Christmas Decorations ideas »Ideas for festive arrangements with Christmas cookies and gingerbread

Christmas cookies and gingerbread glaze green red white traditional

Let’s start at the Christmas bakery! Tasty cookies are a must during Advent and Christmas. But the Durf of aromatic ingredients filled the kitchen with Christmas anticipation. Christmas cookies and gingerbread are wonderfully served and staged in a colorful plate with Christmas motifs. They are still suitable as a gift in cellophane for your loved one or as a delightful Christmas tree ornaments. If you want to enjoy the beauty of decorated sweets for longer, you have to be inspired by the following ideas!

Christmas tree decorations with Christmas cookies and gingerbread

Christmas cookies and gingerbread Christmas bouquet star pendant idea

Christmas cookies and gingerbread baking is great fun. When kneading dough, cook out cookies, decorate and bake children also like to. The popular classics come in shapes associated with Christmas – snowflakes, Pine trees, Santa Claus, stars. With clear cut-out shapes, you can easily achieve beautiful results.

Christmas cookies and gingerbread decorate

Christmas cookies and gingerbread red white button decoration idea

During the Advent season There are cookies in a wide variety. But baked at home Christmas cookies and gingerbread convey a nostalgia after childhood. After baking, they must cool well and only then be decorated with colorful figures, ribbon, nuts, candied fruit or decorative stones to your heart’s content. With icing or food coloring, they can be dyed beautifully and quickly.

Pretty gingerbread house

Christmas cookies and gingerbread house hatch window curtains garden fence

gingerbread House with colorful roof

Christmas cookies and gingerbread house idea roof colorful frosting

Making gingerbread Christmas tree

Christmas tree tinker ornament decoration ideas baking gingerbread baking arrangement

Christmas cookies and gingerbread – a special treat for Christmas

Sweet Cookie Baking at will-decorate-Christmas crafts-time Advent Decor

Cute decorating cookies

Christmas Ornament Bakery Cookie Gingerbread Stole Baking Recipes Crafting

Delicious cookies as Christmas tree decorations

Decorate delicious cookie-fir-tree with children

You can give Christmas cookies as a gift

Christmas ideas decoration bells gift cellophane wrap cookies

Christmas cookies instead of Christmas baubles

Christmas ornament ornaments Christmas tree cookies bake ornaments

Cover cookies with melted chocolate

Christmas biscuit cookies gingerbread decoration baking with kids ideas

Bake cookies and decorate as desired

Christmas bauble decoration idea cookie mold baking motive santa snowman

Sweet cookies as a Christmas decoration for the table

Cookies Ornamental Beads Looping Sprinkles Coloring Chocolate White Foods

The most popular classics in their most beautiful form

Gingerbread arrangement table decoration ideas ribbon tie red

Refined cookies in the shape of snowflakes decorated with pearls

Christmas ornament table biscuit star cookies ornate snowflake beads sprinkles

Decorating ideas for Christmas cookies

Christmas Decorations Christmas Tree Ornaments Figurines DIY Decorate Cookies Baking Dish

Have fun with color and shape – bake and decorate cookies

Christmas Decorating Ideas With chocolate-cover glove cookie cutter shape

Festive pastries tied with ribbon

Christmas pastry ornament color bead With ribbon-laced star fir-tree cookie

Christmas decoration ideas: Cookies and gingerbread in a nutshell

Cookies to prepare Christmas Decorating table decoration bird figurines

Baking cookies for Christmas with children

Christmas Tree Garland Jewelry Crafting Cookie Cutters Simple gingerbread heart

Gingerbread hearts tree decorations

Cookies Decorate-nutty chocolaty Decorate for Advent Christmas

To raise an elaborate ornament

Edible decoration Christmas arrangement Crafting biscuits Motive festive decorating

Trace deco pattern

Deko Crafts-Baking Christmas Ideas Deko Wafer Macaroons Cookie-Florentiner

Baking fun for the whole family

Snowman Christmas color pastry gingerbread with food colors

Handicraft and design ideas with Christmas cookies

Decoration For Hanging-up Craft Christmas Tree Gingerbread Cookies Ornate

Decorate Christmas cookies

Gingerbread male edible ornaments-Christmas tree decorate

Traditional Christmas cookies as a decoration for hanging

Christmas decoration ideas cute cookies hanging on Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas tree with glaze of powdered sugar

Christmas tree crafts with gingerbread ideas Glitter particles balls Table decoration frosting

Pastry Cookies Christmas-Christmas-tree ornament balls iridescent vanilla crescent

37 Houseplant Decoration Ideas – Creative Containers and Arrangements

houseplant decoration vertical garden bags wall retro eames

The classic way to decorate our home with plants is to arrange them individually or in groups somewhere and to create a small green area. But it would be much more interesting to create individual and modern houseplant arrangements. Most of them are decorative all year round, while others only bloom in a specific season, such as cyclamen and poinsettia. Interesting decoration can also be created with bromeliads and epiphytes. And grown from plants in a nutrient solution or hydroponic. Some perennial Flowers in pots planted, such as tulips, hyacinths, chrysanthemums, gerberas are also very suitable, because they will add color and freshness to the interior. A quick and effective decoration idea is to arrange temporary floral arrangements of cut flowers. These 37 Ideas for indoor plants decoration will show you how you can creatively beautify your home with plants.

Houseplant Decoration Ideas – Where and How to Arrange?

houseplant decoration cabinet built flower pot bath climber

How to arrange plants
If you want to use single plants, then it is better to choose those with an interesting silhouette. The plants may be arranged in a composition of three or five. If the arrangement contains more than five plants, it is recommended to hide the pots and pots. The arrangement of the same plants in the same container in a straight line is very impressive, especially in the modern apartments.

Houseplant decoration – color and texture in the living room

Indoor Plants Decoration Coffee Table Terrarium Plants Shabby Sofa Rug

If you decorate with a larger group of plants, it would be better to hide the pots with specially selected or purpose-built decorative panels. The planters can also be made of concrete, natural stone or brick and integrated in a decorative way in the room.

Cut flowers on the table

houseplant-decor bowls lilies accent dining table kitchen mint green

The green walls and room dividers from plants are very much in vogue. This is very popular for modern houses and apartments, where the floor plan is usually open. Flowers, swimming in the water, are always beautiful. They are suitable for decorating interiors for a festive event or when we need to quickly come up with something spectacular.

Indoor plants in the bathroom

houseplant-decor bathroom tub candles green romance rattan chair

Even in the bathroom, you can distribute plants and thus provide a cozy atmosphere. Find out the best which plants like the high humidity. A popular flower for this room is the orchid. The best places for plants in the bathroom are a cupboard, side table or the bathtub.

Plants in the living area

Indoor Plants Deco walk-in wardrobe glass wall white gravel metal pot

Most bromeliads are epiphytes that grow in their natural habitat on branches of trees and rocks by attaching themselves with special roots. Epiphytes provide moisture and nutrients through their leaves directly from the atmosphere. Most bromeliads are beautiful, spectacular plants with bright eye-catching colors. Since they require little or no soil, they are very suitable for unusual arrangements. For example, they can be hooked from the ceiling or hung on a wall. Another interesting option is to be mounted on a branch or tree, which resembles their natural environment.

build special containers for the plants

modern apartment plant corridor wood box room divider staircase bookshelf

The modern methods of growing plants in hydroponic culture or nutrient solution offer many opportunities for creative Houseplants Deco , In a hydroponic culture, there are enough nutrients, carbon dioxide from the air and water, and dissolved salts. In this technology, the plants are planted in a substrate, such as sand or granular plastic, and then the nutrient solutions are added. The plants grown in a nutrient solution are much lighter and can be hung anywhere. They are also planted in transparent containers so that their root system is visible.

greening a wall with plants

Houseplant decoration bathroom vertical garden bathtub white

plant selection
When choosing the plants for the interior, it should be noted that the room temperature should not fall below 12 to 15 degrees. In addition to low temperatures, plants can not tolerate large temperature fluctuations. Do not leave the house plants on window sills or over a radiator. Most plants prefer well-lit places without direct sunlight. The flowering houseplants as well as those with colorful leaves need more light. In addition, the effect of a houseplant arrangement can be improved by appropriate lighting. For kitchens and bathrooms, where temperatures and humidity are very variable, you need to select plants that tolerate these conditions.

Section in the ground for the plants

plant decoration modern house gravel white glass wall palm trees

The choice of a bucket
Depending on individual preferences, you can choose either modern metal and plastic containers or rustic ceramic pots. The plant granules allow glass vessels.

With the exception of watering and changing the nutrient solution, the plants in hydroponics need no special care. One only has to be careful not to exceed the recommended concentration of the solution. The irrigation of the plants planted in soil, should be determined proportionally to the temperature in the room. When it’s cold – pour less when warm – more often. The dry surface of the earth is not a criterion that the plant needs watering. So you have to dig to a depth of 5-7 cm in the pot and check the current soil moisture before you water the plant.

If you have chosen the best plants for your home, you should now bring them to their best advantage. That’s why we’ve collected a lot of beautiful houseplant deco ideas in the photo spread that they can use as inspiration.

Room divider embellished with plants

plant room divider container vertical idea deco modern

Many modern interiors are designed with an open plan living concept and include more than one area. That’s why room dividers are often used, which optically divide up these large living spaces. Would you like to make a beautiful houseplant decoration for such a room itself, then you can plant the room divider and make a beautiful vertical garden in the interior. This refreshes the space in a natural way and the room divider immediately becomes an eye-catcher.

Mediterranean feeling through trees in pots

stairs decoration trees pot idea mediterranean ambiente

A beautiful tree thrives not only in the garden, but also in a suitable pot. With proper care, you can enhance your living space with an elegant tree and at the same time create a Mediterranean flair. However, not every tree thrives so well in a pot. For this, container plants are best. You can achieve a beautiful houseplant decoration with trees for example with Japanese maple, book, corkscrew hazel or willow. It is important to choose a suitable pot and to water the tree regularly, fertilize and if necessary – repot.

Plants in the modern facility

indoor plants deco living room ideas edge water feature

Even a modern furnished apartment can benefit from a fresh houseplant decoration. With a bit of green in the interior, you feel a bit closer to nature and remember boundless meadows and green forests. With the modern interior design house plants are not to be neglected at all, because they refresh the interior and create a feel-good climate. Especially with a monochrome device, beautiful color accents can be set with green plants.

Decorative grasses add interesting texture

Indoor plants living room grass room divider open

Artificial ornamental grasses are evergreen, remain eternally fresh and require no care at all. This can still set successful accents and conjure up a beautiful houseplant decoration. The decorative grass is perfect for tubs, vases and even interesting raised beds for indoor use. Visually, artificial grasses are difficult to differentiate from real plants and therefore achieve just as good an effect.

symmetrical arrangement on the shelf

Indoor Plants Decoration Residential wall idea mini pots shelves

Small planters do not need as much care as the larger ones and are therefore preferred by many working women in houseplant decoration. With a few planted pots on the wall shelf, the atmosphere can be refreshed as well, if they are well arranged. A symmetrical arrangement always looks nice and works best with equally sized plants.

Plants in different areas

Indoor Plants - Deco kitchen living room settee wooden living room arrangement

When choosing the plants for the houseplant decoration, there is no correct variety or number. If you care about indoor plants, you can even design a whole indoor garden with tubs and pots. Alternatively, you can put the pots in different areas in the apartment, so that the green can be found throughout the interior.

Set accents in the room

Houseplant deco living area of ​​painted color tulips vases

Whether in the living area, bedroom or in the hallway, the houseplant deco provides wonderful accents in the interior. You green plants and trees fit very well in a bright interior and immediately become a beautiful eye-catcher. On wood furniture, the green leaves can be brought to bear well, because they harmonize with the natural look of the wood.

green walls in trend

Indoor plants decoration wall green vertical idea billiard table

Green walls are currently very much in fashion and take the houseplant decoration to the next level. This new kind of vertical greening is becoming more and more important and is becoming increasingly common in the interior design of designer apartments. A green wall can serve both as a room divider and as a wall decoration, turning any room into a green oasis.

vertical planting in the bathroom

Indoor Plants Decoration wall bathroom spa ambiente bathtub

Would you like to bring the houseplant decoration in the bathroom, then a vertical garden is perfect for both small and larger bathrooms. The plants in the bathroom invite you to linger and create a pleasant atmosphere. The vertical planting is considered to be particularly space-saving and therefore fits perfectly even to very small bathrooms. Especially in bathrooms with bathtubs, where you usually spend a little more time, the ambience can be positively influenced with a bit of green.

Indoor Plants Deco vertical gardens ferns wooden box leather sofa

Indoor plants deco vertical container idea staircase window

Houseplant decoration small living room underfloor plants plant wall decoration

House plants herbal ideas kitchen metal container drawers wood fronts

Indoor plants decoration idea bathroom gravel stones floor sink tiles wood look

plants decorating dining room divider cut flowers vase

cut flowers decoration colorful glass vases dining table wood glossy kitchen

Indoor plants deco windowsill wood dining table cut flowers vase

Houseplant decoration terrarium ball arrangement garland staircase

Indoor Plants Decoration bathroom modern wall tiles wood look

Houseplant deco arrangement living room coffee table feathers

apartment decoration plants ideas laminate floor wood flower box

Houseplant decoration wall tv small apartment environmentally friendly

plants inside gravel high tub bamboo plants stairs

modern house interior garden tiles palms sofa set

kitchen Deco tree gravel indoor living kitchen stainless steel white

ideas plants decoration corridor arrangement glass vase branches corridor

house japan style bamboo plants deco wood stairs gravel

dining room mediterranean plant arrangements baskets group table

flowers decoration glass vase hydrangea green apples marble countertop

Autumn »Autumn Table Decoration – Create beautiful arrangements

autumn table decoration simple elegant gold color salmon

Fall Table Top Ideas by Martha Stewart

autumn table decoration purple color blue cabbage napkins light blue

Among many other activities of a businesswoman, Martha Stewart is known as a design guru. These are just a few examples of fall table top ideas, collected from their website. This table is perfect for making an appetizing first impression for your Thanksgiving day. The simple look is reminiscent of the harvest spirit and is created through the introduction of natural elements such as dried corn cobs along with tasteful place cards, centerpieces, tablecloths, etc.

Autumn table decoration with rustic flair

autumn table decoration gold rustic turkey candlesticks napkin folds

To create this beautiful fall table decoration, you need: glue, colored shine in gold. Copper is also suitable for Thanksgiving. “A few natural elements with a bit of gilding evoke the autumnal fullness,” says Martha Stewart.

Table decoration in pink and yellow

autumn table decoration pink martha stewart yellow arrangement flower box kuerbis

For the festive center, fill a wooden planter with fruit and seasonal pumpkins. Add a cheerful accent in yellow color to the pink design. Do not cover them completely but set tasteful accents here and there. The rest of the effect was achieved using appropriate neutral / sand colored table accessories and utensils. The golden theme is helped here with the gilded cutlery, but these are not the most important thing to create the same atmosphere.

Simple decoration for autumn with many pumpkins

autumn table decoration gold accent bakeries branches wine cutlery

Gilded pumpkins as a table decoration

beautiful autumn table decoration golden pumpkins

Autumn table decoration in shiny gold

beautiful autumn table decoration-glass bowl-corn

Choose berry colors for a beautiful fall table decoration

Autumn table setting-berries-wonderful

Be inspired by these very fashionable, purple inspired themes. Natural berries and leaves arrangements grace the center of the table. These lie on a tablecloth that has been decorated with simple purple leaf patterns. The napkins were also decorated in the same way. The final touch was set with the use of place cards with leaf shapes. These were speckled with matching purple tones.

Modern autumn table decoration

beautiful autumn table decoration-autumn leaves-teller

This fabulous modern autumn table decoration starts with an emphasis on light and shape. A homemade tablecloth brings color and interest. This was cut slightly smaller than the table to leave a border. Tall glass vases are filled with foliage. The light shines through these and reveals the natural autumnal colors to create a seasonal ambience. The simple transparent shapes of the vases and wine glasses keeps the fall table decoration fresh and clear. Continue the theme with autumn foliage, with a dried sheet in the napkin and handwritten, personal place card for your guests to feel welcome.

Thanksgiving is a special celebration and it pays to spend a little time creating beautiful autumn table decorations.

from Jaz

beautiful autumn table decoration pumpkins-autumn leaves

beautiful autumn table decoration gold

beautiful autumn table decoration-thanksgiving

beautiful autumn table decoration Pumpkin-than-candlestick

beautiful autumn table decoration pumpkins

beautiful autumn table decoration Candles

Autumn table setting-turkeys-beautiful

beautiful autumn table decoration-crossing frogs

Sunflowers decoration – 50 beautiful floral arrangements

Sunflowers Deco floral arrangement place cards

We show you 50 ideas for sunflowers decoration – the strong yellow color creates a happy mood and gives each table a splash of color. That’s the way to celebrate autumn! And who of one wedding Dreaming in the country, he can taste one of the festive decorations. In combination with other seasonal flowers, pumpkins and pine cones, they become a real eye-catcher.

Sunflowers decoration – creative ideas

Sunflowers Deco Wedding Floral Arrangement Blue Napkins

Because of simple – just on festive occasions, the beautiful yellow flowers are the best to advantage. With tanneries, hyacinths, pine cones, tree branches and ornamental gourds can be original flower arrangements magic. This creates a homely atmosphere where the guests feel comfortable. That is why the meadow flowers are a perfect addition to the deco in country style and are suitable for Thanksgiving. Incidentally, they can not only be staged in a vase – they are also ideal as window decorations.

Sunflowers decoration – Romantic in country style

Sunflowers deco Autumn floral arrangements wedding

For the wedding in the country or outdoors, sunflowers are a nice accent on the invitation cards, boutonnieres and bouquet. The decoration can also be crafted – which will certainly make everyone involved fun. Organize a craft shop and invite friends on the weekend – so you can all together quickly prepare the decoration.

Sunflowers are the perfect choice for a birthday party in the fall, weddings, family reunions, kids parties and much more.

Make stylish boutonniere as a wedding decoration

Sunflower Deco boutonniere wedding-yourself-tinker

If you have planned decorations for these beautiful flowers for your wedding, then consider them also as brooches for the gentlemen. These should always match the bridal bouquet and other floral decorations. And on the dark suit, the yellow color is particularly good effect.

Make decorations for Thanksgiving yourself

Sunflower decorative birch twigs table decoration-vertical

Combine the pretty flower with other yellow or differently colored flowers. Yellow can be combined with any other color. In late summer, colorful meadow flowers can be used. The arrangements above include white daisies.

Bridal bouquet with splashes of color

Sunflower Deco Autumn wedding-planning-Brautstrauss

This bridal bouquet is extremely pretty and autumnal. Although the sunflower is rather small in number compared to the other types of flowers, it still shows its full advantage thanks to its size. You can also see red flowers, which are a nice contrast.

Bride wreath of wheat and sunflowers

Sunflower Deco Wedding Bride Wreath Autumn Theme

If you are looking for a special headdress that suits an autumn wedding, this is the perfect option. Sunflower and dried flowers, as well as cereal plants create a beautiful wreath, which gives the simple wedding dress a little color. Vote also the bouquet on the wreath.

Stylish table decoration – exceptional combination of succulents and sunflowers

Sunflower Deco Succulent lanterns table decoration ideas

There are basically no rules for combining flowers. Both romantic roses and the popular succulents are suitable for a flower arrangement with the yellow sunflower species. Choose the flower types depending on which season is currently.

Fall wedding – moss for the bridal bouquet

Sunflower decorative pine cones Moss wedding

Different variants for atmospheric autumn decoration

Sunflower Deco table Flower Wedding-planning

Tie floral arrangements for Thanksgiving yourself

Sunflower Deco Table Thanksgiving idea-country style

Stylish table decoration for the garden table – roses and sunflowers

Sunflower Deco table autumn theme

Decoration on the dining table

Sunflower Deco table-vintage-romantic ideas DIY

Seasonal flowers on the wedding table

Sunflower Deco Vase Metal Jar Wedding landing

Make vintage bouquet of flowers for the wedding itself

Sunflower decoration idea-vintage-wedding bridal bouquet

Vintage table decoration with lanterns and sunflowers

Sunflower decorative lanterns tree branches table setting and romantic

Tin can vases display the beautiful flowers

Sunflower decorative lanterns Tin Can Vase table

Arrange autumn flowers on the wedding table

Sunflower Deco vintage-wedding-organize-Maigloeckchen

Sunflower wedding cake and cream floral arrangements-vintage wedding

Sunflower Deco Garden suesse-idea-original

Sunflower decorative hair ornaments hippie hair band itself-make

Sunflower Deco Wedding Ideas jam glasses lantern

Sunflower Deco high-flower arrangements Wedding Autumn

Sunflower Deco jam Glaeser-chairs-tie

Sunflower Deco Paper-cut

Sunflower Deco floating candles-apples-metal pails

Sunflower decorative starfish-pumpkins-table arrangements

Sunflower Deco Aquarium Floating Flower Herbstdeko DIY

Sunflower decorative tree trunk Coaster jam jar

Sunflower decorative tree trunk vase birch wood living room

Sunflower Deco table-arrange floral arrangements-yourself-make

Sunflower Deco DIY white Hyacinth glass vase

Sunflower Deco Gerber-checkered tablecloth

Sunflower Deco glass vase tray

Sunflower Deco Autumn garland-flower arrangements Mantel

Sunflower decorating ideas-Maigloeckchen Lantern yellow

Sunflower decoration idea vase wedding tree branches-glass vase

Sunflower decorative lantern wedding, country-style romantic

Sunflower decorative paper itself Tuerkranz-making

Sunflower Deco tip-top garden table Autumn flower arrangements

Sunflower Deco chairs Wedding Ideas-free

Sunflower Deco table decoration-maritime-pumpkins-effective

Wedding »30 Lovely ideas for flower arrangements as a wedding decoration

floral arrangements romantic birdcage white vintage roses wreath cream

Take a look at the following collection of pretty ones Flower Arrangements at! These fresh, blooming wedding highlights all look so beautiful! Beautiful flowers not only bring beauty to your muted table They are real eye catchers and immediately attract attention. You will leave a lasting impression of your big day with these stunning wedding flowers.

Flower arrangements in delicate colors

flowers arrangements peonies pink vintage deco picture frame

Wherever you celebrate your wedding, either in a church or in the garden, with these attractive wedding flower arrangements will be yours wedding beautifully decorated. No matter what season the wedding takes place, the flower arrangement is essential. Look for flowers not only in color, but also in flowering time. Tulips are beautiful, but totally inappropriate for a fall wedding.

Colorful arrangement with berries

flowers arrangements colorful colors fuchsia elephant decoration vase

Your floral arrangements should complement your wedding theme, they not only enhance the look of the festive table, but the entire room. The floral decoration can consist of several types of flowers. Branches and ornamental grasses also cut a good figure in the arrangement and provide more structure.

romantic-wedding decorations-make-cream white-pink

We also noticed an interesting trick using wedding florists. For example, if there is not enough room for floral decoration on a round table, thin tall vases or containers with feet are used to make the most of the vertical space. If it is not for lack of space, then petals and candles are arranged below.

White flowers for romantic bridal couple

flowers arrangements white blossoms weinglaeser festtafel long deco

Use the following photos of beautiful wedding flower arrangements to get inspiration for your wedding Wedding decoration To draw table decoration and wedding theme.

Natural-looking flowers decoration

floral arrangements green accents white beige colors succulent rustic vintage

Floral deco for a rustic outdoor wedding

rustic-wedding-ideas-decoration-outside table-candles-natural-materials

The natural look creates a special atmosphere

rustic-wedding-tischdekoration-floral arrangement-huebsch

Romantic decorative items – a complement to the festive wedding jewelry

tischdeko-article-for-wedding decoration-Schwann figure-of-metal

Flowers are a nice contrast to geometric stripes

Flower arrangements-aromatic-colorful-striped-table runner

The all-rounder of all tables – candles and flowers decoration

Flower arrangements-colored pink-roses-peonies Candles

Wedding decoration with an exotic flair

Flower arrangements Idea-exotic-atmosphaere Pendant-deco

soft colors



floral arrangements Idea wedding and blue ceramic vase

lush floral arrangements of roses


Flower arrangements-traditionally-sheen-with-golden-rand

Floral varieties adapted to the wedding colors

flowers ostriches-design-wedding-celebration-in-free-colored

Peonies and white lilac branches

romantic-flower-arrangements-scented-spring flowers

Flower arrangements on high vases


peony-ostrich-flower decorations-wedding-table-deco

ideas-flowers-design-yellow lemon Slices Candles

tischdeko-wedding-flower-blaetter-red-scented candles

Pictures via: Style motivation

Easter & Spring »Decorative ideas in spring – beautiful arrangements for the blackboard and front door


Spring is the perfect time of year to decorate the home with many flowering plants – from the front door, through the interior walls, to the festive table. The beginning of spring coincides with Easter this year. Let your imagination run wild and fashion spring and Easter motifs together. An arrangement of blooming flowers, twigs and colorful eggs creates a soothing and sunny atmosphere in the flat. Let ours be Decoration ideas in spring to inspire.

Decoration ideas in spring: that’s how you bring spring into the house


Experience more nature on your own table. With fresh bouquets you put a big eye-catcher in the middle of the table. You can also get flowers in Easter baskets , a milk jug, a clay pot, covered with moss or put in trays and branches and branches stuck in between. Blown and painted eggs can then be hung on the branches. If you like to tinker, you can plant empty egg shells. This is how your spring arrangement looks like a small forest.

Deco Ideas in Spring – Trend Colors 2014


Spring trend color in 2014 is white. All bouquets, floral arrangements and decorations in white are considered particularly up-to-date. White can be well combined with any other spring color. With green, the arrangement is very fresh and elegant to advantage. Spring figures such as rabbits, porcelain figurines and other decorations go well with the decoration.

Decorative ideas in spring with fresh hydrangeas


Especially at the beginning of spring small flower arrangements are suitable. If you have enough time, you can do it yourself. Early flowering plants such as cork trees, tulips, hyacinths, Eucharis, freesias, daffodils provide a spring mood.

The Easter tree at home

deco-ideas-spring-two-easter-tree-osternest-tulip-daffodils-hyacinth-lily of the valley

A bouquet of spring branches can also look quite paschal. Make pendants out of blown eggs and decorate your little Easter tree. Whether natural, unusual or very simple, it is purely a matter of taste. Usually, branches of spring-flowering shrubs are used. Forsythia and pussy willow branches are ideal for the Easter bouquet.

Presenting Easter decorations outdoors in big lanterns

deco-ideas-spring-house door-lantern Hare figure-tulip-pink-orange

Decorative ideas for the front door in spring – cute homemade bunny


Decorative ideas for the front door in spring

front door decorate green umbrella spring wreath

Delightful decoration for the entrance – make a wreath

door wreath crafts bird food house decoration article ideas

Flower arrangement in country style

Bloomed flowers arrangement spring decoration metal vase branches

Find a new insert from the old umbrella

Door wreath door jewelry spring colorful umbrella tulip flowers

Effective vintage deco in spring

Wall decoration Door decoration ideas for the spring wreath easter eggs

Make spring wreath from felt flowers yourself

artificial floral wreath of felt-wreath decorations-ideas

Table set with a mini bird’s nest

Table jewelry-crafting tips-ideas glasses-design bird's nest

Bake biscuits in egg form

Easter eggs. Shape. Cookie. Baking-decoration. Ideas-easter

idea spring decorating porch decorating floral tinker bench cushion pink

Arrangement wooden table rustic ideas spring easter Flower cork painted eggs

Easter bunny deco ideas in spring table decoration TIschdecke-Trendfarbe-weiß

Crafting ideas Tips for the spring-table deco bottle-decorate

Use a glass bottle as a vase and decorate imaginatively

Ideas spring colorful green ornate paper bottles

Decoration Spring Ideas Easter Ceramic Figurine Bird Easter Eggs Glass

Cabinet Shabby-Chic design Spring deco ideas in spring white

blown out egg cherry twigs Easter spring table crafting tinker

Deco crafting ideas delicate grindstone flowers jewelry ideas

Flowerpot Arrangement Colorful Yellow Red Decorating Ideas Front Door

Garland deco tinker wreath twigs door pendant ideas spring easter

Decorate spring tree branch twigs flower vase decorate easter eggs

colorful easter eggs paint deco ideas tinker-with children's jewelry

Spring wreath Easter bunny flower jam decoration Door entrance

Easter & Spring »Spring decoration with tulips: arranging arrangements yourself

Spring decoration with tulips-purple-tulip-blue-hydrangea-table

There are nearly 200 species of tulips. These perennial flowers that bloom in spring are perfect for floral arrangements. Today we show you some nice ideas for Spring decoration with tulips , Arrange flowers is not difficult at all and with proper care, your bouquets and arrangements can last up to two weeks.

Spring decoration with tulips, moss and hyacinths

Spring decoration with tulips hyacinth moss glass bells

For this spring decoration you need fresh spring flowers, cake stands with glass bells, floral foam and moss. Here, orchids, tulips, hyacinths, anemones and ferns were used. First, the sponge must soak in water for at least one hour. Then arrange the flowers on them by playing with different heights. Hide the plug-in sponge with damp moss and carefully place the glass bell on the cake stand.

Make spring decoration with tulips and moss yourself

Spring decoration with tulips hyacinth moss cake stand

yellow tulips in a clay pot

for spring-tulip-flower Sponge earthenware pot-yellow-tulip

Take a medium clay pot. Place the floral foam soaked in water in the middle of a cellophane piece, pull it around the foam and place it in the clay pot. Insert the flowers into the flower sponge by working from the center to the outside. Cover the gaps between the flowers with moss.

Arrange tulips in tall glass cylinders

for spring-tulip-high-glass vases-arranged

This spring decoration with tulips is super easy. Put tulips at different heights in two different sized glass vases. Fill the vases with a little water and check the water’s edge every day.

Group fresh tulips beautifully in a rectangular glass vase

arrange for spring-purple-tulip-glass vase-

Group tulips of the same height – five each in a bunch – and tie stems with a rubber band. Hide the rubber band with a tulip leaf and decorative pin. Cut stalks under the leaf.

Simple and fresh: red tulips and lily grass

Spring decorations-red-tulips-rectangular-glass vase-grass

Grab the tulips and lily grass and bind the stems with a rubber band. Hide the rubber band with a ribbon or raffia. Cut the stems to the appropriate length for your vase. Let the flowers stand diagonally in the vase and hang slightly above the vase.

Creative spring decoration ensures a good mood

fruhlingsdeko-tulip-flower arrangements-myself-and-white rubber boots-haustür

The spring decorations with real green plants or cut flowers does not have to be complicated and expensive. With very simple means, you can always make something beautiful, which gives a good mood in the house.

Easy to arrange atmospheric decoration with fresh spring flowers

fruhlingsdeko-tulip-flower arrangements-yourself-arrange-yellow juice vials

Just the freshly picked flowers or beautiful house plants provide by their colors and natural freshness for a good mood. Arrange the beautiful tulips creatively and imaginatively, experiment with vessels and vases. Let yourself be surprised what could happen without much effort!

Tubers can remain visible

Spring decoration with tulips arrange rectangular glass vase gravel

Hydrangea flowers as vase filler

for spring-purple-tulip-hydrangea-square-glass vase

Spring decoration with orange tulips and green branches

Spring decoration with tulips arrangement-white-rug-handles-grifsheim-branches

Rolls of cardboard

for spring-tulip-moss-carton-rolling-basis

Artichoke and tulips in purple

fruhlingsdeko-gesteck-yourself-make-purple-artichoke-and-white-freesia-purple anemones

Dianthus Barbatus Green trick instead of moss

fruhlingsdeko-gesteck-fat hen-dianthus-barbatus-green-trick-houseleek-white-tulips

located on a moss bed

for spring-tulip-hyacinth-Glaser-moss bed

Spring decoration in white – tulips and pussy willow twigs

Spring decoration-white-tulip-weidenkatzchen-two-Basket

Spring decoration-white-tulip-carbon-ferns-gesteck

for spring-tulips-yellow-purple-candy-vase-fill

for spring-tulip-forsythia-branches-glass vase

for spring-tulip-anemone-hyacinth-club-lily blatter

for spring-flower-glass vases-grouped

floral arrangement for spring-and-white-hydrangea-lilac-tulip-kamelienblaetter

for spring-flowers-pink-tulip-green-chrysanthemums

fruhlingsdeko-white-tulip-high-glass vases-gravel-water

floating candles for spring-purple-tulip-glass vases-

for spring-tulip-jute-packaging rustic-flair

for spring-tulip-tuber jute yarn-wound

for spring-tulip-pink-white-visible-bulbous-water

Spring decoration-white-tulip-square-glass vase-lime

Easter & Spring »Crafting Ideas for Easter 2015 – Flower arrangements on the Easter table

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 Flower teapot porcelain

We show you some craft ideas for Easter 2015 – these cheerful floral arrangements will ensure a good mood on the Easter table. Create in a flash a stylish table decoration with fresh spring flowers – we show you how it works. You may find one of the twenty-two ideas you would like to try!

Craft Ideas for Easter 2015 – fresh flowers make for a happy mood on the Easter table

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 flower arrangements eggshells

The first idea presents a puristic arrangement with three stylish ceramic vases in For of Easter eggs. There were willow twigs, pussy willow and fragrant flowers. Purple faux pearls add the last note. These flower arrangements can be conjured in less than 10 minutes – and then make the minimalist Easter table look happy. Another important advantage – this Easter decoration lasts a long time and can decorate the table even after the Easter holidays.

Craft Ideas for Easter 2015 – Lily of the valley in vases of egg shells

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 Eggshell lily of the valley

This arrangement looks cute and just super charming. First, an egg is blown out, then the eggshell is dyed and used as a vase. And what fits better in the little Easter bowl than fresh lilies of the valley? The spring flowers will perfectly complement the colorful Easter table. Optionally, these easter vases can be placed in the plates.

Arrange fresh flowers in egg carton

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 egg cartons-arrange flowers

Creative souls arranged individual flowers in an egg carton. The result can be seen – simply fascinating!

Teacups turn into vases – beautiful floral arrangements at the Easter table

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 Teacup Spring Flowers

Old teacups can turn into vintage vases – this beautiful upcycling idea will surely get you compliments!

Stick easter eggs with dry flowers

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 decoupage Easter eggs

Optionally you can stick the Easter eggs with dry flowers – this idea is a space-saving variant in case there is not enough space for a bouquet of flowers on the Easter table. More imaginative crafting ideas for Easter 2015 can be found in the photo gallery below.

Fresh spring flowers at the easter table – lilac carnations, roses and poppies

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 Rose various colors

Easter eggs become vases – stylish little floral arrangements

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 Easter eggs decoupage technique

Plastic eggs and artificial grass on the Easter table – stylish and simple craft idea

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 Metal pitcher Art Grass Easter Eggs

If there is not enough space – hang jam jars over the Easter table

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 jam jars

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 Idea flower arrangements-blown eggs

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 Gerbera Candies

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 Tulip sweets

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 Flower arranging

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 water jugs Daffodil Planting

Flower pots at the Easter table – Duftveilchen

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 Violchen rattan baskets

Vintage ceramic vase on the Easter table

Craft Ideas Easter 2015-vintage vase-flower arrangements

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 flower arrangements-do it yourself-

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 flower arrangements-arrange

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 flower arrangements roses

Craft Ideas Easter 2015 flower arrangements Easter baskets

craft ideas for easter 2015 original vase-eggshell-maigloeckchen-stiefmuetterie

craft ideas for easter 2015 easter basket-white-tulips-idea

craft ideas for easter 2015 tulips-yellow-white-crockery-vintage

craft ideas-to-easter-2015-bearded and white-flowers-glass vase Ball and chocolate eggs

craft ideas-to-easter-2015-flower-arrangement-tulips-yellow-blue-gray roots

Flowers decoration and arrangements by Carolyne Roehm

classic tray-silver-flower vase

She is known by the press in New York as a charming and beautiful woman – Carolyne Roehm, designer, author, animal lover, cook, skier and passionate trendsetter for Flowers decoration and arrangements on the table. Her sensitivity to interior and stylish harmony in the house and the garden reaches a large audience in the world and offers fascinating compositions of flowers, which many women long for as desired gems in their own home.

Flowers decoration – fashion designer with sensitivity to flowers Arrangements in the house and garden

Winter Decoration with flowers

After two glamorous decades in the fashion world and as a fashion designer’s own brand, she was supported, inspired, enriched and chaired by Oscar de la Renta Council of Fashion Designers of America appointed. Carolyne Roehm takes a deserved place as a valued fashion designer. As a book author and table decor Designer advises her readers Flowers decoration to arrange in a way by emphasizing the beauty of the flowers.

Flowers decoration- thought flow

Table festive and decorate von Carolyne Roehm-

The rose as a flower strengthens our alchemy, acts as the feeling of love and reinforces the unique moments in life, which are filled with love. This flower values ​​society in one Flowers decoration as an arrangement on the table, in a flower vase. In this special flower, the designer sees taffeta and tulle, as well as sumptuous velvet on an evening dress. The lilac can decorate the room in a bouquet and as a background very nice. You do not, however, choose a transparent flower vase because its poles are chaotic and unite with the painting behind. The heart of Carolyne Roehm beats equally for the orange tulips as well as for the purple and the red. It is a truly unexplained link between mind and soul that inspires the designer day in and day out.

Tulips in ceramic pot

Gorgeous flowers in porcelain flowerpot

Table decoration-with-flowers

The designer loves blue in combination with red and purple

red-burgundy-Autumn flowers

Floral decor in winter with magical red accents

Carolyne Roehm-Stylish-setting-with-Blumendeko-on-the-table

Accents-on flowers and home accessories

classic setup-Renaissance Flower in Vase

festive arrangement-with-flowers-of-Carolyne Roehm-

Festive table decoration von Carolyne Roehm-

the magazine-with-Cover von Carolyne Roehm-

Eat-in-summer-with-beautiful-and-white flowers

the decorator-with-their-magazine

the books and magazines von Carolyne Roehm-

Floral Decor on-the-table-of-Roehm


Carolyne Roehm-in-a-classic-room

Planting flower pots in the garden – Tips & Arrangements

Pots for-garden-plant-texture-idea-stone-safari-decorate

Once the last frost is over, you can start spicing up the garden with some fresh and fresh flowers. After all, you also want to get into a spring mood there. Except the flower beds You can also use the Planting flowerpots in the garden and shape. Especially pretty are arrangements made up of different flowers, plants and flower colors.

Planting flowerpots in the garden – types of containers

planting pots in the garden purple-stiefmuetterchen-combination-idea

Of course, there are any types of flowerpots n. Whether made of plastic or clay, in a round or square shape, colorfully designed, as a planter or hanging flower pot, a great effect is always achieved. You can also combine different species when you plant the flowerpots in the garden.

Plant pots in the garden in any way

planting pots in the garden to hang-stiefmuetterchen-yellow-lila

In principle, there are no limits to the arrangement. Only a few rules should be observed. Choose different species or combine a species of different colors as you plant the flowerpots in the garden. Also interesting is the idea, in which different nuances of a color are put together. Like to add contrasts: Create a flower pot with warm shades and one with cold blue shades. The color choice also depends on the color of the pot.

Tips and ideas for the arrangement

Pots for-garden-plant-shell-shaped pink-blueten-middle-high-petunias

We have put together some tips that can help you when you plant the flowerpots in the garden. There are also some great ideas for the arrangement, or which plant and flower species you can use. We hope you get great inspirations in this way, which you can also implement in your garden. Do not forget to fertilize your flowers at least twice a week. So you get lush flowers and healthy plants throughout the season.

Observe the requirements

Pots for-garden-planting-color mix-coral-yellow-blueten Pendant-design

An important point to keep in mind when choosing flowers and plants, of course, are the requirements that the chosen plants place on their environment. For example, sun-loving flowers can not be planted in a flowerpot with shadow-loving ones together because you can not guarantee both at the same time. The same applies to flowers that require less, or more, water. The right partners play an important role in every plant you choose to plant in the garden.

Determine pot size

Pots for-garden-plant-graeser-old man herb-accent-red flower-autumn

If you have selected all types of plants and flowers for planting flowerpots in the garden, you should also inform yourself about the pot size that they need. Some people like it a bit more tight, while others need broad or deep pots to develop well. Accordingly, you also combine the flowers. Now you can take care of the arrangement with which you plant the flowerpots in the garden. As with the bouquet, an irregular number of plants and flowers is recommended. How many exactly depends of course on the place, which offers the respective flower pot or box.

Design unilateral flowerpots

Pots for-garden-planting ornamental plants-graeser carbonate-Mediterranean-original

If the flowerpot is viewed from one side only, you can use different sized plants for the arrangement when planting the flowerpots in the garden. In this case, arrange them step by step, with the tallest plant at the very back and the lowest at the front.

Look at the flowerpot from all angles

Pots for-garden-plant-gardenia sapling-fuchsia-hedge

If the flower pot is later in a central location, you have to come up with an arrangement that can be viewed from all sides. In this case, it is best to choose an annular arrangement when planting the flowerpots in the garden. The highest plant is located in the middle. Outwardly, the flowers are getting lower.

Annual or perennial plants

planting pots in the garden planting flower-idea-flower-mix

Whether you use annual or perennial flowers when you plant the flowerpots in the garden is up to you. You can also combine both variants. You can exchange one-year-old plants every year in order to implement new ideas over and over again. The perennial plants will serve you again as a decoration in winter, provided you find a warm place in the house.

New arrangements in every season

Pots for-garden-plant-bath-retro-idea-beet-daffodils Pansies colorful

Since the annual plants usually bloom at a certain time, you can also change them after flowering and thus replant the flowerpots in the garden at any time of the year. For example, in spring, plant spring-spring flowers such as daffodils or tulips and combine them with perennial flowers that bloom in spring as well. These include pansies, forget-me-nots and daisies. In summer, exchange them with summer flowers.

Arrangements depending on leaf texture

Pots for-garden-planting Kübel students flower Orange Pendant-plant

When choosing the plants that you use to plant pots in the garden, you should also be guided by the shape and color of the leaves. A great idea is, for example, to plant plants with large leaves with those with small ones together in a container. You should follow this rule even if the leaves have a different color or pattern. Otherwise, they compete with each other and none of the flowers can really come into their own.

Planting flowerpots in the garden – grasses

Pots for-garden-plant-silver-barrel-bucket-graeser-huebsch-modern

Different grasses are used more and more frequently for garden design. And in the pot they are doing really well, especially when combined with other plants. In addition, in principle, all types are suitable for this purpose. Popular and visually beautiful species that you can use when planting the pots in the garden are the following:

Species for the flower pot

Pots for-garden-plant-neusselaendischer-flax - spring herb-pink-orange

Breiter leaves owns the New Zealander flax ( Phormium tenax ). Here you also have the choice between reddish and multicolored leaf colors, if you want to plant your flowerpots in the garden. You will get yellow-green leaves with any variety of Variegata, while the American Pampasgrass ( Cortaderia selloana ) is very well suited for very large flower pots or even plant pots.

The arrangement with grasses

Pots for-garden-planting-red-green-blaetter-terraces-inspiration

Bear in mind that grasses love the sun very much. The flowers that you choose when you plant the flowerpots in the garden with grasses should do the same. As the grasses grow very tall, you need to find more tall plant species to make a smooth transition from the grasses to the low flowers.

Planting flowerpots in the garden with conifers

Pots for-garden-plant-gross-immergruen-center-nettles-deco

Have you ever come across plants with needles? No wonder, because they provide an interesting change in your arrangement when you plant flowerpots in the garden. A very suitable, evergreen variant is the juniper ( Juniperus ). These are available in green, gold or silver color.

Ideas for the sun

Pots for-garden-plant-pink petunias-idea-romantic arrangement

Petunias, Surfinia, Verbena, fat leaves, marigolds, creepers, leather balsams, Elfenspiegel, magic bells, lobelia, barbets, peacock broods, elven spur, but also others are particularly popular for planting flower pots in the garden. All of these are annuals that you can exchange again next year. Just as popular are the perennial pelargonium and ivy pelargonium. They look both individually and in combination with other flowers and plants.

shade plants

Pots-in-garden-plant-terrace-deco-pflanzkuebel Idea

If you also want to decorate the shade with flowers, you also have a rather large selection. If you plant the flowerpots in the garden, you can choose, for example, the purple bells, the lighthouses, or the buffets. These are especially well suited for lush arrangements. As fillers or for smaller pots turn the industrious Lieschen, nettles, the juggler flowers and fuchsias are very good.

Hanging flowerpots

Pots for-garden-planting geraniums-pink-bar-hang-romantic

Hanging containers are a great choice if you want to plant several levels with flowerpots in the garden. Especially hanging plants are a great option and look very pretty. Another great idea is to make the pot in this case with one and the same flower type. But then choose different colors and mix them together.

Flowers on the wall

Pots for-garden-planted-wall-design-wall-ivy-Clay pots

If you have decided to distribute the flowerpots on a wall or a fence, you have another attractive variant for planting flowerpots in the garden and these are the climbing plants. These are very well suited to form the background. Before that you can plant any other flower and plant species. A pretty climbing plant for the sunny area are the forest vines. In the shade, the ivy feels very good again.

Set accents with leaves

Pots-in-garden-plant-colorful nettle-green-red-color-blaetter

If you are not too fond of colorful things and would like to have a simpler look in terms of color, you can rely on plants that impress with their leaves when you plant the flower pots in the garden. The ivy, the horny herbs with their silver-gray leaves, the harp shrubs, which are available in silver and green, or the Iresines with their red leaves, have a very effective effect.