Mediterranean Living Ideas 22 suggestions for an ambience to fall in love with

Villa-Mediterranean wallpaper-with-trees Pattern LED TV

Feel the light breeze on the warm summer evenings? The pleasant rays of the sun stroke your face, go through your hair, touch your heart. It is life in the warmer parts of the world where we are almost always accompanied by this summer feeling. That includes the Mediterranean living ideas for your apartment or house. This famous and world-famous interior design style makes a world tour from west to east and back, presenting the signs of home decor from every warm corner of the earth.

Mediterranean living ideas of InteriorPik

Wohnideen-Meditteran-with-style town homes-striped furniture

Mediterranean living ideas from InteriorPik A blue residential lagoon with an oriental touch and taste. Wooden panels cover walls and ceilings, the blue tones are in the foreground, upholstered furniture with small patterns or checkered and the typical decorations such as steering wheel, anchor or ceramic plate, hand-painted, complete the profile of the Mediterranean bedroom. Modern furnishing ideas are created by the playful use of color walls in aquamarine, brownish-yellow or artistically designed wall paneling with blue elements in the brick shape.

Mediterranean living idea – Sun catcher

warm-yellow-brown-colored tones pattern chandelier iron

Thoughts wander back and forth, becoming more systematic and drawing our attention to the classic lines and contours of the Mediterranean style of living. He reminds us of the retro furniture Vintage Flair. Subtle figures on the upholstery and Zigzag as well as thick stripes pattern covers covers of throw pillows, rugs and comforters. The tables and buffets with arched legs and the chandeliers made of iron and metal are all that Mediterranean living ideas , The white color is perfect for a sunny house on the beach, the warm brown tones are the sunscreens in your own four walls. Immerse yourself in this warm world of cooler blue tones and inviting brown colors with luxury furniture and marine decorations.

Zigzag pattern Tepich ceramic Wanddeko plate-to-the-wall

Wall design Mediterranean

Living room-dining room-in-a-blue ornaments

Implementation of blue wood elements as a decoration

Drapery with Pattern Retro-chair carpet and brown tones

Armchair with flowers pattern wooden floor

Terracotta tiles and white-cupboard-from-wood upholstered furniture

Reading nooks, terracotta tiles

Seat-of-wood-with-pillow-Dekokoffer and patterns

Bright navy colors with creamy white accents

Partitions wooden wall living room with tile

Trendy room divider and floor decoration

Cushions decor-to-the-wall-Stool-with-zigzag reference

Rough wall plaster and use of three primary colors

Eastern-Mediterranean-style white furniture-Dekosteine-Wandverlkeidung

Mediterranean living with modern accents

modern-living-room-with-wood furniture and upholstery

Arched passage dome

modern-Mediterranean apartment-with-white-wood-and-ceiling

Metal-iron chandelier upholstered furniture brick wall

lowered-ceiling-striped furniture fireplace

Marble floor tiles aquamarine blue color-upholstered furniture with patterns

Wood panels-Wandverleidung-striped furniture Wanddeko

checkered-patterned furniture Carpet Color Blue

yellow-walls-of-home living room-with-high-ceiling

blue-walls-fireplace-upholstered furniture Classic

blue living room-living-Mediterranean

Table-of-wood pendant light-as-light lantern

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