Oyster lounge chair in contemporary style by Italy Dream Design

Lounge Relax Chair Armrests Cowhide Upholstery-italy dream design-Oyster

The Lounge chair The Oyster series, designed with attention to detail by Mauto Lipparini for the Italian company Italy Dream Design, are a true invitation to relaxation. The shape of the seat is very original concave shaped to ensure the best sitting comfort.

Lounge chair in Italian style

Oyster armchair backrest ergonomic cowhide look attractive design

Comfort is definitely the first thing that comes to mind when looking at the Lounge chair sees for the first time. In German, his name is “Oyster” and is actually similar in shape. The contemporary design language emphasizes the individuality and is stylishly used in very different equipped rooms.

Comfortable piece of furniture with steel frame

Oyster armchair modern-lines concave-seat white leather upholstery

Oyster forms the heart of a room, be it home office, hotel foyer, lounge area or living room. The armchair impresses with its strands. At the same time, the leather is so pleasantly soft and enveloping that a desire to relax instantly is aroused. On this chair can be best lazy and unwind.

Feel-good furniture Oyster – a pure luxury

Oyster lounge chair trendy design-Italy Dream-Mauro Lipparini

The Cowhide Variation gives you a feeling of security, intimacy and tranquility. If you place it next to the fireplace, you immediately create an island of peace and warmth. The furniture fits perfectly with a reading corner or luxury chalet. The design evokes memories of the good old days.

Subtle-elegant silhouette

Relax Furniture Italy Dream Design Footstool Footrest White Upholstery

Solid steel frame with swivel mechanism allows to swivel the seat as desired with a handle. Oyster has dimensions 89x84x96cm and is available with chromed or painted frame in 9 colors: ruby ​​red, maroon, sapphire blue, anthracite, agate gray, pebble gray, traffic white, gray-brown or raven black. One can customize it especially when mixing the colors and fabrics and leather.

Monochrome color scheme in the living room

Oyster lounge chair-raven black leather upholstery

designer Mauro Lipparini, a leading innovator in design, graduated in 1980 from the University of Florence, Department of Architecture, where he was also a faculty member. His style is described as “natural minimalism”. His extensive work in the field of industrial design includes home-office furniture, living room furniture and textiles.

Gentle and smooth surface

Relax armchair Leather upholstery-Modern Form-seat armrests floor lamp

Execution in black

Lounge chair with stool leather Design Italian Trendy rug

The lounge chair upholstered in soft upholstery

Upholstery-for warmth Coziness at home-armchair Fluffy fur rug

Ergonomically curved line

Ergonomic armchair seat Upholstery Italy Dream Design Mauro Lipparini

Leather-covered furniture for relaxation

Armchair Design Italian-Style White Design Dream Upholstery

Color variants for every taste

Designer Italy armchair-honeybrown armrests Mauro-Lipparini

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