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Glass legs leather sofa classic wall design

The power of glass has always charmed people. Recently, however, the tendency has been to use glass as the main material in architecture and interior. The play Glass furniture a special role – they are no longer just accents, but become an integral part of the institution.

Stylish glass furniture with an Italian flair

set up bright spacious ceilings design pillars

Founded by Vittorio Livi in ​​1973, the company FIAM is more glamorous at making Glass furniture specialized. The combination of hand-blown glass and high-tech processing has great appeal and gives the designs an artistic look. The material is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics and it is very hygienic. Do not be fooled – glass may look simple, but in fact the material is very complicated. The production of glass furniture and home accessories is a big challenge.

Glass furniture combines technological innovation and traditional manufacturing

Upholstered design mirror seat

The professionals of the Italian company have a great deal of experience in this field, which makes it much easier for designers to do their job. Even complicated furniture is decorated with engravings and various decorations. The pieces of furniture are characterized by their original shape and often have a minimalist look. They are perfect for modern, high-gloss facilities and can be combined with state-of-the-art leather furniture. Whether in the living room , in the bedroom or even in the office – The noble glass tables will quickly become the highlight in every room. Thanks to the high-tech manufacturing process, glass can be processed quickly. This allows the production of modern and ergonomic Glass furniture in different forms.

Glass wall-mounted TV with space for TV

Wall unit glass TV cabinet sofa concrete wall

Living room wall as a room divider

Living room set up ideas neutral color glass furniture floor lighting

Big mirror

Living room mirror white sofa colorful glasses deco

Living room with black side table

black glass side table sofa

Shelf made of glass and stainless steel

Furniture mirror shelf home accessories

Glass table with original design

Dining table glass glossy furniture chairs leather stainless steel

Office furnishings

Furnishing glass table stair railing concrete wall

Coffee table made of glass

Coffee table glass modern picture metal chair

Black side table

black frosted glass coffee table low

The same model made of highly polished glass

black armchair Wohnacessoires

Combination of two side tables

Living room set up beige sofa upholstery furniture

Side table with ornaments

Leather couch beige floor lamp industrial chic

Mirror with metal frame

Metal frame around stylish italian glass furniture

Stainless steel and glass table for the kitchen

Set up table kitchen dining area

Glass home accessories black vase bird figurine

set up pictures suggestions glass side tables beige carpet laminate floor

Picture wall black design ideas

Wardrobe Living room classic furnishings

Dining table bowl design ideas

modern glass table mirror metal hanging lamp

Dining table glass black chairs chandelier

Bench frosted glass video system

colored dining room furniture brown color

Wooden bedside table glass purple beige colors

Design glass furniture mirror

minimalist design modern stylish

Glass chair classic wall panels white sofa

Exclusive modern residence with artistic flair

by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados


The Malibu residence is a large two-story apartment in sunny Malibu, California. Created by Sao Paolo-based studio Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados , the impressive modern residence stands for style and luxury, created by modern features and expanded with an artistic touch , His main idea is to escape the ordinary and introduce the innovation that creates a different kind of environment through modern technology.

Modern residence in Malibu


The two-story modern residence offers plenty of living space to satisfy every need of the residents. The furniture and ornate decoration play a special role in the modern design residence. Each piece is unique and balanced with the volume and the rest of the elements. The design is dominated by Italian velvet, leather, glass and metal furniture. The decoration is colorful, fresh and fills the whole place with energy and color.

Unique guitars collection – Malibu residence

unique guitar-collection-malibu-residence

The lower floor of the modern residence consists of an open space that includes all the functions of a living space. There is a gourmet kitchen in connection with the dining room, which in turn opens to the living room. The living room is connected to a media room and the large pool area, at the other end of the apartment. The rooms are easily accessible through a modern staircase and glass elevator. The most important thing is to create a single sense of space that flows out through the large windows on each side.

Modern residence – wall decoration in the media room


The upper floor of the modern residence includes the sleeping area, a home theater and a gym. The master suite and bedrooms have a special view of the pool area, which seems to be the most impressive part of the cool design. The pool has glass walls that offer a stunning underwater view from the outside. The lighting is also very effective and floods through three large windows framed by lush greenery. It is a small indoor paradise of the modern residence.

By K.H.Hristova

Unique glass staircase in the modern Malibu residence

unique-glass staircase

minimalist kitchen design in modern apartment


Orange accents in the living room

orange-decoration-living room

Exclusive apartment with artistic flair


Unusual chandelier in violet


Colorful decoration in the living room

colorful-decoration-living room

Amazing indoor glass pool

amazing-indoor pool-glass-malibu-residence

Modern concrete colonial-style residence integrates old ruined walls

Patchwork tiles as kitchen back wall by Artistic Tile

patchwork tiles as kitchen back wall red nuances mosaic artistic tile

These Patchwork tiles as kitchen back wall make all your kitchen dreams come true. The unique design comes from Artistic Tile and exudes a provincial romance. The tiles from the Homestead collection are available in mosaic form and in the shades of red, blue and green. Its surface is matted again to create an authentic look. In design, it seems like leftover tiles have been put together indiscriminately. And this is exactly what ensures the rustic atmosphere, both as backsplash in a traditional kitchen, as well as in a modern, Mediterranean or oriental style makes perfect.

Patchwork tiles as kitchen back wall – red shades

patchwork tiles as a kitchen back wall wood drawers red color tile mirror idea

Use the patchwork tiles as a kitchen back wall in the kitchen and you get a really dreamlike effect, which gives the room a unique charm. The same goes for the bathroom. Set great accents with the patchwork tiles and design bathroom , where you can really feel good and relax.

Patchwork tiles as kitchen back wall in green-gray shades

patchwork tiles as kitchen back wall traditional romantic gray blue

Artistic Tile is a family business that impresses with many interesting tile designs. There are a variety of patterns offered, as well as variants of both ceramic, and stone, which you can look at their homepage. Branches already exist in Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Mexico and India. Look in the gallery for the three color variations of patchwork tiles Kitchen back wall and choose the right one for your interior!

Patchwork tiles in the bathroom

patchwork tile as kitchen back wall bathroom rustic style sink

Patchwork for different styles

patchwork tile as kitchen back wall oriental sink design blue gray

The three color variants of the mosaic tiles

patchwork tile as kitchen back wall colors blue green red artistic tile

Tile design by Artistic tile ,

Creative furniture and artistic deco ideas from Soher

Luxury sofa set living room

Creative furniture and Artful decoration ideas are the focus of Soher’s design. The peculiar atmosphere that creates their interiors is charming and inviting. The high quality of the fascinating pieces of furniture has contributed to the increasing popularity of the furniture company.

Artful decoration ideas and furnishing of Soher history and mission


Soher is a furniture producer with a long experience, who has earned a place among the top furniture companies. The designers are always looking for new inspiration, refined and elegant furnishing Artful decoration ideas to present to their customers. This creates interesting original interiors, where the furniture itself becomes a decoration. Since the founding of the company, Soher has also designed home furnishings for private customers. The history of the furniture producer is written by the artists who have actively contributed to the designs. This is also the reason for the increasing popularity of Soher’s designs lately. You just have to look at a few interior designs to get fascinated by the company’s products.

Ornate decoration ideas – the furniture as decoration in the room


This attractive furniture design ideas and Artful decoration ideas you will certainly be enthusiastic. The company catalog covers two areas of modern interior design – classical and traditional. It depends on the customer preferences which style you choose.

Modern furniture design ideas from Soher combine retro and minimalism

table-silver-details-chairs-circular motifs

The modern furniture ideas from Soher are dedicated to new technologies and innovations. Even the minimalist and high-tech interiors are retro-inspired and original Artful decorating ideas combined. Wooden chairs, armchairs, tables and beds are clad in plush or silk. The color scheme is predominantly contrasting light-dark, materials such as ebony, golden and silver details and lots of glass are used.

Classic creative ideas from Soher

pegassius-soher-coffee table-bronze handmade

Soher designs make an impression – cozy traditional sofa sets and dining tables look refined and elegant in combination with floor lamps, chandeliers and luxury rugs. The Artful decorating ideas consist of typical Victorian-style element living room or classic dining room. The hotel and restaurant owners can free themselves about interesting clocks, lamps and sculptures. The company motto is in a noble room no corner without suitable decoration may be empty. Once you have the world of beautiful decoration of soher You will surely feel like a royal person, surrounded by refined sculptures and furniture.


Floor lamp with interesting deco motifs for the reading corner

stehlampe-violin-form reading corner

Elegant vase of alabaster with gold nectar for the living room

decoration-living room-and-white alabaster and gold-ornaments

Classic bedroom design by Soher

soher-classic-bedroom gilt-bed frame

Leather chairs in the dining room


The modern furniture with artistic execution by Carlo Rampazzi

Purple Desk integrated table lamp

Carlo Rampazzi is through his modern furniture has become a true style icon that always delivers top quality designs. Today, the Swiss-born architect is one of the best designers in Europe.

Art in the interior – the modern furniture by Carlo Rampazzi

elegant table-furniture design Carlo Rampazzi

The work of Carlo Rampazzi, and especially his modern furniture are recognized worldwide as exquisite interior design. The innovative production technique combined with exceptional creative approach makes him one of the most popular artists. The designer has completed architecture at the Universities of Lugano and Paris. His talent was noticed at that time, and he soon began to develop creative furniture that combines modern and classic style in a unique way.

The modern furniture – perfect aesthetics and rich color palette

gilded motifs headboard bed

Thanks to his creativity, he was commissioned several times to design collections for Colombo style. In Verona he worked with Abitare il Tempo. Since 2003 he has been busy presenting a limited, exclusive collection together with NOI Paris and Sergio Villa. The fascinating fabrics and high quality materials in combination with exceptional style and class are the connecting element for the modern furniture ,

Fascinating fabrics and color combinations

elegant Small wooden table yellow accents

Perfect aesthetics and rich, bold color palette define the designs and create a quirky intimate atmosphere. One of the most important prerequisites for the success of the collection is the fact that Rampazzi only designs individual pieces of furniture for its customers upon request. He appreciates and uses the available space and can combine our dreams and passions in one design. He can feel and create the changes in life modern furniture that change with time along with their owners. That’s why the magical furniture of Carlo Rampazzi so desirable and popular – they will never go out of style or lose their luster.

Gilded floor lamp with exciting design

gilded floor lamp metal

Yellow-blue modern futuristic cupboard

yellow-blue-modern-futuristic cabinet

Red table with playing card motifs

Red-table-card designs

Purple folding bed with interesting ornaments

purple folding bed interesting ornaments

Luxurious metal chair

Luxury metal chair

Green comfortable sofa

green sofa interesting construction

Carlo Rampazzi furniture

carlo-Rampazzi furniture

Purple desk with metal decoration

purple-Desk Metal Decoration

Artistic Interior – Apartment in New York

Design by Maziar Behrooz

Modern interior living area

If you like adventure, this minimalist apartment in Chelsea, New York will surely please you. You feel already at the entrance like in a submarine. The usable area of ​​the apartment comprises 60 square meters and has been completely refurbished. As a result, a modern, exciting, artistic interior emerged.

Artistic Interior – Apartment in New York

futuristic design living room

The minimalist interior design has been successfully combined with colorful funny decoration. Surreal elements of the industry in the living room make the house look futuristic, while in the bedroom different accessories resemble – pulley, parachutes, horns on a pirate ship. Kitchen of course looks great, and is furnished in retro style. Artistic interior never looked so attractive!

Artistic interior creates adventurous atmosphere

artistic design-modern apartment

The ceiling lighting impresses and contributes to modern taste in the apartment. But do not be fooled – the rest of the equipment in the apartment is also state of the art. The kitchen counter is made of steel, for example.

The bathroom is also decorated in a unique way. Every room is amazing and you can discover something new every day in the apartment Artistic interior can also look modern, yet still bring the imagination – so you dream with!

artistic interior design

artistic interior design Bedroom

futuristic interior in the bathroom

exciting Decoration bathroom

modern futuristic apartment in New York – roof terrace

Rooftop-apartment-New York

Artistic Bathroom Design by Irina Schtastlivaya

Vintage bathroom design

The artistic ideas for Bathroom design are the latest trend in the field of interior design. Fascinating and functional, these come with an Avantdardem concept and are usually associated with a healthy lifestyle. The bathroom is no longer a simple ambience with bath and sink.

artistic Bathroom design – mix of styles and creative decoration

Mosaic tiles in the bathroom

The brilliant concept and the artistic Bathroom design by Russian designer Irina Schtastlivaya are a successful combination between several interior design styles and interesting Decoration ideas , Their designs can be described as an eclectic mix of vintage, minimalism and modern technology. Symbols and accents are reminiscent of the royal style, while contrasting colors and materials create a thrilling ambience.

artistic Bathroom design by Irina Schastlivaya

red bathroom furniture

Refined and chic furniture collection has recently presented the designer Irina Schastlivaya. Your projects are characterized by glamorous yet comfortable and consistent Bathroom design that create a unique atmosphere. The vintage style can be seen everywhere – from the pastel colors to classic white color and totally dark nuances. Most of the surfaces – walls and ceiling are decorated with interesting motifs and romantic ornaments, which are in line with the vintage bathroom cabinets, bathtubs and sinks. The vintage furniture is skilfully combined with some typical minimalist accents. The best of these eclectic designs are the bathroom tiles – dark and rich colors create contrasts and compliment the overall look.

Irina Schastlivaya – royal bathroom design

King bathroom with chandelier

Irina Schastlivaya is through her artistic Bathroom design has become famous – and is a true trendsetter in this area. The Russian designer is considered the queen of artistic bathroom Designs are known and their facilities are the perfect proof of that. It manages to create a beautiful bathroom, regardless of the size of the room or the interior of the house. The outstanding bathroom design ideas have a retro aftertaste and symbolize the happiness, the cosiness and the prosperity.

Vintage bathroom furniture Irina Schastlivaya

neutral colors in the bathroom

Elegant combination of retro tiles and purple bathroom furniture

purple bathroom tiles minimalist style

Royal bath design

royal style chandelier

Interesting shower in the bathroom

Moroccan bathroom interior

Blue carpet in the bathroom

cream colored tiles blue accents

Eclectic combination in the bathroom

Badger and vintage bathroom

Brown retro tiles

elegant bathroom design idea

Decoration in the royal style

Bathroom decoration

Artistic wall decoration to make yourself refined the interior

orange blue ideas for wall decoration

The Wall decoration to make your own At home you can make quite interesting and creative. Let the boring ideas aside and be artistic and courageous. Regardless of whether wall decorations From linen bag, colored pencils or kitchen utensils, you can find suitable ideas for every style of decoration.

Creative wall decoration to make yourself from kitchen utensils

copper dishes ideas for wall decoration yourself

colored spoon ideas for wall decoration

If you have old copper dishes that you want to throw in the garbage, think again. Old dishes and kitchen utensils can be quite practical as Wall decoration to make your own to be used. In this way you will give your rustic kitchen a retro look and use the old items for something useful instead of throwing away.

Creative wall decoration to make your own from old signs

ate signage ideas for wall decoration yourself

If you have an old sign or a table with really cool captions, do not hurry to throw them away. Hang these on the wall and make it a cool one Wall decoration to make your own , Even on the Internet, you can find really creative and interesting designs that match your interior.

Classic wall decoration with floral pattern

Cherry blossoms make ideas for wall decoration yourself

If you want to focus on something classic, always go with the floral motifs. A Wall decoration to make your own As a wall tattoo is always a very pleasant challenge for people with creative nature, the craft ideas like. Choose a stencil with your favorite flower and create a beautiful flower decoration for the wall that matches your interior.

Pictures wall decoration with kitchen utensils

kitchen utensils ideas for wall decorating yourself

Rustic picture frame with natural wood

Rustic wooden frame ideas for home decoration

Silhouettes pictures in various colors

silhouettes pictures ideas for wall decoration to make yourself

Wall decor in antique style in white and navy blue

navy blue white ideas for wall decoration yourself

Wall decoration with floral motifs from linen bag

linen sack flower pattern ideas for wall decorating yourself

Turquoise wall decoration with Ombre technique

turquoise ombre ideas for wall decoration to make yourself

Curtain of gemstones as wall decoration

deco curtain ideas for wall decoration yourself

Golden fish scales for the wall

fish scales gold ideas for wall decoration yourself

Interesting wall decoration made of Vitage sports suit

vintage sportswear ideas for wall decoration to make yourself

Colorful wall decoration from colored pencils

Colored pencils. Ideas for wall decoration

Wood paneling in modern and artistic design – Apartment in Mexico City

wood cladding-inside-modern-living-dining area-couch-armchair-gray-brown

A Wood paneling inside does not look old-fashioned or rustic if it does not consist of even wooden panels from top to bottom. Kababie Arquitectos designed a modern interior of an apartment in the capital Mexico City. It is characterized by elegant furniture and great use of Wood in different forms and dimensions.

Modern and artistic wood paneling inside – wall and ceiling paneling made of wood

Interior wood paneling -modern-living-room-gray-brown-ceiling-ceiling-indirect-lighting

In the living room, the ceiling panel runs from one side of the room to the other. It evolves as a highlight in the interior consisting of staggered wooden blocks, between which indirect matt lighting was mounted. Further, the same walnut wood forms a modern living wall with irregularly mounted wall shelves.

Wood paneling inside – offset elements and pleasant indirect lighting in between

Wooden interior-modern-living-room-coffee-table-honeycomb-gray-black

Wall paint and simple pieces of furniture vary in all nuances of gray, which give a noble touch to the overall interior design. Let yourself be inspired by this beautiful apartment!

Interior with wood paneling modern and diversified design the living space

wood cladding-inside-modern-dining room-dining table-indirect-lighting-brown-black

Use of natural wood – ceiling cladding runs seamlessly into the wall

wood cladding-inside-modern-living wall TV-wood-black-shelves-ceiling paneling

Artistically designed living area – picture wall, designer lamp and chairs in copper look

wood cladding-inside-modern dining chairs-copper wallpaper wall

Wood paneling in modern and functional design

wood cladding-inside-modern-shelf system-wood-shelves-wardrobe-indirect-lighting

Glass wall with decorative hearth separates the living areas

with timber-inside-modern deco-hearth-wall-natural stone look-plant

Modern bedroom in shades of gray

bedroom-gray-modern-wall color-couch-bed-wood

Make the bathroom extravagant – Vintage suitcase as a washstand

bathroom-sink-modern-vintage-basin suitcase-wallpaper-handwriting

* Interior design of Kababie Arquitectos

* Photos by Jaime Navarro

Stylish living room wall created with artistic freedom

Stylish-room wall-growing wall-modular-elements-yellow-fronts

In the world of modern design and imaginative decoration, we have two key words that are always trumps: adaptability and versatility! This is completely understandable, because you need the perfect mix of form and function to create an unforgettable and comfortable space. But designers are increasingly moving away from traditional furniture and turning to more and more often flexible , modular units. Here is just one example as proof: the exclusive Day Collection offered by Alf-Group brings a lot of creative freedom to your living room! These amazing, repeatable modules can be used to stylish wall unit shape that blends with the modern feel of your living room and bedroom.

Stylish wall unit with modular construction

Stylish-living Wall lowboard-wood veneer wall-shelves-in-red-white

We have seen similar ergonomic modular systems in the past that provide design freedom. These allow the user to design and design themselves that meet his needs and fit the floor plan of his house. The Day system goes one step further by incorporating a variety of storage units, shelves, back panels, and even benches and drawers designed to provide a coherent, contemporary living space ambience. You even thought of a special one LED Backlight of the modules. That makes the living room even more chic!

Modular living room walls in elegant finishes

Stylish-room wall-Red-White-shelf system-storage-living room-ideas

Although the Day wall unit was designed especially for the living room, nothing bothers you to use individual modules in the dining room or bedroom. They can both be combined to create a small, exquisite workstation in every empty corner at home. The combination of open and closed shelves in this sleek design and discrete colors is just a hint that you’ll never want to replace your Day wall unit with a traditional wall unit.

Learn more on the website of Alf Group ,

Stylish-living-wall modular and white handle-less-cabinets-open-shelves

Stylish wall unit with handle-less fronts

residential wall-living room-cozy-device-yellow-accents

Horizontal and vertical oriented elements

Stylish living wall design living-vertical elements-Tv-board

Practical wall unit with desk

Stylish-room wall modular element structure-based add-on walls modern-

Stylish wall unit in high-gloss look

Stylish-living-wall modular-high-gloss-fronts-to-wall mounting

Stylish-living Wall Lowboard Place for-TV-room furniture

Modern-growing wall-mat-fronts-handleless-storage space-ideas-living room

residential wall-of-wood-with-glass-use display cabinets doors-modern-design

living room-modular-furniture-living wall-design-shelf system-open-and-shut