Italian armchair design inspired by urban sophistication

Armchair Italian adjustable headrest

We present you Armchair design , that exudes a touch of urban sophistication in the room. The noble Nobel piece combines Italian style and minimalist elegance.

Armchair design combines style and comfort

Design steel construction modern design

The Armchair design “Amy” of the Italian furniture company Alpa Salotti offers a comfortable addition to the living room interior. The expressive piece of furniture gives the interior a stylish and modern look. The chromed steel construction ensures the seat stability. The ergonomic construction and the adjustable headrest increase the feel-good factor. The armchair is characterized by clear geometric shapes. A chic mix of materials adds to the overall concept – the high-gloss steel frame contrasts with the white leather cover. The tufted backrest by Amy creates a visual link to the classic Italian furniture.

Armchair design – timeless elegance for the interior

ergonomic construction black carpet floor lamp

The Armchair design will compliment any living room decor. Whether as part of a seating group or as an accent in the interior – it offers numerous application possibilities. Modern furniture in the neutral color palette will benefit especially. The simple form can be refreshed with original decorative cushions or blankets. The furniture is part of Salotti’s latest collection and perfectly combines with the sofas.

Alpa Salotti specializes in the production of comfortable and stylish sofas and armchairs. Precision manufacturing and attention to details have long been the hallmark of the Italian manufacturer.

The other pieces of furniture from the collection

Living room white color leather cover Italian furniture

Armchair with ergonomic construction

Leather armchair silver coating bookshelves

The collection is available in white and silver

Wall shelf beautiful deco living room

Italian leather furniture for the living room

set up armchair sofa design ideas

Comfortable and proud designer armchair

Color beautiful seating modern design

The furniture design classic – iconic armchair is reinterpreted

Optics classic frame white color woodcarving

The Italian designer Alessandro Mendini created an iconic armchair in 1978 – Proust is the name of the design that celebrated its world premiere at the time. The piece of furniture made a splash and over the years its popularity has even grown – that’s why it is one of the absolute ones today Furniture design classics ,

Furniture design classics – classic armchair with a modern touch

Optic woodcarving upholstery attractive upholstery

The eclectic piece of furniture combines classic and modern – the richly ornamented wooden construction is inspired by the Baroque, the attractive upholstery gives a modern touch. Over the years, the expressive Proust armchair has been presented in a new look over and over again – so far, the accent has always been set on the colorful upholstery. But in this the chair was reinterpreted for an exhibition by the Italian company Solid Spaces, which makes marble tiles. Inspired by the simplicity and timeless elegance of natural stone, the designer took the armchair in an attractive marble-look fabric. The end effect can be seen – the eclectic piece of furniture presents a successful combination of pronounced sense of style and elegant modernity. No wonder that the chair attracted the attention of the visitors. The new look is still a definite proof that he is the most popular Furniture design classics belongs.

Furniture design classics – marble armchair by Alessandro Mendini

Marble look leather upholstery design classic furniture

The Proust armchair is the work of the renowned architect Alessandro Mendini, who has been working since the 50s years 20th century belongs to the most famous Italian designers. Characteristic for him is the mix – in a piece of furniture you can see details from different eras and styles. Many of his Furniture design classics Created in the 70s and 80s, they are still enjoying increasing popularity these days.

The attractive piece of furniture is an eclectic mix of styles

Furniture design ideas armchair wood carving leather

Skull as decoration of the backrest

eclectic pieces of furniture armchair attractive pieces of furniture

White armchair – design inspired by the minimalist style

Wood carving frame classic eclectic pieces of furniture

Previously, the armchair was upholstered in colorful fabrics

Furniture wood carving Pixel inspired upholstery armchair

Armchair in three colors – orange, green and blue

Design classic attractive upholstery orange green blue

As an accent to the modern interior

Furniture design fabric armchair colorful pattern orange yellow blue

Design bedroom in eclectic style

Armchair wooden floor glass table bed frame wall design

Armchair in comedic heroes

Armchair comic hero upholstery eclectic Alessandro Mendini

Armchair with original patterns

Armchair iconic 70s design furniture classic

colorful chair pink blue yellow armchair designer furniture

Multifunctional bed design transforms into armchair and beanbag

Pillows themselves turn gray blue

Each modern apartment contains a sleeping area, a living area and a balcony. What if a multifunctional piece of furniture could be redesigned and used in every area? The answer is given by the All in Studio. The innovative Bed design is suitable for young people who like to travel.

Practical bed design – award-winning project from Bulgaria

make gray furniture Scandinavian style

The Bulgarian All in studio has recently launched a project for multifunctional Bed design presented, which is super practical. The bed with dimensions 850 / 2000mm can also serve as a beanbag or easy chair. The choice of materials is also very creative – the bed is made from mattress remnants. The design is not only innovative, but also very environmentally friendly. The water-resistant fabrics in The design will surely delight all fans of the Scandinavian style.

Creative bed design saves space

Scandinavian style small apartment

Maybe one of the biggest advantages of bed design is the fact that it is very space efficient. The bed can be wrapped up and takes up very little space. Even in a small apartment, you can maximize the available space in this way. In the morning, the sleeping area can be transformed into a cozy reading corner where you can prepare for exams or just read an interesting book. Whether for reading, watching TV or just as balcony furniture – the bed Ted can perform many functions. Especially students are sure to be inspired by the design. The product has been exhibited several times during trade fairs and has already been awarded prizes. We are totally fascinated!

Bed in Scandinavian style

wrapping travel bed sleeping place bed design

In three steps, the bed is transformed into armchairs

Upholstery furniture mattress bed

The design is super space saving

Furniture bed armchair mattress bed design

Perfect for small apartments

design projects back upholstered furniture

The back of the beanbag

Beanbag Balcony Upholstered furniture design

Bean bag for the balcony

Ideas living room bed design facility

Convenient and practical

multifunctional space saving design bed

The bed is made of mattress remnants

innovative design space-saving original

Set up a comfortable seating area

creative idea variants bed design

The fourth variant

Bed itself make ideas

Armchair for the living room

make design idea yourself

When not needed, the mattress takes up very little space

Mattresses wrap design idea

Sketch of the design

modern bed beanbag armchair

Designer armchair HUSK in three versions – indoor, outdoor and chair

armchair husk patrizia urquiola black plastic pillow

Of the Designer armchair HUSK from B & B Italia is a cuddly piece of furniture made of two basic elements – recycled plastic and a large soft pillow. The designer Patricia Urquiola has announced that Husk was the result of a long development process. It is a versatile armchair that is able to nicely complement even the classic sofas.

Designer armchair HUSK in the living room

designer armchair husk with stool black red living room

Designer armchair HUSK – white version

Husk relax chair with stool white pillow headrest

Relaxing armchair with footstool

designer armchair husk with stool living room white beige

The unique design offers various options such as fixed or rotating body, different sizes, with headrest or not, as well as different colors and finishes. The soft, color-intensive cushion offers a welcoming design and a comfortable seating experience. Luxury meets sustainability and the result is this Designer armchair HUSK ,

Husk chair version

husk chair dining room bb italy black cushions

husk chair version dining room white black elegant

Husk chair dining table bb italia designer patrizia urquoila

Husk chair design version dining room terrace dining table

Urquiola experiments with material and form and with her unique style she creates the next wave of modern classics. After presenting the Husk chair in 2011 at the Milan Fair, she has expanded the collection by introducing a chic chair version in 2012. Like its armchair version, Husk has a sculpted shell that literally works as an outer “shell” where the pillow fits. The Husk chair perfectly complements the elegant dining table.

Husk Outdoor Version bb italia husk armchair outdoor version white beige

BB Italia Husk Outdoor version armchair white side table

round colorful side tables

designer armchair Husk Outdoor version Patricia Urquiola

If you are looking for high quality outdoor furniture for your deck, porch or patio, then take a look at the Husk Outdoor Armchair. The design has not changed, only the materials are weather resistant. A small round Husk side table complements the outdoor furniture set and will accompany you during every conversation and moments of relaxation.

are suitable for every area

armchair husk designer patrizia urquiola bb italia

designer armchair husk office design facility designer armchair husk wood legs beige cushions bb italia chair husk back plastic white designer armchair husk red black frame red cushion armchair Husk pillow Patricia Urquiola BB Italia

Royal armchair of Caspani

Royal armchair by Caspani in different colors

Everyone wants to be privileged or famous. Of course, the rich and famous also have problems, but it is much better to be rich with problems than being poor with problems. There are a few people on this planet who are born with such a privilege, and to be honest, the luxurious lifestyle of these people is just another reason for us to feel jealous.

Royal luxurious armchair by Caspani in black

Royal luxurious armchair from Caspani

We do not need to envy her anymore. We all know that a true king lives in absolute luxury, wears dresses in the finest fabrics and the most expensive jewelery. Imagine a king or a queen. Imagine an international star. Which furniture do you have? I guarantee you that you are in this elegant, luxurious Armchair from Caspani to feel royal. And you will not be royal for an hour, a day, or a year, but for all your life. This will be a piece of furniture without which you do not want to live anymore.

Royal luxurious armchair by Caspani in blue

Royal luxurious armchair by Caspani in blue
Caspani proves again that the needs of the customer are at the center of his philosophy. When Caspani brought this beauty to the market, our expectations were far exceeded. The colors and the patterns of the texture are very fine, delicate and luxurious. This armchair has a traditional silhouette, but the armrests and legs have a modern metallic sheen that adds a modern look to the piece of furniture. It is compatible with both traditional and modern interior solutions.

Royal armchair by Caspani in black
This piece of furniture has fine lines and a delicate, royal design that makes it a classic armchair with a special, unique, modern flair. He is one of the most sought after work from the Caspani collection. Realize your dreams with the royal Armchair from Caspani.

Royal luxurious armchair from Caspani

The modern upholstered furniture by Moroso – exclusive armchair in retro-look

Upholstered furniture stainless steel fabrics modern stylish living room reading corner

The designer Benjamin Hubert from London has created an original armchair. The design is part of the latest collection of the Italian brand Moroso, which for their modern upholstered furniture is known.

The modern upholstered furniture by Moroso – comfortable armchair

Armchair fabric zipper black red elastic fabric

The Talma armchair is an innovative and extremely comfortable piece of furniture, inspired by the furniture classics of the 70s. The Italian manufacturer Moroso who thanks to his modern upholstered furniture became popular throughout Europe, presented the model during the Milan Furniture Fair. The metal frame made of stainless steel is extremely light and at the same time very stable. Its ergonomic shape and high backrest ensure comfortable sitting. Of the armchair is padded in a soft and elastic fabric – the fabric “hugs” the steel structure and gives the design a homely, cuddly look. Whether as a TV chair or as part of a cozy sitting area – the furniture is versatile and fits perfectly with any interior.

Modern upholstered furniture from Moroso – practical and stylish

Fabric elastic stretchable fabric living room set up

The armchair is upholstered in elastic fabric

Construction zipper furniture living room set up

The piece of furniture was inspired by the 70s

Style upholstery washable modern designer pieces of furniture

The design was presented during the Milan Furniture Fair

Furniture knobs zipper fabric modern upholstery

Soft padding ensures comfort

Fabric right side foam seat cushion modern furniture

Italian furniture upholstery black red comfortable

Furniture armchair fabric upholstery retro look creative

ergonomic design armchair fabric seat cushion zipper

Furniture living room sitting room set up ideas backrest ergonomic

Furniture upholstery black red armchair furnishings comfortable

Unusual armchair – Esfera armchair by Etel

Unusual armchair - Esfera armchair by Etel

Great design There are different and unexpected ways. For example, sitting has never been so compelling. The armchair become an artistic expression of the modern lifestyle, which is also functional and more comfortable. But it’s not easy to make something good looking as well as practical. If you want to modernize your home or office, then money is not everything you need. Nobody wants Retro furniture see.

Esfera armchair by Etel in two colors

unusual Esfera armchair by Etel -schwarz

It is not only a way to assure the body of comfort and relaxation, but also a way to show your aesthetic taste. Especially if you look for the new armchair of the Brazil resident Company Etel decides. As if an egg is being opened to show its supple center with a shell of genuine leather. They have an extraordinary design that helps to relax your body with a hemispherical dome with two cozy cushions.

Unusual armchair like an opened egg

Egg-shaped armchair - Esfera armchair by Etel

These armchair Look like the attention of your guests or customers is easy to win. The small items of the interior, the refined taste not only make life more beautiful, but also more comfortable. The actual design of the armchair is by Ricardo Fasanello Made and impressed by a range of bold colors such as cognac, aubergine or café-au-lait, it is therefore a delicious example of functional and stylish decoration. Your unusual look will certainly complement your modern interior design. You can get that at Etel.

Esfera armchair by Etel – cognac, aubergine or café-au-lait

Esfera armchair by Etel-Brown

Living room set up – Designer armchair invites you to relax

creative concept three wood variants red yellow green upholstery

Of the Designer armchair by Jakob Gomez is undoubtedly a real eye-catcher – but behind the creative form and stylish aesthetics hides a functional piece of furniture that can perfectly add to the living room furniture. Whether in a cozy reading corner, or as an accent in a modern seating group – the chair is versatile.

Designer wooden armchair fascinates with architectural look

Armchair modern design metal frame red yellow upholstery

Of the Designer armchair from Jacob Gomez fascinates with a simple puristic aesthetics and architectural look. Made of three woods, with a metal frame that gives stability, upholstered in soft fabric – the armchair is a modern masterpiece. The extra-long headrest and backrest ensure optimal seating comfort , The color scheme has been inspired by traditional Mexican furniture – so the designer skillfully combined the neutral wood color with the bold upholstery colors / red, grass green and yellow /.

Designer armchair with upholstery in bold colors

Armchair yellow green red upholstery made of metal wood

The chair has a very comfortable construction for maximum comfort

Reading Corner Designer Armchair High Headrest Metal Frame

The armchair invites you to relax

Armchair modern design stylish furniture yellow

Perfect for a cozy reading area

Seating armchair green yellow red oak wood

Nice addition to the cabinet

Reading Corner set up red color metal wood materials

Three variants are available

Living room yellow green red upholstery armchair modern

Eames Plastic Armchair – 50 ideas for modern decor with design classics

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-collection-with-frame silhouette shadow

Eames Plastic Armchair has a long history behind it and has received several awards since the 1950s. The American designers, Charles and Ray Eames, husband and wife, have been in the competition for “Low-Cost Furniture Design” by the Museum of Modern Art in 1948 new York participated and the project for a low-cost chair with armrests for mass production get the second prize. Two years later, in cooperation with the furniture manufacturer “Herman Miller”, the first 2000 shells of the armchair appeared. The production process was a Zenith patent for the manufacture of fiberglass radar panels and the technology developed by Crysler made it possible to mount the same shell on different bases. Eames Plastic Armchair is the first mass-produced chair and as design classics designated.

Eames Plastic Armchair – a chair of all time

Eames Plastic Armchair -modern-furnishing-elegant-wall-paint-black-white-blue-carpet-chairs

Until 1989, Herman Miller produced bowls for the USA and Vitra for Europe in the same way, and Eames Plastic Armchairs in quantities. Then the production was stopped for ecological reasons. Since 2004, the chair by Vitra is made of environmentally friendly, recyclable polypropylene material. The shell of the chair is available in several variants – with or without armrests, with or without pad , The different frame is mounted with four screws to the shell and this is the model of the chair referred.

Eames Plastic Armchair – Furnishings with design classics

Eames Plastic Armchair -modern-furnishing-ideas-inspirations-dining-table-desk

All models are characterized by the unmistakable shape of the seat shell with the contours of the human body. The most commonly used variant of the chair is with maple base with metal struts – DAW. It makes him the perfect seating to the dining table and in every living room.

Eames Plastic Armchair – chair and armchair with different variants of base frame

Eames Plastic Armchair -modern-furnishing-variant-cup-upholstered-under-the-counter-colors

Conceptually close to the original model from the 1950s is DAX with a simple four-legged metal base. A chromed steel wire construction has the Plastic chair with armrests DAR, or even “Aifel based” called. In addition, for the two models are still offered glides – made of felt for smooth floors and plastic for carpeting. Eames Plastic Armchair is also known in the version of the rocking chair – RAR, from the English “Ricking Armchair Rod Base”. Also available under the collection is an office chair – PACC, and the version with polished die-cast frame La Fonda – DAL. Almost all models are optionally available with full upholstery made of polyurethane foam and covered with the fabric hopsack freely selectable.

Eames Plastic Armchair – a plastic chair with history

Eames Plastic Armchair design classic fiberglass herman miller

The design by Chares and Ray Eames was changed a bit by Vitra for today’s Reedition specimens as the average height has increased. The adjustment is 20 mm at the height of the frames. The color palette has also been renewed with which new tones.

Eames Plastic Armchair in the variation of Side Chair

Eames Plastic Armchair -modern-furnishing-chair-base-optional-colors

The Eames Plastic Arm and Sidehair can be seen in any area of ​​the public or private space – as a visitor, dining, rocking or swivel chair, as well as stackable and even with row connection. With its simple design and relative appearance, it is a multi-faceted piece of furniture and expands the concept of plastic chairs.

With Eames Plastic Armchair or Side Cair for a cozy, modern home

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-chair-color-dining table-concrete floor-terrassentueren

Eames Plastic Armchair – a shell several colors and upholstery

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-color-obtained-shell-metal frame

Eames Plastic Armchair – minimalist and stylish


Eames Plastic Armchair – timelessly modern


Eames Plastic Armchair fits any purpose


Eames Plastic Armchair as a chair in the workplace


Eames Plastic Armchair – a stylish piece of furniture


Eames Plastic Armchair at the minimalist workplace


Rocking chair variant of Eames Plastic Armchair

eames-plastic-armchair-rar rocking chair-basic-dark-a021123.000

Eames Plastic Armchair in combination with pieces of furniture of different styles

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-cafe-moebel-combination-brick wall design

Eames Plastic Armchair elegant in black

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-cafe-black and glossy and elegant photo wallpaper

Eames Plastic Armchair as a café chair

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-cafe-black-wooden floor-brick wall design

Style mix – a table with several different chairs

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-cafe chairs-gray-black-pendant lights-deco

Eames Plastic Armchair upholstered in brown

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-dining table brown-bolster-elegant-mallet

Elegant dining table with plastic armchairs in red

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-dining table-elegant red-carpet-brown

Eames Plastic Arm and Side Chair together around the table

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-dining table-dining room-white-cups-elegant

Yellow accents in modern open kitchen

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-dining table-yellow-peel-open-kitchen-wood

Eames Armchair and dining table in solid wood

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-dining table-solid wood and white-shell-parkettboden

Modern home with open kitchen and interesting varied wall design

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-dining table-open-kitchen-brick wall yellow

Minimalist, stylish and timeless – set up with Eames Armchair

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-dining table-open-kitchen-blue-white

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-dining table-rocking chair Chairs-wooden floor-pastellfarben

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-dining table chairs-armchair-window wall Lookout

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-dining table-white-brick wall-laminatt

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-dining table-white-wooden floor-light design

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-dining table-white-wood-wooden floor-glass wall

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-dining table-white-chandelier-design-black-white

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-dining table-white-shell-floor-tiles-black

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-dining room-black-red-wooden-pendant lights

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-white-purple wall color curtains

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-dining chairs combine-and-white photo wall
eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-Hoker-open-kitchen-white-kuechentheke-stainless steel

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-holztraeger-mirror wall - armchair-upholstered

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-hotel room-make-up dresser-desk-wooden floor-minimalist

eames-plastic-chair-modern-furnishings-iffene-kitchen-white-concrete-floor-blue-lounge armchair


eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-music room-red-white-black-headroom-jukebox


eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-pastel-green-blue-coffee table-wooden floor

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-cushion-carpet photo wallpaper-table-light-designer

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-rustic table-wooden floor and white

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-rocking chair-buecherfototapete-vitra

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-rocking chair-kunststofffel-chandelier-carpet

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-rocking chair-white-dachschraege-gitare-shelf wall

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-rocking chair-and-white hotel room bed

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-rocking chair-and-white vintage-blanket-pillow


eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-chair-dining table-wood-paneling cover

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-chair-dining table-wood-table-legs-carving

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-chair-dining table-wood-white-wooden floor-bike

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-chair-nursery-desk-and-white wooden floor

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-living room-Mediterranean-terracotta floor-fur carpet-cozy

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-living room-pastel-blue-blue-violet-terrace

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-bathroom shower enclosure window-seat-bamboo floor

eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-variant-padded-colorful-vintage zebra carpet



eames-plastic-chair-modern-device-mass-groesse-centimeter-wide - hoehe

* Learn more about the design and products of the Eames Plastic Armchair collection Vitra

Innovative designer armchair Rosa-Poltrona improves the room acoustics

Furniture Design KMJ Studio Colors Palette

We present you Rosa Poltrona – a remarkable piece of furniture of the new generation. Of the Designer armchair was designed by Studio KMJ and is based on an innovative concept for improved room acoustics. Thanks to its special sound-absorbing foam and soundproof upholstery, unwanted noise is shielded.

Designer armchairs – example of functional furniture design

Recliner furniture design-modern KMJ-Studio Schweiz

The innovative Designer armchair Rosa-Poltrona makes sure that you read a bucket undisturbed or, when listening to music, no other person in the world Room annoys , A specific position of the rose petals served as a source of inspiration for this exclusive design. That was the natural attitude that the rose petals take when they turn to the sun. Even the stripes of the chair are similar to the different layers of rose petals.

Designer armchair Rosa-Poltrona – a unique piece of furniture with acoustics

Rosa Poltrona COLORFUL armchair KMJ Design

The modern one Designer armchair not only ensures sound absorption, but also serves as a visual screen. He turns 360 °. The products of KMJ Studio are characterized by creative ideas and modern appearance. Whether square, round, practical or extravagant, every single element is refined to the last detail. The high quality and clear vision of the purpose are very important elements of the corporate philosophy. The different designs consciously or subconsciously generate emotions, thoughts and decisions.

excluding Designer furniture from KMJ

Yellow chair design pink Poltrona

The designer Kurt Merki Jr. with Ghanaian origin has specialized in the field of furniture design. Still in the 90’s his father, who owned a furniture factory in Switzerland, taught him the peculiarities of furniture production. Later, Kurt deepened his design skills in Italy and opened his own design studio in 2010. His amazing works, which include the Designer armchair Rosa Poltrona belongs, are definitely an asset to any interior.

Rose petals Inspired-furniture designs Seating

Relax armchair modern Acoustic-Improve

Pink inspired armchair design White fabric

Sound absorbing foam armchair

Relax furniture armchair white KMJ Studio

Room acoustics reform-modern seating KMJ

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Designer armchair HUSK in three versions – indoor, outdoor and chair