Modern loft apartment in Scandinavian style with beautiful decoration

living area fireplace fire warmth coziness gray colors

The Scandinavian style enjoys great popularity. It radiates both elegance and warmth. This beautiful Loft apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden is a true example of this.

Loft apartment – interesting living ideas at a glance

loft apartment natural colors neutral white gray

These Loft apartment represents a peculiar combination between clean lines and rustic elements. It impresses with interior design and optimal use of the area. Living area, dining room and cooking island are in one room. On the one hand, this is particularly practical and functional. On the other hand, this spatial planning brings to the homelike atmosphere of the apartment. Simple furniture and subtle home accessories emphasize its elegant structure. Rustic elements are intentionally added to it, so that the device does not seem too boring. These ensure a warm and pleasant ambience. Mild wood tones we associate with the idea for a cozy and relaxing apartment. Exposed ceiling beams and wall beams give an incomparable charm and give the inhabitants a feeling of peace and harmony. The fireplace in the corner and the burning fire are warm and soothing.

Loft apartment and Scandinavian influence

loft apartment style mix clear lines rustic

Natural materials and neutral shades achieve a connection with nature. Plant pots are visible in every room. Green accents delight the eye and bring a breath of fresh air. Mixed subtle lighting attracts attention and radiates even more feel-good atmosphere. Modern and minimalist – such a style can surprisingly also be comfortable and cozy. Let yourself be inspired by the interesting ones Decorating tips that gives you this elegant Loft apartment introduces, inspires! Set value neutral earth tones by putting mild colored accents. These can be different materials or plants. Colorful paintings also bring some variety and make the interior design look fresh and interesting. There is hardly any style that better reflects people’s current preferences in terms of decor and interior design. Modern and natural, elegant and a little rough, impressive and inviting … It’s worth it!

fireplace flowers decor pillow magazine roomy wood

loft cooking island modern new appliances furniture appartement

badhusgatan göteborg sweden plant pot bright wood material

loft kitchen onion wood cabinet shoes coat

a lot of free space cooking island plants products rugs

white table rug exposed ceiling beam design

Flat cook area bright white design ideas

Flat room design practically effective design lighting

loft apartment fireplace exposed wood ceiling beams contrasts

loft open concept carpet rug hanging lightbulb

flat open plan dining room living area a room

loft flat bedroom neutral unobtrusive furnishing balcony

loft flat gray blanket plants green fresh

loft apartment bedroom bed rustic elements combine

laundry room washing machine bathroom spacious shower cabin basket laundry loft flat bathroom towel holder alluminium black

loft apartment native gray white surfaces white

apartment 2009 construction new balcony white furniture

loft apartment modern scandinavian furnishing style balcony

loft apartment plan sketch construction 2009 room

Landscaping »Top 10 botanical gardens in Europe – beautiful flowers and plants

botanical garden Berlin Germany

If you are a hobby gardener and are interested in planting and gardening, here is the top 10 botanical garden in Europe. Which beautiful plants and flowers are presented there, you will find below:

Botanical Garden in Berlin

Sightseeing Berlin Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden in Berlin – cactuses

Botanical Garden Berlin-Kakteen

Garden in Berlin – water lilies

Berlin water lily pond

Lighting in the garden

botanical garden Berlin

When we talk about most visited sights and gardens worldwide, then of course Botanical Garden in Berlin far ahead. Hobby gardeners from all over the world visit the garden to see more than 22 000 plant species from all over the world. Built between 1879 and 1910, this enormous botanical garden is located in Steglitz-Zehlendorf. The architect Adolf Engler designed the garden, which today is part of the free university in Berlin. In addition to the large herbarium, visitors have access to a large library.

Botanic Garden in the Netherlands

Tulips garden design idea

Destinations for hobby gardeners – green garden

beautiful botanical gardens

Netherlands garden

Water pond Plant Botanical Garden Netherlands

Green plants – garden design ideas

botanical garden Netherlands

Purple tulips

beautiful purple tulips

Oud-Valkenburg is one of the most popular gardens in the Netherlands. The garden is designed and maintained by volunteers of the institution for nature. Of the Botanic Garden is open to visitors and has many cozy corners with plants and herbs to offer.

The Monet Garden in Giverny

Botanical Garden Monet

Summer flowers

Spring flowers Monet garden

Fresh garden design ideas

Attractions France

Water lilies – the Monet garden

beautiful pink water lily pond

Garden in the spring

Spring garden design

Located 80 km from Paris, the Monet Botanical Garden bears the name of the famous painter Claude Monet. He has painted some of his most famous works in this garden. His house and the associated garden have a great attraction for the tourists even today. They were opened to visitors in the 1980s. The garden offers beautiful spring flowers compositions.

The botanical garden in Kew, London

botanical garden England

Kew garden

botanical garden Kew

Romantic garden with flowers

fresh flowers plant garden

Green vegetation

Kew Garden England landmarks

The botanical garden in Edinburgh

Plant species botanical garden England

Located south of London, the 121 acre royal Botanic Garden is maintained by 700 gardeners. Millions of visitors are amazed by the largest collection of flowers and plants in the world. In 2009, the garden celebrated its 250th anniversary. More than 650 scientists take care of 30,000 different plants Species and seven million plants. The garden has a large library with more than 750,000 books.

Botanic Garden in Edinburgh – spring flowers

Spring Plant Edinburgh Botanical Garden

Lilac flowers

beautiful sights


Landscaping garden design

English garden – Design ideas

Meadow shrubs English landscaping

One of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the UK is located in Edinburgh. Dr. Andrew Balfour and dr. Robert Sibbald designed the garden, originally with the aim of cultivating plants for medical purposes. In any case, the garden has grown so much that today there are more than 15,000 plant species to admire. Over 3 million plants are kept in the herbarium.

Generalife in Spain

Generalife Botanical Garden

Water fountains and aquatic plants

Fountain water plants

Summer in the garden

beautiful garden pond

Spanish garden – green trees

Spanish garden design

The garden Generalife in Spain was designed by Sultan Muhammad the Third. The large garden includes aquatic plants. In addition to nature, the garden impresses with a walkway, many statues and fountains. A backyard with a particularly beautiful garden design – Cypress attracts the attention of tourists. Of the Botanical Garden is very old and has been redesigned several times.

Botanical Garden in Munich

Nymphenburg Castle garden design ideas


botanical garden photos

Cactuses in the glasshouse in Munich

botanical garden Munich cacti

Botanical Garden – colorful flowers

botanical garden plant species

The Nymphenburg Palace was once a home for the royal family. Ferdinand Maria gave the land to his wife in 1662. In 1664, the construction of the castle and adjoining garden began. The gardens were specially designed so that the princely family feels comfortable in the summer. Accessible by the subway, and not far from the city center, today botanical garden in Munich has a special attraction.

Botanical Garden in Rotschild, France

Park France modern gardens

Park in France

Park France design

Pond in the garden

Pond Garden Park France

Attractions in France – Villa Ephrussi

France Prospect Garden

Modern garden design

cozy park France

Located in France, this one Botanic Garden in France has a Mediterranean connotation. The garden has a great attraction for tourists from all over the world. Even the French government declared the park one of France’s most notable gardens. The famous garden designer from France Achille Duchene “modeled” this garden.

Botanical Gardens in Austria

Glasshouse Austria Palms

Schönbrunn Castle

Destination Schönbrunn-Austria

Maze of Schönbrünn

Irrgarten Schönbrunn Austria

Park in Austria

Garden Parks-Austria

In Austria, some of the most beautiful gardens and parks are located. The classic maze of Schönbrünn Castle is an absolute must for all hobby gardeners. Enjoy the views!

Park in Zurich

Botanical Garden Zurich Switzerland

Exotic plants in the glasshouse

botanical garden glasshouse

Botanical Garden in Switzerland

exotic plant glasshouse

Destination Switzerland – Sights

beautiful plants and flowers

Located in Riesbach, a neighborhood of Zurich, these parks are home to several thousands of plant species and flowers. Some of these are very rare in nature. Visitors can see some exotic flowers like Madagascan Angraecum Orchid, Garden Snowball and Christmas Cactus. The garden is open to visitors every day.

Architecture »The fantastically beautiful house – an island retreat in New Zealand


The talented designers from Fearon Hay Architects have this seductive nice house created in New Zealand. It is a fascinating collection of self-supporting structures that are easily linked by style and architecture. Above all, they are designed around a wonderful inner courtyard, similar to a warehouse. It is called “Island Retreat” – translated means “island retreat”. A name that could not be more appropriate. Each concrete section is fully equipped, with all the necessary amenities needed for dining, sleeping, relaxing and entertaining.

the beautiful house and its view

nice-promising-dream-island house

This beautiful house Every owner can be proud. It is beautiful, luxurious and very innovative. The structures are connected with beautiful glass windows that capture the sunlight and allow the entire living area to enjoy the light in a natural way. Each structure has its own mechanical system and has its own purpose.

the beautiful house in New Zealand – fantastic view


The beautiful house With great views, it has a living area and space for entertaining, bedrooms, a courtyard, a pool and a studio. Every part of the house is beautifully and tastefully decorated with quality materials and exquisite furniture. Although it is obvious that a lot of glass was used in the structures, the construction is very stable and safe. The beautiful house can withstand harsh weather conditions on the island in New Zealand. That’s just one of the reasons why this house is called “Island Retreat”.

beautiful house on the New Zealand island


This beautiful house is not just a building or a cluster of structures. It is a warm, beautiful home that offers a wonderful atmosphere, pleasing appearance and, above all, a real sense of livability. It is one of the best summer houses, which includes absolutely everything you could possibly want from an island retreat. The well-balanced aesthetics and natural elements are integrated into the structures, allowing the house to work harmoniously in its natural environment. The happy owners of this stunningly beautiful home will have the opportunity to rest, admire the epic views and live in a beautiful, charming atmosphere. Could life be more perfect?

Fearon Hay Architects

luxurious interior design from the island house

luxury-interior-design-island house

simple bathroom design


Sunset and beautiful house view


nice house – courtyard


Island Retreat by Fearon Hay Architects – Development Plan

Iceland-retreat-fearon-hay-architects-building plan house-zealand-fearon-hay-architects house-fearon-hay-architects-position-plan

Wedding »Marriage proposal with engagement ring -130 beautiful designs part 1

Ring white gold dark blue gems diamond square 2 carat

The summer is just the right time for a romantic Marriage proposal with engagement ring Whether during your holiday on the beach or during the candlelit dinner, at home or at the restaurant. The possibilities are practically endless. In order for the special woman to be a nice surprise, these ideas help:

Marriage proposal with engagement ring – here are some cool ideas

Release Celebrate Unique Diamond Ring Buy Prepare Nice Surprise

Here are some cool ideas for romantic Marriage proposal with engagement ring :

– Have a drawing made by you two, and write down that proposal of marriage ,

– During a romantic dinner in your favorite restaurant – celebrate with a cake labeled with the words “Marry me”.

– In the airplane – surprise the woman of your life with a romantic marriage proposal.

– Download the marriage proposal on your iPod

Be inspired by these ideas, maybe you can think of something creative!

Marriage proposal with engagement ring – the preparation

Ring Brilliant tall karate embellishments setting stones

After you have already brainstormed and found the right idea for a nice marriage proposal, only the implementation remains. A beautiful engagement ring is simply a must surprise , Earlier, you bought two engagement rings, but nowadays, more and more men prefer to buy only one ring for the woman of your life. The engagement ring can be made of white gold, gold or silver and decorated with gemstones. He is carried on the left hand.

And if you want to plan a really special surprise, you can do it Marriage proposal with engagement ring from jewelers like Tacori do. The fine jewels are just perfect for the special occasion – they are made of white gold and decorated with diamonds. Subtle details such as the round shape of the stones symbolize the infinite love and the new life with the partner.

Nice gift for the woman of your life

Ideas Wedding proposal which ring around Brilliant

The collection of Tacori engagement rings with diamonds and white gold setting Engagement ring cushion cut sidestones socket

The value of a diamond is related to criteria such as color, symmetry, poling and depth

Women diamond ring side stones setting white gold

The diamonds are the best friends of a woman, said Marylin Monroe at that time Engagement ring prepare woman beautiful surprise

Special occasions celebrate beautiful design two-part version Select gemstones silver or white gold Radiant Brilliant shape made in solid white gold Stone Brilliant Ring Narrow Setting White Gold Opal Decorated Diamond ring white gold attractive shape oval Designer ring diamond spiral shaped white opas Ring marriage proposal make beautiful design ideas How many karats buy ideas gems Surprise birthday round shape high quality symbolizes infinity left hand worn

with ring which design Brilliant frame Krappe six places White gold frame krappe square shape karate Brilliant shape white gold frame romantic vintage style Cut topaz white Square shape Select the correct size Asscher carat cut square shape white gold White gold small brilliants ornate setting Summer Months 4 Karate Princess cut white gold round gemstone white gold shape socket traditional Celebrate wedding family friends spend ideas jewelry gifts Diamond rings engagement setting small cut Woman to life beautiful setting diamonds decorated high quality Engagement romantic marriage proposal make version Cut round shape setting small diamonds White gold diamond Princess cut of high quality color make square gems romantic marriage proposal Gemstones carat at least 2 brilliant cut Summer Diamond Ring Wedding Set Brilliant Ring engagement celebrate family friends preparing for surprise Marriage proposal engagement ring white gold plain big diamond Diamonds noble jewelry renowned designer

Engagement white gold 750 brilliants

Cut select side stones setting ring special

Solitaire Brilliant Sidestones Grandpa white radiant shape Engagement ring infinity symbolizes beautiful design Designer rings new collection 2015 Tacori

Diamond ring white gold round shape many small brilliants White gold round shape many version cribs oval shape grandpa sidelines ideas beautiful gift woman beautiful opulent designer engagement ring with diamonds Row of rhinestones ring engagement set surprise

Frame Diamond 4 karate buy designs ideas

celebrate diamond square beautiful shape side stones

select Sidestones decorated in white gold Buy idea oval shape white gold side stones Nativity gift idea in love with beautiful design Diamond version white gold band traditional design choose buy round shape diamond ideas White gold bricks richly decorated ideas Buy gold woman gift ideas special occasions Ring traditionally form diamond square side stones Stone round diamond noble setting white gold rhinestones decoration Surprise engagement summer ring diamonds stones

Diamonds rhinestones nice model design

Engagement ring make side stones white gold

Several karat ring buy nice design ideas Diamond ring side stones ornaments slightly curved Sidestones white gold large diamond expensive noble Trends Engagement Rings Collection Diamond Sidestones Engagement ring side stones decorated beautiful gift wedding Marriage proposal diamonds big 4 karate stones beautiful designs around stone karate diamond

Beautiful girls room furniture – 38 playful nursery ideas

Girls' room furniture -nursery-sets-white-light-blue-two-beds-desk-spacious

If you are looking for a furniture for the nursery, you need above all practical pieces of furniture that do not take up too much space and at the same time provide ample storage space. Children’s rooms are often small. Therefore, you should make optimal use of the available space. If its about Girl room furniture goes, the task is a bit more complicated, because girls in principle more accessories and clothing, and also a bit more sophisticated in terms of color and design.

Modern and functional girls room furniture with an individual touch

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-modern-bed-padded-off white-colored wallpaper carpet

Everyone knows, girls like Pink. But the girls’ room furniture does not necessarily have that color. White furniture will match any wall design and additional color and will also look timeless and modern. Even as the child gets bigger, they will fit in a more youthful room. Optionally, the cupboard handles can be replaced when the nursery is redesigned. In addition, pink and pink are not the only colors that are suitable for girls. The walls in mint green or light blue look extremely fresh and cheerful.

Girl room arrange furniture playful in the room

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-teenage bedroom furniture, white and turquoise-accents-bin

Home accessories and textiles transform living spaces. Therefore do not renounce these elements in the Kinderreich. Seat cushions and colorful soft carpets are definitely needed in the nursery because children like to play on the floor. Set accents with deco and wallpaper or wall tattoos that you can renew without much effort and invest in sustainable, white furniture in white.

Playful designs


If two children are to be accommodated in a room, then one should primarily think of functionality. Nursery sets offer ready-made solutions for rooms of different sizes. But the room must not be restrictive and depressing. Too many colors greatly affect and stimulate the child’s perception. That is why it is especially important to keep the balance between playful design and intense colors and functions in balance.

Nursery set for two girls

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-white-wooden floor-turquoise-wallpaper-pink

Last but not least, consider the materials used and the chemical treatment of the surfaces. Children are particularly sensitive to synthetic stimuli and substances. Therefore, only approved materials should be placed in the immediate vicinity of the child. An important point is the care of the nursery furniture. They should be relatively easy to clean, because children can be really creative in the stress of surfaces and textiles.

Interesting wall design with paint and wallpaper

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-turquoise-color wall-white-wooden floor-high bed-desk

If you plan to change the furniture in the nursery when you are a teenager, then select those that the child is sure to enjoy. In the first place should be the well-being of the child.

Furniture in white and patterned wallpaper


Sliding panels as a blackboard

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-door-panel color sliding-wall paper wall color-turquoise

Idea for two with loft bed and day bed

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-wooden floor-white-bed high-drawers-pink

Girl’s room with a view from above

room-furniture-children-room-sets-view-up-pattern-wallpaper-furniture 1

Room in purple

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-purple-pink carpet-light-wood floor

Offset structure

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-modern-purple-pink-single bed-indirect-lighting

Functional design with ample storage space

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-white-blue-wall unit tv-indirect-lighting

Beautiful colored carpet

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-violet-pink-view-up-wood floor carpet

Favorite figures as wallpaper or stickers and tattoos


Wall design in purple and violet


Sunny nursery for two girls of school age

madchenzimmer furniture nursery-sets-two-bed-pink-glb wallpaper desk-

Place pieces of furniture appropriately

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-sister-wallpaper-pink-yellow-funny-curtains window

Girl’s room with attractive wallpaper with lettering

madchenzimmer furniture nursery-sets-two-bed wallpaper-letter text-shelf-room wall televisions

Pink and black for teens

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-pink-black-bed-padded's a colorful wall clock-creative

Chic girl’s room in pink and black


* You can find the last five projects for girls’ rooms and more here

Cool room for a teenager

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-modern-teenage brick wall-photos-black-white

Nice room in white and red

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-bedroom furniture-white-red-playful-bed-desk

Wallpaper with the favorite character from fairy tales

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-yellow wallpaper-maerchen-bedded-centered-placed

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-yellow-green yellow-single bed-functional and small

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-funny-wall design-black-white-crosses wallpaper bettwaesche

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-bettwaesche-metal beds-Scandinavian-design

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-simple-white-pink-bettwaesche-metal beds-Scandinavian

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-white-tuerkiss-bedspread-patchwork pink-Scandinavian-design

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-white-two-bette-window-deco-aeste-yellow-blaetter pillows

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-white-violet-handles-flowers-dresser-bedside table


madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-white-pink-spacious bed-truhe

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-white-accessories-rose curtains, yellow and crystal chandelier

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-purple-white-light gray-console-spots-window

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-pink-white-green-wood floor wallpaper

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-pink-wallpaper-single bed-carpet-shelves

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-pink-pink-violet-practical-high bed


madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-princess-pink-upholstered-chair-canopy-green stripe

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-princess-bedded-grand-wall design-maerchen

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-princess bed-gold-blue-bettwaesche pillows

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-pink-white-stripe circles pillows Curtains

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-pink-white-single bed-desk-light

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-pink-black-vintage-make-up-dresser mirror

madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-white-desk-swivel chair-cushion-blue-score-pinntafel


madchenzimmer-moebel-nursery-sets-ceiling-white-pink-striped-carpet-stair stool-pendelleuchte

Nailart designs »Themes for Christmas winter nails – 27 of the most beautiful pictures

Christmas winter nails nail design motifs white silver glitter paint

Every woman wants to be beautiful and glamorous for the Silverster celebration – from the head to the feet or as always up to the nail tips. That’s why we have some great ideas for Christmas Winter nails that could give you a nice, festive mood throughout the winter. With a steady hand, the right one Nail polish colors and a little bit of creativity can conjure real artwork on your nails.

Christmas winter nails in blue

winter brand-design-blue-silver-stars-motive

The dominant colors of Christmas nails are blue, white, red and green. These are then usually brought to advantage with gold and silver accents. Do not forget the trendy one Ombre effect in which the manicure get a nice color gradient. It is often used as a background for nail design with snowflakes. And of course the matt lacquer variants in combination with high-gloss nail polish. Motives like deer, snowflakes, Christmas trees , Santa Claus and others are welcome on the nails. If you can not draw complicated motifs, then try the nail stickers with winter theme. Make your nails shine by applying nail polish with glitter particles at the end.

Christmas winter nails with ombre effect

Christmas winter nails snowflake-glitterstones-ombre-base

The easiest way to get the Ombre design is to use a sponge to paint. Namely, paint the nails as usual with a white nail polish. Once this has dried, pick up a sponge and drip a few drops of blue varnish on it. Now dab the paint on the nail tips. Then you can decorate with rhinestones and snowflakes. Finally apply a transparent topcoat.

white and black snowflakes on golden background

Christmas winter nails medium-length nail-golden-background-black-white-snowflakes

It’s especially easy to get a nice nail design if you use finished stickers. Apply a golden or silver nail polish or use any other color that suits winter or Christmas. Then stick the stickers on the fingernails. To keep them beautiful, do not forget the top varnish!

subtle winter nails in blue and silver

winter brand-design-dark blue-nail polish silver-glitter

The two-tone half moon manicure has been a hit since last year! It is the modern alternative to the French manicure. Whoever can, of course, makes the design with a free hand and a thin brush. But that can be pretty difficult. Remedy here the hole reinforcing rings.


For the half-moon manicure with winter flair you need a base coat, a top coat, two nail polishes in silver and dark blue and hole reinforcement rings. First apply the undercoat and let it dry. Then apply the silver nail polish. Now stick one hole reinforcement ring half to the painted nails. Paint the rest of the nails with the dark blue nail polish and let it dry again. The second nail polish must always be more opaque than the first. Once the nail polish has dried completely, the hole reinforcement rings can be removed. In the end, a coat of overcoat and done!

snowy hills on the nails

winter brand-design-blue-white-Snowmen-night

One tool that can be used quite differently in nail design is the dotting tool. This can decorate the nails with polka dots, make little flowers or draw eyes. The dotting tool usually has different sized ends, so you can make smaller and larger dots. So you can conjure a whole snowy landscape with snowmen and snowflakes on the nails.

winter brand-design-snowman-Christmas trees-motive

As an alternative to the dotting tool, however, you can use pretty much anything, depending on the size you want. For example, hairpins, toothpicks and the eraser of a pencil are super handy for super big points.

winter brand-design-snowman-face-mohren-nose

For the figure of a snowman on the fingernail you have to paint with white nail polish three different sized dots on top of each other. Then the eyes and buttons are painted with black. Do not forget the orange nose. If your nails are too short, you can simply display the face of the snowman on the entire fingernail area.

Christmas tree with a difference

christmas-brand-design-stickers-glitter particles

Fir trees on the fingernails are a great motive for your next nail design. A small dose of glitter is always part of Christmas. With a few tricks everyone can easily imitate this. You only need nail polish in two different colors, tape and some glitter nail polish or rhinestones.

a small fir tree

Christmas winter nails design motif fir tree

Apply the light nail polish and let it dry well. Stick the outlines of the Christmas tree with the strips of tape and paint in the field with a covering color. Beginners may also simply picture the Christmas tree as a triangle. You will recognize what it should be, the golden rhinestone on top.

Christmas nail-yourself-making christmas tree-instructions

Look for a good contrast between the two nail polish tones. Once the second layer of nail polish has dried, apply the glitter nail polish. If all layers are dry, you can remove the tape.

Noble and glamorous

winter brand-design-white-snowflakes-glitter paint

Paint your nails with a monochrome nail polish and let it dry well. Then you can apply a glitter nail polish from the nail tip to about half of the nail. Use either the brush of nail polish, or a small sponge. The nail polish is painted on the sponge and then dabbed on the nail. Excess glitter can be removed with a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover.

Santa hat

Christmas nail-motive wallpaper snowman-muetze

The Santa hat is another great idea for a winter nail design. There are several ways to display the Santas cap on the fingernails. That’s the easiest of them.

First apply a nail polish in Nude as a primer and let it dry. Then, using the adhesive tape technique or with your free hand, paint a triangle with red nail polish. Then add the bobble to the cap and the white border, let it dry and you’re done with the Santa manicure!

Ombre gradient as a background

winter brand-design-blue-white-ombre-effect-snowflakes

French manicure with winter flair Christmas winter nails self-make-idea snowflakes

festive red winter nails

christmas-winter brand-red-white-snowflakes

Christmas nail-motive-santa-red-white-glittering paint

Christmas nail-motive-santa-muetze Idea

Christmas nail-short-french-black abstract Christmas Tree

Christmas nail-idea-weihnachtsbaumkugeln-white-background

Christmas nail-design-red-white-christbaum-points


winter brand-design-brief-brand Dark Background

winter brand-design-black-nail polish and white-snowflakes-glittering particles

snowflakes winter brand-design-snowman-white-blue-

winter brand-design-snowman-snow-huegel

Christmas nail-design-brief Brand Red-baubles

Autumn »Make beautiful window decorations in autumn yourself and design

Window decoration in the autumn -selber-tinker-diy-herbstblaetter-wreath-branches-tealight-beautiful-walnut-decor

Window decoration in autumn you can do it yourself. If you are a romantic person then you will love it, some dry flowers , Hanging autumn leaves, branches and plants by the window. Natural materials can be wonderfully combined with artificial ones. The main thing is that the overall picture is finally right and the elements are matched in color.

With dry plants and flowers make beautiful window decorations in the fall and make your own

Window decoration in autumn -selber-tinkling-dry-flower-plant-roses-hanging

Dry plants and flowers for dreamlike and individual window decoration in the fall you can make it yourself, so to speak. Take some pretty flowers from bouquets that are not totally withered and let them hang with their heads down until they dry out completely. Then it is advisable to spray the dry plants with hair lacquer, so they last longer and not too fragile. The further design is up to you. Collect inspirations from our picture gallery.

Tinker window decoration in autumn with artificial flowers and leaves

Window decoration in autumn -selber-tinkling-dry-floral-plants-artificial-buy-color-form

Great flowers and plants for decoration are offered in all sorts of sizes, colors and styles in stores. They can be easily stuck with hot glue and fix and are also wonderful as a decoration for outdoor use.

Tinker with artificial autumn leaves

Window decoration in autumn-diy-tinker-diy-herbstblaetter-artificially-take-apart-yellowish-orange

With orange and yellow leaves you can make a beautiful autumn decoration yourself. Simple instructions on how to make a filigree lettering and a magnificent autumnal wreath with integrated lantern itself can be found right here.

Create a wreath of autumn leaves

Window decoration in autumn -selver-tinker-diy-herbstblaetter-artificially-wire-pliers-bending

Make wreath or lettering yourself


With orange autumn leaves and decorative mini-pumpkins

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-crafts-diy-Herbstblaetter-orange-yellow-kuerbis Wreath-deco

Tinker lettering from autumn leaves


Make beautiful wall and window decoration yourself


Wreath of branches with integrated lantern


Decoration for inside and outside

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-crafts-diy-Herbstblaetter Wreath-branches-hot glue-wired-tong

Wreath of branches decorated with artificial autumn leaves

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-crafts-diy-Herbstblaetter Wreath-branches-tealight-flowers-deco

Wreath with autumn leaves and lantern

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-crafts-diy-Herbstblaetter Wreath-branches-evening-light-tealight-windlicht

* DIY project by Happy Unicorns

Window decoration with natural, dried plants and flowers

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-garland-orange slices-wall color aubergine

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-glass front-roses-blueten-color

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-hang up-wall color-white-sprossenfenster-botanically

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-diy-hang up-tie

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-crafts-diy-Herbstblaetter-hang up-garland-rod-jute string-scissors


Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-outdoor windowsill-and-white vintage chair-exfoliated-color


Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-candles-candlestick-wind lights-sideboard-vintage



Hair & Hairstyles »Make beautiful party hairstyles yourself – 55 simple ideas

Party hairstyles-makeover-ideas-easy-to-follow-tips

Hair is an important part of the overall effect of an event. Party hairstyles First of all, it takes a lot of effort to make your own or costly, if you have to turn to a professional. Above all, it is thought that they take a lot of time. All these claims are totally deceptive and wrong, especially when it comes to party hairstyles and not around Wedding hairstyles , In a few minutes you can create a beautiful look with your hair. All you need is some skill, hairpins, a comb, hairspray and maybe some hair accessories. Learn how to use them.

A good basis for party hairstyles are the well-groomed hair

Party hairstyles-hair-open-medium-long-long-blonde-make-up-pink-waves

Open hair seems the simplest option for party To be hairstyles. But that just seems like that. Because you really need well-groomed, healthy and shiny hair. Otherwise, you look scruffy despite the beautiful, modern outfit and that is anything but attractive. Use hair care that adds extra shine to the hair. The flush is a must. Special oils such as argan oil ensure that the hair loses moisture and can withstand regular smoothing and blow drying. A healthy diet rich in vitamins B, E and D and in omega-3 and 6 acids is especially important for the development and condition of your hair and skin.

Make party hairstyles yourself – Prachtvoll hair jewelry stuck in the hair

Party hairstyles-hair-jewelry-crystals-stones-glitter-feather-white-tender-romantic-idea

A special highlight are hair bands, jewelery and accessories that adorn the hair. Splendidly decorated with stones, crystals and pearls, these small pieces bring more glamor to the perfect look for special occasions. But you should handle it carefully. Hair jewelry looks very extravagant and needs a simple held hairstyle and clothing. He should be matched with the outfit – casual-romantic in boho chic or classic-elegant to match the small black dress. A great advantage of this is that hair ornaments are great for any hair length. In the article you will find some wonderful examples.

Romantic hairstyle idea – make side braid yourself

Party hairstyles-long-hair-side-braid-self-instruction

Braids and braided hair contribute to a romantic look and look very youthful. A side braid is great for summer hairstyles, as they give a serene mood. You just seem to come from the beach. In addition, it takes only 10-15 minutes to do it yourself. Here is a guide on how to weave a loose fishbone into long hair step by step.

Side plait braids for Boho flair in the hair

Party hairstyles-long-hair-side-braid-yourself-make-instruction-idea

Hairstyles Instructions – Make your own fishbone

party-hairstyles-side-plait fishbone-long-hair-do it yourself-

Braid the fishbone a bit looser for a casual bohemian look

party-hairstyles-side-plait-yourself-making fischgaete-long-hair-manual

Make beautiful hairstyles yourself

Party Hairstyles-make-over-curl-curling-wand-volume-toup-hair

Variant with clamps for a braided updo

Party hairstyles -braided-braid-hairclip-interesting-idea-creative-making-yourself

Make vintage hairstyles with clamps yourself

Party hairstyles -braided-make-yourself-hairclip-middle-vertex-idea

Casual party styling with bun at the top

Party hairstyles-hair-bunches-long-hair-upside-make-yourself

Do the hairstyle yourself and fix it at the neck

Party hairstyles-hair-buns-neck-laessig-hairstyle-dutt-yourself-make

Loose style and glamorous make-up




party-hairstyles-plug hairstyles-easy-yourself-making hair knot-variant

party-hairstyles-medium-length-hair-updo-easy-laessig-selbermachen Idea

party-hairstyles-hair-laessig-messy-yourself-making idea

party-hairstyles-hair-volume-vintage-retro-yourself-making idea

Hairstyles with open hair


party-hairstyles-hair-open mid-length Long-volume-anne-hathaway


party-hairstyles-open-hair-waves-gloss medium-crest-maintained


party-hairstyles-waves-laessig-airy-yourself-making idea-schoen


Hair accessories and accessories in your hair

party-hairstyles-hair flower accessory red-hair-open long

party-hairstyles-headband-haarschmuck-stones-crystal-hair-open vintage


party-hairstyles-haarschmuck-gold-vintage-flair-yourself-making idea

party-hairstyles-haarschmuck-hair-open mid-crest-boho-chic hair chain


party-hairstyles-haarschmuck-hair mature-diadem-stones-crystal-sparkling

party-hairstyles-haarschmuck-hair mature-pearl decorations-hair knot-neck-easy

party-hairstyles-haarschmuck-crystal-stone-feather-vintage headband



Ideas with tied hair – ponytail and others


party-hairstyles-horse swan-long-medium-length-hair-hair band lacquer-black-yourself-make

party-hairstyles-ponytail-neck Long-medium-length-hair-smooth-yourself-make


party-hairstyles-medium-length-hair-ponytail-different-yourself-making idea

Hairstyle ideas for medium-long hair – plait as a hair wreath


party-hairstyles-plait-front-side-yourself-making idea-braided

party-hairstyles-hair parts-use-Pigtails-art hair-blonde-simple-ideas

Extra volume on the top of the head

party-hairstyles-volume-top head-side-smoothed-make-up-yourself-make-kim-kardashian

party-hairstyles-volume-auxiliaries-easy-bumpits-tower-hair cushion

make party-hairstyles-hair pillow-volume-haareinsaetze-idea-itself-

Dutt make yourself

party-hairstyles-medium-length-hair-pinned-dutt-art hair-hair parts

party-hairstyles-dutt-selbermachen-duttkissen Simple Idea

party-hairstyles-knot hair-bun-duttkissen-hair pillow-do it yourself-

party-hairstyles-lure-laessig-half open-hair-styling ideas


party hairstyles original-ladies-pony-braids

party-hairstyles-dutt-laessig-updo earrings

Bedroom with Jacuzzi in 50 beautiful living ideas

Bedroom with Jacuzzi-open-plan-tub-black-bed-wood-paneling-wall-floor-foundation

In ninety percent of all cases, a whirlpool is placed outdoors. But that does not have to be that way. A definite highlight would be one Bedroom with Jacuzzi , Such a facility guarantees romantic moments and special spa experiences in your own home. An interior installation should definitely be planned well, as some problems can arise due to the humidity.

Bedroom with Jacuzzi – On the way to the apartment of your dreams

Bedroom with Jacuzzi-view-round-minipool-glass wall-schraege

A hot tub means beyond dreamlike bubble fun , also a high humidity. If the chosen room is not a wet area, you should take measures in advance to prevent any damage to your body’s moisture and mold. Only good ventilation and heating are not enough to avoid condensation on walls and other surfaces. The best temperature for pleasant water experiences is about 28-30 degrees and a relative humidity of about 60%. If you cool the room at once, damp spots form in the room. You can also see that when you take a bottle out of the fridge. It becomes humid as the moisture of the air is deposited on the surface of the bottle. It is important to avoid this effect. Read on to find out how it works.

Bedroom with Jacuzzi – romance and pure luxury

Bedroom with whirlpool-tub-mosaic-glass-wall-bed-bathroom-open

In general, make sure that the walls, windows and ceiling are as close as possible to the room temperature. This can be achieved by a good thermal insulation with high-quality insulation materials with laminated aluminum vapor barrier. They keep the internal temperature high and insulate the masonry building physics of the interior. partitions should be treated in the same way. This insulation ensures in the long term that no moisture from the outside occurs. Of course, the area should also be sufficiently ventilated after using the hot tub.

Bedroom with whirlpool best placed next to the window with great views

v -travertine-flooring-window-wall-bed-bed-set-tv-tv-wall

So a bedroom with a whirlpool is a complete success. With the right construction measures you can really enjoy the private wellness area in the room. Gather inspiration from our picture gallery and discuss the great idea with a construction expert.

Bedroom with Jacuzzi for a modern and luxurious design

Bedroom with whirlpool -black-white-mirror-design-luxury-center

Our tip: Divide the sleeping area properly into areas

Bedroom with whirlpool -black-white-lighting-room-modern-mansard

Rose petals are always a good idea for romantic moments

Bedroom with whirlpool -round-white-wood-floor-roses-romantic-romance

Make the hot tub the highlight of the room

Bedroom with Jacuzzi -round-bed-black-white-modern-dark-decently-lighting

The open floor plan of the room offers many design possibilities

Bedroom with Jacuzzi -outdoor-bed-open-space-indirect-lighting-canopy

Modern design with wooden tub

Bedroom with whirlpool -modern-tub-gray-gray-bedding-pebbles-open

Place the spa in the middle of the room

Bedroom with whirlpool -modern-design-design-fell-carpet-center-jacuzzi

Colorwise divide the areas

Bedroom with whirlpool-bed-gray-tile-indirect-lighting-bathtub-shower-glass wall

Glass walls and open spaces create a very special, revealing atmosphere

Bedroom with Jacuzzi-sea-view-exotic-travertine-luxury-bed-sleep-beautiful

bedroom-whirlpool tub-tueren-wood-luxury-cabinet-bedded wallpaper

bedroom-whirlpool-luxury-hotel-room-baroque-solid wood


bedroom-whirlpool luxury bed-baroque-bilderrahme Tv-open

bedroom-whirlpool-cushion-exotic-champagne-lighting curtains

bedroom-whirlpool tub-partition-window-romance-idea-luxury

bedroom-whirlpool-jacuzzi-wooden floor-bedroom interior-luxury-hotel

bedroom-whirlpool-poster bed-bathtub-white-integrated shower enclosure-open

bedroom-whirlpool-exotic-wall wall-bed-bed linen-white-lighting-romantic-tree

bedroom-whirlpool-open into one another going-tiles and beige-sand color-lighting

bedroom-whirlpool-terrace-glass doors-terrassentueren sliding-ofefn-summer-vacation

bedroom whirlpool jacuzzi-terrace sliding-range-division-parkettboden


bedroom-whirlpool-jacuzzi-country style-wooden-tub-integrated-ears armchair

bedroom-whirlpool-Jacuzzi-indirect-lighting-led foundation-wood-tub

bedroom-whirlpool-jacuzzi-gray apartment-design-private-discreet lighting-luxury

bedroom-whirlpool-jacuzzi-bricked-eingabeut-corner bed-brick wall and white-bege-tiles

bedroom-whirlpool-hotel-room-carpet-night lamp-jacuzzi-luxury

bedroom-whirlpool-hotel room-carpet-night lamp Bed-Bed linen pillows

bedroom-whirlpool-hotel-room luxury-wood-dark-gold carpet beige

bedroom-whirlpool-hotel-room jacuzzi-bedded-deco cloths-luxury


bedroom-whirlpool-hotel room-foundation-integrated-tiles-bedded-chocolate-cream white-bordo

bedroom-whirlpool-hotel room bed-and-white bedspread-post corner-wet areas

bedroom-whirlpool-hotel room bed-kamniofen-sparkling-strawberry-romance

bedroom-whirlpool-hotel-sink-integrated-carpet-producing-double bed

bedroom-whirlpool-glass brick-wood bed-table lamp-window-carpet

bedroom-whirlpool-tiles-sink-dark coating-double bed-mirror wall


bedroom-whirlpool double bed-nachlampe-terrace-terrassentuer-carpet-schoen

bedroom-whirlpool jacuzzi tub-bed-roses-candles-romance-night lamp pillows

bedroom-whirlpool-bedded-kaminofen-holzwand-luxury-bedspread-gold-champagne-hotel-room romantic

bedroom-whirlpool-bed-pillows-brown-velor-candles-romance-pan-headboard-cushioned mat


bedroom-whirlpool-orange-bedspread-tv-tub-lighting-normal pillow-bettwaesche

bedroom-whirlpool-tub-and-white open-bad-bedded-tv-window

bedroom-whirlpool-white-carpet-blue-yellow walls

Dreamhouses »Modern luxury steel and glass villa with beautiful panoramic views

modern luxury stone house and glass facade

These modern luxury villa in Malibu was built in 1993 by Edward Niles and spreads to about 17 acres. The house is located on a hill and has a beautiful outlook on the Pacific Ocean. The property was still called the Henman House. This name comes from the two owners who wear the Henman family – director Graham Henman and fashion designer Paris Henman. The luxury villa has 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a large outdoor pool, a heliport and parking for 25 cars. The soil is made of petrified limestone.

The modern luxury villa in Malibu – furniture and design

modern luxury villa of stone and glass living room

The modern luxury villa It was built predominantly of glass and stainless steel and has breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean and mountain hills in the area. Panels off Glass and steel shape the whole structure of Malibu Villa. Part of the walls was covered with fossils of petrified limestone. All rooms are spacious with high Cover and enormous windows. The kitchen was also originally decorated with black diamond hearth and a lime bar counter. The kitchen also has a built-in barbecue.

The modern luxury villa with exclusive interior design

modern luxury stone house and glass lounge

The master suite has a surround sound system, private patio with panoramic views and a luxury bathroom. The modern luxury villa It also has two large bathrooms, an office room and a separate living room. The villa has been well lit both indoors and outdoors.

modern luxury villa in stone and glass swimming pool

The backyard looks gorgeous with the large outdoor pool. There are also closed bathroom areas with a new sauna nearby. Not far from here you can see the helipad. The house still has garage space for 25 cars, a separate guest house and enough space to build tennis courts and horse stable. These modern luxury villa has also been shown several times on television and in a few movies. The house is currently for sale and is offered on the real estate market for $ 7.95 million.

Living room with stunning design and high ceiling

modern luxury stone house and glass elegance

Dining room with modern furnishings and panoramic views

modern luxury stone house and glass dining area

Kitchen with built-in grill and bar of limestone

modern luxury stone house and glass kitchen

Bedroom with glass walls in bright colors

modern luxury stone house and glass bedroom

Modern bathroom with nice view to the outside

modern luxury stone house and glass bathroom

Access to the garden terrace with glass doors

modern luxury stone villa and glass access terrace

Patio area with modern patio furniture

modern luxury stone house and glass patio area

View of the villa from the outside

modern luxury stone house and glass backyard

The swimming pool in the evening

modern luxury stone and glass house in the evening

The garden of the modern luxury villa in Malibu

modern luxury stone house and glass garden