Kitchen equipment by Häcker embodies new living and living concepts

Contemporary Kitchens Furnishings-Wooden Cabinet System-White Upper Cabinets Barstool Design

hackers is a specialist in the field of kitchen production. Häcker fitted kitchens fulfill all requirements for modern kitchen living. In the production of fashionable Kitchen equipment The company strives to ensure the highest possible quality and functionality. Here we offer you an overview of the extensive product range.

Kitchen furnishings create an ambience of pure wellbeing

Kitchen equipment Häcker-Neo red-gloss Venetian blind wall cabinets mechanism

The use of high quality materials in conjunction with contemporary design gives the Kitchen equipment their unique charisma. Häcker wants to constantly improve the kitchen ambience. In addition, a philosophy that is responsible for environmental protection, sustainability , Waste disposal and improvement of environmental performance is of the highest value to the industrial enterprise.

Sustainable concepts of the kitchen facility of Häcker

Modern kitchen equipment to install Hi-tech equipment cooking island

Futuristic-looking Kitchen equipment captivates with illuminated floors and cabinet systems. The refined look is often staged by contrasting colors. Design classics are completed with contemporary highlights. The modern concepts are functional and clear.

Blue wall units correspond with the dining area

Bali kitchen equipment ergonomic cooking island-wood agate design

The spatial planning of Häcker focuses on living conditions and enjoyment. If the Kitchen equipment Configured to your own wishes, fun and joy comes up and the kitchen island becomes your favorite place in your own home. Either the color is muted and simple-elegant, or fresh, bright and eye-catching. Home furniture trends influence the exclusive designs.

The kitchen boasts panel walls in a lively wood look and exclusive built-in fireplace

Home furniture trends Küchen-Häcker Raumplanung Built-in fireplace design

High-gloss fitted kitchens – kitchen lighting for a harmonious look

Kitchen design modern ideas white-brown Metallic effects-energy-efficient system technology

Kitchen modern living concept with stainless steel cooking island

Designer Häcker fitted kitchen white Modules-kitchen furniture dining area Häcker

Aesthetic kitchens made of recyclable materials – furnishing solution in beige-white

Modern kitchen with cooking island white concept hacker wooden cabinets Beige stool

Häcker kitchens impress with their shiny fronts and modern roundings

Kochplatz equipment round edges ergonomically placed kitchen technology modern

Sustainable kitchen products from Häcker – Use of low-emission water-based paint systems

Glossy kitchen black and white room planning floor gloss transparent dining chairs

Cooking place placed in the center of the house

Sustainable kitchen Häcker white gloss Use purple low emission water-based systems

Homely fitted kitchen with easy-care cooking area

Beige kitchen design basalt Gray modern fitted kitchen L-shaped

Ergonomic kitchen technology in a refined look

Ergonomic Kitchen Concepts White Wood Flooring Appliances Pendant Lights Design

Kitchen in high gloss anthracite and white

Futuristic kitchen-black round-edged bar stools minimalist

Modern and energy-efficient plant technology

Gloss kitchen cooking island design Handleless cabinets futuristic curves

Ergonomically placed kitchen appliances

Kitchen in glossy brown made of recyclable materials Sustainable concept

Cozy panel wall with open shelves

Modern Living Living Concept Kitchen Design Exclusive Furniture Design Chandelier

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