Modern garden design and wooden facade for a house in Brazil

Modern garden design -holzfassade-roofing-shade-trees-plants-wood-floor-lawn-bloeten

Modern garden design and architecture flow into each other and create dreamlike living landscapes. Social and private areas are separated and considered equally. A great example is an architect’s house in Brazil , which is placed in the middle of the property and has a front yard and back yard. Exotic plants surround the building and cast a dense shadow on the entrance area as well as on the garden.

Modern garden design – wooden elements on the facade and in the courtyard

Modern garden design - wood facade-lawn-trees-wood-floor-open-seating-shadow

From the garden, only open, large-scale rooms and areas can be seen. As you enter the garden, you are surrounded by climbing plants, palm trees and ferns. Behind the wood facade Visible from the street, a magnificent vertical garden grows. It stands between the glass fronts of the interiors and the street, between the private area and the social environment. This modern design brings a naturally fresh flair to everyday life, as you wake up, as a refreshment in the morning or while working on the Workplace Surrounded by green climbing plants along the entire window.

Modern garden design and wooden facade with different exotic plant species

Modern garden design - wood facade-lawn-palm-trees-wood-floor-pool-lie

In the courtyard, the contemporary outdoor area serves as a cheerful lounge area with pool area and lawn for leisure activities. At the swimming pool, a wooden floor was laid as an extension to the wooden facade. Under a massive canopy is a living area with seating and a dining area in the shade. Different exotic and tropical plant species provide shade in the summer days and add variety to the garden.

Wooden facade at the entrance

Modern garden design - wood facade-house-entrance-stairs-lawn-bushes

Exotic plants, grass and big trees

Modern garden design - wood facade-house-stairs-entrance-tree-street

Design with front yard and backyard

Modern garden design - wood facade-fern-lawn-palm-tree-ivy-entrance

Big tree at the entrance in the front yard

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-house-stairs-rush-street-entrance-bodendecker

Small shady terrace

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-creeper-palm-groundcover-window-house-terrace

Narrow terrace at the entrance under the shade of exotic climbing plants

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-creeper-terrace chairs-terrassentueren-curtain-palm-ferns

Exotic plants for a unique ambience

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-outdoor plants-palms-race Canopy seating

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-SITZMOEBEL-mallet-sitting Canopy open

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-couch-and-white cushion-wood-frame-pillows-colorful-window wall

Exotic plants such as palm trees, ferns and blossom trees create a relaxing atmosphere

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-wphnzimmer-light-daylight-SITZMOEBEL-pad-white-flowers-plant

Plants are also found inside

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-dining table-pendelleuchte-panton-chair-and-white image

From every interior you can see the attractive design of the garden

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-bedroom-window wall bed pillows-chair Lookout

Study with a large window wall and a fresh touch

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-buero-workplace-office chair-window-plant-green-lamp-table

Bathroom overlooking the garden

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-glass fronts-bathroom-mirror-washbasin-vese-armature-white

Plan and floor plan of the house

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-plan-floorplan-house-raeume-uebersicht

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-floor plan-plan-basement-uebersicht

* a project by Felipe & Alexandre Bueno

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