Qualitative kitchen designs by Studio Becker

Stainless-quality kitchen

Qualitative kitchens This should match three main criteria – an elegant look, perfect manufacture of high quality materials and a label that the manufacturer can easily recognize. The secret behind the success of Studio Becker is exactly this – they have followed the recipe and that can be seen.

Qualitative kitchens by Studio Becker – European tradition and American quality


Nowadays the production process of the Scandinavian studio Becker is determined by the long European tradition and the American quality. The company started out as a small manufacturer, but the skilful execution and interesting designs drew all the looks of American furniture makers to the design studio. The Scandinavian company was transformed into an international company whose name quickly became popular worldwide. Qualitative kitchens are popular thanks to design and manufacturing – that’s what the Studio Becker catalog offers. Many interesting models – modern and classic, innovative and traditional, minimalist or eccentric are available. Most of them are high-tech, which corresponds to modern trends.

Qualitative kitchens with bright and eclectic design

minimalist white kitchen green LED lighting

The hallmark of Studio Becker are the qualitative kitchens with a bright and eclectic design. You have your designs for quality kitchens dedicated to people who like extraordinary furniture. Beautiful, glossy surfaces, sleek and compact form and many original materials are used to make each model look unique. By contrast, the classic part of the collection includes stylish wood configurations with golden decorations, woodcarving and chandeliers.

Modular qualitative kitchens

Modular Kitchen Design

modular quality kitchens from Studio Becker are a real highlight of the collection and offer countless possibilities for spacious area, where many interesting storage options will greatly facilitate the life of the whole family. They are practical and comfortable, and you can even design your dream kitchen, which is not only multifunctional, but also very tastefully configured.

From Abigail

Futuristic white kitchen island

minimalist-white-half-round kitchen island

Elegant classic wood kitchen

elegant-classic-wood kitchen

Fitted oak kitchen

Kitchen-oak panels

Cutlery tableware-quality kitchen

Cutlery tableware quality kitchen

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