Holiday Home & Hotel Design »Driftwood decoration and breathtaking sea views: Myconian Utopia

natural wood dining table glass railing balcony driftwood decoration

This boutique hotel boasts a unique location with great views of the Aegean Sea and exquisite Mediterranean-style décor. Overlooking the famous Elia Beach, the luxurious Myconian Utopia Resort offers breathtaking views of the city Islands of the Cyclades at the horizon. Utopia means in Greek as much as nowhere, in the sense of a heavenly dreamland. In this context, the 5-star hotel combines fantasy and reality, offering an unforgettable stay. Driftwood decoration, olive wood, natural stone and white plastered walls – visitors can expect a wonderful, Mediterranean ambience to feel good.

Driftwood Deco furniture bench sconces stair handrail

All accommodations at the 5-star resort are exceptionally stylish and authentically furnished to provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort. The combination of contemporary furniture and rustic materials creates a delightful atmosphere that invites guests to linger. The driftwood decoration radiates a special coziness and provides attractive contrasts. Old wood-look objects are always unique – unique pieces with their own story. The colors of the decor are reflected in the natural landscape and provide a breathtaking backdrop to the deep blue of the sea.

driftwood-deco-furniture-black-accents-living room

There are luxurious rooms and three exclusive villas with several bedrooms. Private balconies and spacious terraces, where you can enjoy the warm sunshine in absolute peace and dreamlike atmosphere, make for a very pleasant stay. It is also possible to book a room with outdoor whirlpool on the terrace. In combination with the breathtaking view – this promises a special bathing experience! Relaxing hours can also be found in the unique stone bathtub, which is 100 percent handmade.

sun lie-jaccuzzi-infinity-pool-promising-sea

The largest villa is the jewel of this resort. It sleeps up to 13 people and has a private infinity pool with beautiful views of Elia Beach. Covering an area of ​​270 m², the Grand Majestic Villa has 5 bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen and a fully equipped barbecue area on the terrace.

With a spa area, a gourmet Mediterranean restaurant and a pool bar, Myconian Utopia Resort offers a variety of options for an unforgettable vacation.

driftwood deco-bedroom-infinity-pool-terrace

driftwood-deco-side table-olive wood-chair

bedroom-platform-bed-mattress-poster bed-jute string

black-bath-middle-bedroom-terrace-sun are

driftwood-deco bed-pendant lights-weave yarn

driftwood-deco-windlicht halter-clothes stand


driftwood-deco-floor light sculptures-human figures


driftwood Deco windlicht halter-spa

infinity-pool-night lighting-leds-sparkle-terrace Lookout

driftwood-deco-drilling flower-terrace-glass railings

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Ferienhaus & Hotel Design »Sleep well at an extreme height – A breathtaking experience

Sleep well morning-sunrise-capsule-overnight-view-mountains

Have you ever dreamed of falling asleep under a beautiful evening sky full of stars and in a comfortable bed ? Do you like extreme experiences, climbing and hiking? Then we have an exceptional hotel with breathtaking views for you, where you can guarantee a good night’s sleep and that at the extreme height.

Sleep well at extreme heights – For people who want to go to the extreme limit

Sleep well-capsule-construction-aluminum-mountains-peru-extreme

A company specializing in the field of extreme tourism has an innovative one Hotel room in extreme height in the recover Peru built. Three separate suits made of ultralight aluminum and weather-resistant polycarbonate for the windows are attached to a rock face using steel cables. Each room has four beds and a private bathroom with sink. The “capsules” have a lighting system with four integrated lamps and a reading lamp. Everything is powered by solar cells. There is no lack of privacy as curtains are provided for each area.

Sleep well at an extreme height – A hotel in the mountains of Peru

Sleep well-night-sky-view-night-capsules-construction-aluminum-pvc

Of course, this exceptional hotel can only be reached after hours of climbing. But then you can relax and enjoy the breathtaking view and sleep well in a comfortable bed and relax to gather strength for the next extreme day. If you like extreme sports and adventures, then this place in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco in Peru is just right for your next adventure. Let yourself be inspired by the following pictures!

Romantic view in the evening with starry sky

Sleep well -star-night-clear-mountains-extreme-experience

Comfortable sleeping at extreme heights is possible

Sleep well-capsule-evening-lighting-extremely-high-altitude-rock

Stunning views of the natural landscape

Sleep well-capsule-rock-extreme-high-altitude-steel-rope-safe

Sleeping over a river

Sleep well-extreme-high-altitude-mountains-capsule-outlook

A comfortable bed awaits you after the strenuous climbing

Sleep well-bedroom-bed-pillow-view-capsule-extreme-hotel

A real bed at an extreme height with a breathtaking view

good-sleep-bedroom bed-pillows-bettbezuege-aluminum construction-transparent-stable

Im with traditional embroidered pillows relax decorated bed

good-sleep-bedded-kiss-kissenbezuege-ornaments-traditional views-construction

Romantic moments in an exceptional bedroom



good-sleep-temporarily-bad-promising-mountains-hoehe-aluminum construction


good-sleep-climb-extreme-sport-eat-promising Mountains Extreme-hoehe


good-sleep-hotel-extreme-hoehe-stahlseile-aluminum construction-woman-climbing


good-sleep-dinner-fruehstueck-hotel-hoehe Mountains-peru-adventure

* Learn more about this extreme attraction here

Architecture »Modern mountain hut with breathtaking views

Modern hut-front

Here is an example of one hut overlooking the mountainside Kanagawa that will surely impress everyone. Its location provides a starting point for endless views of the city and surrounding area.

modern hut on a slope

Modern hut - side

The kitchen and dining area have been placed easily accessible near the main entrance. The living room frames the best view. The bedroom enjoys a view of the hills and the bathroom – a bright, airy atmosphere.

breathtaking view of the city

Modern hut-view

A large balcony is taking advantage of the view, while sliding doors enclose the bathroom. What else? Oh, did we mention that the living room has great views? Especially considering the wind that gets into the one-room interior. The interior of the building has 10 different floors.

Modern cabin with a view-side view

Modern hut with a view sky

Modern hut with outlook living room

Architecture »Modern waterfront home offers breathtaking panoramic views

house on the water with breathtaking panoramic ocean view

This modern one House on the water offers a breathtaking panoramic view and is the perfect place for relaxation. The house was designed by the architect Paul Merrick It is located in a fairy tale village in western Vancouver, where mountains and ocean meet. Located on the banks of the field, the house offers spectacular views of the western coast and the ocean.

Waterfront home with a fabulous location in western Vancouver

house water with stunning panoramic facade

The location of this House on the water secures private space and a place for rest and relaxation. The building was built of the finest materials. The architecture indicates a modern and luxurious design. The house has three bedroom , One of them overlooks the ocean and has a bathroom with spa area, as well as a private veranda.

Waterfront home with modern design and luxury amenities

house water with breathtaking panoramic views dining room

The most used building materials in this House on the water are wood and glass. The enormous picture windows have a particularly important function. Almost every room that faces the water has large windows or glass sliding doors. In this way you can enjoy the panoramic view in every room. In some rooms, the walls of natural rock are very angular and roughly left to achieve a natural look.

Modern house with multi-level design and several terraces

house by the water with stunning panoramic seating area

The House on the water has several floors and is not just to enjoy indoors. On each floor you can have fun in the open air. The house has a spacious wooden deck with a comfortable seating area and fireplace. Multi-level patios provide more outdoor diversity. This luxury property is for $ 4,890,000 to buy.

Glass walls ensure a panoramic view of the water surface

house on the water with breathtaking panoramic water side

View of the house from above

house on the water with breathtaking panoramic view above

Fairytale atmosphere in the evening

house water with breathtaking panoramic views in the evening

Panoramic windows facing the ocean

house water with stunning panoramic glass wall

Kitchen island and bar counter with a view to the outside

house on the water with breathtaking panoramic kitchen island

Modern equipped kitchen

house water with stunning panoramic kitchen

Living room with a cozy atmosphere

house on the water with breathtaking panoramic living room

Glass ceiling with wooden floorboards

house water with stunning panoramic glass roof

Wall of natural stone

house water with breathtaking panoramic rock

Bedroom with a spectacular view

house on the water with stunning panoramic bedroom

Bathroom with spa area

house water with stunning panoramic views bathroom

Wooden terrace with dining area

house on the water with breathtaking panoramic terrace

Stone fireplace and barbecue area

house water with breathtaking panoramic fireplace

Architectural plan of the house

house water with stunning panoramic architecture plan

A breathtaking photo shoot underwater in Bali


Benjamin Von Wong is a Montreal-based photographer known for his intricate creations and breathtaking photos that radiate energy. He has an extremely difficult one now Photo shooting with incredibly impressive results behind it. He was helped by a carefully selected team of experienced divers, underwater photographers and freedivers. They were all at the Photo shoot under water involved in a sunken shipwreck on the coast of Bali at 25 meters depth.

A breathtaking photo shoot underwater on a shipwreck


The photos are captivating in themselves, without the impressive technical details of the Photo shoot under water to know. The models, who also needed to be experienced freedivers (divers who dived without an oxygen tank), posed on-site in and around the shipwreck with beautiful floating dresses provided by international designer Ali Charisma, based in Bali. The floating clothes turn her into incredibly beautiful Mermaids or nymphs from a mythology who threaten to enchant sailors by their beauty and lure them into the cold, dark depths.

Photo shoot under water – who is behind this heavy and risky work


To the complicated Photo shoot under water Von Wong first needed to find the right helpers to support the shoot. Instead of photo assistants, he was helped by experienced safety divers, who also supplied the freedivers with oxygen from their oxygen tanks. The underwater environment made the use of luxurious studio equipment such as lighting impossible. The team was able to work for the Photo shoot under water rely solely on the flashes of the cameras and on the natural light. For some of the photos, the models were even tied to the shipwreck. Even the slightest misconceptions could have triggered a catastrophe during the shoot.

No photoshop was used for the photos (except the post production phase)


The models on these photos really had to hold their breath

untr-water-photograph-shiffswrack-Bali Benjamin-of-Wong-5

They are true mermaids

Bali-under-water-photo shoot-Benjamin-of-Wong-6

Because they are experienced freedivers, they can hold their air for between 3 and 4 minutes.

That’s probably why they feel so good while tied to the shipwreck. They were regularly supplied with oxygen by the professional safety divers.

Behind the scenes of Von Wong’s photoshoot under water


A nostalgic picture


The decor


The art of Wong


Wellness & Spa »Simple sauna design in wood with breathtaking lake view

wood deck lake view wood sauna design with sea view

This minimalist Sauna design is located on the shores of Lake Ranco in Chile and was the architectural studio Panorama Arquitectos designed. The spa facility consists of a few wooden lodge with sauna function and a wooden deck where you can relax and enjoy the view of the lake.

The minimalist sauna design by Panorama Arquitectos

rock shore designer wood sauna with sea view

The Sauna design made of wood impressed with simplicity and naturalness , The small houses have a simple geometric structure and were built because of the slope a few steps away from the land. The individual rooms are connected by small bridges made of stone slabs. For the façade and the exterior structures mainly oak tree was used, because this is particularly resistant.

Sauna with simple geometric structure

wall paneling natural wood wood sauna design with sea view

hang lay designer wood sauna with sea view

geometric shapes designer wood sauna with lake view

Sauna made of wood with a beautiful natural environment

zuypresse forest wood sauna design with sea view

Beautiful panoramic view of Lake Ranco

panoramic view lake wood sauna design with sea view

Wide windows secure beautiful view

panoramic window view wood sauna design with sea view

beautiful natural environment wood sauna design with sea view

Wood paneling of oak tree

top back wood sauna design with sea view

minimalist architecture wood sauna design with lake view

flat roof design designer wood sauna with lake view

Sauna with practical interior design

upscale structure designer wood sauna with lake view

The Sauna design From the outside as well as the inside, Panorama Arquitectos has been designed to be practical and functional. For the interior design mainly Alamo wood was used. The little one lodge serve as a sauna and four-room dressing room and were joined by a small stone bridge. Wide panoramic windows secure beautiful views of the lake. The peaceful surroundings and the beautiful natural landscape bring even more harmony and relaxation into this peaceful setting.

Small stone bridge connects the individual houses

small stone bridge wood sauna design with lake view

Floor of wooden boards

wooden boards floor designer wood sauna with sea view

Connection flagstone wood sauna design with sea view

The interior design of the wood sauna

light wood material designer wood sauna with lake view Entrance stone staircase designer wood sauna with sea view

Entrance wooden door designer wood sauna with sea view

wide panorama window designer wood sauna with lake view

The construction works in the process

building process wood designer sauna with sea view

construction work behind side designer wood sauna with sea view

Dream houses »Beach house with infinity pool offers breathtaking views to the sea

beach house with infinity pool with sea view front

The architecture studio MPR Design Group has this beautiful Beach house with infinity pool designed. The house is located on Coogee beach in Australia, near Sydney. The house design successfully combines rustic elements with modern design. The furniture contains many details made of wood, which give a cozy atmosphere of the interior.

The beach house with infinity pool – the house design with the natural environment vote

beach house infinity pool with sea view panoramic view

This Beach house with infinity pool is an example of how the architecture studio can successfully combine house design with the environment in a successful and relaxed way. The surface of the interior stretches over 170 square meters and is connected to the external environment with enormous sliding doors. In the garden there is a wooden pergola where the family can gather very comfortably. The gazebo creates a flowing crossing between indoor and outdoor space. The terraces with wooden pergola stretch to the infinity pool, where the breathtaking views are particularly impressive.

The beach house with infinity pool by MPD Design Group – a modern design

beach house infinity pool with sea view entrance

The project for this Beach house with infinity pool was designed by architect Dennis Rabinowitz. The house construction was successfully completed in 2010. The main goal of the modern home design was to emphasize the interplay of soft organic elements and the harsh environment of the Australian coast. The original design idea was portrayed as a group of bungalows that surround a courtyard and merge with the surroundings.

Make transition between interior and exterior fluent

beach house infinity pool with sea view wooden veranda

The transition from indoor to outdoor has been made using natural materials such as plaster for the walls and wood for the floor, window frames and garden terrace. The design was purposely designed with plenty of open space to make the panoramic view clearly visible from almost every angle.

Sliding door to the terrace – transition from indoor to outdoor space

beach house with infinity pool overlooking the sea

Cozy living room in pastel colors

beach house with infinity pool with sea view living room

Panoramic window overlooking the terrace

beach house infinity pool with sea view panoramic window

Natural materials for more coziness

beach house infinity pool with sea view upper floor

Wood material gives the kitchen a natural look

beach house infinity pool with sea view natural materials

Stairs decorated with wooden boards

beach house infinity pool with sea view wooden stairs

The warm colors are across the interior

beach house infinity pool with sea view wooden interior

Bookshelf with a coordinated design

beach house infinity pool with sea view bookshelves

Cars »2014 BMW S 1000 R motorcycle makes for breathtaking driving experiences

2014 BMW S 1000 motorcycle exciting

The new 2014 BMW S 1000 R motorcycle All BWM and motorcycle fans will enjoy it. It is characterized by a high performance and outstanding exterior design.

The new 2014 BMW S 1000 R impresses with sporty extras

2014 BMW S 1000 motorcycle laterally3

Expect the new one this year 2014 BMW S 1000 R motorcycle , Its modified RR 999 4-cylinder in-line engine ensures perfect reactions in all engine speeds. The motorcycle is just as well suited for everyday use as for sporting experiences. It impresses with 160 hp at a speed of 11000 with a weight of 207 kg and a maximum torque of 112 Nm at a speed of 9250th The 2014 BMW S 1000 R is standard with ASC (automatic stability control), ABS for racing and two driving modes ,

With the new 2014 BMW S 1000 R motorcycle you have driving pleasure

2014 BMW S 1000 motorcycle red

In addition, driving modes-Pro with two additional modes and DTC for a sporty-dynamic driving style are selectable. The two driving modes “rain” and “road” offer safety on the different driving conditions by different power and torque. The design of the 2014 BMW S 1000 R motorcycle acts aggressive and dynamic. He is, like the RR, to recognize at first glance. It will certainly position itself on the market with great success. The world-famous automaker provides the entertainment and satisfaction of its customers. He offers a variety of choices.

2014 BMW S 1000 R motorcycle tires
2014 BMW S 1000 motorcycle driving fun

2014 BMW S 1000 R motorcycle retirement

2014 BMW 1000 R motorcycle speed
2014 BMW S 1000 R motorcycle sporty

2014 BMW S 1000 R motorcycle fans

2014 BMW S 1000 R motorcycle driving experience

2014 BMW S 1000 R motorcycle model

Fashion »Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2014 with breathtaking collection

Color Fashion Trends 2014 Spring Summer

The designer Elie Saab posed during the traditional fashion week in Paris at the Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2014 his new, breathtaking collection.

The show started late, but that did not stop viewers from seeing the 48 wonderful models with fascination. The conclusion was a majestic wedding dress.

Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2014 – delicate colors are trendy

beautiful floral design tenderly stylish women's fashion

The Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2014 Collection impresses with the handcrafted execution of details, with charming fabrics and delicate colors.

For this season, the designer chose the classic colors red and black, the current gold for this spring, as well as violet and blue nuances. Also striking were his floral motifs, which are automatically linked to spring. The clothes themselves stand out with their softness, delicacy, elegance and style.

Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2014 – handcrafted details

Dress short women's fashion 2014 spring summer

The guests of the Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2014 They were so excited about these dresses that they joked that they expect the Elie Saab collection on the red carpet at the upcoming Academy Awards. Every single piece deserves to be part of such an event.

Green is in vogue this summer as well

long body female figure underscore great cut

Sweet cocktail dresses

Women's Fashion Spring Summer 2014 Green Color Klei

White is a classic color for the elegant and modern woman

white color knee length stripes see-through fabric

Women's fashion white shorts dress lace details

Red looks seductive

long robes red white floral pattern

Lace and rhinestones decorate the dresses with an elegant cut

Designer fashion red color chic stylish lace

elegant robes Elie Saab collection

Floral patterns are up to date for the spring

Flower Pattern Collection Summer 2014 Elie Saab

Dress short dress floral pattern sweet models

The black robes never go out of fashion

short modern stylish women's fashion Elie Saab spring 2014