Italian Furniture Design – “Brick” Collection by Paola Navone

trendy dining table collection brick paola navone italian design

The furniture designs by Paola Navone fascinate with elegant forms and aesthetics. Her latest collection “Brick” presents modern furniture whose design was inspired by nature. The organic form of the furniture is a nice addition to any living space. We present you the Italian Furniture design the “Brick” collection by Paola Navone.

“Brick” collection – fascinating furniture design

italian series furniture innovative design paola navone trendy

The individual designs from the collection are not named, but simply numbered. It includes two dining tables, steel chair, upholstered stool with wooden legs, sofa and bed. The first three models follow the natural shape of the tree trunks from which they were made. Each stool of the series is made of four cut tree trunks and in the end a special piece of art is revealed. Brick 33 is the name of a dining table with two sturdy legs made of solid wood and a table top made of sheet iron. The modern one furniture creates a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the dining room. Brick 32 is supported by a single wood element. Whether used for a small dining area or as part of a large dining room, the dining table is an imaginative addition to any living space.

Furniture design by Paola Navone – great living ideas

italian series furniture [bridge design paola navone trendy

The new Furniture design by the Italian designer Paola Navone inspired by fresh ideas for furniture furnishings. For living-sleeping or dining room numerous home ideas are presented, which can be used to make the apartment attractive and modern. The upholstered furniture in this collection is skilfully combined with wooden elements, which gives the design more individuality. The whole collection fascinates with extraordinary motives of the individual models. The “Brick” pieces of furniture made by Gervasoni , make every room look fresher and more spacious.

Brick 32 – attractive furniture design

designer furniture italian innovative stylish table top wood

Wooden shelves with different dimensions

wooden stools design furniture italian innovative modern

Trendy upholstered furniture for living room furnishings

Collection Italian shelves attractive paola navone trendy brick

Shelf with upholstered surface

collection italian brick attractive trendy paola navone shelves

Trendy color scheme – white and brown

modern upholstery armchair wood legs color scheme white brown trendy

Designer ideas for the bedroom

bed designer furniture paola navone trendy wood elements

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