Christmas Decorations ideas »Advent calendar ideas and suggestions, sweet seduction

advent calendar ideas wood reindeer idea red push toys

December time- beautiful advent season! The children in the Christian families are waiting for this moment every year when theirs Advent calendar as a gift and count the days before Christmas with chocolate chocolates and other sweets and wait and see. But it is time not only for the children, but also a sweet seduction for the adults and plenty Advent calendar ideas bake yourself as a home-made decoration to make your own or chocolates.

Advent calendar ideas and suggestions

advent calendar ideas round boxes metal purple nuances kitchen fir-tree

The well-known chocolate manufacturers like Milka and Lindt are in the Christmas time a nice and delicious surprise for children and adults. Advent calendar ideas are with famous scenes of the Nativity or with Santa and his reindeer. Christmas ball, Christmas trees, snowflakes, packed Gifts are traditionally presented in sometimes unusual ways.

Paper bags for the advent calendar

advent calendar ideas paper doors fireplace sims deco candles succulents

For dark chocolate and dark chocolate, milk chocolate or chocolates in the most beautiful Advent calendar versions for adults. In this article you will get some original as well as traditional ideas for an advent calendar.

Advent Calendar Ideas- DIY Artworks

advent calendar ideas christmas tree wood toy idea tree ornaments

The above advent calendar is convenient, as the wooden toy, which is located behind each door, can be attached to the Christmas tree right away. They are not only for playing, but can also be used as Christmas tree decorations.
Even with empty cans, you can implement great Advent calendar ideas. All you need is a pretty paint job and the numbers from 1 to 24. Then fill them with candy or toys, depending on who the calendar is for.

Idea for a calendar of cans

advent calendar ideas can paint red idea rustic

Advent calendar ideas as DIY projects will mostly surprise family and friends, visitors. On a wall of wood or solid cardboard with the shape of a Christmas tree, you can attach light, small metal buckets, such as those for flowers. Paint them all in white, write down the 24 days, fill them with sweets, small gifts, prosecco or champagne, a bottle of good wine and Voilá!

Advent calendar from buckets

Wall made of wood or cardboard with cup-and-advent gifts

Another idea would be to fill the muffin plate with chocolates, small candies or other sweets and to close them with cut paper lids. It’s simple and offers more variety of sweet things than the usual advent calendars. Made of fabric, you can sew a gingerbread male and provided with small 24 pockets. Vintage Christmas Calendar is also made of red rope and on which are printed black and white printed and cut out retro paper figures. In three four rows, for example one Singer Slicer, porcelain teapot or royal crown hung.

Mini bucket in red and white

advent calendar ideas wooden ladder-string lights-mini-bucket-red-white

Muffin baking dish

adventskalender-ideas-muffin-back form-scrapbook-paper

Pyramid of mini buckets


Sew pockets from old shirts


Small house – trailer


Santa Claus idea made of fleece

Santa Claus Head-to-Advent days

Made of felt fabric to tinker an advent calendar

Vintage Adventskaender Paper Topics

Retro vintage advent calendar

Snowman Advent calendar with-pockets

Cotton or wool fabric with small pockets

Retro-leaf book with Advent-candy

Scandinavian Advent Calendar

black-chocolate-gray with winter landscape

Christmas advent calendar from fabric

Truffle homemade Chocolate heart

Milka Advent Calendar for Friends

to-first Advent Advent

Chocolate Praline in advent calendar

Chocolate Seduction

Castle Advent calendar with farm-and-handle

Nutcracker tradition-than-Advent

Gingerbread Männchenmit-pockets

Plastic stones Advent calendar book

small boost box Advent Calendar

small Christmas Tree with wooden shelves-advent

House Advent Calendar with thrust box

Owl Advent-an-der-Pinntafel

DIY Advent calendar with gifts

Edelbitter advent calendar-of-Lindt

beautiful advent calendar Chocolate rectangular

DIY Advent in muffin form

Advent of-Leggo

Advent shaft elk-to-wood panel

Beutelchen Advent days Candies Ideas

Advent calendar with-shelves-from-wood

Advent calendar with gouged-job-by-the-candy

3D Chocolate Advent Calendar Reindeer

Christmas Decorating Ideas »Make modern Advent wreath yourself – 48 inspirations

Modern Advent wreath-make-over-minimalist-white-candles-moss-numbered

Christmas is a festive time that elicits certain ideas for decoration. Mostly it means shiny Christmas balls in different colors, artificial or real pine branches, golden bows and bells – lots of kitsch. The typical decorative elements can sometimes be arranged differently and designed according to taste. Make one yourself modern Advent wreath suitable for your rather purist living ambience.

Modern Advent wreath make yourself – imaginative suggestions and inspirations

Modern Advent wreath - make-over-minimalistic-white-moss-candles-number

The Advent wreath stands for the remaining days from the beginning of December until Christmas Eve. Originally the Advent wreath made a wooden wreath from an old cartwheel, decorated with fir branches and marked with a candle every day in December. For each Sunday of the month stood a larger candle. Today the Christmas wreath has become reduced and the number of candles is limited to four – for each week of December. The shape has not necessarily remained round – not necessarily that of a wreath.

Modern Adventskranz make yourself – decorate differently

Modern Advent wreath - make-over-the-day-decorated-candles-moss-tart-bakeware

Traditionally, the Advent wreath of four candles and that’s all that was left of that time. Modern interpretations are available in numerous variants. Basically everyone serves candle holder or holder for exactly four candles as Advent wreath. Alternatively, offer flat, elongated plates especially for decorating. Instead of fir green you can take moss or small plants, also succulents, and decorate the candles. Small bowls and even jam jars are wonderful as a creative modern Advent wreath. Forget the numbers for each Advent week – from one to four. You can simply print them out with copiers and stick them on them or put them on as little labels. Make what little cones and sticks of driftwood and make yourself a beautiful modern Advent wreath yourself.

Make modern Advent wreath itself – instructions

Modern Advent wreath - make-over-white-red-plate-decorate-candles

With very little effort, you can create a modern Advent wreath yourself. Take four block candles in the desired color – all four can be the same color or two times two. Find a flat plate, round or rectangular to taste, plain, plain. Obtain small items for decoration – individual pieces of Christmas decorations, decorative stones, stars and others.

Simple modern Christmas wreath – easy to design yourself

Modern Advent wreath - make-yourself-candles-white-red-plate-decorate

Cut out a circle of cardboard in matching color – white cardboard to white plate, out. Put on the candles. This piece of cardboard protects the plate from the candle wax. Arrange for pleasure and unfold your creativity.

Make modern Advent wreath – tools and materials

Modern Advent wreath-make-over-dish-deco-ball-white-red

If you take candles of the same size, number them. Decorate with numbers and numbers from one to four made of sheet metal, felt, wooden paper or simply labeled with a black marker. Shells and plates made of metal give a piece of individual touch to the homemade Advent wreath. Old baking tins for mini tartlets or cake tins can find new use and be used instead of plate for the candles.

Modern Advent Wreath – White, Red and Glitter


Advent wreath in a natural look

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-moss-yapfen-rod natural materials-plate-keryen

Make your own modern Advent wreath yourself – 18 ideas and inspirations

Modern Advent wreath – simple and reduced

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-simple-simple-branches-of course-grind

Decorate Christmas wreath in a different way

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-pieces of wood-tap-candles-white

Advent wreath decorated with natural materials


Decorate advent wreath according to taste


Advent wreath of homemade candle holders

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-pieces of wood-bowl-tap-deco-white

Advent wreath interpreted in a modern way – fir branches with moss

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-moss-tap-back form-metal-candles-white

Reduced variant for Advent wreath

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making center-table-plate-weihnachtskugeln-tannenyweige

Advent wreath in minimalist style – black and white


Modern Advent wreath – extremely reduced by decoration

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making minimalist candlestick-black-white-candle-oblong

Christmas wreath minimalist in white frame

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-minimalist-white-candlestick-rectangular design

Rectangular candlestick for four candles as a modern alternative to the Advent wreath


Arrange Advent wreath with a difference

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making gingerbread-oblong-decorated candles-and-white-number

Decorate a simple Christmas wreath with gingerbread

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candles-gingerbread-white-numbered-biscuit form

Elongated Advent wreath make yourself

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making gingerbread-minimalist biscuit mold-white-Scandinavian

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-white-number-metal


adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorated, white and keryen-moss-plate

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorated-candles-tannenzweige-plate


adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-white-candle-moss-style

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-numbered - tannenyweige-plate

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-candles-moss-wired-number

adventskranz-modern-making oblong-decorate-candles-bottles-water-plant itself

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candles-sheen-water plant-idea-deco

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making keryen-white-jam sheen-numbered-full of white-powder

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-wine bottles and black-matt-numbered

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-black wine bottle-number-tag

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-wine bottles-matt black candlestick-number

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-white-keryen-plate-weihnachtskugeln

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-wreath-silver-blue winlichter-nussschalenglaenzend

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making keryen-keryenhalter-antique-numbered-flame


adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-plate-concrete-round-candles-and-white numbered





adventskranz-modern-yourself-making tin cans-branches-star-knit-back form-pie floor

adventskranz-modern-yourself-do-shell-metal keryen-and-white four-simple


adventskranz-modern-yourself-making Scandinavian-style wood-slices-white-number-black-diz

Modern Advent wreath-white-pillar-metal-container-sweets-red-ribbon

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-cord-wire candles-tray

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-jute-digit

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-red-paper-hearts-tray-tannenzweige

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-digits nuts-FILLED-tray




adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-green-candles-Golden Globe-butterfly


Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Christmas decoration to make yourself – 34 Advent ideas

christmas decoration to make yourself salt dough heart star fir jewelry

Christmas is a beautiful time, full of inspiration and inspiration Tinker , We start to feel the Christmas atmosphere at the end of November, so we can already prepare our craft projects. This creative Ideas for Christmas decoration to make yourself are very easy and inexpensive. They include different living areas and corners in the house such as the mantel, Christmas table, bed frame, Christmas tree etc. Take a look at our ideas and you would definitely find something for you.

Christmas decoration to make yourself

christmas decoration to make yourself paper stars christmas colors reindeer

You can either put a small accent in every corner around the house, or create a great arrangement that will catch everyone’s attention. If you do not have a mantel, where you have candles, fir branches and garlands then think vertically. An interesting idea is the white-painted wooden ladder below, which has been decorated with little candle holders, candy bags and red cards with Christmas slogans. The elements repeat themselves on each step and end with a beautiful porcelain sculpture at the top.

Christmas decoration for making your own for small rooms

christmas decoration to make yourself table decoration idea driftwood pine cone berries

If you do not want to deal with large projects, choose only small decorative objects. You can decorate empty jam jars with glitter and use them as candlesticks. The jam jars can also be filled with artificial snow, red berries and mini tree balls. Another good option is to make Christmas tree ornaments yourself. The pearls of an old pearl necklace or wine corks can be used here nicely.

Make door wreath yourself

christmas decoration to make yourself wreath idea berries red white

Sew Christmas decoration

christmas decoration to make yourself fleece fabric naehen keks loop

Make advent calendar yourself

Christmas decoration itself make advent calendar gold small ornaments

Decorate ladder for Christmas

Christmas decoration wooden ladder idea red white small accents

Making vases and candlesticks from jam jars themselves

Christmas decoration glass candle holders jam jars of silver glitter

small landscapes inside

Christmas decorations make jam jars Christmas tree artificial snow

Christmas tree decorations from wine corks

Christmas tree ornaments wine corks grind

beautiful table decoration inspired by the winter time and nature

table decoration christmas winter green table runner white branches

Advent wreath on the ladder

advent calendar wooden ladder blue paint ornaments

Christmas decoration for making adventskranz wooden ladder candy canes

Christmas table in purple and white Christmas decoration table purple white silver candles candlestick

Christmas decoration silver christmas tree balls groups beads garland

decorate with green branches

Christmas decoration making fir branches pine cones winterly Christmas decoration mantel white green gold string lights

Christmas decoration dining room wreath mistletoe table decoration white

christmas decoration angel wings wall decoration fairy lights shelves scandinavian

Christmas decoration blue green white porcelain jug branch

christmas tree ornaments ornaments art paper filling

christmas tree ornaments crafting beads sticking tulle bow

Christmas table decoration red candles candy cane fence

bedroom festive decorate garland red socks

felt fairy lights colorful self sewing mantel

advent wreath rustic planks small ornaments

Christmas wreath paper cone note paper wall

Christmas decoration for making ice berry wreath bow

Christmas decoration jam jars red berries pine branches

Christmas decoration mini christmas tree paper red green Do it yourself

Christmas decorations homemade note paper vintage look

Christmas wreath scraps red white decoration Do it yourself

white christmas tree modern black garland necklace chain reindeer

Christmas Decorating mantel gold green candle holder decorating fir branches

Christmas Decorations ideas »Festive ideas for beautiful advent calendars

original-idea-beautiful Advent Calendar

Advent calendar with great design are the perfect decoration or element in your new plan for refreshing the home. The ideas for beautiful advent calendars are interesting and useful things to create a warm, pleasant and above all festive atmosphere at home.

Ideas for beautiful advent calendars at home

Advent mood-advent

The advent calendar at home is an absolute must in the run-up to Christmas. But you must know that he can transform a room into a special ambience. The wrong choice, on the other hand, can destroy the whole Christmas concept at home. Think carefully about which advent calendar you want to see on the wall. They should also think of the particular room and then of the wall, where an original Advent calendar will best diversify the atmosphere.

excellent advent calendar Idea

Originality and art at home – Ideas for beautiful advent calendars

festive advent calendar-suspended-ceiling

A beautiful set of furniture and gorgeous floors are not the only important thing for an awesome interior design. Actually a detail of the Christmas decoration like an advent calendar, for example, can bring a festive touch of originality and art to the interior. Take a look at our Ideas for beautiful advent Calendar and recommendations. You can find your favorite advent calendar for your beautiful home.

Choose your amazing ideas for beautiful advent calendars

favorite-child advent calendar

No matter which amazing advent calendar you choose, be sure to match the overall interior design and Christmas decoration of the premise. Create an individual advent calendar to your own taste. We show you some models. As you can see in the picture, every single day contains specific decors and motifs. Insert symbols that represent Christmas spirit.

The Advent Calendar – History and Meaning

Ideas for beautiful advent calendars – wonderful pre-Christmas time

Advent Gorgeous-vorweichnachtszeit

15 Halloween make-up tips for the whole family

An unconventional idea is to make an advent calendar with a new, modern look. You can use an idea of ​​the latest technology era and color trends. For example, here we see a strange advent calendar in pink, black and pastel blue. At first glance, these colors are strange when one thinks of Christmas mood. When looked closely, these trend colors look original and stylish. We also see the same case with the black advent calendar with white stars – but amazing.

Advent calendar with a modern look

Advent modern-look

Sweet Ideas for beautiful advent calendars Make these self-made advent calendars. White envelopes, paper stars and shiny balls look simple, but fine. Box of matches can also be used for a handmade advent calendar. Decorate all with your favorite Christmas colors and date. Do not forget to hide a little note or candy in it.

Ideas for beautiful advent calendars – the contemporary philosophy

Advent Black Chalkboard

The modern use behind the advent calendar shows how the models have changed over time. Home-made advent calendars with interesting ideas and childishly colorful decorations are today more preferred than the old-fashioned advent calendars. They carry a certain brand or celebrity from Hollywood. Especially for the kids, it’s pretty funny and interesting to put together a truly unique Advent Calendar. In addition, their imagination and artistic skills are developed.

Ideas for beautiful advent calendars – make your own with matchboxes


Finally, we want to say something else. Do not feel obligated to do any of these great ones Ideas for beautiful advent calendars to choose. Let yourself be inspired and make your own advent calendar yourself. A festive home idea with artistic Christmas motifs and creative conceptions.


Advent self-tinker-matchbox

easy creative advent calendar for DIY


unusual advent calendar

unusual advent calendar

Advent tree with small drawers

Advent Tree small-drawers

unconventional Advent Calendar

modern concept advent calendar

Advent-Christmas-count down Advent-beautiful-advent Advent self-tinker-idea

creative-idea advent calendar


self-tinker-Advent symbols

20 simple ideas for advent calendars for DIY

Make Advent wreath with candles yourself – ideas and tips

Festive ideas for beautiful advent calendars

25 creative ideas for advent calendars for crafting

The Advent Calendar – History and Meaning

sweet-advent gifts

beautiful advent calendar-specific-motive

interesting-idea advent calendar

Other interesting articles

More beautiful advent calendars and ideas

Christmas wreath for your door – Festive ideas for a warm heart

Make Advent wreath with candles yourself – ideas and tips

Gorgeous ideas for fireplace Christmas decorations

50 craft ideas for Christmas table decoration

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Window decoration for Christmas and some craft ideas

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »20 simple ideas for advent calendars for DIY

Advent Ideas gifts

Create a happy mood in the house with these simple ones Ideas for advent calendars for crafting! They are practical, inexpensive and creative – and are great for beginners. Ideas for families with children and also for creative men and women who want a nice interior but can not devote much time.

Ideas for advent calendars – Tinker with the kids

Wooden shelves advent calendar idea

You need – paper / cardboard / green and red colors and their children. You can make a traditional Advent calendar by filling little packages with sweets and tying them with red ribbons and decorating them on the dining table. Optionally, you can feel a wooden box with small gifts and red ball. If you like to sew, you can sew a green Christmas tree, hang it on the wall and decorate it with Christmas balls and sweets. One of the most original Ideas for advent calendars – cut out of paper a template for the hands of each family member, let your children paint it and hang it on the wall. Template with traditional details can be found below.

Ideas for advent calendars – original and extraordinary ideas

Advent Men's Garage Doors

Surprise your friends – make an advent calendar with drawn garage doors! Or hang your golden jewelry / earrings, necklaces etc. / as a decoration on the wall – for every day of December. More original Ideas for Advent Calendars – buy playing cards with Christmas motives and hang them on the wall with thumbtacks. Buy paper bags of the same size and write the calendars on them with a black pencil. Then hang the bags on the staircase.

Ideas for advent calendars with sweets and presents

Advent fabric itself-tinker

You need 5 white boxes in the shape of a cube – the same size. Write a number on each wall – and then tie them with red and green ribbons to look like gifts. You just have to turn the box over when the date is over – and you can also use this Advent calendar next year as well.

Playing cards as advent calendars

Blue Card Advent self-tinkering

Advent calendar with small gifts

Advent sweets

Advent calendar – fir-tree

Advent calendar-self-tinkering-fir-tree-wall

Advent calendar made of paper

Advent itself-craft-paper cards

Advent calendar made of paper bags

Advent Paper bags-myself-tinker

Sweet pink advent calendar

Advent itself-tinker-idea

Craft idea with the children

Red advent calendar Hart Children

Paper bag staircase Christmas decoration

Advent Paper bags Stairway Christmas

Gifts for Advent

Advent Gift Ideas paper itself-tinker

Advent Calendar Gifts Santa Claus

Advent gifts Santa Claus

Advent calendar – fir-tree

Advent Tree itself-tinker

Fresh idea advent calendar Candles

fresh-idea-Advent candles

20 simple ideas for advent calendars for DIY

Make Advent wreath with candles yourself – ideas and tips

Festive ideas for beautiful advent calendars

25 creative ideas for advent calendars for crafting

The Advent Calendar – History and Meaning

Advent calendars DIY ideas

Advent itself-craft ideas

20 simple ideas for advent calendars for DIY

Make Advent wreath with candles yourself – ideas and tips

Festive ideas for beautiful advent calendars

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The Advent Calendar – History and Meaning

Christmas Decorations Ideas »The Advent Calendar – History and Meaning

The advent calendar wood-house-christmas motives

The advent calendar is not an ordinary calendar. They have a charming history, meaning and a fascinating purpose – to count down the time between the first days of December to Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, the advent calendar can also be a wonderful decoration for a modern interior and Christmas decoration.

What is the advent calendar?

The advent calendar paper candy-schnut-holz-waescheklammer

The advent calendar is a special calendar with a special function. Its primary function is to count the days until Christmas. Its additional function is to create a festive mood in the home environment even before Christmas arrives. Normally the advent calendars start from the 1st of December, but there are alternatives for earlier beginnings – from the 27th of November – or later – from the 3rd of December. Each day is decorated with a different image, poem, story (for example, a passage of the birth of Jesus). Or with a special gift for the youngest family members at home who are most excited for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

The Advent Calendar – History and Meaning

the advent calendar paper bags-small-gifts-gas chimney

Advent bags with small gifts

the advent calendar-stofftueten-label

The advent calendars are invented from the society of the German Lutherans. Christmas Eve was accepted as a very important day in the religious calendar of Christians, thus beginning the advent calendar of the 19th century. In the beginning, the advent calendar was nothing more than a planner on the front door, where people counted the days until Christmas Eve. Later, some people started to light a candle every day until Christmas. Thus, the advent calendars have developed and updated over the centuries. Now we have a lot of great ideas for modern advent calendars.

Wooden advent calendar like a little house

the advent calendar-wood-tueren-stars

The traditional, modern advent calendar consists of at least two pieces of cardboard on top of each other. Each day has its own door, which is opened on the specific day. The latest advent calendars are made so that when you open the calendar, a mini Christmas gift is given to you – a candy, a sock with a small gift, or a text from a traditional Christmas carol.

festive christmas calendar for christmas mood

festive Christmas-calendar-Christmas spirit

In addition, some of the commercial advent calendars from these days are also so beautiful, creative and original that they are mainly accepted as the main decor in a room, rather than an ordinary calendar. Colorful, bright advent calendars adorn classic living rooms, minimalist bedrooms, and even vintage kitchens. Most contemporary advent calendars are special additions to the beautiful Christmas decoration at home.

The famous Nordic Julekalender

christmas calendar-small-socks

Julekalender is actually a foreign word (from several Scandinavian mother tongues) for an advent calendar. The famous Nordic Julekalender is a special advent calendar from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland or Finland. He is no ordinary comic or cardboard advent calendar. It’s a television or radio show that starts in early December and ends on Christmas Eve.

Christmas calendar – small gift every day

christmas calendar-small-gift-every-day

During each episode of Nordic Julekalender’s popular TV or radio show, there are themes for both children and adults. Of course, all episodes are strictly dedicated to Christmas Eve. Religious movies about Jesus, recipes, decoration and gift ideas, and many other great things that bring us Christmas spirit.


Christmas Calendar Make your own idea

christmas calendar-idea-self-tinkering

creative christmas calendar for kids

Make Christmas decorations yourself – tips and ideas for the house

creative-Christmas calendar-children

christmas calendar-ideas-weihnachtsdekoration

Ideas for beautiful advent calendars

christmas calendar-festive-living idea

christmas calendar-different-motive-date

christmas calendar-decoration-idea

christmas calendar Idea

beautiful advent calendar

christmas tree Merry-advent

nice ideas

christmas calendar Decorations

Christmas calendar Christmas Tree

advent tree-box gifts

christmas calendar-day-count down

advent box-small-gifts

wood-advent calendar Christmas Tree

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christmas calendar-parcel Candies

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Travel & Holiday »Tips for a holiday in Advent – Relaxation in the evocative pre-Christmas period!

Holiday in Advent Christmas market visit short trip lights

The Christmas countdown is on and soon, next to the usual commitments, the Christmas preparations are on the program: writing cards, Decorate the apartment , desperately looking for the right gifts. A Christmas party follows on to the next one and in between there are some more appointments until the end of the year. Use the advent season to escape the hustle and bustle of the pre-Christmas season and recharge your batteries. A short break will definitely bring you into a real pre-Christmas mood! Here are our tips for a relaxing holiday in Advent!

Holiday in Advent – which short trips are worthwhile in the run-up to Christmas

Holiday Advent Christmas Market Vienna City Hall Square

The Advent season is an appropriate travel time for people who want to take a break from the hectic Christmas preparations. Since not many people have a holiday just before Christmas, the holiday in Advent is usually limited to a long weekend of Advent from Thursday to Sunday or a short weekend trip. Especially popular are the city trips and wellness trips.

holiday-advent Christmas Market-mood-dufte-treats

From the end of November, cities will be more and more beautiful and festive for Advent. Numerous luminous fairy lights and green fir trees enchant every shopping mile and spread a festive ambience. The most beautiful places turn into magical Christmas markets. According to a survey is out of the question for the absolute majority of the Austrian Advent season without a Christmas market. One third of those surveyed want to visit the Christmas markets more often, because that’s just part of the holiday season. In the run-up to Christmas a short trip with Christmas market visit offers an ideal opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful cities in Germany or abroad and to get to know the Christmas spirit of other countries. Destinations in Austria are preferably smaller and larger Cities with attractive Christmas markets like Innsbruck, Graz, Salzburg and of course the capital Vienna. Well-known, traditional markets are u.a. in Germany the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt, the Zurich Christkindlmarkt in the central station and the markets in South Tyrol.

Holiday in Advent mountains-snow-picturesque-environment

The Bavarian, Austrian and South Tyrolean mountains are a popular destination for people who want to experience beautiful natural beauties in December. You can hike through the snowy landscape or just relax in the hotel’s hot swimming pool while the sun rises over the fabulous mountain peaks. The Erzgebirge in Germany also turns into a Christmas country and enchants visitors with Christmas sounds. With many events and Christmas markets, cities like Freiberg, Zwickau and Chemnitz invite visitors to experience the most beautiful time of the year in one of the most beautiful regions in Germany.

holiday-advent-wellness-weekend-massage woman

In addition to city breaks, romantic and wellness trips in Advent are very popular. So you can exchange the stressful pre-Christmas time with family and relatives for a few relaxing wellness days with your beloved partner. The destination is secondary, because in the foreground stands the equipment of the suite. Hotels with a spacious spa area including sauna, steam bath and indoor swimming pool are increasingly booked during the Advent season. Many also enjoy massages and spa treatments.

Burglary prevention before the holiday in Advent

drive holiday-advent-auto-short trip-

In the evocative Advent season, a trip can be particularly tempting, which burglars know well and like to make their way over unguarded houses. If you do not want to worry about your belongings at home, there are a few things to take care of before you travel. Whether short trip or multi-day vacation, the important thing is: the house should not make an uninhabited impression. With timers, for example, you can pretend presence. If a certain time is set, the light should turn on or go off.

Protect your home from burglary by identifying and securing the vulnerabilities of your home or home. Burglars take advantage of favorable opportunities such as unsecured entrance and patio doors, basement and roof windows or other easily accessible areas from the outside. Burglar-resistant windows and doors, roller shutters with solid slats and multiple locks, which can also be retrofitted, offer good protection. And if, despite all the caution, you break into it, it is always good to have a high-performance home insurance, for example, from the Grazer Wechselseitige to have. The insurance provides peace and gives a sense of security.

Image sources: CC0

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Modern Advent wreaths make for a fancy decoration

modern advent wreaths white design silver accents elegant plate balls

If you are a bit different this year Advent wreath If you do not want to try out the typical fir green, pine cones and bows, then we have some great inspirations for you with them modern Advent wreaths can shape. If you would rather buy it ready, you will at least get an idea of ​​what to look for.

Modern Advent Wreaths – An idea in red and white

adventskraenze modern simple idea plate red white silver

Modern Advent wreaths like these can be quickly and easily crafted, without having to get any special materials. Place the candles on a plate and decorate with things in the same colors. In this case were for it snowflakes selected from textile, as well as decorative balls made of natural material.

Modern Advent wreaths with traditional accents

adventskraenze modern can idea white fir green table candle

Do you find modern Advent wreaths better if you have traditional accents? Then add some fir green. The candlesticks are made of white lacquered cans that have been originally bent. In addition to this, you can label the cans with numbers in order to differentiate every Advent.

Christmas tree balls for the Advent wreath

adventskraenze modern blue silver baubles deko windlichter

You can also make modern Advent wreaths by using small or large Christmas tree balls. In this case, blue, silver and glittering were used for this purpose. There are also other Christmas figures painted silver. The candles are also not free on a surface, but are in pretty lanterns in a matching color.

Christmas wreath on a metal stand

modern advent wreaths purple color gray wind lights brown candles metal stand

A metal stand with candle holders is wonderful for designing modern Advent wreaths. You can decorate the inner area with the Christmas tree balls mentioned above or whatever else you like. Again, the candles are in lanterns and have a modern brown color.

Simple and minimalist

adventskraene modern metal idea minimalistic candlesticks

Of course you can also use the frame without any decorations. In this way, you get modern Advent wreaths with an elegant look, which is perfect for a minimalist interior design style.

Advent wreath in the plate

adventskraenze modern plate red grind baubles gold mosaic accent

Take modern plates, such as those square ones in red, and arrange modern Advent wreaths in them. The result can be one. The loops in red, as well as the few accents with fir green give the wreath an elegant and at the same time romantic look.

Bark for the design of the Advent wreath

modern advent wreaths red candles christmas star bark crafts

If you like with natural materials you will definitely like this idea. Make modern Advent wreaths with the help of bark, which you can then fill with decorations such as Christmas baubles or poinsettias. In the middle are the candles again.

DIY Advent wreath

adventskraene modern diy arrangement red blackboard candles mistletoe branches

For a change to the design of modern Advent wreaths choose rosehips, ivy, mistletoe branches and poinsettias. These can be arranged in a box that is concealed in this way. As a candlestick you use glass bottles in which you put dinner candles.

Modern Advent wreaths with rustic flair

adventskraene modern branches candle holders stars rustic pine cones

Take a branch and cut it into four pieces of any size. These can then be used as candlesticks. For the rest of the decoration let your imagination run wild. Distribute, for example, bells, pinecone, leaves and paper stars. Modern Advent wreaths with rustic flair fit wonderfully at Christmas time.

Advent wreath of branches

modern adventskrane branches idea stars deco brown ribbon

To make such modern Advent wreaths, you need flexible branches. For this purpose are, for example, pastures. However, the wreath should already be made as long as the branches are still fresh and flexible. Later they would break. Wrap the wreath with a nice bath and add other items as decoration.

Create an Advent wreath in the tray

adventskraenze modern natural materials moss yarn beads numbers idea

Put the candles on a pretty tray. Danack spread moss and hang tags on the candles that mark each advent. The pearls, which are distributed in the moss, ensure elegance.

Original, modern and rustic at the same time

adventskraene modern metal bowl moss rustic original idea tinker

As you can see, you can design great modern Advent wreaths with moss. The table candles are here in an old metal container and come in this way particularly well.

Advent wreath candles idea

adventskraene modern metal bucket container candles mix pine cones

The candles on the Advent wreath are usually all the same. However, for modern Advent wreaths you can try combining different candle designs. This was also done in this example where the candles are also in original metal boxes with numbers.

Weihnachtsdeko Ideas »Make advent calendars – 36 ideas, easy to make yourself

making advent calendar crafting papier mache boxes gluing colorfully

The advent Calendar are special calendars that count down the days until Christmas. This is fun not only for the kids, as they get small gifts and sweets, but also adults who get the Tinker advent calendar can. We have 36 ideas for you Suggestions for creative advent calendars that you can easily implement.

Make advent calendars – experiment with forms and colors

adventskalender tinker triangles fir tree inspiration diy

Everyone knows this beautiful tradition in the run-up to Christmas, but the advent calendars no longer have a traditional look. They have the same purpose, but we are already experimenting with their shapes, colors and sizes. Instead of just bags and boxes, you can also use tin cans, hangers, envelopes, rolls and jam jars. Fill them with sweets, small surprises or simply beautiful sayings for the winter – and Christmas time.

Make advent calendars – modern designs

adventskalender-tasteln branches scandinavian rustic style

After you have prepared all the boxes from the Advent calendar, you will find a nice place for him at home. You can hang it on the wall and form the shape of a fir tree, fill a glass vase or drape it as a garland. If you have 24 transparent plastic balls, you can easily turn them into an advent calendar on the Christmas tree. Be creative and see the potential in every item in the house. Even the Klorollen can help you.

Make colorful boxes

adventskalender-tinker colorful boxes christmas decoration children

Advent calendar from baby socks

adventskalender tinker baby socks idea garland red green white

Advent calendar idea with geometric pattern

advent calendar paper boxes tinker black white geometric figures

Fold paper boxes

adventskalender tinker ideas paper cut out black white

Advent calendar from black boxes

adventskalender tinker boxes mini christmas tree decorate ideas

Crafting by folding

advent calendar ideas paper boxes chalkboard chalk figures

Forest animals from Klorollen

adventskalender paper children tinkering ideas waldtiere klorollen

Fill linen bags with gifts Advent calendar homemade bags of old picture frames

the tradition with a modern touch

Advent calendars themselves make blackboard inspirations ideas

decorated tin cans

advent calendar itself make ideas tin cans colorful paper

advent calendar creative ideas mini boxes sweets

Cottage from Klorollen

adventskalender klorollen tinker wall house shape

Advenst calendar with wine bottles

advent calendar idea express wine bottles numeral

beautiful sayings in an envelope

advent calendar envelope congratulatory ideas

advent calendar crafts wall minimalist numerals paper

advent calendar crafts ideas wooden box cola tree balls advent calendar crafts paper boxes small city

adventskalender tinkering ideas templates boxes small village advent calendar crafts ideas cardboard carton wall

adventskalender tinkering ideas paper pieces watercolor colors

adventskalender tinker ideas mini boxes christmas tree advent calendar tinkering ideas balls felt paper

adventskalender tinker hanger decorate parcel

adventskalender tinker scandinavian packages wall clothespins

adventskalender vintage leather suitcase filling bags

advent calendar crafts bags numbers wall sticking

advent calendar wall colorful magnet boxes numerals ideas

advent calendar selfmade fabric bags garland ideas

advent calendar homemade christmas tree bucket ideas

advent calendar homemade paper garland wall

advent calendar homemade ideas mini metal bucket filling

advent calendar minimalist simple paper wall blackboard ideas

adventskalender tinker clothespins decorate wall

Advent calendar craft jam jars green color nuances

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Advent and Christmas decorations – door wreath made of cheap materials

christmas and christmas decorations crafting pine cones door wreath branches star silver

The Advent season is tinkered most! Welcome your guests with a beautiful Christmas wreath! This can be made in a few minutes with simple utensils! The materials can be found in every craft shop. Tinker Christmas and Advent decorations But it’s great fun! Who a personal touch to the Adventsdeko would like to develop the following ideas and shape them according to their own ideas!

Tinker with individual Advent and Christmas decorations

Advent and Christmas decoration - rustic flower wreath idea white berry branches

With twigs and berries you can make a great door wreath as Advent and Christmas decorations. You do not need any additional materials, such as a wire frame or Styrofoam ring. Just make a ring with the branches and tie the two ends together.

Winter beads for a festive, decorative wreath

Advent and Christmas decorations tinker wreath beads silver look

Buy pearls in a Christmas color to make such a wreath. These Advent and Christmas decorations are made with glue. Stick the pearls on a Styrofoam ring, which you can find in the craft shop.

Christmas balls as materials for decoration

christmas and christmas deco craft christmas baubles red white silver door wreath

If you have changed your tree decoration, you do not have to throw away the old balls immediately. Instead, use them to make a door wreath like this one. The more wintery patterns the balls have, the nicer the door wreath finally looks.

Advent and Christmas decorations – wreaths made of candy canes

Advent and Christmas decorations tinker wreath candy cane idea motives

Even with candy canes you can make an interesting Advent and Christmas decoration. Here are four ways you can arrange candy canes to make interesting door wreaths. Whether in snowflake or star shape, the wreath will be a real eye-catcher!

A wreath as a decoration with memories

Advent and Christmas decorations tinker wreath picture frame wreath

The Christmas wreath can evoke some nice memories. For this you need an artificial fir branch, a few Christmas tree balls and colorful ribbons that you can quickly tie into a wreath. Arrange the door wreath with some family pictures that you set in cardboard box in advance. Decorate with wrapping paper and stripes and enjoy the get-together! This wreath would be a great great Gift idea for Christmas ,

Advent and Christmas decorations – The wreath of red ribbons as an opulent door decoration

Christmas and Advent decorations - wreaths-styrofoam-blank-white-red-baender

The pink and red wreath is a great Christmas decoration on the table or at the front door. He speaks to our senses and brings a special charm to the home. Make it more comfortable at home with a colorful deco piece.

Advent and Christmas decorations – idea for a traditional look

Advent and Christmas decorations tinker wreath-fir-green-red-ribbon

For this Christmas wreath, you need artificial or real fir or cedar twigs and cones that you tie together using metal wire. The cones add structure to the Christmas decoration, while the evergreen fir needles refresh the room atmosphere.

Creative ideas for the Christmas wreath decoration

Advent Christmas-wreath-tinker-green-red-knoepfe

With buttons and colored ribbons can be great Advent and Christmas decoration Tinker. The cardboard pad for the wreath can be layered with buttons in different sizes and colors.

Decorating in winter with traditional colors – idea for the garden

Advent Christmas-tinker-ice-red-berries-farnenblaetter-outside

A wreath as a glittering ice crystal is great decoration idea for the winter days in the garden! Collect natural materials, berries, pine cones, etc., add water and freeze everything in a cupcake form outside or in the freezer. Simple, fast and effective!

Maritime wreath with seashells and moss

Door wreath-crafting ideas Christmas crafts Advent decorations spanish moss bauble straw

When making Advent and Christmas decorations, let your imagination run wild. Who says that the Christmas wreath should be wintery! Use dry flowers, Spanish moss, Christmas tree balls to tie together a fresh maritime wreath.

Crafting ideas for Christmas wreath – simple and inexpensive

Winter Wreath Advent Crafting Door Entrance Decoration Kumquat Metal Wire Attached

The winter scents Kumquat add a fresh touch and warmth to your home. Fix it with a metal wire and attach to the window.

Door wreath with cinnamon sticks

Festive door wreath cinnamon sticks Materials Foam Underlay Idea-decorate

Attach the cinnamon sticks to a foam pad. Ornate with red ribbon and bow.

Crafting ideas for Christmas wreath of artificial materials

Decorative entrance door Entrust Decorate DIY door wreath Christmas Advent-glittering decorative elements

An ornate wreath can be made with satin bows and polished decorative stones. These bring glamor and shine into the house.

Beautiful wreath, decorated with carnation flowers

Deco winter ornament outside Christmas-Schleifen Kranz-selbst tinker

Wrap the foam pad with ribbons and fix the ends of the ribbons with hot glue. In addition, the wreath can be decorated with small artificial berries.

Decorate a pretty door wreath with ribbons of organza and satin

Colorful-bow design custom christmas decoration Advent in winter

Snow fleece Pom-Poms as snowballs – a Christmas door wreath to fall in love with

Advent Decor Tips white snow fleece pom-pom ball-wreath-to hang up tinker

Make Christmas wreath and festively decorate with snowflakes

Decorative Advent crafts Christmas wreath balue sweep-binten Shiny jewelery

Christmas decorating entrance door making red ribbons ribbons ideas

Custom deco jewelry picture frame gift fir branches

Wall festive Decorate to Christmas door wreath tinker pink bows Ideas

Door wreath advent decoration crafts-artificial grapevines Evergreen leaves twigs fir needles

White-Red Wreath Ribbon Yarn Buttons Christmas Decoration Decorations

Deco wreath Advent baubles freeze-leave recipes-Christmas idea