Red and yellow as accents in a modern, white interior in Hungary

red and yellow furniture-armchair-sloping-minimalist-furnishing

This bright and friendly apartment in the center of the city of Budapest in Hungary offers stunning views of the Danube and the Parliament building. But that’s not all that this stunning apartment has to offer. In addition to a state of the art facility and Design in white color , also include attractive accents in red and yellow to the interior design, which give the interior Pepp and liveliness. The design is from Margeza Design Studio and can be seen in the following gallery.

Red and yellow in the living room

red and yellow accent-living-room-window-front-bench-glass

Both simplicity and extravagance characterize this minimalist decor. The apartment is spread over two floors. It is therefore a maisonette. While the first floor accommodates the living room with kitchen and toilet and a guest room with en-suite bathroom, the second floor has the bedroom and an original open bathroom. Red and yellow as accents are used here and there in all rooms, creating a stylish atmosphere that, together with the simple lines and shapes of the furniture, create a perfect minimalist flair.

red and yellow sofa-canapé-white-vertical-garden-room-plant

Large windows guarantee the perfect view of the city, with a glass bench allowing you to relax by the window. Already here are yellow pieces of furniture and decorative accessories that create variety in the rooms with white walls, white tiles and white ceiling. There are also lush plantings such as the vertical garden, which forms an accent wall and guarantees a livelier atmosphere in the urban environment.

Kitchen with dining area

red and yellow kitchen-white-minimalist-decorations-white-wall-design

Red accents are again found in the dining area in the form of chairs, while in the minimalist kitchen red and yellow are combined in the form of decorations. Despite the rather small size of the living area creates a sense of spaciousness. A modern staircase leads to the second floor and is equipped with a large shelf full of colorful decorations. It leads into a kind of corridor with a small seating area that leads to the bedroom. Here, too, modern pieces of furniture decorate the rooms and create a perfect living experience for contemporaries who value the minimalist design.

red and yellow dining area-round-dining-chairs-vase-deco-modern


red-yellow-white-guest room-wardrobe-colorful-pillows-deco-houseplant

red-yellow-bathroom-mirror-wash cabinet-modern-spacious

red-yellow-stair-shelf Colorful Decorations-mirror-glass

red-yellow-house-built-in wardrobe-staircase-bin-small apartment

The second floor with accents in red and yellow


red-yellow-bedside-round-retro-flair-laminate-newspaper stands

red-yellow-bad-idea-shower-detached-bathtub-marble-accent wall

red-yellow-carpet-design-white-blue-river-plain-living accessory


red-yellow floor plan apartment-First Floor-living room-guest toilet


Design of Margeza Design Studio ,

Modern interior in white with accents in red

Modern interior design -couch-gray-red-ottoman-couch-coffee table-white-floor-marble-dresser-antique

In a Parisian attic apartment meet the modern and the classic on each other. This rooftop apartment with a view of the New Town of Paris is an excellent example of one modern interior in white, combined with colorful details and classic, high quality furniture.

Modern interior in white with Baroque accents and details in red

Modern interior chandelier-gold-antique-lounger-ottoman-red-couch-wallcoveringwhite

In each room is a classic furniture from the magnificent Baroque Period with curved feet and gilded fronts and edges present. These extraordinary pieces of furniture harmonize with the rest of the interior, although otherwise it was designed in a very modern way. High-gloss surfaces, gray marble flooring and large, glazed vertical surfaces blend together beautifully and every shape and every detail is matched to the overall picture.

Modern interior in white with red accents

Modern interior decoration-Wohnwand-ottoman-red-couch-gray-floor-marble-high-gloss-wallcovering

This chic apartment has several highlights. One of them is the breathtaking view from the last floor of this modern building over the new town of Paris , The roof terrace framing the living area of ​​the apartment, while the glazing forms a winter garden at a certain area. It is furnished with generous upholstered furniture in bright colors and is very inviting.

Straight lines and clear shapes for a modern white interior

Contemporary interior-wallcovering-high gloss-wall-couch-red-gray-coffee table

Each room combines the modern white interior with red accents. In the large, open living room, this effect was achieved through the upholstery of the couch and the ottoman. The furniture is in some ways artistically arranged, so that the room looks like a painting with a view to the outside. Small details and decorative elements complete this effect. Other accents in the living area are set by the antique chandelier and the fairy-tale chest of drawers with rich gilded ornaments from the French Baroque.

Interesting point of view – So multi-faceted can an interior be in white

Modern interior decoration-living-room-wall-shelf-indirect-lighting-cabinet-modern

Another highlight of this Parisian apartment is the geometrically designed wall cladding of white high-gloss modules. Like an abstract composition with even proportions, it flows along the wall of the entire living area. State-of-the-art and classically timeless, this dreamlike apartment is a successful design, in which two styles form an interesting interplay.

The floor plan can be seen last in the following picture gallery, where you can take a closer look at the work of the architect’s office Manuel Sequeira Architecture.

Simple, effective and flooded with light – A modern Parisian apartment

Modern interior-modern-attic-open-couch-red-gray-coffee table-floor-marble-wallcovering

Gray and white with accents in red

Modern interior-interior-red-upholstery-couch-flooring-gray-white-wall-coffee-table-geometric

Combine modern furniture with antique accents

Modern interior design -ardard-chic-stairs-accents-red-glass-marble-white-gold-elements-deco

Minimalist wall covering with white panels

Modern interior-dining-area-dining-table-wallcovering-white-glass-marble-gray-high-gloss

The elements of the interior flow into each other

Modern interior -white-red-accent-high-gloss-dining-table-chairs-wallcovering-glass

Modern interior decoration -white-wall-covering-window-high-gloss-corridor-shelf-floor-marble

Modern interior design-corridor-white-wall-cabinet-shelf-indirect-lighting-door-bathroom-red

Modern interior design -floor-bathroom-red-accents-white-high-gloss-modern-bathroom

Modern interior-modern-kitchen-simple-plastic-chairs-red-high-gloss-white

modern-interior furnishings-bedroom-penthouse-style-black-white-wall-red window-fenstertuer-chair

modern-interior furnishings-arbeitszimmer-white-marble-floor-desk-antique-gold-producing

modern-interior decoration-armchair-roof terrace-attic-conservatory-outlook-sun-city

modern-interior furnishings-roof terrace-lookout-city-paris-conservatory-sofa-chair-cushion

modern-interior decoration-armchair-upholstered red-roof terrace-orchid-interior-canopy

modern-interior furnishings-roof terrace-lookout-paris-are-luxury penthouse-weather

modern-interior furnishings Lookout-paris-roof terrace-attic-sun-modern city

modern-interior furnishings-floorplan-plann-architecture-design-breakdown-raeume

Living ideas in black for accents in different styles

home decor in black fireplace-stairs-wrought-iron telescope-kiev

Lovely Living ideas in black have been implemented in this modern and attractive apartment. They come in the form of different styles again. So there are both modern furniture and other facilities that by and large outweigh, as well as those in vintage or rustic style. The apartment is located in Kiev in Ukraine and was designed by U // ME Architects. We would like to introduce it to you and show you which special impression accents and Wohnideen in black in the living area, if used properly.

Living ideas in black – Abstract chairs

home decor in black abstract armchair design leather parquet

Let’s start with the living room. It immediately stands out that it has an extraordinary, round shape. Accordingly, the sofa was adjusted. It has a semicircular shape to find room on the wall. Another eye-catcher are the abstract armchairs in black next to the fireplace, as well as the romantic wrought iron staircase, which is also part of the home decor in black.

Living ideas in black – spiral staircase

wohnideen-black living room-round-spiral staircase-metal-wood-ceiling

The main color is black, especially in the kitchen. It can be found wherever you look. So the kitchen cabinets have been chosen in this color. The living ideas in black also include the bar stools on the kitchen island, as well as the chairs on the dining table, which have the same abstract design as the armchairs in the living room. There are also accent walls made of brick, as well as with blackboard paint.

Sitting area by the fireplace

wohnideen-black original chairs Lounge-comfort-moebel

In smaller quantities, living ideas in black are implemented in the bedroom with sloping ceilings. There, the roof beams provide rustic flair in the modern bedroom furnishings. The high-gloss bedside cabinets give the room the finishing touch and come into their own in the otherwise monochrome interior. Black was waived in the bathroom, however. It is characterized by warm and light beige tones in the form of tiles that imitate both stone and wood.

Design a lounge in the living room

wohnideen-black-sofa-black-round-side table-glass-firewood-wall niche

Black kitchen

home decor in black kitchen-modern-kitchen-kitchen-cupboard

Small kitchen with cooking island

wohnideen-black-design-idea-kitchen-brick-wall accent-window

Kitchen with sloping roof

wohnideen-black-cooking island-steel-countertop-stool-skylight

Black chalkboard paint

wohnideen-black-dining area sliding-panel color-buffet-display units

Open kitchens design

wohnideen-black dining table chairs-wood-gray-tiles-flooring

Railing in black

wohnideen-black hallway-design-wall panels-wood-gelaender-grid

Living ideas in the hallway

wohnideen-black clinker wall-wardrobe-and-white high gloss

White wardrobes and indirect lighting


Monochrome bedroom

home decor in black bedside-gloss-bedroom-monochrome-interior

Black bars and pieces of furniture


Hell live


Spacious shower


Wood and stone look

wohnideen-black-toilet-wood Optic-flooring-tiles-washing cabinet

Black bathroom design


Apartment floor plan

wohnideen-black-floor plan-apartment-ukraine-inneneinrichtung-style

Design by U // ME Architects.

Living room color ideas – yellow accents

yellow-gray-living room floor lamp sofa

Yellow Living room color is not only trendy and fresh, but also offers a lot of possibilities for design. Create a nice and comfortable atmosphere and set up a modern and cozy living room.

Yellow living room color – sunny and fresh

yellow wall decoration wall Tattoo Birds

If you are the Living room color With yellow you can not go wrong – on the one hand, this color is available in many shades, from yellow-green to neon yellow, to soft lemon nuances. Yellow wall paint makes smaller rooms appear lighter and larger. In narrow living rooms you can paint the wall opposite the door in yellow – then the room will look visually larger. Yellow wall paint combines well with black and white, red accents in modern interiors such as red armchair or chair are the only decoration that needs this color. You can even experiment with hanging pictures on the yellow wall or put yellow cushions on the white sofa. The combination of green and yellow, and of course traditional – yellow-brown, is also fresh.

Yellow living room color as a decoration

green-yellow carpet living room-decorating ideas

For larger rooms, you can choose a yellow-gray color scheme. Yellow carpets, or yellow sofas, even yellow floor lamps are interesting decorative elements. If you want to divide your living room into areas, or to separate a dining room visually, you can use yellow screen. Yellow as living room colour leaves a lot of space of imagination and you can experiment with it. But watch out – living room in yellow can be too much for the eyes. Yellow wall paint is moody – you must not smoke in the room, and needs regular cleaning. Even if yellow fades with time, it is less noticeable than other colors. Bringing the yellow paint to the wall is a difficult task and you should have some experience in painting. Otherwise there is a risk that irregularities will occur. Beginners can opt for yellow wall tattoos or yellow curtains.

Yellow wall with decoration

Yellow Wall-elegant-white-curtains-Living Color Small living room with yellow flooring

modern-small-living-yellow flooring

Yellow carpet in the living room

modern apartment-yellow carpet

Gray wall and yellow armchair

gray-yellow-room wall armchair

Oriental yellow accents

Oriental-yellow accents Parlor

Cozy corner sofa with yellow pillows

cozy corner sofa yellow wall

Wooden ceiling and warm color accents in a modern decor

wood ceiling living room divider-shelf-seating area

Wood serves as the main material in this apartment and gives the rooms their charm, their cosiness and style. The stunning design, designed by Perkins + Will Design, was realized in an apartment in Sao Paolo, Brazil, catering specifically to the wishes of the owners and future residents. In addition to wooden furniture and walls adorns a particularly interesting Wood ceiling the interiors look like a lattice, giving them a unique look. The apartment has three bedrooms, several bathrooms and next to the kitchen a practical laundry room.

Wooden ceiling for the living room

wood ceiling design-living-room-modern-carpet-lounge-chairs

The other furniture was chosen mainly in warm colors. For example, a gray-beige corner couch, which is equipped with orange sofa cushions among other things, forms the seating area. Another seating area consists of two lounge chairs in orange and a dark shade of red. The stylish furniture not only creates a stylish ambience, but radiate spontaneity and thus also Pepp, what by the wood blanket even worse.

Combine wood ceiling and wallcovering

wood ceiling corner sofa-gray-beige-coffee table-wallcovering

Although it is a large living room with open kitchen and open dining area, gray sliding doors offer the possibility to separate them if necessary. Another characteristic of the apartment are the large windows, which let in the daytime lots of light in the rooms and can be closed in the evening with the help of stylish curtains, so as to guarantee the necessary privacy. Take a closer look at the attractive apartment in the following gallery. It is also the floor plan of the large apartment.

Make a grid out of wood

wood blanket gray-floor-carpet-cream-cushion-orange-accents

Stylish furniture

wood ceiling suspended ceiling recessed shelf shelf

Modern design

wood-ceiling-wood cladding wall-Tv-residential wall-idee

Dining area with bench


Open kitchen with partition for sliding


Modern kitchen


Open kitchen at will

wood-ceiling sliding doors-partition-Idea-open-kitchen-herdplatte

Dining room with attractive carpet

wood-ceiling-dining-set-persian carpet-oriental-color accent

Wooden ceiling in the dining room

wood-ceiling-wall accent-wall tiling Blinds-transparent

Workspace with desk in the living room

wood-ceiling-workspace-idea-living room-desk-spacious-fensterfront

Recessed lights in plasterboard

wood-ceiling-lighting-living room-room design-gray-sliding doors-room dividers

Lighting in the wood ceiling

wood-ceiling carpet-black-shag-seated divisions Styler comfort

Modern furniture with retro flair

wood-ceiling-glass doors-room trenner-dining table-chairs-commode-hover effect

Window front with curtains

wood-ceiling-simple-device-modern-stylish-furniture-natural materials

Modern, large bathroom

wood-ceiling-large-bathroom-wet cell-glass door-metal-profile

Wood furniture and gray mosaic tiles

wood-ceiling gray-tiles-bad-mosaic bench-shower-washing cabinet

Apartment with wooden ceiling – floor plan

wood-ceiling-floor plan apartment-apartment-inspiration

Design of Perkins + Will Design ,

Trendy curtains set accents in the living room

Monochromatic purple-curtain-large living room

Trendy curtains in the living room are an absolute must – not only that you protect the privacy, but they set interesting accents. If you are also looking for suitable designs, we offer you a collection of great ideas that will assist you.

Trendy curtains in the living room – what design? monochrome-hellgrune-curtains living room

Above all, the curtains in the living room should compliment the overall look of the interior, and do not necessarily have to be in the foreground. Trendy curtains are therefore those that are in line with the interior design style. Often it happens that we have already decided on furniture, carpets, wall decorations and flooring before we go in search of new curtains. That’s why you can refresh the interior with a few tricks without making any great changes. Monochrome curtains in pastel colors are the best solution for any living room where no further decoration is needed.

Trendy curtains with patterns and ornaments

Trendy curtain sitting area- Pastel

You can still trendy curtains in contrasting color – beige interior design is better thanks to light green curtains to advantage. Koralfarbe goes well with white or black and white design scheme. Combine the color of the curtains with fresh bouquet / purple curtains – purple flowers / or with table lamp or carpet of the same color. If you still choose pattern curtains, you can use the same fabric to cover the pillows on the sofa. Curtains can also divide the living room into two or even replace the door.

Trendy curtains – colors

minimalistishes-living room-white-red-curtains

The color scheme of the curtains is not only related to the interior, but above all to the view. If your living room does not get enough sunlight in the winter, you can draw bright colors and semi-transparent fabrics before. Dark colors are more suitable for large, spacious and bright living rooms. If you choose patterns, they should look good, even if the curtains are hanging on the side of the window.

Strip curtains-living room

Strip curtains living room

Romantic living room-monochrome curtains

romantic Parlor monochrome-curtain beige

Retro look living room

retro-look living room-green curtains

Modern Living Room Interesting Blue Curtains

modern-living-interesting blue curtains

Curtains and sofa cushions made of the same fabric

Modern facility idea-curtain cushion design living room

Semi-sheer curtains with floral pattern

sunny curtain Flower large window

Autumn »Autumn deco in front of the entrance – inviting accents

Autumn decoration in front of the house Kuerbisse chrysanthemum lantern pail

It is slowly autumn and the summery jewelry can be exchanged with lush autumnal decoration. An inviting façade in bright autumn colors draws everyone’s attention. Here we show ideas for beautiful eye-catchers in the outdoor area, which also succeed every beginner. Only with the right one Decoration in front of the house entrance autumnal mood comes home!

Make decoration in front of the house entrance with natural materials

Autumn decoration in front of the entrance wheat straw flower wreath

Autumn is coming! The temperatures are cooler, the front door, however, happy and inviting. Create a sunny mood even in a cloudy sky with a great straw wreath and a few voluntarily arranged pumpkins!

Eye-catching composition with seasonal fruits

Autumn decoration in front of the house halved-buff-colorful-painted-door-hung

The magnificent colors of autumn have a very special charm. Pumpkins that come in countless shapes and colors at this time of the year can be arranged at the entrance to the house.

Herbstdeko-hauseingang-wood barrel-purple chrysanthemums orange pumpkins corn-blatter-columns


Autumnal Decoration with pumpkins

Vintage table porch-hollowed out pumpkin vase-deco lanterns-to fall

As deco-vessels are very older pieces, wooden trays, wine holders u.a. But who wants a real eye-catcher for outside, should only hollow out some pumpkins and use as a candle holder. This is how a fancy autumn decoration is made!

Late summer mood spread

green autumn plants vascular decoration in the entrance

Some summer plants are still in top form! These can be ideally integrated into the autumn decoration and bring a fresh touch with it. The result is a beautiful summer-autumn mix.

The façade shines in warm autumnal colors

Porch scenery-for decorations-for fall-pumpkins lights

Door wreath in flame red

Festive decoration in front of the house entrance-autumn door wreath

The materials are endless in the fall and even free. Autumn leaves come in all shades and can be used for crafting and decorating. But it has to dry well first. Hang a colorful wreath on the front door and enjoy the colors of the season.

Autumn foliage from our own garden is suitable for various deco variants

window decor turquoise-autumnal dry-leaves colors bright

Green decoration on the doorstep

red berry green plants bring a breeze spring into the fall

Successful autumn compositions

Autumnal Decorating Orange Pumpkins Stairs. Door wreath tie

In the Decoration in front of the house entrance There are no limits to the imagination. Decorate the porch with pine cones, small branches, rose hips, corn, wild roses, walnuts, acorns, chestnuts, apples, straw.

Blackberry doormat highlights the beauty of natural materials

burgundy raspberry red doormat front door squash white color

The rustic foliage wreath looks rustic and rustic

Rectangular door wreath in autumn-tinker decoration for the front door exterior

Carving geometric shapes in the jack-o-lanterns

Jack-o-lantern carving-cheerful deco-garden porch-autumn

Letters carving autumn Deco on chair pumpkins ideas Halloween

Corn garland – unusual and very decorative jewelry for windows and doors

American Indian corn garland tinker autumnal mood indoors spreading

In autumn, you can tie some corncobs with curled leaves with thin rope or colored ribbons and combine them with autumn leaves.

Wheelbarrows come with the right filling to the new shine

Autumnal Decoration Porch Pumpkins Crunch Welcome Wheelbarrow wood

Red Styrofoam Wreath Flashy Door Decor

Autumn colorful decorate house exterior yellow orange red orange

Use metal buckets as a flower vase – loving decoration on entrance doors

Flower vase made of metal bucket-make yourself decorating autumn

Autumnal flower oasis on the veranda

Carving House Entrance-to-Autumn-Garnish with Potted Flowers Pumpkins

A beautiful bouquet of autumn leaves and fruits decorates the entrance

Bouquet Bouquet-with the nature's treasures-decorating in autumn

Stack pumpkins on top of each other

Design with pumpkin ideas to make your own-eye-catcher outside

The autumnal mood is rounded off with small fruits, ornamental gourds and cereal grasses

Decorate letter wreath colorfully from dry autumn leaves

Nice color combination for the autumn lime green and purple

dry grasses ostrich balcony decorating in the autumn garden

Make a cozy inviting veranda

cozy decoration in front of the house inviting-for guests in autumn

Autumn garlands are especially popular in the entrance area

Door garland hanging-with leaves of your own making autumn decoration ideas

Door wreath of autumn leaves

Vintage door wreath with dry-autumn leaves-berry crafting ideas

Garden decoration with pumpkins

Stairs decorate-mini pumpkins-fall-flower floor vase purple

Ornamental pumpkin flower vase for balcony railing

Ornamental pumpkin flower vase green Autumn atmosphere on balcony metal railing

Herbs deco with woven baskets

balcony seasonal decorate ideas for little money making yourself

Autumn porch entrance terraced decorating-door wreath apples corncob leaves

Porch decorating-in autumn-door wreath hanging on straw wreath

Tying straw wreath to the self-made wheat ear

Modern suspended luminaires set striking accents in the interior

Modern Hanging Lamps Bedroom Colored Textile Cable Modern Lighting

No lighting concept is complete without a pendant light – whether as an accent in the bedroom, as an effective light source for the dining area or as a stylish addition to the living area – it brings tension into the interior. Thanks to the wide range of models and materials, modern hanging lamps offer numerous design options and can be imaginatively staged.

Modern hanging lamps to properly stage

Modern Hanging Lights-Proper-Scene-Set-Pendant Lamp Metal

Today’s pendant luminaires are much more than just basic lighting – they define the atmosphere in the room and, depending on the needs, can set meaningful contrasts or harmoniously blend into the interior. The first step to effective lighting is to find the right place for the lamp.

The right lighting for the dining area

Modern pendant lights dining place metal dimmer

Hanging lamps scatter soft light and are therefore perfectly suitable for the dining area – in the choice of lighting fixtures especially the table shape and the table size play a crucial role. For a round table, a pendant light with dimmer can provide a cozy atmosphere – ideally it should hang about 70cm above the dining table. For the rectangular table or the extendable table, on the other hand, several side-by-side luminaires come into question – these should be mounted at a distance of approx. 60cm from each other.

Accentuate the seating area in the living area

Modern-Haengeleuchten Parlor furniture-Scandinavian style

Even in the living room, a pendant light can have a positive effect on the mood – it enhances furniture and accessories, provided, however, that it hangs directly above the seating group rather than in the middle of the room as usual. A stylized oversized Pendant light with textile cable in accent color Brings tension into the simple, modern decor even in daylight.

Pendant light in the bedroom ensures coziness

Modern Hanging Lamps Bedroom Comfortable Setup Ideas

Even if the bedside lamp is regarded as an absolute classic in the bedroom, a new furnishing idea has recently gained in popularity – two lights hanging low above the bedside tables or a pendant light mounted directly above the bed. The backlight Gives gentle light that relaxes the eyes and creates a cozy atmosphere. Special pivoting cable systems provide a flexible solution for the walk-in wardrobe and make-up table.

Modern pendant lights – the materials at a glance

Modern-living-Haengeleuchten Lighting combine tips

Modern pendant lights are offered in numerous variants, so that everyone can find the right one for their own style of living. The metal lampshades with their matt surface spray industrial charm and therefore add the finishing touches to eclectic, Scandinavian and minimalist furnishings. The lamps made of hand-blown glass or crystal are glamorous – they give minimalist interiors a luxurious look. Lanterns made of Japanese paper give the room an exotic touch – the model has successfully prevailed and is an indispensable part of the purist living area. Pendant lamps made of wood veneer impress with their organic form, especially in Scandinavian dining areas.

No matter which design is in-house, one important detail must not be overlooked – the cable. Textile cables offer a flexible alternative to steel wire that can set accents in the room or enhance the color of the lighting fixture.

Set accents with purple interior ideas

purple wall wallpaper-living room

For a modern look designers purple in the interior. Everywhere in the house purple interior sparkle ideas like richly glittering gems. There is no room in a house that is not suitable for a new purple look. One of the trends in fashion 2012 are the purple interior ideas that completely change the overall picture.

purple interior ideas – luxury living room

luxury-living-purple shades

Over the years, purple interior ideas have come in and out of fashion. Each of the variety of purple shades enhance the mood and create a strong visual statement at home. All purple rooms are the most extreme and dramatic scenario. Alternatively, you can introduce purple as an accent color to achieve beautiful results.

purple interior ideas – accents with purple chairs in white interior design

light purple-chairs-white-interior-design

Be in a dining room purple interior ideas create a pleasing intimate atmosphere for guest entertainment. In the bathroom, purple will transform the bath time into a luxurious experience. The purple bedroom becomes a place of mystery, where the imagination is left free. Even a simple kitchen is brought back to life with a tin of purple on accent walls or accessories.

luxurious purple bath design

luxurious purple-bad-design

Purple furniture, lampshades, rugs and other decorative accessories will set a lively accent in your room if you partially purple interior ideas want to include. It looks fantastic in a surprisingly wide range of colors. For example, lime green is playing actively with purple accents. Perform a hint of burgundy or purple color in a white interior and it results in a subtle artistic effect. Maybe a few flowers and a lampshade for tasteful balance. Purple in a red interior is lush and exotic. Lilac in a gray interior is distinguished from the neutral background.

purple accents in the nursery

purple accents-nursery

Importantly, these colors can be reversed as accents used in a purple design idea, which achieves striking harmonies and contrasts. The list of fabulous combinations continues. Be brave and experiment more to get the right balance in your life purple interior ideas to reach.

From Jaz

purple-interior-ideas-purple leather sofa

purple kitchen and wood design



vintage purple bedroom

purple bathtub


purple shower enclosure

comfortable-purple-lounge chair

Interior design with color – skilfully setting lively red accents

Loft apartment White red cabinets kitchen built-in

Whether you skillfully stage a piece of furniture, or want to shape a surface structure: you will definitely get a highlight with red shades. Red is a dynamic color and it should be used sparingly. With our tips for Room design with color you will certainly achieve great effects!

Room design with color red

Wardrobe sliding red accents living room

As you know, red affects the human psyche. The vivid color warms, stimulates mentally as well as physically and promotes physical activity and movement. Red is considered passionate and provocative. In consideration of this fact, one should not dominate the energetic color. A Backlight supports the creative Room design with color ,

Advantages of a room design with color

Modern kitchen island fireplace red kitchen chairs design glass roof

Red is number one in the accent colors. On a monochrome basis, elegant contrast can be created. Reds blend well with metal appliances or home accessories that would otherwise appear too dominant on a sterile white wall. In the room design with color can set red activating pulses. White-red is a beautiful and popular color combination that enlivens the living space. A modern kitchen facility sets skilfully colored accents and wins through the white space more structure and clarity.

Red is lively and expressive as a kitchen color

Kitchen furniture door design modern red

Red may be used sparingly in the bedroom

Home Office Ideas Desk Red Wall Paint Blue Canopy

Red cushions convey warmth and coziness

Kitchen interior design equipment Sofa Red Cushion pendant light

Red is good for living rooms with high ceilings and makes the wall come closer

Sofa Set Living Room Red Nuance Ideas Wall Sculptures Paintings

The right lighting characterizes the red accents

Living Room Decoration Ideas Red accents with light-shaping

Red rooms are felt warmer

Wall tile laying red and white ceramic bathtub

Classic color combination for living room – white-black-red

Trendy pattern red white carpet black chair design

Newly designed rooms – kitchen back wall covered with red tiles

Kitchen Back Wall High Ceiling Kitchen Back Wall Red Tiles

White-red stripes have a stimulating effect on creativity

Strip wall nursery-red white loft bed

Red is appetizing! If you are on a diet, red rather than kitchens avoid wall ferns!

Small kitchen modern furniture-red furnishings furnish modern

Wall color red for living room – up to date and stylish

Wall Ferns Red White Living Room Decorating Home Office Ideas

Perfect room design with color

Open kitchen Red base cabinets-furniture design features

High gloss kitchen fronts in red

High gloss kitchen design red color design trends

Red gives the room a romantic atmosphere

Pattern Bedroom Colors White Red Stand Mirror

Red nuances create an atmosphere in which it is easy to relax

Living Colors Bathtub Red wall design

Tastefully designed rooms

Living Room Eclectic Home Decorations Armchairs Red Side Table Design Stool

Outdoor facilities in red

Outdoor swimming pool Create red tiles