice of the appropriate Nuance. Let yourself be shown a few gold tones or put together individually. The surface of a gilded wall changes depending on the light and looks like real precious metal – thus it upgrades your home. But keep in mind that a completely golden room can be a bit too much. Gold works best when other colors are involved, e.g. on an adjacent wall and if it serves only as an accent.

Refine the apartment with wall paint gold

Wall design with colors gold bedroom fragments lights bed

Mixing the gold tone with other tones when creating walls with colors can give you a very sublime ambience. Gold can certainly set stylish accents. Gold with old rose is wonderful for the bedroom. Gold, mixed with a bright yellowish green, reed green or mustard green, radiates a special warmth. With chocolate brown, the splendor of the gold is emphasized again. A harmonious accompaniment is also cashmere. bright Brown, Ocher, sienna and gold create a wonderfully tranquil atmosphere and give the resident a sense of security and security. So combine gold with unobtrusive colors. Alternatively, decorate a white wall with a gold wall tattoo or border.

Fine gold with matching colors combine for a stylish living room

wall design-color-gold-module-tiles-relief-structure-couch

Be sparing with the golden color and paint, e.g. the window wall in gold. Golden accessories to give a room that certain something. In order to be able to integrate gold well into the living environment, you too can brass-colored Place items in the room – with a floor vase e.g. Your home will express your personality.

Gold and dark color match well

wall design-color-gold-loo-black-relief-block lighting

Gold can be ideally integrated into rooms that have more than four walls. If this room is also south facing, you will be able to experience beautiful light here. So use light-flooded rooms especially well for golden surfaces. Even from small rooms, you can get a lot by using this metallic color. It reflects the light and makes the room look bigger.

Color accents with gold effect

luxury-bedroom-wall-stripes-gold-color-shining-wall design

With a bright, not too shiny gold tone you can paint a small niche or the window wall, while the rest of the rooms are decorated in a light tone. Both colors can be separated by a narrow strip of slightly darker color. Even borders are good for it.

Wall design with colors – ideas for accents in gold

Gold velvety shimmering wall-design-easily-concealed effect-valuable

If your room has a wall paneling, you can combine it with a gold tone by simply painting the wall over it. Here you have the choice between different gold tones in matt or gloss. The paneling can also be painted as desired. With white wood the room looks particularly elegant, in gray it can look more modern and in black even extravagant and extraordinary.

Bathroom Design-en-vogue elements-classic-bathroom furniture-gold color

Wall paneling is not uncommon in bathrooms. Thus, you can perfectly implement the wall design with colors such as gold and the combination with paneling there. Also very nice is a wooden floor in a room designed in this way, because it makes it more comfortable and even warmer. In this case, it is advisable to choose a wood shade that is similar to the golden, so that a certain harmony and a pleasant interplay of colors.

Luxurious wall paint-gold-comfort-texture-living room-ideas

It does not necessarily have to be wall paint for the design of the wall. Even wallpaper and even metal elements can be used for dressing. Very interesting is the idea in the example above, in which an original accent was created from metal flakes, reminiscent of fish scales. Such metal surfaces can be combined with others. Here serves for this purpose a cabinet in silver color.

living room-device-ideas-hot-hot-wall-painting carpet-purple-pattern

If enough light and other light elements are present in the living space, it can also be considered to make all the walls in the noble wall color. A soft texture, typical of wallpapers, is particularly suitable as it provides a cozy flair while smooth and glossy surfaces tend to look cooler and more elegant.

Golden Painting living room walls-extravagant Art Deco-device

Black and gold is a particularly extravagant and glamorous color combination. If you have opted for golden walls, you can complement them with equally golden curtains and black or very dark furniture and create an interesting contrast. The extravagant look can even be enhanced by other bold colors for decorations and home accessories.

Elegant comfort with gold

Wall Color Gold Comfort Modern Bathroom interior design trends

The wall design with colors gold and white can also be used for the modern interior design style. A great example is this bathroom. The shower area is made of white tiles with some golden mosaic accents, while the wall above the washbasin has a noble gold tone, which is even more pronounced due to the white furniture.

A luxurious, warm ambience in gold

Game room pool table Wall Decoration with atmospheric-elements

You create a warm atmosphere by using similar shades for the entire interior design. For example, combine gold walls with a wooden ceiling and add tiles and furniture in matching colors. For home accessories, use warm tones such as red, orange and yellow. The result is a Mediterranean flair, which you can even emphasize with matching decorations.

Vibrant wall with a shimmering-velvety effect

Bedroom window wall backplane shiny gold with-unique-creative effects

Here’s how effective the golden shimmer can be in a brightly lit room. The accent wall is located directly across from the panoramic window and is thus illuminated directly by the daylight and in good weather from the sun. Really unique, do not you think so? This kind of wall design with colors even peps up the otherwise simple, modern style a bit.

Gold in wall-mounted look


A beautiful and natural combination has been created in this bathroom made of sticks and birch bark. If you want to bring nature into your home and do not want to forego a beautiful accent color, you can use this as an inspiration. Of course, natural fabrics for blinds and other things should also be thought of in order to create a certain harmony.

Trendy design with ornaments

Living Gold subtly-patterned wallpaper-trendy design

A rather subtle gold color was chosen for the design of this bedroom. Two nuances were combined, which are also decorated with attractive ornaments and thus look very noble. There is also a high-gloss accent on the ceiling, which reflects the whole again.

You can lighten up a golden wall with wall art

Wall-to-color ideas bedroom gold fine-plaster-effect

Feel-good atmosphere in the bathroom

Gold-interior-bathroom-walls-bath-detached red-blinds

Tinting with other colors

Mediterranean-live-lounge-living accents feel-good atmosphere

Wall design with colors – gold in the interior

bedroom-wall design-with-color-ideas-tinted gold color

Velvety gold

living room-home-cinema-furniture-sofa-set-comfortable-walls-noble-gold-painted

Glamorous room details

bathroom-more-wall surfaces Warm-gold tone-painting-mediterranean-style

Room details in gold in the interior

Window wall Gray painting facility-classic-gold-accents Blinds

Gold wall with unique creative effects

Gold wall plaster texture shimmering velvet-effect-wall design ideas

Decoration with atmospheric elements

Color accents-with-gold-effect trim glamorous room details Ideas

Gold discreetly structured

black-gold-bedroom-colors-voltage fully-Roman blinds-window

Tiled wall with color gold

bathroom-wall-ideas-tiles-gold-colored black-wall mirror-basin

Gold for comfort in the hallway

Wall Color Gold Comfort interior stairs Mural Art stylishly-lit

The sober turquoise sets the tone

Gold-tinting-with-other-color blue bathroom wall design-with-color ideas

Bordeaux combined with bright gold

bordeaux-red-color accents-discreet gold-painted-walls

Glazed wooden wall panels white – 35 ideas for the country house

Wooden wall panels white-country-dining-room-scandinavian-pendant-dining-table

Although natural wood looks very nice indoors, the real wood wall covering tends to darken over time. If you are the old one Wood paneling If you do not want to remove it, you can try this interesting idea. Wall panels made of wood You can paint with white whitewash without much effort. The whites have gained much popularity in recent times and are mostly used in furniture that you want to give a shabby chic touch. The same technique can also be applied to floors, walls and ceilings. Learn here how you can easily glaze wood wall panels white.

Wall panels made of wood itself white

Wooden wall panels white-country-house-make-yourself-glaze

For the sample, you can try to whitewash an old night or side table first. The technique is very simple, but there are a few things that need to be considered:

– The whitewash is actually diluted white color, which has less opacity. It still shows the natural wood grain.

– The water-based paint can be thinned with tap water. Oil-based paint – with turpentine.

– Mix the whitewash in an old bucket or paint can. For walls, use a mixture of two parts of water and one part of white paint. For whitewash with a higher color content, mix two parts of paint and one part of water.

Wooden wall panels glaze with diluted white paint

wall panels-wood-white-house-glaze-tips

Put on rubber gloves and start applying the mixture with a brush in the direction of the wood grain. Use a rag to wipe excess or excessively thick paint. Work in small sections. If the whitewash appears to be too thin, you can paint some places a second time. It is best to let the whitewash dry well with the windows open overnight. As a rule, it should dry faster than normal paint.

Take a look at some examples of white glazed wooden wall panels and be inspired for a renovation in your country house!

looks great in combination with gray and yellow

Wooden wall panels white-bedroom-gray-wall-color-wood-bedside tables

In a bright room with plenty of natural light white glazed wooden panels look very nice and contribute to the overall picture. They can be beautifully combined with light or neutral wall colors, such as gray, white or beige. If you only want to add a touch of color in the room, you can use a matching upholstery in the living room or nice bedding in the bedroom. For rooms in country house style bright accent colors are recommended, such as yellow.

perfect for scandinavian furnished bedrooms

Wall panels made of wood white-country-house-bedroom-back wall-lights

Anyone who wants a bit of Nordic charm in their own bedroom, is right with white glazed wooden wall panels. White is one of the main colors in the Scandinavian interior and can be wonderfully combined with gray wood and furnishings. With a whitewashed wooden wall design, the effect of the color is combined with that of the material.

white plastered clinker and wood wall panels in the kitchen

Wall panels made of wood -white-country-house-kitchen-clinker-wall-white

White walls and ceilings are not only popular in the bedroom, but also look classy and of high quality in the kitchen. Since wood is rather unsuitable for the kitchen back wall, you can create an accent wall with wall panels in the kitchen. The whitened wood combines beautifully with bright cabinet fronts and a white tile mirror. For the flooring you can also opt for a bright version to create a harmonious overall picture in the kitchen.

whitewashed walls and a gray sofa

wall panel-wood-white-house-living room-dachschraege-gray-white corner sofa-Round-coffee table

In rooms with sloping ceilings, a bright wall and ceiling cladding is an advantage because they make the room appear larger than it actually is. A dark floor covering and dark furniture can contribute to that. The white-glazed wooden wall panels contrast with the flooring and furnishings and visually extend the room.

Decoration behind fireplace surround in the living room

wall panel-wood-white-house-living room-fireplace-firewood umrandung

Wall panels made of wood with white glaze are perfect as accent walls in the living room. With such a wall, you can stage a specific element of the interior by covering the area behind it with wooden panels. A good example of this is the fireplace, which immediately becomes an eye-catcher in the room with such a wall cladding.

Bed headboard made of white glazed wooden boards of europallets

wall panel-wood-white-house-wooden pallets bed-headboard-bedroom

You can even make a beautiful wooden wall cladding yourself by using several wooden boards made of europallets. These can be assembled to a beautiful headboard for bed and then glaze white with whitewash. The different original color of the individual boards results in a creative effect after the whites.

in combination with taupe wall paint

wall panel-wood-white-house-bedroom-accent wall-dandelion-wandtattoo

If you are looking for a wall paint that matches whitewashed wood panels, then you are right with taupe. For a playful effect, you can decorate the taupe wall with a wall sticker that points to the accent wall. White glazed wall panels made of wood can also be combined with other wall decoration. Luminous letters are a great idea for a modern bedroom and can be turned into an inspirational word. Alternatively, names or initials can be mapped.

patterned flooring in the dining room

wall panel-wood-white-house-dining-eyed-flooring-gray-white

Although the wooden wall panels are an accent in the room, they blend well with patterned floor coverings or carpets. The prerequisite for this is that the pattern is in the same color palette as the wall cladding. The white-glazed panels made of wood fit well in dark gray, light gray, beige and cream. To intensify the effect, you can still combine with matching lights.

Bedroom in bright neutral colors

wall panels-wood-white-house-bedroom bed-padded-headboard

An accent color is not a must for the interior. With a color combination of bright, neutral colors can be set up a beautiful bedroom, which is perfect for rest and relaxation. For this we recommend a combination of white glazed wooden panels, white wooden floor and bright furniture. The neutral color palette ensures a relaxed feeling and fits perfectly in the bedroom.

Baby room with white glazed wooden wall paneling

wall panel-wood-white-house-babyroom-white bed-taupe-color wall

As the white wooden wall panels have a soothing effect and create a relaxed atmosphere in the room, they are also perfect for the baby room. The wall behind the cot can be designed in this way and then decorated with other elements of your choice. This fits a pennant chain with the name of the child quite well, you can even tinker yourself.

Wall panels made of wood white-country-house-babyroom-white-dresser-picture-bar

wall panel-wood-white-house-bedroom-wall color-mint-white bed

wall panel-wood-white-house-bedroom-metal bed frame-wood floor carpet-

wall panel-wood-white-house-bedroom-natural color

wall panels-wood-white-house-hallway-babyroom

wall panel-wood-white-beach-house-living room-wall-mounted tvs

wall panel-wood-white-beach-house-dark-wood floor-rattan armchairs

wall panel-wood-white-house-bedroom-dachschraege-cuddly corner-window

wall panel-wood-white-house-living room-wiesser-hallway floor

wall panel-wood-white-house-dark-wood flooring Seascape

wall panel-wood-white-house laundry room-wc-floor tiles

wall panel-wood-white-house-living-sitting area-yellow sofas Colorful carpet-

wall panel-wood-white-house-living room-natural fiber carpet-

wall panel-wood-white-house-living room-wood fireplace-orange accents

wall panel-wood-white-house-dining-round-wood table-wall-art

wall panel-wood-white-house-babyroom-motto-maritime

wall panel-wood-white-bathroom-vintage-franzoesischer-country style

wall panel-wood-white-house-vintage style-heimbuero

wooden wall panels accent wall-mounted-fireplace-carpet-interior

wood wall panels living room-dining-room-side-table

wall panels-of-wood-country style tableware cabinet-and-white device

wall panels-of-wood-bathroom-towels idea-maritime-house

wall panels-of-wood-bathroom-little-white-house-mirror

Covering the wall with fabric – decoration with textiles enhances the interior

Cover wall with fabric wall pad cream-bedroom

A creative wall design gives the interior a sense of whimsy and emphasizes various elements of the interior. The walls of wood and natural stone are very attractive, but they are also expensive. The Wall with fabric to string or dress with textile wallpaper is a cost effective alternative. Whether you choose to dress in only part of the wall or even the entire wall in fabric is closely related to your personal preferences.

Cover the wall with fabric – original and stylish wall cladding

Wall with fabric cover wall upholstery beige wall panels

The Wall with fabric It also has other advantages – it quickly hides cracks in the walls that occur after a faulty construction or in old houses. Wall linings with lining insulate against noise and cold. Linen and cotton are perfect as wallcovering. Before the fabric is attached to the wall, you should attach a wooden strip construction to the wall. Optionally, the fabric can also be glued to the wall.

Cover the wall with fabric – the effect of the pattern

wall-to-fabric-stringing-pattern wallpaper, yellow and white

Who wants to set accents in his living room or bedroom, the Wall with fabric stringing with original patterns. If the room is small, a monochrome wallcovering is more appropriate, because elaborate patterns can make the room look even smaller. Larger rooms can be completely decorated with fabrics with natural patterns. We have collected 30 ideas for you that can serve as inspiration. Which wall design do you like best?

wall-to-wall material-strung-upholstery-bedroom beige

Cushions are popular for wall cladding are not without reason. On the one hand, they make the room look more comfortable. But they can be very useful especially in the bedroom, where they can be used as a substitute for padded headboards. But even if your bed has a headboard, that does not mean that a cushion accent wall must be superfluous. Bedside lamps, which even illuminate the accent wall nicely in the evening, emphasize this elegant part of the room even better.

wall-to-fabric-strung-quilted-dining area

Whether the upholstery is now more modern, as in the example, or classic style depends on your taste and your style of furnishing. For this dining room, the upholstered walls were practically not only used as a decorative element, but also serve as a comfortable backrest for a bench, which is also equipped with some throw pillows.

neutral color palette decorating ideas furnishing fabric

The fabric wall is without a doubt an eye-catcher for every room. Use it as a complement to a particular home color in the home and use it to enhance the floor, for example, or choose a different color to make it a contrast element in the home. You can also use different nuances of a particular color to create an interesting interplay of colors.

Creative original idea designs fabric painted silk decoration

How about a fabric decoration that does not occupy the entire wall, but works like a mural. There are two options for you to choose from. Either you are looking for a new fabric with colors, patterns and motifs that meet your needs. However, your fabric decoration becomes even more individual if you design something on a piece of textile. Also decorative elements such as bobble bands, sequins, loops and the like can be used.

Bedroom with fabric velvet upholstery

Bedroom decorating ideas fabric drape

A noble look you get with velvet. And since this material comes in a wide variety of colors, you will certainly quickly find the right one for your needs. The wall becomes particularly interesting with fabric, if it is not simply completely covered, but if, with the help of upholstery, so to speak, individual segments are designed. This gives the accent wall an extra texture and makes it look more lively.

The curtain as an accent in the interior

Design living room silver white color

Even curtains can be used as a wall decoration and do not always necessarily frame windows. Again, this is a good way to hide old walls and avoid major renovations. The ambience is also particularly elegant. Combine curtains in different colors. Exactly large walls are not quite as sterile then.

Wallcovering made of leather for the living room

Wall covering living room modern decorating leather sofa design ideas

A particularly easy-care wall cladding is available with leather. Of course, the eco-friendly and cheaper artificial leather version can be chosen, which optically differs from the real leather today and is offered in a variety of colors. Would you prefer a neutral wall design or are you looking for striking and extravagant accents in the interior? You decide for yourself, because with your interior design, everything depends on your taste!

Original texture wallcovering made of faux fur

Pictures wall modern living room decoration ideas

This idea made of artificial fur is very extravagant, do not you think? And so that the wall paneling does not become too monotonous, you can also equip it with some pictures. Whether you use other fabrics, real paintings or how to use wallpapers with pretty patterns here, decide for yourself.

Bedroom with fabric paneling in neutral colors

Furnishing ideas deco wall paneling ideas

Neutral colors are anything but boring, and if you think you can not successfully combine two contrasting colors like gray and brown or beige, you’re wrong! It all depends on the right distribution and quantity. A touch of glamor and elegance can also be achieved with some metallic surfaces. A brown curtain replaces the Himmerlbed in this bedroom, so that the bed frame can now stand bald without being unfinished. Braun changes first to a brown gray and then to gray, which is why a harmonious interaction develops.

Fabric as decoration in the living room in industrial style of living

Fabrics drape orange color wall concrete industrial chic

Cozy sitting area with fabric paneling

Living room furnish stylish fabric upholstery lining

Accent wall in dark blue – living room with exotic decoration

Cladding blue fabrics bekleben set up exotic living room

Bedroom in green – instead of bed headboard in fabric paneled wall

modern bedroom design ideas upholstery bed wall fabric

Country-style bedroom – fabric on the wall as an accent

Country style look wall deco fabric linen

Bedroom in an urban look, decorated with linen fabric

Design ideas fabric deco wall attach drape

Blue curtain as an accent in the bedroom

Bed headboard gowns drape deco idea

Bedroom furnishings in a classic style

set up fabric cover blue white color

Bedroom with walls completely covered in fabric and ceiling

Decor fabric wallcovering chandelier metal bed

Fabric dining room classic design ideas pendant lamp metal

Restoration of baby room wardrobe chest cot restored

Design ideas stylish ideas stripes pattern

Fabric wall decor modern interior design baby cots

Bedroom pink floral pattern sky bed cute girl's room set up

Non-woven wallpapers children's room classic decor modern furniture

blue fabric wallcovering crystal chandelier

Bathroom fabric cabinets Bathtub curtains

Wallcovering pink fabric wood kitchen island decorating ideas

blue living room classic set up coffee table red chair

Sideboard green wall covering fabric floral pattern

Wallpaper fabric pink pattern coffee table living room

Wallcovering fabric floral pattern silver accents

Dresser living room royal style furnish original ideas

Shabby chic style decorating wall fabric paneling

Tips for designing the living room – fireplace cladding as a highlight

tips for living room shape concrete fireplace tile ceiling beams wood

It should be a fireplace in your own four walls, the decision has fallen for a homeowner. But what is important for choosing the right model? The fireplace should be tailored to individual needs and aesthetic requirements. If you have the fireplace built by a specialist, you have to keep in mind that the final price of the stove can be determined by many different factors. So if you want to save more and have a handcrafting skills, you could do the fireplace yourself. On fireplace However, it is not only decoration, but also heating – so you should consult a professional before starting construction. Here are a few practical tips for designing the living room with a stove.

Tips for designing the living room – The seating area as a focal point

tips living room shape bright concrete fireplace blue furniture coffee table wood

A fireplace with a beautiful fireplace cladding is often the absolute eye-catcher in the living room. Whether rustic, stone or artificial stone, marble or ceramic tiles in large formats – with a corresponding fireplace cladding, the fireplace becomes the center of the entire apartment. The rule is: less is more. A fireplace cassette framed with a stone slab or with large format tiles can look very noble and requires a very low budget. The cladding of the entire wall body with a natural stone slab or polished natural stone streak can also look very attractive.

The fireplace as a jewel

tips for living room design white marble fire pit design

There are countless design options for chimney linings and fireplace surrounds – natural materials such as marble, limestone, basalt, travertine, granite, sandstone, slate and others. are usually quite expensive. As a cheaper alternative perfect natural stone imitations are available, available in a wide range of colors, with appropriate edges – from polished to hand-cut. Decorative profiles made of aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel or chrome in connection with large format tiles, as well as visible joints and the structural section of the rock lead to a massive overall impression.

Travertino accent wall in the living room

tips living room design travertino accent wall wood ceiling white couch

Especially recommended is a panel that stands out from the rest of the wall design. Create an accent wall, so to speak, in which the fireplace is built. In this way, you not only loosen up the interior design, but also highlight the fireplace in a special way. An artful mural, a photo collage or another decoration will give the whole thing the finishing touch.

Classic wall design for the living room fireplace

tips living room fashion classic fireplace wood blue mediterranean mantel

It does not have to be just the narrow area of ​​the fireplace, which is decorated in different colors and with stones, tiles or a wooden paneling. The whole wall, in which the living room fireplace is located, can be designed as an accent wall and differ in color from the other walls. A pastel blue for a wood paneling looks particularly romantic and Mediterranean or rustic.

Bright stone for the living room partition wall

tips living room shape bright stone partition wall three sided fireplace day bed

A panoramic fireplace is perfect for designing a partition wall. So if you’ve been thinking about a room divider for living room design for a while, or are even annoyed about not having built a fireplace while building the house, then you have the opportunity to fulfill your dream of having your own living room fireplace and at the same time to obtain an attractive element with which you can spice up the interior.

Design with concrete

tips living room fashion concrete paneling fireplace monochrome interior

Very modern and elegant gray surfaces look. These are especially prevalent in a minimalist and contemporary living space, and blend in well with the neutral decor with simple lines and finishes. It is no wonder that concrete tiles are particularly good for the fireplace design. But other types of stone in gray color are suitable and welcome.

Cozy design

tips for living room fashion marble stone modern disguise fireplace

Real natural stone should be in our tips for living room design but absolutely mentioned and shown, because its charisma is unique, so it is worthwhile to invest in it. Use any type of stone in any color shade to create a specific color scheme or a specific atmosphere. Cozy and homely are beige and other warm stone colors. Gray, in turn, looks, as already mentioned, modern and elegant.

Modern living room design

tips for living room fireplace design two-sided idea gray stone

If you use dark colors, you should make sure that they are sufficiently bright. Finally, a friendly room ambience should arise. A very dark fireplace cladding with equally dark floor should therefore be combined with a sufficient number of bright walls and furnishing elements. This can be the furniture or home accessories such as carpets and curtains, lamps and light textiles for pillows and blankets.

Living room tips – marble marble fireplace accent wall

tips for living room design gray marble fireplace modern design gas

As attractive natural stone tiles are, the more attractive are oversized stone slabs when they are used to design the fireplace wall. The impression made by these panels can be seen in the example above. Simply fascinating, do not you think so? The resulting accent wall radiates a special elegance, which is achieved mainly by the small number of joints. Also, in this way, the stone grain can be particularly good effect.

Fireplace Facing with Stone imitations-visible-joint structure section droop

Combine several materials in your living room. Are these both natural, so much the better! If your real stone is too expensive, of course you can also fall back on an imitation. In principle this does not change the interesting look you can get from the combination of stone and wood. Also, the stone used, whether real or not, does not have to be used everywhere in the same color. Take a look at the interesting combination of beige and gray stones!

Tips for designing the living room: Polished natural stone stripes look modern

Fireplace facade-living-tips-polished-rock-stripes-sloping-roof

In our tips for designing the living room, we would also like to call you the glass as a material. And you can frame an accent wall with chimney left and right with glass panes. Since the seating is mostly aligned towards the fireplace, you will also get a perfect view of your garden, which also represents a wonderful background for the flickering fire.

Cladding with smooth cut natural stone straps

Fireplace mantel-rough-rustic tiles in large format roof-faceted ceiling lights

As you can see, great ideas for designing a living room are just possible with the fireplace design, which greatly improves the living ambience and ensures style and comfort. More ideas in pictures you can look at below.

Structure in individual particles

modern-design-tips-living room-fireplace-built wall-plaster-gray

A brick fireplace

Stone Imitation large size disk mantelpiece Tile in large format

Individually designed fireplace paneling

tips-living room-rustic fireplace coverings-leather chair-wood-coffee table

Changeable surface nuances

tips-living-wall design-black-white-leather chair-to-install chimney

High quality and elegant fireplace

Wall brick-ceiling-design wood deck chair flame-red-white-walls

Designing Tips for the Living Room: Natural stone imitations are practical and inexpensive

Wall brick stone imitations seating area Oriental carpet pattern

Fireplace cladding made of natural stone

know-it furniture-fireplace facade-cladding-tips-living room carpet-purple-lichtspiele

Mount with brick imitations

Wohnideen-individual-fireplace mantles-flue-rust optical disks

Rustic fireplace panels with panels in rust-look

living room-tips-high-ceiling-fireplace-large size disk dark purple sofa-cushion seat

Fireplace cladding as large plate

Wallcoverings-living room-sitting area-white-sofas-fireplace-chair cushion

Surrounding the fireplace cladding made of concrete

tips-living room-design-hanging fireplace-flue-rustic-stone-design

tips-living room-kaminofen-flue-sitting area-homely-carpet-red

tips-living room-make-sight-wall-large-window panes-sitting area

Ethanol fireplace built-fireplace facade wall cladding marble-and-white

Fireplace mantles-rough-rustic flue-ideas-living room-furniture-comfortable-chair

Large panel wall cladding and white kaminofen-living room-high-ceiling

Wallcoverings-concrete-view flat-fireplace-built-upholstered easy chair