Regal System Konnex by Florian Gross offers great design freedom

Florian Gross Furniture Design Wall Shelf System Basic Set of 3 Modules

We present you this Usually system in cubic form Konnex, designed by Florian Gross for Müller Möbelwerkstätten. The shelf cubes in elegant design can be arranged according to your mood. Anyone who wants to constantly redesign their environment is just right. In addition to great looks, the system provides fun and enjoyment in designing.

The shelf system Konnex – a piece of furniture with many faces

Shelf cube set-wall storage surface storage parallelepiped-Deko

With the Shelf system Konnex lets your imagination run wild. It’s all boring. There are many possible configurations. The basic set consists of 3 modules. The cube elements are for all areas of the flat suitable. The result is practical shelving walls in no time at all, helping you to organize your things better while having fun.

Modules that can be arranged individually to shelves

Konnex two-set wall shelf design modules Mueller-Moebelwerkstaetten florian-gross Design

The Shelf system Konnex offers great freedom in design. This is possible thanks to the innovative plug-in system – the modules are plugged into the comb-shaped cut-outs of the side walls of the cube. As a result, Konnex adapts to each room situation at. The open storage boxes provide convenient and easily accessible storage space for small items that you need every day.

Practical shelf with robust frame in cube shape

Shelf wall cube Florian-Gross easy-care finish order pattern

designer Florial Gross , born in Tübingen in 1982, completed his apprenticeship as a cabinet maker in 2001 and has been a qualified interior designer and designer since 2009.

For the storage of household goods and decoration Konnex is ideally suited

Module of three set cube Wall shelf design ideas Florian Gross

Application examples with Konnex boxes

Shelf cube system Storage space-small things Storage stowage-wall shelf

The basic set consisting of 3 modules

Wall Modules Wall Mount Cube Shelf Innovative plug-in system

Put the Kubuse together

Cube wall shelf system innovative-plug system three sets

Storage box

Grundsets-Three Modules original wall decoration-Dekoideen cube shelf

Put one cube in the other cube

Konnex plug-in system side walls put together comb-shaped milled grooves

Modular and individually expandable wall shelf system

Design furniture shelf cube cube-like design wall decoration ideas

Shelves with revolutionary plug-in system

Regal cubes provide innovative system-pinning-freedom of design

Module cube shelf with wall suspension

Modular Cube Shelf Ordering Pattern Konnex-Florian Gross-Gestaltung Wanddeko

Plug shelf cubes together

Practical box storage space storage space-cube-shaped robust-plate plug-in system

Different basic sets for an original wall design

Innovative Plug-in system set several modules-individual-to arrange shelves

Shelf cube with easy-care surface

Module Cube Shelf Design Trends Wall Shelf System Pattern Florian-Large

The shelf cube system provides great fun

Shelf system modern customizable individual Konnex furniture design with many faces

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