Set up ideas of Big Bang Theory colors, furniture and home accessories

Big Bang Theory Furnishing Ideas Furnishing fabrics Home accessories TV series

We show you some Set up ideas from the Tv series Big Bang Theory and take you on a virtual journey through the film decors. From color combinations, to cozy furniture, to funny home accessories – the television show has many interesting ideas to offer!

Set up ideas from the television series Big Bang Theory

Students Woohnzimmer furnishing ideas Junggessellenwohnung

The first of the Facility ideas is the living room of Sheldon and Lenard – the decor is practical and comfortable. The neutral brown scheme, the interesting wooden chair and the cozy sofa provide a seating area with friends. The wooden corner of the kitchen is in harmony with the rest of the furniture. Space-saving idea for a one-room apartment – including home office. The laminate visually connects the different areas in the living room. Numerous posters, small characters of comedic heroes and even a Star Wars theme toaster are just some of the creative decoration ideas.

Decorating ideas with sweet decorations – the room of Penny

Penny bedroom deco ideas color scheme lantern bedspread

In the Penny Room, the connector is definitely the beige color. Large parts of the room are decided in the neutral color, giving room for colorful decoration leaves. Green is used as an accent color throughout the room – from the carpet, over the chairs, to the numerous home accessories. The turquoise color compliments and underlines the design – in the living room of Penny Apartment, the sofa is upholstered in turquoise, and in the bedroom, the bedding is in turquoise color. The orange color adds warmth and vitality to the interior, and subtle purple color remains in the background, successfully replacing the classic black color. These Set up ideas can be easily used in any youth room and the color combination is just perfect for open and sunny girls. Check out the rest of the TV series too!

The bedroom of Penny – decorated with colorful curtains and lanterns

Girl room lantern wall decoration ideas

Penny apartment living room in bright and cheerful colors

Penny apartment colors living room chairs cooking island

Howard’s bedroom

Howard Bedroom Decor Youth Room Boys Bed Poster

The laboratory – leather furniture and home office area

Laboratory TV broadcast Big Bang Theory

The Komikladen – deco idea with posters

Komikladen furnishing ideas film series

The luxurious restaurant – romantic atmosphere with subtle lighting

Luxurious restaurant dining room decor ideas modern wall design

The Indian restaurant decoration with elephant figurines

exotic decor orange purple big bang theory

Furniture from the bachelor apartment of Sheldon and Lenard

Leather sofa chairs exotic carpet interior design ideas

Decoration ideas for youth rooms for boys from the film series

Decoration ideas Nursery boy posters Dart game

Wall tattoo with the cat song from the series

Wall Decal Warm Kitty Big bang Theory song

Star Wars inspired toaster in the home of Sheldon and Lenard

Toster Dart Vader bread bake theme cool cake accessory

Living room furniture and accessories by Besana

Concerto-composition-CRISTAL-glass display cases-besana

The Italian talents of Besana are here to give you a wide selection Living room furniture and accessories to provide for your amazing home atmosphere. What you can find among Besana’s products are goods designed with comfort and elegance in mind. In the catalog of Living room furniture and accessories by Besana old-fashioned and expensive luxury goods without application or modern touch are not to be found.

Beautiful living room furniture by Besana – short overview of the projects


Besana bookcases are the specialty of the Italian manufacturer. When it comes to fashion and stylish Living room furniture The designers of Besana are uncompromising that the bookshelf is a special addition to the living room. Not even special, but obligatory. The bookshelves are mostly made of wood, wide and minimalist. If you want something more avant-garde and eccentric, you can choose a bookshelf from the superb and unique Besana collection. Several gothic and vintage elements are combined with environmentally friendly materials, and modern methods work together with suitable capacities.



The Living room furniture Besana accessories and accessories follow the guiding principle of fusion and perfect combination. The designers are looking for a neat but modern and comfortable living room arrangement. Therefore, the company offers a large number of tables – wood, glass and even marble – with a special decoration or shape, which are easily adapted to the armchairs, sofas and armchairs from their collection. The style of Besana is new, unnamed and undiscovered. He combines the classic with a pure minimalism and a touch of Greece, Renaissance and antiquity.

Wooden bookcase with glossy elements and wall decor


Besana’s modern products are TV holders, glass showcases, and small decorative tables. The TV owners interact with the latest technology and IT trends. The compact shape and the artistic look of the TV holders make this one Living room furniture to compulsory elements in the contemporary apartment. On the other hand, the glass showcases are specially designed for the luxury living room establishment where this extra furniture is put on pedestal. Finally, the decorative little tables complement the large living rooms, where comfort and eccentricity are achieved with extra furniture and decors.

Living room furniture and accessories by Besana – main task and ideas

living room furniture-besana-bookshelf

Besana attach great importance to elegance and innovation as the most important key to their high quality home designs. The talented team of Italian professionals in the field of living room furnishings follow the latest trends and the most perfect approach and living comfort. Your products are proof of that.

glass display cabinets-besana

The background story of the Besana team shows that the designers and manufacturers working for the company are always ready to showcase new products that are one step closer to the next generation of living room furniture. How to serve as models for the contemporary living room equipment. Pure beauty and durable materials are also key points in the company’s strategy. After a good look at the Besana catalog, you will find these things that are now missing in your living room – even if it has been designed to the latest furnishing and furniture trends.



minimalist gray-living-room furniture-orange-deco-elements


wooden bookshelf-besana-black-glass

white minimalistic bookshelf from Besana


living room furniture-accessory-besana

small-wood-coffee tables-besana

Glassvintrin of Besana

glasvintrin-besana-living-room furniture-accessories

TV holder beautiful living room furniture

tv halter-beautiful-living-room furniture

50 oriental living ideas with magical home accessories and decoration

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-modern-eclectic-device-Marrakech-living room-open-kitchen-cushion-Polstermoebel-teppich0

The oriental style of furnishing is particularly relevant today and looks very exotic. The eclecticism between different peoples, nationalities and their typical furniture, textiles and decorative elements create an individual atmosphere and cosiness in the house. Oriental living ideas come from the typical way of life in today’s areas of the Middle East and more specifically the Arabic Islamic countries and those in North Africa.

Oriental living ideas and modern eclecticism in the interior

oriental living-ideas-home-accessories-modern-eclectic-furnishings-living-room-carpet-cushions-floor-cushions-tile-floor

Here we present you some oriental living ideas in a modern style, in which home accessories and furniture from different decades were tastefully combined. Furthermore, you will find authentic room designs typical of the photo gallery Morocco , other Arab countries and India that will surely inspire you.

Oriental living ideas with colored home accessories and decorations

oriental home-living-accessories-modern-eclectic-furnishing-seat-cushion-low-furniture-turquoise-blue-gray-white

When one thinks of oriental living ideas, the stories of “1001 Nights” are the first thing that comes to mind. Large rooms with arches, magnificently designed in gold and warm tones, flowing fabrics, pompously decorated and patterned – that’s how one imagines the oriental style of furnishing. The trends today, however, point in a different direction and these are colors and home accessories. The exotic shades from the traditional kilim rugs, embroidery or folk motifs are reinterpreted and incorporated into the modern interior design as a decorative element.

Oriental living ideas and contemporary design

oriental living-ideas-home-accessories-modern-eclectic-furnishings-carpet-wall-design-ornaments-upholstery-furniture-pendant-lights

Oriental living ideas in a contemporary version feature comfortable, low furniture with interesting upholstery and exotic patterns. Solid wood with natural, untreated surface fits wonderfully. Wall designs with authentic folk motifs and a kilim or oriental rug will contribute to the stylish and individual effect.

White curtains with filigree ornaments in blue

oriental living-ideas-home-accessories-modern-eclectic-furnishing-curtains-blue-white-marrakesh

Typical of the style of living of all countries in the Middle East are the rich ornaments. You can roughly examine oriental living ideas in two areas – on the one hand the bright colors and on the other hand the filigree carvings and ornaments. Tasteful and not exaggerated, a room would look if you stick to one of the two principles. So you can design a room in one or two neutral colors and decorate and home accessories from traditionally carved and painted wood. Home accessories with magnificent ornamentation of metal and glass such as screens, tea tables, lanterns, lamps or mosaics would certainly contribute to the exotic atmosphere, without making the room restless.

Tasteful decor with walls in bright red

oriental home decor -delivery accessories-modern-eclectic-furnishings-red-persian-carpet-deco-guitars

Another stylish option is to put the accent on the color. Then grab some simpler furniture with a clear shape and upholstery in bright colors. Experiment with combinations of textiles, prints and patterns, put a nice rug on the floor or hang it on the wall and spread many pillows on the bed or sofa.

Contemporary modern furniture

oriental living-ideas-home-accessories-modern-eclectic-furnishing-red-orange-ocher-couch-armchair-carpet-wall-decoration

Oriental living ideas also find their place in modern interior design and contribute to an individual, exotic atmosphere in the house.

Simply and authentically set up in white

oriental home-living-accessories-modern-eclectic-furnishings-morrocan-white-natural-wood-built-in shelves

Assemble different furniture and decoration

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-modern-eclectic-device-fireplace Chairs-side table-carving-wall color and white

Typical Arabic accents


Modern apartment with oriental ambience

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-modern-eclectic-device-cream white-green-ornaments-rocking-indirect-lighting-india

Oriental bedroom in white with colored bed linen

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-modern-eclectic-device-bedroom bed-pillows-wanddeko-pattern

The ceiling in the room can also be decorated with wallpaper and varied

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-modern-eclectic-device-bedroom bed-ceiling-design

Baby room in white and oriental rug for the floor

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-modern-eclectic-device-cot-white-persicher carpet-blue-bettwaesche

Oriental and from Marroko

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-residential textiles pillows-carvings-picture frame-deco

Beautifully patterned home textiles from Marrokko

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-residential textiles pillows-pattern-marrokkanisch

Low furniture and many upholstery pillows

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-seat cushion-cushion-roses-red bouquets-tables-wooden-wall design-petrol green

Authentic furniture and decoration

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires Fountain Interior wall paint and white furniture Marocan

Colored floor cushions and screen with masterful filigree carvings

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-juteteppich-seat cushion-floor pillow-paravent-scnitzerei-low-moebel

Eclectic bedroom with oriental motifs and ornaments

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-bedroom curtains-pattern-black-white-bed-beige-modern Marrakech

Bright bedroom with interesting patterns and accents

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires bedroom-modern-style-pattern-wall color-white-color

Brilliant colors for an oriental bedroom


Red accents and textiles in a typical Moroccan bedroom

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-rott-velvet magnificently-marrakesh-hotel room

Oriental living ideas with Arabic flair

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-residential textile-pattern-moebel-exotic-adorned

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-day bed-liege-bettwaesche-pattern-motive pillows

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-bedroom bed-brown-terrace-lookout-arc-Arabic

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-bedroom bed-coverlet-patchwork-colored-orient carpet-floor pillow-lanterns-Arabic

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-bedroom bed-beige-gold-cushion-Arabic


Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-flooring-tile-pattern-color wall-white-arc curtains-deco pillows

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-ottoman-cushion-carpet-side table-metal-mirror


Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-modern-luxury-dark brown-cream white-Arabic


Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-luxury-modern-ceiling - wanddecko-ornaments-pattern-typical-Arabic

Living ideas from India

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-living room-tueren-motive-playful-carving-mosaic floor


Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-bedroom bed-coverlet-purple-gold-pattern zebra carpet

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-orient carpet-living-color wall-white-stairs wallpaper wall-traditional

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-gold-living room-ceiling-couch-cushion-violet

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-red-domed-ceiling-skylight-floor pillow-cushion-cat-fireplace

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-ottomane-seat-cushion-material-patterned pillow-

Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-local-eclectic pad ornaments-bar-light


Oriental-wohnideen-wohnaccessoires-vila-living room-open-terrace-access-brown-deco

Accessories »Large beach towel with a round shape for optimum comfort

Large beach towel -xxl-large-white-sandal-straw-hat-sunglasses-parasol-sand-pillow

Have you ever had to turn the beach towel several times a day while sunbathing to lie in the sun? Sometimes it can be annoying if you want to use the shade under the parasol. On big beach towel can be really useful in this case. XXL beach towels are not only used in the Beach vacation but also for excursions, picnics or hiking. But what shape should the big blanket ideally have for optimal comfort?

Large beach towel with round shape and hole for parasol

Large beach towel-white-parasol-pillow-straw-hat-sun-vacation-sand

A French designer has dealt extensively with this question. He grew up on the coast and dealt with this problem. The result is a large beach towel with a round shape and a hole in the middle for the parasol. The circular shape provides optimum comfort in the shade, since you do not constantly have to change the lying position with blanket. In addition, the space is enough for at least two people. Designs with a diameter of up to 300 cm provide enough space for the whole family and are just as good for that picnic ,

Large beach towel with round shape ensures optimal comfort summer

Large beach towel -white-round-parasol-pillow-sun-holiday-relax

The fabric used is a soft blend of linen and cotton with a special honeycomb structure that promises decidedly lightness. This beach towel dries quickly, is easy to care for and adds a touch of casual hippie style. It is offered in cream-white color and is available for a price of 122 euros.

Round design for casual summer days on the beach

beach towel-xxl-big-white-parasol-sun-Uralub-sunbathing-cushion-relax-comfort

The white color absorbs no additional heat

beach towel-xxl-big-white-sun-lie-vacation-woman-bikini-parasol

Round shape ensures optimal comfort during the sunny days

beach towel-xxl-big-white-parasol-round-woman-Uraub-sun-beach-relax

Enjoy the sun on the beach with functional accessories

beach towel-xxl-big-white-round-sun-sand-woman-holiday-straw-relax

Blanket for summer vacation for sunbathing comfort

beach towel-xxl-big-white-sand-woman-sunglasses-relax-Uralub-sun

Accessories for the beach in white absorb no additional heat

beach towel-xxl-big-white-round-pillow-woman-sand-comfort-vacation-tusch

Hippie chic on the beach with natural fabric accessories

beach towel-xxl-big-white-straw-Kompfort-round-sand-woman-holiday sandals

Blended fabric with honeycomb structure

beach towel-xxl-big-white-straw-woman-bikini-sunglasses-sand-Uralub

Casual accessories for a relaxed vacation

beach towel-xxl-big-white-woman-bikini-straw-vacation-relax-sand

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Home & Garden »Decoration in the garden: 85 furniture & accessories to make your own

decoration in the garden hanging flowerpot succulent original

It’s really amazing what you can do for the garden. From decorations and accessories, to garden lights, to garden fences can be crafted and individualized with a little imagination and craftsmanship skills. Old furniture can be spiced up without much effort, various household items – transform. There are many ways to add character to your garden. Browse through our picture gallery for inspiration for your individual equipment and Decoration in the garden to find.

Deco in the garden for the fence

deco in the garden fence wood colorful yellow bench

With homemade pots and flower pots you put your colorful flowers perfectly in scene. The garden can be decorated with creative, self-designed lanterns, the simple parasol can be embellished with fabric roses – the imagination knows no bounds. If you are with the children Decoration in the garden you should expect several untraditional ideas from them! The best is that Tinker children Huge fun!

Deco in the garden – garden path

deco in the garden garden path wood slices idea

In the warm spring days the blossoming nature lures us outside. For all real DIY fans, it is clear: the additional living room outdoors is only with the appropriate furniture really comfortable. The design of the furniture for the garden is fortunately a matter of taste and you have virtually free hand in the design. In recent years, however, furniture from used Euro pallets has become established as a garden trend. These work great as seating, as well as side tables or stands for planters. So you can also a bit of nature on the balcony or on the small terrace pick up.

Bicycle as decoration and flower box

deco in garden bicycle shape flowerpot basket

Instead of buying new pots, tubs and boxes, there are a variety of vessels that can be planted. Metal buckets, porcelain vases, old tea and watering cans are perfect for this purpose. With succulents and house sausages of different colors very special mini gardens are designed. Drill several holes in the bottom of the container to allow the excess water to drain off.

Place birdbath in the garden

decoration in the garden bird bath bowl green brown glass

From old household items, you can still make a nice wind sound play yourself. Old cutlery, keys and other things are first hung on a wire and form the orchestra. For suspension could be a big branch or an old metal sieve.

Chairs in the garden as flowerpots

garden decorating old chairs - colorful plants

Decoration in the garden: beautiful and creative

repaint used car tires-garden decorating yourself

Garden furniture for DIY

garden furniture wooden dresser flower pots storage area terrace

Imagine herbs, plants and flowers imaginatively

Watering can flowerpot with decoupage technique beautify

Decorating with rubber boots

old rubber boots as floor vase decoration home entrance stairs

Arrange garden decoration with plants

garden containers flower boxes suitcase wicker baskets upcycle ideas

Building bird feeder houses with the children

diy birdhouse garden birds attract projects to make yourself

Decorative doll made of clay pots

garden figures ceramic flowerpots-decorative doll

Make decoration in the garden with children

home-made garden deco-picture of-moss small plants flower

Photo backdrop for family celebrations

family photos decoration-in the garden-for festive occasions ideas

Garden table deco with plants

garden decoration to make yourself outdoor table hanging flowers

Casing made of cork stoppers

Bird feeder build from wooden cork bottle caps

Use old bulbs as vases

deco in the garden tinker-old light bulbs-as flower vases

Garland for garden of fabric or paper

tinkering with paper hand-made decorations-with clothes-peg-fastened

Wind chimes create a magical atmosphere

summer garden wind chimes homemade crafting ideas decoration

Romantic garden decoration with flowers and chains

garden deco-romantic design corner-rustic garden table curtain

Hanging flower vases made of jam jars

Ideas hanging decoration-garden-decoration-yourself

garden decoration wood garden fence old bicycle wall decoration flower pot

garden table decoration for outdoor bouquet tall glass vase

with children tinker welcome sign garden deco bird-out wood

garden hanging decoration lighting self-made blue bottles

garden table rustic decoration lush bouquet spring decoration

origami birds decoration for garden recycle light bulbs

garden spice rainwater drainpipe yellow painting watering can

garden accessories bird feed house build metal

mini-garden bitop for insects deco-self-make tree trunks

garden deco metal wire grate tealights small plants wooden stool

Decorative old bicycle wheels recycle fence yourself

garden paths create auger shaping with stone grass

daybed garden seating used wooden pallet furniture design

planting table wooden table-changing garden furniture accessories stowing

plant table gardening ideas to spice up with color

make garden furniture for used car tires-white painted yourself

System of gardening accessories for storing things

garden decoration furniture ideas recycle armchair plastic crate

hanging room for patio and garden striped furniture trends

seat mediterranean style privacy cloth colorful ideas deco in the garden

Round bench-build ideas from recycled-wood garden ideas

Cable drum set of garden furniture yourself building ideas

garden lighting lanterns made of jam jars to make your own colorful decoration

romantic lighting in the garden candles decoration discreetly

glasses decoration for the garden-self tinker-lighting string of lights

garden lighting to make yourself-hanging metal cans mug

decoration in the garden ideas lampshade crafts old wicker baskets

garden lampshade ideas to make yourself outdoor light

garden table decorations idea teacups as flowerpots

accessories garden decoration flower pots upcycling ideas household items

upcycling ideas garden decorations glass bottles flower vases

Plant container flower containers made of light metal garden pots

white flower box for patio entrance garden decoration ideas

herb garden cultivate pots of different plants

garden table decoration with vases glass-cactus plants

decoration ideas-to-make-it-yourself-hats wall-planters

garden chess board flower pots mini biotope garden decoration

flower pots from old containers metal can ideas decoration in the garden

flowerpot succulent wall hanging decoration in the garden

garden table flower vase-glass parsley bouquet cork closure

garden deco self-decorating flowerpots to attach vertically on metal grid

garden ideas hanging flowerpots rain boots rubber

wooden pallets recycling flower box garden planters build

herbal garden flower pot old container vessels bucket upcycling

Reuse garden plants in flowerpots and wine bottles

old wine bottles cork stopper flower ideas - environmentally friendly

Bamboo poles trellis for climbing plants ideas tinker

Accessories »The Fedora Hat – A timeless must-have accessory

Fedora hat -bordo-vogue-streetstyle-coat-gray-wool-chanel-bag

Of the Fedora hat is a timeless fashion accessory and has been known since the late 19th century. At that time it was worn by the upper classes of society, usually men. At first, they were hats of soft felt that had been pinched in front and on both sides. Later, many similar hats made of straw or fabric were included under this name.

Fedora Hat – A timeless accessory

Fedora hat-brown-beige-skirt-long-cardigan-vintage-20s

Today, the Fedora hat is a must have accessory! The celebrities, whether women or men, wear it at every opportunity. It is a matter of taste, if you put on a hat and also a little courage belongs to it. Fedora just looks classy and not without reason. The name of the hat comes from a play in which the leading actress Fedorá has worn such a hat.
The classic models are made of felt in black, beige, brown or gray and sometimes have one Leo Print and are equipped with a narrow loop around the hat crown around. The accessory can be worn in autumn or spring, but also in the summer days.

Classic Fedora hat can be combined with different garments

Fedora hat-beige-coat-wool-pattern-blouse-bag-city-beautiful-woman

Our tip: It’s not easy to find a model that fits your face shape and head size. It’s probably just as hard to find the right pair of sunglasses. When you finally decide to wear a fedora hat, it is best to wear your hair open. If you do not want to give up tied hair, then knot at the neck quite loose. Match all your clothing to your hat, both colorful and stylish. Fedora goes well with straight-silhouette dresses, smart suits, classic shirts and wide-leg pants, or plain boho-style garments.

Fedora in black with a very large border

Fedora hat -black-lace-cropped-top-blonde-slim-pink-wall

Check out our top styling inspiration with Fedora hat and get some ideas to follow!

Colored variant

Fedora hat-berry-autumn-fall-leather jacket-jeans-leotasche

Fedora made of straw is a nice accessory for the boho look

Fedora hat-beige-street-style-summer-second-pieces-pattern-crop-free

Fedora is a favorite accessory of many celebrities

Fedora hat-flower-boho-air-shirt-short-pants-smile-beautiful-babymiranda-kerr

Fedora in Bordeaux is a classic version and becomes the center of the outfit

Fedora hat -bordo-tasty-ballerinas-poncho-olivia-palermo

Fedora hat -bordo-streetstyle-jeans-pumps-shawl-shirt-white

When traveling, Rosie Huntington Whiteley always has her fedora with her

Fedora hat-brown-casuyl-leoprint-pocket-leather-jacket-jewelery-rosie-huntington-whiteley

Romantic look for fall and spring with a brown hat and a casual sweater

Fedora hat-brown-autumn-red-boots-black-trousers-brown-top

Sarah Jessica Parker has tailored the hat and the sneakers for a perfect street style

Fedora hat-brown-sunglasses-mirrored-sneakers-jenas-white-pull-on-writing-Sarah-Jessica-Parker

Nice casual with denim jacket, jumper, jeans

Fedora hat-brown-streetstyle-denim jacket-jumpsuit-boho-denim-jeans

Fedora can also be worn in the summer

Fedora hat - dark brown-zara-white-dress-summer-basket-city

An elegant, black and white outfit

Fedora hat -elegant-skirt-striped-black-white-coat-sunglasses-pumps-

Fedora hat-gray-felt-sweater-trousers-white-sneaker-bag-blue

fedora-hat-green-assos-street style red highheels leather pants-fray

fedora-hat-street style coat-blue-gray-puli-hair-open

fedora-hat-green-jacket-black-blond-beautiful-street style




fedora-hat-boho-coat-striped brown-sand color black

fedora-hat-autumn-winter-gray leather-anaconda-coat-boots

fedora-hat-black outfit leather jacket-coat-elegant

fedora-hat-and-white all-leather-boots-elegant minimalist stylishly

fedora-hat-maenner suit-blue-black-tie-floral

fedora-hat-maenner-don draper-suit-20-newyork-vintage-

fedora-hat-maenner-shirt-bleu-striped pants-and-white sunglasses Matthew McConaughey

fedora-hat-maenner-black casual leather jacket-tshirt-Justin Theroux


fedora-hat-maenner-black-leather-jacket-pants-plaster-city-street style

fedora-hat-maenner-street style jeans sunglasses jacket polo shirt

fedora-hat-petrol-green fuchsia-color-coat-midriff-fringe-bag


fedora-hat and black-boho-chic-flower-coat-city-eyeliner-highheels

fedora-hat and black-colorful-pattern-rock-lang-fuchsia color-Upper partly-round-sunglasses-Beyoncé

fedora-hat and black-quite-short-shorts-sunglasses-pullover

fedora-hat-black highheels-gray-top pink glittery mini skirt

fedora-hat-black-dress-short-kind plaster-kristin-cavallari

fedora-hat-black leather pants-shirt-fluent-material-Nicole richie

fedora-hat-black coat and beige-elegent-timeless-street style autumn

fedora-hat-black outfit-casual-comfortable-jeans-sarah-jessica-parker

fedora-hat-black sweatshirt-gray casual jeans sunglasses katie holmes-

fedora-hat-black pullover Knitting-beige-hose-brown-big-bag-city-rosie-huntington-whiteley

fedora-hat and black-romantic-beige-dress-long-airy-kristin-cavallari

fedora hat and black sunglasses-street style-newyork-dress-colorful-flowers-floral-paving

fedora-hat-black street style leather jacket-paint shoes-leather bag-bicycle

fedora-hat-street style-black-dress-short coat-ombre

fedora-hat-street style-summer-2015-boho-pattern-overall-bunt

fedora-hat-straw-jean blazer and beige-shirt-around sunglasses-Jessica-Alba

fedora-hat-straw-loop-beige outfit cream-casual.jessica-alba



fedora-hat-white-black-street style chanel bag-rock-alinie-blouse-white

fedora-hat zara black-summer-beautiful-laessig-white-fence

Accessories »Jewelery made of modeling clay – 25 polymer clay ideas for crafting

Modeling clay jewelry - pig-fimo-polymer-chain-tinker-pink

Figures and Jewelry made of modeling clay Tinker the children already in the kindergarten. Although it looks a breeze, there are a few tricks and tips on how to make something more intricate and ornate shapes for jewelry. A suitable and very sustainable material is the polymer clay, which is also known under the name “Fimo”. It is available in every hobby shop and in several colors. Fimo is easy to work with and stays soft for a long time. To fix the material is baked, which is also possible in the oven at home. Pay attention only to the right temperature. There are different types of polymer clay, as well as numerous accessories and additives such as paints or plasticisers. For beginners, we have in this items some simpler ideas for figures and jewelry made up of modeling clay.

Modeling clay jewelery – necklaces, earrings, studs, collars, polymer clay rings

Jewelery made of modeling clay -dog-necklace-craft-polymer clay-modeling-bijou

The beauty of this material is the long working hours. If you fail a shape, simply knead all the elements together and start over. To keep the clay longer, wrap it well in cling film. The handling of polymer clay is very simple – roll out, cut and mix and after baking, the material is very firm and not at all brittle. It is best suited for decorated miniatures, which have many small and fine details. You can make out imaginative jewelry modeling clay to tinker in all its forms and looks for yourself or as a gift – stone-like pearls, lace textures, tiny fruits and sweets Bijou are just a small selection of possibilities.

Jewelry made of modeling clay – imaginative polymer clay ideas for crafting

Jewelry made of modeling clay earrings-simple-purple-tinker-stcker-violet-plain

A strong trend in the Jewelry design and in the DIY projects is the food jewelry, so jewelry that looks like food. It looks extraordinary and in the truest sense of the word “sweet”. Take a look at the photo gallery and be inspired by our adorable ideas for modeling clay jewelery. At the bottom you will find a very detailed step-by-step video.

An eye-catcher – cloud with colored raindrops

Jewelry made of modeling clay-rainbow-cloud-fimo-chain-tinkle-drop-colors

Seductive sweets as earrings or necklace

Modeling clay jewelry - pancake-glaze-blueberry-cream-earring-polymer

Uncomplicated and effective – earrings made of fimo balls

Jewelry made of modeling clay - earrings-ball-pink-black-white-points

Delicate red roses made of polymer clay decorate the ears

Jewelery made of modeling clay - earring-red-rose-polymer clay-making-yourself

A sweet bite – finger ring with macarons

macarons-ring-tinker-fimo-chocolate pink-fimo

Glittering donuts – tasty trinkets

Modeling clay jewelry - donuts-glitter-pink-blue-fimo-chain-sweet

Simple with details in pastel colors

Modeling mass - chain-stones-odd-fimo-metal-purple-blue-pink

Traditional Greek dessert as a bijou

chain-dessert Candy Greco-fimo-glaziert

Wear the breakfast around your neck


Modeling mass - chain-fimo-warm-toene-idea-bijou


biscuits-ring-pearl flower cupcake cream-pink


nutella-glass-ring-fimo-tinker-foodstuffs jewelry-

caramel marble-effect-chain-chocolate-brown-tinker


Owl fimo-chain-tinker-pink-chocolate-funny




Modeling mass - licorice-fimo-tinkering-black-white-ideas-pattern

Desk Accessories Mouse Pad, Keyboard Tray & Co made of wood

Mouse Pad Keyboard Tray Cell Phone Charger Holder

The company Groovemade has recently launched its latest collection on the market. The exclusive Desk accessories and accessories such as mouse pad, keyboard tray, mobile phone holder, sorters are made by hand from wood. Delight your partners and customers with a luxurious and elegant office table accessory!

Desk accessories made of maple and walnut

Set of mouse pads Keyboard tray Apple Computer

A wide range of accessories for the computer desk is available, so that everyone can choose the right one for their own office. Monitor stand, keyboard tray with special ergonomic shape that protects the wrists, paper clip holders, touchpad, mobile phone holder and chargers are just a few of the company’s products. In addition, even mobile phone and laptop cases are made of wood!

Of the Desk accessories is offered in two variants. The first is made of maple – the warm wood color blends perfectly with the white desk, monitor and keyboard and can spice up a minimalist office space. The second – made of walnut – fits perfectly with black / gray / metallic bodies. The attractive grain of the wood never lets go of the eyes and lifts the interior to a higher level of luxury.

Desk accessories made of wood – how it all began

Accessories new collection keyboard mouse pad

It all started a few years ago when Groovemade designers talked in the office. They were amazed that many people decorate their house / apartment with the utmost attention to the details, but the office table – not. And finally you spend a lot of time at work! But now it’s the cold-acting ones offices past – thanks to the practical accessories, a cozy and inviting atmosphere is created. With the new collection, Groovemade aims to create a better working environment, from which both the employees themselves and the customers will benefit.

New collection ensures coziness on Workplace

several parts planter ballpoint pen monitor stand

Computer desk with maple wood accessories

Monitor stand Keyboard shelf Mouse pad

A wide range of products is available

Desk Accessories Walnut Collection Groovemade

Computer desk with maple accessories

Stand Keyboard Storage Stationery Planter

Modern and stylish – the collection scores with a minimalist design

Set Accessories Keyboard Tray Mouse Pad Mobile Phone Holder Clip Holder

Practical organization system for the desk

Accessories Mobile Phone Charger Stationery Mouse Pad Maple Wood

Also available in walnut finish

Design stylish walnut wood pen place

Square mouse pad modern design planter wood coasters desk

Stand desk keyboard made of walnut

Keyboard down storage business cards folder

Charger gold walnut wood modern design

Walnut wood golden details Apple charger

Case design ideas modern wood leather clad soft

Shells wood extra ordinary material cool idea

Wood tree engraved Apple design ideas

Mobile Phone Case Desk Accessories Maple Natural Material

silver color coating top laptop design ideas

Notepad cover modern design attractive grain

Wedding »Choose hair accessories for wedding – tips and ideas

Hair accessories for wedding ideas-different-variations

The choice of wedding jewelry can be overwhelming even for the well-organized bride. Not only Earrings , Necklaces and bracelets, but also hair accessories such as tiaras, hairpins, hair combs, veils and Co. are of great importance. Of the Hair accessories for wedding should suit the dress and wedding theme. What else is important and which variants are available, you will learn in the following article.

Hair accessories for wedding – tiara, hair band or tiara

Hair accessories for wedding half-open hair diadem

Hairbands are very versatile, as they can be worn with open, half-open or high-set hair. Look for a hair band that will pick up details of the wedding dress, such as a particular pattern, material or appliqué. If the wedding dress is embroidered with pearls, the hair ornaments could be like that. Also note the color of the metal. Gold is good for champagne colored Wedding Dresses while silver is popular for white and ivory wedding dresses.

Hair accessories for wedding – hair combs


Hair combs vary in size and shape and are perfect for updos and buns. If you are going to wear a veil, use two combs – one with a practical and one with a decorative function.

Hair accessories for wedding – hairpins


Hairpins are very discreet and can nicely complete doughs and braiding hairstyles. You can also choose between rhinestones, pearls and flowers.

Headband with rhinestones

haarschmuck-wedding-headband-glittering stones-hair-hair great-pearl necklaces

An opulent hair ornament is simply the perfect complement to the simple, but also the extravagant bridal gown, but do not overdo it. Other pieces of jewelry, such as earrings and necklace are completely unnecessary here. Certainly it looks stylish when there is a connection between the decorating accents on the wedding dress and the elements in the hair. A breastfeeding line should connect all the pieces and, of course, be coordinated with the entire wedding design.

filigree hairband with rhinestones

haarschmuck-wedding-filigree-hair band glittering stones

A plentiful head and hair jewelry undoubtedly attracts the attention of the beholder on the pretty face, especially on the eye party. Therefore it is worthwhile to emphasize this area through the make-up. The earrings should not distract the view from the main accessory. They should be discreet and not expensive. Stud earrings are best suited here. Whether with pearls or crystals, they should be selected according to the hair jewelry and simply complement it, by no means dominate.

Hairpins with yellow flowers


Hairpins with flowers and flowers are perfect for a romantic bride. Of course, hairpins will find a use only in updos or in those where the hair is sometimes high. This fixes the hairstyle, but also sets an accent. If the wedding dress is decorated with embroidery, pearls and flowers, the hair ornaments should be accordingly. Color, shape and size of the flowers should be chosen with great attention to detail, so they harmonize with the other details.

Interestingly pampered hairstyle with opulent headband


However, the headband is an alternative to the diadem. He is an uncomplicated solution, but very festive. Depending on the hairband can be stuck in the hairstyle or is cleverly incorporated into it. Woven in a peasant’s braid and tied at the front, as a kind of hair band. This romantic hairstyle will go well with an emirpy dress or any vintage style.

haarschmuck-wedding-hair band white tulle

Frequently, hair bands are decorated with feathers and rhinestones. They look very good on an elegant, simple wedding dress and they look especially chic when it comes to a noble costume. Models with elaborate elements give the hairstyle a special twist and are a nice complement to the short veil. Eye-catching designs are often worn as a decorative element on the ice side. A headband can be the perfect solution for both short and long hair. As far as the hairstyle is concerned, the carrying possibilities here are almost too unlimited. For a topknot or an updo hairband looks very chic au. Simple models can also be worn later, on other occasions.


A high-quality processed hair comb looks especially elegant when inserted into the bridal hairstyle. Decorated with beautiful, sparkling stones and pearls, it is a classic headdress. In the past, daughters get precious jewelry from their mothers as inherited. However, a hair comb is the perfect solution if the bride does without a veil. He can be incorporated into the hairstyle according to his own wishes. He is mostly worn in the back of the hair bun. With open hairstyles with curls one can take the hair off the face from the side. Especially with long hairstyles it looks adorable. But the half-length hair can be beautifully decorated with a hair comb. Especially for the walk to the registry office one is the perfect option.

Curlies set accents in the simple long hairstyle

haarschmuck-wedding-half open-hair-plait-bluemchen

Curlies is available in numerous great designs. Whether flowers, pearls, rhinestones or a combination of different decorative elements, they find a use for every bridal hairstyle and for every hair structure. Curlies are actually bran hairsprings that can be easily screwed into the hair. They provide wonderful accents and last very well the whole wedding day long. They slip during the extensive wedding party, like other Haarklemen and others. Small applications ensure a secure hold. In most cases, the same designs, for example of pearls and crystals, but in different sizes are available. As a result, several variants are possible for the design.

haarschmuck-wedding-open-hair-floral decorations

Wedding hair accessories have a long tradition but also extravagance. For special occasions, especially for the wedding of course, a glamorous and very special appearance of the ladies is always desired. A rich, especially beautiful, noble hair adornment fulfills all claims and is as popular as before. If you want to feel like a real princess from the fairy tale, do not miss out on a sparkling design. It draws the attention of all those present and therefore the simple elegance is recommended in the choice of the hairstyle. Of course it is advisable to try out different variants where the hair ornaments are best anchored. In any case, it would be a shame if the hair comb or diadem slips or pushes unpleasantly in the course of the celebration. From the practical point of view, it can be attached to the forehead or in the front area.

haarschmuck-wedding-pigtails-dutt-comb bluemchen



haarschmuck-wedding-updo-hair band glittering stones haarschmuck-wedding-hairband-glittering stones Flowers

haarschmuck-wedding-hair band glittering stones-hair-great hairstyle

haarschmuck-wedding-hair band glittering stones

haarschmuck-wedding-end chain-pearl farm wreath

haarschmuck-wedding-bun-hair-pearl hairpins

haarschmuck-wedding-boho-hairstyle-undone look-comb

pearl hair jewelry-wedding-bird-cage-veil-

haarschmuck-wedding-fabric flowers-glittering stones

Practical accessories for picnics and sociable alfresco barbecues

ideas for accessories picnic blanket classic caring red-white

Arm yourself for a stylish summer. With this accessory for picnics and barbecues, the barbecue parties are even more stress-free and fun. Here is what you need:

1. A high-tech meat thermometer

High tech meat thermometer utensils modern picnics and excursions

Everyone knows that a meat thermometer is a must for perfectly cooked meat. The iGrill ($ 80) outperforms the standard meat thermometer with its Bluetooth feature and an app that helps you maintain the right temperature for different types of meat.

2. Accessories for picnic : A wine bag for two

Practical accessory for picnic wine bag for two bottles of fabric

At a picnic You never know how long you will enjoy the outdoors. That’s why this two-part wine bag is an advantage. It has space for two wine bottles, which are well insulated and protected by them, and the pleasant handle makes it easier to carry. The wine bag is as Accessories for the picnic to find. Price: about 18 euros.

3. Accessories for picnics and barbecues: An attractive bottle cooler

Picnic Barbecues more attractive-Flschenkühler metal legs

This bottle cooler is particularly attractive due to its interesting legs. Make your favorite drinks cool in this portable, ice-filled, container. Price: about 70 euros.

4. A hand roller for hot dogs

Handroller for Hot-Dogs Accessories-Grilling tools

With this hand roller for your grill, you can prepare perfect hot dogs. With just a few turns you get delicious hot dogs, as you know them from the store. Delight your guests and children.

5. A 2 in 1 picnic bag – the practical accessory for picnics

2-in-1 design picnic bag accessory-for picnic-barbecue evenings outdoors

Transport yours Accessories for the picnic with this nice bag, which transforms into a small blanket. There is this practical bag in different colors and stylish and modern design. Price: about 50 euros.

6. A solar music player

picnic trips in nature hi tech solar cell music player

What is a barbecue afternoon without the right music. This music player ensures that you can forget about batteries because it is powered by solar energy. It plays music from any device that has Bluetooth. Interesting and beneficial is that this music player can charge your devices. Price: 100 euros.

7. Naturally-friendly cutlery as an accessory for the picnic

Bamboo wood environmentally friendly cutlery accessories for picnics

Who would like to take their fine silver cutlery out there for a picnic? This cutlery from nature-friendly plastic is the solution. It is 100% recyclable and can be rinsed hundreds of times even in the dishwasher. 24 pieces cost about 6 euros.

8. A rust for ribs

A grate for ribbed garden accessories barbecue stainless steel grill

Not every piece of meat can be put on the grill. Some people need specific accessories to succeed. This grill especially for ribs ensures the right height, so even beginners get it juicy and tender. Price: about 18 euros.

practical barbecue accessories ideas during a picnic