The Google headquarters in Ireland – behind the scenes

Architecture design idea Cafe environmentally friendly design

We offer you a look behind the scenes of Google headquarters in Dublin. Four buildings form the campus. On more than 47,000 square meters of office space, all departments are located – marketing, finance and engineers. The employees come from over 65 countries and speak over 45 languages.

Google headquarters in Ireland – modern, innovative and inviting

modern Cafe Design ceiling hanging

The big project – the new one Google headquarters in Ireland was by the architect studio Camenzind Evolution in collaboration with the company Henry Lyons Architects designed and realized. The goal of the project was to create an inspiring and interactive environment for the employees. The architects tried to create a multifunctional space – 5 restaurants, 42 small kitchens, recreation areas, fitness, pool, wellness area, more than 400 formal and informal conference rooms, a research center are just the highlights in the interior. All areas have been designed according to the Google philosophy for interactive and communicative working atmosphere. The buildings are connected by a bridge.

Google Central provides a relaxed atmosphere for employees

Personnel room colored Google interior

The Google headquarters is thematically divided into different areas – each topic is presented on a stick. The search theme focuses on expanding search results, the Google Apps theme is limited to the innovative and popular Google Applications, the “green concepts” protect nature, and “Google Home” aims to provide a familiar environment for users “creativity, organization and innovation” are looking for new challenges and interesting applications. It has been scientifically proven that certain color combinations create the imagination and increase the performance possibilities – so it is no wonder that exactly red-green-yellow-blue were chosen as accents in the interior.

Google Setup – Idea

Establishment idea Google Central Europe

Large letters form the company logo in the foyer

Ireland big letters creative ambience

Colorful travel with billiards

Set up idea billiard computer games

Beanbag instead of chair at work

nice break beanbag green yellow

Cozy sitting area

Decor purple color room red sofa


Office interior idea swing

14 floors

futuristic room glass stair railing

Environmentally friendly design

green environmentally friendly design idea

Colorful interior – cafeteria

Interior Google Central Cafe yellow pink blue

The exchange of ideas between the employees is encouraged

Campus young people europe hippie style

Room Exchange Entertainment Workplace

For relaxation, the staff play mini-golf

Kitchen Travel Mini Golf Play

Staff awaken green blue design relaxation area

Coffee kitchen with beautiful panoramic views

Staffing room red cool office decor

Relaxation in the cafeteria

Atmosphere Google Office Interior Wall Decal Rug

Conference room in industrial chic

Conference room modern decor purple black white

Wallpaper office decor funny colors purple pink red

Google office decor design idea

Cozy sitting area for relaxation

Ireland Cafe decor cool seating wall sticker

Cafeteria Google Campus Ceiling Design

Office Interior Resting Room Music Playing

Purple ground

Headquarters Ireland Europe Africa Institution

Stylish workplace

yellow details office interior idea modern

The Google Building

Europe Ireland sights modern design

Building Ireland office beautiful decor idea

Photos by Peter Wurmli

The wood kitchen and the secret behind its popularity

wooden kitchen-classic-modern

The wood kitchen is timeless, so today many famous kitchen manufacturers return to this beautiful design. They show that modern design mixed with natural wood elements helps to create an amazing kitchen. The wood kitchen combines the classic and modern design. Wooden cabinets combined with black glass, stainless steel and black lacquered surfaces look perfect.

cozy wood kitchen with light wood


The wood kitchen creates an atmosphere of warmth and security and this is where the secret of their popularity lies. The properties of the wood – its texture, color – are very important. The surfaces of the kitchen cabinets are shiny, matt or silky matt. Glossy surfaces are covered with several layers of varnish. For matt facades, manufacturers use special matt lacquer. On such a surface the natural structure of the wood and minor defects is visible. Silky matte surfaces are a compromise between glossy and dull. Different tree species are used for kitchen sets, each with different color and texture. The most common types of wood for kitchen cabinets are oak, cherry, beech.

traditional wooden kitchen – dark wood kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinets Dark-wood

The color palette of the walls usually emphasizes the natural beauty of wood – white, beige, pistachio. Another advantage of wood kitchen It is that it is easy to clean and care for. If you have carefully taken care of the beautiful wood surfaces, it retains its high quality appearance for decades. Cozy wooden kitchens stand out and fit perfectly with the wooden parquet.

Wood design in the kitchen – cupboards and parquet


modern kitchen design wood paneling

modern-kitchen-design-wood cladding

open kitchen – dark wood kitchen cabinets

open-kitchen-kitchen cupboards Dark-wood

wonderful kitchen in country style

beautiful-kitchen-country style

Healthy Eating »Omega-3 fatty acids: what’s behind it and where to put it

healthy-eating omega-3-salmon-fish-vegetable

Omega-3 fatty acids – that sounds somehow threatening. But these fats are anything but that. For the well-being of polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as omega 3, play an essential role. Unlike saturated fat, omega-3s are healthy. How Omega 3 supports the health and which foods contain a lot of the essential fatty acids, we reveal here.

Omega 3 keeps body and mind fit

omega-3 fatty acids healthy-mind-body fit

Omega-3 fatty acids have a very broad spectrum of activity and support a variety of body functions. With their help, the body forms hormones, keeps metabolic processes in operation and joints supple, leaves hair strong and skin full of resilience. Also not to be underestimated is the effect of omega on the brain and eyes: Even in the womb unborn children need enough omega-3 fatty acids, so they can develop mentally and physically properly.

The polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce the risk of a heart attack and improve heart health – and are very important not only for patients with cardiovascular disease, such as high blood pressure or coagulation problems. Athletes also benefit from the fats because of their heart-friendly and anti-inflammatory properties.

Omega 3 also affects our immune system and our mood. The fatty acids should therefore not be missing, especially in the cold season. Because of the dark days and the gloomy weather, many people fall into a depressed mood in winter. The high susceptibility to infection further reduces the well-being. Omega-3 fatty acids can help: They have a positive effect on the psyche and literally illuminate the mind. At the same time they strengthen the body’s defenses and thus make us resistant to colds, flu and Co.

What is the best way to provide the body with omega-3 fatty acids?

omega-3 fatty acid diet foods Fish mackerel

In particular, fish contains valuable Omega 3, which the body can utilize particularly well. But also Vegetarians have plenty of options to meet their need for essential fatty acids through the natural diet. The daily requirement of alpha-linolenic acid, as Omega 3 is also called, is an adult’s according to the German Nutrition Society (DGE) By the way, at 0.5 percent of the total energy absorbed per day.

These foods contain a lot of valuable unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids:

Fish: Although the proportion of omega-3 fatty acids in fish may be lower than in the other foods listed, the human organism can make particularly good use of these fatty acids. For example, fresh mackerel contains 2.9 grams of polyunsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) per 100 grams, and smokes as much as 7 grams. Fresh tuna comes to 4.8 grams, fresh herring to 4.4 and fresh salmon to about 4 grams. Smoked eel contains around 4.5 grams of MUFS per 100 grams.

Linseed oil: The oil extracted from flax seeds contains up to 67 grams of MUFS per 100 grams.

omega-3 fatty acid vegetable oils linseed oil

walnuts: Whether in a salad, in a cereal or as a snack – the delicious nuts can be perfectly integrated into the daily diet. They contain around 42 grams of MUFS per 100 grams.

omega-3 fatty acid-food nuts-walnuts

Avocado: Even fruits contain fat. The avocado is the best proof of this – 3.5 grams of MUFS are contained in 100 grams of soft pulp.

omega-3 fatty acids-foods-avocado-content

Image credits: CCP Public Domain

Home & Garden »Indoor garden behind glass partition wall as a highlight in the luxury house

Interior garden behind glass partition-luxury-home-zen-garden-modern-design

A modern luxury house in Colombia convinces with design solutions and exclusive Interior , It is close to beautiful natural landscapes and mountain area. The weather stays relatively cool throughout the year and this was taken into account in the design. Landscape and Inner garden behind glass partition act as an inseparable part of the living space and contribute to a harmonious room atmosphere.

Interior garden behind glass partition as an exclusive highlight

glass partition-inside garden-luxury-house-zen-garden-dining-outdoor

Of the indoor garden behind the glass partition, the advantages of both the interior and the exterior are apparent. Enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh air while fully relying on the privacy that secures the interior of the house.

Interior garden behind glass partition wall – Zen garden

glass partition-inside garden-luxury-house-highlight-zen-modern-outdoor

The glazing designed in this way ensures the ultimate flow of light through the living space while at the same time insulating the heat in the house. The use of wood in warm tones and the modern furnishings in creamy white and beige nuances harmonize with the natural appearance of the interior garden and accentuate the cozy atmosphere.

Interior garden behind glass partition wall – minimalist, luxury, exclusive

glass partition-inside garden-luxury-house-highlight-greening-lighting-exclusive

Indirect lighting in the floor lowered and light panels in the ceiling provide a harmonious atmosphere even in the evening. In contrast to the bright interior, the wood paneling and parquet floor in dark natural look. It stands for elegance and emphasizes the high-quality materials and exclusive features of the luxury house.

Inner garden behind glass partition and sufficient daylight

glass partition-inside garden-luxury-house-hallway-wall tiling-wood-daylight

Modern kitchens in soft white tones are more practical and the exclusive dining room overlooks the green countryside and surroundings through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Indoor garden behind glass partition in the evening pleasantly lit.

glass partition-inside garden-luxury-house-indirect-illumination-spots-modern #

Indirect lighting ensures a harmonious atmosphere

glass partition-inside garden-luxury-house-parquet floor-dark-indirect-lighting

Dark brown parquet floor and white wall paint in the luxury interior

glass partition-inside garden-luxury-house-parkettboden-dark stair-upstairs

Elegant luxury living room in beige-brown tones

luxury home-living room-modern-cream-white-brown

Modern fitted kitchen in white nuances

luxury home-modern-kitchen-white-indirect-lighting

Dining room with exclusive views of the countryside

luxury home-parkettboden-dunkel.braun-dining room-window

Modern luxury house with inner garden as a highlight

flat roof lawn garden modern architecture

Plans and floor plans of the modern house luxury home-plan floor plan-basement-premises

luxury home-plan-floorplan-modern-architecture-upstairs

luxury home-plan floor plan flat roof

* Design Casa 5 of Arquitectura in Estudio

Bedroom with bathroom behind glass wall – loft apartment in Tel Aviv

bedroom-bathroom-behind-glass-loft-apartment-gray-white-wooden floor

An apartment in the city center of Tel Aviv was reconstructed by BenLavie Design & Architecture in Loft. The interiors were designed as open as possible, with a large part of the walls being replaced with glass. The first living level is kept completely open – kitchen, lounge and dining area , Inside wooden staircase leads to Bedroom with bathroom behind glass wall.

Bedroom with bathroom behind glass wall and open spaces

bedroom-bathroom-behind-glass-loft apartment Washing console-modern

The total living space has been increased from 69 to 91 square meters by the union of the areas and optimization of the whole room height. On the upper floor is the master bedroom with bathroom separated from the other room only by transparent glass surface. The window wall in front of the sleeping area can be moved out to ensure immediate view of the living room below.

Bedroom with bathroom in minimalist style – gray and white


The modern bathroom is simple, in monochrome black and white. Free-standing washbasin and bathtub reduce the area’s much practical. In the wall, a functional built-in wardrobe was installed to allow accessories and cosmetic items to remain behind closed doors while being available.

Bedroom with bathroom in black and white – freestanding white washbasin

bedroom-bathroom-behind-glass-loft-apartment-glass wall-washing console design

Minimalist design and precise finish show in this bathroom. The modern bathroom furniture combines wonderfully with the finely laid anthracite gray mosaic tile floor. The fishbone arrangement with white fugue produce an optical perception of Pepita fabric.

Bedroom with bathroom behind glass wall and inner stairs leading to the first floor


The high-quality wooden floor made of natural wood contributes to a cozy ambience. It exudes warmth and matches the cool look of clean lines and white walls in the interior.

Bedrooms with bathroom behind glass wall create a feeling for open spaces


Glass railings make the stairs and the transition to the second floor appear as freestanding in the room and very airy. In the steps, compartments and additional storage space were housed, which seem invisible at first glance, as the door handles are missing.

Bedroom with bathroom behind glass wall – view from the inside wooden staircase

inner-stair-glass-bad-white-minimalist design loft apartment

Inner staircase made of wood with glass railing placed in the middle of the apartment

inner-stair-wood and glass minimalist design loft apartment

The inner staircase is opposite the entrance, separated from the slats by a semi-transparent screen. It is a good idea to have an overview of the front door and at the same time a separate entrance hall or corridor.

Open kitchen with minimalist design in white

kitchen-open-and-white minimalist-design-loft apartment-glass

The modern open kitchen with minimalist design, clean lines and rectangular, edgy forms merges with the matte surface similar to the wall paint. Discrete lighting and metal accents add extra chic to the interior.

Open space planning and monochrome colors for the kitchen-living room

living room-gray-open-kitchen-minimalist-design-loft apartment

The upper and lower levels of the living area were minimalistically designed predominantly in white and gray. Small accents, such as surfaces and carpets contrast with free, organic design.

Modern white kitchen with kitchen island and counter


A view from the staircase to the kitchen with kitchen island and counter.

Living room and dining area with full height of the modern loft apartment

living room-blue-white-minimalist-design-loft apartment

In the living area a generous corner sofa stretches upholstered with gray fabric. The black fur rug contrasts with its irregular cut and proportions. As a “cuddly” zone form because of the structure of the fur and upholstery fabric of the couch.

Loft apartment with glass walls and doors – bedroom with bathroom in the upper living level

living room-blue-white-glass-minimalist-design-loft apartment

In the open living area, next to the window, a modern dining table with glass top and four chairs with curved wooden construction was placed. Opposite is a wall unit, the same dark wood look of the chairs.

Modern room planning and open spaces – eat-in kitchen

living room-blue-white-kitchen-open-minimalist-design-loft apartment

To throw a beautiful overview of the elegant minimalist kitchen-living area is enough to tilt the scales in the direction of “open areas”.

Living area – Lounge with generous corner sofa and dining area

Bedroom with bathroom -room-gray-white-minimalist-corner-sofa-loft-apartment

Chic dining area – dining table with chairs and wall unit in the same look

Bedroom with bathroom-livingroom-minimalist-living-wall-dining-area-couch-loft-apartment

* a project of BLV Design & Architecture

Cars »Jaguar F-Type Coupé: A look behind the wheel

Jaguar F-type red-distant-image

Of the Jaguar F-Type Coupe is exactly what we expected. We just want to explain, that’s not a bad thing. Yes, there are basically no surprises in this car, in this important car its exactness is a testament not only to a well-done marketing job, but also a proof that the Jaguar does not compromise.

The Jaguar F-Type Coupé – Link between heritage and history

Jaguar F-Type coupe-air-picture

It does not often happen that a car company makes such an explicit review of its past at a crucial point in its evolution. Normally, drawing all the attention to the connection between heritage and history gives you something of a gamble, more of a direct appeal to emotions than rational thinking. As the F-Type Convertible appeared last year, we found his associations with the past are more psychological than technical; the F- is better designed than the E-type unless strictly following the linear chronology, because there were many sporting Jaguars in between, as well as a lot of abandoned concept visions.

The Jaguar F-Type Coupé – technical specifications

Jaguar F-Type-movement-red-color

Of the Jaguar F-Type Coupe has a far better claim to direct technical descent compared to his ancestors. It looks fantastic, much nicer than the convertible. This unbalanced relationship between the two mirrors in the original E-type; The open car has received much honor, film reels and photo shoots, while the fixed-head coupe is still awaiting, the design lovers say with nods, including Ian Callum, Jaguar – chief designer. For Callum, the shape of the flowing roof is just right, that was the decisive moment in the development of the car; The result is now one of the most beautiful three – quarters views of the street.

Behavior on the street

Jagua-F-Type hinen-ripe-red-off

Who waits for the coupe, has to endure the usual long lead period. Conceptual preview, commercials, staged debut, and now these people are finally going to be behind the wheel, soon, in a few weeks, as the first customer vehicles hit the market.

The Jaguar on stage

coupe Jaguar F-to-the-off-black

As we’ve already mentioned about the convertible, the F-Type is not shy or retiring, both in terms of noise and drama. Even adding a hefty piece of aluminum over your head can not reduce the noise from the tailpipes. In the V8, R ‘form, especially in the F-type, any crackling noises, bangs and growls, so the sound attack, fortunately adjusted by the dynamic brilliance of the car itself. Adding a roof has made the F-Type rigid, as you might expect, so even inexperienced riders have balance, posture and agility when pushing. On one track, the F-type is still boorish, especially the flagship “R”, with sophisticated electronic safety net, so that the car can adapt to wet and dry conditions.

Safe on the way

Jaguar F-Type suitcase-space-black open

As is often the case, this is a modest, V6-powered car, the Sweet Spot, a little lighter, not so cheeky and offers more than enough power. The roof also offers much more trunk than the convertible, so the coupe is a pretty attractive limousine while the optional glass roof means you will not even miss the sky. In short, the Jaguar F-Type Coupe shoot straight to the top of the wish list of the cars you love and will enjoy as well.

The comfortable coupe
Jaguar F-Type-the-coupe-inside

Console table behind sofa set – 51 furnishing ideas

Console table behind sofa-wood-fern-table-lampshade-basket-furniture

If you are comfortable Relaxed in the living room, it’s always handy to have things like remote control, book, reading light and maybe glass of drink within your grasp. Appropriately smaller table or a Console table behind sofa would be a good option to bring decoration and functionality under one roof. Console made of wooden boards you can tinker at any time, if only limited space is available. On the other hand, sideboards and upcycling tables are perfect for this purpose.

Practical console table behind the sofa

Console table behind sofa-ideas-elegant-stool-elegant-upholstery-sprossenfenster

They want the corner or pull out sofa in the middle of the room, but so much space is lost and the room looks messy. Place beautiful console table behind the seating, decorate with two identical table lamps with elegant lamp base and maybe a flower vase. Symmetrically prepared objects with the same look and color create a sense of order and calm. Even numbers for decorative elements and furniture support this visual perception and complete the stylish interior design.

Colonial console table behind sofa

Console table behind sofa-furnishing-ideas-colonial-wood-floor-dining-table-white-mantelpiece

The matching colors play an essential role in the successful and tasteful interior design. Choose two colors for flooring, furniture and walls and look for matching pieces of furniture accordingly. So the room will look harmonious and not zusammengebastelt. Add accents in the desired color with cushions or pillows with floral patterns or intense tones.

Set console table behind sofa – furnish home stylishly and elegantly

Console table behind sofa-furnishing-ideas-extravagant-colonial-modern-hall-living-room

To place the sofa farther away from the walls, it should have a representative back. A clever solution in cases when the back has some flaws is to put a nice console table behind it. Look for a real piece of jewelery, so that all the attention is focused on it and not on the confusing spots on the upholstery. In this way, individual touch in the room design is evoked and unmistakable taste for the beautiful.

Elegant and timeless – living room in black and white with beige seating

Console table behind sofa-furnishing ideas-black-weoss-elegenat-sitzmoebel-beige-upholstered fireplace-stairs

See the picture gallery and collect some inspirations. Maybe you will find exactly the right piece of furniture for your living room. Similar pieces are available in stores, now they would need to be found.

Console table behind the sofa can also be used as a side table

Console table behind sofa-furnishing ideas-white-couch-upholstery-strip-colonial-chandelier

Set a metal console table behind the sofa – set up tone-on-tone

Console table behind sofa-interior design-metal-gray-glass-upholstery-linen-planking

Console table behind sofa set – wood and candles for cozy atmosphere

Console table behind sofa-furnishing-ideas-books-candle-holder-wood-couch

Console table behind sofa – metal frame and wooden top

Console table behind sofa-wood-upholstery-gray-parquet-floor-white-fireplace

Console table behind sofa and table lamps with natural stone lamp base

Console table behind sofa-interior-design-lamps-natural-stone-suitcase-books-decor

Console table behind sofa – table from foot of a sewing machine

Console table behind sofa-furnishing ideas-jute carpet-parquet-floor-fireplace-natural stone

Vintage console table behind sofa

Console table behind sofa-interior design-jute carpet-couch-white-upholstery-cotton-vases

More storage space with console table behind sofa

Console table behind sofa-furnishing ideas-wood-white-terrace-fern-candle

Console table behind the sofa – solid wood is always a good choice

Console table behind sofa-interior-design-wood-rustic-lamp-sand-lampshade

Industrial style meets rustic – console table behind sofa

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-wood-country style-wooden floor-natural stone-wall fluctuating

Elegant sideboard in colonial style as a console table

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-wood Colonial carpet-boots-Lamp vase

Build the console yourself and put it behind the couch

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-wood-rustic beige couch-carpet-vase

Simpler table made of wood as a console table behind the couch

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-wood-colonial beige-course-terrassentueren

Solid wood furniture and leather couch – successful combination

console table behind-sofa-establishment of ideas rustic sideboard-solid wood-wood floor leather couch

Eclectic living room in brown and beige tones

console table behind-sofa-establishment of ideas antique colonial-rustic ornamnte-dekobeige

Console table in colonial style made of wood and leather couch

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas leather couch-wood-colonial elegant-white-brown

Rough wood surfaces give comfort

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-couch-beige-industrial-style Tv-large

Console table behind the sofa for every style of living – furnishing ideas

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-light gray-terrassentueren-beach-house-elegant

console table behind-sofa-establishment of ideas couches wallpaper wall-dark brown-wandestaltung-yellow substance

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-white-lamp-succulents-beige

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-white-stool-pad-white-basket-firewood

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-bin-kob-plant-deco-rustic fireplace

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas Basket-plant-deco-coffer-bin

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-console-white-striped couch-yellow-glass

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-wooden floor-colonial wall shelves

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-colonial antique beige-cream white-carpet-lampshade

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-white-modern-wall tiling and natural stone-book shelves

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-white-pillows-pattern curtains-plant

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-wooden floor-beige-wangestaltung-natural stone-spots-window wall

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas dark brown Sitting moeglichkeiten-vernseher

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-blue-turquoise-terrassentueren-tvwand-stool

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas, beige and bright-light gray-sideboard-black

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas gray chairs and white-light-pastel-antique

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-brown-gray stool-orange-accents-metal-glass

console table behind-sofa-establishment of ideas posters lamps and elegant-stool-stripe cushion

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-about-couch-sitting moeglichkeiten-ablageflaeche-bin

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-brown-carpet-circular-terrassentueren-pad

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-beige-brown blanket-pillow-carpet-deco

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas Tv leather couch-potato-lighting pillows

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-wood-metal frame-stool chairs-couch-cushion

console table behind-sofa-establishment of ideas rohromoebel-industrial-style-wood-pipes

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-Scandinavian wood-white-beautiful-handy

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-black-white-modern-seat cushion-gra

console table behind-sofa-establishment of ideas practical ablageflaeche-bin-natural stone

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-wood-metal-books-shelves-bin

console table behind-sofa-establishment ideas-colonial table lamps lampshade-carpet-couches-cozy

25 ideas for attractive wall design behind the bed in the bedroom

attractive wall design bedroom 3d wall panels floral motif white

There is no rule that you should attach an old-fashioned wood or metal headboard to the bed. Instead, you can express your creative character and transform the space above and beyond the bed into an aesthetically pleasing piece of art. The area above the head of your bed is often ignored, but because of its eye-catching location in the bedroom, one becomes attractive wall design give the sound for the whole room. Here you will find ideas and inspirations how to make this bed-wall extraordinary.

Attractive wall design and geometric shapes

attractive wall design bedroom wall panels mint green gray

Modern homes often have unusual architecture that can be challenging. For a bedroom with high ceilings, a dramatically tall headboard that extends to the ceiling and beyond is best.

Attractive wall design and construction with built-in shelves

attractive-wall design-bedroom-dry wall-shelves-lit-mirror-elements

The space above the bed also offers the option of storing books and other decorative pieces. This idea is also ideal for small bedrooms, as they occupy little floor space, but it offers plenty of space for art objects, books and baskets for storing personal belongings.

attractive-wall design-bedroom-wallpaper-brick-optic shelves

attractive-wall design-bedroom 3d wall panels black

Luxury bedroom in gold and brown

Attractive wall design gold quilted headboard wall mirror

Bed with oversized quilted headboard

oversized bed headboard white quilted wall mirror luxury

Wall decoration above the bed in stone look

attractive wall design paneled wall stone look

Decorative ideas for the wall behind the bed

attractive wall design floral motifs bedroom high ceiling mirror

romantic purple bedroom

Attractive wall design bedroom sloped quilted headboard

modern ceiling design and recessed lighting

bedroom decking wood behind bed shelves leather headboard

Attractive wall design bedroom wood wall ceiling recessed lighting

Wood wallcovering

bedroom wood wall paneling behind bed carpet floor

white upholstered wall behind the bed

bedroom white cream upholstered wall glass sliding doors

Quilted large headboard bed vintage chandelier

bedroom yellow brown wood bed plastic wall ideas

Creative wall design wood wall paneling behind bed upholstered wall

bedroom furniture bed upholstered headboard wood cabinets

wall design bedroom wood shelves headboard recessed lighting

rustic bed headboard high ceiling wooden slats

wall design bedroom ideas upholstery wall squares earth tones

wall over bed cabinets shelves idea purple white

bed high bed headboard suspended ceiling beige brown bedroom

Attractive wall design high gloss recessed lights behind bed wall

attractive wall design behind bed white brown shelves cubes

platform bed brown bedroom suspended ceiling led lights

Beauty »The choice of lipstick color and the personality behind it

Lipstick color red personality woman

The Choice of lipstick color can turn into a fun experience. But what kind of personality is behind this color? What do the colors of the lipstick about the character of a woman?

The choice of lipstick color as an assessment scheme

Choice of lipstick color red assessment scheme

An investigation by a cosmetics company shows that people immediately after the woman Choice of lipstick color Over 80% of the women who participated in the investigation said they considered women with red lipstick to be self-confident. Almost 60% considered these women as friendly. In spite of that, 6% are ready to break the set rules and choose bright colors of the lipstick for the job interview

The red color of the lipstick

Choice of Lipstick Color Red Variations Examples

“The color red has the ability to attract people and attention, so it can help you stand out in a job interview or in a new social group. The Red Choice of lipstick color But it can mean a lot of competition, and wearing it with black clothes can make it more aggressive. In the right combination, bright colors like red can express openness and friendliness, “says psychologist Angela Wright.

The bright colors

Choice of lipstick color flash color variations

Women wearing bright colors of lipstick not only feel more self-confident, but also sexier. More than a third of the interviewed women also said that they would choose a light lipstick for a first date.

“As a primary psychological color, red is physically stimulating, accelerating the pulse and physical energy. This reflects the body reaction when it is excited. So, if you wear a red lipstick on your first date, make sure you do not send a more daring message than expected, “advises Wright.

Bright lipstick

Electro-lipstick color- bright- character-woman

Eighty-five percent of the women surveyed thought women wearing bright lipstick colors were timid. However, over 60% admitted that they would choose bright colors of the lipstick for the job interview, the first working day and the first meeting with the partner’s parents.

Dark lipstick and its meaning

Choice of lipstick color - dark lips

Over 70% of respondents believe that women with a dark lipstick have an unfriendly look. Only 22% of women admitted that they wear dark lipstick. Twenty-five percent of the respondents admitted that they would be wearing dark colors of lipstick for the Christmas celebration of the workplace.

When asked which lipstick color each woman meets and what she wants, most ladies with red lipstick answered the color of the skin.

Choice of lipstick color red meaning character

Choice of lipstick color flash color personality

Options- lipstick- color- color- pink character

Optic - lipstick color - red - Character - Woman Meaning

Terraces »The Residential Winter Garden – Enjoy the winter sun behind the glazing

Residential winter garden alu black modern furniture wiped out

A sunlit room with expansive exterior windows has many names: sun room, glazed terrace, glass-growing and conservatory. A typical one Residential winter garden is a greenhouse or conservatory Made with three walls and a ceiling of glass or other translucent material, where you can also design a lounge area. conservatories were popular for the great houses of the English aristocracy in the 19th century. The modern winter garden is an extension of the living space and can be used all year round with the right heater.

A light-flooded residential winter garden

Residential winter garden summer living room glazed floor plank sun

The conservatories were originally designed to allow people to cultivate plants that thrive in warm climates, such as citrus fruits, in cold climates. Often they were also a place where exotic items of travel were exhibited – rare insect species, bird cages, etc.

The residential winter garden – usable all year round

winter garden glazed terrace rattan furniture snow landscape

The good news is, you can build a small conservatory without owning a large Victorian house. You can easily steal the look of these exclusive residential winter gardens, especially if you have a room with lots of natural light. You need some plants (better palm trees), summery rattan furniture and maybe a carpet for more cosiness.

comfortable seat

Residential conservatory glazed terrace wooden floor furniture

Glass cultivation with modern equipment

Residential conservatory patio glazing hanging plants home bar

relax in the winter sun

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Sun protection for the glass roof

Living room conservatory sun protection roof rollos

Chandeliers and furniture in a classic style winter garden armchair chandelier classic style tile

Kitchen in the conservatory

Residential conservatory plant kitchen glass roof

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Residential conservatory glazing fireplace modern polyrattan furniture tv

conservatory wood rattan stoves

Wohnwintergarten hobbyraum relaxation planting

glazed terrace conservatory dining area wood dining table

Residential winter garden furnishing carpet boxwood conservatory living room outside Baume pot climbing rose

conservatory seating planting floor tiles

winter garden sitting area iron furniture white palms

glazed terrace carpet iron furniture glass roof