Living room and kitchen in one room – 25 modern design ideas

Living room and kitchen in a -raum-gray-white-black-urban

The houses and apartments with open floor plan have no walls between the rooms, therefore Living room and kitchen in a room planned. We have some tips and ideas for you how to integrate the kitchen into the living room. You need to use the kitchen appliances and cooking area in the kitchen, while the living area is attractive and cozy. Visual borders, attractive kitchen cabinets and built-in appliances allow a seamless transition between the two spaces, creating a modern living room-kitchen combination.

Living room and kitchen in one – Common color palette

Living room and kitchen in an apple-green-white color palette

When the living room and kitchen are in one room, they give you a feeling of spaciousness, but you have to set up the whole area without losing any of their individual personality. This can be done by using appropriate ones color combinations , Furniture and other decorative accessories can be achieved. The two areas are both pulled together, but still visually separated.

Living room and kitchen in one room, but visually separated

Living room-kitchen-in-a-light-gray-white-dining area-separated

Separate the two rooms optically by selecting two different wall colors. Paint the kitchen in one color and the living area in a contrasting color. This gives each room its own look. If you choose a common color scheme for both rooms, you can bring them together using the accessories and accents. For example, if you paint the kitchen Sherbet Orange and the living room light pink, the accessories in the kitchen can be pink and in the living room – orange.

Living room-kitchen-in-a-white-wood-peninsula-barhocker

Living room-kitchen-in-a-creme-turquoise-light gray

Copper pendant lights and black leather furniture

living room with kitchen open metal pendant lights leather furniture black

warm wood elements

living room kitchen in an open living areas wooden floor wood kitchen

Wall Mural Tile mirror

Living room and kitchen in a natural-colored upholstered sofa gray wood

High gloss white kitchenette and wooden ceiling

living room kitchen together golden pendant lights white kitchenette

Shades of gray and wooden floor

living room kitchen in a wooden floor black gray stairs

suspended ceiling with recessed lighting

living room kitchen eclectic suspended ceiling recessed lighting

Wooden floor and white-black wall decoration

Living room and kitchen in a dining room open wood floor

Bachelor apartment in orange and black

living room kitchen wall unit bachelor orange black

the fresh color combination

living room with kitchen white grass green black living room furniture

High gloss white throughout the living area

living room kitchen together white high gloss kitchen back wall marble

Luxury marble floor

living room kitchen together marble floor black white house bar

warm earth tones in the living room

Living room and kitchen in a wooden furniture brown beige colors

minimalist living room with kitchen

living room kitchen in a white glossy minimalist Living room kitchen in a pure white high gloss green accents

living room with kitchen gray metal surfaces Scandinavian

living room kitchen in an oval dining table with bench wood relax armchair living room and kitchen in a wooden mats gray upholstery white

living room kitchen in a glass coffee table dining area wood floor

living room and kitchen in a dark white sofa orange stool

living room kitchen in a white floor tile beige brown

living room and kitchen in a visually separated grass green brown

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