Suspended staircase in strong red – unusual design by Diapo

Design hanging internal staircase cadmium red-Do Ho Suh-diapo

As inspiration for the effective suspended stairs was a new installation by Do Ho Suh – artist and participant in the London Tate Modern Gallery. His project, called “Staircase-III”, is a 12-step staircase suspended from the ceiling. It is not intended for everyday use but is executed in purely sculptural aesthetics. But the cool idea of ​​Do Ho Suh has inspired Diapo for a unique and functional design.

Transparent suspended staircase from Diapo

Stairs Design Red perforations Steel construction Light weight

In the first place was the appropriate choice of materials. The selected material should be lightweight, stable and robust. In order to fulfill the individual customer wishes, and that To reduce weight significantly , Diapo’s design team created a contemporary construction of perforated sheet steel, visible through the perforations from all sides.

Staircase design with membranous railings

Stairs Design Hanging Ideas Interior Exclusive Red Diapo

The suspended stairs with dimensions of 5 × 4 m was designed with transparent steel sheet railings. The laser-cut sheets make it possible to see the structure as a unit. The elements of stairway were fixed together in advance and then attached to the ceiling. The invisible ceiling mounting with steel girders allows the steel structure to hover weightlessly above the ground. Vibrant cadmium red makes the design a masterpiece.

The reduced look is trendy

Transparent staircase design tendencies steps railing-red diapo

The lightweight staircase donates little shade, takes up little space and is a real eye-catcher. in the contemporary design “Head down” is the timeless art of M.C.Escher.

Fancy floating staircase from Diapo

Hanging staircase for use indoors Modern steel cantilever construction ceilings steel girders

Exceptional design provides joy and fun

Red banners-steps suspended-internal staircase modern design ideas

Hanging staircase made of sheet steel inspired by art

Steel Sheet Metal Stair Modern Design Diapo Art Installation Do Ho Suh

25 ideas for creative stairs design – impressive lifestyle trend

Interior installation solution in case of lack of space

Hanging staircase design Diapo-transparent interior constructions

Transparent stairs and banisters

Red staircase design modern steel sheet perforated steps

Perforations help to reduce the overall weight of the stairs

Interior Stairs Modern Steel Cadmium Red Do Ho Suh installation

Staircase, hanging from the ceiling

Red Stair Steps Railing Perforated sheet steel structure transparent

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