Architecture »The modern flat roof house with reflecting glass front by Johan Selbing

the modern flat roof mirror Glasfront johan-selbing architecture

Mirror House is located in Almere, the Netherlands, and was designed by Johan Selbing and Anouk Vogel in 2013 as part of the De eenvoud (a kind of architectural and architectural competition) project. 12 winning teams were given the opportunity to prove their skills and to realize their design ideas. Between the experimental new housing estates in the forest of Noorderplassen-West, the Spiegel House stands out. Thanks to the use of reflective windows and glass panels, the modern flat roof house by Selbing is a highlight, although it is hardly noticeable – the facade merges with the surroundings.

Mirror House – the modern flat roof house merges with its surroundings

minimalist architecture glass facade reflecting-johan selbing-anouk bird

The Amsterdam-based Selbing has created a new architectural work of architecture, which takes in the surrounding landscape and contrasts between nature and contemporary architecture blurred. Only by a handle, the entrance to the house can be distinguished from the glass facade. The modern flat roof house offers a comfortably furnished living space of approx. 120 m2 on a living floor.

House with rectangular floor plan and reflecting glass facade

modern house in the sliding forest door plain minimalist

The material for the outer lining acts as a camouflage and offers the residents the feeling of privacy and security. The building’s body is compact and functional, allowing it to turn different living styles can adapt. The slightly raised ground allows fantastic views of the forest. Equipped with sliding glass doors, the modern flat roof house opens over the entire width of the house to the landscape.

The glass façade creates breathtaking light reflections

flat roof house in the forest single storey-reflective glass facade

Inside, the building looks simple and clean. The interior walls are clad with multiplex birch panels, giving the otherwise cool appearance a touch of warmth and coziness. The horizontally running linear structure of the walls makes the house seem a bit longer than it really is.

The window front of the house is a high-reflecting mirror

mirror house sliding doors modern architetkur holland

Flat roof house in the minimalist style of Johan Selbing Architecture

modern built-in kitchen birch multiplex panels light flooded

Built-in wardrobes save space

multiplex birch interior walls wood paneling mirror-house

Photos by: Jeroen Musch

Modern flat roof house built in the forest

Street facade floor elevation-Mirror House-Johan Selbing-architects

side view in the section Mirror-House holland Johan Selbing

Facade view mirroring House Mirror John Selbing

side view mirror house with flat roof Johan-Selbing architecture

johan-selbing mirror-house rectangular floor plan ground floor

mirror house neubausiedlingen project de eenvoud-Almere Johan-Selbing-Anouk bird

Architecture »Concrete house with glass facade by Una Arquitetos offers close to nature living

Concrete house Brazil flat roof Glass facade design

Glass walls are unique elements used in modern architecture. Many builders from all over the world deal with the idea of ​​conveying a unique feeling of living with light and transparency. We present you the exclusive Concrete house Bacopari – a light-flooded design by Una Arquitetos, realized in 2012 in São Paulo, Brazil. The residence offers close to nature living for highest demands.

Bacopari – an exclusive concrete house

Canopy Terrace Concrete House Architecture UNA Brazil Sao Paolo

For the contemporary architecture is the use of Glass , as well as the clear design language and consummate aesthetics a trademark. So the individuality is visible. The House is a result of high technical know-how and many years of experience. The architect team of Una Arquitetos has developed a very individual concept, which blends harmoniously into the environment and leaves enough room for personal taste. The house was built on a plot of 724.00 m², the living area is 504.00 m².

Concrete house with transparent surfaces

Transparent house Brazil modern living close to nature

A two-storey building was designed whose floor-to-ceiling glass façade combines with its transparency the designed exterior and the attractive interior. Thus, the architects achieved the popularization of a style of living in harmony with nature. The trees in the garden were grown at the beginning of the construction. Today they are already 8 meters high.

Exclusive transparent living space

Intermediate courtyard wooden decking-swimming pool patio

Bacopari House has a spacious transparent living space and high quality gardens. The architects have almost completely renounced sturdy, robust concrete walls, which makes the building extremely communicative. The border between inside and outside merges. In the garden is the private retreat where the homeowner can relax body and soul. The Concrete house acts unobtrusive and discreet.

Design living spaces with maximum transparency

Living Design Ideas Nature-inspired Living Interior Design

The living room has double height and gives a feeling of airiness. The dining area has been expanded on the terrace. Wooden staircase leads to the wine cellar in the basement. All rooms are located to the northeast and are perfectly air conditioned and isolated.

Photos by Leonardo Finotti

Residential house with flat roof

Badopari house night lighting concrete glass construction modern

Courtyard with spacious pool, wooden deck and patio

Bacopari House flat roof indoor garden swimming pool

Clean lines and perfect aesthetics

Residence Bauhaus style concrete construction glass facade design

Glass is the dominant architectural element

Bacopari residence glazed courtyard pool patio

Concrete building offers exclusive living in harmony with nature

Open living floor interior design Full-glazed concrete

Open house facade

Residential house with pool trees-grow in the garden

Architecture Sao Paolo Residential house residence BEton glass

Wood wall cladding-floor decking glass wall design

Wood Ceiling Paneling-Indoor Garden Pool-Build Design

Residential house modern architecture open plan blueprint mosaic floor stones

Indoor design double height library built-in wardrobes

Living room designer slats curtain library designer furniture

Glazed concrete wall interior design Loft style furnishings-dining area terrace

Double High-living room Ceiling Furniture Leather Upholstered White Black

Concrete house with flat roof of K2 – minimalist architecture in Japan

House Sao Paolo Una-Arquitetos design

Bacopari House Side View Sao Paolo

Concrete house with extensive green roofs in Alicante, Spain

Contemporary concrete house in Murcia, Spain from Xpiral Architecture

Concrete house with wood exterior paneling in Canada cubist architecture

Modern asymmetric concrete house with roof pool and great views

Architecture »Attractive boathouse on the lake inspired by the James Bond films

James Bond inspired House Scotland

Balnearn Boathouse – dramatic, impressive and exciting – as well as a James Bond movie. The Boathouse on the lake in Scotland invites you to wild adventures. In the middle of one beautiful surroundings, where many stone circles are found, and right on the shores of Loch Tay Lake, the architects of McKenzie Strickland Associates have realized a very interesting project.

Balnearn Boathouse by the lake with dramatic look

Boathouse at the Lake in Scotland roof at an angle

The Boathouse on the lake has already been awarded the Architectural RIBA Award for Architectural Excellence in 2010. The design was inspired and designed by the James Bond series. The architects have enough free space under the house – built an artificial cave, where a boat can be retracted and created with an electric winch. The construction was accompanied by several technical challenges. The result is more than successful.

Boathouse on the lake offers relaxation in the midst of nature and a lot of fun on the water

Wooden boathouse porch floor lighting wood paneling

The floating above the water Boathouse on the lake appears like an organic combination of nature and architecture, even as an extension of the lake. The cedar lining ensures a comfortable ambience. The cozy living space was built above the artificial cave. It is spacious and bright and includes a kitchen area, shower cubicle and Murphy bed. The supporting steel pillars that support the roof contribute to a visual “free floating” effect. The roof of the small building has been carefully chosen so that it adapts optically to the owner’s residence.

Build modern house on the lake

Loch Tay Boathouse-build James Bond

The exposed Boathouse on the lake from McKenzie Strickland Associates is perfect for retreating with friends and family. At the same time, you can have fun on the water and experience adventures in the style of Agent 007.

Exposed boat house

Boat house-build Britain Scotland

Boathouse with wooden veranda

James Bond inspired Boathouse Scotland

Glass railings fit perfectly to the wood paneling

Build roof design modern architecture boathouse

House on the lake with attractive roof

Boathouse design built on Loch Tay Lake

Full glazing and wood paneling

Balnearn Boathouse cedar cladding glazing interior design

House with boat landing

Msa Architects build house on the lake-Scotland

Lock Tay, Scotland

Loch Tay Scotland house build

Architecture »Wooden house with modern design conveys sustainable thinking

house wood with modern design facade street view

This modern one House made of wood is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and was built by the architectural studio Altius Architectire designed. The house has been built and furnished in a minimalist style and the wood is the main material for indoor and outdoor use. The property is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Toronto and has peaceful and pleasant surroundings. The project has a modern home with sustainable design aiming to ensure comfort and quiet atmosphere.

The wooden house was built efficiently and sustainably to save costs

house wood with modern design roof window dining room

The House made of wood was built entirely environmentally friendly and sustainable. Spatial planning and interior design have been deliberately designed to optimally use the position of the sun during all seasons. The window setting allows natural ventilation and cooling during the summer and the Sunbeams secure more light and warmth in winter. In this way, the heating costs are significantly reduced. Efficient LED lighting helps to keep electricity costs low.

Wooden house with minimalist decor and welcoming atmosphere

house wood with modern design dining table marble look

The foundation of the house was built of bricks, so that the building to the general appearance fits in the district. The rest of the facade was covered with wood. In the interior, the wood was also quite abundantly used and mainly the cedar wood. Although that House made of wood This material gives the interior a feeling of warmth and coziness. It creates an inviting atmosphere that is in perfect harmony with the quiet surroundings in the neighborhood.

Cozy dining room with a simple design

wooden house with modern design wall covering wood

Roof window secures natural light

house wood with modern design window ceiling

Kitchen counter in marble look

wooden house with modern design kitchen worktop

Cedar wood is the main material in the kitchen

house wood with modern design interior decoration wood

minimalist decor in the living room

wooden house with modern design minimalist interior

Wooden stairs

wooden house with modern design staircase wood

Massive railing made of cedar wood

house wood with modern design railing wood

Simple bathroom in white

house wood with modern design bathroom in white

Architectural plan of the house

house wood modern design gundstücksplan

Ground plan of the ground floor

house wood with modern design ground floor

Plan from the upper floor

wooden house with modern design upstairs

Floor plan front

house wood with modern design floor plan

Floor plan backside

House wood with modern design facade

minimalist wooden house on Lake Zurich with a simple interior

Architecture »Wooden house with modern design serves as a retreat in the middle of the forest

Modern wooden house in the forest stairs

This modern one House made of wood was from the architecture studio combine designed and located in Novo Mesto, Slovenia The house spreads over 247.11 sq.m. and was built in 2012.

The modern wooden house – location and exterior design

modern wood house forest design

Despite the modern design, that is House made of wood on a slope in the middle of the forest and gives a sense of relaxation and tranquility. In front of the house is a huge meadow and behind it the forest stretches. No direct path leads to this building which reinforces the feeling of private space even more.

The wooden house was tuned with the landscape features

Modern wood house forest removed

Exactly the natural conditions are the reason that the House made of wood after North west is directed. The house design follows the landscape surface and separates the living and sleeping area in an unobtrusive way.

Spatial planning and interior design

modern wood house forest fireplace

The interior design of the house is characterized by large open spaces. The House made of wood has no corridors and all rooms can be reached from ground level. The roof design has been carefully designed so that the sunshine in the morning can illuminate the entrance, the bathroom and the living room. The facade with wood paneling makes this modern building look natural in this forest landscape.

Modern living room with sliding glass doors

modern wooden house in the forest living room

minimalist kitchen in white

modern wood house forest kitchen

Facade with wood paneling

modern wood house forest exterior

The modern villa at night

Modern wooden house in the forest at night

View from the outside in the evening

modern wood house forest facade

A house with geometric shapes

modern wood house forest kombinat

The architectural plan of the house

modern wood house forest architecture plan

minimalist wooden house on Lake Zurich with a simple interior

Architecture »Unusual massive house with Zigzag profile – contemporary architecture

Hofit house interesting architecture Israel

The modern one Massively house Concrete is located in Hefit, Israel and was completed in 2012 by the architectural studio Paritzki & Liani Architect. The extraordinary Zigzag construction allows the wind to worm its direction and so the house and the walls in a natural way, that is, cost-free, cooled.

Extravagant massive house – passive and sustainable construction

Betonhaus Hofit Israel garden Zigzag profile

Photos: Amit Geron

The Massively house has two floors and total area of ​​267 square meters. The roof is a key element in its architecture as it defines the interior volume. The roof is lower on one side. On the other hand, the distance from the ground is much larger. The highest roof part protrudes like a tower over 3 meters.

Solid house with glass facade

Modern concrete house Israel HOFIT

Strict geometric shapes define that Massively house not only from the outside, but also inside. The modern glass facade serves as an optical link between the Courtyard with garden and the living room. The large windows ensure that the interiors are flooded with natural light.

contemporary Architect house with courtyard

Modern house courtyard glass wall Photos: Amit Geron

The modern one Massively house is located on a plot of 919 square meters. This also includes a garage and courtyard, which is defined by the Zigzaglinie of the house. An additional studio for guests with a separate entrance is also available.

Harmonious interior in white

House glass facade Bright interiors Living room furnishings

Photos: Amit Geron

The ground floor is divided by no doors and walls. Living room, kitchen, dining room are in the bright and open living space. With simple square furniture design have the architects and designers of Paritzki & Liani Architects in the Massively house created the perfect linear harmony between the outer and inner Zigzag forms. On the second floor are the bathroom, children’s room and bedroom for the parents.

Modern decor – bright rooms

Living room kitchen dining room white-brown parquet

Photos: Amit Geron

Contemporary interior design

Modern architecture Israel architecture Photos: Amit Geron

Architecture projects from Israel

One-story house Hofit Modern architecture ideas Photos: Amit Geron

Cozy house with courtyard

Set up a storey house kitchen Photos: Amit Geron

Concrete facade – modern house

Concrete house israel garden window wall Photos: Amit Geron

Bright interiors with interesting pendant lights

Bright living room wooden floor Modern Photos: Amit Geron

Excellent furniture design

Kitchen counter modern design angular wood covering Photos: Amit Geron

Top view – second floor

Top view second floor

Top view – first floor

House in Hofit Grunsrisse

House in Hofit – floor plan

Roof Plan House Hofit Israel

House in Hofit view in section

Hofit house view sidecut

Architecture »Architects House” Arrow “in Tokyo with asymmetrical floor plan

Asymmetrical building-white exterior-minimalist exterior staircase lighting indirect

APPOLLO Architects & Associates presents the exclusive design from 2013 – the unique one Architect house “Arrow” with open and asymmetrical floor plan. The two-storey building with a concept based on minimalism offers first-class living and working comfort. The connection between the exterior and interior has also been particularly successful.

Architect house convinces by a refined look

Designer house Arrow front yard natural stones decking

The Architect house consists of a long, narrow building with a north-facing pitched roof. This untraditional roof construction creates a unique outfit. Both inside and outside “Arrow” exudes peace and harmony in white. In the basement there is a modern equipped photo studio, while living spaces and the main entrance upstairs are available. Slotted roof openings allow plenty of natural light to flood the room, creating dramatic light-shadow games during the day. At night, these offer the opportunity to starry sky to observe.

Architekten Haus offers comfortable work and living spaces

Residential house outline modern appearance Tokyo Japan

The entrance to the house is reached by an external staircase, which optimally fits the overall picture. Interior and Exterior are characterized by color and shape contrasts. Architect house “Arrow” illustrates the harmonious interaction of living style and the environment. It creates the impression that the house is somewhere in the midst of nature. But it is located in a densely populated residential area of ​​the metropolis. House fronts are clad in glass so that the interior can communicate optimally with the surroundings. Through the successful combination of parquet, furniture and accessories, the room was given an individual character.

minimalist house in Tokyo

Exterior Staircase White-minimalist Tokyo Arrow House Design

A total of 84.22 square meters of living space are available. For more clarity, light and current appearance, the upper floor was designed with an open plan. A small attic offers additional space for individual design. The rhythmic repetition of diagonally arranged architectural elements throughout the building creates an inviting and stylish room atmosphere.

Photos by: Masao Nishikawa

Arrow of APPOLLO Architects & Associates

Room high frameless glazed exterior wall Tokyo

Room-high glazing

Modern House with Pitched Glass Walls Tokyo Architecture

Open style of living

Modern House Open-Living Loft Apartment

Living space characterized by geometric rigor

Asymmetric room volume roof pitch light openings roof

Idyll in white

Light woods Flooring-White furnishings-Ceiling lighting accent

Designer lights flood the room with warm light

Asymmetric Roof Construction Residential House Modern Arrow Interior Design

No limit exists between the habitats

Modern house Open living style pitched pitched roof

Small attic

Attic white interior puristic design badger

Natural light penetrates abundantly into the living environment

Top floor view-from above decking-bright wood glazing room-high

Interior Design Arrow House Natural Light floods the room volume

Design living room contrasts black and white lighting conditions

Accent lighting living room-indirect floor lights

Kitchens area loft-living space-open to the courtyard design

White kitchen cooking island minimalist outline handleless cabinets modern

Open kitchen modern furnishing wood flooring cooking island skylight

Japanese house puristic exterior staircase-white glass wall interior design

Bathroom access-to-patio glass wall

Interior Stairs Indoor Design Arrow House Apollo

Residential house open construction plan location Tokyo

Loft plan apartment Tokyo modern

Habitat Layout-Arrow House Japan Apollo Ground floor

Japan Tokyo architect house floor plan

Arrow house view side modern

Sight in the intersection Arrow House Tokyo

House architectural outline Tokyo asymmetric

Floor Plans House modern-minimalist Arrow Japan

Designer house with pitched roof view-in section

Architecture »One-storey modern house on the lake


Surrounded by trees and plants, in the middle of the southwestern part of Michigan and on the border with Indiana, is one modern house located near Lake Michigan. The house is in the middle of nature and yet the city is within reach. The homeowner can relax undisturbed in a quiet place at the weekend. For a long time they searched for suitable terrain, where not only a beautiful view of the forest, but also on the water is offered. The combination of lake and forest was an important prerequisite for the construction of their dream home.

Modern house with wooden facade

Built-in fireplace bench-modern-house-USA

On modern house in the middle of the forest must have a natural construction – and so the architects have opted for a one-story construction. From the northern side, the entrance is shielded with a special wooden wall, thus protecting the privacy of the residents, while from the southern part of the facade is generously glazed, and thus opens the living area. The kitchen, the dining room and the living room offer exciting views of the surroundings and the unique veranda promises a pleasant time outdoors. The three bedrooms are well kept. The wooden elements of the façade are in harmony with the surroundings and give the building a natural look.

Modern house with glazed facade

modern cottage-USA Lake Michigan

In the living area, the consumption of wood immediately catches the eye. The furniture, the wall panels and even the ceiling are clad in wood. Thanks to the neutral color scheme – gray and beige – you feel really at home. Right at the entrance is a cozy area with bench and fireplace. The fitted kitchen and wooden dining table create a visual link to the outside area. Coziness and comfort of the design are the focus. The wooden blind on one side of the house creates an interesting play of light and shadow in the living area. On modern house at sea . of the Brininstool and Lynch Architects designed that invites you to relax.

Beige gray living room furniture glass facade

beige-gray-living-room-furniture-glass facade

Modern fitted kitchen and dark wooden table

House forest-modern-kitchen

Modern architecture – wooden facade

modern wooden house-minimalist architecture

One-storey holiday home in the USA

elegant wooden blinds cottage-USA

Glass facade with modern lighting

storey house elegant facade

Architecture »A rustic ski lodge, but with modern renovation

Rustic ski lodge Oppenheim Architecture

Aspen, Colorado, is the famous resort where the rich go in winter. A beautiful, prosperous town in the remote Rocky Mountains, Sawatch Range area. Aspen also has something for the tourists to offer – good restaurants, shopping and of course skiing. A rustic ski lodge with a touch of contemporary design is the perfect home for those who can afford it.

Rustic ski lodge clad in wood, stone and steel

Rustic ski lodge-stone-facade

La Muna is one of the first houses built here. Of course it does not look old anymore. The house was completely renovated and got some additions. It was a project of Oppenheim Architecture + Design and it was totally transformed. The rustic ski lodge has been transformed into a modern and cozy residence.

Rustic ski lodge and natural materials

Rustic ski lodge bed-fur blanket-royal-chair

The rustic ski lodge is clad in wood, stone and steel, with minimal impact on natural resources and the environment. The architects who worked on this project have also tried to integrate it seamlessly into the environment, without being too strongly influenced by its design. The natural materials play a very important role.

Dark gray sofas and bio fireplace

Rustic ski lodge-dark gray sofas-fireplace

The rustic ski lodge now has a sustainable design. It has solar collectors that provide energy for electricity and hot water. In order to determine insulation and a simple connection with the outer areas, a series of very large insulated glass plates was used. They blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior, and integrate the chalet effortlessly into the surroundings and landscape. The interior of the villa is also very charming. It’s modern and simple, but the materials and color palette make it warm, cozy and inviting.

Fascinating view of the mountains

Rustic ski lodge-promising-mountains

Large glass windows

Rustic ski lodge-aspen-promising-great-glass window

Rustic kitchen

Rustic ski lodge-kitchen-wood cladding

Rustic ski lodge-renovation-bath

Rustic ski lodge-wood-ceiling

Rustic ski lodge-aspen-environment

Rustic ski lodge Landscape

Architecture »Modern house in the forest with interesting construction

minimalist architecture Japan

On modern house in the forest impresses with elegant appearance. The owner of this outstanding house searched for the perfect terrain for several years. The result is an exciting mix of modern construction and natural materials, and a beautiful façade that enhances the beautiful surroundings.

Modern house in Japan

Glass doors Living Room Terrace

If you want that modern house comes closer, the facade is behind big trees. A large door leads to the living room, where the dark wooden floor and the generously glazed facade create a visual link to the surroundings. The breathtaking view that reveals itself before the eyes is the only decoration that needs the interior. The decor is typically minimalist – gray upholstered sofa and wooden dining table are the only furniture, living room and dining room are combined in a spacious living area. The outdoor patio is furnished with comfortable patio furniture. Colored LED lighting has been installed, creating a cozy ambience in the evening.

Modern house on beams

House forest Terrace

On modern house on beams was specifically designed so that the beautiful area can be better brought to bear. For example, the bathroom was only equipped with a bathtub. Marble bath tiles in gray color again emphasize the connection to nature. The house has an interesting construction – it was built on a hill, and concrete beams carry the whole structure. The fireplace is modern and provides warmth in winter. There is a peace that can only be achieved in a house in the forest. The architects of Kidosaki Architects Studio have tried to tell a story through their architecture – and this house is an excellent example of how architecture and nature can be skilfully combined in a design.

Modern holiday home with beam construction

modern cottage-beam construction

Modern wooden facade

Modern-wooden exterior home design

House in Japan with wooden paneling

modern house facade wooden wall

Modern gray fitted kitchen

Modern-gray-kitchen-ceiling lighting

House in the woods

House forest-great view

House on the hillside

House Hang-beam construction

minimalist bathroom

minimalist-bathroom detached-Bauwanne

House facade with modern lighting

Building facade Modern lighting

Blue LED lighting

Blue LED lighting living room