25 stylish ideas for brick wall cladding in modern interiors

brick wall covering gray shabby style modern gray parquet loft

The Brick wall cladding gives your interior a rustic and natural touch. The exposed brick Wall is one of the most popular wall design options when it comes to original and creative designer solutions. Although this wallcovering may look particularly attractive, you should first consider a few drawbacks and problem areas.

The brick wall cladding and related problems

brick wall cladding red living room interior staircase coffee table large

Before you go for a Brick wall cladding decided, you should first inform yourself which problem can arise from it. The biggest disadvantage of the brick wall decorations May be the slight erosion. The humidity is the biggest enemy of the brick. If the interior is wet, cracks in the wall can easily break and small pieces of the wall will break off. Therefore, consider carefully whether your environment and the air at home are suitable for a brick wall design.

Brick wall cladding in the interior – problems and solutions

brick wall panel kitchen white wood dining table orchid beam

As already mentioned, the humidity for the Brick wall cladding especially harmful in the interior. But that does not mean that there is no solution to the problem. The best way to get the bricks is to paint them. This could be a good solution if you have opted for a colorful interior anyway. Clean the Brick walls by using only water and soap. Ultimately, your own decision is whether you will occupy your interior with brick walls. Estimate well the pros and cons, as well as the conditions at home and then make your decision.

Black brick wall cladding

brick wallcovering black idea kitchen wood white living room furniture

Brick in the bedroom

brick wallcovering white design bedroom modern carpet colorful

Spacious living room with corner sofa and high windows

Corner sofa white ideas for brick wall design

Natural brick wall in the living room

Dining room rustic ideas for brick wall design

Industrial-style living room with brick wall

Industrial design ideas for brick wall design

Cozy to sit by the fireplace

fireplace armchair ideas for brick wall design

Brick wall design in the dining room interior

wall shelf white ideas for brick wall cladding

Modern kitchen in beige nuances

kitchen beige ideas for brick wall design

Plastic chairs for the dining room

plastic chairs ideas for brick wall paneling

Pink bricks for the interior

Corridor stairs ideas for brick wall design

Brick wall for the rustic kitchen

kitchen island wood ideas for brick wall design

Modern kitchen interior with brick wall

countertop kitchen ideas for brick wall design

Ideas for brick wall design in the bedroom

bedroom world map ideas for brick wall covering

Use wood and bricks in the bedroom interior

bedroom columns ideas for brick wall covering

Bedroom decor with red accents

red accents ideas for brick wall cladding

Use Christmas lights as a wall decoration

Lights decoration ideas for brick wall design

Modern bathroom with brick wall and glass door

bathroom glass door ideas for brick wall design

minimalist interior in white

white interior ideas for brick wall paneling

Colored brick wall

blue wall ideas for brick wall design

living room ceiling ideas for brick wall paneling

modern furnishing ideas for brick wall paneling

colorful interior ideas for brick wall design

Architecture »The Brick Kiln House – a luxury house with modern architecture

exterior design-brick home-india

Welcome to Brick Kiln House – a luxury house with modern architecture, beautiful facade, exotic exterior design and avant-garde interior design ideas. The project is something more than an exclusive house with modern architecture, in fact it is a gift from the Muses, a place where you can find harmony in the soul, a masterpiece in the world of construction. Add to that the breathtaking nature that grows here and you will feel heavenly.

Luxury house with modern architecture

Brick Kiln House landscape-design

The Luxury house with modern architecture, Named by his architects, Brick Kiln House is the best way to escape smog, noise and chaos from the big city, the worries and the terrible city. The architects of this Luxury house with modern architecture are designers and architects out SPASM design Architects. They have identified and located their project in the small, peaceful, Indian village of Maharashtra.

Luxury house with modern architecture – Luxurious furniture in it and natural stone elements outside

modern-furniture-natural stone elements-outside

exterior and living room area

When walking through the exclusive house, we simply can not miss the courtyard of the building. Besides the exotic plants of Liana species and the winding trees, we see an artificial decorative lake in the middle of the exterior. It is combined with beautiful garden furniture and the natural stone floor growing shrubs. The retro look is accented with some elements around the house and lanterns for street lighting.

Indian style in the living room – big pillows

Indian-style-living-large pillows

The Luxury house with modern architecture Brick Kiln is impressive and beautiful also inside. Soft and colorful decorative pillows are spread around the bed and sofas to remind you that you are in India. The local trends are also combined with contemporary furniture – beautiful wooden tables and elegant chairs with genuine leather damask. The specific thing about the interior design here is that nothing is too much, but looks fresh and avant-garde.


Brick Kiln house exterior

Luxury house-india-small-pond

modern brick house in India

modern-brick home-india

brick-modern-interior design

small lake in the courtyard – luxurious house in india


Brick Kiln House Living Room Design in India

Brick Kiln House living room-design-india

Living area modern furniture

living area-modern-furniture

contrast-traditional-modern-luxury-house-india plan-modern-architecture-brick-klin-house modern-architecture-brick-klin-house-architecture plan modern-architecture-brick-klin-house-management-plan

Cozy home with warm wooden floor and rustic brick walls

Cozy home bricks wall lighting leather sofa

“Home Sweet Home” is a project of 3ndy studio – on cozy home in Fossò, Italy. The house was completed in 2012, has elegant wood floors, rustic brick walls and a particularly cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

Cozy home in Italy

modern house cozy living area glass sliding doors

A home is the place where you should feel protected and comfortable. Not too big and not too small. Your home is also influenced by their lifestyle. It is the place for you and your family, equipped with all the necessary amenities, but at the same time simple and easy to maintain. In addition, the house should not consume too much energy, and it is better if the energy comes naturally from the sun. This cozy home here is partly built with old materials that have been preserved from the house of the old grandparents, such as the wood and stones, reminiscent of the family’s roots. New materials like Corian were used for the furniture and the stairs. The atmosphere in this country house is extremely warm thanks to the color of the brick wall and the wooden floorboards.

Cozy home of 3andy Studio

cozy home floor wooden fireplace wall recliner

The living areas in the house are designed so that the residents can feel comfortable without giving up the clean and delicate design style and contemporary architecture. The simple interior design is the result of a series of small spaces due to the shape of the terrain and the different requirements of the customer. On the Privacy protection a great value was placed. The exterior walls facing the street do not have any openings, but each of the windows faces the private garden, the leaning walls or the small courtyards.

nice lighting effects in the kitchen

Cozy home studio 3ndy kitchen light effects cooking island

white stairs in contrast to the brick wall

cozy house kitchen wood fronts floorboards stairs

Kitchen with cooking island

cozy home hall floor kitchen brick wall

interesting stairs design

house white stairs bricks wall 3ndy studio

white stairs bricks wall rustic flair

Skylights for natural lighting

house architecture skylights bricks wall stairs

modern house bricks white stairs design 3andy

Cozy home rustic wall bricks white stairs

white bedroom roof pitch light effects floor

bed design shelves wood integrated lights

bedroom modern bed shelf wood lights

bedroom interior lighting effects glass sliding door

bedroom design glass sliding doors minimalist

rustic bathroom hall floor shower area glass partition wall

rustic bathroom design vanity mirror wood planks

bathroom design bathtub toilet window

Wall decoration in the bathroom – 25 ideas with brick

Wall decoration in the bathroom brick-high-gloss-back-wall-shower-area-roof-chandelier

The brick looks so stylish and cozy as Wall decoration in the bathroom , is a question on which we can give 20 positive answers with pictures. bathroom has always been defined as a space of relaxation, purity and coziness. It does not have to be cool and bland. That is why it is possible to integrate elements of use there that give our senses pleasant feelings and comfort. If you dream of more warmth and serenity in your bathroom, the warm colors of the untreated brick wall will create it for you. This wall covering harmonizes wonderfully with the industrial and minimalist design. But it is also popular wall decoration for the fans of rustic charm and romance in the bathroom.

Brick gives natural warmth to the wall design in the bathroom

Wall decoration bathroom brick-mirror-dish-towels-rustic-toilet-sink

Brick as a wall design in the bathroom can not only on large surfaces – such. B. a whole wall – be used, but also as an accent under sloping ceilings, as a splash guard or as a covering of the shower area. It successfully serves as background for large framed mirrors, vanities and shelves made of various materials.

Brick as wall decoration in the bathroom can be integrated nicely

Wall decoration in bathroom brick-wall-lighting-industial-floor-unit-solid wood

Brick wall design is not difficult to do by yourself. Tiles and plaster are removed from the wall of the bathroom, where you want to realize the idea of ​​brick wall design. Pay attention to the right lighting for the brick in the bathroom – it is a strong accent, the rough texture can be nicely emphasized.

Free standing bath in the bathroom in brick and wood

Wall decoration bathroom brick-wall-floor-freestanding-sink

Loft-style bathrooms like the brick

Wall decoration bathroom brick-industrial-black-freestanding-bathtub-sink-cabinet

Mix of glass, marble and metal embraces the brick wall

Wall-bath brick-marble-shower area-glass wall-basin

Bright bathroom needed a nice base

Wall decoration in the bathroom brick-bathewane-cladding-glass-partition-floor-tile-white-mirror

Wide, white mirror frames create the contrast with brick wall design

Wall Bath untreated-brick-spritzschutz-mirror-pendelleuchen-marble-countertop

Lacquered brick can be combined with noble decoration accessories

Wall decoration-bath-brick-splash-protection-glass-wall-mirror-bathroom-heater-window-light

Bathroom with floor-to-ceiling wall verkliedung with brick

Wall Bath untreated-brick-mirror-washbasin-shelves-frosted-glass wall

Decor for bathroom with curtains and chandeliers

Wall-bath brick-modern-Window Blinds-crown chandelier-bath

Bathroom with brick wall design in industrial style

Wall-bath brick-modern-industrial-glasschiebetuer-detached-bath

Design with brick wall, open steel tubes and fine concrete sinks

Wall-bath brick-modern-industrial-glasschiebetuer-detached-bathtub-window-mirror

A good solution for the back wall

Wall-bath brick-Rueckwand-regal-high cabinet-sink-steel-outdated-donating your

Deco elements on the brick wall brings rustic charm to the bathroom

Wall-bath brick-rustic black-detached-bath-vintage decorations

The bathroom had inherited a brick stove … and preserved it

Wall-bath brick-black-tub-shower area-glasschiebetuer

Give the day a nice start full of rustic romance

Wall-bath brick-rustic two-tank tower-wood-untrerschrank-round-mirror-dachschraege

Faucet in black and brick wall bring the loft style into the bathroom

Wall-bath brick-black-rain shower-spritzschutz Dark Gray-wall color

Radiators fit well on the brick wall

Wall-bath brick-mirror-bathroom radiator-handtueher

Idea for bathroom decor with wooden boards and brick

Wall-bath brick-wanddeko-lighting-waste wood-boards

Mirrors as a favorite accessory of the brick in the bathroom – they reflect its beauty

Wall-bath brick-wanddeko-sink-mirror-armature-towel rail

Brick wall design in the bathroom you have to illuminate properly

Wall Bath Rueckwand-brick-mirror-black-under-cabinet tower-sink-wall niche

wall design-bad-ideas-brick-shower-glass wall-wire

wall design-bad-ideas-brick clinker-bath-reduced-gray natural stone

wall design-bad-ideas-brick-toilet-tiles-hexagonal-floor

wall design-bad-ideas-brick-sink-mirror-noble-armature-vintage

wall design-bad-ideas-brick-sink-basin-vintage-mirror ü

Italian Furniture Design – “Brick” Collection by Paola Navone

trendy dining table collection brick paola navone italian design

The furniture designs by Paola Navone fascinate with elegant forms and aesthetics. Her latest collection “Brick” presents modern furniture whose design was inspired by nature. The organic form of the furniture is a nice addition to any living space. We present you the Italian Furniture design the “Brick” collection by Paola Navone.

“Brick” collection – fascinating furniture design

italian series furniture innovative design paola navone trendy

The individual designs from the collection are not named, but simply numbered. It includes two dining tables, steel chair, upholstered stool with wooden legs, sofa and bed. The first three models follow the natural shape of the tree trunks from which they were made. Each stool of the series is made of four cut tree trunks and in the end a special piece of art is revealed. Brick 33 is the name of a dining table with two sturdy legs made of solid wood and a table top made of sheet iron. The modern one furniture creates a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the dining room. Brick 32 is supported by a single wood element. Whether used for a small dining area or as part of a large dining room, the dining table is an imaginative addition to any living space.

Furniture design by Paola Navone – great living ideas

italian series furniture [bridge design paola navone trendy

The new Furniture design by the Italian designer Paola Navone inspired by fresh ideas for furniture furnishings. For living-sleeping or dining room numerous home ideas are presented, which can be used to make the apartment attractive and modern. The upholstered furniture in this collection is skilfully combined with wooden elements, which gives the design more individuality. The whole collection fascinates with extraordinary motives of the individual models. The “Brick” pieces of furniture made by Gervasoni , make every room look fresher and more spacious.

Brick 32 – attractive furniture design

designer furniture italian innovative stylish table top wood

Wooden shelves with different dimensions

wooden stools design furniture italian innovative modern

Trendy upholstered furniture for living room furnishings

Collection Italian shelves attractive paola navone trendy brick

Shelf with upholstered surface

collection italian brick attractive trendy paola navone shelves

Trendy color scheme – white and brown

modern upholstery armchair wood legs color scheme white brown trendy

Designer ideas for the bedroom

bed designer furniture paola navone trendy wood elements

Wall design in the living room – untreated brick wall

wall design-living-brick wall-and-white corner sofa anthracite-black dark window

The untreated brick wall brings rustic charm into your own four walls and can successfully replace the natural stone slabs. We give you ideas for Wall decoration in the living room with brick wall as eye-catcher – let yourself be inspired.

Wall design in the living room – brick wall as an eye-catcher

wall design-living-brick wall-white-modern-minimalist-tvwand

The interior designers discovered the charm of the untreated brick wall with the redesign of the Loft apartments , And in fact – the wall is hardly thinkable of an interior in the industrial style of living. But many homeowners also opt for it. The arguments are quite simple – the brick wall can successfully replace the stone slabs so popular in recent years. This variant for wall design in the living room not only saves additional costs for materials, but also effort. It is also very easy to care for and can be easily deleted.

Wall decoration in the living room – wallpaper in brick wall look

wall-living-room-brick-wall.white-wallpaper-modern-sofa yellow-upholstery

And who does not want to risk great, or already cleaned walls has, can choose an alternative – the wall-mounted wallpapers can be attached to a wall in the living room as an accent.

Wall design in the living room -how you creatively stage the brick wall

wall design-living-brick wall-brick-clinker naturbelassen.rot

The brick wall itself is beautiful, but it makes sense only if it is properly decorated – for example, with family photos, or with modern paintings. A white glossy shelving system will emphasize the contrast between the old and the new again.

White painted clinker wall is the trend

wall design-living-brick wall and white-brick-modern-couch-blue

Modern small apartment with eclectic interior

Design ideas modern neutral furniture colors

Wall design in the living room – untreated brick wall

Brick wall untreated sofa upholstered furniture modern rustic decor idea Brick wall in the living room

Brick wall untreated laminate floor gray sofa carpet design Wall decoration in the living room with furniture in a modern country style

upholstered modern wall decor Driftwood Living room frame On request, the brick wall can be painted – such as here in an accent color

Chocolate color corner sofa neutral furniture white ceiling Brick wall and fireplace provide coziness

small living room design seating decoration ideas Even for the exotic interior, the brick wall is the perfect backdrop

Wall design wood furniture bench wood stool The untreated brick wall is the hallmark of the loft and industrial style furnishings

Wall design ideas brick wall painting plank floor Loft apartment – furniture with pallet furniture

Brick wall wood furniture fireplace living room living ideas Eclectic mix of styles – classic fireplace, modern furniture and rustic-style wall

Brick wall untreated modern painting sofa set purple This combination is echtr eye catcher – modern minimalist wall shelf and brick wall

modern furniture wall shelf brick wall laminate floor bright color Living room in modern country house style

Wallpaper brick design ideas nicely decorated

make cheap ideas brick wall untreated

Shelving system modern deco ideas wooden floor

colorful rainbow colors furniture white color

Wall decoration brick wall stone look sofa set

Living room home ideas brick wall untreated colorful furniture poster

design ideas corner sofa wall shelf brick wall

Ideas brick wall untreated modern furniture

Ideas brick wall sofa upholstered furniture carpet red color

Brick wallpaper – wall design with realistic effect

brick-wall paper wall design-industrial-design-industry lamp-cable-city-silhouette-socket

The rough look of the bricks used in wall design in industrial or rustic style look extremely comfortable and this style of furnishing is becoming more and more popular, but not every house or apartment has real bricks under the plaster. Creating new panels costs not a little, and renting a flat is almost unthinkable. The best possible solution is the Brick wallpaper , This can be found in all possible designs and colors, preferably as non-woven wallpaper or photo wallpaper to the size of the wall.

Brick wallpaper – realistic looking alternative to real brick

brick-wall paper wall design-wallpaper roll-red-course-realistic-look

In the trade offer themselves fleece fabric with realistic picture of almost every stone type – brick, natural stone, limestone, wall and others. Using the latest technologies in color printing, these look almost too authentic. They are also easy to be attached to the wall – like the normal non-woven wallpapers directly on the pasted wall. You should really pay attention only at the transitions between the paths of the wallpaper, so no confusing results. The beauty of the brick wallpaper is in the typical structure of the order of the individual bricks. If this looks somehow wrong, the realistic effect fails.

Brick wallpaper in in impress realistic designs and different colors

brick-wall paper wall design-natural stone-imitation-white and light-roll wallpaper

Many great ideas and inspirations for interior design with brick Wallpaper can be found in the picture gallery!

Brick wallpaper in minimalist white

brick-wall paper wall design-and-white wall color-sjandinavisches-design-side table-chair-leather seat cushion

Brick wallpaper in a realistic outdated look

brick-wall paper wall design-and-white Scandinavian minimalist-alt-rough-out union-realistic

Brick wallpaper all in white

brick-wall paper wall design-white-gray couch-pillows-hallway floor-whitened-vintage-minimalist Scandinavian

Brick wallpaper in white with vintage furniture made of natural wood

brick-wall paper wall design-vintage-white-floor hallway-couch-wood-deko

Modern kitchen with minimalist design and brick wallpaper with a rough look

brick-wall paper wall design-kitchen-modern-effect-white-faded-red

Impressively realistic brick wallpaper with a rough look

brick-wall paper wall design-rough-gray corner sofa-living-standard lamp-window-cushion-modern

Vintage flair with brick wallpaper and upholstered armchairs

brick-wall paper wall design-chair-cushion-red-blue vintage deco

Brick wallpaper for the modern bedroom

brick-wall paper wall design-bedroom-modern-wardrobe-mirror-schranktueren-wood floor

Modern small kitchen in black and white with brick wallpaper and dinette with chairs in bright colors

brick-wall paper wall design-kitchen-small-modern-dining table-polsterstuehle-yellow-orange

Brick wallpaper in restrained sandy nuances for the elegant living room

brick-wall paper wall design-hell-beige couch-chair-and-white leather coffee table-glass plate

Graphical representation of Brick wallpaper in gray for the modern ambience

brick-wall paper wall design-blue-graphic-presentation-bedroom-modern-bedside-design-schwarzz

Typical brick wallpaper or what with natural stone look?

brick-wall paper wall design-natural stone-sideboard-deco-vintage-gray-blue

brick-wall paper wall design-natural stone-Optic-bedroom bed-window-lit

brick-wall paper wall design-bedroom-simple-hallway floor-stand lamps-window

brick-wall paper wall design-bedroom-elegant fur carpet-bed blanket-pillow-deco

brick-wall paper wall design-sofa-black-stehlampe-floor-tiles-gray

brick-wallpaper-wall design and silver-gray wanddeko-plant-fresh-green

brick-wall paper wall design-red-realistic outdated-couch-seat cushion-garu-industrial-style

brick-wall paper wall design-dining room-dining table chairs-pendelleuchte carpet-black-white

brick-wall paper wall design-red-dining room-dining table-modern chairs-shell

brick-wall paper wall design-vintage rustic-dresser-bedside-holzkisete-deco

brick-wall paper wall design-kitchen-modern-edelstahö-countertop-extractor-holztraeger

brick-wall paper wall design-cozy-sitting area-vintage-bouquet

brick-wall paper wall design-corridor-modern-white-lighting spots

brick-wall paper wall design-chesterfield-sofa-tufted-black-wooden floor-vintage

brick-wall design wallpaper-bar flat-holztraeger-light-industrial-style stool

brick-wall paper wall design-living-daybed-tv-fireplace-loft-motrrad

Brick wallpaper -wall-design-living-room-sofa-dark-brown-leather-tv-wall

Brick wallpaper -wall-design-living-room-high-ceiling-mullion-windows-pictures-artistic

Brick wallpaper -wall-design-living-room-color-furniture-carpet-extravagant

Brick wallpaper -wall-design-living-room-modern-brown-furniture-elegant-modern

Brick wallpaper -wall-design-living-room-brown-sofa-furniture-plants