Balcony »Bamboo as a balcony screen – ideas with plants, mats and poles

bamboo as a balcony sight large plants idea sun sails spacious lounge

If you have rented a city apartment and like to have breakfast on the balcony, then you certainly know the feeling of constant observation. Do not worry because there are several ways you can protect your privacy. Bamboo as a balcony screen to use is just one of them. Bamboo in flower pots , Bamboo mats on the railing or bamboo poles in the form of a screen and much more. Take a look at the ideas below and get creative with this versatile, natural material.

Bamboo as balcony screen – bamboo mats

bamboo as a balcony privacy white gel vertical modern

The bamboo mats look very exotic and are easily available at the hardware store. As a natural material, it is also very flexible and water repellent. They do not provide an opaque screen, but they create beautiful lighting effects when the sun shines through. The only downside is that they weather quickly and need to be replaced after about five-six years.

Bamboo as a balcony screen – In the bucket alive

bamboo as balcony sight protection plant zen pebbles flower pots

Bamboo can also be planted in a tub. These tall plants offer both visibility and wind protection. The main criterion for choosing different types of bamboo is their height. With a stature height of 2-3 meters, the variety Fargesia rufa is particularly well suited for a container planting. It likes sunny to partially shaded locations and does not form root shoots. For extra Zen feel you can place large pebbles and a small water feature here and there.

Modern self-protection idea

bamboo as a balcony sight protection herbal idea modern design ivy

Bamboo mats in front of the glass railing

bamboo as a balcony privacy sunbathing floor seating table table chairs

to create a nice Zen feeling

bamboo rods balcony privacy ideas zen water feature

thin bamboo sticks

bamboo rods privacy balcony idea water feature

dense vegetation

terrace balcony wood floor tiles plants eating area

thin green bamboo stems

bamboo plants bucket balcony privacy ideas iron railing

modern flower tub in black

Bamboo as a balcony privacy screen planter balcony vision protection ideas

combined with small trees

bamboo plants bucket balcony privacy furniture

fine bamboo mat

bamboo mats privacy sunshade balcony plants

bamboo mats privacy balcony wood floor tiles

bamboo mats plant tubs palette idea

Bamboo as a balcony screen protector plants ideas Geranien flat

Bamboo as a balcony privacy railing paneling flower tub

Bamboo as balcony privacy bamboo mat ideas railing roses

bamboo mats balcony cover flower box privacy

bamboo balcony cladding plants mats sunshade

Planting bamboo as a balcony privacy wood flower box

bamboo plants ideas balcony privacy wood flooring tiles

small balcony bamboo mats trellis table wood

Bamboo as balcony privacy bamboo mats natural materials idea

bamboo plants balcony privacy protection tub idea terrace

bamboo balcony privacy ideas bamboo poles sun protection wood floor tiles

bamboo mats balcony privacy blinds flower box railings

Balcony »Balcony Screen with Vertical Garden – Cheap & Effective

balcony privacy vertical garden idea exotic bench chairs

A vertical garden looks chic in every room! Especially green walls are more effective Balcony privacy screen can be used to neighbors. From a small garden with herbs, over vertical green wall with vegetables, to magnificent botanical compositions – the variety of planting possibilities is fascinatingly large.

Balcony Screening – ideas with plants

balcony privacy hedge idea modern rattan sofa feuestelle stuehle

Vertical gardens and green walls are an expression of a new urban living culture and sustainable life philosophy. Balcony plants provide the necessary shade and have a calming effect on people. In addition to the recreational effect, green walls improve the urban microclimate. The green one Balcony privacy screen also fulfills a safety and wind protection function.

Balcony privacy provides an intimate environment on the terrace and balcony

balcony privacy bamboo idea planter wood floor

Green walls are suitable for balcony, as well as for terraces or garden as delimitation. Of the Balcony privacy screen should of course also correspond to the taste of the owner and last but not least ideally suited to the style of living. One would rather like a haven of peace with flowering plants, another would like more climbing plants. On a small footprint, which is the case with the balcony, the space should be used as efficiently as possible. By vertical garden cultivation, the space can be optimized.

Use plant bags for privacy

balcony sight protection plant bags flowers yellow bloeten

A green wall is the perfect one Balcony privacy screen and windbreak. The aromatic scents provide a familiar relaxed feel-good atmosphere in the fresh air. These provide good protection against drafts and wind.

Modern balcony with tropical plants as privacy

balcony visual protection artificial grass floor glassware plant flower box

Balcony privacy protection idea

Vertical gardens windbreak terrace balcony design

Climbers and hedge as a screen

Wooden patio furniture plants for balcony wind screen

Green wall for a nature experience on the balcony

Vertical Garden Privacy Screen Terrace Windscreen

Protect yourself with plants on the balcony from view

Green wall. Idea wind. Privacy. Patio

A green wall that looks slightly exotic, embellished garden and balcony

Gardening roof balcony roof terrace green wall

Blinds Ideas – Feeling Closer To Nature

Balcony Screening Ideas Vertical Greening

The natural fence has excellent visual quality

Balcony railing glass greening visual protection

Vertical living wall – enjoy light and shadow changes

Climbing roses plants balcony Idea screens

Green walls improve the air quality

Vertical garden on balcony privacy fence. Balcony garden

Urban gardens – a green lung in the city

Greening roof balcony screen IDen

Lively green screen as a balcony Screen

Terrace planting ideas windbreak demarcation

Green wall is ideal for the intimate design of the balconies and terraces

Balcony Blind Windbreak Ideas Vertical Garden

Green wall as a balcony privacy screen

Roof Terrace Covering Flowerpots Wood Decking Screening Idea

Ideas for balcony light protection – vertical gardens and green walls

Balcony Terrace Screen Protector Green Wall

Screening for the balcony – balcony railing fence

Balcony screened garden terrace

Balcony railing screen fence

Balcony railing Green wall privacy balcony

Sunscreen and Build privacy screen yourself

Climbers garden on the balcony terrace

Urban gardens – green wall

Privacy screen green wall balcony and terrace

Garden Design – 100 pictures, beautiful garden ideas and styles

34 ideas for privacy in the garden with decorative bamboo fence

21 ideas for balcony screen protection Various screen protection options

Balcony »Balcony Make privacy screen and protect privacy on the balcony

balcony sight protection climbing plants wood painting green romantic trellis

Protecting privacy on the balcony can be difficult as most solutions often shield only small areas. However, there are some ideas that can help you Balcony privacy screen to do it yourself. It is not easy to place a large pot of plants in front of the unsightly view. Some strategies to this problem to solve are:

Make your own balcony screen – ideas and tips

balcony privacy bamboo pipes lanterns fairy lights idea

deflection – If it is not possible to completely obscure the view, then consider an eye-catcher in another place to distract everyone’s attention. If the railings are a bit higher, the low ones can balcony furniture hide. You can also add height to the low balcony railings if you place many planters on top.

Balcony screen and balcony cover

balcony privacy pvc plane blue white stripes armchair rattan side table

Feeling of privacy – If you have a large balcony or roof terrace, create a central seating area surrounded by tall trees or bamboo hedges. Sitting in this area with your back to the wall would make you feel better, even if not fully screened.

Room divider as privacy screen

balcony privacy wood partition wall armchair coffee table ceiling cushion

balance between the screen with other plants. For example, if you have three large pots at one end of your balcony to provide the necessary shielding, then place something similar at the other end of the balcony. You do not have to be the same size, maybe just the same pot in a smaller size and with lower plant if you want to have a nice view in this area.

Trellis on the balcony

balcony Sichtschutz trellis brown white flowers kaesten gelaender

Wooden railing railing

Privacy screen for balcony white wooden lattice high planter

high wooden fence protects privacy

Balcony screen itself make wooden fence high

large flower tubs on the railing

Balcony privacy ivy wooden lattice white flower tub on the railing

White lattice with hanging plant

Screen protection for balcony itself make lattice ivy wood railing

colored fabric panels and balcony cover

Balcony screen protection itself make fabric panels pink furniture flowers

Parasol on the balcony

Balcony screen protection itself make umbrella wooden furniture

Balcony partition wall and hanging plants

Balcony screen protection itself make deck chair hanging plants

Venetian blinds and fabric panels on the balcony

Balcony screen protection itself make blinds plant wall

dense balcony railing

Balcony screen itself make dense balcony balcony white

Balcony screen creepers pelagonie lanterns

Balcony ideas railing metal grill wood furniture

privacy balcony wood high railing flowers blooming trees

Balcony railing planting flower pots attaching small balcony

Balcony screen itself make umbrella white metal chairs

Balcony screen protection itself make railing metal net ivy flowerpots

Screening for balcony balcony planting

Balcony Screen Protector white wooden lattice planter corner sofa cushions

Balcony blinds awning flowers along railing

21 ideas for balcony screen protection Various screen protection options

Balcony »Living Tips for Balcony Design – Screen Protector and Decoration for Patio

Balcony Design-rattan-corner-sofa-candlelight-orange-flower-pot

We offer you useful living tips and Balcony design Ideas that will help you combine decoration and privacy in one.

Living Tips for Balcony Design – Arrange Plants and Furniture

Balcony design -rattan-sofa-black-white-flowerpots-black-boards

The Balcony design Basically it is similar to garden design, with one major difference – they have a very limited space and need to find a balance between greening and decoration so that there is enough room for the free movement and furniture. Our tip – work with volume. Choose evergreen plants – shrubs or decorative trees can do the trick. On the one hand, tall plants will provide privacy, on the other hand, you can place a table or chairs and feel like you’re in a green paradise. Of course, the matching furniture should not be missing – but the furniture should not take more than 40% of the total balcony area. If you have a small balcony, you can buy folding chairs. Owners of larger roof terraces – may look forward to a complete seating area – and can enjoy a nice seating area for evenings with friends. Of course, there is no lack of barbecue – nowadays many practical grill designs that can be attached to the railings are offered.

Living tips for balcony design – fresh decoration ideas

Balcony Design bamboo mat-view-protection-wood-bed-hinged-wood-plant-shelves

Decorate sparingly, but imaginatively – hang lantern as lighting, or place small figures on the floor. Colorful furniture will create a happy mood. Throw pillows can refresh simple furniture – and provide the necessary seating comfort for you and your guests. Decorate the flower pots or buy flower pots in bright colors. A carpet can also set accents. Be inspired by these lifestyle tips and create a practical, cozy and beautiful Balcony design !

Colorful decoration ideas – small table and flowerpots in neon colors

balcony-design-wooden floor-side table-Pots-bunt

Balcony decoration bird cage colorful neon

Pink and yellow color create a happy mood

pink carpet wood tiles balcony bamboo

Zen garden on the balcony – living tips and decoration ideas in Asian style

white petunia palm trees balcony living tips rattan wood furniture

Wooden table and planters – roof terrace frame

Balcony privacy roof terrace planter

Large balcony with sofa – sofa and coffee table

Balcony tiles patio furniture plants roof terrace

Rattan furniture – lounge set on the balcony

Rattan furniture pebbles balcony living tips sitting area

Garden on the balcony with evergreen plants

Garden balcony planter shape ideas

Garden privacy screen made of natural materials – wood, bamboo, plants

Bamboo Balcony Screening – Designing Ideas for Feng Shui Style

Screen for garden – shield with flowers and plants

Rattan furniture, pergola and many flowers on the balcony

Garden balcony design tips for living rattan

Nice view from the balcony to enjoy

Balcony living tips wood railing fought furniture design ideas

Make your own balcony and protect privacy on the balcony

5 tips for the sight protection in the garden – fence and hedge plants

Privacy screen for the balcony – variants of wood, plants and awnings

Flower pots and planters provide privacy

small balcony flower box metal railing

Climbers on balcony and terraces – screens and greenery

Privacy screen for the balcony with bamboo plants and reed mats

Pergola garden gate – 12 ideas for privacy and cosiness

Pure romance – lighting on the balcony

Lighting balcony lantern decoration ideas

Small balcony shape plants purple color lounge furniture

Balcony furniture blue color planter blue table

colorful eclectic balcony furniture living tips neon colors

21 ideas for balcony screen protection Various screen protection options

Balcony »Blinds for the balcony – Variants of wood, plants and awnings

privacy protection for the balcony white garden furniture flowers decoration deco

Balconies are to give the dwellers additional living space, so that he fresh air and, for some lucky, a beautiful view. One of the disadvantages of the apartment is the limited privacy. While you enjoy the sunlight on the balcony, you can feel exposed. In most cases, every neighbor can look in, so you need it Privacy protection for the balcony. There are several variants, the wood constructions, lush vegetation and climbing plants lock in.

Privacy screen for the balcony made of wood and metal

privacy protection for the balcony wood idea silver afford dining table grill

Tall plants on a balcony provide visual interest as well as protect the privacy , Do not buy the tallest plants in the business. Instead, choose plant species that you can see grow and enjoy. They have to vary in size, so you are sorting the higher plants in the first place, which can partially block the view of the neighbors. You may want to add some hanging plants.

Blinds for the balcony – sunshades, awnings and fabric panels

privacy protection for the balcony blinds awning sunshade wood furniture sofa coffee table
Balcony railings are usually not much taller than waist height. However, fabric panels can provide some privacy when residents relax in a comfortable armchair. Simple curtains can also be hung with rods or hooks and removed for cleaning as needed. Thin fabrics preserve the ability to enjoy the view, while the balcony is darkened from prying eyes. Dense drapes block the neighbors’ eyes, but they can also block the light and its view from the inside.

Balcony screen

privacy protection for the balcony wood design dining table modern furnishing
A freestanding screen on a balcony provides some privacy and a decorative touch to your outdoor space. Balcony partitions are found in a wide range of materials, shapes and colors.

Plants for privacy on the balcony

vision protection for the balcony plants flowerpots metal tiles

Awnings and plants protect privacy

Privacy protection for the balcony plant awnings small marine theme

lush vegetation and metal furniture

privacy balcony metal railing climbing plants

Privacy screen for the balcony – Dense screen made of plants

privacy balcony balcony wood lattice roof terrace

Wooden railings and plants

Screening for the balcony surrounded by green dense plants

Concrete planters and tall plants

Privacy protection for the balcony High plant planter

wooden fence

wooden lattice privacy balcony balcony lanterns

red doors

privacy balcony lush plants roses railing

surrounded by green plants

privacy balcony plant surrounded by deck

Privacy protection for the balcony

privacy protection for the balcony plant low chair

privacy balcony balcony lanterns glass roof

privacy balcony balcony wooden bed construction

privacy protection for the balcony wooden fence white neighbors

privacy protection balcony awnings sunshade sunscreen

privacy balcony high screen balcony plants

privacy balcony plants parasol railing

21 ideas for balcony screen protection Various screen protection options

Terraces »10 Ideas for Balcony and Roof Terrace – Creating a Green Oasis in the City

balcony and roof terrace modern idea design seating area umbrella

Balcony and roof terrace Perfect design is essential these days because they provide one green oasis in the middle of the city, where you can rest in the open air. We offer you some design ideas that would help you to plan your small urban garden perfectly.

Ideas for balcony and roof terrace

balcony and roof terrace rattan furniture sunscreen privacy parquet dining area

1. The roof terrace like an outdoor retreat.
– Gravel is an interesting alternative to hard flooring. It provides a softer floor for the feet and also excellent drainage.
– Built brick planters create a nice contrast to the bare concrete walls.
– In open spaces such as roof terraces are trees important for shade and for privacy.
– Choose robust outdoor furniture that can withstand strong winds and other difficult weather conditions.

Tips for the design of balcony and roof terrace

balcony and roof terrace chaiselonge Pflanzkuebel tree wood protection afford

2. A small sitting or lying corner on the balcony
Everyone wants to have their morning coffee in peace on the balcony. Design the perfect ones Balcony and roof terrace with soft mats, rugs and cushions that withstand the weather, of course. Stick to the neutral color palette.
– Place the accent on the view and place the furniture in that direction.
– Small decorative trees are top picks for balconies because they provide fresh greenery without restricting the view of the landscape.
– Another great option for balconies is: movable benches that provide both additional seating and table surface.
– So that you can easily stow the outdoor accessories in the winter season, a folding coffee table would be perfect.

Rooftop terrace with fire and water

balcony and roof terrace hearth pond idea stool metal

3. View of the skyline from the roof terrace
Plants and water add beauty to these roof surfaces. A narrow water garden provides a structural and visual contrast to plants and wood elements.
– Instead of the additional containers, a large raised bed with a pretty collection of flowers.
– A fire pit – either gas or wood – is a welcome element on every balcony.
– Colored gravel provides a subtle accent on the ground.
– Plant containers are a great option for roof terraces: they are movable, can be planted with annual or perennial flowers, and come in a variety of sizes and materials.

Roof terrace in mediterranean style

balcony and roof terrace mediterranean idea plant shed white garden furniture

4th A spectacular city scene as a backdrop for a romantic dining area
This green oasis is divided into two sections – a sheltered porch and a rooftop terrace. Get the same look with an artful use of furniture or other accents, like carpets.
– Spice up the big boring walls with outdoor-friendly ornaments, like this big white trellis.
– Electrical wiring is a desired supplement for Balcony and roof terrace , Wall lights provide security and ambience.
– Get a parasol. When the sun’s rays shine too much, the shadow becomes a blessing.

bamboo pieces

design ideas balcony and roof terrace bamboo pieces wood chairs

5. Enchanting balcony and roof terrace
Simple is often better, as these simple materials and choices demonstrate.
– Clever plantings provide a nice barrier on the roof. Here, a long container with strong bamboo shields the view.
– The sunlight flows through glass blocks as handrails, which cleverly create a visual screen.
– Depending on the style inclinations, wood can be left to weather to get a soft gray color, or be painted regularly with a rich color.

Different materials

design ideas balcony and roof garden plant containers

6. Plant pots work wonders to brighten the atmosphere.
A subtle change in the material prevents so the flooring looks boring.
– A set of plant containers of various sizes defines the edges of the balcony.
– Benches (and tall metal and wire railings) provide a security to enjoy the view.
– A grid outlines a separate dining area on the roof.
– Use a variety of plant species – dwarf trees, shrubs, a few perennials and annual flowers – immediately catch the eye and decorate the outdoor area.

Arbor on the roof terrace

design ideas balcony and roof terrace arbor wood

7. Interesting constructions like arbors – decorative and functional
– On roof terraces, protection from direct sunlight is the key to comfort. Try to make a pergola to shield the patio.
– Wounded vines add subtle color shifts to the bare pages of the pergola.
– A collection of rocks and boulders provides another way to increase visual diversity.

Climbers as a screen

ideas balcony roof garden creepers patio furniture pool

8. Patio by the pool or water fountain
On the balcony or roof terrace, a water fountain can help soothe the surrounding urban sounds and create a focal point.
– Containers – even for large climbing plants – offer an alternative if it is too difficult to bring large amounts of soil on the roof.
– Depending on the type and visual preferences, a variety of materials can be used as a grid. Here the metal offers a light, airy structure.
– A combination of built-in benches and portable chairs increases the flexibility of the seating.

Evergreen trees as a border

The design of the balcony and the roof terrace of the wood are simple

9. Simple style
Simple materials and plants create a beautiful climate with graceful style.
– A uniform wall of evergreen plants and dwarf trees create a stunning minimalist border that also serves as a privacy screen.
– Dynamic shrubs and colorful flowers, add a few pops of color and texture.
– The fabrics and furniture emphasize the design on the balcony. Here oak recliners and bright green cushions for clean aesthetics.

Lush planting

design roof garden lush planting wood flooring rattan furniture

10. Lush plantation and a pergola contribute to a lively design.
Plants and solid elements define the areas on the roof that are more or less exposed. Here a pergola and plants shield the space from above and from one side.
– A grid marks a turn in outdoor spaces, from seating to dining to relax.
– The space between two columns of a pergola provides a natural corner for a bench.

– A lush and colorful collection of plants dramatically increases the planted area of ​​a rooftop terrace.

roof garden design dwarf trees plant

design ideas balcony and roof terrace brick walls yellow stars

design ideas balcony and roof terrace rattan furniture gravel

design ideas roof terrace pond lilies hearth stones

design ideas balcony private sitting area

100 design ideas for terraces, roof terraces and balconies

Balcony »Balcony Wooden Tiles – 50 Stylish Outdoor Ideas

Balcony tiles made of wood roofing-gartenmoebel-pflanzen-schoner-view-nature-ikea

Creating a cozy and quiet atmosphere in the outdoor area of ​​your own home is a dream of many. A great idea would be on the Balcony tiles made of wood to relocate and thus make it stylish. There are special features in the different versions, some tips and tricks that you have to take into account when trying to get the best results. Here you find 50 Outdoor Examples of balcony tiles of all kinds of wood, as well as some advice, as far as the care and arrangement is concerned. And do not forget the most important of all – you should like it!

Balcony tiled wood and green plants for a casual breakfast alfresco

Balcony tiles made of wood folding-chairs-red-vintage-table-plants-metalgelaender

The balcony tiles made of wood are generally laid in two variants – parallel or in checkerboard pattern. The elements are very easy to put together and in a short time large areas are covered. A prerequisite for best results is firm and level ground. The best are concrete , Ceramic tiles or asphalt. If necessary, the parts can be disassembled so that the flooring can be plastered underneath. Once a year, the floor tiles made of wood can be rescoated, so that the surface does not lose its original color and durability. Our tip: The wood weathers when it is exposed to jamming. Do not lay the wooden elements directly on the lawn carpet if you want to combine wooden balcony tiles for a more natural look with artificial turf. For the purpose a solid base is needed. When laying in the immediate vicinity of lawn, you should definitely lay a root fleece.

Balcony tiles made of wood – assembly and wood species

Balcony tiles made of wood-sitzmoebel-outdoor-cushions-brown-city-apartment-candles-lanterns

If you inform yourself before buying about the different types of wood and their properties, pay attention to the FSC seal. Only marked wood material guarantees a controlled and legal origin. Asian woods are very moisture resistant. Nevertheless, they are actually tropical species and often come from primeval forests. A suitable native material for balcony tiles made of wood is the larch and if properly laid with adequate ventilation, this species can last up to 100 years. Optional elements of acacia or softwood are available. There are also many commercially available products made from wood and plastics composites. They are particularly easy to clean, insensitive to the weather and can hardly be distinguished from real wood or offer a different modern and interesting color scheme.

Tiles without fixed mounting

Balcony tiles made of wood-mounting-fastener-concrete-floor-outdoor-idea

Balcony tiles made of wood do not require mounting on solid ground. They can be sawn as needed with a fine hand saw to adjust to the desired position. Otherwise you do not need any other tools or tools for laying. As a result, different patterns and arrangements can be achieved. Wooden tiles are usually square cut and can be laid to your own taste. They vary in their strength and size and therefore in their price. In the timber trade species are found for around two euros per piece (for example, in Ikea – Runnen), while others are available for 25 euros per piece.

A wooden floor and wonderful plants and flowers for a good mood


Tiles made of wood and lawn carpet

Balcony tiles made of wood -mountains-lawn-turf-carpet-outdoor-gruen

Wood and concrete or ceramic combine

Balcony Tiles made of wood -metallgelaender-roof-terrace-combination-concrete-benches-plant-flowers

Design a lounge area with wood

Balcony tiles wooden -chairs-terrace-relax-outdoor-outdoor-ideas

Assemble different arrangements

Balcony tiles made of wood -small-handy-metal-winged-terrace-white

Make a comfortable terrace or balcony

balcony-tiles-wood-table-chairs-rattan gelaender-metal construction-glass plant-

Lay a small balcony with wooden tiles

balcony-tiles-wood - terrassentueren chairs-black-metal-table-seat cushion orange



balcony-tiles-wood and natural stone wall-modern-SITZMOEBEL-upholstered cushion-outdoor green

balcony-tiles-wood-modern-white-plastic chairs-table-metallgelaender-olive



balcony-tiles-wood-blue-flowers-beautiful-planting table-klappstuhl

balcony-tiles-wood-building-flowers plants-deco-pflanzenkuebel-interesting

balcony-tiles-wood-garden furniture-metal-steel-blue-gelaender-baeume-grundstueck

balcony-tiles-wood-teak-terrassentueren-plastic rattan Kübel plant-glasgelaender

Balcony tiles wood plants Kübel stone-small-garden-deco-outdoor

balcony-tiles-wood-plant-flowers-green-fresh Kübel

balcony-tiles-wood-black-metallgelaender Runner red seat cushion-plant Kübel

balcony-tiles-wood plant-bkumen Kübel klappstuhl-deco

balcony-tiles-wood-garden furniture-steel-rustic-upholstered cushion brown-arrangement

balcony-tiles-wood-garden furniture-upholstered cushion-reddish plastic rattan plant Kübel

balcony-tiles-wood-roof terrace-lounge-concrete tiles-bamboo-sun island-shadow

balcony-tiles-wood-roof terrace-garden furniture-idea-glasgelaender Lights

balcony-tiles-wood-arrangement-material-plant Kübel flower-outdoor

Wood tiles from Ikea

balcony-tiles-wood-klappstuehle-seat cushion-colorful-blue parasol Flowers

balcony-tiles-wood-practical-shelves-outdoor klappstuehle-plant-planting table-brick wall and white-painted

balcony-tiles-wood-upholstered chair-pflanzenkuebel-bench-vintage-gelaender

balcony-tiles-wood-klappstuehle-lemon tree-flowers-giesskanne-black-white



balcony-tiles-wood-yoga mat-plant-small-plant-pflanzenkuebel Candles lantern

balcony-tiles-wood-and-white townhouse-small-building-gelaender-plant Kübel

balcony-tiles-wood-and-white parasol-outdoor moebel-solid wood-carpet-upholstered cushion

balcony-tiles-wood-wall-white-Hulking metal plant-assembly-module-ikea-runnen

balcony-tiles-wood-chairs terrassentuere-metal-plastic rattan face protection-wood panels-pflanzenikea

balcony-tiles-wood-rustic metal chairs-vintage-look-and-white-table-ikea

balcony-tiles-wood-townhouse-deco carpet-chess pattern-stool-seat cushion Orchids-gelaender


balcony-tiles-wood-plant-red-blaetter Kübel chair-metal

balcony-tiles-wood-plant Kübel lighting-townhouse-terrace animals-palms

balcony-tiles-wood-garden furniture-plastic rattan Hulking pebble-plant-white-gray

balcony-tiles-wood-concrete tiles-gravel-garden furniture-upholstery-seat moeglichkeiten-small-tables-metal

Different versions

balcony-tiles-wood-mounting-arrangement-material-hell-wood slats

balcony-tiles-wood - assembly-assembly-brown-combine-variation-outdoor ideas

balcony-tiles-wood-montage-terrassentuer-instead Runner outdoor ideas

balcony-tiles-wood-mounting-assembly-mounting-outdoor ideas

Wooden tiles inspire for high-quality designs made of natural stone and ceramics

balcony-tiles-wood-modern-variation-white-wall-brick Optic-cushion-bench-plant-cream white

Balcony »Artificial grass on balcony or terrace – an urban garden


Artificial turf on the balcony or terrace is a popular and much more applicable Flooring , As it is particularly easy to clean and robust, it is often used as an alternative to the lawn carpet. The artificial grass is not only great for larger but also for smaller areas. It is mainly used in cities, where regular mowing and any further care can be problematic. In addition, the artificial grass does not have to be green. Blue or red can also be used very well for the nursery, the gym or in the basement instead of carpet.

Artificial turf on the balcony – an easy-care urban garden

Artificial grass on balcony or terrace-flowers-city-urban-déko-schoen

Different sizes, colors and qualities are available on the market. For a larger area you buy artificial turf in rolls as a lawn carpet. There are also square pieces, the so-called carpet tiles. Regarding the quality, you have to pay attention to the nubs on the back – the denser and thicker, the better and softer.
Laying the artificial turf on the balcony or terrace is an accessible option, without spending hours gardening to make a little used space different and to make it more popular and comfortable for all family members. Children like to play on the floor and it is definitely not just better for them to spend more time in the fresh air. The soft look is more comfortable for the eye and also for the feet and can also be used for the cellar or fitness room.

Artificial grass on balcony or terrace – An uncomplicated garden in the city

Artificial grass on balcony or terrace -urban-armchair-pillow-white-city

The lawn on the balcony remains beautifully green in winter and reduces gardening, which is almost unthinkable for the busy city people. It offers a practical solution and the perfect base for the coffee table or deck chair on the terrace. Incidentally, it is also soundproof and can be combined well with various potted plants. Lawn carpet for balcony or terrace is a great way to create a more natural atmosphere in the urban environment of the city.

Artificial turf in different thicknesses and green nuances available

Artificial turf on the balcony - always-green-floor-covering

Artificial turf on balcony or terrace combine with natural plants

Artificial turf on balcony-city-plants-small-easy-care

Artificial turf instead of real grass on the roof terrace

Artificial turf on balcony or terrace-city-roof-view-up

An urban garden – modern and simple with straight clean lines

Artificial turf on the balcony or terrace -urban-garden-stones-artificial

With the lawn carpet, the pets can be satisfied

Artificial turf on balcony or terrace -urbaner-garden-black-dog

The artificial turf is a convenient solution for the areas around the pool

Artificial turf on the balcony or terrace -urban-garden-lying-pool

An oasis in the city

Artificial turf on balcony -urban-garden-wood-wall

A convenient solution for larger and smaller areas

Artificial grass on balcony or terrace -urbaner-garten-stadt-pflanzen

Design your roof terrace tastefully

Artificial turf on balcony -urban-garden-flooring-sofa

The artificial grass also fits very well for the playground at home







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artificial turf-on-balcony-terrace-plants-courtyard-garden-city




Artificial turf on-balcony-true voltage-shield-city-kies

kunstrasen-garden-terrace-backyard-face protection-wooden-bench-rasenflaeche-

kunstrasen-garden-terrace-modern-design-face protection-fence-louvre

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Patio area »Designing a terrace and balcony with plants and flowers – 53 ideas


In summer, everyone enjoys spending time outdoors – the terrace and balcony become a retreat where the family can relax and chat. Of course you want that outdoors make as happy and welcoming as possible. The dream of a small, green oasis is realized with cozy plants and magnificent flowers. We show you 53 modern design ideas for your garden, balcony and roof terrace – let yourself be inspired!

Terrace and balcony – a cozy green oasis in the middle of the big city

Terrace-Balcony-plant screening Ideas

Who could resist the evergreen plants? They make the terrace and balcony look inviting and cozy all year round. The beautiful combination of deciduous trees and cypress trees / pictured above / works surprisingly well. High ornamental grasses and perennials complement the design concept. It’s a gorgeous roof terrace that promises casual hours outdoors!

Terrace and balcony design – a touch of exoticism with bamboo and palm trees

Terrace-Balcony Exotic Garden Palms Bamboo Tree

Bamboo and palm trees make you dream of exotic islands. But also in the Terraced house garden This dream can come true – because the two plants are extremely resistant and can easily survive the winter outside / ok, the palm tree needs of course special frost protection. The attractive garden furniture in rich orange color and the small decorative stone room fountain give the finishing touch.

Terrace and balcony in formal English style

Terrace-Balcony-make-pot plant small room tree citrus fruits

The traditional English garden is formally designed. The hedge plants and deciduous trees edged the lawn and give the outdoor area a textured look. Even on a balcony, the design can be fooled – with symmetrically arranged plant pots and a synthetic grass carpet. Clarity and clarity dominate on the balcony shown above and below.

Roof terrace design – potted plants for Mediterranean balcony design

Terrace-Balcony-make-trees Pot Plants

Mediterranean design ensures a carefree holiday feeling on the balcony or on the terrace. With various Mediterranean plants, you can bring popular holiday destinations home. Of course, olive trees, lemon trees and aromatic plants should not be missing in this case. The garden table with azure table top lets you dream of the warm sea. The rattan furniture in neutral colors gives the impression of being in a Greek garden.

Create a balcony in English style – formal garden

Terrace-Balcony-make-evergreen plants Rhododendron artificial grass

Container plants in terracotta pots no doubt bring a Mediterranean touch with them. Orleander, as well as the South American Agapanthus provide the desired flair. In addition to the olive trees, figs, pomegranates and laurels create a special atmosphere. If you want to feel beautiful, spicy scents on the balcony or on the terrace, you are welcome to take on mauves, jasmine, hibiscus, myrtle or bougainvillea. You can make a Mediterranean planting style with various citrus fruits. Lemons, limes, tangerines or oranges provide the desired feeling. You can also enrich the terraced plant with various aromatic herbs. Herbs such as lavender, basil, rosemary, sage, coriander or lemon balm ensure a delicious fragrance and beautifully decorated plates. The herbs are easy to clean and always at hand when cooking. As a rule, Mediterranean plants thrive best with plenty of sunlight. Place the lower plants in front of the higher ones so you can get enough sun.

In the photo gallery below you will find many other ideas and suggestions – let yourself be inspired!

Roof terrace with tall planters made of recycled wood

Terrace-Balcony-Mediterranean Flair make pot plants

The design options that transform a roof terrace or balcony into an oasis of flowers are very diverse. Which plants you choose for the terrace depends first of all on how the location of the balcony is. Of course, it is important how much space is available for the balcony plants. Of course, the selected flowers and plants must meet your own ideas and tastes. If you would like to spend time greening your own balcony, you can afford more sophisticated flowers. Hobby gardeners, on the other hand, who need easy-care flowers, will not go wrong with roses, lavenders, hydrangeas and midday flowers.

Spacious sunny roof terrace with planters as a room divider

Terrace-Balcony-Mediterranean Flair potted roof terrace

For sunny locations, as mentioned above, Mediterranean plants such as lavender, sage, thyme and rosemary are suitable. The pleasant aroma of herbs spreads on the balcony. The Orleander is also a popular plant for your south-facing balcony. It blooms from June to September and beautifies your patio or balcony with its shades of white, yellow and red. Uncomplicated plants for the sunny balcony are the dahlia and the bizarre. Magic bells, geraniums, petunias, and porcupines love the sun and are an excellent choice for your south-facing balcony. If you like lush flowering flowers, the easy-care bougainvilleas and the hussar buttons are the right choice for you.

In the middle of the forest – small conifers provide privacy on the balcony

Terrace-Balcony-dwarf trees-conifers grass

If your balcony is in shade or partial shade, perennial plants and small shrubs can brighten up your terrace. For a partially shaded balcony, the balcony plants Laurentie or Männertreu are very well suited. The bellflower and the bleeding heart also bloom without much sun and please the eye. The beautiful fuchsia, for example, feels at ease where other plants can not last long, namely in the shade. The tuber begonias and the snowflake flower also feel very well in a shady spot. The diligent Lieschen thrives quite well without the sun. You are welcome to try different combinations of balcony plants with perennial plants. Combinations of flowering plants and bamboo, boxwood or fern look adorable.

Japanese maple and conifer on the balcony

Terrace-Balcony Conifer privacy sitting area

The selection of plants must also be adapted to the size of your balcony. On linen balconies you can hang the plants on the wall, on the ceiling or in hanging baskets. The various seasonal plants also find their place in plant boxes that you can attach to the balcony railing. If you have a large roof terrace, you can set up as a balcony plant an olive tree in a large bucket. The garden hydrangeas can also reach waist height and are very suitable for large balconies.

Room trees on the roof terrace

Terrace-Balcony Room trees pergola sunshade

In the summer months of July and August, they are a real eye-catcher with the white or pink flower balls. As of June, your roof terrace will also be embellished by the Orleander, who can grow up to two meters tall. On large balconies, the large plants also serve as privacy. The Indian flower tube gives your roof terrace a tropical flair and likes sunny locations as wind-protected as possible. Other great flowers for your sunny terrace are the angel trumpets and the lemons. The last ones will be over two meters high over the years.

Palm trees and perennials on the minimalist designed balcony

Terrace balcony plant-make-modern-citrus trees

Create a vertical herb garden on the balcony

Terrace-Balcony-vertical-garde-trellis-Pots Herbs

Deciduous trees and tall ornamental grasses on the balcony

make terrace-balcony-pot plant ornamental grasses Roof Terrace

Dwarf cypresses and ornamental grasses form a charming ensemble

Terrace-Balcony Cypresses pot plant design ideas

Balcony with minimalist design

Terrace-Balcony-dwarf cypress make ideas

Arrange the houseplants on the balcony in summer

Terrace-Balcony-potted plants decorating ideas Bamboo

Terrace-Balcony-reed plant pot ideas Sichtschtutz

Terrace-Balcony-round-Pots Ideas Metal Furniture

Terrace-balcony-design-modern-minimalist Ideas

Terrace-Balcony Angel grass potted plants

Terrace-Balcony-fire bowls and glass railings plants

Terrace design – exotic garden with bamboo al screens

Terrace balcony bamboo summer flower perennials

Terrace-Balcony Flower ideas real wood furniture

Terrace-Balcony-make-lawn-Succulents Palms

Terrace-Balcony-Garden Bamboo Hang-succulent-year-flower


Terrace-Balcony-raised beds privacy shield

Terrace-Balcony-high trees sunscreen

Terrace balcony ideas Lemon Tree Mediterranean

Terrace-Balcony cacti and Mediterranean Plant Olive Tree

Terrace-Balcony-Garden-Creating Summer Flower Ideas

Terrace-balcony-cottage charm succulent summer flowers

Terrace-balcony-cozy-potted plants pergola Ideas

Terrace-Balcony-metal plant pots grasses

Terrace-Balcony-modern courtyard design Bamboo

Terrace-Balcony-olive tree pot plant einranden

Terrace balcony plant raised beds

Terrace-Balcony Rhododendron plant-dining-free

Terrace-Balcony-shade loving plants Ideas

Terrace-Balcony-perennial Ivy Garden gravel

Terrace-Balcony-perennial olive tree ideas

Terrace-Balcony-succulent plant Hang baskets

Terrace-Balcony-pot trees and exotic plants

Terrace-Balcony-pot tree-climbing plants Vertical Garden

Terrace-Balcony-water plants bamboo Ideas

Terrace-Balcony Desert Garden Cactus Succulent-raised beds

terrace and balcony tree branches rust optics wood floor succulents

terrace and balcony graeser flower box rattan armchair gray

terrace and balcony colorful leaves chair wicker design metal railing

terrace and balcony tree planter modern graeser sitting area lounge

terrace and balcony idea plant lush design tontoepfe

Balcony »Design your balcony: 82 ideas for an individual feel-good lounge

balcony design modern dining area seating area skyline parquet

The summer is just around the corner and awakens the desire for joint events in the fresh air. The anticipation of sun, beach and sea is rising and you just want to escape from everyday life and let your mind wander. If you are already waiting impatiently for the holidays, you could conjure up a relaxing summer atmosphere in your own home with little effort – on the balcony. Who in the period before the beginning of summer his Framing the balcony and would like to decorate, 82 inspirational ideas can be found here, with which nothing stands in the way of the pleasant summer days.

Creating a balcony – bringing a piece of nature into the house

balcony fashion modern elegant bright furniture grill carpet view

The balcony is an important space that ensures harmonious communication between inside and outside. There are plenty of activities with family and friends – barbecues, cooking and entertainments, which will end the evening with interesting conversation or the cozy enjoyment of coffee and cake and the breathtaking view of the horizon when you are on a higher floor. Ironically, the beginning of summer is the right moment to redesign the balcony at the latest. Enjoy a relaxing holiday feeling in a family atmosphere.

Turn the balcony into a veritable oasis of well-being

balcony fashion diy furniture palette white coffee table england theme

Framing the balcony And decorating is really not difficult – with a few moves and accessories you can turn it into an individual paradise. Depending on the size of the room, different sizes of balcony furniture can be placed there. If you want to relax, resort to comfortable garden and Relax furniture with a table. They convey a fantastic holiday feeling. Floor cushions and bean bags with floral or geometric patterns are also quite trendy. In addition, chests of drawers and sideboards are used as an extension of the storage space.

Everything for a nice balcony

balcony shape two people seating area table chairs greece flagstones

To make a cozy balcony include plant and flowerpots – are a trendy piece of jewelry for your home and are available in different colors, sizes and materials, so they are sure to meet every taste. Spread the boxes and pots on the railing, in front of the railing or use a free wall to create a vertical garden. Even herbal plants can be easily grown and decorate the outdoor area at the same time and practically use.

Simple balcony furnishings

balcony fashion rattan beige chaiselonge seat cushion purple simple furnishings

If you have enough space on the balcony, set up an idyllic oasis. Due to the different elements and ornaments each balcony can be individually designed. Depending on how much space you have, you can set up seating areas, dining areas and sun loungers with sun loungers. Which material you choose for the furniture, you decide depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to create. It is suitable for rattan, but also wood and wood.

Make tips and ideas for a trendy balcony

Summer-atmosphere-balcony-woven-hanging chair-with-frame-bedroom

But you may also prefer a rather simply designed outdoor area despite the spacious balcony area. Then just go back to the essentials and do not put it with many items. A small seating area or even a simple seat swing could be quite enough. A barbecue could be from Mutzen. Plants look very nice, but are certainly not a must for the balcony design!

Also consider a visual and sunscreen that can be just as decorative. A very long terrace you can partially glazed and then equipped with blinds. So you get sun and shadow areas at the same time. Awnings, side awnings and other canopies and protective elements are also wonderfully suitable and can be placed anywhere.

Add plants and accessories as you like

Pink Blue Cushion on-balcony-decorating-ideas-metal railings-Scandinavian-style

Also play with the colors. Summery colors and color combinations give the outdoor area the finishing touch, provided you stand on such colors. Would you prefer a modern and simple color scheme, you can of course also fall back on it. Do you use upholstery, throw pillows, and why not use an outdoor rug? Also have some matching blankets ready for the cooler nights. The flowers can also be color-matched to your textiles.

Balcony plants and a few decorative elements

Furniture for balcony-benches-metal frame and black-lacquer-green Seat Cushion floor lamp

Do you not find enough space for the chosen furniture set, either lengthways or across? This will certainly annoy you, now that you have finally found the optically perfect balcony furniture. Have you ever had the idea to try it diagonally? Especially when no wall is present, but only large windows in which there is also the balcony door. Just place the chair, armchair or other smaller seating in a corner of the railing and diagonally opposite a bench. So there is still enough space to go through. Maybe that works with your set.

Designer chairs for balcony

Modern lounge chairs-for-balcony-red extravagant design footrest

If you place more emphasis on quality than on quantity, you can also use designer models instead of many furniture and decorations to create a particularly stylish balcony design. Whether artistic chairs or side tables, decorations or larger pieces of furniture, the compilation is guaranteed to be unique. So why not invest in something special and do something good for yourself!

Make your own balcony – Idyllic balcony with pool

Balcony design with transparent-pool glass walls Stairs Wood

Granted few have the opportunity to build a pool on the balcony. In addition, it must be checked whether the construction of the house can withstand the weight at all and permits must be obtained, which can be quite nerve-wracking. Do you think that the effort is worthwhile, consult first with an architect. With the help of the blueprints of the house, he can get a picture of the whole and better assess what can be done. Either way, a pool overlooking the city but without Zweigel is a unique eye-catcher and the refreshing water will delight you throughout the summer. Do not forget a lounge or other seating!

Atmospheric candlelight

Lighting outdoor with candle-led lamp-floor tiles of wood embarrassed

The lighting is another factor that should be given enough attention and influence the mood on the balcony. So do not underestimate her! Opt for artificial light in the form of recessed lights or other types of lamps, or use romantic candlelight that you keep in lanterns for safety.

Balcony railing made of glass

Ideas balcony furniture transparent modern-romantic-lighting-white-round table

Design your balcony – Creative balcony bench

Balcony railings from wood built-bench-with-upholstered cushion Cushion balcony sea view

Modern balcony furniture

Luxury balcony furniture unusual coffee table and white upholstered-seating-glass-metal railings

Braided designer armchairs give the balcony the finishing touches

Beautiful balcony-with-view-design-luxury-furniture-sofa cushions

Holiday atmosphere-on-balcony-with-pool design ideas-modern

Luxury balcony with pool in-ground recessed oval metal railings

Beach-wellness lounge area balcony-with-whirlpool tub-in-ground-recessed daybed

Modern-house-with-balcony-Pool-in-soil sunk wood deck seating area

Luxury penthouse balcony with pool mosaic tiles city views

Balcony furniture upholstered-Throw-strong-color trendy patterns

Urlaubsfeeling-hollywood-swing-for-balcony-wooden frame-cozy Pads

Balcony table with chairs metal in Shadow Flower tub Flower pots decoration

Small roof balcony-cozy sofa set lighting lanterns

Classical architecture-balcony-with-pillar railing-exotic-hanging chair-with-frame

design ideas-balcony-wooden floor-pergola rattan chairs-upholstered pads

House-thatched balcony table with chairs Hammock-view-on-sea

Rooftop-set artificial grass flower troughs sun loungers

Balcony design lounge chairs balcony floor floorboards metal railings-great-promising

Urban-Balkonien-design Ideas-cozy upholstered furniture-trendy design stripes

Urban-balcony-design-wooden floors and glass railings

face protection-for-balcony-with-living-plant flowers bucket-black armchair Sofa Set

Urban Gardens-on-balcony-gestaten-sun-lounger cushions flower boxes

Wrought iron chairs-for-balcony-ornaments-black-sun-protection umbrella

Outdoor kitchen-on-balcony-teak garden chairs dining table round flower troughs

Furniture for balcony-terrace-polyrattan-pads-strong-color red

Furniture for balcony-rocking-white-plastic-wood floor decking

Small-balcony-cozy-designed lighting light chain-yellow-folding chairs

small-urban-balconies-set-carpet-white-chair-red cushions

Ideas-for-light design balcony Led wall lights-incandescent light

Ideas-for-atmospheric lighting light chain-of-balcony Ball Leds

design ideas modern-floor-small-balcony leather sofa outdoor furniture with timber-

Garden on balcony-vertical-design Flower arrangements Decoration

exotic plants balcony furniture vintage dining-braided chairs

Designer balcony metal railing wrought iron make-wicker-chair Easy-

Stained-balcony with hammock-relax furniture-for-every-taste

Balcony with glass balustrade sunbeds Red-Editions-weatherproof-modern

balcony-ideas-design-furniture-white-plastic furniture Coffee Table-eyed-Wohntextilien

Balcony design romance Lighting with wind lights Candle Ideas

Balcony make carpet grass-chair Ikea highchair pink-plastic

Balcony Floor forms-wood flooring water resistant-non-slip

Balcony floor tiles-wood-thread-white-armchairs-modern-design

Dinner on-the-balcony table-romantic-atmosphere Tablecloth elegant

Beach House at the beach-terrace-balcony-furniture-modern design futuristic glass railing

Deko Ideen-mit Balkon climbing aid for plants flower tubs-different sizes

vintage atmosphere balcony furniture coffee table braided-armchairs-decorative carpet

urban-balcony-furniture-Scandinavian-style white chair doormat Strip flower pots

exotik-on-balcony-furniture-of-teak-coffee table-chairs-with-fabric seat and white

bedroom-with-balcony Floor lacquered wooden hammock

Recycled-balcony furniture wood table-range furniture Living Textiles-modern

Space-saving folding chairs-from-metal balcony-set-decorating-with-fabric pillows carpet

Plant-for-balcony-arranging-seating-individual Decorations

Small balconies-set-ideas Sunny location-sun loving Flower Pots

Cozy balcony-design-ideas-hammock-home textiles-fur blankets

Garden on balcony Flower privacy-from-bamboo design ideas

Woven-for-balcony-colorful-boho-chic decorating ideas Rustic carpet-vintage chairs bamboo-frame

Color combine balcony-arranging folding chairs Doormat colorfully checkered flower pots

Decorations-for-balcony flower pots floor vases-braided-balcony chairs-metal frame

Bunte Wontextilien-on-balcony-decorative iron railing seating Deco

bamboo chair cushion-seat-colorful-living textiles-boho-chic-device-balcony

balcony-face protection-bamboo wood hammock-to-hang-exotic

balcony-floor-tiles wood-metal chairs-checkered Seat Cushion modern-pattern

Ideas for romantic balcony lighting lanterns-made of wood-metal

Porch-balcony-Gestalen Hollywood swing-woven carpet-trendy-pattern

Privacy-by-balcony seating area Flower Tub squab-Editions-white-colorful-deco

Space-saving folding chairs-for-balcony-black-metallic-ideas-for-plant baskets

Lounge sofa-braided-Wanddeko balcony furniture carpeted

Device-balcony-design armchair-decorative-wood deck-rattan wicker furniture

gardening-on-balcony-flowerbeds-seating area Chairs Coffee Table

Stainless steel grill bbq on-the-balcony-wooden floors-metal railing

Greening-on-balcony-floor-artifice-carpet-flower-tubes metal railings

Balcony furniture teak folding chairs coffee table metal railing Blumendeko

Balcony Garden design creative exterior design architecture sustainably