Modern loft apartment in Scandinavian style with beautiful decoration

living area fireplace fire warmth coziness gray colors

The Scandinavian style enjoys great popularity. It radiates both elegance and warmth. This beautiful Loft apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden is a true example of this.

Loft apartment – interesting living ideas at a glance

loft apartment natural colors neutral white gray

These Loft apartment represents a peculiar combination between clean lines and rustic elements. It impresses with interior design and optimal use of the area. Living area, dining room and cooking island are in one room. On the one hand, this is particularly practical and functional. On the other hand, this spatial planning brings to the homelike atmosphere of the apartment. Simple furniture and subtle home accessories emphasize its elegant structure. Rustic elements are intentionally added to it, so that the device does not seem too boring. These ensure a warm and pleasant ambience. Mild wood tones we associate with the idea for a cozy and relaxing apartment. Exposed ceiling beams and wall beams give an incomparable charm and give the inhabitants a feeling of peace and harmony. The fireplace in the corner and the burning fire are warm and soothing.

Loft apartment and Scandinavian influence

loft apartment style mix clear lines rustic

Natural materials and neutral shades achieve a connection with nature. Plant pots are visible in every room. Green accents delight the eye and bring a breath of fresh air. Mixed subtle lighting attracts attention and radiates even more feel-good atmosphere. Modern and minimalist – such a style can surprisingly also be comfortable and cozy. Let yourself be inspired by the interesting ones Decorating tips that gives you this elegant Loft apartment introduces, inspires! Set value neutral earth tones by putting mild colored accents. These can be different materials or plants. Colorful paintings also bring some variety and make the interior design look fresh and interesting. There is hardly any style that better reflects people’s current preferences in terms of decor and interior design. Modern and natural, elegant and a little rough, impressive and inviting … It’s worth it!

fireplace flowers decor pillow magazine roomy wood

loft cooking island modern new appliances furniture appartement

badhusgatan göteborg sweden plant pot bright wood material

loft kitchen onion wood cabinet shoes coat

a lot of free space cooking island plants products rugs

white table rug exposed ceiling beam design

Flat cook area bright white design ideas

Flat room design practically effective design lighting

loft apartment fireplace exposed wood ceiling beams contrasts

loft open concept carpet rug hanging lightbulb

flat open plan dining room living area a room

loft flat bedroom neutral unobtrusive furnishing balcony

loft flat gray blanket plants green fresh

loft apartment bedroom bed rustic elements combine

laundry room washing machine bathroom spacious shower cabin basket laundry loft flat bathroom towel holder alluminium black

loft apartment native gray white surfaces white

apartment 2009 construction new balcony white furniture

loft apartment modern scandinavian furnishing style balcony

loft apartment plan sketch construction 2009 room

Star Wars as inspiration for modern interior design – apartment in Taiwan

star-wars-modern-interior design-young-family-children

For a successful design of the apartment, interior decorators and interior designers are advised to opt for a style, for two to four shades and a theme that unites everything in one, so that all rooms look uniform and harmonious. In this sense, the architects of White Interior Design conceived the modern flat of young family according to the motto of their favorite film – Starwars.

Star Wars as an inspiration for modern interior design – the home of a young family

Star Wars-modern-room-design-living-room-dining-table-chairs-concrete

Ideal basis for fancy color combinations, accents and designs are indisputably the neutral gray nuances. Variations of it predominate in every room of the modern apartment in order to better accentuate the decorative and really special design elements. Active colors, like red and mustard yellow, provide an individual touch and a cheerful note.

Star Wars decoration and modern interior design

Star Wars-modern-design-living-room-gray-yellow-lightsaber

In each room different statues of the main characters from the movie Star Wars, as well as whole collection of them on a wall shelf beautifully presented. The fancy lights that are actually lightsabers are also impressive. As a pendant lamp over the dining table, floor or wall lamp are replicas of the traditional Star Wars weapon.

Star Wars inspired accents and details in a modern home

Star Wars-modern-design-living-room-lights-lightsaber-figures-movie

Not only playful looks the living room, but there is also wonderful play. The wall behind the sliding door houses all the video game equipment, including a Biemer playing an HD image on the opposite wall.

Gray as background, color and deco accent

star-wars-modern-interior design-living room-couch-yellow-pad

Perhaps inspired by the two little boys, the theme for the attractive, playful interior design is also very well received by the parents. Masks by Darth Vader and stormtroopers are not only to be seen in the nursery, but also in the otherwise romantically decorated bedroom wakes up the figure of a white galactic warrior.

Doors incorporated in the walls

star-wars-modern-interior design-living-gray color-concrete

Star Wars figures as decoration and playful elements of interior design

star-wars-modern-interior design-living-dining-light-deign

Modern living room with large TV wall

star-wars-modern-interior design-living room-dining table-tv-gray

Thematically fitting to the motto of the interior design and dining table in the Star Wars style

star-wars-modern-interior design-dining table-schwraz-steel-light

Important design element – the lightsaber

star-wars-modern-interior design-blue-sliding door lightsaber

Sliding doors save space and look very neutral

star-wars-modern-interior design-floor-sliding-wood-laminatt

Star Wars as a theme for the nursery

star-wars-modern-interior design - nursery-gray-concrete-mirror

Stylish sliding doors decorated like a spaceship

star-wars-modern-interior design-nursery-gray-tueren-design

Playful room design especially for children’s room of boys – theme Star Wars

star-wars-modern-interior design-nursery-young-double

Modern bedroom with a quiet atmosphere – pastel colors and a Sturmtruppler figure

star-wars-modern-interior design-bedroom-white-romantic figure

* a project of White interior design

Practical multifunctional interior ideas for a small apartment

stool table setting up ideas for small apartment

If you have a limited living space, that puts some creative Interior ideas With dual function ahead. Look at these suggestions on how to use a living space or a piece of furniture in the small apartment multifunctional. The limited living space features some creative ideas and designer solutions. Release your imagination and make the most of your small apartment.

Interior ideas for living room and guestroom combination

Room double function interior ideas for small apartment

The multifunctional Interior ideas can be a good one application If you want to transform the small living room into a guest room. Make a pullout couch. This will save you the need for a bed. A coffee table with metal frame construction looks chic and saves a lot of space. Small stools and throw pillows can replace the chairs successfully. In this way, you will not only save a lot of space, but also decorate the room nicely.

Interior ideas for a well-organized storage room

TV hiding furnishing ideas for small apartment

The Interior ideas for a small room presupposed a well-organized storage room. Buy a practical shelving system with many drawers and cabinets, where you can turn off all the items you want. It would be particularly convenient if the TV fits on the shelf and can hide the screen by means of a sliding door.

Use the jewelry box for TV operation

stock box furnishing ideas for small apartment

CD deposition system installed in the drawer

cd drawer cabinet furnishing ideas for small apartment

Combine living room and dining room

Dining room living room furnishing ideas for small apartment

Multifunctional living room for the small house

Living room coffee table interior ideas for small apartment

Use the upholstered stool as a coffee table

orange nuances furnishing ideas for small apartment

Blue furniture furnishing ideas for small apartment

Room divider shelf interior ideas for small apartment

A practical shelf in the bedroom

shelf bedroom interior ideas for small apartment

Combine bedroom and study

bedroom study interiors ideas for small apartment

Practical and elegant turntable with round shape

Rotary bathroom furnishing ideas for small apartment

How to properly approach the apartment moving into your own four walls!

Flat move redecoration red sofa blue wall

© Daniel Nelson (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Judging by the Apartment move-in the living area accordingly, is the beautiful home, in which one feels completely comfortable, nothing in the way! Whether you move into your own apartment for the first time or from one to the other apartment – you want to set up your own apartment as comfortable and beautiful as possible. But that is often not possible from the beginning. If you have a suitable apartment, for example First of all, repairs often occur that have to be done before painting.

Apartment move in – painting © salendron

Apartment feeder renovation red color

Are all the necessary repairs before the Apartment move-in done by the landlord or the future tenant himself, the individual rooms can be deleted. There are no limits to creativity, unless the landlord refuses. However, most landlords have nothing against a little paint on the walls, if you sweep them in another extract again in white paint. Therefore, you should probably take care not to paint the walls too dark. In the best case, you can still paint the apartment before any furniture in it.

Apartment feeder – wall decoration

Apartment walls painting renovation work

© salendron

Although the finishing touches in terms of decoration is only possible if all pieces of furniture have found a suitable place. But the wall decoration can usually be done when the walls have been painted. In this way you know in advance, which furniture is best. This then facilitates the actual move.

The last step – the move

Apartment Moving Furniture Transport Flooring ©

Is in the new Apartment move-in Everything can be prepared move take place. Organization is the alpha and omega. If the belongings are already stashed in boxes, the moving company or even the family and friends only have to transport the boxes from one to the other flat. The furniture should at best be dismantled and prepared for transport. In a big move, a company that is moving can pay off. Because that means less stress and usually a faster move. Such a company is experienced in moves and knows exactly how to do it.

Apartment move-in – the bottom line

set up cozy apartment move living room

© Sascha Nonn

Moving to a new apartment is always associated with stress. But at the same time there is also a lot of anticipation. A new apartment is a new beginning for many people and thus usually something positive. If you adjust your own four walls according to your own taste, nothing stands in the way of the beautiful home in which you feel completely well!

Apartment in Scandinavian style – 10 apartments

flat design bright furnishings living area light gray sofa

Design of Render Taxi.

Of the Scandinavian style is increasingly being chosen for the modern interior. And although this style is governed by certain rules, a variety of variants for the implementation are possible, so you can always achieve a certain individuality. On the one hand, the decor can represent the classic Ikea style. This means furniture in white and natural wood color, skilfully combined. But if that is too monotonous for you, if you are the one Design apartment in Scandinavian style, also color accents allowed.

Design apartment – Scandinavian thanks to decorative items

make apartment kitchens-design-idea-light-wood-dining area-dining table

If you would like to have a Scandinavian facility, but do not think much about redesigning it, you will be pleased to know that you are using style and smaller things as well decorations can shape. We have put together a selection of 10 apartments that can serve as inspiration for your apartment if you want to reach a Nordic interior.

Flat design with bright premises

make-apartment-vaulted ceiling and white-living-wall shelf-lowboard

The idea for this attractive apartment comes from Render Taxi. It was later realized by Anna & Eugeni Bach. This living room is undoubtedly a real highlight, which was achieved thanks to various means. On the one hand, the impressive wave-effect ceiling and, on the other, the authentic floor tiles that were discovered and reused during the renovation. Typically Scandinavian is the use of white surfaces, combined with a natural, light wood tone.

Color accents in the apartment

make-apartment-minimalist-kitchen-white-Scandinavian accents-round-coffee table

Design by Duan.

Here’s how to design the apartment by adding color to the Scandinavian interior. Combine them with natural tones such as beige, gray, cream or brown.

Storage space ideas

make-apartment-bedsitting-set-pedestal-sleeping area-living room

Also typical of the Scandinavian style is plenty of storage space. Try to integrate them into the interior with the help of multifunctional furniture when designing your home. Also built-in pieces of furniture are a great way. A great example is the pedestal in this apartment, which forms the sleeping area of ​​the one-room apartment.

Decorations from all over the world

flat-make-atmosphaere-hell-living room-blue-sofa

The decorations for the Scandinavian style do not necessarily have to come from Scandinavia. Here you can see, for example, a mirror by French designer Jacques Adnet. To design the apartment stools were also used by Fabio Bortolani.

Plants in the apartment


Original wall design with newspaper

make-house-wall design-idea-newspaper-paper-regal-heimbuero

Apartment design with Scandinavian kitchen


Retro fridge

make-apartment-red-pattern carpet-marble-kitchen-retro-kuehlschrank

Decoration with cactus

make-apartment-accents-cactus-yellow-flower pot-living room-design

Monochrome apartment

make-apartment-dark gray couch-living room-monochrome metal moebel

Design by Duan.

You can also design the apartment for the Nordic style with less wood. Here you can see the unique effect that arises when only shades of gray and white are used. There are also accents of black metal in the form of side table and coffee table. The latter shows a chessboard of the Bauhaus school.

make-apartment-Grautoene-interior design-chair-comfortable carpet-honeycomb pattern

make-apartment-coffee table-metal-round-modern couch sofa cushion

make-apartment-warm-ambiente-establishment curtains-hell-raumgestaltung

make-apartment-dining table-idea-Eames chairs-white-wood

Eames chairs are more than welcome in the Scandinavian interior. Here they were combined with two wooden chairs, creating an interesting patchwork design. Fittingly, such a design was also chosen for the kitchen back wall. In addition to the design of the apartment color accents were used, including the E27 pendant lights by Mattias Ståhlbom.

make-apartment-wanddeko wallpaper idea-pendant lights-colored-colored

make-apartment-sideboard-dining area-table lamp-gross-mural


Flat design in blue and yellow

flat design accents-colorful-living-room-carpet-geometric-pattern-yellow-blue

Design by Duan.

This apartment looks very sunny. Among other things, the use of the yellow color here and there ensures. The holiday mood is also achieved by the blue color, because it is reminiscent of the sea. In order not to exaggerate with the colors, furniture in neutral colors was again chosen for the design of the apartment. The many plants provide a lively and natural atmosphere.

make-apartment-naturtoene-moebel-color-lamp-side table

make-house-wall design-yellow-attractive-Scandinavian-deco-elements-shelf

make-apartment-blinds-gray-moebel-vintage-flair-color accents

make-apartment-to-install shelf-wood-lamps-design-coffee table

Take a look at the stunning 3 Dots Collective lamps. The models from the Pot-Pourri collection consist partly of concrete and partly of basket design in yellow, blue and green. The multistage side table also has similar colors.

flat design decorations-inspiration-scandinavian-simple-colors

make-apartment-deco-idea-picture frame-Scandinavian-bedroom

flat design white-bedroom-idea-nordic-bed

make-apartment-night cabinet-red sheep bedroom deco-white-nordic

flat design home-office-idea-scandinavian-white-furniture

Flat design with red accents

make-apartment-gray interior decoration-red accents-panoramic image-wanddeko

Design by Duan.

The cozy furniture in this apartment is combined with a barely noticeable glass coffee table. This makes the room look more spacious. You are welcome to combine the Scandinavian style with another. Here, for example, serves a shelf made of metal and wood for apartment design with an industrial accent.

make-flat-glass table-hexagon-puff-green-gray-pastelltoene


make-apartment-hexagon-corridor-tiles-wood-frame mirror

make-apartment-clothes stand-nordic-design-balcony-living room-commode-tv

make-house photo-deco-wall-white-brick-television cupboard-yellow

Design chic and minimalist apartment


Design by Duan.

Minimalist interiors do not have to be cold. Especially not if you care for a Scandinavian flair. Warmth is provided by the many wooden elements that can be found in the floor and in the wooden furniture, as well as the striking, red accent wall in brick look.

make-apartment-brick-wall accent, red and shelf-gross-books-loft-style-nordic

flat design classic-furniture-chair-white-metal-shabby-fur

Flag Halyard Chair by Hans Wegner

make-apartment-concrete brick-wall design-idea-modern-kuecheninsel

make-apartment-unique chairs-kitchen-counter-natural materials


make-apartment-kitchen-lighting-mirror tiles and white-stone-countertop

Colorful apartment design

make-apartment-colorful-device-clinker stone-wall-modern-stool

Design by Koj Design.

It gets really nice colorful in this apartment. This proves that the Scandinavian style apartment design can not be just neutral or with few color accents. In this way, the rooms emit a pleasant energy.

make-apartment-nautical-Nordic-blue accents-light-wood-coffee table pallets sofa

In addition to a coffee table made of unprocessed wood, which, among other things, provides for the Nordic flair, many decorations with nautical theme are used to design the apartment. Incidentally, the wooden chair next to the coffee table below is a design by Eames and therefore a perfect fit for a Scandinavian decor.

make-flat-pattern-colored carpet-sideboard-modern

flat design brick wall dining area blue chair

Black lamp left by designer Paolo Rizzatto.

make-apartment-rustic image-holzstuehle-maritime-decoration

flat design kitchen-light blue-nordic-style

flat design checkerboard-tile-kitchen-blue-white

flat design bedroom wall-color-light blue-yellow-bedspread-dresser-modern

make-flat-pleated-bedroom-stripes-Optic-chair-skanidnavisch-style shelves

Acapulco chair and side table by Thomas Bentzen.

make-apartment-Nordic-style-bedroom-theme-love-heart-murals-dressing table

Flat design bedroom-bird-theme-wardrobe-yellow-accent

make-apartment-wood-device-dark-black-bed-leather living wall


make-apartment-walk-wardrobe-storage space-ideas-wire-Corner

Flat design bathroom geometric tile design patchwork shower




Flat design with accents in light blue

make-apartment-easy-renovate-Scandinavian-design-open living area

Design by Kevin.

Here you can see a nice apartment consisting of an open plan living area with kitchen, a small bedroom and a living room. The blue shade used as an accent in the decor is called Robin Egg. There are also green colors in the form of plants.

Flat design monochrome blue color accents furniture sideboard

Eclectic furniture adds a finishing touch to the interior, and although a black and white theme is not common in the Scandinavian style, we find it just makes it wonderful.

flat design sideboard-light blue-flowers-pink-plants-deco-idea

make-apartment-chair-design-relaxation-living room radiator-gray floor lamp

make-flat-black-moebel-mirror-Scandinavian interior-wood-table


flat design black-white-kitchen-scandinavian-idea

Side tables by the Ukrainian designer Dmitry Kozinenko.

make apartment-style plain-rug-oval-bedded-wood-white-bettwaesche

make-house-modern-bad-Nordic-tiles-wet cell-black-glass wall

Creating a home – A mix of the Bauhaus and Scandinavian styles

make-apartment-leather bench-black-mirror-metal-regal-skadinavisch

Design by ReFL Studio

An industrial Bauhaus design with various color accents was combined here with the popular Nordic style and the result is simply breathtaking. An example of this is the dining table with the different chairs.

make-apartment-decor-white-yellow-black-leather-bench-coffee table-metal

make-apartment-eclectic chairs-bright-kitchen-open design

make-apartment-simple-kitchen-Rueckwand-mosaic tile-gray

Pendant light “Rock” by Foscarini and Diesel.


Classically Scandinavian and modern at the same time

make-house-color-cream corner sofa-parquet-shelf

Design by N-Gon Archviz.

Classic Scandinavian-style furniture is combined in this apartment with various modern details. The interior is bright and has only a few dark accents.

make-apartment-lighting-original-pendant lights-black chair

make-apartment-minimalist Scandinavian dining table-dining chairs-kuecheninsel

Smooth Coco Flip Pendant Lights

make-apartment-light-wood-laminate-Scandinavian-kitchen-contemporary, modern,

Designs by: Render taxi
Koj design
ReFL Studio
N-Gon Archviz

Architecture »Parisian chic in a modern apartment


Hidden in a small alley in Paris, this beautiful example of e in modern apartment distinguishes itself outstandingly among its traditional neighbors. The architects Aude Borromee Architecte leveled the existing old house and began to build up and then back up. Her vision was to construct a house that focuses on height and transparency. This chic apartment turns out to be a glittering gem in this quiet town. The design of the apartment combines aesthetics with functionality and integrates indoor and outdoor by the views.

Facade of e in a vertical, modern apartment in Paris

Aude Borromean Architecte-modern apartment

The front facade is completely transparent, being made of glass and stone in a fine metal frame. The fineness of this arrangement contrasts with the brick and plaster on the other side. The house rises to 10 impressive levels to maximize the limited space. A big part of this exciting modern apartment has been prefabricated, providing you with minimal on-site work and a much faster construction time.

Parisian chic – exterior design of a modern apartment

exterior-design-Parisian-chic apartment

The same composition is evident in the interior of the modern apartment All architectural forms, fittings and equipment are organized in the same way. The focus is on a simple but elegant linear network of abstract geometric shapes and shapes. It is the variations on this subject that add vitality to the interior design. The same simple system adds unity between all areas for example the pattern of the staircase matches the safety bars on the windows.

remarkable levels of modern architecture


As you might expect, the apartment is flooded with natural light and airy quality enhanced by the emphasis on white interior design scheme. On the lower levels, shapes and shapes were highlighted by a rich burgundy lacquer, for definition the modern apartment , The upper levels are similar, but this time enhanced with a bluish green hue. The urban chic ambience of this modern apartment Also looks industrial, exposed with metallic straps and rivets. The use of polished concrete and brushed steel structures enhances this connection.

glazed facade and climbing plant in Paris

glazed facade-vertical-flat-paris

Outside, a simple climbing plant was encouraged to grow along the facade’s metalwork to incorporate the beautiful, modern architecture of the apartment with more historical ambience. This apartment needs now inhabited, loved and brought to life.

from Jaz

Designed by Aude Borromee Architecte

abstract geometric shapes in the interior design

abstract geometric shapes interiors

linear Kitchen pastel green


geometrical forms fittings


Aude Borromean Architecte-architecture plan

Aude-Borromean Architecte-vertical-architecture

Stylish interior design ideas for the modern apartment

Stylish interior design ideas for the modern apartment

Stylish interior design ideas for the modern apartment and fresh concepts can be of great use to you if you like yours New apartment or want to renovate. The great projects of the Polish design studio – Katarzyna Kraszewska Architectura – correspond to the current life style.

Stylish interior design ideas for the modern apartment in a rich color palette

modern apartment by Katarzyna Kraszewska Architectura

Stylish interior design ideas for the modern apartment by Katarzyna Kraszewska Architectura are distinguished by innovation and ultra modern style. The chic designs offer a variety of ways to renovate and update a home. The biggest advantage is that the interior designer has different design ideas for every room has. Originality and simplicity are embodied in the quality furniture.

Stylish furnishing ideas for the modern home – space-saving interior design

Stylish furnishing ideas Katarzyna Kraszewska Architectura

Katarzyna Kraszewska Architectura has even more interesting stylish furnishing ideas for the modern home – The trends demand an optimized and space-saving interior design. The Polish company has devoted its attention to the chic and unusual combination of living and dining room.

Original living ideas – refresh the interior design

chic furnishing ideas modern apartment

Stylish furnishing ideas for the modern apartment by Katarzina Kraszewska Architectura are the best guidebook, so if you want to refresh the interior or optimize the space. All designs are worked out in the smallest details. The impressive bamboo chairs and bamboo tables harmonize with the minimalist look. The super chic industrial bricks lend authentic rustic flair in the whole atmosphere.

Elegant decor for living room

cozy room design sofa set

The ultra-modern TV and DVD systems characterize the hi-tech area of the living room. The neutral shades and simple furniture design are fitting stylish furnishing ideas for the modern apartment , In chocolate, ebony brown or beige, the decor and chic flooring add even more romance to the room.

Ideas for decoration and lighting

Kitchen Design Black Minimalist Kitchen Marylyn Monroe

Original fireplace design, huge wooden bar stools, elegant cushions made of red silk, decorative elements in bright colors – such as the image of Marylyn Monroe are all just part of the rich decoration. All stylish furnishing ideas for the modern apartment of Katarzyna Kraszewska Architectura They are accentuated by beautiful lighting and original works of art that emphasize the fundamental concept of the entire interior.

Simple living room design in white

House library white living room

Elegant home interior in beige and white

Living room white lamps black table beige sofa

Chic bedroom – white duvet

white bed-bedroom interior design ideas

Dining table and chairs in minimalist style

White dining table chairs living room

Modern interior design ideas for kitchen

white kitchen island chic design

minimalist small kitchen in white

white kitchen island black stool kitchen counter

Ceiling lighting and wall tiles

Living room furniture modern sofa set

Stylish kitchen designs by Karatzina Kraszewska Architectura

White kitchen chairs table Karatzina Kraszewska Architectura

Teenager room setup

Teenager room decorating ideas

Elegant stair design and hall facility

Elegant stairs wood furnishing ideas hallway

Chic bathroom tiles

modern bathroom simple design ideas

Decorative wall design for bathroom

Bathroom design-modern ceramic tiles

Kitchen island with elegant barstools

Kitchen island wood bar counter bar stool

Original bricks – interior design

Building bricks wall design living room

Living ideas for penthouse apartment – so it is a dream home

Flat flooring coffee table leather furniture two-seater metal floor lamp

A penthouse offers maximum living comfort.

A penthouse apartment is an absolute dream for many people. The exclusive penthouses above the rooftops of the city are particularly appealing in metropolises such as Munich, Hamburg or Berlin. In the German capital, such dream homes are among others Ziegert real estate to find. Due to their elevated position, penthouse apartments not only offer a magnificent view of the city skyline, but also a very special living space. Due to their loft-like character penthouse apartments usually offer a generous living space. However, the design of these properties requires just because of the size and the most numerous windows very special sensitivity. Without the right furnishings, lighting and decoration, the dream home can quickly be cold and a little uncomfortable. But with a few tips and tricks, the living space can be optimally used and a cozy atmosphere created.

Living ideas for the penthouse apartment – keep generosity

Flooring chairs table penthouse apartment set up home decor

A high-quality interior with designer furniture supports the exclusivity.

A penthouse is characterized by its size. To keep this character of openness and space, the apartment should be minimalist and not too crowded. A sparing furnishing leaves enough free space. So that the apartment does not look too cold, color accents in warm tones are recommended. However, just like accessories, these should only be used sparingly, because a penthouse looks good without a lot of bells and whistles and decoration.

A penthouse apartment is an exclusive home and so it should be set up as well. The apartments on the top floor have their own flair, which should not be destroyed by an inappropriate decor. Furniture and interior design should be appropriate to the noble object. For example, parquet looks much nobler than a carpet and designer furniture skillfully emphasizes the exclusivity of the apartment. Anyone who does not have a good hand for the design of real estate can rely on an interior designer. The investment is worthwhile, because the professionals are trained to optimally implement the wishes of their customers and are familiar with materials, trends and color combinations.

Set up a penthouse apartment – stay in a color family

Round carpet white glossy walls penthouse dinette

This penthouse apartment has been painted in noble Greige.

A penthouse apartment is characterized by its generosity. Often, many rooms merge. So that the penthouse does not look mixed up, it is advisable to stay in the establishment of open living and dining areas in a color family. Especially popular is the color ” greige “, A mix of gray and beige. But other shades can give the penthouse a stylish touch. In the hardware store, there are numerous color charts that show which colors come from a family or fit together well.

On set the right lighting

Penthouse apartment lighting evening nice decor ideas

Indirect light sources provide a cozy atmosphere.

Large penthouse apartments can quickly become uncomfortable, especially with minimalist furnishings and cold materials such as stone or stainless steel. By cleverly used indirect lighting in the form of floor lamps or side lights, however, heat can be generated quickly. Many small light sources create more atmosphere than large ceiling lamps or bright neon tubes. By lamps, which shine in bright colors, can also be set slightly colored accents.

Prefer wood

Penthouse apartment stairs wood living room kitchen dining area

Wood makes the penthouse look very cozy

Wood is the perfect floor covering for a penthouse apartment, because wood also provides warmth in large rooms and never just goes out of fashion. Particularly high quality is still a parquet floor, but even a real wood laminate floor is high quality and chic. And as a paneling or paneling wood provides comfort. It can be selected from numerous types of wood. Who prefers elegant, dark wood, is well advised with Wenge, mahogany or walnut. On the other hand, wood species such as ash, olive or Douglas fir promise a rustic look.

Use bevels optimally

purple carpets dining corner corner sofa sloping roof kitchen white

Slopes should be used by low furniture.

If the penthouse apartment has sloping ceilings, the space under the bevels should be cleverly used by matching pieces of furniture. Low furniture is ideal for this. Under the slope, for example, a sofa, a bed without a high headboard, chests of drawers or sideboards can be accommodated.

Underline the urban character

Penthouse apartment set up modern wood furniture poster wall

If you love the modern, urban look, you should support it with clear lines. Dark colors, simple elegance and metallic or glossy highlights underline the urban character of a penthouse, which is based on the reduction to the essentials. Especially geometric forms and straight lines instead of embellishments support the look. Furniture in dark wood, leather and muted colors enhance the urban style skillfully. As a special eye-catcher put many penthouse owners on fancy stairs.

Dare to break the style

Penthouse apartment eclectic decor glass fronts coffee table wood

Penthouse apartments often have a very modern character. Special living atmosphere can be created by a successful style break. Who combines modern furniture with baroque or antique pieces, manages to give his penthouse a very individual touch. In addition to the mix of different living styles, the combination of different materials and textures also leads to a charming overall picture.

25 ideas for apartment set up with sloping ceilings

Ideas for apartment -new-roof-white-high-ceiling-minimalist-open-kitchen-niche

The pitched roof and rooms with saddle roof awaken in the people mixed feelings of sympathy, romance or just the opposite and nothing really positive. Surely you already have some inspiring ones Ideas for apartment Found in the attic, but each apartment is divided differently and the angle of the slope is certainly different from room to room. The lucky ones have a large floor space and several roof windows, which allow optimal light flow. These architectural conditions would be the optimal basis for interior design minimalist style , Bright colors for furniture and walls can make the rooms look extremely positive.

25 inspiring ideas for apartment set up with sloping ceilings

Ideas for apartment-set-roofing-bright-spacious-open fireplace-couches-white-wooden

Many ideas for apartments with sloping ceilings and how to optimally furnish them are issues that arise after the attic has been sustainably insulated, insulated and sealed. Rarely does one suffer in the last residential floor under mold stains, but there is a danger that it in the summer very hot and very cold in winter. If good insulation is lacking, the warmth of the interior is quickly released outside in the cool seasons and, conversely, it gets very hot in summer. If this point has already been taken into account, then you just need some cool ideas for flat Facility.

With sloping ceilings made of wood

Ideas for apartment-set-roof-roof-windows-living-room-scandinavian-style-white-wood-rack

Rooms with droops There are many niches available that are ideal for installation shelves. Other ideas are great low furniture that will fit under the sloping skylight. On the other hand, there is also the option, the whole furnishing made by a specialist, but that’s a financial question and depends on how much you actually want to invest. Take a look at our 25 great ideas for flat with sloping ceilings and be inspired by them!

Setting up the roof pitch in black and white

idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-black-white-minimalist kaminofen-traeger-contrast

Set up with monochrome colors

idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-white-gray-open-kitchen-cake counter-corner

Minimalist interior design in white

idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-white open-kitchen-blue-couch-skylight-deep-dining area

Set up white and decorate with natural materials

idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-living room-white-couch-armchair-removable-pad

Set up your apartment and put colored accents

idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-white-blue-accent-living room-tv-couch-armchair-gray

Cozy facility in the industrial style

idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-off white-dark brown-holztraeger-wooden floor-corner-cushion-deco-light

Sloping ceiling in the living room with wooden ceiling paneling

idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-cover disguise-wood-liege-chair-couch-large

Living room in the attic

idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-parkettboden-holztraeger-wall color-gray-chair-black-leather-modern

idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-small apartment-skylight-kitchen-wood-stairs

idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-kitchen-white-brick wall-kuechenwand-chandelier-decorative-dining area



idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-white-wooden floor-desk-table lamp-workplace

idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-white-holztraeger-wooden floor-SITZMOEBEL-terrassentueren-attic

idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-bedroom-white-fitted wardrobes bed-skylight-bed-blanket-pillow

idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-bedroom-wiess-gray-bed-padded-headboard-night lamps



idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-bedroom-vintage-white fan-cover disguise carpet

idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-white-spots-ceiling-parquet floor bed-upholstered headboard-


idee-apartment-set-dachschraegen-bathroom-marble-basin-glass walls-spits-simple

Set up in black and white – A minimalist luxury apartment

Black and white furnishings -luxury-minimalism-living-room-modular-couch-open-fireplace-wardrobes

A certain color combination remains timeless and stylish no matter in which respect and that is black and white. If you are in Set up black and white After a renovation or remodeling of the house, make the ultimate choice. monochrome , bright nuances make rooms appear friendly and brighter. Accents and special design elements come into their own when they are contrasted with the surroundings. Objects or furniture in black become design centers and ensure the personal character of the apartment.

Set up flat and house in black and white

Black and white furnishings-apartment-luxury-modern-living-room-modular-couch-carpet-gray-decorative-fireplace-candles

Set up in black and white and bring in contrasting accents and decorations is a successful recipe for a stylish home. Simple, white walls, black shelves and photos, clean lines and shapes are recommended by designers around the world and also put these principles into practice.

Set up in black and white and still let the room look personal

Black and white furnishings-apartment-luxury-living-room-fireplace-fireplace-rich-contrast

A spacious luxury apartment in the old building is a great example of a modern renovation in a minimalist style without removing the typical features such as stucco, lattice window and brick wall. Architectural features have been reinterpreted in a particularly reduced way and other simple furniture and modern pieces have been added. The entire living space is divided into two levels. There are two stairs leading to it. Those that existed before the renovation were renovated and covered with gray wood. The other is located in the living room and represents a futuristic spiral staircase that looks like a contemporary sculpture.

Rebuild old apartment

Black and white furnishings-flat-attic-stair-living-room-minimalist-spotlights-roof windows

Minimalist solution for storage space and shelves with sliding doors

Black and white interior-living-room-modular-couch-central-room-kitchenette-built-in

Playing with the light

Black and white furnishings-apartment-luxury-living-room-spiral-staircase-modular-couch-fireplace-decorative-walled

View from the second floor

Black and white home-apartment-mansard-spiral staircase-living room-couch-carpet-flooring-gray

Functional and stylish in a minimalist style

black and white set-apartment-luxury-minimalist-device-folding bed-functional

Second staircase leads to the upper floor

black and white set-apartment-mansard-stair-skylight-monochrome-color

Reinterpret details and accents from the old building

black and white set-apartment-luxury mansard-skylight-old building-brick-window-conservatory

Black and white kitchen

black and white set-apartment-luxury-kitchen-spots-wooden floor-kuechentheke-stool-window

Kitchen in white with decorative accents in black

black and white set-flat-minimalist-spots-kuechentheke-stool-spots-batten down-sliding door

Everything in the kitchen stays behind discreet sliding doors

black and white set-kitchen-minimnalistisch-kuechentheke-stool-hallway floor-fitted wardrobes Sliding

Design monochrome nursery

black and white set-apartment-luxury-nursery-wooden floor-brick-dachschraege-desk

Bedroom with patio doors

black and white set-bedroom-hallway floor-to-install cabinet-curtain-spots-bedded carpet

Bedroom with wooden floor and discreet built-in wardrobe

black and white set-apartment-luxury-bedroom-built-in wardrobe spots bed pillows

Insert vintage elements

black and white set-apartment-luxury-bathroom-detached-bath-vintage-wash under cabinet minimalist