Architecture »Concrete flat roof house with highlights in bright yellow

Concrete house flat roof yellow Cobogos fence masonry yellow

As the dominant color for the exterior, yellow is chosen relatively rarely. When used as an accent, this expressive color can create a special atmosphere. Yellow stands for warmth and energy, vitality and dynamism and is perfect for anyone who wants to make their home look trendy and striking. See an impressive one here House made of concrete Built in 2013 in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.

Contemporary house made of concrete attracts everyone’s attention

house made of concrete bauhaus architecture white facade fence yellow openings

Cobogó House is a Bauhaus-style design by Ney Lima and offers 120 square meters of comfortably furnished living space, spread over 2 floors. The modern one House made of concrete is a true highlight in its surroundings – it is in close proximity to Park Way, a residential district dominated by remarkable buildings in the area neoclassical Style. Restrained design, noble material combinations, striking contrasts and transparency characterize the entire architecture.

Single Family Cobogó

Architect house brazil cobogo ney lima white facade straight lines

The facade of the Cobogó house captivates with straight lines and purist elegance, garnished with individual accents in bright yellow. A high fence surrounds the property and although not opaque, it keeps prying eyes away. Geometric openings (Cobogós) give it visual lightness and structure. A small garden with exotic plants is also available as a place of relaxation.

Flat roof house with garden of Ney Lima

Architect house Cobogo concrete facade. Fence geometric openings

The loft-style interior design is an eclectic mix of styles and eras. Even the front door, made from recycled demolition wood, combines old and new. A real highlight inside are the lavish design pieces decorated walls , Floor-to-ceiling windows and rooflights ensure intensive communication between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Concrete house with a Bauhaus-style concept

Concrete house flat roof entrance door-recycled demolition wood

Loft-style living space includes a kitchen, dining and seating area

Design kitchen counter granite black chairs kitchen back wall tiles

Loft style living spaces access garden Cobogo house interior design

Living room wall decoration Pictures Photographs Light openings-room-high glazing

Kitchen equipped kitchen island hanging lamps kitchen counter solid wood

design Kitchen Kitchen Back Wall Tile Pattern Colorful

Dining room wooden chairs rattan armchair dining table solid wood cat

Interior design cobogo house living room design glazing rattan wood furniture

Living room decor eclectic mix natural stone wall walls-decorated designer pieces

Pictures by: Edgard Cesar

living space distribution view from above Cobogo detached house

Architect house Cobogo Brazil Ney Lima floor plans

ney lima house Cobogo-brasilia view on average

Cobogo house side view Ney Lima architecture

The Scandinavian design for a bright and colorful interior

modern-living-Scandinavian style

If you like practical and comfortable interiors that bring a lot of color and good mood into the room at the same time, that is Scandinavian design exactly for you. What is the best way to choose Scandinavian furniture and what is the basic rule that defines the interior as Scandinavian?

The Scandinavian design room design

small apartment-Scandinavian-set

If you are for that Scandinavian design you have to take some simple principles into account. The main purpose of the interior is that the rooms look as spacious and bright as possible. Much importance is placed on large windows and good lighting. To make the apartment appear brighter, paint the walls white. The Scandinavian furniture itself should not overfill the room, but just the opposite – stick to the golden rule – less is more. Do you prefer wooden furniture, or upholstered sofas and armchairs for living room and shiny surfaces for the kitchen. Sufficient light, bright colors of the walls can contrast with dark flooring. A carpet in dark color or black and white stripes is another good option.

The Scandinavian design – color schemes and accents

Scandinavian-style furniture bedroom

The main characteristic of the Scandinavian furniture is its neutral color scheme – natural gentle beige, white or elegant pastel shades for the larger pieces of furniture are combined with elegant throw pillows, vases, duvets and curtains with floral patterns. Especially popular for that Scandinavian design is the combination of furniture in simple colors, stripes on the floor / carpet / and floral patterns. In the kitchen even the dishes serve as a unique variety and decoration.

Scandinavian living – practical interior advice

Scandinavian-living-room furnishings tips

At the heart of the Scandinavian design stands the comfort and the practical interior. In the office, a shelving system can save a lot of space and help with a better order. Everywhere the rule applies – as little decoration as possible. Limit the decoration to flowers, fruit in the kitchen and many photos and books on the walls and interesting floor lamp in the living room. The duvet in the bedroom should be decorated with floral patterns. Do not use large corner sofas in bold colors – especially if you have smaller rooms. Let a lot of light into the room and make sure that even in the evening everywhere is well lit.

Scandinavian living is easy to reach, but great fun and creates an elegant, romantic and artistic atmosphere.

Scandinavian furniture nursery

Scandinavian-Danish furniture Nursery

Scandinavian cuisine design

Scandinavian kitchen design

Scandinavian Living Room Bluemnmotive Striped Rug

Scandinavian Parlor Bluemnmotive-striped rug

Scandinavian furniture-dining room

Scandinavian-Danish-device-dining room

White leather sofa and stool with pastel pink decoration

Scandinavian-Royal Danish leather chair stool

Modern Yellow Wall Scandinavian Office Design

modern-yellow-wall-Scandinavian Office Design

Scandinavian practical office furniture

Scandinavian-practical office-furniture-design

Scandinavian furniture in the house

Scandinavian furniture House

Interesting floor lamp

interesting lamp-Scandinavian furniture

Scandinavian chairs with an elegant design

Scandinavian chairs

Scandinavian armchairs with colored upholstery

Scandinavian chair-colored padding

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Christmas decoration as festive, bright outdoor jewelry

christmas decoration fir tree idea small light string lighting entrance artificial snow

It’s important to bring the spirit of Christmas to your home, but it’s also important to show it on your front door or in your yard. Imagine how many faces would shine as you put this shining Christmas decoration in the front yard where everyone can see and feel warm and loved. The festive mood must not be missed outside.

Christmas decoration for outdoors

christmas decoration star fairy lights wreath lighting outdoor

Outside Christmas decoration is different in different parts of the world. In some places people decorate the trees in the neighborhood. In other places there are various Christmas lights throughout the city and the cities. In Western Catholic countries, people put statues in biblical scenes in the city to remind people of the joy of the birth of the Redeemer. Therefore, one can say that each culture has its own way of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. That makes the world more alive and wonderful. The Christmas decoration outside shows people celebrating and honoring this moment of history.

Everything shines with a beautiful Christmas decoration

christmas decoration garden idea santa claus snowman deer

An interesting fact is that some cultures incorporate not only floral but also water elements in their decorations. They use water pipes in different colors to make their homes and outdoors brighter and more unique. In other places, some foods like Christmas cookies and popcorn are strung on a string and hung around the Christmas tree at home or outside. The imagination of different nations is simply endless.

Fairy lights made of balls and branches for the decoration of the house

christmas decoration fairy lights balls garland fir branches facade decorate

People gather in the parks, decorate and enjoy dinner outside their homes with friends, relatives or just locals. However, the Christmas decoration is also what warms everyone’s heart and makes people more social. Then all that matters is Christmas – the very special time of the year when you can truly feel happiness and love everywhere.

Shining stars as a tree decoration

christmas decoration lamps stars tree ornaments idea garden christmas

Candles and berries in glasses


Shining ball for the birdbath and star

festive-weihnachtsdeko-out-decorate-luminosity stars

Balls and bells for outdoors




Vintage lanterns


glowing angels


festive doormat


Jewelry in front of the door




glowing gifts

Christmas tree decorations with beautiful trend colors and Christmas motives

light festive-christmas-decoration-out-decorate-


Garden Gnomes


Snowman on the mailbox

mailbox festive-christmas-decoration-out-decorate-


Garland of pine cones


Glowing garland for the porch




Arrangement with balls


chandelier balls




festive-christmas-decoration-out Christmas Lights

Geometric shapes and bright colors in the garden – A house in Mexico

Geometric shapes-garden-terrace-sliding-door-pool-tile-floor

A project by Studio Arquitectos – “Casa T” in Tulum, Mexico, conveys serene atmosphere through open space planning and exotic, geometric shapes from traditional inspect in bright colors, which provide for individual radiation and a living atmosphere. The house stretches over approximately 261 square meters and is pleased with its modern architecture.

Geometric shapes for modern design indoors and outdoors

Geometric shapes-color-modern-house-outdoor-garden-outdoor-pool

In the interior and exterior, the concrete, as a popular building material in modern architecture and design, equally well used, but varied interpreted. The different, geometric structures differentiate and unify areas, set accents and ensure a modern appearance. The bright colors and ornaments , inspired by folk art, provide exotic radiation and a sense of home. In the garden are the typical dry plants, as well as a rectangular, luxurious pool, partly shaded.

Geometric shapes and use of concrete in modern architecture

Geometric shapes-color-modern-house-garden-concrete-gravel-rockery

The house recreates several ideas for modern and individual design inside and out. Let them see through!

Modern garden design – concrete, gravel, drought-loving plants

Geometric shapes-color-modern-house-garden-roofing-gravel-trees-pavement-wall

Geometric shapes in the garden – rectangular turquoise-blue pool

geometric-shape-color modern house-pool-garden Canopy exotic

Geometric shapes for modern house facade made of concrete

geometric-shape-color modern house-pool Palm exotic plants

Beautiful, warm lighting in the modern outdoor area

geometric-shape-color modern-house-warm Lighting aussenebereich-pool

Exotic ornaments and bright colors in combination with concrete

geometrical forms Color Garden-beton ornaments-bench-walled light-

Seating and open small kitchen behind lifting-sliding doors

geometrical forms Color Garden ornaments-open seating

Concrete for floors, walls and furniture

geometrical forms Color Garden-open Kitchen concrete modern-mosaic

Bricked area for sitting or lying down

geometric-shape-color-modern-house-concrete-sitting-lying-light design

Masonry dining table and wooden stools in the garden

geometric-shape-color-terrace-garden Canopy wood concrete

Concrete and wood in combination for indoor and outdoor design

geometrical forms Color Garden-concrete stool Wood shadow Canopy

Roof terrace and concrete plant beds


Serene beanbags in fresh colors “shine” on the roof terrace

geometrical forms Color sitzsaecke-yellow modern-beton

Geometric shapes for terrace design in the shade of the trees


Exotic plant species and use of much concrete in the modern Mexican house

geometrical forms Color Garden Terrace-concrete roofing palms

Bright colors, concrete and wood in the modern kitchen


Ornaments of tiles and counter in yellow mosaic

geometric-shape-color-kitchen counter bright-yellow mosaic

Brick bed with geometric proportions and shape

geometrical forms Color Garden Canopy sitting-beton-bedded

Hallway with modular tiles and wood paneling

geometric-shape-color-floor wood concrete tiles ornaments

Brick concrete bed and direct access to the garden from the bedroom

geometrical forms Color Garden ACCESS scglafzimmer-glass-green

Stairs to the roof terrace and wall with square pattern

geometric-shape-color modern house-step concrete-geometric-pool

Bright colors in the bathroom – sky blue bath

geometric-shape-color-modern-house-blue-bathroom-tile mosaic rain shower

Bathroom laid entirely in red with mosaic tiles

geometric-shape-color red and bathroom mosaic tiles sink-walled

Minimalist bathroom with a built-in washbasin

geometric-shape-color modern-house-red bathroom-concrete mosaic tiles minimalist

Minimalist bathroom – brick concrete washbasin

geometrical forms Color Bathroom Mosaic white-concrete stool

Plans and floor plans of the modern house in Mexico

plan-floorplan-house-mexico-raumaufteilun living space-modern-architecture

plan-floorplan-cut-floors-living room


* Casa T in Tulum, Mexico from Studio Arquitectos

Wedding »Bridal Decor Ideas in Autumn Look in Bright Colors

Wedding decoration ideas in gold and green

We show you 75 wedding deco ideas in autumn look in bright and subtle colors. Whether with pumpkins, seasonal flowers or autumn leaves – The dream wedding in the autumn months will be a real experience for both the bride and groom, as well as for the guests.

Wedding decoration Ideas for autumn – the right location

Wedding Decor Ideas Fall Seasonal Table Rustic Location Land

Autumn presents itself in a wide range of colors – orange, red, yellow, purple and green. The beautiful nature can be enjoyed by couples in love and their guests by holding the celebration in the countryside. In the US, such weddings are organized, for example, in former barns, in small restaurants, in wine cellars or in a castle. Which Location In the end, it is closely related to one’s own preferences. The ceremony takes place outside and the celebration continues in the restaurant.

Locations in the autumn – In the countryside next to a vine, with a view to the mountains, near a forest. In any case, avoid marriage on the beach. Mostly, the outdoor ceremony is not possible due to strong winds and high waves.

Wedding decoration ideas for autumn – color palette

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Flowers Rosehip Star Candles

The autumn colors are strong, warm and provide a happy mood. Typical of the September wedding is the red-yellow-orange-gold color palette. Decorated with seasonal flowers, autumn leaves, lanterns, tree trunk vases and carved pumpkins.

Another variant for the autumn wedding is the purist white-green-gold color palette – while the wedding table is decorated with white ornamental pumpkins, golden candle holders and evergreen succulents or pine branches.

If the marriage takes place in October, then the warm purple-gold-green color palette fits. The colors are perfect for a celebration in the restaurant or in the castle and will provide with many fairy lights or lanterns for romantic atmosphere.

The November wedding can be decorated with fir branches and red roses.

Romantic wedding decoration in autumn colors – gold, orange and green

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Pear Seasonal Floral Table Decoration Idea

Red gerber, pink roses and yellow hyacinths at the table

Wedding Decorations Ideas Autumn floral arrangements

Romantic and classy – planning wedding in vintage style

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Tree Lantern Loops

Wedding in the restaurant – matching floral arrangements provide a happy mood

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Flower table place cards wine corks

Idea with fresh flowers at the table

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Flower table plate

To properly stage the wedding cake

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Flower Cake Idea romantic

Table decoration for the outdoor wedding

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Flower lanterns Lantern

Floral arrangements at the wedding table – roses and autumn leaves

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn leaves Flower-arrangements

Bridal bouquet of seasonal flowers, pumpkins as place cards and bridesmaid dresses in claret

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Colors-pumpkins-Herbstblaetter-bridal bouquet

Romantic vintage decorations

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn candles Flower lanterns gold color

Decorate with seasonal fruit / pear /, roses and moss

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn candles moss roses

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn country wedding-planning

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Lantern fresh flowers

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Rose vintage wooden box

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Rose lanterns wine red napkins

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn seasonal Pumpkin Flower

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Sunflower Candle garden table

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn vintage Moss Rose candles

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Wine Cellar celebrate romantish-table decoration

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn lanterns Fresh Flowers

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Flower wooden box Table Number

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Flower land-wedding-Tischlaeufer

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn fresh-flower arrangements wedding cake-vintage tree trunk slice

give Hochzeitsdeko Ideas Autumn Garland Altar outdoor-yes-word

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn beaded Flower Restaurant lanterns

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Pumpkin-Flower Napkins

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Lantern married-free

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn lights-brown chocolate color tablecloth

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn orange-chocolate-brown-Tischlaeufer

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Pie sunflower Berry Pancake Ideas

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn bouquet Bride Succulent

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn boutonniere-Braeutigam

make Hochzeitsdeko Ideas Autumn Succulent Flower arrangements-yourself-

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn vintage tree branch lanterns

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn vintage Yellow and White Rose

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn white-gold pumpkins

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn white lantern Candlestick silver-gold

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn vintage wedding cake

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn succulent table decoration

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn green-modern table setting examples

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn green-modern table setting-vintage vase

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn wood lanterns

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn peak seasonal Ideas

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn rustic outdoors Celebration organize

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Strohbal wood Wegzeiger-Vademecum

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn modern-white-Tischlaeufer

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Orchid green-modern

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn seasonal Flower Tischlaeufer

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn red-white-pumpkin-vase-painting

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Tuer place card

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn green-white-flower-vintage

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Wedding Cake Lanterns purple-gold

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn green table decoration-modern-purple color plate

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Purple Gold origami napkin ring-fold

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Flower fresh wedding table arrangements

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn flower arrangements and table lamp

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Rose Tischlaeufer Ideas

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Flower vintage wooden box

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn vintage roses

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Zierkuerbisse Flowers Vase

Wedding Decor Idea sunflower bridal bouquet

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Wedding Bouquet-seasonal flowers

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn flower arrangements and table dry roses

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Place Card Invitations

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Rose Tannenzweige table decoration

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn noble-rot-gold-sky ceiling

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Pie Rose-white-modern

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn lanterns candles flowers

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn dark blue-white-dry flowers

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Love original wedding photos

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn Barn Family Celebration organize

Wedding Decor Ideas Autumn white-ceiling-lights-romantic

Color psychology – bright colors in the interior design


We all have heard that our consciousness of Colors in the interior design can be influenced. Color psychology is a science today. Hospitals, classrooms, restaurants are painted in such colors that can manipulate our moods. Why not we deal with color in interior design of our houses in the same way?

Color wheel – effects of colors in interior design

color circle color-psychology-interior-design

First, you need to know what psychological effect each color has on us.

  • red stimulates the appetite – so it’s a great color for kitchens.

red-Ikea kitchen

  • green in the interior – fresh and soothing, it is the color of nature and would therefore be a great choice for the bedroom.
  • Yellow and orange are the active colors in the solar system, so are a good choice for rooms where our energy is needed – this is the bedroom or the gym, for example.

yellow and orange – intense bright colors in the interior design


  • Blue shades are ideal for home office. Use the psychological effects of the color blue to create a cool, serene ambiance for your study. Almost everyone enjoys a blue sky, a lake or the sea … because there is something reassuring in the blue color. He releases the spirit. The blue home office gives you a quiet, “intellectual” feel – you can not be too emotional, excited or aggressive in a “cool” environment.

Color Psychology – blue ideal for home office

color psychology-blue-ideal home office

year-blue-home office

color psychology-blue home office
Bright Colors in the interior design awake the imagination and good mood. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should forego dark and subdued colors in the interior. Dark walls can be a wonderful background for colorful furniture.

colorful furniture in the white living room

colorful-furniture-living room

calm blue and green shades


fresh pink color and white furniture


red kitchen after color psychology

red-kitchen cabinets


red-kitchen-color psychology

Home & Garden »Winter garden for living as a house extension for a bright ambience

winter garden to live in the dining area-holzmöbel-modern-eames-grau

The cozy “Study House” is located in England and was redesigned by an experienced team of the architectural firm Studio 30 Architects. Since the private house is mainly to be used for creative work and learning, it has been furnished with many cozy furniture. Add to that a friendly atmosphere, created by the many windows and perfect for working. For this purpose, a home extension in which a practical winter garden was created for living. More details in the form of pictures below.

Conservatory for living for the interior

winter garden to live living-room-design-modern-skylight-kitchen-brick

The decor in the conservatory is modern and stylish. There is a comfortable sitting area with a couch, as well as a dining area with wooden table and interesting patchwork of various chairs, some of which are characterized by the retro style, including the trendy Eames chairs. On the whole, furniture and decorations are rather simply chosen-

winter garden to live kitchen worktop-concrete-folding-door-window

The conservatory facility also has a built-in wall unit with lowboard and shelves. Outside the conservatory you will find the kitchen, which is no less impressive. And it has a wall, and a kitchen island made of white brick, which gives the modern and simple interior a certain coziness.

conservatory-live-stairs-narrow-yellow-accents-blue-wall color

The new extension was also used to accommodate the stairs to the second floor. This was designed quite narrow to be able to accommodate a chamber on one side. We would also like to focus your attention on the glass roof of the winter garden, which makes a great contribution to the bright and friendly interior.

conservatory-live-art-mural-colored-colored-side table-stool-houseplant

Even at art objects, the house and of course the conservatory is not lacking for living. The background for this painting, which consists of two parts, forms a gray wall paint, which ensures that the picture with its colorful colors is even better. Color accents are found throughout the house again and again. This role mainly takes the yellow color.

conservatory-live-work room-idea-desk-wall niche-regal-yellow-chairs

A great example of this is the study, which has a yellow Eames chair and a practical stool. Interesting is the structure of the room. It has not only a sloping roof, but also Wnadnischen, which are provided with shelves and thus transform into practical shelves. A large window is provided for sufficient light.

conservatory-live-bedroom bed-black-pad-fireplace-picture frame-antique

A stylish interior is therefore also outside the conservatory for living in the other living spaces. Another example is the bedroom with the large upholstered bed in gray. Here the walls are decorated with white paint and subtle and stylish decorations can be found here and there on the walls. Cosiness is not the last thing the Eames rocking chair provides.


The situation is similar with the nursery. As in almost all rooms, there is a wooden floor. This is also designed with a sheepskin, which provides the perfect background for playing. A fireplace is also available in this room. The room is given an interesting structure by the vaulted wall and various accessories provide color.

conservatory-live-bathroom-design-monochrome mosaic-gray-bath

A neutral design can be found again in the bathroom. It consists entirely of gray mosaic tiles except for the ceiling. In the niche, a bathtub was installed, which can also be used as a shower thanks to shower curtain. Also striking is the large window, which is either quite small in most bathrooms or completely missing.

Conservatory for living – The garden and outdoor area

conservatory-live-terrace-garden-wood floor-planting-face protection

Wonderfully learn, work or relax, but it can also be wonderful in the small garden and on the terrace, which is located directly in front of the conservatory to live. For this reason you get from the living area also a wonderful view outside. The terrace is simple and decorated with weathered wood and planted the garden quite lush.


There is also a small play area for the child in the garden. This area is also equipped with a blue rattan swing. The artificial turf is easy to maintain and wonderful for playing for children. In the swing it is great to relax or read and you can enjoy the beautiful weather and the natural-looking garden.


Here you can see the facade with the entrance area. The house is an old building in a terraced brick house. Like the garden in the backyard, the small front garden is nicely decorated with plants and not only welcomes visitors, but also delights the eyes of walkers and other passers-by.

Design of Studio 30 Architects ,

Architecture »Bright colors for a bank branch in Japan

Colorful bank branch in Japan facade

Banks are usually not associated with artistic design and bright colors, but here is an example of future-oriented architectural design Emmanuelle Moureaux in Tokyo, Japan , They have the architecture and interior design for the new branch of Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Tokiwadai developed. It’s a creative and playful design with big and small windows in it beautiful, fresh colors which are cut in the facade.

Nice fresh bank branch

Colorful bank branch in Japan wood floor

The building is characterized by its bright colors which identifies a rhythmic assortment of windows. No, it is not the typical bank, but certainly worthy of note. A constellation of leaves in 24 different nuances on the white walls and windows overlaps with the natural foliage of the real trees in the yards. Natural, knotty wooden floors invite nature.

The bank branch looks bright and fresh

Yard in the bank branch in Japan

On the second floor of this ultra modern workspace are Reception rooms, offices and 4 courtyards while the third floor is reserved for staff. There are 7 light-flooded courtyards with Trees and flowering plants because every room is connected to all others. The architect Emmanuelle Moureaux claims she hated the tension and nervousness in the banks, so she wanted to create a space where people can experience nature and work relaxed. We think she succeeded!

Colored bank branch in Japan

Colored interior design in the bank branch in Japan

a colorful bank branch in Japan

the bank branch in Japan at night

Architecture »Bright colors in the Fredensborg house

Bright color palettes in the house design

The Fredensborg house is a modern one House on the hillside In which five small plateaus are connected by stairs, which corresponds to the shape of its surrounding terrain. The color palettes on the roof resemble a seemingly harmonious and charming miniature scene as in a traditional southern European mountain village. The spacious staircase is inspired by the pedestrian area in small villages and serves as a natural meeting place in the house. The entire facade of the garden is made of glass. The minimalist interior has a palette of neutral, light wood floors and white brick walls, while glass walls and sliding glass doors fill the room with natural light.

Bright interior design in Fredensborg house

Bright colors in the home design dining room

The Fredensborg house is divided into two axes: the central staircase goes from north to south and the second axis runs on the middle level from the kitchen into the living room to the west. The kitchen is part of the open space and has an oven, a ventilation system and a refrigerator as an integral part of the architecture.

Cool shades in the Fredensborg house

Bright color palettes in house design living room Bright color palettes in house design bricks walls

Bright color palettes in the home design kitchen

Bright color palettes in the house design stairs

Bright color palettes in the house design - far view

Parisian style, bright colors and a touch of luxury in a modern apartment

Parisian style furnishing-hallway-beige-parquet-floor-ball-pendant-lights

Of the Parisian style is noble, design-oriented and romantic. The typical Parisian apartment has high ceilings, double doors and a wonderful wood parquet flooring. In almost every room there is an open fireplace and a large wall mirror with an antique frame. All these features are typical of the old-style apartments from the mid-19th century and characterize the Parisian cityscape that we know today. This private apartment is a beautiful example of the elegant French style of living inspired by a stylish design-oriented interior.

Parisian style from the middle of the 19th century

Parisian style-furnishing-corridor-ball-pendant-lights-deco

Designer Gérard Faivre is revolutionizing luxury real estate in Paris by designing and customizing each apartment individually. This apartment exudes an authentic Parisian flair but is equipped with modern facilities and excellent service. Sound system, home automation, alarm system and air conditioning are just a part of it.

Parisian style in a designer apartment

Paris-living style device-living room and blue sofas Round carpet

Opulent upholstered velvet upholstered furniture is placed in a circle in the middle of the large living room. Sheer white Gardinan flood the daylight through the large French windows. It is reflected by a large wall mirror.

The arrangement of the seating forms a circle

Parisian living style furnishing-parquet-parquet-blue-seat-cushions

The eye-catcher in this room is the wonderful chandelier, which not only illuminates the room, but also sets wonderful color accents.

Glass elements in pastel colors

Paris-living style device-living room and blue-akzente beige carpet

Seating furniture with velvet cover

Parisian living style furnishing-living-room-chandelier-colorful-glass

typical open fireplace

Parisian-style living-device-sitting area-marble-fireplace umrandung-pendant lights

stylish bedroom

Parisian-style-device-bedroom-old building

A mix of Parisian chic and modernity


Parisian style furnishing-bathroom-two-persons

More information can be found on: Gerard Faivre’s website

Photos from Mathieu Fiol