Italian kitchen systems from Valcucine combine style and ergonomics

Ergonomic Cuisine Valcucine-Italian New-Logica System white

Italian kitchens Valcucine is considered worldwide synonym for quality, ergonomics and style. The kitchen systems are a result of detailed planning and a good sense for design. After Valcucine introduced its revolutionary Logica system with the accessory channel in 1996, the tendency today is to integrate complementary kitchen design technologies and features into one product.

Italian cuisine of the highest quality

Ergonomic kitchen design Modern lighting pendant lights glue green wall

Italian kitchens Systems of Valcucine develop the interaction between Human and technology , Improvements are being introduced incessantly. The New Logica system with a depth of 80 cm in the base units and the accessory channel conveys a feeling of coziness and livability. With the help of the outfitted rear wall, the room can be planned and organized in such a way that you can optimally enjoy the preparation of the food.

New Logica – Italian kitchen system by Valcucine

Designer Kitchen Italian Kitchen Island-Modern Equipment Design

The modern accessory channel allows for more clarity. It can be used along the back wall or at the cooking island. In this area can be stowed various useful kitchen accessories. Inside there is enough space for gas and water connections. The sink and hob can thus be positioned flexibly and independently of the connections and adapted to constructional changes.

Modern kitchen with unmistakable style elements

Modern kitchen systems-italian designer kitchen furniture ideas

The accessory channel is made of aluminum or stainless steel. The new equipment element of the New Logica system is also available as island version. It creates a spatial separation of kitchen, dining and living area ,

Ergonomic Italian kitchens allow more order and clarity

Kitchen cooking island accessories channel modern equipment

Ergonomically designed kitchen furniture – e.g. generous removable drawers with quiet and light running – make cooking fun. Kitchen fronts are made of thin laminate panels and are moisture and heat resistant. At its high-quality production aspires Valcucine on functionality, sustainability and durability. The aesthetic appearance is not overlooked.

Cooking island with accessory channel

Kitchen ergonomic-accessory channel-modern design Innovative

Italian kitchens of the new generation

Kitchen cooking island accessory channel New Logica system green

Combine craftsmanship and innovation together to make them shine

KITCHEN FITTING FITTINGS open shelves modern

Future-oriented kitchen systems New Logica

Designer kitchen Modern Italian black kitchen plate Valcucine

New Logica System accessory channel is also available as island version

Valcucine system kitchen interior ideas ideas channel

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