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Paper Bird Christmas Tree Decoration

The Christmas tree decoration creates mood and is an absolute must for those who want to decorate festive home. We have found and summarized 25 exciting designs for you. Anyway, before you go to the store, you can see what you already have at home. Surely you can create a happy mood with the available Christmas decorations and a bit of creativity.

Christmas tree decoration with homemade jewelry

Christmas decoration idea flowers

The Christmas tree decoration is a matter of taste – trendy in 2012 are definitely the decorations with red flowers, red balls and red garlands. The natural combination of red and green looks good everywhere. You can also use home-made paper birds, big white stars and pine cones for decoration. Silver ball and crystal ball match an interior design with Winter Wonderland theme.

Christmas tree decoration in white

white-pink-self-improvised Christmas decorations

White is a super elegant color, at least for the Christmas tree decoration can be interpreted funny. Silver ball, white flowers give the room a timeless elegance, while white snowflakes and snowmen create a fun atmosphere for the kids. Pink and blue can be combined well with the white color – create small ‘gifts’ with different designs and place them under the Christmas tree or simply hang them on the tree.

Christmas tree decoration with christmas candles and lights

purple jewelry Christmas Tree flowers

Alternatively, you can use golden LED Christmas candles or lights to decorate the tree. Or why not put two equal sized Christmas trees on the two sides of the window. For shorter trees, you can put them on a chair so they look bigger. The decoration in the room should be in line with the Christmas tree decoration stand. Therefore, you can put a part of the Christmas decorations in the room, so that creates a visual connection. If you use candles as decoration, you will be very careful because there is always a risk of fire.

Festively decorate the living room

Christmas pedestal Christmas Tree Living

LED – Christmas candles – window decoration

Christmas Living Room Christmas

Golden star as decoration

Christmas golden star

Christmas tree with paper stars

White Paper-star self-tinkering

Golden decoration for the living room

Pine cones and gold bells Christmas Tree Decorating

White-blue christmas tree

white and blue Christmas Tree Artificial snow

Romantic Christmas tree

romantic Christmas Tree White Flower Decoration

Silver deco idea for christmas

Silver Decoration Ideas Christmas Tree

Classic Christmas tree

Classic Christmas Tree Decoration

White flowers and Christmas tree

Idea Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas decoration in the garden

Christmas decoration Garden Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decorated with colorful paper stars

Christmas tree decorations Paper Ideas

Christmas tree with snowman as decoration

great idea Christmas Tree Christmas decorations Star Santa

Red candles and ball

Red Candle Christmas decorations Christmas tree

Red accents – Christmas tree

Red Flower Christmas decoration

Santa and snowman as decoration

Paper Stars Snowman Christmas decorations Christmas tree

Idea with red hearts and gifts

Gift wrap Christmas Tree Idea

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Green Ball Christmas decorations idea

Golden ball as a decoration

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