Wohntrends 2014- the white living room wall creates a modern ambience

modern wall unit white color photos decorative pieces carpet

The white wall unit is also in 2014 in vogue. The minimalist color and the glossy surfaces create a modern ambience. The simple design of the handleless cabinets and the clean lines of the shelves radiate timeless elegance.

The white living wall – successful combination of distinctive sense of style and unconditional modernity

Bookcases cabinets storage system mirror door

The white wall unit has established itself successfully over the years as a timeless trend of living. Also in 2014, it enjoys increasing popularity. The functional piece of furniture combines minimalist elegance with precise functionality. The manufacturers offer more and more often the opportunity to design the living room according to their own needs. This makes it easy to combine wall shelves, drawers and cupboard systems. The areas for video and sound systems are traditionally the focal point of the living room wall. Above the TV, the wall shelves are hung while compact cabinets are screwed to the wall on the left and right. Integrated colored LED lights put the design perfectly in scene.

The white living room wall is also very much in trend in 2014

Cabinets handleless original deco elements leather sofa

So that the living room is not too cold and sterile, the designers combine the white wall unit more and more often with wooden cabinets. The warm wood color integrates perfectly into the modern home design and gives the room a cozy look. Pictures, photos and small statues on the shelves add a personal touch. Stylish also see two-tone wall units off – the red color is a minimalist classic. But also grass green or even pink can be set as accents. As an inspiration, we have included the collections of two renowned Italian manufacturers. Cucine Lube is a popular kitchen manufacturer that has recently expanded its multi-facetted wall-to-wall product range. TUMIDEI is an Italian company that was popularized for their stylish and space saving furniture.

The collection of Tumidei

Bookshelves TV cabinet Living room set up

Everyone can design their living room wall themselves

Wall unit shelves photos living room set up

Wood gives the design a cozy look

Wall unit white high gloss look Wohntrends 2014

TV wall in Scandinavian style

decorate living trend 2014 integrated LED lighting

Stylish combination of white bookshelves and wooden TV cabinet

Drawers wood elements photos books storage space

High gloss fronts and handleless cupboard doors in a minimalist style

Wall unit white purple wallpaper beanbag living room

The TV is hidden behind sliding door

white wall light floor lamp pink carpet

High gloss and matt surfaces create a charming contrast

Wall unit high gloss TV cabinet wooden shelves

The collection of Cucine Lube

white gray integrated lighting LED lights

plan to set up modern design high gloss

Stylish design Ideas Photos Handleless Cabinets

modern wall unit kitchen built-in lighting television cabinet

Glossy surface bookshelves drawers table lamp

Vases Books Audrey Hepburn Living Trends 2014

Dream Houses »Living in an exclusive ambience – A single-family home in South Africa

Ambience living -exclusive-garden-sculpture-driftwood

A house designed by “Union3” in South Africa convinces with playful architecture, noble materials and highlights such as indoor pool, artistic installations and a beautiful, natural view. In this exclusive environment, homeowners live in high comfort and privacy, as the hillside and surrounding plants create a natural barrier to road traffic nearby. An exotic green reception area invites you to the house interior and the floor lights make a more than positive first impression.

Living in an exclusive ambience – A stunning family home in South Africa

Ambience living -exclusive-house-hillside-south-africa

The first thing you notice in the open living room is an oversized, wooden human figure hanging from the ceiling above the transition area. This artistic sculpture actually has the homeowner himself from driftwood made. Such a giant sits on the stairs to the beautiful garden, which is equipped with a fire pit and recessed wooden seating. The kitchen is connected to the living room and stylishly decorated in pleasant neutral earth tones. A dining area is also available and is styled with a turquoise carpet.

Ambience living -exclusive-entrance-area-plant-garden

In the middle of the house is an indoor pool. The whole building is actually built around it, and thanks to the glass railing, there is a nice view from every corner of the common room onto the blue water surface. The house has two living areas each on a living level, an entertainment room, a covered terrace with exclusive outdoor kitchen, a dressing room and a total of 5 bedrooms with bathrooms that are individually designed and varied. It lacks a cozy touch, which is achieved by wood accents, upholstery and carpets. Interesting pendant lights and harmonious, indirect lighting create a warm atmosphere and complement the already positive appearance. The covered terrace and the wooden deck with integrated fireplace on the ground floor extend the living space to the outside.

Ambience living -exclusive-living-room-sculpture-driftwood

Noble, modern furniture blends with high-quality natural materials and contributes to a high level of living comfort in an exclusive ambience. Inside and outside there is a cozy, friendly atmosphere, emphasized by the many artistic installations and personal style of living.


ambiente-live-exclusive-inside pool house-South

ambiente-live-exclusive-house-South-hanging lamps-glass railing

ambiente-live-exclusive-inside stair-glass railing wallpaper

ambiente-living-dining room exclusively-carpet-turquoise

ambiente-live-exclusively-art installation-wall-birds

ambiente-live-exclusively-walk-wardrobe-dressing room-wood


ambiente-live-exclusively-bar entertaiment-room-counter

ambiente-live-exclusively-living room-couch-leather



ambiente-live-exclusive-bad-make-up-dresser mirror



ambiente-live-exclusively-bedroom-deco-indoor pool

ambiente-live-exclusively-black-make-up commode



ambiente-live-exclusive-house-suedafrika-bathroom wallpaper

ambiente-live-exclusively-bedroom-wanddeko wallpaper

ambiente-live-exclusively-bathroom-concrete-wall design

ambiente-live-exclusively-toilet-gray wooden floor



* a project of Union3

Lighting in the living room for a perfect ambience choose

living room modern furnishing light lamps effect interior

The Lighting in the living room It is very important, because it determines the mood that radiates the room and this should be just right there chosen. Finally, you spend in the living room most of the day, people gather there with family and friends. The lighting in the living room can choose in different ways. And that’s exactly what this article is about.

Lighting in the living room with pendant lights in red and orange

lighting romantic lamps yellow red atmosphere outlook

For one thing, you have the option of one indirect Lighting in the living room. For this purpose, the light sources behind a wall, furniture such as cabinets or shelves or attach to the ceiling and thus achieve interesting light and shadow effects. The latter is also possible by the use of interesting structured luminous bodies. The filaments can also be great, sculpture-like accents represent and notice not only by their light but also by their shape in the room. How wonderful the lighting lighting in the living room can be, you can now look at it.

Lighting in the living room – Indirect light on the ceiling

living room lighting indirect light ceiling living room carpet colorful chandelier

Lighting with effects on the ceiling

lighting in living room lamps ceiling indirect idea

Indirect lighting on ceiling and wall combine

lighting white ceiling living room design furnishing chair red

Living room lighting in blue for the ceiling

lighting blue yellow ceiling seating area couch mirror

Indirect lighting on a ceiling with a wave

lighting interior ceiling waves tiles white cow motif modern

Lighting on ceiling, wall and through a ceiling light

lighting chandelier living room elegant gray sofa ceiling indirect

Indirect lighting in the living room on the wall

lighting in the living room blue wall furniture abstract

Indirect lighting above and below the wall with fireplace

lighting fire wall stool white white parquet

Lightning wall niche in the living room

lighting wall lamps yellow sofa carpet parquet

Lighting in living room ceiling wall effect tile white

lighting shelf idea indirect seating area living room idea

Lighting in the living room with original lighting fixtures

Lighting in living room floor lamps form original design paper

living room lighting sculpture wall floor lamp brick coffee table

living room seating area lighting balls stone wall carpet sofa white

living lowboard lamp balls design modern parquet black

lighting modern design floor lamp romantic atmosphere

Living room lighting effect shade ball lamp couch carpet

living room ceiling light glass light idea modern design

living room light lamps ceiling living wall yellow white couch

living room floor lamp lowboard ceiling lamp brown furnishing

living room vintage lighting chandelier candles fireplace light blue

lighting in living room wall panel indirectly light showcase television

Lighting in living room floor lamp couch ceiling light tiles

Holiday in the bathroom: tips for a Mediterranean ambience

mediterranean bath modern-white-gray-turquoise-accessories

A Mediterranean flair in the bathroom evokes vacation feelings and invites to relaxing hours. After all, what could be better than enjoying a touch of luxury in your own wellness area after a hard day? This dream can come true, because with the right interior, every bathroom can be turned into an oasis of tranquility.

Simple shapes and high quality materials

mediterranean bath modern-furnishing-turquoise-accessories

This style of decor reminds like no other on the lifestyle around the Mediterranean: The Mediterranean look ensures in the bathroom for summer mood. Simple forms and clear lines are in the foreground of the Mediterranean decor. Whether washbasin, mirror cabinet or bathroom cabinet – the perfect basis for this is, for example, high-quality and functional design furniture at this provider can order. There is a wide range of individual and modern bathroom furniture made from exclusive materials.

Bathroom furniture is also given an elegant look by its high-gloss surfaces, which are made in a day-long process of painting, sanding and polishing. The trend is currently the combination of white glossy lacquers with a wood look; Accessories such as soap dispenser or towel rail made of stainless steel and the harmonious overall picture is perfect. Designer furniture certainly costs its price, but thanks to its high quality, it still looks like new even after years and does not lose its luster.

Color scheme after Roman model

Mediterranean-bad-tile-red-mosaic-wall design

In ancient Rome, thermal baths were not just a place for body care but above all an oasis of peace and relaxation. Even then, the color design played an important role. In the Mediterranean style, the rich blue of the Mediterranean and warm terracotta tones are the most popular colors for the decor. Terracotta is the name for unglazed clay, which was used in ancient times for the production of tiles and vessels.

Mediterranean-bad-tiles-glass mosaic shimmers-sun

Tiles made of natural stone or mosaic tiles are ideal for the floor and wall design and create an authentic Mediterranean ambience. The spatula technique is also a popular way to give the walls a Mediterranean flair. Colored accents put towels, toothbrush cups and plants. What to consider when choosing plants is in this post ,

Mediterranean-bathroom accessories-deco-worm houses

Another feature of the Mediterranean: furniture and accessories made of rattan, marble and artfully forged iron. Wicker shelves spread a light atmosphere. Together with lovingly selected deco items, which may be treasures from the last holiday, they provide a Roman lifestyle in the bathroom.

Let this image inspire you for your Mediterranean bath!


1.2 © pixabay.com/jarmoluk
3. © istock.com/photosuper
4. © pixabay.com/stux
5. © pixabay.com/lovepix
6. © pixabay.com/AnnieSpratt
7. © pixabay.com/Mariamichelle

Wood paneling in the house for ceiling and floor for a warm ambience

wood paneling in the house ceiling-warm-ambiente-sliding-window-interior design

This small house is located in Japan and was designed by Fujiwaramuro Architects. One of the special features of the house is the Wood paneling in the house which also adorns the facade. Another eye-catcher is the minimalist Planting the garden , as well as the round terrace, whose shape extends through the house and is characterized by different soil colors. If you would like to see the interesting house together with the warm interior, you can do so in the following gallery.

Wood paneling in the house and modern furnishings

wood paneling in the house modern-furnishing-round-walls-desks-design

Homeowners are a young, married couple who especially loved the garden. For this reason, a design for the outdoor area was sought, with which the couple can fully enjoy the garden. This is how the round terrace was created, in which several small beds were set. Very interesting is the driveway with lawn in grid pattern, which was designed from many rectangular lawns. To the entrance of the house with wood paneling In the house, a slightly curved garden path leads from stepping stones.

Flooring made of wood and wood paneling in the house

wooden paneling in the house seating area-column-sofa-shelf-carpet-white-squares-colorful

The house is further impressed by the attractive wood paneling in the house. It consists of wall coverings, coverings for the ceiling, but also of a wooden floor in two colors. While the light color continues the circular shape of the terrace, the rest of the floor is covered with dark wood. All modern furniture is made of wood, with the exception of the kitchen, for which stainless steel was chosen as the material. All in all, the house is characterized by a simple interior of only a few furniture.

Living room wall made of wood

wood paneling in the house floor-shaping-bright-away-dark

Dress the wall with wood

wood cladding-house-hallway-dining area-bench-japan-house

House with open living spaces

wood cladding-house-dining table-pendant lights-light-wood-dark-plain-device

Modern, simple decor

wood cladding-house-lighting-interior-living room-wall-apricot-color wall

Half wall made of wood for the kitchen

wood cladding-house-parquet-laminate-open-living rooms-murals-deco

Steel kitchen

wood paneling-the-house-kitchen-ideas-wood-design-steel-spritzschutz

Wood paneling inside and out

wood cladding-house-mukainada-town-house-urban-living

Facade of wood

wood cladding-house-terrace-beets-make-idea-window

Idea for garden design

wood cladding-house-entrance-stepping stones-gartenweg minimalist

Garden path made of step stones

wood cladding-house-bungalow-ornamental gravel-rush-squares-ide-original-hausfassade

House with small size

wood cladding-house-lounge-terrace door-little-window-outdoor

Gray roof

wood cladding-house-terrace-idea-geometric-large-windows-beets

House with small size

wood cladding-house-planting-grasses-shrubs-facade-wood

House design in Japan

wood cladding-house-minimalist garden-terrace-round-white-concrete

Cozy bungalow for living

wood cladding-house-japan-design-round-interior design-small-house

Terrace with flower beds

wood cladding-house-inspiration-house-design-bridge-around-terrace floor-plant beets

Nice lighting

wood cladding-house-wohnideen-minimalist-plain-design-outdoor use

Look into the house

wood cladding-house-fujiwaramuro-architects-architecture-modern-design

Design by Fujiwaramuro Architects.

Mediterranean Living Ideas 22 suggestions for an ambience to fall in love with

Villa-Mediterranean wallpaper-with-trees Pattern LED TV

Feel the light breeze on the warm summer evenings? The pleasant rays of the sun stroke your face, go through your hair, touch your heart. It is life in the warmer parts of the world where we are almost always accompanied by this summer feeling. That includes the Mediterranean living ideas for your apartment or house. This famous and world-famous interior design style makes a world tour from west to east and back, presenting the signs of home decor from every warm corner of the earth.

Mediterranean living ideas of InteriorPik

Wohnideen-Meditteran-with-style town homes-striped furniture

Mediterranean living ideas from InteriorPik A blue residential lagoon with an oriental touch and taste. Wooden panels cover walls and ceilings, the blue tones are in the foreground, upholstered furniture with small patterns or checkered and the typical decorations such as steering wheel, anchor or ceramic plate, hand-painted, complete the profile of the Mediterranean bedroom. Modern furnishing ideas are created by the playful use of color walls in aquamarine, brownish-yellow or artistically designed wall paneling with blue elements in the brick shape.

Mediterranean living idea – Sun catcher

warm-yellow-brown-colored tones pattern chandelier iron

Thoughts wander back and forth, becoming more systematic and drawing our attention to the classic lines and contours of the Mediterranean style of living. He reminds us of the retro furniture Vintage Flair. Subtle figures on the upholstery and Zigzag as well as thick stripes pattern covers covers of throw pillows, rugs and comforters. The tables and buffets with arched legs and the chandeliers made of iron and metal are all that Mediterranean living ideas , The white color is perfect for a sunny house on the beach, the warm brown tones are the sunscreens in your own four walls. Immerse yourself in this warm world of cooler blue tones and inviting brown colors with luxury furniture and marine decorations.

Zigzag pattern Tepich ceramic Wanddeko plate-to-the-wall

Wall design Mediterranean

Living room-dining room-in-a-blue ornaments

Implementation of blue wood elements as a decoration

Drapery with Pattern Retro-chair carpet and brown tones

Armchair with flowers pattern wooden floor

Terracotta tiles and white-cupboard-from-wood upholstered furniture

Reading nooks, terracotta tiles

Seat-of-wood-with-pillow-Dekokoffer and patterns

Bright navy colors with creamy white accents

Partitions wooden wall living room with tile

Trendy room divider and floor decoration

Cushions decor-to-the-wall-Stool-with-zigzag reference

Rough wall plaster and use of three primary colors

Eastern-Mediterranean-style white furniture-Dekosteine-Wandverlkeidung

Mediterranean living with modern accents

modern-living-room-with-wood furniture and upholstery

Arched passage dome

modern-Mediterranean apartment-with-white-wood-and-ceiling

Metal-iron chandelier upholstered furniture brick wall

lowered-ceiling-striped furniture fireplace

Marble floor tiles aquamarine blue color-upholstered furniture with patterns

Wood panels-Wandverleidung-striped furniture Wanddeko

checkered-patterned furniture Carpet Color Blue

yellow-walls-of-home living room-with-high-ceiling

blue-walls-fireplace-upholstered furniture Classic

blue living room-living-Mediterranean

Table-of-wood pendant light-as-light lantern

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – well-being in a natural ambience

Setting Designer Find dining table ash-Polsterstuehle

With wood, nature is brought into its own four walls – the material forms a homely ambience, gives the interior warmth and cosiness and ensures a healthy indoor climate. Perhaps that is why in recent years, the setting with solid wood furniture in the strong trend , But beware – not every wooden piece of furniture is considered massive. What is behind the term actually and what high-quality furniture without pollutants can be seen in the article.

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – what does the term “solid wood” actually stand for?

Setting Designer Find dining table ideas

The term “solid wood furniture” / still solid wood furniture called / is expressly regulated in the DIN standard 68871. Furniture items that are not veneered and except for drawer bottoms and back are made entirely of solid wood are considered solid wood furniture. Here, individual, non-visible construction parts may be made of softwood.
Solid wood / solid wood / itself is worked out of the cross-section of a tree trunk – the milled lamellas and bars are first stored and dried and then further processed into laminated wood panels. Both a chemical and a mechanical treatment are excluded. The most important advantage of this processing is that the natural material proves its properties.
In contrast, plywood, MDF boards and fibreboards are made from shredded pieces of wood. The natural material therefore changes its properties – therefore these are marked as wood-based materials and not as solid wood.

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – the advantages of solid wood at a glance:

Setting Designer Find-oak kitchen cabinets

– Solid wood breathes and regulates the humidity in the room;
– Solid wood contains no pollutants, repels dust and is therefore a good choice for allergy sufferers;
– Solid wood furniture is extremely robust and durable;
– Some solid woods such as pine have a very pleasant resin smell;

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – what should be considered when buying?

Setting Designer Find a wall shelf Living

Even if the furniture is manufactured in accordance with DIN standard 68871, this does not automatically mean that it complies with other quality standards and sustainability principles. These criteria should therefore play a role in the choice of furniture:
– Sustainability – does the wood come from certified forestry? At renowned dealers like Allnatura great emphasis is placed on it.
– Pollutant-free – are the furniture / including accessories such as mattresses and upholstery / really tested and without pollutants?
– How is the wood surface treated – Is it provided with a seal or advise the manufacturer to a treatment with wax and oil / the second variant is actually beneficial, because then the wood can breathe /

Furnishing with solid wood furniture – the right care

Setting Designer Find a bed-side tables

Solid wood furniture can serve lifelong care with proper care. And this should start from the first day – first the furniture must be placed in a dry, well ventilated room for 24 hours. Then arrange the furniture in the living area / sleeping area so that each piece of furniture is evenly exposed to the sun’s rays – so it can not come to irregular discoloration. Cleaning in everyday life is extremely easy – wipe the furniture with a dry cloth, remove stains with wood soap.

Dreamhouses »Vertical garden and slide – harmonious ambience under one roof

Vertical garden green-two-level-slide-wood-kitchen-lighting-pendant-lights-laminate-floor

A vertical home garden can be the creative response of man to the need for nature and the green. A family from Kharkiv, Ukraine wanted to have this expression of urban living culture installed in their studio apartment. And the reason for this is not a lack of space in the ground-floor area, but the claim of the inhabitants on vertically connected living levels. The vertical greening in this apartment combines its two levels visually and stands for the principles of sustainable life philosophy of the owners. The other special feature of this dreamlike apartment is the slide that leads from the upper floor to the living room.

Vertical garden: beautiful nature in the apartment

Vertical garden floor-to-ceiling-partition-wall-glass-workplace-lighting

Vertical garden has a spatial effect in the apartment and it is definitely enriched with the green. The improvement of the acoustics is immediately noticeable. The leaves release moisture into the room and oxygenate the air, improving the microclimate. In addition to the technical advantages, the pleasant effect of the plants should not be underestimated. Her green calms the mind and relaxes the view. The harmonious ambience of this dream home was achieved by the combination of few elements and guiding patterns when setting up. Vertical planting was created in the kitchen open to the stairs and in a bathroom. Walls in white brick visually combine the living area with the rooms upstairs. The honeycomb pattern has been discreetly but stylishly introduced in the bathrooms by wall tiles and mirrors.

Slide and vertical garden as a combination of two levels

Vertical garden view of the second floor-kitchen-dining area

This architecturally successful house allows its inhabitants the fun of not only being in their areas, but also of moving. The slide has many advantages to this concept, one of which is how comfortable, fast and even funny you come down. Especially the children of the family have benefited from the installation of this slide in the apartment.

Slide with class and fine workmanship in the apartment

apartment chute living room-wall-wood-brick-wall-arch-corner-kitchen

An open plan kitchen with built-in wardrobes and white honeycomb wall tiles

kitchen-wood-fronts-fitted wardrobe-under-stairs

The slide connects the upper floor with the living area

living area-haengestuhl-modular sofa-cushion-slide-stairs-laminate flooring-white-brick wall-fireplace

The wall with vertical greenery is common for the kitchen, dining area and stairs

Vertical garden wall-wood-kitchen-open-dining-area-room-high-windows-bright

The popular motifs in the bathroom – vertical planting and tiles and mirrors in honeycomb pattern

Vertical Garden bathroom-wall design-wood-schranktueren-bath-detached-sink-mirror

Stairs made of solid wood without railing

stair solid wood-without-gelaender-handrail-wall-corridor-lighting-innentuer

Under the roof windows is a workplace full of light

workplace-home-work table-chair-flat skylight-black-brick wall

The popular of the inhabitants honeycomb pattern – implemented in the bathroom with the black tiles

bathroom-black-wall tiles honeycomb-pattern-wall design-washbasin-mirror-indirect-lighting

Slide runs from the upper floor into the living room with design in white brick wall and wood

living-room high-window-sofa-wood-wandgestalung-chair-stool-lighting-arc lamp

Fireplace and niche for firewood as cozy accents of the furnishings in the living area

fireplace-white-brick wall-laminate flooring-kminholz-African-shelves

White brick wall – pattern from the entrance to under the sloping ceiling in the bedroom

creating room-white-double bed-and-white brick wall-minimalist dachschraege-skylight-wandschraenke

Dark wall paint as room design – tips for a perfect ambience

dark wall paint gray-green-carpet-carpet-shutters

You may have thought about a dark wall paint, but then you did not dare. Many perceive dark colors as a risk for the interior design and prefer to forego the experiment in order not to regret it afterwards. But you have certainly already seen many attractive facilities, especially due to the dark walls to look so special.

Dark wall paint interior berry side table-decorating-vintage-mirror-ornaments

But how was the perfect ambience achieved there? We would like to explain this in our article with some tips. Learn how to avoid a feeling of depression and instead create an elegant and stylish interior. And it depends on the details. With some tricks you make sure that even small rooms look homely and comfortable.

dark-color-wall living room and blue-wall-wood wallcovering-fireplace

Dark wall colors are trendy. And it does not matter where in the house. They are used not only for living rooms, but also for bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and hallway. The color nuances range from dark gray, to purple and blue to black. Petrol and amethyst are also very popular.

The dark wall paint and its disadvantages

dark wall paint petrol-black-parquet-elm-chair

So this type of wall design dares, she can undoubtedly pay off. Nevertheless, we do not want to withhold from you the disadvantages that can be associated with it. For one thing, they often make sure that the room looks smaller, narrower and, so to speak, cavernous, even though the dark wall color itself is rather warm and cozy.

dark wall paint round-dining-table-green-walls-bedroom-cowhide

In addition, walls that are illuminated directly by the sun are also heated faster. This can be very unpleasant, especially in the hot summer and causes the paint or the wallpaper to fade faster. Therefore, in many cases, a suitable sun protection must be considered.

dark wall paint green-wall-decor-decorative-clock-silver-shelf

In addition, perfect execution is not just desirable but downright mandatory, and that’s another point that keeps many of this wall design. Every slight bump, every flaw on the walls is visible in dark wall colors. And one day, if you decide to paint the wall bright again, these bumps will remain visible.

Tips for a successful transformation

dark wall paint khaki-green-interior-design-side-table-desk

But you should not put off these things right now. Because there are also a lot of advantages associated with the design. Ultimately, it is just a wall paint, which is generally associated with relatively little risk and can also be undone at any time. However, if you follow the tips below, it will hardly come to that.

The size of the room does not matter

dark-color wall-berry-purple-purple-vintage-commode-wndbilder-decoration

The size of a room should not be the reason why you shy away from strong wall colors. Because the dark wall color blur the corners and edges of a room, because there are no shadows to see. As a result, the room looks visually infinite and thus even spacious.

dark-wall color-vintage-living room furniture-white-blue-wall

But so that the feeling of living can be comfortable even in a small room, a balance must be created. This is best achieved with light furniture and textiles. In addition, the new, darker background makes the furniture look even better. Then you do not have to worry about too uncomfortable an atmosphere.

Accents create dimensions

dark wall paint retro dresser yellow chair contrast

Make an optical illusion that will leave the dark walls a secondary role. In addition to light furniture, use other bright accents for this purpose. For example, put a colored lacquered chair in the room as an eye-catcher. Also a special pillow or a blanket, a carpet or other decorations are suitable for this tip.

dark-color wall-corridor-idea-blue-white-accents Light-floor

Such accents then attract attention and transform themselves, so to speak, into the center of the room. The dark wall color not only falls into the background metaphorically, but literally in the background and is no longer a big eye-catcher. This role is finally taken care of by the accents. This is how walls and furniture complement each other, or decoration perfectly!

What to do with a low ceiling?

dark-color wall-wohnideen-large-windows-leather red brown rustic

If you want to paint a room that has a rather low ceiling, you do not have to stop it from the dark color. All you should keep in mind is that you should not paint the trim as usual in the same color as the ceiling. Instead, use the same color as the walls. So if you paint them, for example, in a shade of brown, then do the same with the moldings.

dark-color wall-dark green-tips-ideas-elegance

This trick for dark walls and low ceilings will make you visually extend the walls by more or less hiding the ledges. The ceiling does not look so low anymore. You can enhance this effect by placing a mirror opposite the wall. The mirror image automatically makes the room seem more spacious.

Start with small rooms

dark wall paint purple staircase light staircase hallway inspiration

Small rooms are not only perfect for the dark wall color. You should even get started with them, especially if you are still not sure. Design a small room with the chosen color, be it the bathroom or another small room. Of course you can also paint the corridor. This room will be the jewel of your home.

dark-color wall-brown-warm-Atmoshäre-device-couch-and-white-color-chandelier

Dark wall paints can either be an interesting color accent or a deep, neutral background. This is especially due to the amount of light that is present in the room. Alternatively, just create an accent wall in a darker shade. If you like her, you still have the opportunity to expand her on the other walls.

Further wall colors Ideas and room designs

dark-color wall-ideas-modern-parquet-wanddeko-dining area

In this dining room a blue-gray wall was designed. The maritime furniture is a combination of light and dark furniture, creating a harmonious ambience. The dark wall paint is also a wonderful backdrop for the driftwood wall decoration. The result is stylish, elegant and homely at the same time.

Dark wall color kitchen green cupboards pitched marble

The dark green was used in an original way in this kitchen. It graces the area above the point guard where usually the upper cabinets are located. Instead, the color serves as a background for pictures. The kitchen cabinets were designed in the same color. The green shade was combined with white marble for the worktop and the kitchen back wall.

dark-color wall-furniture-hell-carpet-accent wall Blinds

If you would like to set up a room in black and white, you can do this as in the example above. The living room is also a great example of how you can use darker hues for an accent wall. The furnishings, as well as accessories and decorations such as lamps, carpet or curtains, however, are chosen in white.

dark-color wall-bedroom-turquoise-poster bed-gold-accents-deco

No matter which wall colors you choose, they do not necessarily reach to the ceiling. Especially in rooms with a high ceiling, the wall can be colored only up to a certain height, while the rest simply remains white. This makes the room visually lower and more comfortable. In this way, the procedure was also in the bedroom above.

dark-color wall-black color scheme and beige-bedded-pad-headboard

In this bedroom, again, a carrier separates the ceiling from the wall and thus takes on the role of a decorative strip, so to speak. Black serves as background for light furniture in beige and white. All colors complement each other wonderfully and create a cozy bedroom, which impresses no less also by elegance. Darker walls can be wonderfully combined with neutral colors.

dark-color wall-black armchair-velvet stehlampe-sideboard

The large windows in this room allow a completely dark decor, with black and dark blue being chosen for the wall and furniture. As accents, the noble golden color, which is represented in the door handles of the dresser, the lamp stand and in the curtains. White is just the pedestal under the window. The floor is made of light wood.

dark-color wall-wohnideen-bad-wood-black-tub-wash cabinet

If you’re wondering what a dark wall color might look like in the bathroom, maybe you can follow this example. These are wooden walls painted in dark gray. They are complemented by the tub and the wash cabinet in the same color. In contrast, the white marble and the decorations and towels in white.

dark-color wall-apartment-colors-make-walls-decorate-stylish

This living room was designed in black and white. Use a glossy surface for the wall, but also use our tip for the low wall or small rooms, where the reflection of a mirror is used to create a visual space, except that you do not use a mirror for this purpose but the wall does this job.

dark-color wall-living room-blue-white-maritimes-ambiente chic and elegant

A beautiful combination of blue and white was also designed in this living room. The blue walls are complemented and decorated with white accents everywhere. Add to that white seating, which is not only perfectly staged by the dark wall, but also by the black parquet floor, which even underlines the elegance.

dark-color wall-living room-idea-wood ceiling-mural-gray leather sofa

The dark gray design in this living room serves as background for a modern decor. It is complemented by a gray leather sofa, a stool made of leather and various metals, which can be found in the chairs, lamps and some decorations. The wall is also used to emphasize a bright mural.

dark-color wall-decorative strip-white-black-wall-coffee table-wooden floor-sitting area

Combine cold and dark tones with warm earth tones as you like. The living room above shows how this can be done. Light brown leather chairs and different wood tones for the furniture make the room even more comfortable. The transition creates the white sofa with dark cushions that match the floor and the wall and a brown sofa cushions, which in turn adapts to the other furniture.

dark-color wall-blue-white-wood-deco-contrast color live

Also this wall was designed dark only up to a certain height. The conclusion is a pretty decorative strip in white color. Another is below the ceiling. So you can see that even without a cap, several bars can be wonderfully combined. Fireplaces made of wood or in white paint are highlighted very well on a dark wall.

dark-color wall-colorful-device-red-blue-turquoise-yellow-green

If you want a particularly extravagant decor, use different colors to set up and design the room and create an interesting patchwork compilation. For the living room a turquoise wall has been designed and combined with a red armchair, a dark blue sofa, various yellow accents and a carpet in green and blue.

dark-color wall-dark-bedroom-device-poster bed and romantic-metal-wood

If you want it dark, but warm at the same time, then choose a dark red color. This can be combined with different wood colors, but also with metal in any color and is therefore suitable for a variety of furnishing styles. Even doors can be an interesting decoration in the middle of the wall.

dark wall color dining room-gray-chairs-white-mirror-fireplace

A stylish and elegant dining room can be seen here. The petrol green serves as a colored background for the chairs in white and gray. There are also mirror surfaces and glass combined with metal. With the furniture colors, you can always create an individual atmosphere and choose any style for this purpose. Also wall and floor do not necessarily have to resemble each other in their color to match.

Country style kitchen – 34 ideas for a calming ambience

Country style kitchen dark green olive atmosphere warm Mediterranean

Although the modern kitchens With their simple design, the high-gloss surfaces and sometimes compact designs are very popular, there are still plenty of supporters of classic kitchen in country style. And that’s no wonder. The Country style kitchen has a warm charisma like no other. The reason for this is the use of many natural materials, which also retain their natural look. This not only includes wood, but also stone. The latter is used especially for the tile mirror and the worktops or for framing the fireplace in the kitchen, if one is present.

Country style kitchen – White-gray decor

country style kitchen white gray wall design parquet dining table

Typical of the country-style kitchen are not only the natural materials. While many modern kitchens mainly consist of locked cupboards, in the Country kitchen many open shelves and transparent glass cabinet doors used as showcases. In it, typical decorations or dishes can be put on display to express the country house style even more.

Country style kitchen with dark furniture

kitchen country style room divider idea half wall yellow oriental rug

All in all, a country-style kitchen exudes a unique tranquility. And that is exactly what we need after a long day at work – a space where we can prepare and relax our dinner at the same time. Great design is presented below. These can be used as inspiration to make your own country style kitchen by having them made to order.

White kitchen with ornaments

kitchen country style french white ornaments cook area decorations

Light blue country style

country style kitchen rustic light blue barstool ceiling beam

Corner kitchen in white

kitchen country style old white green wall color dining table kitchen island

Blue kitchen

kitchen country style light blue pastel color chairs hood gas stove

Playing in the kitchen with the wall paint

kitchen country style wood design natural look window shelf

Elegant kitchen design

kitchen country style blue elegant design white dining table tiles

Small country style kitchen in white

country style kitchen small u shape white dining table green stairs

kitchen country style oven retro fridge light blue white drawers

kitchen country style tiled mirror light gray classic interior large

kitchen country style wine rack kitchen island high ceiling runner altweiss

kitchen country style pastel green dining table idea gray wood parquet

kitchen country style old white idea table kitchen island dark wood chandelier

country style kitchen narrow room cream green sink shelves

country style kitchen shelves accent cabinet turquoise parquet rustic barstuehle

country style kitchen elegant design white red gardin worktop high gloss stone

country style kitchen classy design black gold accents round dining table gray floor tiles

country style kitchen dark furnishing windowed kitchen island

kitchen country style white wood accent hood rustic curtains

kitchen country style counter room divider glass cupboard basket chair

kitchen country style black countertop ceiling beam white

kitchen country style rustic curtains metal chairs light blue drawers idea

kitchen country style modern design spüele kitchen island beek

kitchen country style mediterranean built-in cupboards dark wood

kitchen country style small corner design shelves turquoise accents white borders

kitchen country style inspiration open drawers green fridge

kitchen country style bright room mint green drawers white wall design

kitchen country style bright interior yellow white mediterranean design

kitchen country style green idea modern oven ambiente warm

kitchen country style yellow wall paint dark wood skirts conservatory

kitchen country style french design showcase kitchen island counter red brown parquet

kitchen country style cream color wood rustic kitchen island display cabinets