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festive dresses -fruehling-summer-wedding-pastel-colors-Monique-Lhuillier

The trends for spring / summer 2015 also determine the fashion on special occasions, to which festive dresses belong. Summer is approaching and so is the wedding season. For this, every lady needs a fancy fashion dress so she will not go unnoticed. The designers offer different variants, materials and combinations. There are also similarities to the trend become. Get together with us a detailed overview of the latest fashion trends.

Festive dresses for special occasions in spring / summer 2015

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-white-suit-figurbetonnt-balmain-hugo-boss

White is the color of innocence and no summer is possible without this color. Best match bright red lips and nail polish , Of course, for the less courageous among them, more neutral colors are also suitable. The cut is clear and rather long.

Festive clothes in white

festive gown-spring-summer-white-len-simple, airy

festive dresses-spring-summer-white-airy-tender-pastel

The pastel colors are especially popular and fashionable in spring and summer. Pink, delicate violet, blue – white, khaki and tender green are just a small selection that emphasize the feminine silhouette. The delicate shades are also very good in combination with white garments.

Festive dresses for special occasions in pastel colors

festive gown-spring-summer-wedding-pastel-Monique Lhuillier-

Classic Schitt, elongated silhouette

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-pastel-khaki-blue-flowers

Flowing fabrics in soft colors

festive gown-spring-summer-pastel-blue-Emanuel Ungaro

Festive dresses with patterns and prints are very trendy this season. Vichy-Caro returns from the past. Tailored in blue, black and white, in pastel shades or combined with large statement necklaces, they make every lady look stylish and underline the feminine curves.

festive gown-spring-summer-vichy-caro-black-white

The men’s wardrobe suits with form-fitting cut do not eliminate femininity at all. On the contrary, the contrast between female figure and masculine clothing makes her even more present.

festive gown-spring-summer-suit-women-pink-vichy-caro.jpg

The typical 70s pattern with flowers, floral prints and folk culture elements

festive gown-spring-summer-jepenische-pattern-white-blue

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-long-70s-pattern-colorful

festive gown-spring-summer-prints-pattern-color

Lace, fringes, stitches in numerous combinations, where the elegance is not lost

festive gown-spring-summer pink lace-checkered-oscar-dela-renta

festive gown-spring-summer-black-net-mesh

festive dresses -fruehling-summer-floral-floral-Zuhair-Murad

festive dresses-spring-summer peak-floral-delicate flowers

festive dresses-spring-summer white-floral lace

Belly-free or two-piece suits that emphasize the body while creating an elegant outfit

festive gown-spring-summer suit, white and elegant Ralph Lauren

festive gown-spring-summer-midriff-zweitelig-pattern

Colors like orange and red stay announced

festive dresses-spring-summer suit figurbetont-patterned-Iceberg

festive gown-spring-summer-midriff-orange-70's Mugler

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