Designer wooden furniture by Joyau enhance the interior

designer wooden furniture armchair cocoon raw upholstery white comfort

The Designer furniture made of wood by Andre Joyau are undoubtedly among those pieces of furniture that should not be missing in any institution. Even the first example, the Cocoon armchairs, impress with their design and transform every interior into a unique living area. The wood is unworked both on the outside and on the inside, which makes the armchair get their charm. For seat comfort again guarantee the seat cushions. The other designer wooden furniture is by no means less impressive. Take a closer look at this article!

Designer wooden furniture – Cocoon armchair

designer furniture made of wood andre joyau cocoon chair armrest

Designer wooden furniture – The Bascule chair

designer furniture wooden chair bascule angora fur sheep metal legs black

As impressive as Cocoon is the bascule chair. It is also made of wood while the chair legs are made of metal and represent two rings. The seat seems uncomfortable at first glance, which is not the case at all. Not only the shape of the seat contributes to this, but also the fur of Angora, which gives a feeling of luxury. Bascule is a dreamlike example of designer wooden furniture.

Wooden coffee tables

designer furniture wood lotus leaf imprint white table top

Everyone has their own charm under the coffee tables of designer wooden furniture by Andre Joyau. While the Lotus Leaf Table impresses with its simple, straight shapes and the tabletop with a leaf print, the Double Form Table shows how wonderfully two round wooden panels can be combined. In another coffee table, the cross section of the wood serves as a usable area and consists of several, juxtaposed blocks of wood.

Designer coffee table Double form

designer wooden furniture double shape wooden discs coffee table idea

End grain for furniture

designer furniture wood end grain tabletop sofatisch legs

Designer wooden furniture – benches

designer furniture wood bench kyukei blue color metal legs interior idea

If you like color accents in your interior, the Kyukei bench is the best choice for designer wooden furniture. It has an attractive, blue color and yet exudes naturalness thanks to the untreated wood. Likewise unprocessed is the Futatsu bench, which impresses with its shape, as it is slightly curved.

Designer bench Futatsu

designer furniture wood bench futatsu arch shape painted modern rustic

Design of Andre Joyau ,

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