Compact kitchen by Snaidero – sink, cooking and dining area on the board

Compact kitchen Snaidero wood kitchen living room shelves built-in oven

The design solutions for small apartments are becoming ever more innovative and provide us with clever ideas on how to optimally design our limited space. You can have a modern kitchen without sacrificing functionality and pleasing aesthetics. The Italian kitchen manufacturer Snaidero presents one compact kitchen , which combines everything necessary on a bar. The board kitchen not only offers excellent aesthetic and functional solutions, but is perfectly adapted to the small footprint.

Compact kitchen with counter by Snaidero

Compact kitchen Snaidero board design wood

Developed in collaboration with the architect Pietro Arosio, the kitchen design has a protruding board that unites a sink, a hob and a dining area. The user enjoys a comfortable freedom of movement during the Preparation of meals, while he has all areas at hand.

Compact kitchen by Snaidero suitable for small apartments

Compact kitchen Snaidero cabinet unit shelves wood board

The compact counter is available in two different sizes – 90 cm and 120 cm – and is fully equipped. The small version of the kitchenette is an ideal solution for studios or student apartments, while the larger design is perfect for open-plan kitchens with living rooms. The Snaidero board kitchen presents a functional, compact and modern design that would give you the comfort you want.

Sink, hob and breakfast bar in one

modern eat-in kitchen wood compact small counter hob

high-quality materials

Kitchen Snaidero board countertop wood veneer closet fronts

open kitchen with modern design

Compact kitchen Snaidero board red glossy wood dining counter white

the fascinating combination of red and wood

Compact kitchen Snaidero design protruding board

Built-in oven, shelves and refrigerator

compact kitchen line refrigerated rack shelves built-in oven red wood

make the most of the space

Compact kitchen board Snaidero white wood red studio apartment

Compact kitchen modern design materials wood Snaidero

Compact kitchen Snaidero board small apartment dining bar green high gloss

Compact kitchen design Snaidero sink dining area hob one

small kitchenette Snaidero small kitchen shelves counter

Compact kitchen Snaidero sink hob electric bar counter green

white kitchen snaidero board design built-in appliances handleless

Compact kitchenette Snaidero white corner shaped bar counter

small kitchen line modern design hob snaidero

Compact kitchen Snaidero white open hob cook bar

Pin board in the home office – the creative helper when organizing at home

Pinboard Home Office Calendar Family Photos Organization

Organizing with a pin board is a new concept to some, but for visual learners, this is a great system that has proven effective. The Pin board in the home office would help you to arrange your tasks, especially when you start a new project. As one busy housewife You can set the schedules of your big family in order hold.

Pinboard in the home office or in the kitchen

pin board kitchen cooking recipes magazine

You can also use a pin board in the kitchen because that’s where you spend most of your time. She could keep a calendar of all scheduled events, as well as post-it notes, and remind us of things we need to do. they should this system It really helps to make sure that you do not miss appointments and meetings or remember things to pick up!

Pin board in the home office with simple materials

Pinboard in the home office round embroidery hoop colored materials note

This may sound boring, but it’s fun and easy. The Bonus: A creative pinboard in the home office could also be an interesting, original decoration idea be. Practical should not be annoying, especially when it comes to lists.

Interesting idea for the pin board

Pinboard Home Office photo wall interesting idea

default Cork bulletin boards with simple wooden frames are the ubiquitous version of the Pin board in the home office But creating your own gives you more options to create a personalized, attractive organization helper. Your wall will represent your true organizational talent.

pink flowers and white picture frame

Pinboard in home office decoration flowers white picture frame

All in all, an organized home is happy. Although not everyone has to be color coded, it’s nice to see that things are in their right places. If you manage your home, you would feel better and more relaxed.

Fabric cover with flowers over the cork pin board pin board helper home rectangle cork fabric cover flowers

white frame

Pinboard Home office frame fabric black photos

Wall decoration with flowers as small pin boards

Pinboard in the home office wall decor flowers photos

pink pin board in the nursery Pinboard pink letter cork fabric cover

small and rectangular

Pinboard in the home office pinwheel photos rectangular

Bright pastel colors Pinboard Home Office Photos PC Birds Bright Colors

Order in the work area

Arrangement in the office book pinboard shelves box

Vintage picture frame as a decoration idea

organization deco ideas vintage picture frame photos clothespin

white vintage picture ramen

Pin board create organization at home

News and decorations Pinboard Home Office decoration practically black frame

old drawer Pinboard home office old drawer light blue

100 ideas for office furniture – promote creativity through the ambience

Make Activity Board yourself – fun for little children

Activity board itself make ideas-tinker-build-inspiration

An activity board is a great idea if you toy build or make for your own child. It is a game board that the children should promote. It encourages the little ones to experiment and try new things. We would like to give you some inspirations and ideas that can help you if you are one Do an activity board yourself want.

Do activity board yourself with little doors

activity board do wood-door-building-chain-photos yourself

The things you use to make the activity board yourself depend on the age of the child. There are various locks, computing boards, rings and objects made of soft and harder material, or with different surfaces to feel. More activity boards themselves make ideas for a lot fun we show you below.

Make colorful painted activity board yourself

Activity board yourself make painting-car-socket-puzzle-wood

So that children Having fun on the Activity Board does not even require complicated items. As you know as a mother or father, especially babies and toddlers like everything that moves, clicks, is interesting to feel and to try out. Therefore your imagination knows no bounds. Put yourself into childhood and use the activity board itself to do anything that seems interesting to you.

Wooden board as a basis

Activity board itself make experiment-boy-girl

In order for you to be able to do the activity board yourself, you need a sturdy board on which you can attach all objects. You can easily find a board in the hardware store or you can use a larger, old cutting board. That depends on the size you have planned and need. You can paint the board in color to make it more interesting for the child, or just leave it in its original color. The paint should not be harmful to the child!

Make Activity Board yourself – instructions

activity-board itself-making instructions-mirror-calculator-carabiner

So that you can make an activity board yourself, we would like to introduce you to a simple guide that you can imitate with your partner, but also on your own. You will see that such projects are much easier than you might think. Of course, that also depends on the ideas you have chosen.

Get materials

activity-board itself-making materials-diy-idea-easy

As already mentioned, you can choose items as you wish. The materials and items to make the activity board itself in this example are:

– a wooden board of any size
– paint and brush for the wooden board
– Sandpaper to round the edges
– Latches or locks and hinges
– Small wooden boards for doors
– Bar for hanging pictures
– Long, narrow board for the bar
– Drill
– Mirror, calculator, snap hook, door chain, door knob with lock, LED lamp and any other objects

A board for hanging

activity-board itself-are-drill-strip-metal project-excitation

If you want, you can paint the wooden board. For this purpose, a transparent lacquer or one or more colorful colors is suitable. If you would like to make an activity board yourself that you can hang up, you should apply the strip after the paint has dried. Screw them onto the narrow wooden board and not directly onto the Activity Board. Later, the game board can simply be leaned against the wall.

Arrange objects

activity-board itself-making child-tinker-toy

Once you have collected all the items, you should unpack them and arrange them on the board before you can start making your own with the activity board and screw the items together. In this way you can move, change and exchange as you like. Are you satisfied with the compilation, you can start already. Screw everything together, or use double-sided tape or silicone (for example, for the mirror and calculator).

Little surprises

activity-board itself-are-family-photo-hinges-screw

You can hide small surprises in the form of photos of one or more family members behind small doors. As an alternative, pictures of favorite cartoon characters, animals or friends of the game are also suitable. Think of a small doorknob to make it easier to open. You can also make it difficult to open, by thinking of a tricky closure variant that your child has to solve once.

The finished activity board

activity-board itself-make-wall-deco-game-tuerknauf-computer

And that’s how the Activity Board should look like in the end. Of course, that depends on your items and the distribution you have chosen. Before you let your child play with it, make sure everything is well set by shaking something on the objects. Then you may hang it on the chosen wall.

Colorful idea

activity-board itself-make-colorful-color-paint-telefeon Handset lock

The more colorful you design the Activity Board, the more attractive and interesting it will be for your child. You can therefore paint individual wooden elements in different colors. Everyday items such as buttons, zippers, as well as some old-fashioned things like a turntable or a classic telephone handset are a welcome thing and will certainly arouse the intrigue of your little one or the little ones.

Pipes for ball games

activity-board itself-make-colorful-xylophone-pipes-ball game

A great inspiration, if you make the activity board yourself, this is also with the tubes. These can run over the entire board or occupy only a small area and end in a container. Your child can then roll through flummies or other small balls. What about some hourglasses?

Simple idea for toddlers

activity-board-easy-baby-baby-pictures-make himself

If you do not have the opportunity to drill and screw, come up with a simpler variant for gluing. Children are very interested in pictures. Glue them to the board and cover them with any fabric (such as felt). In this way, you can also make the popular memory game when you make the Activity Board yourself.

A mix of locks

activity-board itself-are-playing-idea-raeder-light switch

Locks are available in different shapes and types. When you make the activity board yourself, you can combine several together so that the child learns how each one can be opened. Simple wheels are just as interesting and can be bought or taken from an old stool. Let’s come up with various locking systems where your child can open the locks by thinking logically.

Electric exercises

activity-board itself-make-yellow-black-rigid boards-switch-tuerkette

If you have any idea about electrics, you can also use lamps and switches to make an interesting activity board yourself. It can be powered by a battery. The current is not strong and therefore not dangerous. Children are also fascinated by lights, so you can make an interesting game board. Various schemes for connection can be found on the Internet.

Activity board in the form of a house

activity-board itself-make-yellow-house-form tueren-rocking horse

Of course, if you’re bored with a rectangular or square shape, you can come up with something else if you want to do an activity board yourself. You can have the chosen shape cut at the hardware store or even lend a hand at home. Original are these doors, each with a different lock are closed.

Activity board itself with many suggestions

activity-board itself-make-painter roll-color roll-wood-games-rope-tie

Magnets and Magnetic Boards are a great way to make different games when you make the activity board yourself. The magnetic board can be attached to the board and you can attach different figures, letters or numbers. With ropes, your child can practice tying knots and loops.

Idea for babies

activity-board itself-make-baby-feel-feel-anhaenger

Design pendants made of different materials and with different surface structures. Babies find it very interesting to touch objects while stimulating their sense of touch, which is a wonderful way to promote them. Here you can see a variant for hanging. But you can also come up with something of your own.

Switch, propeller, calculator

activity-board itself-make-propeller-star-figure-rope-knot

Instead of a calculator, you can also attach a calculator board or combine both. This helps your child learn to calculate. The colorful colors of the pearls make the accessory particularly interesting. As you can see, even dog toys can be interesting.

Make colorful activity board yourself

activity-board itself-making game, board-ding-pay-looking

If you have many different items attached to the board, you can use the slots to distribute numbers or letters to practice counting or the alphabet. By finding the right number, the exercise becomes even more interesting for the child. Let your imagination run wild!

Engraved wooden cutting board gives the kitchen a twist

Beech wood lemon onion engraved surface

Here comes a super cool gift idea – that engraved Wooden cutting board gives every kitchen a kick. The cutting board looks so original indeed, it can also be used as a serving table.

Cutting board made of wood – cool gift idea

Periodic table beautiful gift idea table plate kitchen

A gift of sentimental value that is practical at the same time is difficult to find. But this Wooden cutting board combines functionality and creativity in one design. Prepared by Elysium Woodworks , the cutting board can be engraved according to your own project. It can be made from maple, white oak, beech or walnut wood. Here are just a few of the ideas realized – the periodic table, the solar system, a map with exactly indicated coordinates. No matter which variant you choose, one thing is certain – the cutting board is a real eye-catcher!

Wooden chopping board – the periodic table

Periodic table beautiful engraving ideas gift Easter

The solar system engraved on the cutting board

Cutting board engraved personal gift idea beautifully original

Cool and funny gift idea – engraved cutting board after your project

label engrave beautiful gift oak wood

Kitchen accessories – Chopping board with sentimental value

Vegetable original idea engraved kitchen accessories

Cutting board made of wood – for all hobby quivers

Pumpkins onion cut gift idea table kitchen

Idea oak chopping board bacon onion pumpkins

Cutting board wood onion cut kitchen accessories original

An innovative Jet Surf board – Flyboard ZR hoverboard


For all Surf Fans who not only trust the power of the wind and the waves, we have an innovative project to introduce. Flyboard ZR Hoverboard is a watercraft for extreme adventures in the water. It is easily treated by the surfers and snowboarders, thanks to the principle that applies to this vessel. The difference between the conventional surfboard and the snowboard is the connection with a stream of water that actually generates the power of propulsion. The balance in the air as a real acrobat is very well known to the extreme athlete – because the snowboarder very often performs jumps from the ground over the ice. The surfers also perform jumps in the air, but they use the power of wind on the rope or kite.

The Jet Surf Board Flyboard ZR Hoverboard – the snowboard in the water

hoverboard Round-air-water-flow-extrem

The so-called flyboards have already become well-known last year. But the manufacturers of this alternative to surfing continue to perfect it. Now you did that Jet surf board, that’s called ZR hoverboard. The innovation resembles a snowboard that moves on the water thanks to a powerful stream of water.

Jet surf board that lets you fly

ZR Hoverboard-round-water-flow-idea-extrem

In the following video you can see how the device behaves under real conditions. The innovative Jet surf board Flyboard ZR Hoverboard, with which you can fly about 5 meters above the water surface, will soon be on the market. It is going round 4,300 euros costs. For the owners of a flyboard, however, it is offered to simply convert it to $ 2,675.

The flyboard in action in the air

ZR Hoverboard high-air-under-image

A parabola in the air – thanks to the water flow

water-ZR-current-surf-board jet-water-2

A speed competition between flyboard athletes

water-sport-hoverboard-jet surf board

This sport is very popular in the holiday areas

nice-hoverboard picture-water-air-snow-board principle

The innovative Flyboard ZR by Hoverboard brings a lot of pleasure

beautiful-picture-water-jet-sport-surf board-

The flyboard and the mother boat


The air figures are executed precisely and attentively

in-the-air-jet surf-board-very-water-sport



hoverboard-of-ZR-panoramas photo-water-extrem

jet flybshow-in-the-air-surf board-

Pin board to make yourself – simple instructions for making

Pin board make yourself with frame wood frame

This fabulous idea for Pin board to do it yourself is very easy to implement and has a practical, as well as decorative value. Follow the simple ones instructions and make your own wall with a frame where you can attach your business cards and other important notes.

Pin board to make your own – required materials

pin board making with frame detail

For the production of the Pin board to do it yourself you need the following materials : Frame with hardboard, fabric material 5 cm wider than the hardboard, colored elastic band, various buttons with holes, knitting yarn and needle, tacker, pin and cotton twice as big as the hardboard.

Pin board to do it yourself – step one

pin board make yourself with frame basis

The first step in the production of the Pin board to do it yourself is the cotton to cut. Cut two pieces that are the same size as the hardboard. Then cut off the fabric, which should be exactly 5 cm wider than the hardboard.

Step two

Pin board to make yourself with frame fabric pattern

To the Pin board to do it yourself You should then attach the fabric to the hardboard using the stapler. Tack the fabric on the back of the plate and straighten it as best you can to keep it from wrinkling.

Step three

pin board make yourself with frame cross

Then it’s time for the elastic bands. You can choose the ribbons in any color, depending on the pattern and the color of the fabric material. As a basis, first stretch two bands at the opposite corners of the panel so that they intersect.

Step four

pin board yourself with frame fasten

The next step in the production of the Pin board to do it yourself is to fasten the bands. Use the pin and attach the volumes 10 cm apart. It should create a pattern with the shape of a rhombus.

Step five

pin board to make yourself with frame stapler

After you have covered the elastic bands, attach them to the edge of the hard plate with stapler, so that the structure is completely stable.

Step six

pin board make yourself with frame diamond shape

pin board making with frame colorful buttons

pin board making with frame sewing button

pin board making with frame decoration

The Pin board to do it yourself also serves as a decoration. That’s why it’s important to decorate them with decorative elements as well. Use buttons of different size and color. Sew them at the intersections of the elastic bands.

Step seven

pin board selfmade with frame ready

The last step in the production of the Pin board to do it yourself is to put the whole finished construction in the frame and … voilà! You can then put your business cards and any notes between the elastic bands. Have a look at other creative pinboard ideas in our picture gallery.

Pin board to make yourself with frame fabric upholstery

pin board to make yourself with frame wall decoration

pin board to make yourself with frame vintage style pin board to make yourself with frame trinkets green

pin board make yourself with frame simple design pin board make yourself with frame original design Pin board make yourself with frame green orange pin board make yourself with frame gray monochrome pin board making with frame gratitude leaves pin board make yourself with frame brooches silver pin board make yourself with frame baroque style blue

Kitchen design – Idea for wood cutting board to make yourself

Cheese bread food preparation

Refresh your kitchen – with this simple idea for Wood cutting board for do-it-yourself , We give you an incentive not only for original shapes – but will give you tips for cleaning and storage.

Make wood cutting board yourself – which wood is suitable?

Kitchen pizza cutting board itself

Numerous studies have tried to compare wood and plastic. Although wood has basically been replaced by plastic in the food industry, there is no clear answer to the question of which material is healthier. The pinewood is recommended for its antibacterial effect. Other materials often used in the Wood chopping board Selection are beech, birch, olive wood. Bamboo is looking forward to particular obesity and popularity in recent years because of its high durability, but you must expect a higher price. So choose the material that’s best for you and buy a wooden board. You can think about the dimensions in advance. In our example, we show three different sizes of cutting boards – with the idea that they are also for Serving serve can.

Make wood cutting board yourself – Tips for cleaning and storage

oversized cutting board serving table

The practical idea is to have several kitchen boards for different foods – on one you can fish and on the other – fruits and vegetables. When cleaning the cutting boards, do not place them in the dishwasher – the wood may swell from the treatment. Rinse the wooden boards carefully with hot water and detergent. Keep the cutting boards upright. Oil the wood regularly with olive oil or linseed oil. You can sometimes be re-sharpened so that they last longer.

cutting board do it yourself – buy pine wood plate

Pine cutting boards material

Wood cutting boards – cut out according to template

Cut out wooden cutting board

Cut out the shape – and the wooden board is ready

Cut cutting board yourself

Oil the wood with olive oil

Wooden board oil-brushing tips ideas

The final result – cutting boards in three different sizes

Make three wooden cutting boards yourself

Rustic chopping board made of solid wood – durable and beautiful

healthy dinner-cheese tomatoes

Healthy dinner served on a wooden plate

Cutting board design idea

Cutting board in heart shape

Cutting board make original idea yourself

Prepare food – and serve on wooden plate

Cutting board itself make serving table

Original idea – wooden chopping board with taffeta color

Keeping the kitchen in order

Original and sweet decoration refreshes even ordinary wood cutting boards

cute decoration idea food design

This cutting board was cut in the shape of a state in the USA

creative wood cutting board ideas

Cozy dinner – wooden chopping board serves as a wooden plate for serving

Serve dinner creatively with cheese